(who was definitely the member he was referring to)

Let no one forget that Winston is a sentimental softy who

* other members of ex-overwatch frequently sent cards and pictures to which he held on to and stuck to his wall
* had a mental breakdown when the glasses of the man he cared most about were destroyed
* referred to the disbanding of Overwatch as a ripping apart of their family

And he is too good and too pure and should definitely probably not be involved in a war where his ‘family’ stand a very real chance of possibly dying.

Like, I want everyone in overwatch to focus exclusively on invention and scientific discovery and peaceful aid just so that Winston never has to be hurt again.

anonymous asked:

Hopefully, we'll get to learn more about Magnus' eyes on the show! I'm really curious, too, because I know the books referred to them as cat eyes and it's generally accepted, but I'm wondering if that's just how others generally refer to them because the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of slitted eyes are cats. In truth, since he's not actually related to cats in any way, his eyesight could reflect any animal's vision that includes slitted pupils, like snakes, foxes, etc

We have technically heard them referred to as “cat’s eyes” on the show at one point, but it was a circle member who said it so tbh I don’t trust that he knows what the fuck he was talking about. 

I’ve personally latched onto the idea of them being cat-specific, but that’s definitely just because I’ve become so used to them being described that way. I think it’s fascinating to consider that that might not be the case! Now that you mention it, there are plenty of other animals the eyes could be modeled after, and there’s also a possibility that they aren’t specifically supposed to be one type of eye at all. While we do see warlock marks that are a clear feature from a specific animal, there are definitely others that are more vague, or not necessarily animal-related whatsoever. 

Also, since the show pretty clearly states that Magnus glamours his eyes more often than not (we’ve seen him keep his eyes glamoured even when he’s completely alone), I really hope they take some time to explain how the mark interacts with his vision. His un-glamoured eyes have only shown up when he’s using magic, and not necessarily in a context where a vision advantage would be important (when he’s practicing magic on the balcony in 2x01). So while his mark is clearly connected to his magic, the context still varies, and it hasn’t been totally consistent so far. I really hope they go into more detail about the differences between his natural and glamoured eyes, and maybe some explanation about when and why he chooses to use the glamour!

Who else had those male friends in early high school who wore cardboard walmart trilbies with internet joke shirts and trench coats all the time and actually referred to girls they wanted to date as “my lady?” Guys who’d never done anything wrong to you maybe but always put you slightly ill at ease with their extremely gendered attentions? Guys who seemed to universally wear their hair in a way that was neither short nor long but determinedly flippy? Who were deeply into not even 4-Chan but like…9Gag? Definitely members of the high school anime club? Very excited to hang out at the anime convention? Used rage comic memes in every day conversation? Probably owned like 2-3 decorative swords? But the internet hadn’t quite defined this type of guy yet, so he was just there. That guy. You knew he was a Type of Guy but you didn’t know how you knew? What kind of guy is this? you’d almost say, too early to even realize it was a kind of guy. What do you call these?


Jared Leto Shuffles From Movies To Rock Music
Jon Niccum
December 6, 2002

“It’s inevitable that the lead singer and songwriter of the band is gonna get a lot of focus,” says 30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto. “On top of that, my situation is definitely unique. But to tell you the truth, out here on the road it’s not really a big deal. The only people who seem really curious about it are you guys.”

The “you guys” Leto refers to are members of the press, and the “it” he mentions is the fact that the talented 30-year-old already has established himself as a movie star (“Panic Room,” “Requiem for a Dream”) long before the public knew he could effectively wield a guitar.

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