(which i mean is obvs the point)

let’s all think about werewolves for a minute...

Obviously, I was thinking about werewolves this week while avoiding work…

1. Why do we not all spend a great deal of our time thinking about what you would were– into? I mean, daemons and patronuses are all interesting and whatnot, but what would you were–?

2. Why ALSO do we not have lots of myths about werewolves biting other animals? Like, if my dog got bit, would she turn into a wolf once a month?

2a. Also, depending on which genre of werewolf we were in, would my dog develop the characteristics of a wolf some points? What would her beta form look like?? I mean, she has eyebrows, would her eyebrows go away like Derek Hale??

2b. I asked a friend these questions and she asked why on earth I had chosen the Teen Wolf genre of werewolves instead of the Buffy ones and to that I can only say, THE EYEBROWS CONUNDRUM OBVS.

3. If one has been bitten by a werewolf and then gets bitten by a werecheetah, does one become a hybrid on the full moon?

Call out post for Hideyoshi Nagachika for being such a mom

Honestly he moms Kaneki all the time:

“Child pls eat more you look so pale”

Has this weird radar for when his child needs him.

Does the talk bc child is not good with people.

“I may look like i couldnt harm a fly but will track you down and wreck you if you dare to hurt my child”

Mind reader.

Oh but his mothering doesnt stop with Kaneki - no

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defsouljb)tumblr)com/post/146909251221/forehead .... u mentioned that one of the actors kept looking at jb and i was curious obv, but i can't find it? which of the them did u mean and/or what time stamp if u don't pointing it out? i always love watching other people being mesmerized by his beauty lol.

lol idky it was so obvious to me but i’m glad you asked! :-)

Disclaimer - this really should be obvs but just in case this needs explaining: the point of a ‘Roast’ is to be as mean and negative as possible as it shows we all have a sense of humour and don’t take ourselves seriously which is important. It also does not in any way convey someone’s actual opinion on something or the truth. This whole thing is a joke where I just desperately attempt to make things rhyme, so if anyone tries to take any of it seriously in any way I’ll come to your house and deactivate you. I hope you bump this in the whip.

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Can you compare ren'py with rpg ace? I'm trying to make a game and since you've experienced both can you share your experiences?

Ren'py and VX Ace are both obvs different in retrospect, that’s for sure. but here’s how you pick out which engine you’d wanna use with your game:

use RPGMaker VX Ace if…

  • you want to make the player explore areas and collect items rather than going through text-based/point-click exploration
  • your game has chasers/puzzles/item-collecting puzzles
  • your game has some amount of cutscenes (AND THEY ARE SHORT, TOO)
  • you want to add action in your game (RPG battle system optional; what i mean is like Yume Nikki’s, where you can allow the player to equip weapons and use them in the maps)

use Ren'Py if…

  • your game is like a novel. except with visuals. lots of them. (although one JP game dev, Charon, used RPGMaker several times to make VNs)
  • you want the player to change the name of the MC (optional)
  • your game is very lengthy (text-wise)
  • you want to add animation to your game (not like RPGMaker’s– as in like moving images/animation. although big downside: GIFS WON’T WORK IN THEM).
  • you’re making a game like Dangan Ronpa (‘nuff said).

things you could do in both engines:

  • cutscenes/multiple endings (tbh RPGMaker makes coding endings easier imo because of the whole 'triggering keys/events’ coding)
  • make demos (optional)

things you’d need for using either engine:

  • a lot of art (especially for RPGMaker imo, bc of the charsets/chipsets/maps/portraits/sprites/blah blah. some of those are optional tho)
  • wide knowledge of coding
  • patience and motivation (pls don’t try to finish a game all in a few days if it’s super long. i suggest pacing yourself. it gets frustrating sometimes when coding so take it easy and take a breather)
  • a team (totally optional depending on what kind of game you’re aiming to make. some tumblr users out there have made games entirely by themselves)
  • a place to upload them after rendering the finished product.

i’d also like to say that both have A LOT of coding in them. you’ll need to learn some basic coding and such for either of them, whichever engine you decide to go with. it’s kinda hard at first if you’re a beginner, but it gets really easy fast!!! lucky for you, if you go with Ren'Py, it has a tutorial game in its menu! RPGMaker has a very handy forum (as well as Ren'Py) where a lot of game devs talk about codes and stuff, so check those out too.

in my experiences w/ using both i really like using RPGMaker for some reason?? it’s probably because instead of having to open up a folder w/ all your sprites and art when coding in Ren'Py, RPGMaker has a database where you can upload all your game material into its engine, so when you code stuff it’s really easy to find the stuff you need. not only that, but you can be really creative with RPGMaker??? like, you can add all these fancy doodads and stuff like how some game devs do (ie: my favorites mogeko, brownsugar, shintaro and buriki clock). i’d also like to point out that you can see your maps/areas and make em all pretty in RPGMaker, whereas in Ren'Py you have to have your art folder opened up to view all your images. 

so yeah, i’d just say your game and how it all plays out will decide on what engine you’ll go with! using either engine can make your game awesome!

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Bruce was raised largely by alfred, realistically, and id guess he was too young for his parents to give him any sort of 'talk' before they died. Is he awkward and embarrassed about period-related things? Or was he so completely friends with only women from age 15-35 that he never even learned or had the CAPACITY to be weird about it? Probably he's more awkward talking about 'guy stuff' with dudes his age.

It’s possible my perspective is far from universal because my mom gave me the talk the first time I asked about it. Like. I was seven probably. And then I hit puberty when I was nine. My parents were that way with everything, I never got any euphemisms or dumbed down explanations.

Apparently most canon has the Waynes killed when Bruce is eight? Wow I didn’t go for that at all. Older seemed more consistent to me with the way trauma impacted his development. Like I’m pretty sure younger kids are usually more likely to get clingy, fearful, and end up having a lot of problems with learning? Which doesn’t seem like it would produce a Batman. And I also feel like older kids (but still kids) are more likely to get antisocial, impulsive, violent. I mean obvs there are waaaay more factors when it comes to how individuals respond to trauma at any age but Bruce being a few years older than eight makes much more sense to me.

Wow that was a huge digression in multiple directions just to say I don’t see any problem with him having gotten some kind of talk. Plus one of his parents was a doctor, so that’s bonus points toward matter-of-factness. I think he only gets awkward when it involves himself. If it’s other people he’s like “yeah sure let’s go to the store and get tampons” or “hey dick don’t forget there’s condoms under the sink” but if it’s Alfred like “BRUCE DON’T FORGET TO BRING CONDOMS TO WHORE ISLAND” his soul will just leave his body.

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Jamal Mayers tonight in the Postgame Live when asked about Kaner's maturation process: "He did it himself, realized he had to make some changes in his life, he had to get some people out of his life that were in there." Thought it was interesting.

Oh wow, haven’t seen that yet - that is pretty interesting. Thanks for the head’s up!

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i feel you about the "dan and phil are too creative for something like this" sort of thing but i kinda just see it as another piece of merchandise/memorabilia that we can buy if we want to and that also doubles as a memory book for us AND them! i mean obvs they aren't making as big a deal abt this as they did about tabinof, which is good bc it is less than that. i think they probs just thought we'd like a physical reminder of tatinof as much as they would

You have a great point there!! It’s basically for us to enjoy some of their memories with them, and that’s such a sweet Dan and Phil thing to do. Thanks for this message, I’m kinda warming up to the idea even more now 💕💕 Also yes, they are self-aware that this is no TABINOF and I think that all of us need to get this into our minds!