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Just a warning. I’ve got two exams and a hospital stay in the next nine days, and a surgery in 20 days. I’ll do my best to stock up on posts for my queue, but it’ll probably run dry a few times.

I can’t guarantee that I’ll see stuff you’ve tagged me in, but if you send it to me, I’ll at the very least see it within… like a week? Three days? I’m honestly not sure rn, so please bear with me.

If you do see or write a post you want me to reblob, please send it to me! It would help me a lot when it comes to keeping my queue going because I won’t really have time to look for new posts that much

If Naruto characters had Tumblr: Part 1 - The Akatsuki

Part 1 of 2! What if The Akatsuki had Tumblr blogs? What would their usernames be, and what would they blog about; if at all?

1. Pein: Username - Peinisgod109

Pein would hardly blog at all. In fact, he still has the generic theme and avatar. Konan made him make one when she did and he hasn’t touched it since. Sometimes people misread his username as something a lot dirtier.

Post 1: This is my Tumblr. I’m a god. Okay bye. 

2. Konan: Username - SapphirePaperCrane

Konan would blog about papercraft, and would also reblog pretty scenery and nature. Most people assume she’s a flower blog because she posts so much of it. 

Post 67: Look how pretty these orchids are!

Post 109: Here is my 10 step guide on how to make a paper rose!

Post 186: Shout out to peinisgod109 for never posting anything. 

3. Sasori: Username - ScorpionPuppet

Sasori would post, you guessed it, puppets. He would hardly ever reblog posts and would mostly upload photos of his own work. He’s gained quite a following but doesn’t really know why.

Post 3: Here’s some progress on Hiruko

Post 10: Updated some of Hiruko’s hidden weapons.

Post 11: Wait how do I delete posts?? I shouldn’t have given that away

4. Deidara: Username - Artisanexplosion1234 / ScorpionPuppetSucks

Deidara would have two blogs. One is to post his clay work and reblog pictures of explosions. The other is to reblog Sasori’s posts and add commentary onto the end of them.

Post 23: Haha this puppet looks really stupid

Post 25: You call THIS art??? This is garbage

Post 26: Hey ScorpionPuppet your art sucks and so do you

5. Hidan: Username - ImmortalJashinist666

Hidan hardly ever uses his blog but when he does he just mass posts photos of blood and gore. He doesn’t even bother to tag them and mocks people who ask him to. A few people think he’s just trying to be edgy. 

Post 87: This blood looks FUCKING AWESOME



6. Kakuzu: Username - 4MoreHeartsThanYou

Kakuzu doesn’t use Tumblr. When he first got it he thought it was stupid. But he DID set up a queue to post those “reblog the money cat” things on the same day every month for a couple years. 

Post 1: This is the money cat; reblog in the next 24 hours, and money will surely come your way!

Post 2: This is the money cat; reblog in the next 24 hours, and money will surely come your way!

Post 3: This is the money cat; reblog in the next 24 hours, and money will surely come your way!

7. Kisame: Username - SharkkMann

Kisame only hops on Tumblr about once a month when he’s bored. He reblogs photos of sharks and comments on how majestic they look. He uploaded a selfie once but got spammed with hate mail over “bad photoshop skills”.

Post 24: This hammer head is A+++

Post 32: Look at the fin on that great white!!

Post 45: That mako looks like she could kill a man without any effort.

8. Itachi: Username - UchihaCrow

Itachi doesn’t post anything. At all. He only follows Sasuke and likes everything that he posts. And occasionally sends the odd anon message.

Anon message 1: You are super awesome. Just letting you know.

Anon message 3: Hope you’re having a great day today!!

Anon message 5: Reminder that you are loved by many people :)))

9. Tobi/Obito: Username - TobiIsTheBestEver / ElemantalGod

He has two accounts; much like Deidara. On the first he posts photos of cute animals and positive, uplifting things. He follows Deidara religiously and reblogs every single one of his posts. On his other blog he brags about how smart he is, reblogs photos of the universe and complains about his co-workers. 



Post 89: Today I had the displeasure of working again with a so called “lover of art”. This man drives me up the wall. I really want to strangle him. So badly. And then maybe set him on fire. 

10. Zetsu: Username - MonochromePlant 

Zetsu reblogs plants. That’s it. He sometimes reblogs things that Konan posts and likes things that Hidan posts. His profile picture is a leaf. 

Post 19: Cycle of a flower’s photosynthesis 

Post 23: This tree has beautiful branches. It must be very old. 

Post 42: Deforestation is the WORST. 

Not Quite Hiatus

So just a quick note re: my tumblr. I had a meeting today for a second job. I accepted it a while back without knowing *all* the details. It seems like it’s going to be a really rewarding experience, but it also seems like it’ll be a lot more work than I was anticipating. I initially thought that between this and my online class, it would be like two part-time jobs, but it looks like it’ll more a part-time job (the class) and a full-time job. So my point is, my blog may be inactive for a couple of weeks while I work things out (I need to get some admin stuff for the fall done over the next week because this new job is going to eat up a lot of time when THAT stuff is due–basically I’m trying to be smart and manage my time so I don’t get super stressed).

Anyhoo, I’ll still be around and liking all of YOUR stuff, I just might not be able to refresh my queue or post any of the tattoos I’ve been working on or anything for two or three weeks. This is what I get for being a responsible adult and accepting any job opportunity that comes my way so I can pay off my student loans. XD

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering (pls don't take this as being rude or trying to rush you I'm sorry if it comes out like that the reason I'm asking is out of pure curiousness) when you queqe a post , after how long is it posted? Btw i love your blog :) lHave a nice day

no sweetie it’s okay! thank you for wording it nicely, i appreciate that!

but to your question, it’s a bit hard for me to gauge them or answer you? typically, i go in order of the requests i get and try to do them all accordingly. and they are queued up in intervals like one day new text, next day reblog old one, the day after another new text and the cycle continues from there.

so it varies and it’s tricky for me to tell you when certain posts will come up because i usually queue them and backtrack later on to link them to my masterlist! 

however, if you’re still curious, you can check out my masterlist for those that have not been linked (but it’s there) as i have done those set of texts and they’re probably in queue to be uploaded.

i hope that answers your question and have a nice day too! <3

anonymous asked:

Using Megamind quotes might prove amazing. If you have already used them, then bless you.

Hi there Nonny, thanks for the suggestion! We’ve done one Megamind incorrect quote here; we’ll definitely keep it in mind next time we’re filling up the queue! You of course are more than welcome to submit a favorite, just let us know where it’s coming from when you do!

Wishing you all the best,

–Mod Alexandra ( @politicalmamaduck)

Alright so now that season 2 of Supergirl is over, there’s going to be a few slight changes to this blog as we wait for season 3 to come on air.

As I get caught up on my other shows, there’s going to be more gifsets/posts/ generally more content on other shows such as Sense8, Person of Interest (specifically Root/Shaw),Wynonna Earp, Marvel Universe content, stuff like that. This blog will definitely become more multi fandom for the time being, and then when season 3 of Supergirl rolls around, it’ll be back to more of a concentrated Supergirl blog.

But yeah! Just as more of a heads up for all of you. I’ll be pretty busy for the next 3 weeks since finals are coming up, so this blog will be running off a queue for the most part. I’ll be back soon enough though :)

Fic Updates! - Requests


I have a fair few requests that are lined up to be written and posted, I apologise to followers that are waiting on their request, but I am so thankful that you’re patient!

Uni is getting really intense and I have 4 assignments due over the next two week (each assignment is more than 2000 words, plus a shit tonne of research), so you’re understanding that life and study happens really means the world to me. I will write as much as I can over the next two weeks, but I can’t promise that fics will be posted every single day. 

With that, I am going to be temporarily closing requests. I hate to do this, but I feel that it will give me space to breath and give me less anxiety when it comes to fulfilling current requests in a timely manner. Requests can still be sent through my ask box, but I will not be replying to them or queueing them up until requests are open again. I plan to only have requests closed for about 2-3 weeks, just so that I can complete my uni essays and post the current requests.

Thank you to everyone who is understanding and allows me to write in my own time (as much as I love it, sometimes my brain not work too good). I love every single one of you, and you’re so supportive of my work. You’re all what keeps me coming back and writing fic series and requests.

okay so my presence here through the next few days may be choppy as my brother is coming home to get a few tailor-made suits, seeing as the dumb bastard grew up even taller than I am and at 6'9’’, he cannot get anything to fit him right

don’t know his schedule aka how much he’ll be out aka how much I’ll be able to stay on his computer

queue is on as always, two posts in the dead of the night local time

GOT7 reaction to you helping him ice-skate

Anonymous said to reactionsthatigot-7:

Hello omma ! I’m so happy that you’re involved so much in the profiles, even if I love your gif reactions. I love both of your work. No, I like absolutely everything that you do, link to the boys ! ~ Anyway, I wanted to ask you a gif reaction, when you and the boys go to the skating rink, and they are not too good at that ? And when you need to help them a little, at the beginning ? Thanks omma, ILY !

sorry about post quality lately ^_^’ idk whats gotten into me
I hope you still like it though!
guys remember to send in ideas for the next profile! the profile queue link is up in the description.
~ahgase Omma


gets annoyed more at himself for not prepping before coming here with you, because now he’s just loaded you will all the ammo you could possibly need to embarrass him. but he quickly picks it up and then your left eating your own words.


he’s a little apprehensive to ask for your help at first, he can sing, dance and fly but this seems to have stumped him and he can’t figure it out, but sooner or later he asks and ends up loving all the skinship.


you try and explain that he needs to put on foot in front of the other, instead of getting the maknaes to push him around, but of course he plays ignorance and encourages you to teach him.


Proud-man Park jinyoung can’t stand that his not getting it, the perfectionist in him wouldn’t rest even if he did manage, but he just can’t. he refuses to hold onto the side. in time he comes to you, but would rather ask you to skate with him, then actually say the word help.


he would be proudly splayed out on the floor, his in no rush to be a pro at this. he asks for help to get up a lot, but otherwise is happy that your slowly skating beside him.


nicknamed Bambi because of his tremendous grace of fall over every 10 seconds, he tries for a little bit but then quickly realises the slapstick comedy of him falling over seems to make you laugh enough that he’s happy to do it all day, and if he gets a personal lesson out of it too, then bonus!


whimpers and whines the whole time because your literally skating circles around him. he wants to get good at this so he can stake with you, but you keep distracting him. He gets one of the hyungs to quickly help him, so he can impress you even if it’s a little

Gifs are not my own


my vacation from work officially started! i’m off for a week and a half and I’m so excited! My activity will be a bit wonky because I’m spending time with family during this vacation. My marine cousin came home and we’ve got stuff planned ! I’ll have my laptop til Sunday, but I don’t know how often I’ll be on and when I’m on i’m gonna be even more selective and my queue will not post as much. I just don’t want to come back with a shit ton of drafts, ya feel? Next week, Mon-Thurs, yo girl going to Vegas and I am not taking my laptop. So during that time, I’ll either be M.I.A or mobile. IDK. we’ll c. The closer I get to Vegas, the less replies that will post daily. I just wanted to give a heads up if you haven’t gotten a reply in daaaaaaays during this vacation. i’ll still be reachable mobile tho! 


Prompt: future fish + kids 
Rating: PG-13
AO3: (tba)

‘You want children.’ It’s not a question. Sousuke is by the café to walk Haru home under the pretext of it not being safe, but everyone knows it’s just because Sousuke is paranoid and probably into Haru. Whether or not it’s reciprocated is a source of many bets in the local neighbourhood, and Sousuke has a strong gut feeling that Nagisa is the one running the pool.

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Morgan rewatches OTH and turns into an emotional mess:

2x09 The Trick Is To Keep Breathing

HALEY: Nathan!
NATHAN: Ha-Hales, come on, it sounded amazing! 
HALEY: That is a work in progress and you have a habit of sending out things before they’re finished! 
NATHAN: Well, you see how well that turned out. And when did you find the time to record this?  
HALEY: Oh just…when you were in Charlotte; over the weekend. Oh shoot. Umm okay, so something’s come up. Peyton wants me to play the next TRIC night wi-with Chris. 
NATHAN: Haley… come on, you don’t need that guy.  
HALEY: He’s got connections and they’re gonna see me play and… it’s just really important that I rehearse with him. Starting tonight. 
NATHAN: Hales!  
HALEY: Come on, I’m just gonna be a little bit late. We won’t miss anything. I promise. Okay? Promise.

An East Wind Is Coming...

And it means the blog may be out of commission for a few days.

I am currently juggling with non-existant wifi at home and the fact I am moving to university on Saturday, which means that the Guide only has a very short queue at the moment.

Although I will try to make sure that we still have at least two posts set up per day, I won’t be able to respond to questions or edit over the next few days.

I will post when I’m fully settled at Royal Holloway and everything is back in place, but for now the “East Wind” (aka the rising sense of panic) has blown control of the blog out of my reach.


HR, Author of A Guide to Deduction

The amount of people I’ve come across who don’t know this is astounding:

When on tumblr on desktop, pressing J on the keyboard skips to the next post.
K goes back one post
L likes the post
Shift + r reblogs the post without the little pop up so you can just continue scrolling
Shift + e adds the post straight to your queue without the pop up
When tagging, ctrl + z lets you go back and fix the tag if you messed it up

The more you know

Thoughts on the fic...

So if you have been on at all today, I’m sure you saw that I posted a fic earlier today called “Epilepsy” about Dan having epilepsy and how he lives with it. To put it lightly, it caused quite a stir with some people and I’ve offended others which is always the last thing I want to do. I wrote out messages to both blogs that brought it to my attention but I’m not sure as to when they’ll see it, but I am trying to make things right.

I’ve received many messages today from my followers offering support, but I’ve gotten many, many others from offended anonymous bloggers demanding that I:

  • kill myself
  • “accidentally” shoot myself in the mouth
  • delete my blog
  • get a brain tumor and die
  • hurt myself on purpose
  • choke on my tongue

and a few other things I care not to remember. I want to make it clear that it is never my intention to romanticize diseases. It never has been and it never will be. I would never wish any sort of disease or condition on anybody no matter what they’ve done to me. That being said, my newest fic did the opposite of what I meant for it to do.

Because of this, I will be removing it from my blog. I apologize to the anon that sent in the request and anyone who didn’t have a chance to read it, but I’d much rather take it down to avoid offending others.

Tumblr is supposed to be a happy and safe place and when it’s not, my blog is supposed to be.

I apologize to the blogs that had to see it in their tag when they didn’t want to and I apologize to anyone who I’ve hurt and didn’t voice it. I can’t take away what I did, but I can try to alleviate things and make it better when I am in the wrong.


In other news, I feel because of the messages I’ve been getting both today and well before this, it’s best if I don’t come on for a bit. It is absolutely nothing against you guys…I just need to take care of myself before I can do anything else. A lot has been happening lately and this was just the tipping point and I fear if I continue torturing myself like this, I am going to break.

I have my queue set up to post, but I’m not sure when I will be back to give advise or answer questions. I want to make it clear that I am not deleting my blog and I will come back. This is not a permanent thing and I’m not trying to punish anyone. I wish you all the best and I want you to remember that I care about you all very much.

Until next time my turnips <3