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Okay so here’s the thing. Remember when I said that Overwatch had taken over my life? Well things are about to get so much worse.

See, Mass Effect Andromeda comes out next week and that’s just going to become my life. I’m moving to another galaxy and I won’t have time to come up with these for a little while.

But there is good news! This blog has over 3,000 followers, and even 1% of you submit a TFLN text and a batfamily image to go with it, that will be enough to keep the queue filled for the next month.

So this is me begging you to be part of that 1%. And, if you think about it, you helping me keep this blog running while I save the galaxy really like you helping save the galaxy, so do it for the aliens.

That Time Again

Hey guys, another small, annoying update; I’m going on break again. This should not be that surprising, if you follow this blog, because I’ve noticed I trend about a three month period, then go on a break. I have big life changes coming up and I need a tumblr reprieve. The internet also drives me crazy, and getting off for a while helps keep my sanity. :D Luckily I know everyone can get along without me, :P so I wont feel bad. I look forward to all the beautiful art I will unfortunately miss in the meantime, but will be sure to check out when I get back. 

I still have two queues left for tomorrow and the next day, those will still be posted. After that, a bit of silence. 

Thanks for following. Anidala4Eva. <3 xoxo

*update, haha, forget to mention, I’ll likely resume by April. :D

hey everybody!

so the end of term is coming up and it’s going to be a crazy one for me! for the next two weeks or so (until about april 6th), i’m not going to be on much. i’m in the process of setting up my queue so there should still be posts and stuff (esp on my skam sideblog @minutebyminute if/when the s4 trailer drops lol).

i will still respond to messages and stuff, hopefully in a timely manner (esp because i’m currently all caught up on replying to messages!! quelle surprise lol). if you wanna exchange info for texting/whatsapp/discord i’m open to that too. :))

see you all on the other side of the term lol 💖

HIATUS NOTICE  ( - 16th of june )

OOC.  not that anyone cares but i’m making my absence official now. i have a few posts left in my queue but i’m not going to be replying to anything for the next few months. i’ll still be on my personal ( i have more friends over there lately and it’s more worthwhile keeping up those friendships than trying to get attention here lol ) i’ve decided to delete the drafts i have but  if / when  i come back, i’ll definitely be willing to plot things we already started and get back into them. -organises a folder-  time to get smart. BYE.

The amount of people I’ve come across who don’t know this is astounding:

When on tumblr on desktop, pressing J on the keyboard skips to the next post.
K goes back one post
L likes the post
Shift + r reblogs the post without the little pop up so you can just continue scrolling
Shift + e adds the post straight to your queue without the pop up
When tagging, ctrl + z lets you go back and fix the tag if you messed it up

The more you know