(when she gets home)

I ate solid food and I didn’t throw up! Hooray!

I mean, despite whatever stomach bug I’ve got right now, I haven’t thrown up at all with it so far, but I’ve also been avoiding most solid foods just in case.

Still, I’m gonna ask Maria to bring me home some soup and Sprite when she gets off work, though, because I don’t wanna push my luck.

(And for those who are like, “I thought you and Maria broke up!” We  kinda did, but we’re still living together as a couple until I leave the country here in a few months. So it’s kinda like we’ve given each other two weeks notice or something, only it’s more like an amorphous, “once we get these bills paid off and I move out” sort of notice, if that makes sense.)


consider, if you will: platonic rest-of-our-very-long-life partners magnus and lucretia


I AM VIBRATING IN EXCITEMENT!!! Olivia sent over pics of the zines in progress. I’m away this weekend, so can only experience them through photos, but hey they’re turning out nice??

I’ll give more info when they’re all printed & in front of me


Ven… He was here…


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco


comparing and contrasting 

I’m biased to no end, but I always did get a weird vibe from Peridot whenever we had a barn episode with Lapis. Sudden change in personality? Too much smiles? Too happy-go-lucky? Too much fanon cutesy gremlin peridot feel? I always thought I was just too attached to my own mental interpretation of Peridot and blind to actual canon Peridot, but now I can finally pin point my issue. 

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Zen: Bro, if you really wanna impress MC, wait outside her workplace and escort her when she gets home. You get bonus points if you bring your dog.

And Saeran took that advice into action. 😂

PS: I gave Saeran an Akita coz they have similar personalities in my opinion🐶🐶

sgt pepper explained
  • sgt pepper: the beatles are having an identity crisis
  • a little help from my friends: ringo wants drugs (and the boys got him)
  • lucy in the sky: the john lennon equivalent of hanging his son's drawing on the fridge
  • getting better: wtf yeah i guess it is
  • fixing a hole: paul has chores
  • she's leaving home: paul john and george martin's lonely hearts club band
  • for the benefit of mr kite: scary circus (normal circus)
  • within you without you: george and george martin's lonely hearts club band
  • when i'm 64: things we said today but with grandchildren on yerr knee
  • lovely rita: faul's thirsty for the lady who killed paul
  • good morning: john went for a walk today (oh boy)
  • sgt pepper reprise: the beatles try to convince us once again that it's not them but they're gonna have to try harder than that
  • a day in the life: was george even here
🌸Girlfriend Suggestions🌸

-Give her back rubs when she gets home from work. Bubble baths are nice too.

-Let her wear your jacket if she’s cold. Careful though, she might not give it back!

-Spoil her. You don’t have to buy her stuff bit give her a lot of attention and be affectionate with her. Tell her how much you love her.

-Hold her chin when you kiss her. Maybe even tuck her hair behind her ear. Forehead kisses are important too.

-Take her on farmers market dates. Super important btw!

-Tell her she’s beautiful even if she doesn’t think she is.

-Cuddle her and give her a warm cup of tea if it’s cold and rainy outside. Also a good time to watch some movies!

the first time lance’s sister lets him watch her kids she’s like… lowkey expecting the house to be on fire when she gets back lol but instead she comes home around midnight to find the house intact and dark save for the flickering of the tv in the living room, where her kids are asleep in a nest of blankets on the floor, sprawled out on top of their tío lance

izzy looks around for alec once the party starts dying down, but no one had seen him for a while. she begins to worry, his screams and agony from earlier an echo in her mind, but then maia approaches her.

“you’re looking for alec, right?“

“yeah, have you seen him?“ izzy asks, relieved, and worry untangling itself as maia smirks knowingly.

“he went outside with magnus a while ago, i haven’t seen him since.“

izzy grins and thanks her, watching as maia’s eyes catch on something behind izzy and she leaves her standing at the bar. wanting to still check in, izzy sends a short text to alec.

i’m assuming you’re not gonna be coming to the institute tonight.

it’s a while later, her makeup already off and her heels on the floor when she gets a response.

no, i’ll be home.

The one where Y/N loves Harry’s mouth, and he loves eating her out. 


She was frustrated.

All day, her mind had been tortured with thoughts of him that did exceedingly well to get her panties wet, and heart hammering against her chest. Starting from when she woke up alone this morning, she’d felt a need for him. He’d left early because of meetings, and she had to go to work. She was slightly grumpy and frustrated that she didn’t get to have him that morning. Carried a pouty lip to work with her. The thoughts followed her—haunted her—she felt like. She couldn’t focus her mind on anything else - mental images of Harry’s mouth grazing her neck while his fingers worked on her clit, or how dark his eyes would get when he stared up at her with his tongue licking stripes all over her heat, distracting her from everything she had to get done.

So, when she gets home, she’s quick to run to him and press her lips against his soft ones. God, she loves his lips, they’re so good. 

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Hopper tells El she’s allowed to go to the Snow Ball when he gets home from his lunch with Doc Owens, her brand new birth certificate kept secure in the pocket of his jacket.

El is waiting for him by the front door of the cabin when he returns, her eyes wide and eager, awaiting the answer. For the briefest of moments, Hop considers dragging this out, teasing her with a smirk or a shrug. But he can see the hopefulness written on every feature, the excitement held in her shoulders. So he just smiles wide and nods once, unprepared for El launching herself towards him and catching him around the waist in a tight hug. 

The air knocked from his lungs, Hop stumbles backwards before he sinks into the hug, rumpling El’s hair. 

“We’re going to have to get you a dress,” he tells her when she finally lets him go, “And I’ll have to figure out how to do that hair stuff from the magazines.” 

“And makeup?” El looks up at him, grinning wide. 

Hop sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose, “And makeup. We’ll make you look…what’d you call it? Bitchin’?”

El looks thoughtful for a moment before shaking her head. “Not bitchin’. Pretty.” 

“Okay,” Hop laughs, “Pretty it is.” 

El hugs him once more before practically dancing back to her bedroom to rifle through her closet and toy around with the few lipglosses and eyeshadows Nancy had given her weeks ago.

Hop lets out a long breath, listening to her happy humming from the other side of the door, his hand gently patting the document in his pocket. 

For now, that can wait. 


Chloe: >:(




i feel so bad for my modern au rey