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Kilroy Was Here!

He’s engraved in stone in the National World War II Memorial in Washington, DC – back in a small alcove where very few people have seen it. For the WWII generation, this will bring back memories. For younger folks, it’s a bit of trivia that is an intrinsic part of American history and legend.

Anyone born between 1913 to about 1950, is very familiar with Kilroy. No one knew why he was so well known….but everybody seemed to get into it. It was the fad of its time!

          At the National World War II Memorial in Washington, DC

So who was Kilroy?

In 1946 the American Transit Association, through its radio program, “Speak to America,” sponsored a nationwide contest to find the real Kilroy….now a larger-than-life legend of just-ended World War II….offering a prize of a real trolley car to the person who could prove himself to be the genuine article.

Almost 40 men stepped forward to make that claim, but only James Kilroy from Halifax, Massachusetts, had credible and verifiable evidence of his identity.

“Kilroy” was a 46-year old shipyard worker during World War II (1941-1945) who worked as a quality assurance checker at the Fore River Shipyard in Quincy, Massachusetts (a major shipbuilder for the United States Navy for a century until the 1980s).  

His job was to go around and check on the number of rivets completed. (Rivets held ships together before the advent of modern welding techniques.) Riveters were on piece work wages….so they got paid by the rivet. He would count a block of rivets and put a check mark in semi-waxed lumber chalk (similar to crayon), so the rivets wouldn’t be counted more than once.

                                     A warship hull with rivets

When Kilroy went off duty, the riveters would surreptitiously erase the mark. Later, an off-shift inspector would come through and count the rivets a second time, resulting in double pay for the riveters!

One day Kilroy’s boss called him into his office. The foreman was upset about unusually high wages being “earned” by riveters, and asked him to investigate. It was then he realized what had been going on. 

The tight spaces he had to crawl in to check the rivets didn’t lend themselves to lugging around a paint can and brush, so Kilroy decided to stick with the waxy chalk. He continued to put his check mark on each job he inspected, but added KILROY WAS HERE! in king-sized letters next to the check….and eventually added the sketch of the guy with the long nose peering over the fence….and that became part of the Kilroy message.

   Kilroy’s original shipyard inspection “trademark” during World War II

Once he did that, the riveters stopped trying to wipe away his marks.

Ordinarily the rivets and chalk marks would have been covered up with paint. With World War II on in full swing, however, ships were leaving the Quincy Yard so fast that there wasn’t time to paint them. As a result, Kilroy’s inspection "trademark” was seen by thousands of servicemen who boarded the troopships the yard produced.

His message apparently rang a bell with the servicemen, because they picked it up and spread it all over the European and the Pacific war zones.

Before war’s end, “Kilroy” had been here, there, and everywhere on the long hauls to Berlin and Tokyo. 

To the troops outbound in those ships, however, he was a complete mystery; all they knew for sure was that someone named Kilroy had “been there first.” As a joke, U.S. servicemen began placing the graffiti wherever they landed, claiming it was already there when they arrived.

As World War II wore on, the legend grew. Underwater demolition teams routinely sneaked ashore on Japanese-held islands in the Pacific to map the terrain for coming invasions by U.S. troops (and thus, presumably, were the first GI’s there). On one occasion, however, they reported seeing enemy troops painting over the Kilroy logo!

Kilroy became the U.S. super-GI who had always “already been” wherever GIs went. It became a challenge to place the logo in the most unlikely places imaginable. (It is said to now be atop Mt. Everest, the Statue of Liberty, the underside of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, and even scrawled in the dust on the moon by the American astronauts who walked there between 1969 and 1972.

In 1945, as World War II was ending, an outhouse was built for the exclusive use of Allied leaders Harry Truman, Joseph Stalin, and Winston Churchill at the Potsdam Conference. It’s first occupant was Stalin, who emerged and asked his aide (in Russian), “Who is Kilroy?”

To help prove his authenticity in 1946, James Kilroy brought along officials from the shipyard and some of the riveters. He won the trolley car….which he attached to the Kilroy home and used to provide living quarters for six of the family’s nine children….thereby solving what had become an acute housing crisis for the Kilroys.

                     The new addition to the Kilroy family home.

                                        *          *          *          *

And the tradition continues into the 21st century…

In 2011 outside the now-late-Osama Bin Laden’s hideaway house in Abbottabad, Pakistan….shortly after the al-Qaida-terrorist was killed by U.S. Navy SEALs

>>Note: The Kilroy graffiti on the southwest wall of the Bin Laden compound pictured above was real (not digitally altered with Microsoft Paint, as postulated by some). The entire compound was leveled in 2012 for redevelopment by a Pakistani company as an amusement park….and to avoid it becoming a shrine to Bin Laden’s nefarious memory.

                                         *          *          *          *

A personal note….

My Dad’s trademark signature on cards, letters and notes to my sisters and I for the first 50 or so years of our lives (until we lost him to cancer) was to add the image of “Kilroy" at the end. We kids never ceased to get a thrill out of this….even as we evolved into adulthood. 

To this day, the “Kilroy” image brings back a vivid image of my awesome Dad into my head….and my heart!

Dad: This one’s for you!

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I've gotten some mclennon hate recently and it's sorta getting to me and making me start to doubt mclennon (I know it sounds horrible) but do you have anything reassuring for me? I just feel like I need some help right now

oh honey, whenever you doubt just go to your friend Marco so that he can kindly remind you that:

1.Paul revealed that John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy” is about him. (Paul McCartney - Playgirl, February 1985)

2.Paul admitted that there are things about John Lennon he wouldn’t tell unless both Yoko Ono and Cynthia Lennon were dead. (Hunter Davies, “off-the-record” telephone conversation with Paul, May 3, 1981)

3.For John’s birthday they went to Paris and slept in one bed.

4.John used to call Paul ‘baby’, ‘love’ ‘bunny’.

5.They were the most important person in each other life.

6.John was jealous of Paul’s girlfriends.

7.Paul was jealous of Stuart. (Paul McCartney in The Anthology)

8.When John took lsd by mistake, Paul brought him home and took lsd too cause he wanted to be with John in misery and fear. (George Martin - With a Little Help from My Friends: The Making of Sgt. Pepper

9.They did many secret holidays just the two of them.

10.During the Beatles tours John always slept with Paul in one room, while George and Ringo slept in another. (Gary James’ Interview With The Beatles’ Road Manager Bob Bonis)

11.John wrote “If I fell” for Paul.

12.Paul wrote “Here there and everywhere” for John.

13.John always compared his relationship with Paul to a marriage and sex.

14.John always used to describe Paul as handsome and cute.

15.Paul used to take photos of John when he was asleep. The next person who will do this will be Yoko Ono, John’s wife.

16. In 1980, during John’s last interview, he admitted that “Paul was the first love of my life, Yoko the second.”

17.When Yoko became John’s girlfriend Paul was dead jealous. He sent a postcard faking the signature with the quote ‘you and your jap tart think you’re hot shit’. (Francie Schwart - Body Count)

18.When John and Yoko moved for some months in Paul‘s house, he couldn’t stand hearing them having sex. Upset, he often left to go to gay bars.( Body Count - 1972)

19.When John and Paul split up, John told him that “he didn’t want to hold his hand anymore”, and Paul left Abbey Road crying. ( Luck and Circumstance: A Coming of Age in Hollywood, New York, and Points Beyond - 2011)

20.People who worked at Abbey Road called Paul ‘John’s princess’. (Yoko ono in ‘John Lennon - The Life’ by Phlip Norman’)

21.John had a photo of him and Paul in his room. (image)

22. Paul had a gigantic photo of him and John in his studio. (image)

23.During the 70s they talked to each other through songs like an old married couple who went through a divorce.

24. In 1980 John wrote many unfinished love songs and put them together in a tape for Paul.

25.”Hey Jude” is about Julian, but unconsciously is about John.

26..”Oh!darling” is about Paul crying and wanting to die ‘cause John left him.

27.In his interviews Paul can’t stop saying that he slept with John many times. When a journalist asked him what he would do with John if he came back for a day, he answered ‘I would spend it in bed with him’. ( Paul McCartney answers questions for Q magazine, 1998)

Are you reassured now honey?

The Robin Cave

It’s Batfam week! Here’s today’s fic, based on the prompt ‘family’!

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    Damian sprints for the yard, the kitchen door slamming closed behind him, almost completely muffling Bruce’s shouts for him to come back here this instant. Barefoot he runs through the soft green grass until he passes into the cool shade of the woods, acorns and gnarled roots jabbing at his feet.

    He isn’t pursued, he knows, but he keeps running to escape the tight burning in his belly, the frustration at his father’s asinine ‘rules’ sizzling like acid in his lungs. There’s fire in his chest, like he’s a dragon barely containing a flame behind his back teeth. He wants to scream and fight and kick as if he’s trapped in a box, but lashing out at his family never ends well for anyone. And so, he runs.

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Lana Del Rey covers Paris Match’s May 2017 Issue.
Photographed by Sebastien Micke.

Lana Del Rey lounges on the divan.

She hasn’t left her false eyelashes, but she has gotten rid of her sadness. After two years of absence, the diva of ‘sad pop’ comes back with a ‘Rage de Vivre’ translation of ‘Lust for Life’ her fifth album which comes out July 21st and “Love” her single, which has already passed 50 million views on YouTube. Same hypnotic voice, same poetic universe for a woman who now has a certain taste for happiness. Since her debut in 2012, on the internet, with ‘Born to Die’ which made her one of the biggest stars in music, Lana tells us in mind-blowing songs and beautiful music videos of her fragile life as a young girl haunted by death and failure. Today, she says that she has overcome these demons and her toxic relationships. Single, maybe, but a little more light-hearted.

For her, it’s already history. At 17 years old, Elizabeth Woolridge Grant wrote her own songs and made her own music videos: ‘I took a lot of photos. Then I started to record myself, to use my image.’ After seven hellish years of singing in Brooklyn bars, her music video ‘Video Games,’ posted in 2011 and has since been viewed 155 million times, which thrusted in a few minutes, the young American into an unforeseen notoriety. She evolved into Lana Del Rey, Lolita 2.0, fan of the sixties who over the course of her songs tells a sometimes indecent and provocative story but always sensual. ‘I am connected to the future and the past at the same time… That’s why I have few friends…’ Today, she sings ‘I’m young and in love’. But confides that she has found happiness… since she is no longer dating. ‘I’ve never been lucky in choosing boyfriends’.

She always loved putting on a show: ‘As a child, I loved making my life a work of art. - My passion for beautiful films might explain my aesthetic’ says the woman who would have loved living in the Flower Power of the hippy years.

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Theater sounds wild and I love it so much. Do you have any more interesting theater experiences that you would feel like sharing?

I did it for six years and I love over sharing about my life omfg so of course I have more experiences and stories ask about literally anything. Also, theater is wild, and I totally recommend doing it if you get the chance!

Okay kids, let’s talk about The Fascination Station.

Okay, so if you don’t know what a Green Room is, it’s basically a place backstage in theaters where the actors can just kinda chill out and relax, maybe run lines and grab a snack to eat.

When she bought the tiny little shop space for the studio, there was one extra room and my director thought it’d be cute to turn it into our own little Green Room. She even painted it green. But like…Neon green. Claw your eyes out green. Omfg.

Throw in a beat up, very dirty couch, an almost eternally empty fridge, a couple mannequin heads, a deck of cards called “Politically Correct War”, some books literally no one has ever opened, and a prop brick wall with everyone’s names written on it, you’ve got the main college dorm room sized hang out spot for my old company.

The year is 2011. The show is Rent. It was the hottest summer on record at the time, and we did not have a functioning AC Unit.

Cast was…27, maybe 28 people. Every day, we were all very hot, very gay, and very emotional. Rent is a very emotional show, for anyone who isn’t aware of it. It’s a Rock Opera about starving artists trying to live through the AIDS epidemic in the early 90′s. The whole cast was hormonal high school aged children with shitty as fuck home lives. This was bound to get out of control from the start.

We somehow got this idea to do ‘Safe Circles’, which was deadass just “Let’s stop practicing our show and have some group therapy and cry for the rest of the day!!!”. It got fucking intense in those. Obviously I’m not going disclose anything my old cast mates said in confidence, but basically it turns out everyone had lived shitty lives filled with depression, abuse, homophobia, terminal illnesses, and all those fun things that kids love. The group crying helped people deal a bit, but it also amped up our emotions even higher- and they’d already been high considering the material we were working with, and the constant 98+ degree heat.

So people in the cast were prone to…exploding unexpectedly.

One day, we were running the act one finale number, “La Vie Boehme”. It’s a high energy song and dance that’s like, ten fucking minutes long.(here’s a clip of it from the movie- its not the full version but we had similar choreography)  We had been running it literally all morning, so…for about three hours? We were all tired, sweaty, pissy, and hungry. We just wanted to break for lunch.

And then: We all had a moment of ‘fuck this’ that united us. See, we had already been sadly forced to using the ‘School Edition’ of the Rent script, which censored some things ‘too inappropriate’, which is one thing, but also really fucking randomly cuts out verses to songs for no reason. “Christmas Bells” is cut down to like a minute long song in this edition, it’s a travesty. But anyway, we all had issues with our censored show. But there is one, truly iconic line from Rent, that takes place in “La Vie Boehme”, which even the censor-people knew to respect and leave in there.

I’m talking, of course, about the part of the song where Mark grabs the table and shoves it up and down, while yelling “MUCHO MASTURBATION!”

That was still in the censored script. That was decided to be something the teenagers performing it could handle. We all knew what fucking masturbation was at this point. We’ve all fucking been there. No one should be shocked hearing the word, especially if you want to point out that the characters being portrayed are grown adults. You can trust teenagers to maturely put on a show that involves AIDS, cross dressing, homophobia, stripping, an intense hatred for The Man, blatant heroin and crack abuse, and the withdraw that comes with it, suicide, Dog Assassins For Hire, racist police officers, and homelessness. You can trust them to say the word ‘masturbation’ in one song, right?

God, I’m literally getting pissed off remembering this omfg. Anyway, the director decided that “mucho masturbation” was ‘too inappropriate’, and wanted to censor the line to “mucho fascination”.

We rioted, but she wouldn’t be swayed. The guy playing Mark wasn’t even allowed to shake the table. The audience would have no idea. Mucho fascination is not a phrase that makes any sense!

And yes, I know, this is such a small thing to get upset about, but: 1) We were all exhausted and hungry, we’d been running the song for three hours. 2) It was about 100 degrees in there, so tempers and emotions naturally flared. 3) We were all teenagers putting on a mature show, and somehow taking away a line like that felt like an insult. It felt like an insult to our maturity, you know? Fucking hormones, man.

Okay, so here’s where the story picks up. We start running the song again, but our actor for Roger was really dehydrated at this point, and wanted to get some water out of the fridge in the Green Room. The director tells him to wait, because after this run we can break for lunch.

In the middle of the song, he just fucking pushes out of his seat and storms out of the room to get water. The director yells, “Thane! Where are you going?!” and he yells back in a fit of pure anger, “I’M GOING TO FASCINATE!”

Everyone looses their shit laughing. It was so fucking funny, and after the stressful and frustrating morning, it was just what we all needed. No one could calm down or stop laughing, so the director gave in and called the lunch break. Everyone ran into the Green Room after Thane, still cackling. I stayed behind because I had to use the bathroom. When I came out, though…

I started walking towards the Green Room, and I could hear the commotion in there. The assistant director’s cousin, Dave, was at the studio- he was probably maybe 22 at the time, and he somehow became the groups Mascot, and we always worked him into scenes, so he was there for the day to be Benny’s father in law. Anyway, I see him standing in the doorway, slowly pull out and close the door, look at me with wide eyes, as he just says “I think I can legally be arrested for seeing what I just saw in there.” before scampering off to recover alone.

Naturally, my interested was peaked and I opened the fucking door and walked in.

…I don’t want to say I walked into an orgy, because everyone was still clothed, but. If you can get that image in your head? Everyone was on top of everyone. Everyone was making out and grinding and drying humping and screaming and laughing and groping and smacking and sucking do you see where I’m going with this? The youngest in the cast was 13 and the oldest was maybe 18 or 19, but no one even cared, sexualities went out the window, find-a-warm-body-oh-wait-it’s-100-degrees-everybody-is-warm. Shit was real. Little Good Catholic School Girl me was mildly horrified, but listen, it was hot. And it went on for the entirety of the prolonged lunch break. Door locked, so the director couldn’t find out what was happening in there, of course.

This became a bit of a Historic moment for the cast. Gone was the Green Room, in was the newly dubbed Fascination Station. It became the biggest inside joke, and people did in fact keep sneaking in there to ~fascinate~ for the rest of the summer. Something about that horrendous neon green paint and cardboard brick wall with glitter pen ink on it made was suddenly making everyone unbearably horny.

And listen, at the time this felt like the most out of nowhere thing, but looking back on the circumstances we had been in every day leading up to it, all the heat and high tensions and unstable emotions and tragic back stories and singing Rent songs…Like, I’m not surprised it happened. I’m surprised our director didn’t see it coming and nip it in the bud (although I lowkey think the assistant director was on to us, but she’s fucking cool).

For all the shows after Rent, I and other stragglers from the production would always make jokes about the Fascination Station. We kept the memory alive. Things would still occasionally get pretty weird in there, and with all the right people it was great.

But it’s been so long now, and I sometimes hear new kids call it that. Kids who weren’t there for Rent, kids who I don’t even know the names off. Kids who will never find themselves in a situation that 27 teenagers found themselves in in 2011.

Those kids call the Green Room the Fascination Station. But they don’t know. They could never possibly know.

5 Years (pt.2)- Blacknut

As Y/N waited for Swings arrival Daewoong continued reading comments.

“lol y/n could do 500% better”

“he probably forced her into the relationship, have u listened to his old songs.”

“definitely a publicity stunt blacknut could never get with her”

       “maybe he is making a new album?”

“i wonder how much he’s paying her to be with him”

“she has so many other options and she chose him…”

“honestly thought y/n was going to date dok2, he’s head over heels for her”

     "simon dominic is in love with her too”

     "isn’t everyone in love with y/n, if u watch

      variety shows every celebrity confesses their

      love for her.”

     " she’s in every zion.t music video about love.“

"cjamm is a much better fit for her”

     "anyone other than blacknut is a better fit"

“is her eyesight okay?”

     "5 years has passed, her vision must be bad if she’s with him.“

“her expectations must’ve lowered since leaving YG”

Blacknut admitted, some of these comments are funny. He got what he expected, but it’s not like he wanted to see every comment shitting on his life. He was well aware he wasn’t the most attractive. He was well aware he wasn’t the most favored rapper. He was well aware there were a ton of people that wanted to be with her. But he was so grateful for Y/N, if they never crossed paths he’d be stuck working with his mother till debt was paid off, he would’ve never gone on SMTM, he wouldn’t be happy. It wasn’t fun, 5 years of watching his girlfriend being flirted with, being in other rappers music videos, they thought less of him. It pissed him off, not only that Y/N did so much for other artist, she bought them gifts, she praised them, she supported them, but they couldn’t repay her kindness. He knew that she didn’t want to be repaid, she knew she was being used sometimes, but she always knew she’d be above them no matter what. He looked up to her, but he didn’t want her being thrown around. He didn’t want his name to ruin her career, so he though of a ‘brilliant’ idea.

He would create a diss track.

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Hey, I'm new to ikon and I was wondering if you could help out. I was hoping you could let me know what I need to. If your busy I understand thank you!

So here are some infos & facts about iKON! :) 


1. They are a 7 member group under YG ENTERTAINMENT (official website)

2. In 2013, they were first introduced through a survival show called “Win: Who is next” (watch first episode here) Their group name back then was Team B and not iKON yet. They competed against another group of trainees called Team A, who then debuted under the name “WINNER”. They lost the show but continued as trainees under YG (in 2013 till may 2014, iKON was still a 6 member group and still trainees during that time) They also released two songs as Team B “Just another boy” & “Climax” (live verson with eng sub)  “Climax” (Studio version with eng sub) (which is probably the most important song they’ve wrote so far since they’re talking about their struggles)

3. In 2014 then, they had to take part in another survival show called “Mix & Match” (watch first episode here) in which they focused on rearranging the line up of the members. For that show they introduced 3 new trainees. Thankfully no old member of Team B was exchanged but one of the new trainees called “Jung Chanwoo” made it into the group which was called iKON from then on.  The songs they released during that time are “Long time no see”“Wait for me” & “SINOSIJAK”

4. During the filming for “Mix & Match” two members of iKON (B.I & Bobby) also participated in the rap survival show called “Show me the money 3” (watch first episode here!) B.I was eliminated in episode 7 but Bobby won the show and became the champion of SMTM3.

Other pre debut mv’s & activities:

Now I’ll introduce each member to you! :)

The leader of the group is Kim Hanbin aka B.I 

- Full Name: Kim Hanbin / Stage Name: B.I (96 liner)

- He is also one of the two rappers in the group, vocal, choreographer, producer, dancer, composer & lyricist  (part of Team B)

- Often compared to Bigbang’s GD

- He took part in 2014 season of “Show me the money 3″ he was eliminated in episode 7. I highly recommend to watch the season! Here is his song “Be I” ( live performance) + studio version with eng sub

- Out of all iKON members he is the one who was a trainee under yg for the longest time (joined YGE in january 2011 when he was 15)

- Was born on October 22, 1996 (turned 20 in september 2016 / 21 korean age)

B.I was first introduced to public at age 13 as a featured rapper in MC Mong’s track “Indian Boy” (at 2:22) in 2009. He was also on “Sketchbook”

- Watch some of his pre debut compilations here & here 

- Also his song “I’m chillin” which is from 2013 (Win: Who is next)

- He was, as I mentioned before, featured in Epik high’s “Born hater” (which he wrote the hook melody for) & He also co-composed and co-wrote WINNER’S “Empty” 

- He has credits for 26 songs in total (all iKON songs that were released so far/ Blackpink’s ‘whistle’/ Winner’s ‘Empty’/ Epik High’s ‘Born Hater’/PSY’s ‘Autoreverse’, ‘BOMB’ & ‘Last Scene’  )

- He was part of the writing, composing & production team for all three NR. 1 debut songs of the last three YG groups (Winner/iKON/Blackpink)

- According to himself he’s been “single for 21 years of his life” -> most of his inspirations for songs & lyrics come from dramas or movies since he never experienced being in a relationship himself yet

- He has three tattoos so far. Read more about his tattoos & the meaning behind them  here / here / here 

- He has a little sister (15 years younger than him) her name is Kim Hanbyul

- Trademark: resting bitch face (when in tiger/leader mode), dimples, big nose, rose-colored lips, big pupils

- Some of his Nicknames: mambin, dumbin, kid leader, tigerbin, mickey, beanie

- Things he likes/fan of: boxing, Mickey Mouse,  South American Music, animals (especially dogs), Twice (yes the kpop girl group), green pringles, being busy & work, Philosophy books, poems, natural food (without seasoning or not much), simple styles like white shirt and jeans, smell of baby powder, oversized clothes, Slam Dunk manga, love dramas (JPN & KRN), Girl Groups

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: bugs, being boring & doing nothing, heavy smells, horror movies, heights, crowded places

- Habits: Touches his chest with one hand when he is nervous, touches members a lot without realizing (very natural) especially members necks, heart shaped duck face, fidgety fingers, laughs with one eye closed like a pirate

Few Charateristics: really strong & strict leader, perfectionist, knows exactly what he wants, confident, looks scary at first but isn’t, has a really cute, carefree & dorky side outside of the training room, loves his fans & gives most of fanservice, a really, REALLY hard worker, despite achieving so much at his young age he still wants to improve and is never slacking

The next member to introduce is Kim Jiwon aka Bobby!

- Full Name: Kim Jiwon / Stage Name: Bobby (95 liner)

- He is the second rapper of the group, dancer, lyricist, composer & sometimes also vocal (part of Team B)

- He was born on December 21, 1995 (turned 21 in December 2016/ 22 korean age) was born in Seoul but raised in Virginia US 

- Joined YGE at the age of 16 (in 2011)

- He left his family in the US at a really young age to become famous so he could bring them back to Korea someday and build/buy a house for them there (which he achieved in 2015)

- He is together with Hanbin (B.I) and Jinhwan (whom I’ll introduce next) one of the three original members of the group what means that they were (out of all iKON members) trainees under YG for the longest

- He won 2014 Rap Survival Show “Show me the money 3″ here are some of his songs:

- Also his promo song for SMTM4 ‘King of the youth’

- And his solo song that was released in 2016: ‘HOLUP!’

- He made his solo debut on September 14, 2017 with his solo album ‘LOVE AND FALL’ / they also dropped two M/V’s ‘I love you’‘Runaway’

-  GQ Korea included him in their 2014 “Men of the Year” feature”. This feature included “men who have made an impact on culture in 2014 watch video here

- Watch some of his pre debut beatboxing here 

- He was, as I mentioned before, featured in Epik Highs “Born hater”/ Hi SUHYUN’s “I’m Different” & Masta Wu’s “Come here” (all songs released in 2014) and co- wrote (together with Hanbin & Song Mino) WINNER’s “Empty” 

- Was featured in Lee Hi’s 2016 album Seoulite -> ‘Video’ // Was featured in Reddy’s (2016) SMTM5 performance -> ‘Like this’  // Was featured in PSY’s album 4x2=8 -> ‘BOMB’

- He has production credit for 35 songs so far

- He is very religious & grew up in church where he learned to play guitar, drums and the piano  

- He has one tattoo on his back “Fear only god hate only sins”. He made the tattoo together with his older brother & father (all three have the same tattoo) Read more about it here  

- He has an older brother by three years named Kim Jiun

- He formed a sub unit called MOBB together with Winner’s Song mino in 2016 two sub unit songs were released in 2016 ‘Full House’‘Hit me’

- Trademark: eyesmile, sharp jawline, high tension on stage & bunny teeth

- Some of his Nicknames: Bunny, Kimbap, King of the youth, mood maker, smiley face, eyesmile, bap (like rice)

- Things he likes/is fan of: Bob marley, Winnie-the-Pooh, his fans, fast food, trap music (or just music in general), cats, to wake up early (and eat breakfast), to work out, being/living freely, light fixtures, art, Naruto (anime in general), sleeping when he is bored or when there is nothing to do

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: seafood

- Habits: smiles even when mad, showing front teeth, high-tension on stage, sleep talking, snores, polite especially to elders (always 90-degrees bow), dabbing 

Few Characteristics: Looks hardcore at first but is a sweetheart, really strong rapping voice and strong image on stage, more than confident, jokes around A LOT, doesn’t fit his age because he is actually 5 years old, sosososo loyal, loves to eat and sleep, is called bunny by the fans due to his cute front teeth. Is actually an introvert and with jinhwan the only member who has his own room since he need his space sometimes but he totally changes on stage. 

The Next Member to introduce is Kim Jinhwan aka JAY! 

Full name: Kim Jinhwan / Stage Name: JAY (94 liner)

- Oldest member of iKON, main vocal & dancer (part of Team B)

- Was born on February 7, 1994 in Jeju his home town (turned 22 in 2016/23 Korean age )

- Often called fake maknae due to his small face and body

- He was, together with Hanbin & Bobby, one of the original three members who joined YG first (shippers call them triple kim)

- His voice is often compared to Bigbang’s Taeyang

- Joined YGE at the age of 17 (in 2011)

“The voice you want to hear at night” / most sexual member even when he doesn’t look like it

- He has a total of 6 tattoos, you can read more about it HERE

- Listen to him singing “There goes my baby” by Usher HERE (from 2013) His vocal improved A LOT! but there is sadly no video of him singing alone in 2015 

- Is a genius when it comes to learning languages (fluent in Japanese & Korean and learning Chinese atm) 

- One of iKON’s best dancers (especially good at acrobatic dances)

- He is currently learning to play electric guitar & started doing jiu jitsu 

- He has an older sister by six years. She is also the reason why he started to realize his dream to become a singer

- His mother is a violinist, linguist & business woman (owns cafe in Jeju)

- Trademark:  heart shaped mole, small face, body and hands 

- Some of his Nicknames: Jinan/y, 13cm fairy, wine mom, crybaby, entertainer, fake maknae, milky skin

- Things he likes/is a fan of: Red wine, slow music (Rnb, jazz, soul), animals (especially dogs), being by himself, love movies & books, fashion

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: mushrooms, sweating (bcs he sweats even when talking), anything horror related, being ignored

- Habits: drinks wine to relax, touching members ears, listening to music before going to bed

Few Characteristics: Most emotional little hyung, warm & always listens to his members problems and gives best advices, looks pretty & feminine but is actually really manly, he loves to be called sexy, looks harmless and fluffy but can change very quickly (not innocent at all), knows for being narcissistic, is flirty with everyone around him

Next Member to introduce is Koo Junhoe aka Ju-ne!

Full name: Koo Junhoe / Stage Name: Ju-ne (97 liner)

- former maknae, main vocal, dancer & composer (part of Team B)

- Was born on March 31, 1997 (turned 19 in 2016/ 20 Korean age) 

- Joined YGE at the age of 15 (2012)

- He appeared in “STAR KING” when he was 13 (he actually didn’t want to become a singer but rather a dancer cause he loved/loves Micheal Jackson so much

- He was also a constent in KPOP STAR S1 with a group called HIGH PRAIS  watch here (he is rapping), here (YG, Daesung, CL, Boom & Taeyang are the judges) & here

- Listen to him singing “Wedding dress” by Taeyang (2013) his vocal cut in “Climax” (2013) & his singing cuts in “Mix & match” (2014) Junhoe’s voice is actual gold

- His deep, strong voice was praised and recognized by young and old singers and even non fans know about it

- Has an older sister by three years named Koo Yeijin 

- Is religious and grew up in church (was in church camp)

- Trademark: thick eyebrows, mole on lips, deep & strong voice, toddler smile

- Some of his nickname’s: living meme, toddler, June, sasshoe 

- Things he likes/is a fan of: Micheal Jackson, dancing, love movies, Rnb music, being the center of the situation, taking selfies, tteokbokki

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: ox blood soup, haunted houses, roller coasters, being alone, sports, heights

- Habits: Sings anywhere and everywhere he goes (practice room, shower, before a concert EVERYWHERE), Imitates a lot of famous people and mostly his members, winking, taking selfies with fans phones, frowning

Few Characteristics: sassy af, doesn’t care about age if he doesn’t like something he will say it, loves to sleep & to eat, looks manly and loves to be called manly & sexy but is actually a shy 5 year old boy, finds it hard to accept new people, makes weird sounds sometimes, winks a lot, introduced himself as iKON’s main rapper, vocal god, makes any situation awkward, can’t control his face

Next member to introduce Song Yunhyeong aka SONG! 

Full name: Song Yunhyeong / Stage Name: SONG (95 liner)

- Vocal, visual & dancer (part of team b)

- He was born on February 8, 1995 (turned 21 in 2016/ 22 korean age)

- His vocal voice was the least strongest during “Win: Who is next” & “mix & match” but he improved the most since then! His live vocals are probably one of the best out of the group

- His high notes are the best according to June and hanbin 

- Joined YGE at the age of 17 (in 2012)

- His dream was to become an actor or to open a cafe (joined YGE to become an actor but Ceo YG changed the plan)

- Not oldest but still oldest member (bcs of his old dad jokes, his scolding & the way he behaves sometimes)

- iKON’s personal chef cook (loves to cook for his members)

- Has a younger sister by a year named Song Eunjin

- Became endorsement for Nivea lip balm in 2016 and got iKON to become their endorsement 

- His parents own a BBQ restaurant 

- Known for his funny dancing (according to members the best when it comes to funny dance)

- Listen to a collection of him singing here 

- Trademark: double eyelids, handsome face, wide shoulders

- Some of his Nicknames: Chef song, yoyo, successful fan, passionate man, Prince Yoyo

- Things he likes/is a fan of: Nivea cherry lip balm, cooking, hard work 

- Things he dislikes/ is afraid of: being made fun of, not being good enough

- Habits: To make fun of his members, old folks and dad jokes, pointing micro at fans, cleaning up during cooking, very neat, uses lipbalm all the time, has to plan everything

Few characteristics: Looks arrogant to people at first but is actually one of the warmest & cutest members, cares a lot about his family & friends, his goal in life is to be simply happy, smiles 99% of the time even if he is dead tired, always tries to cheer up everyone, works the hardest, loves to dance like an old lady, can cook, his sexy glare will kill you so don’t look into his eyes. Does everything passionately & is VERY polite (especially to elders).

Next member to introduce Kim Donghyuk aka DK! 

Full name: Kim Donghyuk / Stage Name: DK (97 liner)

- together with Junhoe fromer maknae, vocal, choreographer & really good dancer (part of team B)

- was born on January 3, 1997 in Seoul, South Korea (turned 19 in 2016/ 20 korean age)

- He was the last one to join Zeam B and YGE at the age of 16 (in 2012)

- Donghyuk was the winner of JYP’s trainee search contest in march 2012 & also a student in def music & dance academy 

- Was accepted by JYP but decided join YGE instead

- He lived in the US in 3rd grad as an exchange student

- His english name is Ezra

- In school, he was an OSIS manager and later a member of the school organizing committee + president of student council in high school 

- He is a born winner and the cleverest member in the group

- Multi talent who can sing, dance, play instruments & was good in school 

- Has an younger sister who studies in the US 

- Is (just like June & Bobby) very religious 

- Can play guitar, drums, piano & traditional music instruments

- Made the choreo for iKON’s “Airplane”

 - Co-wrote & was featured in the song ‘Secret’ on Bobby’s solo album ‘LOVE AND FALL’

- His father died when he was 8 year’s old & his mother was against his dream of becoming a singer at first (bcs he was a really good student)

- Can speak korean and English fluently (learning Japanese & Chinese atm)

- Known for his harmonizing & falsetto’s (people often mistake them for June’s voice)

His voice is really soft and he improved a lot since “Win: Who is next” listen to him singing “Eyes, Nose, Lips” by Taeyang (who complimented him after) together with Junhoe & one of the 3 traines who didn’t made it into the group

- Trademark: fox-like eyes, laugh, thighs, dimples, aegyo, small elf-like ears

- Some of his Nicknames:  Dongaegyo, Candy-chan, thighs, fashionista, dongparazzi, angel, dong dong

- Things he likes/is fan of: Chris Brown, dancing, fashion, children, food

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: doesn’t like to get angry or be upset

- Habits: bites fingernails, hugs others a lot, sassy eye roll, side smile

Few Characteristics: most adorable human ever existed, smiles just like Yunhyeong 99% of the time, has so much Aegyo that his members can’t take it so they always cover their eyes & ears, probably the wamest member in ikon, loves kids & plays a lot with them even when he is busy (example Haru, Tablo’s daughter visits her often), really sexy when he starts dancing or becomes serious, his voice will do something to your heart. An emotional, sensitive & caring personality. 

Next & last member to introduce Jung Chanwoo aka CHAN! 

Full name: Jung Chanwoo / Stage Name: CHAN (98 liner)

- Maknae, actor, vocal & dancer

- Was born on January 26, 1998 in Seoul (turned 18 in 2016/ 19 Korean age)

- Often compared to Lee Minho bcs of their similar features

- Joined the group and YGE through the survival show “Mix & match” in 2014

- He appeared as Lee Minho’s child actor in “Boys over flowers”“The Heirs” and also appeared in DBSK’s music video “ballons” 

- Has an oder brother (age unknown) 

- Tallest members (even tho he is the youngest)

- Trademark:  big eyes, dimple on the left side of his mouth, double eyelids, height, one sided smile

- Some of his Nicknames: Chocoball, Chanumon, Chanu, evil maknae, Chanubear, master of games

- Things he likes/is a fan of: acting, games, anime & manga (especially one piece), teasing members

- Things he dislikes/is afraid of: Ketchup, tidying up, spicy food, crying in front of people, losing

- Habits: playing games really seriously, teasing his members, hits members

Few Characteristics: seems harmless, cute & shy at first but is actually really confident and evil, plays around with his hyungs a lot & can be very cheeky,  loves to play games to a point where Jinhwan has to scold him, really hardworking & cute, improved a lot in just a year, brings members happiness with his carefree & funny side. He is according to iKON the member who cares (together with Hanbin) the most about iKON. He always sends the other boys messages and asks them if they ate enough & slept well. Together with Dong in charge of warmness


You can find a masterpost/list of iKON’s achievements since debut HERE


You can find a masterlist of iKON Fansites HERE



Masterlist of all links  2013- 2016 (magazine shootings/DVD’s/variety shows/survival programs etc.) & 2017 (by @hwan-tastic)


Most important shows/variety

  • Win
  • Mix & Match
  • Show me the money 3 (Bobby & B.I)
  • The remix (chinese dance survival show)
  • Mari & I (Hanbin & Jinhwan)
  • Father & I (Bobby and his father)
  • Weekly Idol
  • Fantastic Duo (Junhoe, donghyuk, Jinhwan)
  • Living together in empty room
  • Jinhwan TV 

(you can find the links & many more variety appearances and other links in the masterpost above credit: @hwan-tastic )

For more subbed videos, there is a iKONIC subbing website you can register to! They sub and post many many iKON videos. You can find the website here!


DVD’s & Album’s (information/ buy link)

Welcome back Half Album includes:

  • CD (M.U.P is not in the full album) 
  • 88-page booklet
  • Sticker + Photocard sets random
  • usually also a poster but the poster is sold out almost everywhere

Welcome Back Full Album green version / red version includes:

  • CD
  • folded poster
  • 64-page photobook
  • 16 page photocard
  • Randome polaroid set + random photo card + random sticker
  • (the versions have different photobooks, polaroids & photocards)

Welcome Back complete edition (limited) includes:

  • 2CD’S + 1 DVD
  • All pre debut & debut songs in KRN & JPN
  • All MV’s in KRN & JPN
  • Behind the scenes of all MV’s (JPN only)
  • Documentary promo days in Japan
  • 48-page photobook
  • usually also with a poster 

Welcome Back Japan deluxe edition includes:

  • 2 CD’s (with KRN & JPN versions) & 2 DVD’s
  • 48-page Photobook
  • iKON fanmeeting in Japan 2015
  • iKON School 
  • Behind the scenes of iKON fan meeting 2015 in Japan
  • MV’s
  • Behind the scenes of MV’s
  • Bigbang Japan tour 2014-2015 X Opening act (collection of best moments)
  • Dance practice videos (Rhythm Ta & Apology)
  • (this is the only version that comes with the special track ‘Just go’ in KRN & JPN)

iKONCERT in Seoul DVD includes:

  • 3DVD’s
  • Showtime debut concert
  • iKONCERT in Seoul
  • Special features
  • Welcome Back history
  • 160-page photobook
  • paper holder
  • Random member sticker

iKONCERT in Japan DVD includes:

  • 3DVD’s & 2CD’s
  • iKONCERT held at Nippon Budokan on February 16, 2016
  • iKONCERT days in Japan
  • Documentary of iKONCERT Showtime tour in japan
  • Holidays in japan
  • 50-page photobook

Kony’s Island Season greetings includes: 

  • DVD 
  • Desk calendar
  • Photobook
  • Note
  • Polaroid Set
  • Mouse Pad 
  • Poster
  • there is also a JPN version 

Kony’s Summertime Season greetings (limited) includes: 

  • 2 DVD
  • 300-page photobook
  • travel pouch
  • book marks
  • Paper holder
  • folded poster
  • there is also a JPN limited version of this that is slightly different, you can read more about the difference here // the japanese version is mostly sold out tho

Kony’s Wintertime Season greetings (limited) 

  • 2 DVD’s
  • 288-page photobook
  • three stickers
  • a winter pouch
  • a bookmark
  • a mini poster
  • a mini planner
  • a Polaroid set and a photo card
  • JPN’s version here

Dumb & Dumber DVD includes:

  • 1 CD & 1 DVD
  • Japanese version of Dumb & Dumber, #WYD, Love me (special track, studio version only on this album), Sinosijak remix
  • JPN Mv’s of Dumb & Dumber, #WYD, Anthem Remix
  • JPN behind the scenes of #WYD

MOBB debut Album / Bobby version includes:

  • CD 
  • 56-page photobook 
  • 1 of 2 random Photocards
  • usually with poster (if not sold out)

MOBB debut Album limited (JPN version) includes:

  • 1 CD + 1 DVD
  • All four MV’s in KRN & JPN
  • Bonus tracks (like bounce and fear)
  • Behind the scenes (JPN -> only holup & full house & KRN -> only body & Hit me)
  • MOBB live at iKON’s Japan tour 2016 (four performances)

iKON Japan Tour 2016 DVD includes:

  • Japan concert held on october 26
  • Documentary of iKON japan tour 2016
  • Special features
  • two live CD’s 
  • 100-page photobook

iKON - New Kids: Begin (BOLD & DOPE ver.) Single Album includes:

  • 2 songs ‘BLING BLING’ &’B-DAY’
  • each comes with an album 
  • Photocard
  • Double-sided Poster

iKON - Summertime Season 2 in Bali includes:

  • 2 DVD’s with their memories in Bali
  • a 130-page photobook
  • 70-page making book
  •  a waterproof pouch
  • a sticker set
  • a postcard set
  • a mousepad
  •  a photo card set

New kids: Begin Album (Japan Version) includes:

  • 1 CD + 1DVD
  • A-Nation performance (2016)
  • Holidays in Japan

iKON - Japan Dome Tour 2017 includes:

  • a 100-page photobook
  • two live CDs + DVD
  • Dome Tour concert @KYOCERADOME OSAKA (20.05.2017)
  • Documentary of iKON Japan Dome Tour
  • Focus on dance
  • Collection of best stage
  • Special features
  • Special Movie


You can find a Masterpost of all released & known iKON songs here


Official accounts/SNS:

- Find all informations about schedule ect. on their official YG page here

- Follow them on: facebook, youtube, instagramfan cafe , weibo, twitter & also Melon, ollehmusic, genie, mnet, music bugs, naver music, soribada & itunes and Vapp 


Songs iKON wrote for iKONICS:

Wait for me + MV  (before M&M)

  • A song in which they ask iKONICS, who waited since win for them, to wait a bit longer before they can finally come out and make their debut 
  • was released after first episode of Mix&Match in 2014

Important lines of the song

  • “In my dreams, I’m with you as I hold your hand. But cruelly, I say goodbye.” (jinhwan & donghyuk)
  • “Oh you and me, We’re under the same sky, but we can’t meet, but believe in me, I’ll be there for you.” (yunhyeong)
  • “I want to look into your face under the dazzling sunlight. And tell you, thank you for making me live as the me right now. I’ve missed you, your voice, your face, even your soft breathing. I won’t go anywhere now, I’ll be by your side, even until the moment the world ends.” (hanbin rap)
  • “Wait because I’ll go to you right now. I’ll run against time and go to you, So that my heart can reach her, so that she can remember me.” (june)
  • Time go faster so I can reach her.” (hanbin)

Long time no see + Mix & Match original live version (M&M final)

  • A song in which they apologize and thank iKONICs that we’ve waited for so long 
  • ask us to hold on just a bit longer & tell us to not worry bcs they will stay with us from now on
  • They also explain (hanbin in his rap) why it took them so long & promise that they won’t go anywhere anymore
  • Was released/a performance Mix&Match final 2014

Important lines of the song

  • “I ran all the way, baby, just hold on a bit more.” (bobby rap)
  • “Long time no see. How have you been? You’ve waited too long. I won’t go anywhere baby, don’t worry.” (jinhwan)
  • “Long time no see. I longed for you a lot too. I got lost on the way to see you. I won’t go anywhere baby, don’t worry.” (june)
  • “I made a promise to you, I didn’t keep it, I’m sorry. Why so late, I’ll explain. The pain given by god, I was getting over it (talking about the depression he had after losing win) Brothers that share blood and flesh I was trying to protect (talking about Team B members) My mind filled with emptiness, I drained it. My dreams, I had to keep achieving them (work even harder than before) Very late, my shattered dreams. It was hard to patch them again. Finally I am where I am now (Win & M&M over + iKON official got their name & last member for their debut) And you are still beautiful. Long time no see, I’ve missed you a lot.” (hanbin rap)
  • Oh baby, don’t worry. Be with me, forever. I’ll stand by you, I promise. Where you are, I’ll be there.” (jinhwan)

Welcome Back (in debut Album)

  • A song to thank iKONICs for all the time that we’ve waited for them
  • Welcoming us back after the long time 
  • They opened their debut concert with this song & named their debut album after it
  • First released in their ‘Welcome back debut half album’ in 2015 
  • The last line of this song is really loved & famous under iKONICs 
  • The melody is compared to the other songs written for us rather happy & gives off of a positive and chilled vibe 
  • The song starts off with the sound of foodsteps of someone coming nearer & hanbin cuts it off with the words “Wait a minute, listen! Baby oh! Welcoming you back here.” So the footsteps are probably meant to be iKONICs who are “coming back” to them and he asks us to stop, stay with them & to listen to what they have to say to us
  • At one of their iKONCERT’s hanbin changed & repeated the last line of the song to “Let’s take it slow let’s last for a long time. Let’s take it slow until the end. Let’s stay together until we die.”

Important lines of the song

  • “Seeing you again for a the first time in a while, It feels like my heart that hurt for so long is getting perfectly well again. Your beauty and grace is still the same. Although my life without you was really lacking, I can’t explain it with words.” (hanbin rap)
  • “How were you doing this while? Who did you lean on when you were struggling?” (june)
  •  “It was really lonely, nothing was new. Every day by day was really just boring. What I want to say is thanks for coming back.
  • “Welcome back I’m glad you returned, I’ll treat you better now. Welcome back I really missed you.” (june)
  • “Saying that I’ve never regretted our goodbye, that I felt better being alone, it’s all a lie. Oh I was so lonely I was so bored every minute, every day.” (jinhwan)
  • “I’ll treat you better, please don’t leave me. We’re definitly meant to be. Let’s take it slow, let’s last real long. Welcome Back.” (bobby & hanbin)

M.U.P (make you proud)

  • They promise that even if they don’t have much right now, that they’ll definitely  make us proud in the future & achieve more 
  • First released in their ‘Welcome Back debut half album’ in 2015
  • They thank us for always being there for them & ask us to keep staying at their side forever
  • They talk about their struggles & how iKONICs helped them to get over it

Important lines of the song

  • “Honestly the ‘me’ of as right now has nothing worth seeing. But I’ll promise to you that someday in this life, girl,  I’m gon make you proud.” (jinhwan)
  • “Within the trampled of life, I saw the one and only light (talking about ikonics) that illuminated my world. At those times when I couldn’t bear go on living, you whispered in my ear about the holiness of happiness, about the repentance of these 20 years (of his life) and I’m so thankful for you.” (hanbin rap)
  • “It doesn’t matter that gravity’s pressing down on me like always. As long as it’s  with you, nothing better, nothing better.” (bobby)
  • My goal was always to be your one top source of pride.” (bobby rap)
  • “Your two frail hands that pulled me into an embrace. You make someone like me want to live once again. I’ll be there at the world’s end, you just need to hold my hand.” (jinhwan & june)
  • “When my hands were shaking, you took mine into yours. For holding my hand, I’ll promise, girl, I’m gon make you proud.” (donghyuk)
  • “Just stay at my side, just lean on my shoulder, don’t say nothing. I know that even if you don’t say it, it gonna be something.” (bobby & hanbin)


  • Not a comeback but a special present for iKONICs because iKON had no comeback in 2016
  • first released as a digital single in 2016

Important lines of the song

  • “What are you doing today? What are you doing tomorrow? I miss you, I want you, I want to see you. Cuz I’m lonely lonely.” (june)
  • “Where are you, Are you busy? You popped up in my head. I wanted to hear your voice.” (hanbin rap)


Masterpost of iKON = iKONIC relationship


Relationships between the boys

DOUBLE B (Hanbin & Bobby) aka the ‘soulmate ship’

  • also known as ‘the annyoing ship’ since they’re always together and are so obvious that it almost hurts
  • They are VERY close, since they’ve known each other for the longest
  • Skinship & touchy 24/7 even on stage
  • Hanbin loves to touch bobby’s neck the most
  • Bobby can’t take his hands to himself even when he denies it sometimes
  • They call each other ‘cute’ or give each other adorable compliments
  • The brought dabbing & inside-out pants to korea
  • They’re iKON’s dream duo & composer-writter team

JUNHWAN (Junhoe & Jinhwan) aka the ‘adult ship’

  • They’re always jealous when other members get close to the other
  • They love skinship & late night talks
  • They sometimes have late night broadcast on vapp called ‘KJH’
  • They spend all their time together, watch love movies & give each other advices
  • They have the same taste in music, food & their personalities match really well
  • They’re the most shipped members in japan (bcs they look like characters of a love manga)
  • Both are main vocals (June has a strong, deep voice while Jinan has a soft, high voice) so their voices matches just as well as their personalities

YUNDONG (Yunhyeong & Donghyuk) aka the ‘angel ship’

  • They love each other the most & give each other safety when they feel uncomfortable or sad
  • Yunhyeong loves to cook & Donghyuk loves to eat, so they’re a match made in heaven (Yoyo saids that it’s the most fun to cook for dongdong)
  • Yoyo is the best dancer when it comes to funny dances while Dong is the best dancer when it comes to sexy and neat choreographies
  • Both of them worked the hardest to improve & be accepted by people
  • The nicest & warmest members in one ship
  • Yoyo loves to hug Dongdong, and dong loves to be hugged

YUNCHAN ( Yunhyeong & Chanwoo) aka ‘evil twins ship’

  • Bobby gave them the name ‘evil twins’ since they both love teasing other people
  • They look (according to the members & fans) alike 
  • Chanwoo teases yunhyeong sometimes by saying things like ‘Chanwoo-yaa, bring me some water’ or ‘It’s time for bromance’
  • They’re total opposites but roomates (Yoyo is really neat and tidy while chanwoo is a walking mess)
  • According to Chanwoo, Yun is also his servant even tho he is older by 3 years
  • They’re the visual/actor ship
  • Despite everything, they love & care for each other a lot (Yun got the closest to Chanwoo during M&M)
  • Yun seems like a real older brother to Chanwoo
  • He scolds him when he plays games too often or doesn’t practice enough & encourages him to do better and he compliments him to make him feel better 

JUNDONG (Junhoe & Donghyuk) aka ‘devil and angel ship’

  • Junhoe is obsessed with Donghyuk and always talks about Dong’s ‘killer smile’ and about how handsome he looks in only his white underwear
  • June loves Dong’s vocal the most & always compliments him for it
  • Dong loves June’s strong vocal the most 
  • They’re both former maknaes of the group 
  • They’re both 97 liners (Dong was born in january while June was born in march)
  • Donghyuk is older by 3 month but June doesn’t act like it
  • June always teases Donghyuk but Dong only smiles warmly and takes the teasing 
  • Donghyuk can actually outsass June if he wants to but he is too nice for that
  • Even when June likes attention, he always tries to direct all the attention at Donghyuk (like a boyfriend who wants to show off)

BOBCHAN (Bobby & Chanwoo) aka ‘natural enemies ship’

  • Bobby calls himself Chanwoo’s natural enemy while Chanwoo calls himself Bobby’s natural enemy
  • Chanwoo is stronger than bobby (even when he is younger by 3 years)
  • Bobby gets teased by Chanwoo anytime and anywhere 
  • They’re both obsessed with Naruto
  • They play games together often in bobby’s room
  • Bobby always chooses Chanwoo when asked which member they’d choose as their boyfriend & Chanwoo always chooses Bobby 
  • Even when they have a cat-dog relationship, they care about each other a lot
  • Bobby always asks chanwoo if he wants to eat somtthing and let him choose first and Chanwoo always checks on Bobby 
  • Chanwoo loves to sit on Bobby’s lap and to cuddle with him
  • They’re perfect together when it comes to winning as a team (dream team)
  • Bobby calls Chanwoo ‘Chanumon’ 
  • Out of all iKON members, Chanwoo only ever cried in front of Bobby

YUNBIN (Yunhyeong & Hanbin) aka the ‘grandpa ship’

  • Yunhyeong always chooses hanbin when asked which members he’d pick as his lover 
  • Hanbin knows Yunhyeong worries the most about him
  • Both of them are really old fashioned (hanbin likes old music while Yoyo likes old jokes)
  • Hanbin constantly praises Yunhyeong for his improvement and his looks
  • They are very playful with each other 
  • Yunhyeong always tells Hanbin to share his hardships with the group and not keep it to himself 
  • Hanbin loves to touch Yunhyeong
  • Yunhyeong scolds hanbin a lot and hits him sometimes which makes Hanbin smile because Yoyo looks like a grandma when he does that

JUNCHAN (Junhoe & Chanwoo) aka ‘evil makane ship’

  • Also known as iKON’s twin towers 
  • Both evil
  • Both have always a cheeky answer to anything 
  • They diss each other sometimes but respect each other even more 
  • Junhoe always chooses Chanwoo when asked about the most handsome members in his opinion
  • Chanwoo always chooses Junhoe when asked about the most hilarious member in his opinion 
  • Both of them are amazing actors and really tall which made fans call them twin towers 

YUNHWAN (Yunhyeong & Jinhwan) aka the’ soft moms ship’

  • The emotional and embarrassing mom’s of iKON
  • They are the oldest in the group and always try their best to help the other members
  • These two always make the most embarrassing jokes
  • They’re both not very good when it comes to talking or being MCs
  • They’re the oldest in the groups
  • They both want the younger members to respect them more bcs they get teased a lot despite being the oldest two

JUNBOB (Junhoe & Bobby) aka the ‘awkward ship’

  • They started to become ‘the awkward’ couple when members noticed that they barely spoke to each other and started to call them awkward
  • They both repeatedly say that they aren’t awkward and that it’s their concept for fanservice but nobody believes them
  • Hanbin assumes that one of them confessed to the other what made them even more awkward (both of them say it’s not true)
  • Their first impressions of each other was ‘He is really handsome’
  • Bobby wants to collab with June in the future and June wants to collab with bobby 
  • Bobby repeatedly says that he loves everything about June and that he is very talented (he likes his voice, says he is handsome and can rap)
  • When asked which member he’d want to be for a day, bobby said June
  • Junhoe always compliments bobby for his strong rap and calls his strong performances ‘cool’ 
  • June praised Bobby for his performances on SMTM3
  • Bobby said he became a fan when they formed a team in Mix & Match
  • June tries his best not to hurt bobby’s feelings and be considerate of him
  • Bobby feels shy around June and doesn’t know what to talk about with him at times 

BOBHWAN (Bobby & Jinhwan) aka the ‘mom/son ship’

  • Bobby once said that Jinhwan is the reason why he didn’t give up during their trainee days
  • Jinhwan helped Bobby as an emotional support he was away from his family and acted as a replacement for his mother 
  • Bobby is afraid of jinhwan when he gets angry 
  • They cuddle often and Bobby goes to Jinhwan whenever he needs to talk to someone or has a hard time 
  • Jinhwan thinks Bobby is very smart and handsome even when he teases him a lot
  • Jinhwan often imitates Bobby’s rap 
  • Bobby loves to tease Jinhwan when it comes to his height 
  • They had a lot of arguments when they first joined the team bcs their personalities are total opposites 
  • Jinhwan and Bobby both need their own space and are the only two members with their own rooms 
  • Jinhwan is very tidy and neat while Bobby is a mess which Jinhwan can’t deal with 

CHANBIN (Chanwoo & Hanbin) aka the ‘leader/maknae ship’

  • Maknae and leader which love to tease each other A LOT 
  • Chanwoo calls Hanbin the devil in the recording studio and gets scolded by him a lot 
  • Outside the studio it’s totally different 
  • Hanbin laughs about Chanwoo’s jokes a lot and likes his carefree attitude 
  • Hanbin would choose chanwoo as his boyfriend if he had a choice 
  • Hanbin keeps praising chanu for his improvements as a dancer and singer and keeps repeating how Chanwoo’s parts are amazing
  • Chanwoo respect hanbin a lot but more than that he loves to tease him 
  • Chanwoo loves skinship and so does hanbin 
  • Outside the studio they seem more like same aged friends rather than hyung & makane 

Dongchan (Donghyuk & Chanwoo) aka the ‘sweet & sour ship’

  • Chanwoo likes Donghyuk’s humor a lot 
  • He doesn’t call Donghyuk hyung even when he is older by a year
  • Donghyuk doesn’t mind tho and always watches Chanwoo from afar
  • Chanwoo makes Donghyuk laugh and smile a lot
  • Donghyuk thanked Chanwoo for helping him and the group to laugh more and being more carefree 
  • Donghyuk keeps up with Chanwoo’s teasing bcs he adores him a lot
  • They’re part of iKON’s maknae line (together with June)
  • Donghyuk is known as the angel maknae who respects his hyungs the most while chanwoo is known as the evil maknae of the group

YUNBOB (Yunhyeong & Bobby) aka ‘95 liners ship’ or ‘the extra ship’

  • They’re so extra all the time 
  • Yunhyeong is known for his breathtaking visuals while Bobby is known for his unfakeable charisma
  • They’re really embarrassing when put together 
  • Both of them born 95, yunhyeong is older by almost a year but bobby doesn’t call him hyung 

BINHWAN (Hanbin & Jinhwan) aka the ‘married couple ship’

  • They’re both ‘original members’ of Team B (with Bobby) means that they’ve been under YGE for the longest
  • Yang hyun suk called them mom & dad of iKON 
  • Hanbin can be very harsh with words while jinhwan is emphatic which makes them a great combo 
  • They love to touch each other, it’s binhwan love 24/7
  • They’re one of the most popular ships in iKON
  • Hanbin doesn’t treat Jinhwan like a hyung but rather his boyfriend he has to take care of 
  • Jinhwan respects Hanbin’s decisions as a leader and listens to his advices well even when he is the oldest of the group

BOBDONG (Bobby & Donghyuk) aka the ‘best buddies ship’

  • Donghyuk is younger than Bobby by a year but that doesn’t show
  • They play around with each other like real brothers, almost twins
  • They’re both really good at sports and play a lot of basketball together 
  • They’ve similar taste in clothes, music and sports
  • They both grew up really religious and go to the church often 
  • They’re both respectful towards older people and have good manners towards strangers 
  • Donghyuk once  said it’s unfair that Bobby is older than him bcs he’d like to tease him 
  • Bobby teases Donghyuk A LOT and Donghyuk playfully complains about it but he actually enjoys Bobby’s company a lot 
  • They have midnight snacks and beer often and talk about random things
  • They can talk about their problems and issues with each other 
  • They support each others carriers and push the other 
  • Their voices are a match made in HEAVEN (listen to it’s love)

Yunjun (Yunhyeong & Junhoe) aka the ‘the visuals ship’

  • Junhoe’s number 1 teasing target is Yunhyeong 
  • They’re total opposites, june is carefree and doesn’t think much about consequences, he is also messy and one of the funniest members
  • While Yun is like an old man, he always rethinks his decisions and is neat and makes dad jokes
  • They’re ship made in visual heaven 
  • They got into a lot of arguments in the beginning bcs of their opposite personalities 
  • Junhoe loves to see Yunhyeong’s reactions when he teases him 
  • Yunhyeong always praises june’s vocals but says he is too loud 
  • Yunyheong complains about june a lot but compliments and scolds him just as much 
  • June said that Yunhyeong’s high notes are the best in the group
  • Yunyheong seems like a mom who takes care of her dreamy son whenever these two are together 
  • They’re both part of the losers team means they usually lose games

Dongbin (Donghyuk & Hanbin) aka the ‘hardworking ship’

  • Leader and former maknae
  • Donghyuk respects Hanbin’s decision as a hyung and as a leader a lot
  • He always praises hanbin’s fashion style 
  • Hanbin on the other hand loves to talk about Donghyuk’s white underwear and nipples
  • Donghyuk is the most thankful for Hanbin as a hyung bcs he helped him a lot when donghyuk wanted to give up during trainee days
  • Donghyuk says Hanbin is scary in the recording studio and that he usually gets scolded the most which he keeps up with 
  • Hanbin is harsh with words sometimes but he seems to have a really soft spot for Donghyuk 
  • He always complains when Donghyuk is missing and repeats how much he misses and cherishes him 
  • He’s complimented Donghyuk a lot for his improvement and visuals 
  • Hanbin appreciates that donghyuk can talk so well and help the group by leading conversations or interviews 

JUNBIN (Junhoe & Hanbin) aka ‘dumb & dumber ship’

  • The funniest members according to the other
  • They both seem like the most serious and scariest members when you first see them
  • But they’re actually dumb & dumber 
  • They never stop making jokes 
  • Both of them are very carefree and their chemistry is unbelievably good
  • June’s voice is very good and there isn’t much to work, he also knows how to bring out his charms so it’s easy for Hanbin to work with him 
  • Hanbin often face palms bcs of June’s jokes and tells him to be quiet
  • June often pretends to hit Hanbin or to choke him 
  • Their relationship seems more like the relationship of two boys at the same age even when Hanbin is older by a year
  • They often disagree with each other but rather than fighting it usually ends in a joke 

CHANHWAN ( Chanwoo & Jinhwan) aka ‘The koala ship’

  • Fake makane & real maknae 
  • Chanwoo loves to hug Jinhwan from behind and to touch him everywhere
  • Jinhwan has a really soft spot for Chanwoo and treats him very softly
  • Jinhwan once said he didn’t want to let Chanwoo get closer to him at the beginning bcs he didn’t like the thought of a new members join gin the group but he failed bcs Chanwoo approached him so warmly
  • According to Jinhwan, he is Chanwoo’s favorite member
  • Jinhwan would choose Chanwoo as his boyfriend if he could
  • He often compliments Chaanwoo on his looks & scolds him when he gets to cheeky
  • Chanwoo loves to make ‘You’re short’ jokes
  • They got very close since debut and hang around each other a lot

DONGHWAN (Donghyuk & Jinhwan) aka the ‘mochi ship’

  • They release cover songs often together since their voices matches perfectly (listen to drunk - Zayn cover here & Half a heart - One direction cover)
  • They trust and love each other on a very emotional level
  • They always cheer up each other and listen to the other person’s problems 
  • Donghyuk is very good at talking and explaining things while Jinhwan is terrible at it so donghyuk gets to lead a conversation often
  • They are the two softest and most emotional boys in iKON so they always try to understand others better and don’t judge anyone



- All their songs are written & composed by them (mostly by b.I & bobby but junhoe helped composing “Rhythm ta”)

- YG confirmed that all members are able to write & compose songs + all of them can dance & sing

- Their dancing is really good! watch a dance compilation from “Win: Who is next” and “Mix & Match” here 

- The fandom name is iKONIC & the short version is KONIC 

- Our official lightstick is the KONBAT

- They are named iKON (the K for Korea) because YG wants them to be an icon of their generation that represent South Korea 

- The iKON logo is called ‘iKON slash’ because there are 7 slashes that represent 7 members. And those 7 slashes compared form four letters -> iKON (slashes inspired by south korean flag)

- When you fill up the spaces between the iKON logo, it becomes a trapezoid and one dimensional. It’s a symbol that stands for iKONICs. It means that iKONICs become one with iKON. iKON = iKONICs

- iKON’s introduction always starts with the words “Get ready? Showtime!”

- The words “iKONIC is my life” & “iKON is my life” are used by iKON members & iKONICs a lot

- Hashtags used by iKON & iKONICs are #TeamiKONIC & #TeamiKON

- iKON & Blackpink’s logo’s combined together makes the South Korean flag

- iKON’s bond is the most amazing & closest bond I’ve ever seen a boy group having. They treat each other like brothers, like a real family and even said that they’re closer to each other than to their real family members (since they’ve lived together for over 4 years & went through so much together)

- iKONICs & iKON have a special bond as well. iKON makes iKONICs cry & vice versa. They seriously care a lot about their fans & always keep updated on us (their official instagram is named withikonic, I think that says more than enough about them)

- iKON has or had endorsement deals with NEPA, Pepsi, Smart school uniform, Nivea (yunhyeong), NONAGON (B.I & Bobby), Shinsegae duty free, Sprite (Bobby) and LG. 

- All members are currently learning chinese & japanese (most of them are already fluent in japanese)



  • iKONICS/KONICs (fandom name)
  • iKONTACT (behind the scenes of their fan meetings) sounds like “eye contact”
  • iKONCERT (concert tour name)
  • KONBAT (official lights tick)
  • KONBAND (bracelet for concerts that changes colors)
  • KONY’S MAS (christmas + two of their vapp broadcasts)
  • iKONIGHT (vapp broadcast)
  • Kony’s island (season greetings)
  • Kony’s summertime (season greetings)
  • KONFIRE (konbat fire combined in a big growd)
  • KONYWATCH (a wrist watch to be closer to iKONICs)
  • Konsnack (snack sold at iKONCERT)
  • KONBUS/KONTRUCK (bus and truck they used for promotions, fan signing days & debut concert)
  • KONNIVERSARY (anniversary)
  • Dancekon (when iKON shows their talent as dancers)
  • Disskon (when they start dissing each other)


PS: You can find lots of info & other things:

  • in OUR TAGS (mostly gifs)  
  • in our MASTERPOST TAG or
  • I would also recommend you to follow NETKON &  ikon-global (you’ll find lots of old & new information about the members and just the group in general and also their schedule on those blogs)

Lana Del Rey lounges on the divan
Interview by Karelle Fitoussi for Paris Match Magazine.

She hasn’t left her false eyelashes, but she has gotten rid of her sadness. After two years of absence, the diva of “sad pop” comes back with “Lust for Life” her fifth album which comes out July 21st and “Love” her single, which has already passed 50 million views on YouTube. Same hypnotic voice, same poetic universe for a woman who now has a certain taste for happiness. Since her debut in 2012, on the internet, with Born to Die which made her one of the biggest stars in music, Lana tells us in mind-blowing songs and beautiful music videos of her fragile life as a young girl haunted by death and failure. Today, she says that she has overcome these demons and her toxic relationships. Single, maybe, but a little more light-hearted.

Keep reading

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  • Destiel
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The Promise is a sweeping romantic epic in the tradition of Dr. Zhivago, its lavish budget denoted by its stars, Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale. It includes a scene unlikely to be equalled in importance this year. It is 1915, and Mikael (Isaac) has slipped back through lines of marauding Turkish troops towards his home village, hoping to rescue his family. Instead, he finds the villagers piled like rubbish by a river, the female corpses’ headscarves a futile effort at modesty. The wooded setting could be a Belorussian forest in 1941, in one of the souvenir photos Nazis snapped of the Jewish Holocaust.

But these are Armenians, the Christian minority who lost 1.5 million to systematic extermination by the Ottoman Turkish government in World War One. The term “genocide” was coined by Jewish lawyer Raphael Lemkin in 1944 to describe the Armenians’ destruction, when its pre-echo of ongoing Nazi slaughter was clear. And yet this is the first time a major film has shown audiences what happened. After 102 years, its visceral impact finally pierces the silence.

Isaac, who made his name as the failed folk-singer anti-hero of the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis (2013), and found true fame as dashing, sexually ambiguous X-wing fighter pilot Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and its upcoming sequel, felt the scene’s impact when he read it.

Keep reading


Hi everyone! At this point, I’m approximately half-way done with my paper (it’s over 12 pages at this point, woah), and since I plan to get it published in a scholarly journal, I won’t be posting it on here. But I did give a presentation based on my research at Simmons College’s undergraduate symposium this past Wednesday.

Subjects of my research

Agent Carter

The ABC series Marvel’s Agent Carter, which is a spin-off of the Captain America film series focusing on Agent Peggy Carter, a skilled agent for the Strategic Scientific Reserve and the right-hand-woman/love interest of Captain America, as she struggles to prove herself in the sexist society of post-World War II America.

Sailor Moon

A Japanese magical girl anime and manga series that follows 14 year-old Usagi Tsukino, a.k.a. Sailor Moon, and her friends who upon awakening with the power to transform into a team of superheroines, known as the Sailor Guardians, fight for love and justice in order to protect the Solar System.

What is weaponized femininity?

A trope commonly found in female action heroines wherein their femininity is retained alongside masculine demonstrations of physical or mental strength, or functions as something to be manipulated as a tool of empowerment.

Its juxtaposition of masculine power with traditional femininity presents the feminine and the feminine-subject as active agents capable of undermining patriarchal power as well as cultural assumptions of girls and young women.

Offers resistance to what feminist film theorist Laura Mulvey called the “active-male/passive-female dichotomy” of gendered power on film, wherein men are depicted in active roles that bestow them with agency within a narrative, whereas  women in film serve as objectified, sexually titillating spectacles for “the male gaze” of the male audience.

Although hyperfeminine action heroines and female characters who manipulate the terms of their femininity have been the subject of feminist media scholars for years, there is currently no academic scholarship on the trope of weaponized femininity itself. This is because the term “weaponized femininity” is a neologism that began circulating around the feminist blogosphere around 2013. Thus, I was tasked with giving this concept validity as a trope in and of itself.

Component #1 - Masquerade

Female characters use or manipulate the terms of their femininity in order to gain power, navigate through oppressive power structures, or subvert patriarchal authority.

Draws from theorist Joan Riviere’s idea of femininity as strategic masquerade, wherein “womanliness…[can] be assumed and worn as a mask” to hide a woman’s possession of masculine strength.

Often enacted by superheroines, female secret agents, and female assassins, who perform a carefully constructed feminine identity in order to infiltrate the unsuspecting male sphere.

Component #2 - Destability of Gender Assumptions

Wherein hyperfeminine female characters demonstrate physical and/or mental strength on par with men.

The physical power and mental strength of these feminine subjects stands in opposition to cultural assumptions of female passivity,  refuting assumptions of appropriate gender roles by unifying feminine appearance and masculine toughness.

This iteration of weaponized femininity is frequently found in the young girl action heroine, who offers transgressive potential through her unique combination of physical power with stereotypical youth and femininity.

While the young girl action heroine has been featured throughout Western media ― The Powerpuff Girls (1998 - 2005), Hanna (2011),  and The Professional (1994) ― she has proven to be a cultural phenomenon throughout Japanese anime and manga in the form of “the beautiful fighting girl” (sentō bishōjo), young heroines whose “pure and lovable girlishness remain intact” while they do battle and fight to save the world.

Component #3 - Empowered Femininity

The powers of these heroines are characterized as feminine or depicted as stemming from femininity.

Constitutes a reclamation of femininity as a site of empowerment, reinscribing traditionally feminine characteristics with the active power commonly attributed to masculinity.

“The heroines themselves are empowered by their femininity, their weapons and superpowers as pink and girly as Barbie’s accessories, but as lethal as Rambo with heavy artillery strapped to his bulging chest. ”

Divisiveness of Criticism

However, feminist criticism towards these feminine action heroine attests to the weaponized femininity trope having a “double stake” in simultaneously resisting and reinforcing Mulvey’s active-male/passive-female dichotomy

The degree in which these hyperfeminine heroines are coded as sexually desirable objects sees the trope working in favor of the male gaze, presenting their resistance to female passivity as “erotic spectacle” and turning them into “sexist window-dressing” for male audiences.

The empowerment strategy contained in weaponized femininity also bears likeness to the neoliberal “tropes of freedom and choice” contained in postfeminist ideology. Thus, the trope often takes the form of the depoliticized, market-oriented Girl Power narrative that presents surface-level feminist rhetoric in commercial, apolitical ways.

Zack Snyder’s (Dir. Batman vs. Superman) 2011 film Sucker Punch was subject to criticism for the highly sexualized ways in which its heroines were depicted. Variety’s Peter Debruge called the film “misleadingly positioned as female empowerment despite clearly having been hatched as fantasy fodder for 13-year-old guys.”  

My Argument

As valid as these criticisms are, most of them fail to take into account the influence that female-authorship and female-readership/audience have on the trope’s images. Male agency over these narratives is assumed, and thus depictions of female sexuality constructed by female creators can be conflated with sexual objectification.

Mulvey’s theory of the male gaze specifically notes that these sexist images of women are the products of male production and the privileging of male audiences.

Furthermore, for feminist scholarship on Japanese anime (particularly Sailor Moon), theorists tend to apply strictly Western concepts of gender and feminist theory (such as Girl Power) onto these culturally Eastern narratives. This also ignores the fact that there is a rich history of female authorship to be found in Japanese manga.

I my paper I examine how female authorship and an explicit focus towards female audiences influence depictions of weaponized femininity, which I propose give female characters greater agency, subverts sexual objectification, and reinserts feminist gender politics back into the trope itself.

Weaponized Femininity in Agent Carter 

A significantly female production that centralizes female creative power, giving female-agency over a female-led narrative. Not only was Hayley Atwell integral to to show’s development but she’s an outspoken feminist herself who’s emphasized the political nature of her character.

Additionally, two of the three showrunners are women - Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas.

Agent Carter is also the first series within the Marvel Cinematic Universe to focus on a female heroine, and was also developed out of response to feminist criticism that the Marvel series was sidelining female characters. To this date, this series and Netflix’s Jessica Jones are the only two female-led series to exist.

While Peggy Carter’s role as Captain America first love-interest in the comics was minor, she was expanded on into a supporting role in the film. In the series, her male-authored history is challenged under female-authorship, which gives her the leading role. In this way, you can say that women really reclaimed Peggy as their own!

The show’s 1946 setting sees the trope politicized against post-war sexism and misogyny, at a time when women were being forced back into the home and gender roles were being re-established.

Despite her credentials, Peggy is dismissed by her male peers at the S.S.R., who demote her to secretarial duties and exclude her from field work.

In order to clear the name of her War-friend Howard Stark, Peggy is forced to use her femininity as masquerade in order to navigate institutional sexism and conduct her own investigations.

The show’s emphasis on post-war sexism simultaneously serves to provide a metacommentary on the erasure of women from the comic book industry, which began after men returned from the War and pushed women out of the workforce. This resulted in the cancellation of many superheroine comics and superheroine characters being demoted to either love-interests or minor, unsuper roles.

Similarly, Peggy is dismissed by her male colleagues as nothing but Captain America’s “gal”, and the erasure of women from comics is paralleled via the character Betty Carver, Peggy’s fictionalized counterpart on the radio show “The Captain America Adventure Program,” which demotes her role in Captain America’s story the core and powerful ally he revered to a gushing, damsel-in-distress.

Weaponized Femininity in Sailor Moon 

Created by Naoko Takeuchi, a female manga artist, who created the series specifically for young girls, because she saw a lack of female characters in the male-dominated super sentai (Japanese superhero team) genre.

Is a genre-hybrid of shōjo (manga aimed towards young women), mahō shōjo (magical girl), and super sentai. But falls in the realm of what Japanese psychologist and media scholar Saitō Tamaki calls the “beautiful fighting girl” character.

Takeuchi consistently places the experiences of Japanese girls and young women at the story’s forefront, reflecting shōjo’s history of politicizing girl’s experiences (sexuality, gender, etc.).  

A history of female-authorship exists in manga. Specifically, the “beautiful fighting girl” figure that Sailor Moon represents originates from shōjo.

Around the late 70s and early 80s, a new audience demographic for these stories and the beautiful fighting girl arose ― male otakus, or adult male hyper-fans of anime and manga, who came to sexualize these young female characters.

This resulted in many beautiful fighting girl characters and series to become sexualized in order to appease this audience and their consumer interests (such as anime merchandise).

Japanese Gender Politics

Once a patriarchal structured society, Japan in the early 70s saw a change of gender roles as women were given greater social freedoms, such as the ability to make their own marriage decisions.

However, this resulted in a sense of male anxiety and emasculation, and men began to feel socially disempowered relative to women’s increasing social status.

As Saitō Tamaki notes, this change in gender roles informed a sense of sexual entitlement and fetishization of young girls, who are still relatively bound within Japan’s age-based social system (one which expects conformity from children and prioritizes seniority.  

Thus, the beautiful fighting girl character was “hijacked” from female authors and female audiences because her youthful femininity and fictional nature allowed her to be easily fetishized.

The agency over the narrative allotted by female authorship sees the trope used to subvert the Madonna/whore dichotomy, as Sailor Moon’s power is sourced in her “pureness of heart” and yet, while being a clutzy, crybaby of a teenage girl, she’s allowed to be a sexual being and have ownership over her own desires.  

The very concept of weaponized femininity is also queered through the number of characters who express/engage in non-heterosexual love (the lesbian relationship between Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune) or are depicted as having a fluid gender-identity (Sailor Uranus and the gender-bending Sailor Starlights).

When asked why she included such a non-fetishized depiction of lesbians in the series, Naoko Takeuchi stated, “There’s not only heterosexual love, but there also can be a homosexual love, in this case between two girls.“

So, not only does this queerness work to destabilize the notion of female essentialism in weaponized femininity, but this form of queer representation remains radical even in 2016 Japan, which is still very behind in terms of extending anti-discrimination and marital rights to LGBTQ citizens.

Top Six Things People Misunderstood About Drake Bell

From someone who followed Drake from the beginning, here are the facts that people have either failed to look up or choose to ignore, because I am so tired of everyone shitting on Drake for things from a long time ago or isn’t true:

1. He’s Transphobic

Okay, I realized what he said about Caitlyn Jenner was rude, but he apologized and hasn’t mentioned it again. Caitlyn was hardly bothered by it, so I guess it’s safe to forgive and move on. Imagine if all the horrible stuff you said in the past came up and everyone kept a grudge on you for it. Also, some celebrities have done worse, including Caitlyn herself(she killed a man with a car and isn’t doing time for it, for crying out loud) yet everyone is saying we should forgive them. Why can’t we do the same for Drake?

Also, why not teach the damn guy on WHY he should accept Caitlyn or trans rights instead of just telling him to accept it, because not everyone gets it? Also, people tend to be thrown off more when you insult them. #eyeforaneye. I don’t understand some things and I’m respectful about it(by keeping my mouth shut and listening), but not everyone will be.

2. He’s a racist

Bitch, where? There’s literally no proof that he’s a racist. He’s always taking pictures with minorities and he supports everyone regardless of their background. Forgive him, if he’s not treating a certain race even more special than the other or that he doesn’t have black lives matter on his feed.

Also, with the whole Nightwing thing, I doubt he had any bad intentions when he auditioned for the role. Batman is his favourite superhero and I bet he wanted nothing more than be apart of the new film. And because his name Drake, I bet he found it punny to play a character with the name, Tim Drake. I bet he wasn’t thinking of the race or any of that source. So quit giving him hell for it.

3. He’s homophobic

Only proof of this is that he once retweeted a tweet that used the f-word in it, but he immediately unshared it and apologized, because he was uncomfortable with the word as well. It could have been one of those, retweet without actually reading it first thing, who knows? Otherwise, he’s always defended the LGBT+ community. He’s always the first celebrities I know to support anything related to pride. He even celebrated when LGBT+ rights went national and he also defended the gays whenever Beliebers attacked him for his sexuality by saying to not use gay as an insult.

4. He voted for Trump

Again, bitch, where? He posed with people who had the hat, so what? That really doesn’t mean anything. He may respect other people’s opinions, like we all should. Drake is also a full, American, grown adult. He can vote for whoever he wants. Last year was a shit show and both Trump and Clinton were poison for the country. I voted for Clinton, only because I thought she would be better than Trump and because I wanted a woman as a president. Some people didn’t think that was good enough. Some people voted for Trump simply because they had a better experience meeting the guy rather than they did with Clinton, should that not count more? Even then, Drake’s vote is the 1% of the population that didn’t count, because the electoral college had the final say. Or, did we all forget that Clinton had the majority votes? Also, quit ignoring the fact that not everyone who voted for Trump was a white, cis-het, male. Drake also follows Donald Trump on Instagram, but he also follows Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton. Check it out right now if you don’t believe me. I don’t know why. Maybe it was a bot, a celebrity thing, or he didn’t want to seem biased. Honestly, that’s none of our business. Drake also shared the ‘Make America Drake Again’ memes and the Hilary Duff meme, but I bet you that was just for laughter. Again, last year was a shit show, so Drake probably thought we could use the laughter. Also, not everyone who voted for Trump is a bad person, just like not everyone who voted for Clinton is a bad person.

5. Drake and Josh weren’t in contact in years

Earlier this year, Drake has done plenty of Instagram Live posts. In one of them, someone mentioned Josh and he admitted that he attempted to contact Josh, only to not get a response. What was Josh doing at that time? Filming videos for the internet with a guest star of their show and the ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl, who in that video WERE ALL USING DRAKE AND JOSH REFERENCES. I, too, would be hurt if I were Drake. Also, did we not forget all the times they were at the KCA after the show ended 9 years ago(10, if you exclude, ‘Merry Christmas Drake and Josh’)? That Drake used to say that they were always in contact and that they would always hang out, even after the show ended? Or when Josh made a surprise visit to Drake’s album party in 2014? Or that Drake guest starred in Josh’s show with John Stamos, ‘Grandfather’, last year? I don’t know about you, but that to me seems they were in good contact with each other until some time late last year or early this year. PLUS, this isn’t the first time Josh acted shitty towards his old co-workers. Drake was at the hospital with Amanda Bynes when she had her mental breakdown to make sure she was okay. Josh barely mentioned Amanda. And before you get on that Josh, too, may not had contact with her, neither did Drake or Nick Cannon or Lance Bass. But they all made an effort to make sure that she knew they had her back.

Also, earlier this year, Drake was doing the whole “where’s Walter?” thing and everyone participated in it, except for Josh and Miranda. Even the actors of Craig and Eric were in contact this year. In fact, everyone on the show has said that they wanted a reboot(except Miranda) and now that they had the opportunity to do so on Drake’s channel the 2/3 of the main actors that made the show, weren’t on it. I think that says a lot.

6. The Whole Justin Bieber Feud

Literally, that whole feud was spawned off of one tweet, “I wouldn’t bash @katyperry…Bieber however.” That is literally all that he said and hell broke loose. I understand Drake is an adult and he has the upper hand to control himself, but did we all think he wouldn’t be offended by death threats? Did we all forget that celebrities are literally humans as well and they have feelings? I promise you, if some Beliebers could have accepted the idea or just simply learned that not everyone is going to suck Justin’s toe, the whole thing would have ended with just that tweet. Drake didn’t want to go at it, because he said that in the past, he was concerned about his image and being a good role model to his youth, but because of beliebers’ constant attacks, that’s why the feud turned into a feud. At the same time, he could’ve apologized for that one tweet and moved on, but his choice. (I lowkey wouldn’t apologize to a bunch of terrible people saying terrible things about me, but I’m also the kind of person who wants to avoid conflict at all times, so I would). Now, I must admit Drake went overboard with the posts. I was really turned off with some of the things he said and at one point, it felt like it was way too long. Because it WAS way too long. Before the whole Bieber thing happened, Drake only made one comment about him during an interview. He never said he loved or hated Bieber, but he did give Bieber a head nod for not only getting a career off of YouTube, but maintaining the career as well. By 2012, I heard so much about Bieber I really wanted to get away from it all, but I couldn’t. There was no way. Everywhere I went I saw his face and/or heard his name. I only couldn’t care less, because to me, he was just another found crappy singer from Youtuber, who we would all forget by the next year. I literally found out about Bieber on the cover of a teeny bopper magazine that I found at Walmart. Some celebrities whose faces were on J-14 or something, usually never last long. I even thought ‘Baby’ or something, was a Miley song that I never heard of before. Clearly, I couldn’t be even more wrong. But anyway, my opinions about Bieber is for another post. Drake was supposed to be a safe haven, because I loved him. I loved the guy so much, I was obsessed. Why wouldn’t I? Before the feud, he really was just a quiet soul with a guitar. Though he was the hotter one from Drake and Josh, he wasn’t over exaggerated like the Jonas Brothers or Jesse McCartney was at the time. That’s why I loved Drake in the first place. He seemed really down to earth, so when I met him in 2011, I wasn’t too surprised. So by the time it was 2014, it literally felt like Drake’s Twitter was just a Justin Bieber gossip page. It was so annoying. I only witnessed it because it was Drake. I didn’t want to believe that he was a douche, but I did acknowledge that he was acting like one. I know he didn’t mean to come off as a bully, but his actions clearly showed off more than his intentions. I supported him defending himself from the Beliebers, but I didn’t support him spending his precious time, bullying little girls. I mean I am one of his fans, who wanted his attention as did many other Drakesters. Please tell me why did Drake give more attention to those who hated him than the ones who loved him and wanted nothing more than a tweet/retweet/like/follow from their favorite artist/actor? But after three long years, he cooled down. He stopped, only going after Beliebers occasionally when they went after him. Drake apologized and even covers Bieber’s songs from time to time. Now that the whole thing has died down, I can only see the occasional Justin fan saying hateful things to/about Drake, tagging him as if they didn’t have anything else to do. I guess this proves who “won” or who “wanted” the feud more. I hope that made sense. The point is there WAS a reason to the feud.

I’m not saying that Drake is an angel, because that’s honestly up to you. That’s your opinion, I can’t change that. But please don’t trash Drake without checking your sources first. I’ve met Drake and I loved every minute of it. I’m sorry that some of you have had a poor experience. I have no words for that, except my heart is with you. But I had a more than a positive experience with Drake, and I’d be more than honored if I ever have that opportunity again. I’ve followed Drake since seeing him on the Amanda Show, and I will continue to do so, regardless of what anyone says.

Also, no, I’m not a big fan of post-2012, Drake. But I also want to give him the benefit of a doubt, because I know the old Drake is there. But again, my opinion.
A Brief Look into Freyr and the Elves.

@rickthesicilian asked:

“I had no idea that elves were ancestor spirits. Could you elaborate on this (or provide a source that can in your place)? Also, what implications does this have for Freyr? He was at one point said to be the “ruler of the elves,” or something similar, iirc. Does this give him lordship over the afterlife or dead in some way?  (Actually, scratch that first part. I just found your prior post about gods and races.)”

The Elusive Nature of the Elves

One thing about elves in norse mythology is that they are quite elusive and mysterious. They never seem to be given a great deal of direct attention, rather they linger around the peripherals. That being said, Frey’s relationship with the elves is equally lacking in details. From what I currently know, there are not many references in our surviving sources that link Freyr to elves and Alfheim. Here is one reference, from Grímnismál, stanza 5:

“Alfheim the gods gave to Freyr
in ancient days as a tooth gift.”

Even Alfheim itself is not often discussed in our surviving sources. Our knowledge about elves generally comes in bits and pieces from various accounts. Due to the fact that elves are generally on the outskirts of our mythological accounts, the best we can do is piece together a theory of what role elves actually had. In order to understand Frey’s relationship with elves, this must be done first.

In the prose edda, this is all we get about elves and their home-world Alfheim:

“High said, ‘There are many magnificent places there. One is called Alfheim. The people called the light elves live there, but the dark elves lie down below the earth. They are different from the light elves in appearance, and far more so in nature. The light elves are more beautiful than the sun, while the dark elves are blacker than pitch.”

So, what is left is to make sense of this. Out of the entire book, this is all Snorri provides about the Elves and their home-world. Any other references are without detail. He never says that elves are the ancestors of the dead, but there are some accounts of beings quite similar to elves that suggest this. Also, the practice of ancestor veneration that I mentioned also suggests this. Elves seem to be beings without any physical description, taking on the characteristics of light (or the lack thereof). My suspicion is that Snorri is treating them like the dead spirits, good (light) and bad (dark). However, there is no real evidence to say so concretely. 

Snorri was a Christian man who admired his tradition and his people’s history. However, even if he admired these traditions, he lived nearly three-hundred years after Iceland had already converted to christianity. That being said, it is possible that some areas had become blurred and so he described them the best that he could. Historical memory often comes with holes and blurs. Nothing is ever quite clear or they way that they should seem. So, to understand elves, perhaps we should look at beings that are similar to them.

The landvættir (land wrights) somewhat fit this spirit role. They are spirits quite connected with the earth itself, protecting the land they dwell in. Landnámabók, The Book of Settlements, states that the dragon-prows of ships must be removed when close to land for fear that they would disturb these spirits. However, these spirits take on many forms, often not even human forms. For example, in Olaf Tryggvason’s saga, the four landvættir that protect Iceland are described: a dragon, bird, bull, and giant. Although Snorri does not describe the Elves to look like humans, he does not make them seem like animals either.

To get back to the point, elves seem to be spirits rather than physical beings. They are described as light and are never given a detailed image. It is not surprising, then, that elves might be the spirits of the dead ancestors. There are actually terms that have been used to describe them, and even sacrifices specifically made to them. I believe this information comes from the Icelandic sagas. Iceland kept a longer hold on these traditions and some aspects of ancestor veneration even lasted into Christian times. Here is a term that has been used to refer to female ancestors:

  • dís (pl. dísir) - a female guardian angel, goddess
    • dísablót - a sacrifice to the dísir

Frey’s Role with the Elves

So, before I get too far off-track, let us return to Freyr. He is said to have inherited the realm of the elves, so what does that mean? He is a god of fertility and pleasure, meaning peace and prosperity. He also does have an association with light when you think about gullinbursti. I also believe he is said to be attributed with a Yule tradition of bringing the sun back after the winter solstice. the relationship between Freyr and elves is never stated outright, so we have to make our best attempt now that we have laid out some more information gathered from various places.

To finally answer your question, I would suggest that the relationship is more in that spirits, whether elves or ancestors, have a connection with this world and prosperity. Perhaps the reason Freyr rules over the elves is because the spirits still serve the earth (protecting its prosperity) as landvættir. Perhaps it is because the spirits of the dead become like light, which allows the growth of more life. It is difficult to summarize the connection in such a condensed statement, but I would say the relationship has something to do with spirits and prosperity. 

I do not think this gives Freyr any control over the afterlife or the dead in general. Rather, I believe it has something to do with a “cycle” of sorts; a relationship rather than an authority. Harvest is a similar process of growth, experience, and removal. Freyr is associated with this process. If you think of elves and sprints in this way, it does not seem to odd to pair them with the natural cycle of the earth. Our ancestors grew, lived, and died. However, they laid out a foundation that allowed our prosperity to exist today. Similarly, the elven ancestor spirits would protect and provide our prosperity, along with Freyr.


I understand that this discussion got quite complicated, and I do apologize if it is way more than you intended to receive. I am honestly not quite sure what to think about it myself still. It is no simple relationship, especially since the sources we have left the matter open-ended. If you get anything out of my answer, just know that elves in norse mythology are quite mysterious. There is not much told about them, so even their connection with Freyr is left in a blur. Also, this is just my interpretation on the material, so I am sure there are other interpretation floating around out there. I also believe that this subject requires a much more detailed and in-depth study that dives into multiple sagas and other accounts. What I have provided is simply a summary of what that would be. 

Anyway, thank you very much for asking! I hope my answer was helpful.

Sources (in order of appearance):

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    1. Grímnismál, stanza 5.
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  5. (general source) Jennifer Dukes-Knight, “Norse Mythology,” lecture, Viking History, University of South Florida, 2015.
“Are You Here To Kill Me Miss Lance?”

In which Rip Hunter accidentally runs into Sara Lance. 2011 in Budapest, during the height of Sara’s career in the League of Assassins.

* * *

Budapest, Hungary. October, 2011

The cold October wind creeped its way through his jacket, but Rip Hunter couldn’t bring himself to move. The outdoor patio of the bar that looked out onto the street was quiet and peaceful. The late night hour left Rip alone for most of the evening as he watched lonely strangers walk by, watched them move about their daily lives. While he is a man out of place, out of time.

The glass in his hand was surprisingly full. Rip stared at it in disinterest for a moment before taking another sip. Pálinka was not exactly up his alley where alcohol was concerned. He was a scotch person, with a side interest in bourbon, whiskey, brandy, and the occasional drink of rum. Pálinka was altogether something foreign to him. He never thought fruit and hard alcohol really belonged together, but here it was, and he needed it to blend in.

He wasn’t particularly sure why he had chosen this year. It had just happened.

No, he knew why it happened.

He had to keep his distance from his crew, hence why he couldn’t very well return to 2017, but he couldn’t make himself stay too far away. This was a time when all his friends were alive and well, albeit far from becoming the people he knew today.


It was several years before the particle accelerator blew up, creating the meta-human crisis. Thus, before he would ever meet Professor Stein or Mr. Jackson, before they would ever meet each other. Undoubtedly in this time Professor Stein would be teaching his students and young Mr. Jackson would be in junior high, probably dreaming of becoming a big American football player and crushing on a girl. Normal lives.

Dr. Heywood would be somewhere in his college studies of history, long before getting his PhD.

Ray Palmer would have just met his future fiancé, living a blissful, happy life as he worked to create a tech empire that could give him and Anna the kind of life he wanted for them. In two and half years that would all be over. He’d eventually dedicate himself to becoming the Atom. But right now he was happy, and that was a good thought to leave it on.

Kendra Sanders was a high school girl trying to decide what she wanted to do with her life, and doubting college was what she saw for herself. Five years before she would one day awaken her powers.

If memory served correctly, Carter Hall was a few months from awakening his powers, which would lead him in the search for Kendra.

Leonard Snart was very much alive and, at the moment, a common criminal. He wasn’t quite at the peak of his skill. Brilliant and cunning, yes, never could that be doubted, but right now he lacked the necessary weaponry he’d eventually grow accustomed too. Mr. Rory was in a similar boat. He followed Leonard Snart around, calling each other partners but constantly looking to him for the plan. Wait, wasn’t he currently in prison this time of year?

That didn’t matter much.

There was one person he was trying not to think about right now. Sara Lance.

This was the period of her life he knew the least about. He’d heard tales of her high school years, and her first two years at college, and then tales of becoming a vigilante with the Green Arrow.

Who was just under a year away from making his grand entrance in the then Starling City…

Rip Hunter shook his mind from that. He’d heard many stories of her life since meeting her and yet he knew very little about this period of her life. Those six years that began on the Queen’s Gambit and ended after the Undertaking were a mystery to him.

In October, 2008 she had begun her training in the League of Assassins, but she wouldn’t leave them for another two years. Five years in the League. Travelling the world on missions for them. Assassinations, he corrected himself. There was no use dancing around the word. Her blunt nature wouldn’t tolerate such a careless glossing over of the important details.

In reality she could pop up anywhere during these five years and the thought…

That thought was a stupid fantasy in his head. The idea that he could see her again, a different version of her, was absolutely impossible. Even if screwing with the timeline was taken off the table, it was highly unlikely he’d ever run into her in this year. The world was very large indeed, and running into one girl among seven billion on the planet was a near impossibility. Much as he wanted to see her again.

Rip rubbed his hand across his face, trying to clear his head.

He left the Waverider for a reason.

He needed to leave because… because…

Because he still remembered killing her. Remembered the blood seeping through her fingers as she pressed her hand to her stomach, trying to slow down the bleeding from the bullet wound he had inflicted on her. Remembered brushing his hand across her face in something that could almost be comforting, and yet was deliberately cruel in intention. Remembered standing over her in the med bay as she laid there unconscious. Remembered her gasping for air as he crushed her throat and broke her neck.

All of which brought a new onslaught of nightmares that haunted him every night, joining in a new blend of torture, new wounds festering with old wounds.

Reliving the pain of not being able to save his family every night, reliving the pain of killing her and knowing it was him that had killed her. As much as the team tried to convince him that it wasn’t really him, that it was just some twisted, brainwashed version of him, Rip still remembered every moment of that time. Every image, every sound, every detail. Every feeling… Or rather the lack there of. The cold pitted absence of emotion that allowed him to be their puppet and feel no remorse in the moment.

You say her name as if it’s supposed to matter to me…

She doesn’t…

Rip found himself shaking his head to force the blindingly clear memory out of his head. Those words continued to haunt him with every passing day because he was so damn wrong then. So damn wrong to believe she meant nothing to him because… because…

He found himself damn near hysterical, close to letting the panic set in. In a rush he stood up, chugging down the last of his drink. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the money for his drink along with a sizable tip for the waitress. With a bit of clumsiness, he climbed over the short wrought iron fence, not caring how ridiculous he looked doing it. He just needed to get out of there in the quickest way possible.

Rip walked quickly down the street, buttoning his long coat against the cold wind. The bar isn’t far from the tiny, outdated hotel he’s decided to stay while in Budapest. He was halfway up the street until he felt something strange, prickle in the back of his neck. That familiar feeling of being watched. He stopped, giving a wary look over his shoulder, searching for any sign of a shadow.

The street is empty though, not a soul in sight.

Rip let out a nervous breath and turned the corner.

Suddenly he found himself frozen in place.

Straight ahead he saw the familiar swish of golden blond hair. There she was. Sara.

Rip watched as she walked out from an alleyway, her gaze directed at the other side of the street, staring up at one of the townhouse buildings. Sara, his Sara, was standing a mere thirty feet away from him and yet it was as if he was invisible to her. She hadn’t even looked his way for a second.

He stepped forward, her name placed carefully on his lips as he tried to find the courage to call out to her. That moment of uncertain invisibility was shattered as Sara turned to look at him. Rip swore he had to have the dumbest, most shocked expression on his face. Her eyes looked at him blankly for a moment, almost as if she was seeing through him. Something in his chest twisted and his heart raced.

That’s not his Sara. It’s obvious from the way she’s dressed, in all black armor, metal studs imbedded into the leather armor. The hood that would normally cover her face has been pulled down. That’s not the Sara he knows.

Of course that’s not her. This is 2011 Sara. His Sara would have no business travelling here.

Yet she looks just like his Sara.

Something his chest burned faintly at seeing her. Something he still wasn’t used to experiencing when it came to Sara Lance.

She gave him an almost knowing look, giving him one last thoughtful glance before she turned and walked down the street.

Suddenly Rip felt like slapping himself. Bloody hell. What was he doing messing with timelines like this? He very nearly had a run in with a woman he wasn’t supposed to meet for another five years. Imagine if he had said anything to her, who knows what could have changed in her timeline. Perhaps she never would have left the League of Assassins. Or she would have left sooner and gone in a completely different path and been more crucial to the timeline, and thus impossible to remove from it. Anything that could have resulted in them never meeting, never travelling.

“I need another drink,” Rip muttered, turning around.

There was a liquor store four blocks down from where he was standing, and a long walk in the cold sounded like something he desperately needed.

He made it to the tiny hut of a liquor store all too quickly. His attention immediately went to the scotch. Of course there was a pitiful selection but he would take what he got. Anything to help distance himself from the feeling of being invisible to the eyes of Sara Lance. He paid the cashier and quickly got out of there, his scotch in a brown paper bag. It was six blocks from his dark little hotel room, six blocks before he can get another drink.

This time the walk to his hotel room felt agonizingly slow. Although perhaps he really shouldn’t try drowning his sorrows in alcohol, again, he wasn’t quite at the level of drinking scotch out of a brown paper bag.

The tiny hotel stood over him, narrow and with chipping brickwork. The door creaked as he pushed through and into the warm lobby. He deviated left towards the stairs. The elevator here was temperamental at best, and never a fun ride. So the stairs it was.

On the third floor, Rip Hunter approached his hotel door. His hands shook as he forced the key into the lock. After several tries it gave way and Rip stumbled in, shutting the door behind him. The room was tiny and dark. The wallpaper was a pattern of reds and maroons, and the carpet not much different, a room lit by two dim lamps. Before he could shrug off his coat an arm latched around his neck, holding him in a dangerous grip as cold, smooth metal ghosted across the skin. Rip held his hands up, the brown paper bag still held firmly in his grip.

“Are you here to kill me Miss Lance?” Rip asked, a joking tone on his lips.

“What makes you think I’m here to kill you?” Sara inquired, her voice dangerously serious, yet bordering on curious.

“You’re a member of the League of Assassins. I know one when I see one.” Rip murmured, not sure whether he should be amused or concerned. “Your outfit isn’t particularly subtle.”

She pressed her metal boe staff more tightly across his neck. “How do you know my name?” She asked. Rip could swear he heard a teasing amusement in her tone.

“I know many things about you Miss Lance,” Rip replied. He holds up the bottle of scotch. “Care for a drink?”

She didn’t respond to the comment.

“Oh come on, if you’re going to kill me, the least you can do is let me have a drink,” Rip pointed out, forcing his tone to be teasing. And yet his heart was racing nervously.

“You’re very nonchalant for someone facing death,” Sara commented, her voice low.

In one fluid motion Sara released her grip from around his neck and pushed him forward. He stumbled for a moment, turning back to look at her. She’s still in her League of Assassins outfit, decked out in black and most certainly armed to the teeth as always. For a moment Rip couldn’t help but stare at her, still so confused and bewildered. How could this possibly be happening?

He’d thought that perhaps his Sara might have warned him about an encounter with her past self. That perhaps there was some indication that this was at all possible.

The woman in front of him raised an eyebrow, looking impatient.

“You offered me a drink,” She reminded him.

“Right…” Rip murmured, trailing off.

It was very hard to turn his back on her, and yet he did it anyway. Retrieving the two glasses by his bedside table, Rip poured a generous double for both of them. She stepped forward, smirking in amusement, and took the glass from him. Together they took a sip.

“Right, why are you here exactly?” Rip inquired, staring into her eyes.

She gave him a coy smirk, raising an eyebrow and altogether ignoring the question.

“Seriously, why?” Rip asked. “Was it because I so clearly picked you for an assassin and blew your cover? Or because I somehow got in the way of a mark of yours?”

She scoffs, sipping her drink. “Perhaps you are my mark,” She suggested.

He honestly can’t tell if he’s supposed to take her seriously or not.

Rip let out a sigh and looked around his dismal hotel room. “So you’re here to kill me.”

Part of him is burning to know. Why?

She just took another sip of her scotch. “You want to know why,” She surmised.

His stillness seemed to answer her question.

“Do you really need to guess why?” Sara asked. She placed her drink on the dresser behind her, never taking her eyes off him.

“I don’t really know how this is possible,” Rip muttered, more to himself than her. He took another sip of his drink. How? How was it possible her younger self was standing before him, so casually standing there, as if she hadn’t just told him he was her target? Why? Why hadn’t his Sara warned him?

He recalled the very first night he met her, finding her in that tiny tavern in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a brawl fight. Nothing hinted she could possibly have known him before. Nothing she’d said over the last two years hinted towards something like this.

Was this some sort of time aberration? Had something he’d done in 1960 somehow led to this?

“1960,” Rip whispered.

Something in her seemed to snap and in one swift movement, she had him pinned against the wall, a knife barely touching the skin of his neck. Rip let out rush of air in surprise, his drink slipping from his fingers. Her light blue eyes stared into his moss green eyes, her expression unreadable. Rip swallowed nervously.

“Sara,” He breathed. “Please, don’t.”

The knife was pulled away from his throat in a second. Sara stepped back, giving him a strange look. He felt the adrenaline running through his veins now, amplified by the growing confusion and alarm, not knowing where he stood with this Sara.

“Wait, do you actually think I’m here to kill you?” She asked, something of a smile slipping onto her lips, drowning out the concern rippling through her voice.

Rip slumped against the wall, staring at her in disbelief. He heaved deep breaths, heart plummeting in shock. He didn’t fully understand what just happened.

“Sara,” He forced out, pushing himself back onto his feet.

“I can’t believe it,” She whispered, looking away as mirth filled her voice. “You actually fell for it.”

Rip’s eyes widened in shock, understanding sinking in. “What the hell was that?” Rip shouted, anger flooding his veins.

She stared at him for a moment before laughter erupted in her voice. “’Are you here to kill me Miss Lance?’” She repeated, mimicking his accent with surprising ease. “I couldn’t resist.”

“Sara!” Rip shouted, furious.  

“You actually believed I was here to kill you?” Sara questioned, grinning so widely her cheeks could split open. “Rip, how much have you had to drink?”

Clearly not enough.

“How the hell was I supposed to know? It’s 2011, the height of your League days Sara!” Rip defended himself. “I honestly believed this was your 2011 self, sent here on some League of Assassin’s mission to kill me! For God’s sake, you’re wearing their armor! What the hell was I supposed to think?”

She tilted her head for a moment before humming in acknowledgement.

“I need a drink.” Rip muttered.

He picked up his surprisingly not broken glass off the floor and filled it with another double of scotch. He downed the cheap scotch quickly, needing the burn it left in his throat. He immediately poured himself another.

He turned to her, scowling. “Why are you in 2011 anyway?” Rip questioned.

“Looking for you,” She answered, as if it should be obvious.

Rip waved his arms out in exasperation. “Well, you found me.” He commented sarcastically. “Why? I thought I made it very clear I was leaving for a while.”

Sara gave him a hard glare. “Because the team misses you!” She exclaimed, thinking he ought to have it figured out by now. Her voice only got louder. “And because, despite what you think, we still need you and your stubborn, idiotic ass.”

Rip stopped, jaw open for a moment, before giving her an annoyed glare. “My ‘stubborn, idiotic ass?’” He repeated irritably.

Sara crossed her arms. “You heard me,” She stated, not backing down.

Rip let out a bitter, frustrated laugh. “Well, I’m not coming back Sara, and there is nothing you can do to make me do otherwise.” He told her stubbornly, insistently. He waved out an arm in frustration, nearly spilling a little of his drink. “And why go through it like this? Dressing up like a League assassin and cornering me in my hotel room?”

Sara laughed at his irritated words, irritated words which were bordering on pissed off. The corner of her mouth quirked up in a smirk. “That was just a bit of fun,” She answered, sounding annoyingly amused. “I didn’t think you’d actually fall for it.”

“Well, I hope you’ve had a good laugh,” Rip muttered sarcastically. “Now get out.”

She tilted her head, caught off guard. “Rip,” Sara spoke, trailing off. The humor brought on by his outburst drained out of her.

“I mean it, get out,” Rip repeated, but he felt the anger draining out of him as well. His voice broke as he murmured: “What on Earth makes you think I could possibly want to go back after a stunt like that?”

“Rip, I’m sorry,” Sara whispered. The sincerity in her voice was echoed in her blue eyes. She stepped closer. Something in her eyes made him immediately want to forgive her.

“Sara,” Rip drawled out, looking up at the ceiling, looking anywhere but her.

Her fingers slipped over his arm, her touch gentle, allowing him room to shake her off if he wanted. He held still despite his better instincts. Something about this was strangely comforting. “I’m sorry,” She repeated softly. “I didn’t think it would scare you like that.”

“It’s not the first time you’ve pulled a knife on me,” Rip reminded her quietly, finally looking down at her.

Regret and pain flickered behind her eyes. Rip stepped backwards, pinning himself against the red wallpapered wall, his head slumping back against it.

“I just can’t go back, not after everything that’s happen,” He admitted.

Sara sighed. “Rip, we forgive you. We forgave you a long time ago. Now you need to learn to forgive yourself,” She whispered.

“I’ve never been good at that,” Rip whispered.

“I know,” Sara murmured. “But this isn’t helping you.”

Rip nodded. “I know.”

“But it’s the only thing I know how to do,” He whispered hollowly.

“I know,” Sara murmured.

Her fingers loosely wrapped around his hand, her thumb rubbing soothing circles into his skin. “Come home to me,” She whispered. “We need you. And you need us.”

Rip pulled in a deep breath, his lungs aching. The panic that had set in when he left the bar had come back in full force, those memories flashing through his mind again.

They didn’t need him. He was no good for the team. Why didn’t they understand that?

“Sara, I’m a mess. I can’t sleep through the night without waking up screaming from nightmares. I can barely make myself eat because I get so nauseous. Every time I think back to then I lose it. I can barely function on my own. I’m a liability to the team.” His voice was almost too low to hear, but the tremor in his words was unmistakable.

Sara’s blue eyes softened in sadness. She could hear the trembling in his voice he’d hidden so well tonight. Her heart was breaking for him. Guilt crawling through her veins for letting him go through this.

“Rip,” She whispered.

He found himself shaking, every painful emotion resurfacing. Sara pulled him into a tight hug. Rip crumpled in her arms, leaning against her as he tried to calm down. Sara whispered promises. It’s okay. I’m here. I’m here. I’m not leaving. You don’t have to go through this alone. It’s okay. You’re going to be alright.

He nodded, calming down slowly. He pulled away, looking down at the floor. He felt dizzy. Sara seemed to sense that, gently pulling him towards the bed. He collapsed into it heavily. Sara sat at the edge of the bed, her fingers smoothing his hair away. Rip closed his eyes at the kind affection, relaxing slightly.

“Do you want me to stay?” Sara whispered.

He opened his eyes again, looking up her. For a moment he hesitated, then: “Stay,” He whispered.

She nodded, but rather than curl up with him, she pulled away, much to his disappointment. She slowly removed the layers of leather armor, one after the other, dropping them onto the floor carelessly. She stood there in a black tank top and black underwear. Rip blushed, looking away. Sara sighed at his ever consistent modesty and sense of propriety.

“You should at least take off the coat,” Sara suggested, her voice low.

He looked back at her. He sat up, reluctantly, and shrugged off his coat, followed by the leather jacket he was wearing underneath, then his shoes. He didn’t dare take off his shirt or his jeans. That would be too far. Sara let out a sigh and approached the bed. She pushed him back so he was laying down and pulled the covers of the unmade bed over him. Then she crawled onto the bed, joining him.

Rip felt his heart race as she settled down beside him, but not for the reason he expected it to. His heart wasn’t racing from the panic of painful memories, but rather from the nervousness of having Sara so intimately close to him. He had his back to her, laying on his side as he was. He wasn’t sure he could face her, not with the way his cheeks were heating up.

“I’m really sorry about tonight,” Sara whispered. “I didn’t mean to take it so far. I thought you would see right through me, that you thought I was joking and you were playing it along. I’m so sorry.”

Rip stayed silent, not sure how to reply. Her fingers brushed along the small of his back, and for a moment he thought they would stay there, but they were pulled away in an instant as she got comfortable. Taking in a calming breath, Rip rolled over to look at her.

She looked so peaceful, and yet so worried. Worried for him. Rip breathed out, sinking in closer to her. She smiled faintly. Taking that as a good sign, Rip wrapped his arm around her, pulling her to his chest. Her arm slipped under his, wrapping around his back so that her palm was gently resting between his shoulder blades. For a moment he tensed, before relaxing into it.

“In all honesty, I’m strangely glad you found me tonight,” Rip whispered. “Even if it wasn’t under particularly enjoyable circumstances.”

Sara let out a rush of air through her nose, an almost laugh. “That’s one way to put it,” She whispered.

Rip enjoyed the warmth of having her pressed so close to him. He found his fingers briefly brushing through her long blonde hair before he stilled his hand. Sara smiled faintly.

Her hand strayed from his back and floated to his cheek. “Get some rest, I’ll be here in the morning when you wake up,” She whispered.

Rip nodded tiredly. Leaning forward he pressed a light kiss to her forehead. He closed his eyes, letting himself fall asleep under the dim glow of the lamps, Sara in his arms.

That night he didn’t wake up from nightmares, a miracle he never thought he’d be blessed with. But he couldn’t rejoin the team, not yet. Sara accepted that, but only under the promise that he would return one day. One day.

Resource Masterpost

I’ve had several requests to make my resource masterpost rebloggable. So, I did. It’s under a read more because it’s super long. Please let me know if there are any dead links. I’ll update this and the page on my blog every time I find more links! (this masterpost includes: places to watch tv/movies, torrent sites, livestreams, tv/movie/book/comic book/musical/music/people masterposts, screencap sites, celebrity galleries, resource blogs, my favorite fonts, places to get actions/psds/textures/themes, base codes, updates tabs, photoshop/html tutorials, photoshop downloads, places to get emoticons/symbols, links to cool software/google chrome extensions, tumblr tips/resources, useful/fun sites, lifehacks, recipes, stuff for school/college, tips for getting a job, makeup/fashion tips and sites, links to learn hobbies, tips for exercise, stuff for “how to adult”, writing/roleplaying resources, places to learn a language, and links to tumblr challenges/memes.) last updated december 24, 2014.

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The Invisible Cord Ch. 7

You can find chapter 6 right here

November 2011
The Green Creek Motel
Right outside of Washington D.C.

As I wait in the parking lot a sudden fear comes over me. I remember my abduction and begin to panic a bit.
All the email said was that they had information on my children and gave me an address.
It’s been an hour that I’ve been sitting here waiting and with every passing minute I grow tenser.
After an eternity a car followed closely by an SUV enter the parking lot. I feel for my gun. Not long after my abduction I bought it and have kept it near ever since.
A man exits the car and looks right at me and nods.
I carefully get out of my car, holding my gun in my coat pocket.
He looks in the window of the car and gives another nod.
A door opens and a girl and boy get out. They look at me for some time. I know who they are on instinct. They are my babies. The ones who were stolen from me, thought to be dead. Here they are standing in front of me.
It feels like I’m moving through molasses as I cross to them. They stand side by side and look at me. My daughter looks me right in the eyes with curiosity. In the girl’s face I see myself as a teenager, her bright, wide, almond shaped eyes and narrow face take me back to a more innocent time.
My boy’s eyes dart around and he shuffles his feet. He is the spitting image of his father and it breaks my heart for a moment. He has the thick eyebrows and high cheekbones that an eighteen year old me fell in love with. The one thing of mine he does have are my eyes. When they finally meet mine they are serious but tender.
We just stand there looking at each other for the longest time. Finally I reach out and put a hand on each of their cheeks. I barely make contact before my girl throws herself into my arms and buries her face in my neck. I cradle the back of her head and cup my son’s cheek. The moment I do I’m overtaken my emotions of all kinds.
Fear, sadness, joy, confusion, anxiety, almost anything you can name.
Finally it all zeros in on love and he joins his sister in the hug.
For the first time in sixteen years my life feels full.

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samuelpino  asked:

What do you think about The New 52 and not just Superman and Wonder Woman? Many people inssist that it was terrible and that DC Rebirth is the beast thing in DC Comics and while i admit that Rebirth is very creative in some areas i can't stop feeling confuse because of what they're doing. Also, i came to think that maybe The New 52 indeed made some mistakes (Bar Torr and Lobo) but i still think that it was actually better that most people realize. So i will like to know everyones opinion.

Stories from the new 52 were very good. From Action Comics, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Aquaman, Batman, Batwoman, Batman and Robin, Green Lantern, Animal Man, Metal Men, Harley Quinn and so many more. They were easy to get into as well.  These people are long time fans who want no change. They want what they read for the last 20 some years to stay the same. No other people it seems have a right to have updated versions of the characters. They alone should dictate the direction of comics. Compare honestly Rebirth to New 52. New 52 was creative. Rebirth is a recycled rehash of the 90ties that has been so convoluted that many people are confused by what happened or did not happen or have to get so messy and complicated in their explanations to try to justify the changes that it just suggests bad writing .DC jumped the shark to give older readers…the “meat and potatoes”…”the longbox” collectors what they demanded than try to build on what they did in the 2011 reboot and  have a more diverse and broader readership. They deliberately messed up the new 52 .

 DCYou was an initiative tried to be more diverse but it also ended up messing up the momentum of many good books with necessary crossovers and idiotic plot points. Eg Peter J Tomasi who had Clark tell Diana he did not love her anymore as the main selling point. Tell me. You love them as a pairing or a casual and new fan to DC, is that a way to get you buy their title? Tomasi was out to sabotage a successful book. DC was already planning to screw the new 52 and a good Superman version.

End of the day DC’s core audience don’t want diversity. It can be seen by the poor response to DCYou and even the few diverse titles in Rebirth. Look at Cyborg, New Superman and Batwoman and Apollo and Midnighter, etc and where their numbers are post Rebirth. They are terrible. It says something about the readership DC pander to and sadly something about DC in that they allow themselves to not try to be more creative, experimental and inclusive. Also take the blurbs that go along with Rebirth and the manner they address the readership. They make it seem as if new 52 fans mean nothing. The new 52 actually according to analysts saved the industry. It gave DC and Marvel and huge boost and DC are spitting at it and the fans by not acknowledging it. I stopped buying DC when the new 52 ended. DC are not catering for the likes of a reader like me. Their titles imo are too conservative and stagnant and lack creativity. If I wanted safe and basic I’d never read in the first place.

Ironic thing is the numbers sales wise don’t really justify Rebirth over the new 52. Other than the old time readers singing praises for lackluster stories…the sales figures are not better or greater. DC Rebirth was a reboot trying not to be one seeing they already did one not too long ago. They got some #1′s. Had initiatives the new 52  never had like double shipping and returnability and staggering the release of #1s.  They got market share for a bit but lost it again. Even Marvel at its worse has taken back market share. They say Rebirth Superman is selling so great. Look Superman is at 50k and dropping currently and he is supposed to be a flagship character and supposedly his new status quo is what everyone wants. Those are not good numbers. I am sorry compare him to Batman and he is waaay behind. This Rebirth initiative has not done anything spectacular sales wise. Same for Rebirth  Wonder Woman. DC keeps using all this hyperbole. Greg Rucka is a “fan favorite”. He is a favorite of some fans I can give you that. But not all fans. His Rebirth Diana story is not exactly a great one. Just a rehash and mish mash. And the sales of Diana reflects the response. It is now in the 40k range in less than a year. Azzarello stayed 3 years and even the Finches sold around the same or better. My point is no one can say new 52 is bad stories or deserved ending because based on comparative numbers…both initiatives had ups and downs and the sales are the true arbiter, not PR and hyperbole. Nor bitching online. Even the  Rebirth Justice League stories and sales are not as good as new 52. Look end of day good or bad is subjective. Readers have bias. But the new 52 era was a very good time in comics. Some of the best ORIGINAL story lines came out of it. I shall treasure the books I have and it is a shame DC can’t acknowledge its importance.

Rebirth is going to be doing a lot of events and crossovers to get sales up. It is the norm when you run out of ideas. I mean, if you freaking going to drag in the Watchmen and blame them for your poor management of your comics division…And if aging readership is the core readers you want to keep then expect other readers to migrate else where. Image and Vertigo and the independents seem to be doing some good, exciting and new stuff. Other than that maybe DC might get some good talent on AU or lone graphic novels…because imo canon is not worth wasting money on every month. I mean 5 years of story you thought happened  never did. But 5 years of money did leave your pocket. 

ᴇᴠᴀɴɢᴇʟɪᴏɴ ǫ: ʏᴏᴜ ᴄᴀɴ (ɴᴏᴛ) ʀᴇᴅᴏ ᴄᴀsᴛ ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴠɪᴇᴡs

During the 2012 Q premiere, an exclusive interview pamphlet – which had the cast explain their character’s role in Rebuild and their personal thoughts on the Evangelion franchise – was made available to the Japanese audience. Three years later, and here they are –  translated in English for the very first time. There’s a lot of information to be gleaned in these, including: 

  • Asuka’s seiyuu is certain Asuka Langley Shikinami will have a happy ending in Evangelion: 3.0+1.0.
  • Mari’s seiyuu claims that it is possible to figure out where Mari “comes from” just by viewing Q.
  • Misato Katsuragi is Sakura Suzuhara’s role model, according to information provided by Sakura’s seiyuu.
  • Koji Takao’s seiyuu verifies that Kaji is indeed alive in the Q!verse.
  • Hideaki Anno disclosed Rebuild’s “hidden nature” to Akira Ishida (Kaworu’s seiyuu) way back in 1.0.
  • And more!

Very special thanks goes out to my friend Freshy (longtime JJBA translator) for tackling these. Enjoy.

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Ok. It’s been about a week. The long and the short of it? I don’t really feel anything. What does that mean exactly? I have no idea. I thought for sure I’d have a mental breakdown by now. I even shuffled around my calendar to allow time for it to happen. Maybe a decade plus of dealing with my many particular idiosyncrasies (addictions and disorders) have finally landed me in that constant zen-like state I so desperately craved. Or maybe I’m in serious denial. Or maybe this is a perfectly acceptable way to feel: Not feeling. I don’t know.

I used to joke with Josh all the time that I could take or leave the band. I was very “whatever” about it. Perhaps the word is: Flippant. It would enrage him. Makes sense seeing as he was the guy who did literally all of the behind the scenes work for the band, in addition to being one hell of a writer. If I remember correctly (and don’t believe a word of anything I try to recall from memory) this mentality continued through at least the first two MCS records, if not the third. Somewhere around 2010 I finally started to refer to myself as a Musician on those entrance and exit cards while traveling abroad, instead of: “Failed Filmmaker.”

I love writing songs. Even more than that I love telling stories. Even more than that I love having an idea, discovering where it starts and ends, and then figuring out how to string it all together. Often times the story shifts on you and refuses to go where you want it to. That’s when you really have to get creative. But it all takes time. Time alone. Alone in a room. A place of your design. Alone with your thoughts and anti-thoughts. Alone in silence and song. It’s almost meditative for me. I listen to the same parts of the demo over and over and over… And I just throw shit at the wall until something sticks (figuratively). But I love this time alone, being frustrated and unable to figure it out… Until eventually I do.

Apologies if this is fragmented. My mind feels fragmented. I feel at any given minute I might explode into a million little pieces. But I know that’s not going to happen. I think it is just me being aware of my anxieties and acknowledging them and then quickly moving on.

What is the point of this? I am not absolutely certain. But I think it starts with me vomiting out all my current thoughts and not-thoughts for any of you who dig reading the thoughts or not-thoughts of someone like me. I’m trying to get better at spontaneity and imperfection. So I’m not going to rewrite this. I’m just going to let it all spill out.

Performing on stage has never been a fully enjoyable experience for me. I’m too in my head to enjoy it like most people claim to. I never seem to have enough of a voice to sing the way I wish I could, and I cannot seem to remember guitar parts or words to my own songs if I go more than a week without playing them. I’m constantly shifting the way I do things while I’m doing them, based on what just happened or didn’t just happen on the last verse, chorus, song, etc… I really wish I could just play and sing without having to do crazy math equations in my head, and just look into the audience and make connections with people in the moment. But instead I am made up of equal parts fear and anxiety, masquerading as someone who is 100% chill and appears to have it totally together.

As I reread everything I’ve just written, I think to myself, “this guys sucks.” I don’t mean to come off as an ungrateful prick who is complaining about getting to play music for nearly 15 years FOR A LIVING. I mean just the opposite of that. And I’ll try to get to it now.

It’s no secret I don’t have the greatest image of myself (I mean, jesus, just listen to the words of any of our songs.) And I have no idea why that is. My parents were wonderful. I had a great childhood. High school both sucked and didn’t suck, but for the most part I have NOTHING to complain about. Yet, somehow I felt broken. And for a while that really messed me up. I thought there was something wrong with me and it sort of fed into this cycle of self-defeating behavior. Alcohol seemed to work for a while. It worked through the writing of the first album for sure. I continued to struggle with both alcohol and myself for two to three more records.

Eventually I accepted EVERYTHING sometime around 2011. Things were very dark though. I was obsessed with death and felt like I wasn’t in my body. That probably sounds weird. What I mean is, I felt as though I were floating through life, almost watching my life through my eyes as though it were someone else’s, like a film or something. Also, it felt like the colors of the world were brighter and each breath I took contained more oxygen than normal. It’s hard to explain… And now I kind of wished I hadn’t tried to. I sound like a lunatic.

It wasn’t until we started writing and recording Panic Stations that I finally found I could revisit old feelings and scenes from my life without being too affected by them. I had been working at this thing (Sobriety, Living in the moment, Self-love, Not being an asshole, etc…) for years and it was finally paying off. I had become an almost complete person. Hell, ten years ago I was playing a show in Scotland and messed up and started crying on stage. CRYING. In the middle of the set. The last few years I started screwing up left and right and was able to finally shake it off and start over (mentally) from whatever moment the screw up occurred.

I know this kind of contradicts something I wrote a few paragraphs back, but it doesn’t. Trust me. I’m about to get to the good stuff. And perhaps the point of all this.

I am most comfortable when I am alone, or with my family; my wife, my kid, my siblings, my parents, or one or two friends at a time MAXIMUM. Taken out of that, I find it hard to be completely authentic. I get too worried, anxious, nervous, fearful, etc… I know that I can play guitar. I know that I can sing. I know that I can hold a conversation. I just wish I were better at all of the above than I actually am. And that’s its own sad kind of constant.

A few years ago I started paying attention to the internet. Twitter, Facebook, emails, etc… I started reading and responding to messages form people who dug the music I was making. It was LIFE CHANGING. Aside from finally being able to communicate with others and hear their stories (post shows I would always be silent in order to preserve the voice I was constantly losing), I was actually learning a lot about myself through their interpretations of my music. Does that make any sense?

It had never occurred to me that I might be bipolar or have panic attacks. I thought several days literally laying on the floor unable to move after several days of incredible creative outbursts was just normal. Or that it was a fear of heights that caused my heart to palpitate and my hands to sweat before every flight, and that several glasses of scotch was the only cure.

I have not been diagnosed with anything by any doctors, and by the time I started reading these messages I had already worked through most of my issues by sheer force of will. Which either means I am a fucking superhero, or my problems were not that big to begin with. Or perhaps, and more likely, things fell somewhere between these two extremes.

More than anything, the last few years have been full of wonderful correspondences with incredible humans all over the world. I’ve read stories about the fucked up things that have happened to you, listened to your bands, declined your wedding invites, recorded awkward messages for your sisters and brothers, given terrible advice, given not-so-terrible advice, advised you not to listen to just one person’s advice (which in itself is one wicked conundrum), but most of all I’ve healed a part of me I forgot was broken.

Being alone all the time is great, but it is important to come up for air every now and again. And I’m not advocating that you need to go outside and run around. Hell no. The sun is for suckers. I’m just saying that it’s good for the soul to just listen to people. Let them tell you about themselves. Let them ask you questions. Let yourself respond to them as honestly as you can in the moment. Be there for a complete stranger.

You’ll have no idea how much our conversations have meant to me over the years. I hope that they don’t stop coming. I apologize for the drought in responses in both actual mail and electronic mail. I aim to start responding to all later this week. You see, I was anticipating a mental breakdown…

Which brings me back to Doe. A deer? A female deer.

The truth is, I’ve been bursting into tears spontaneously out of nowhere. No reason. And no feelings attached to it that I’m aware of. I’ll be mowing the lawn or seal-coating the driveway or emptying out the dishwasher and suddenly I’ll just start crying. IT’S FUCKING WEIRD. I’m comfortable enough with myself to just let it happen, but I am bummed that I don’t have any feelings associated with it. Any psychiatrists out there? Just kidding (but not really).

Did I mention I somehow graduated from high school without ever having learned how to write a proper paper? Can I file this post under poetry? Or claim artistic license or shenanigans? How exactly does shenanigans work? (Rhetorical).

My best attempt at psychoanalysis is this:

I’ve created unattainable goals for myself as a performer and a human which, without fail, I always fall short of. This allows me to focus on my shortcomings (and how to overcome them) rather than dealing with having any real feelings about things, one way or the other.

Maybe now the non-feeling feelings are all coming up. After a lifetime of muscling my way through things, now not having things to muscle through, I’m left to deal with the feelings I’ve refused to have to begin with.

Or maybe it’s more simple than that.

Maybe I’m strangely mourning the loss of identity. For what feels like my entire life I’ve been identified one way, as “that guy with the hair who…” And now that’s gone and I need to find a new identity. But it’s not really gone. And I don’t care to find a new identity. I’m totally fine being known as “that guy with the hair who…”

But things are different now. And the weight of that is everywhere.

In summation, I just want to thank you for digging the tunes that we made, and for coming out to shows, and for sharing your stories with me. Despite all of my overthinkingness, I have had an incredible ride. You have helped define me as a human on planet earth and I will be forever grateful for that.

Hopefully I will see you again someday, further down the river, and we can exchange tales of this and that, and learn a little something new about ourselves in the process.

Much love.