(what is this quality tho i don't even)

AU: Lydia goes to what used to be Allison’s favorite bookstore. When she sees Allison’s initials on one of the shelves, she breaks down crying. Kira, who is working part-time at the bookstore, hears her, and goes to comfort her. They sit talking in the aisle for hours. After that day, Lydia frequents the library, bringing Kira coffee and chatting with her during her shift, and slowly the two fall in love. 

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Okaiii 1 ) u a quality quality lol (like yes plz keep the laugh source from yenna's blog ty) 2) u r super niceeeee (yayy)(smile all the time at yenna's blog it's a fun laugh/smile combo)(an all round good time) 3) TALENT (what all the talent)(that Ravenclaw edit: w o w z a h)(ur writing: !!!!!?!?!!??✨✨💫✨💫) 4) u will semi magically understand this even tho it makes zero sense (yayyy) (summary of what I think of u - ur awesome)(ty for existing)(*bows & exits ask box*)

@aliciavspinnet why are you on anon. 

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Nice to see Tenka put down personality type in their character profiles. 

So that’s what Shingen/Yakov type called ..  goukai & WILD (i’ll keep that in mind XD).

Nobun is cruel and heartless eeepppp *runs*

Mitsuhide is kuso majime 


Saizo is Kimagure (whimsical/misleading?). He’s the same type with Mikhail

Ieyasu is blackhearted ._.

AND What do you mean Kenshin personality is SEXY HAHAHHA

Natasha Negovanlis is a beautiful, intelligent, kind, talented woman, what her body looks like in no way affects any of those qualities. It upsets me when people feel the need to put others under a microscope and pick them apart as if we don’t already do it enough to ourselves. She could literally gain 100lbs and still be just as or even more gorgeous, smart, caring and talented than she is already. Her body, which is perfect no matter what, isn’t anyone’s business, but her own.