(what is this quality tho i don't even)

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Heya! Do you like having the name Piano? A long time ago I remember there used to be a Plusle with the same name along with her Minun brother Forte. I'm always reminded of them whenever I see you pop up!

“Don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate my name. My mother named me with a wish in mind, even if i don’t think i have the qualities to fulfill it…”


“Well, it’s an unusual name so it does bring unwanted attention” The Pikachu sighs

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Headcanons for main 3 impressing their s/o to the fullest (aside from skating) because they're jealous or in need of attention?


  • steps up his fashion game. he wants to look GOOD
  • flirting also increases tenfold. acts very suave
  • also tends to emphasize his celebrity-like/star athlete status
  • he shines like the sun, man. you gotta wear sunglasses or he’ll blind you

Yuri K.

  • mmMMM that eros tho,,
  • Extreme Pork Cutlet
  • makes it known that he is 100% boyfriend (even husband  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) material. very good at domestic fluff
  • takes them to the hot spring for some high quality spa treatment or smth

Yuri P.

  • he is a Very Cool Teenager
  • at least, he tries to be
  • he also ups his wardrobe, but this is coming from a guy who owns animal print everything sooo
  • works harder with his school work so he can brag to them about his good grades
  • serious music critic: the clash truly were such a great quality band, one of the best in the early punk scene. they were a musical revolution, not only taking punk, but adding elements of other genres, like reggae. their image was so strong, messages so powerful. arguably one of the greatest bands of all time.
  • me watching the rock the casbah music video when joe uncovers mick's face: this is the cutest thing in the world aww

Nice to see Tenka put down personality type in their character profiles. 

So that’s what Shingen/Yakov type called ..  goukai & WILD (i’ll keep that in mind XD).

Nobun is cruel and heartless eeepppp *runs*

Mitsuhide is kuso majime 


Saizo is Kimagure (whimsical/misleading?). He’s the same type with Mikhail

Ieyasu is blackhearted ._.

AND What do you mean Kenshin personality is SEXY HAHAHHA