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Love doesn’t need to last a lifetime for it to be real. You can’t judge the quality of a love by the length of time it lasts. Everything dies, love included. Sometimes it does with a person, sometimes it does on its own. The greatest love story ever told doesn’t have to be about two people who spent their whole lives together. It might be about a love that lasted two weeks or two months or two years, but burned brighter and hotter and more brilliantly than any other love before or after.
—  Krystal Sutherland, Our Chemical Hearts

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Imagine: Hey! Can you do a Tony fluffy/smut where the reader comforts him after civil war (they like each other and all of that)

a/n:yay i got tony requests i’m v happy

Warnings: Smut, CACW spoilers (but if you haven’t seen it by now….wyd)


You paced nervously around the main room in the Avengers Tower, waiting for your boyfriend Tony to return. He left days ago to confront Steve, who used to be one of his closest friends, about the Sokovia Accords. You were really worried about Tony, he was so stressed out when he left, the tension between what used to be a cohesive team tearing him apart. You knew he blamed himself for a lot of problems that had arisen and it broke your heart.

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I don’t feel adequate
Thinking I’m a monster in disguise

can we appreciate how much love and protectiveness Ronan displays over Opal? like, it takes a hell of a lot to get Ronan worried enough to display his concern so openly, but he sees her scared and covered in blood and races to pick her up and comfort her and tell her she’s okay. this scene is so horrific but at the same time it does such a good job of emphasizing what a cohesive family Ronan and Opal and Adam already are and my heart hurts just to think about it.

a list of my favorite things that episode:

  • “have you tried greater restoration”
  • Grog grabbing Keyleth’s antler (gently!) to get her attention
  • Keyleth screaming off the ziggurat
  • “Percival–– Percival–– Percy is right.”
  • “here’s to a thousand years of you”
  • everything about Vax and Kynan just all of it
  • “stupid bunch of gits, I swear. Bahamut, are you serious?”
  • Allura’s exit after Scanlan oh so delicately tells her about Tiberius
  • “Percy has–– sorry, Percival”
  • Vex and Percy doing the “both of us are trying to go through the door at the same time” dance leaving the library
  • “the door was open”
  • “I should just go online and find out how to register to vote?”
  • the sun tree
  • “I’m a big believer in second chances. Well, I am now.”

Okay, so I know everyone is freaking out about Twins Suns, and like same.

But a new Darth Vader comic also got announced??! And it’s the story I have been hoping for for years.

It’s about Anakin right after he gets put in the suit. It’s how Anakin/Vader gets his new Sith lightsaber. We are gonna get cool inquistor stuff. We are gonna get angsty Vader only weeks after he fucks it all up.

I. Am. So. Pumped.

I am so beyond happy, it feels like a lot ig what Lucasfilm is doing is really trying to bridge the prequels and the originals.

Between Rebles, and Rogue One, the Ahsoka Novel, Catalyst etc etc it feels like we are finally getting the whole story.

And now it’s finally time for probably the most crucial moment of Anakin’s arc that we never got to see. His first days as Vader.

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What's the most cohesive way to wean a puppy onto raw? I know there's sources out there but there's a little bit of contradictory confusion or 'do THIS but never THAT' kind of talk... I just want it laid out in simple terms, if you could! And if there's any supplements necessary/advised if you can't feed your puppy bones?

I’m assuming you mean when first introducing puppies from milk to food since you said wean?

Nothing special, I just start out doing all goats milk meals, and then when they have no stool issues on that I add some ground beef, and then more, and more until finally it’s mostly the raw. I like using ground chicken leg quarters as well since they need bone content, you can feed that right from the start too it just depends on how fine of a grind your butcher can do for you.

If you mean an older puppy, Natsu was fed kibble until I got him. I started him out on chicken thighs 4x a day, once he was solid on that I’d start introducing the other meats. Which him I introduced other meats sooner than I normally would for an adult just because I was worried about him getting the balance of different meats in while he was growing. If you’re really worried you could do a combination of the kibble he is used to and raw, just slowly decreasing the amount of kibble. But generally start with chicken, it’s the easiest on their stomachs in my experience. Beef heart, liver, venison, etc those types of rich meats are harder on them at first but if you give them time they can handle it fine.

If for some odd reason your dog can’t chew bones, then you can feed ground.

Holy crap do I love the Weasleys, what with their brilliantly timed sarcastic banter, garage full of Muggle curios, Daring Plans™, proclivity for explosives, and rather infamous shenanigans.

I just really freaking love the Weasleys.

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What's your dream in life?

my dream is to help people feel like they matter. to see a character I’ve created and resonate with them, to see the value and support that character gets and realize that they deserve that just like any other human being, and that they’re special because of those qualities, that there are people out there who accept and love them for who they are.

anyways my dream is to be a writer

I tried!

Very rough-and-ready attempt at the draw your squad meme for @pastthevaulteddoors and @aibouuuuuuuuuuuuuu based on this by @little-geecko


35 Characters of 2015

17. The Twelfth Doctor (Doctor Who)

On the outside, Twelve is a very gruff character, but he is one who attaches himself to a few people and loves them intensely. Friends (Missy and Clara) or enemies (Missy and Davros), this is a character who wants to save the people closest to him more than anything, but people will always take their own paths and choose their own destinies. Clara’s death and his desperate fight against it gave the Doctor a lesson in letting people go and letting them make their own choices. Then, the end of the series returned us to River Song, the woman he saved to the Library all those years ago because he could let go of her either. As he interacts with her, we see how far he has come from the beginning of series 8. He loves, he laughs, and he lives happily, even if not forever, because, as River says, “happy ever after doesn’t mean forever. It just means time.” So he seizes the time he has with her instead of fighting desperately for his impossible dream of having the people he loves alive and in his life forever.


Send a number + character and I’ll draw them | 9 - Making 3 different expressions

Decided to do 3 more expressions for Makoto too, since Haru was requested twice, just to have 6 each:D
Also, how do I stop imitating expressions as I draw them? My face hurts…

Clara Oswald and Ashildr Me have their own TARDIS.

This is not a drill. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Is this real life?

Moffat, did you give us an ending for two female characters full of agency and empowerment?


I have all the feels.