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Love doesn’t need to last a lifetime for it to be real. You can’t judge the quality of a love by the length of time it lasts. Everything dies, love included. Sometimes it does with a person, sometimes it does on its own. The greatest love story ever told doesn’t have to be about two people who spent their whole lives together. It might be about a love that lasted two weeks or two months or two years, but burned brighter and hotter and more brilliantly than any other love before or after.
—  Krystal Sutherland, Our Chemical Hearts

I think it’s really telling that the reason Grog took such a shine to Scanlan in the first place (beyond him being a gnome) is because he also treated Grog as an equal. When Pike wasn’t around, Scanlan was always the first to make sure Grog’s ideas and suggestions got heard. Grog frequently had the wool pulled over his eyes by other VM members and while Scanlan was a tricky lil fuck, he never tricked Grog. He never took advantage of how easy it is to trick him.

This respect is mutual in that Grog never diminishes Scanlan’s ability based on his size alone (and height is a sore spot for Scanlan more than it is for Pike). Grog and Scanlan make each other feel bigger than the parts of their whole.

And so that’s why it hurt him so much when Scanlan comes back in disguise with another barbarian in tow. Because Grog WASNT mad at Scanlan before that, he understood and he respected Scanlan’s decision more than anyone else in the group, even going so far as to get angry when it was suggested that they scry on him in case he might be hurt. Because Grog knows Scanlan’s capable, he’s a tough little asshole even if he is small, so scrying to check up on him would be a betrayal of what made their relationship so cohesive.

Scanlan came back and attempted to trick Grog into not recognizing him. With a budget-Grog at his side no less. And that hurts. Like he said, it made him feel tiny.

In four months of planning he’d never once thought Lucy’s eventual return to Portland Row would involve her turning up on his doorstep in the middle of the night, exhausted, shaking, and bleeding. The anger he feels towards the men that tried to kill hers is almost unrivaled, but he files it away. He’ll have his chance to make this right eventually, but Lucy’s well-being is more important.

He’s wanted her back for so long that the days that follow are almost surreal. Suddenly he’s bumping into her in the hallway, sitting next to her at the kitchen table, asking for her insights and advice, like nothing has changed.

But, at least for him, everything has changed.

Lucy is only back for the time being, until they can make things safe for her again, but Lockwood doesn’t care because she’s here. She’s at Portland Row, as a consultant, as a client, as a friend, and that’s what’s important. As long as she’s here, he’s got a chance of asking her to stay.

The problem is that for all his confidence and charm, Lockwood doesn’t know how to ask.

He’s had a lot of time to think on what happened between them, and he’s come to two conclusions: that he is completely guilty of taking Lucy for granted, and that he’s never quite wanted anything as badly as he wants to get her back.

He’d assumed a lot about her, four months ago. That she loved being a part of the team. That she would never even consider leaving. That she wasn’t stubborn enough to see it through. He’d even assumed that she cared about him a little differently than she did George.

Most of his assumptions had been proven wrong the day she walked out the front door. The wake-up call had been a painful one.

Lockwood doesn’t want to assume anymore. He’d assumed before that Lucy liked him. He’d taken that for granted. And now here they were, on the far side of four months where he’d neither seen nor heard from her.

He thinks she’s happy to be here. He can see the difference between Portland Row Lucy and the Lucy that he’d found in that lonely apartment. He thinks she might still care for him. She still watches him sometimes, with that soft smile that suggests he might be the source of everything good in her life.

He thinks she wants to stay. But he’s done presuming anything about Lucy Carlyle.

That’s why the words don’t come. He needs Lucy to stay, it’s too important to mess up, but the timing is never right. And when it is, they’re interrupted. He is terrified that this will all end and she’ll walk out the door and it’ll be another four months, or longer, before he sees her again.

He can’t let that happen.

“This movie is the most insane thing ever.”

Carl the Animator: “Sure, if you mean insane…ly… awesome.”

Ted the Animator: “One minute, the gang’s mystery-solving… the next, Velma goes to visit a fortune teller/voodoo priest/who knows what. Because apparently, that’s just something every amusement park employs?”

Carl the Animator: “Duhhh. What, you mean you’ve never been to Disneyland and sacrificed a goat with their resident blood shaman?”

Ted the Animator: “…I’m 99.9% sure you’re joking, but that .1% still worries me.”

Carl the Animator: “The lady has a big book held up by a stone demon, though! You gotta admit that’s pretty spectacular.”

Ted the Animator: “I don’t know… grandma always told me to never trust a lady with a statue of an demonic ungulate.”

Carl the Animator: “Good advice, really.”

Ted the Animator: “She shows Velma her weird book, which tells the tale of a giant space volcano,–

Ted the Animator: “–because that’s totally what you expect from a Scooby-Doo movie about a ‘70s rock ‘n’ roll group.”

Carl the Animator: “You know it.”

Ted the Animator: “A mysterious figure stands in the center of a giant revolving chopstick sculpture. From here on out, it really goes off the rails.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh, I’m drinking in every second, believe me.”

Ted the Animator: “First, she awakens some kind of demon that threatens to burninate all of the planet’s nice thatched-roof cottages.”

Carl the Animator: “Tsk tsk!”

Ted the Animator: “Then, since they don’t like her nefarious doings, the high council of cat people from Red Dwarf all gather together.”

Carl the Animator: “Come to think of it, that would explain their elaborate wardrobes.”

Ted the Animator: “The cat people collect a bunch of Zigerion processor crystals…”

Ted the Animator: “…and somehow use ‘em to make bunch of crystal lightning on top of the volcano.”

Carl the Animator: “Ooh! What’s it do, what’s it do?

Ted the Animator: “Locks a gorilla monster inside the volcano.”

Carl the Animator: “Beautiful. Magnificent.”

Ted the Animator: “Now, remember, this is all coming from the picture book she’s been narrating to Velma the entire time.”

Carl the Animator: “Presumably the My First Alien-Demon-Gorilla Apocolypse Little Golden Book.”

Ted the Animator: “It also features a prancing fox, conjoined dancing lions…”

Ted the Animator: “…and KISS, evidently?”

Carl the Animator: “This… this is brilliant.”

Ted the Animator: “No, Carl, no, it’s madness! What about cohesive storytelling? What about a strong narrative, and pacing, and tone?”

Carl the Animator: “Forget tone, the movie has a freakin’ space volcano demon gorilla in it! If you ask me, after that, a movie can do whatever it darn well pleases.”


make me choose: anon asked astronomy or divination

it is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves

My music is heavily influenced by that Southern Californian kind of feel, so it felt right to make my album there. The kind of producers that I wanted to work with were all there and Nashville and places like that, so it was kind of - the whole making of the album and where I live in LA, it suits what I was doing musically.

The first thing that Laindawar noticed when he had first laid eyes on Muil was how her eyes gleamed. A mixture of sadness and mirth. The longer he spent time with her the more this was confirmed.

This Avari had a duality to her, a bitter sadness inside of her and a mirth and happiness that was rare in the eldar he knew. Most were weary from their long lives and all the sorrows they bore.  

That was what he noticed when he saw her sitting down in the moor (she was also still troublesome). Her long, brown hair floating out around her on the ground. She had taken the mass down from its usual preparation. She was gazing at the sky; leaning back against her hands as she did so. The only change in her posture was that her ears swiveled towards him as he came from the direction of camp.

Without speaking he sat down beside her. His back towards her as he looked out towards the small pond. In the distance the mountains loomed and a small forest grew behind them. Another small pond was enshrined in the forest. He had found it when he was scouting out the area.

The silence between them was peaceful. Off in the distance the sun was low in the sky casting a beautiful, warm light over the valley. The flowers opened around them greeting the coming of Tilion. Releasing their sweet scent in the valley.

It also meant that Meluiwen was still asleep. Her gentle snores coming from the direction of the cart. A tent thrown over it too shelter the child from the elements.

Near the wagon was Kara who was sharpening her ax. Every once in a while she would glance towards the tent. Laindawar was unsure if it was because the dwarrrowdam did not trust the orc-child. If this was the case she  was wary of her. It could also be she was curious about the orc-child. He didn’t see the point in asking anyway. It was not like he had a reason to pry.

A gentle rustling and then warmth pressed against him. His heart sped up as Laindawar could only imagine one thing that would cause such a warmth. She was resting her head against his back. 

“What is on your mind Pigenor?” she asked. Sensing that something was off with him. Her eyes darting over the scene in front of them. A smile gracing her features as she espied the nervous way Kara acted. She sensed no malcontent towards her child and figured that Kara was curious and did not want to admit it.

He felt his face heat up. Her hands were moving through his hair. Brushing it out with idle strokes of her hand. Shivers raced up his spine. This was new to him, no one besides his family had dared such a thing before.

He did not answer her. Instead he looked up at the changing sky. Admiring the way the colors changed as the sky waited for the sun to set.

She didn’t feel ruffled by his lack of a response. Instead she was busy with the thoughts of her own mind. She was in a difficult mood again. A longing stirring inside of her. She was so tired of being lonely. Sharing so much time with mortals had changed her. She had attached her heart to so many and when they passed on it tore at her. Unlike many who would have long ago faded or wearied from the grief Muil stood form. Unmovable in her resolve to save the world.

But with this endurance came the desire for something more tangible. Someone who she could share her thoughts and feelings. Someone whom she could share her soul without fear of them slipping through her fingers. For like all the eldar she could die of a broken heart - and that is not how she planned to end her days at all.

Unwilling to stop herself as she mused she brushed his Laindawar’s hair. Trying with her desperate thoughts to content herself with this small intimacy.

Laindawar said nothing. Instead he smirked and continued to watch the sky. He too enjoyed the comfort of her touch. It reminded him of his family and that soothed him. He missed his brothers and his father more than he cared to admit.

Soon though Muil found herself feeling rather puckish. A mischievous light filling her storm-silver eyes. Could she get a rise out of him?  Her hands moved from his hair to his ears. Running the tips of her fingers over them as she knelt behind him. Bending down she nipped the tip of one of his ears. Biting it and lavishing the tip with her tongue. A trick she used to do to her sisters to instigate them. A giggle escaping her as she felt him stiffen. Her fondest wish was that it had worked!

Not wanting to stay and see how he would retaliate she stood up and hurried off. She moved with a fleet grace towards the forest. She did not want to act like a child in front of the others. But she needed this release.

Yet, as soon as she moved out of sight and hearing of the rest of the group she felt the air escape her lungs. She squeaked as she was brought to the ground with an audible thud.

Laindawar was on top of her in a heartbeat. Pinning her beneath him he snarled at her. His ears red as he gazed down on her, a fire burning in his blue eyes.

She regretted her decision in this instant. Her eyes widening as fear washed over her. How would this small, but much stronger, elf react?

“Turnabout is fair play.” he reprimanded before he bent down and licked the shell of her ear. A smile of triumph gracing his features as he noticed the glazed over look in Muil’s eyes.

Laindawar could not bring himself to move as he looked down at her. Worry worming its way into him even though his face remained impassive. He was unsure of what to do in this situation. Had he upset her in some way? Did he trigger something? His worry began to blossom like kudzu vines. Sweat starting to bead on his brow.

Pushing herself up against him she touched her ear a nervous half-smile on her lips. A giggle then escaped her. Turnabout was fair play and she was glad she had not upset him. She had a moment when she had remembered being tackled by her sister Gilrin when she did it to her. A sweet memory that brought a wistful smile to her lips.

Reaching up she trailed her fingers over his neck. And then she giggled. “I’m not as sensitive as you are .” she admitted. His ears were red after all and she was very sure hers were not. As she had done this many times with her family she was actually positive hers were not red.

Staring down at her he leaned down and bit her ear this time. Deciding that if she was going to state that he was going to prove her wrong! This elicited a squeal from the much taller elf. Writhing under him she giggled with uncontrollable mirth and bucked hard; breaking away. Laughter blossoming from her as she sprinted off towards the pond.

She slid to a stop and turned around. Colliding with him again with an oomph. Then she rolled them over. Straddling him she continued to giggle. Mirth filling her to the brim.

Running her hands over his armor she started untying it with deft fingers so she could reach his ribs. His laughter soon filled the air and he was a writhing, giggling mess under her. Her eyes glittered with joy at the sound of his laughter. He was so ticklish! This was something she would use in the future…

Her hands stilled as she glanced over towards the pond. A gasp of wonder escaping her. Her hand flying to her lips as she saw a star shoot across the sky.

Laindawar wheezed as he caught his breath. His face was red from the force of his laughter. Reaching up he started to run his hands up her side to try and get her back.

“Laindawar look!” she whispered. Excitement in her voice. He followed her gaze. His blue eyes widening as he saw the stars shoot across the sky.

He laid there watching them for a while before he found that his gaze wandered over to her.

He couldn’t help but smile a softening gracing his features as he saw the excitement in her eyes. She was so vivid and emotional. A bright spot in the world that had for so long been tainted with darkness. She wasn’t afraid to love, and learn, and above all she was true to herself. She was vivacious and full of life and he-

Shaking his head he looked back out at the sky.

“Have you ever seen anything like this before Trethril?” he asked his voice soft. He wanted to change the course of his thoughts and he knew the best way was to engage her in conversation.

“A few times.” she answered. Her voice soft and filled with her wonder. “I was very small when I saw it the first time. My father took me out to show me the stars as they were flung from sky.”

Her voice broke and she looked away from the shower. Looking down at Laindawar she managed to smile. Her eyes filled with tears. “It is one of my favorite memories of my father.”

Laindawar was unsure with how to comfort her. But, he decided, it would be best for her to talk to him about herself. She rarely spoke about herself. Instead she spent her days

Wiggling out from under her he sat up next to her. So now at least he could look her in the eye. “Tell me about your family Baralineth.” he stated. Not giving her an once of room to change the subject.

Blinking she looked over at him. “You are quite the dictator you know that Laindawar?”

Tears filled her eyes as her mind turned towards the bittersweet memories of her family. She had not talked to anyone about her family in many years. She had not even seen them in an age. Where they even alive?

A voice told her she would find out soon. They would have to pass through the Hisildi stronghold of Celeblas in the Tinnutaur.

Yet, sensing he was not meaning to be so demanding she nodded and laid down. Resting her head on the ground next to his legs.

Gazing up at the night sky she felt her eyes turn towards her favorite constellations.  The stars were twinkling with their beautiful light above them.

“To begin my father was a great Hisildi. His name was Noruinvion and he was tall and dark. It has been said that I have inherited his smile and eyes.” she admitted with a wistful smile. Images of her father laughing and holding her, her siblings, and her mother filled her head. She swore at times she could smell his warm musk if the night was clear. If their was one person she missed most it was her father, her namesake.

“He met my mother when she was appointed to be the  ambassador for the Kalondi. Her name as a maiden of her father’s house was Norgalades. She was fierce and fiery but she was unbreakable in her steadfastness. So much so that my father, even before he wedded her called her Thalawesbes and to this day that is the name she goes by.” Smiling she reached out and took a lock of Laindawar’s hair. Twirling it around her fingers. Soothing herself with it’s texture and the fact she was keeping her hands busy.

Then Muil continued, “They were happy for an age. But, as much as they longed for it a child would not come easily for them. Many times she felt a child take root but…well…some things are not meant to be.“ She looked up at Laindawar, her eyes gleaming. His jaw was set and the muscles there taunt. She fought the urge to run her fingers over them. To urge him to relax. She resisted this though. Instead, she continued her story. "But then, my mother was not feeling well. I have been told that she grew most joyous as she realized that I was strong enough to endure.”

“And beyond.” Laindawar mused as he gazed down at her. Relishing in secret that happy, joyful look in her eyes as she talked of her family.

“And beyond.” She agreed. Her gaze meeting his filling her with warmth. “My little sisters came twenty-five years later. Imagine the surprise when my mother gave birth to twins! She who had endeavored for so hard and so long to bring one child into the world was now blessed with three! When I was older my mother confided in me she knew she carried twins. But, she wanted to suprise my father and she was scared that this pregnancy wouldn’t end well.“

Shaking her head as if to ward of a memory she turned her focus. "My sister’s names are Gilrin and Tinnuien. And oh, they were the pride of my life. I helped bring them into this world.” she admitted with a grimace. “I was twenty-five and my mother and I were walking in the woods and boom. They decided to come early. They have always been impetuous.”

“My little brother was much the same. He was such a shock.”  Laindawar admitted.

“You have a sibling?” she asked incredulously. Her voice filled with wonder. "I cannot imagine a world with more people who act like you.”

“I have two. They are named Laerophen and Legolas.”

“Do they act anything like you?” she asked.

“Are you trying to insult me?” he demanded to know. Stiffening as he prepared himself for a verbal bout.

“Never.” she answered, a lazy smile gracing her lips. “I am simply curious to know about your family as well.”

“I will tell you about them later.” he finally acquiesced, relaxing once again.

Nodding Muil started to lazily braid his hair. She scooted up so she could rest her head on his lap.

“Have you any niblings?” she asked. Curiosity about his family filling her. “What of your mother and father since you will not tell me yet of your brothers.“

“I have a brother-in-law if that counts.” Laindawar muttered. “His name is Gimli.”

“That is not an Eldar name is it?” she inquired.

“No. He married a dwarf.” Laindawar stated, his eyes hardening as he gazed down at her. Waiting to see how she would react.

“Amazing.” she whispered in disbelief.

“You are disgusted?” he demanded to know. Worried that she meant something sinister by her comment as her face was unreadable.

“Why would I be? For me race means little. I mean, think about it Pigenor. I am raising an orc..” she answered. Her fingers moving  soothingly over his hair. "Meluiwen is the child of my heart. I was there from the beginning with her. Why would your brother marrying a dwarf bother me in the least? Use that mind Pigenor.” she teased.

“You must tell me that tale sometime.” Laindawar stated as he decided to ignore that poke at his pride.

“I will Pigenor. But you must also tell me of your parents sometime. I am insatiable to know more about your people.”

With a slow hand he started to smooth her hair. He nodded once as he brushed her long hair out of her face. “That seems fair.”

“Indeed.”  She answered. Then she buried her hands again in his hair. A gentle tug and she pulled him down to her. Her eyes closing as she kissed him. Her lips quivering as the fear of rejection flowed through her. She was joyful at the same time that she had found someone to talk to. This had come to show itself in her desire to kiss him. And being as impetuous as her sisters she had done just that.

Before he could react he heard Meluiwen. She was calling for Muil and, of course Muil was up and walking back towards the camp. Yet she did stop once. Turning to look at him she smiled.

“Come on Pigenor.” she called.

When the elves returned to camp Kara didn’t even have to glance over at Jeri to know they were smiling ear to ear. How by Mahal did they know what was going on between those two?

Reaching into her worn, leather coin purse she withdrew ten gold coins. Walking over to Jeri she slapped the coins down into their outstretched hand.

“Why are there stwicks and leaves in yoo hair Mommee?” Meluiwen asked.

“I fell dear.” Muil answered gently.

“Zhen why is there stwicks and weaves in ‘Aindywar’s hair?”

“He was the cause of the fall so I took him down with me.” she answered with a bright smile.

Laughter caused Muil to look up. Her eyebrow raised as she looked at Jeri who was cackling with laughter.

“What is so funny Master Jeri?” she asked, her eyebrow quirking with confusing. “Did I say something?”

“Nothing, nothing.” Jeri quickly answered. Wiping the tears of mirth from their eyes.

Shrugging Muil carefully picked up Meluiwen and smiled. “You, my dear, need a bath.”

“So you do to Mommee!” she answered. Hugging her mommy tightly. “And so does ‘Aindywar!” she retorted as she pointed at the elf who was staring at Jeri with a gaze that could have killed.

Jeri was still smiling.

“You are going to have to talk to me later about this development ‘Aindywar’” Jeri stated as they caught their breath.

“You can go fuck a cantankerous goat.” Laindawar shot out.

Thankfully at that point Meluiwen was out of earshot. Still, Muil would have to have a serious discussion with them later about what was appropriate to say in front of a child.

Kalondi - Another people of the Avari. They live near Harad and the South. They are deeply in love with the desert and all it’s dangerous beauty.
Tinnutaur - The great forest where the Hisildi live. It means Star Forest. It was named thus as it is a jungle. The floor has bio-luminescent plants that make it look like  there are stars in it. It is considered quite lovely by many of the Avari. It is the childhood home of Muil and it is massive.
Celeblas - The Capital of the Hisildi realm. This was not the original capital as that was laid under siege by Sauron. He gutted the Hisildi by attacking them there and weakened them. Now there are so few of Hisildi left.



For @marvelfanlife…reader leads a team as requested. Enjoy! His smile kills me

Y/N licked her teeth in annoyance as she watched Aaron Hotchner’s team enter the building. She tapped her pencil against her head as she pursed her lips. She wasn’t sure why, but ever since she started leading her own BAU unit at Quantico, Aaron Hotchner seemed to despise her. He always seemed to be giving her and her team snide looks or rolling his eyes at them.

She had asked Garcia why he seemed so cold to her and her team. Penelope dismissed it saying he just seemed like he hated everyone. As a joke, the tech analyst compared Y/N’s and Hotch’s track records with cases. The pair’s eyes widened when they realized the two teams were the best the BAU had. Even more shocking, Y/N’s team had closed more cases than Hotch’s team. Suddenly, it made sense. Hotch was jealous of her team’s record.

However, this didn’t make her smug or feel better. If anything, she was angry he assumed she looked down on him. Regardless, if she wanted to keep the environment the way it was at Quantico, she couldn’t confront the man.

A knock on her open office door pulled her from her thoughts. She blinked before turning toward her team member Brooks. He was arching a brow as he smirked. The Puerto Rican mumbled something. Y/N arched a brow.

“What was that?”
He chuckled. “Nothing pana,” Brooks paused, “They aren’t bad people.”
“Agent Hotchner’s team. They’re stable for a job like ours. Not to mention they’re amazing at what they do: cohesive.”

Y/N sighed as she leaned forward on her desk.

“I know,” she muttered, pausing, “Did you need something?”
Brooks nodded. “Yeah. That professor from the last case faxed you some more news clippings.”

Brooks walked further into her office while handing her a file. Y/N chuckled, remembering the quirky professor. She knew not to underestimate the cooky, considering he sent the red flag for the case they had worked in his town. He was eclectic, but he was smart.

“Thanks. Is it bad that I’m hoping we don’t have to see him again?”
Brooks smirked. “No. That’d probably be good news.”

A knock at her door caused her to look up. She swallowed her reaction when she noticed Aaron standing in her doorway.

“Am I interrupting?” he asked.
Y/N’s eyes flicked to Brooks. “Thank you. Now get some rest.”

Brooks nodded before leaving the room. He sent a wink to his boss before disappearing. Y/N inhaled while sending a weak smile toward the supervisory agent. She noticed he was holding a file as well.

“What can I do for you, Agent Hotchner?”
He glanced down. “It seems part of my team ran into a contact of yours. She wanted us to pass along a file.”
She nodded, taking it from him. “I see. Well, I appreciate you delivering it to me.”

Aaron nodded while letting go of the file. He kept his gaze low while he was debating. Y/N opened the two new folders she had received and started to rifle through them. After a few lingering moments, Hotchner spoke up.

“I hate to admit it, but your team is amazing,” he complimented.

Hearing him say something so nice shocked Y/N. Her head snapped up in confusion. She cocked her head to the side while evaluating the man. Feeling a bit awkward, he continued to talk.

“They’re very skilled at what they do…”
“Thank you…,” she paused, still confused, “I’m sorry, did you just compliment me?”
Hotch glanced around a bit. “Yes I did,” he paused, “Is that surprising?”
“A little, yeah,” she replied, eyebrows raising, “To be honest, I thought you hated me.”
It was Aaron’s turn to be confused. “Why would you think that?”
“Um…we’ve never spoken. You always send me glares. Not once have you said anything in regards to my team. Not to mention, you never apologized for spilling coffee on me.”
He blushed. “You remember that?”
She nodded. “It was my first day as a unit chief. Hard to forget.”
Aaron rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “I admit, I’ve grown to be a bit competitive with our teams.” He chuckled, smiling anxiously. “Would you believe I was nervous?”
Y/N knit her brows. “About what?”
“Talking to you,” he answered honestly, beautiful eyes staring into hers, “I, uh, this was the first time I thought I could talk to you without being a fumbling mess. Or, at least, not spill coffee everywhere.”

Her confused expression gradually morphed into a beaming smile. She had no idea how much she loved his smile. He should definitely do it more. Aaron eventually stopped laughing. His nerves were entirely taking over. It was a feeling he hadn’t had in a long time. She smirked.

“Well,” she drawled, “maybe you could buy me that coffee before helping me look over these files?”
Aaron’s eyes widened briefly. He smiled. “That-That sounds nice.”

Y/N smiled while standing up. She grabbed her files before walking over to Aaron. He motioned for her to go first, which she gratefully did. The man grinned to himself before closing her office door. Rossi was right; it was worth the possible embarrassment.

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His Mother’s Tongue

For @chowderweek

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This doesn’t follow any prompt. It’s just me projecting complex feels about being an immigrant in the US. 


discussions of xenophobia and racism, mentions of food 

The first time Chris watches The Joy Luck Club, it’s with his sister Nora when he’s fourteen and she’s nine. At the end, she cries for a few minutes before mumbling that she needs to go find their mother.

Chris sits there, staring at the credits until they fade to black, restarting the DVD menu. On the surface, he feels like he shouldn’t be conflicted. It’s a film about mothers and daughters. Of which he is neither. He doesn’t have a strained relationship with his parents. They understand him, and he’s never felt like he had to hide a part of who he is to make them happy.

His paternal grandparents don’t always get his love of hockey, or why he takes his long board everywhere. But they try, and he stumbles over pronouncing tones in Cantonese whenever he’s feeling particularly brave or confident (most of the time, it’s only when he’s feeling both).

But they way June meets her long lost sisters at the end of the movie leaves a lump in his throat for hours afterward. A thought sticks in his mind like mold for days, maybe weeks, afterward.

He could have family out there. Great Aunts, cousins—more relatives than he can probably fathom—waiting for him on another continent. Maybe they know he exists and they’re waiting for him like a phantom pain. As if they know who he is and what he’ll be capable of someday, and they’re waiting for him to find his way “home”.

But then again, the Bay Area is his home. It’s the only place he’s ever known.

A different thought floats into his mind. Maybe there’s dozens of relatives out there who don’t know he exists, who will never know who he is—and they matter more to him than he ever will to them.

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4 word prompt: “I’m not wearing that.” Andreil (kandreil if you want)

You should know that when given the option to write Kandreil, I will always write Kandreil. Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

“I’m not wearing that,” Kevin said with a haughty sneer.

Andrew managed to look irritated without changing a muscle in his face. “You said that if Neil scored against me three times in the last half of the game, you would wear his jersey in public. Now put it on before I put it on you.”

Neil was sure that would be the end of it, but Kevin, ever the stubborn jackass, wasn’t going down without a fight. “You let him get those goals. It’s hardly the attitude one should have as a professional athlete and honestly-”

Andrew cut him off by pressing one finger against his lips. “You agreed. Nod yes or no.”

Kevin rolled his eyes, but nodded. “Good. So I’m going to put this in simple terms you’ll understand. Jersey, on. Store, go. Ice cream, get. Got it?”

He removed his hand. “Got it,” Kevin said glumly.

“Good,” Andrew answered and flopped back down on the couch. He waved a hand dismissively and Neil handed Kevin the garment.

Kevin swapped his shirt for Neil’s and looked down at the crop top it became on his longer torso. The point wasn’t that you could see his abs; Kevin had never been shy about his body. The point was the name emblazoned on his back. Kevin had been out as bi for a few years- Andrew wasn’t that cruel- but media speculation had been positing him as in a relationship with Andrew. While that wasn’t untrue, Andrew wanted to see what would happen if he twisted the narrative a bit.

Kevin sighed. “Can I at least wear a hoodie? They’ll still be able to see the number and it’s cold-”

“You’re lucky the agreement wasn’t to wear my jersey.”

“I hate you.”

“I don’t care.”

Kevin huffed, but stomped out the doorway to make his way to the nearest gas station nonetheless.

Neil smirked as he dropped next to Andrew on the couch, twining their hands together once he knew it was okay. “Do you think he’ll be pissed enough to sleep on the couch tonight?”

Andrew let out a huff. “No. He gets cold.”

Kevin spent the next few days fielding phone calls about whether he was cheating on Andrew and what that meant for team cohesion. Many speculated that it was a publicity stunt to build hype around the fact that Neil was rumored to be traded to Kevin and Andrew’s team for the next season.

Kevin hung up the latest call and buried his face in his hands. “My dad called me. I hope you assholes are happy.”

Neil sat in his lap. “Is he concerned about your moral standing now that you’ve left Andrew for me?”

“No. He said that if I ever needed a break from you idiots I could stop by his place any time.”

Neil leaned in to kiss him and Kevin bit his lower lip. That just served to make Neil laugh. “You’re never gonna learn your lesson about betting against us, are you?”

Kevin had to admit that was true. He would never win a bet against Neil and Andrew. With Neil in his lap and Andrew looking at him with hooded eyes, though, Kevin realized in some instances there were worse things than losing.

this guide is based on what i’ve learned in ap english this year, and it’s specifically going to focus on 4-paragraph argument essays, although you can adapt it to however many you’d like! it also works well for anything persuasive.


to start off any good argument essay, you’ll need to decide whether you’re going to agree, disagree, or qualify with the prompt. personally, i prefer either agreeing or disagreeing, simply because it tends to make the writing overall a little more cohesive. to decide which side to pick, brainstorm! 

  • draw a t-chart on your paper, labeling one side agree and the other side disagree
  • depending on the time you have, you might want to limit yourself to just spending ten minutes on this step
  • go!! write down as many examples as you can think of on each side of the chart. for example, if i were writing about whether or not equality has become more prevalent throughout history, i might put “women’s suffrage” on agree and “pay disparity” on disagree, or “civil rights act” and “police brutality”
  • when you’ve finished, tally up the number of examples on each side. pick the one with at least four, and that’s what you’ll write on! if both sides have an equal number, you can pick your favourite or qualify.

now, for the outline itself

ok– this might be the bit you’ve been dreading. but really, it’s far easier that you expect! 

  • start by picking your top four examples, two for each body paragraph, and come up with a unifying subject word (always a noun!) for each one
  • add each of your examples in under those big subjects, and include at least three facts about each, along with one or two points of analysis. the analysis should focus on why that event/fact supports your perspective on the question!! 
  • go back to the beginning, and determine an overall subject for the essay. with my example from earlier, that might be equality. you can then use this to write your thesis– make sure to say “i agree/disagree/qualify” and include both of your paragraph subject words, in order.
  • next, move on to the intro. now that you have subjects to write about, define each of them, and include both a fact from the past and one from the present (within 5 years) for each topic. this should be good background info for your essay!
  • the final step is to look at your conclusion. again, divide it down by subject, and for each one, provide the audience you’re targeting, the purpose for targeting each audience and what you want them to understand, and then the hypothetical outcome if they were to accept your points. at the very end, include a closing sentiment just to summarize your thoughts!

a couple of little tips

first, make sure that everything can link back to your main subject and the supporting subjects of each paragraph, because those subjects are what will make your essay cohesive and logical.

second, be as specific as you possibly can in your examples! if you can do research, then do it. know as much as you can to highlight details and make well-supported points which will provide greater credibility for your essay.

third, know how you work best. write as much or as little as you want on your outline (depending on time limits, of course) and be an on-the-fly writer if it works for you, or a meticulous planner if you find that more effective.

finally, be confident in your writing! you can do it and your essay is going to be wonderful. after outlining, it should all come together, and it will make your essays ten times better. good luck!!