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I know why most of you guys think pm girls will attack isak/even but I don’t think that’s the case. They said it was stupid and pathetic to create an account like the person behind the saranors2 account. So I really don’t believe they’ll release shit about Even. Also I am like %99.8 sure that Sara loved knowing that isak was behind of the hate account. We can’t know for sure but I think she likes the idea of isak still thinking about her. So I believe it made her hands stronger in the bus boss thing because you know now she is a victim by her ex boyfriend who is actually gay and who still can’t forget about her(i believe she believes this). I don’t know what I am mumbling sorry avsiagau I don’t like Sara gahskska anyways evak will hurt and it’s so mean of Julie because she knows how much we care about them but I have big doubts about it’ll be related with pm girls. did i ever tell you guys that episode 8 hurts like hell?

I think Sana is desperate and in doubt about her and Yousef being together because after what Eskild said she’s kind of worried that it won’t work out between them. And in today’s clip we saw that again when we saw Yousef and Elias hugging and saying “it’s always me and Yousef”. She’s worried about the fact that she would ruin a friendship, if they don’t work out so I think she’s still a little confused what to do


So the royal family just has a picture of Kenna hanging on the wall, that’s cool I guess…
And again leads me to the question: IS IT A TV SHOW/VIDEOGAME/COMIC OR IS IT REAL because:
1. If it’s hanging in their palace like that, it would probably mean it’s real right?
2. BUT there have been scenes in RoE with Madison and Tripp from The Freshman and in their universe it is a comic/tv show with actors…
3. Why would they have a painting of a fictional character in their dining hall? Are Leo’s parents secretely nerds?
Or is it just a comic/tv show based on real events? Because that would technically in conclusion mean that dragons are also real. So I demand the option to adopt a dragon in The Freshman and just make the dragon burn everyone who tries to start drama because honestly guys what’s even going on anymore…
Okay I got kind of lost there at the end but you know what I’m saying right? Right? Anybody? No? Okay imma just go to sleep now I guess



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Why does it seem like people want every god damn sonic character to be playable in every game? Don't they know that shit has nearly killed the franchise before?

I mean, to those people, they probably want those characters because they didn’t think that stuff was so bad. That’s part of the reason why they’re still fans of them, you’d think.

This is going to sound rude, but I also don’t think they always grasp how game development works? I think some of them just expect they can bring these characters back and “fix them” without actually thinking about what that entails. They just have faith that somebody will find some way to make them good and make demands based on that fact, like money and creativity just materializes out of thin air.

And to defend those people: to be fair, that’s like, what most people think of most things. Like, I will freely admit I have never thought about how an automobile gets made. The idea that new cars just materialize out of car commercials belies what I’m sure is actual years of engineering and visual design and, like… not only do you have to engineer the car, you have to engineer the process to build and assemble the car. Designing a frame, and the body, and a motor, and how safety features deploy, and how everything fits in to its own space, and testing to make sure everything works… if you really think about it, one car probably takes multiple years of development and billions of dollars.

We are all ignorant about something. That’s not ignorance advocacy on my part, it’s just something that happens. You’re probably ignorant about a lot of things, too.

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I'm surprised as a feminist you support this idea of three meals a day that farmers pushed down our throats so they can make more money. Like the original meaning of dinner is what most call lunch now and it was one 2 hour meal a day. Breakfast was farmers had at 5am. Truth is there is no proper eating standards. Food pyramid originally was made as a way for insurance to deny coverage and balances in a way to lower sexual desire.

I support eating when you want to, if you wanna eat three meals a day, do it, if you wanna eat more, do it, if you wanna eat less and more at once, do it. Wanna snack all day, do it. I don’t really remember saying anything supporting like inherent meal times or a number of meals?

I know that like, meal times are fake and there’s no real”supper time” or anything like that, and I have actually heard about the food pyramid thing although not very much. To be honest tho the only thing the food pyramid makes me think of is this weird Marilyn Manson carton about it.

Also fun fact: where I live old people still seem to call lunch dinner, it gets really confusing because when my grandparents say dinner they mean 12 o’clock so I always have to ask people what they mean when they say dinner time

It’s weird to gradually watch my daily internet footprint growing smaller and smaller. I’m still here, I’m still real, I still exist, and in fact I’m doing okay most days, but then I’ll get back on the internet and it’s like ????? Do people still recognize me? Do they remember me enough? Do my friends think about me? 

I haven’t been creative in a while and I think that’s part of my disappearing sense of bigness-in-concept-if-not-in-physical-space. 

So when there are pics of OFF characters what are they smoking? There is no oxygen. Smoke literally is the oxygen of their world. It would be like smoking air. So like… is it super compacted sugar that people smoke?? I bet burned sugar going directly to your lungs hurts

-I’d like to thank God for boys
-I’d like to thank God for tall boys
-I’d like to thank God for tall russian boys
-I’d like to thank God for tall russian boys with silver hair
-I’d like to thank God for tall russian boys with silver hair and green eyes
-I’d like to thank God for tall russian boys with silver hair, green eyes and silly personalities

—I’d like to thank God for haiba lev

Since I’m apparently on a Halloween costume kick or something all I can imagine is Enjolras going as the Statue of Liberty and then Marius going as Mario, accompanied by Courf and Cosette who go as Luigi and Peach. Of course we have Bahorel who makes a very convincing Hagrid and Feuilly who was convinced by his boyfriend to go as Ron, because “come on, Feuilly, we have to. We just gotta!” Joly, Bossuet, and Musichetta are a proton, neutron, and electron. Eponine and Gav show up as Wednesday and Pugsley Addams. The most questionable costume by far, however is Combeferre who is the front half of the Trojan Horse and Grantaire, who was somehow talked into being the back half of the Trojan Horse. 

So I finally did it you guys. I’ve been wanting to for a while, but I finally got it done. I cut my head off and replaced it with a computer. It’s a PERSONAL LIFE CHOICE OKAY DON’T JUDGE ME.

So here. Have some crappy 3 am sketches of my head. It’s kind of a bargain brand, but I think it’s okay. Maybe someday I’ll be able to afford a better one.