now that i think of it, i really don’t think i can complain much about the wonder girls disbanding. they probably have had the best run of all the girl groups that have disbanded/are rumored to disband recently. let’s review:

  1. been around for 10 years
  2. numerous iconic hits even as rookies, such as “tell me”, “so hot” and “nobody”
  3. let’s not forget wonderbang while we’re at it
  4. debuted in america
  5. opened for the jonas brothers on tour
  6. collaborated with the school gyrls and akon
  7. during the hiatus from 2013-2015, sunmi’s solo career was a huge success in korea despite that she hadn’t been an active member of the group since 2010
  8. had a movie on teennick
  9. came off hiatus in 2015 with a full album (reboot, which, by the way, kicks ass)
  10. switched from a dance group to a band
  11. second post-hiatus single “why so lonely” was very well received
  12. have written many of their own songs
  13. had some damn good concepts and choreos tbh
  14. has a lot of variety in their discography, they have at least one song for pretty much everyone
  15. are a big reason why jyp entertainment is such a big company today
  16. members have maintained one of the strongest bonds in kpop with one another, even after all these years and member changes

thank you, yubin, yeeun, sunye, sunmi, hyuna, sohee, and hyerim, for the past 10 years. ♡