Ihr Lieben, ich würde gerne nach Berlin ziehen und suche nun eine WG mit netten Menschen, die mich gerne bei sich aufnehmen würden. Die Lage ist mir relativ egal, obwohl zentral natürlich schön wäre. Die Miete sollte 500€ warm jedoch nicht überschreiten.

Über mich: Mein Name ist Alex, bin 18 Jahre alt (und ein Mädchen), ich treibe gerne Sport, bin gerne unter Menschen aber auch manchmal gerne alleine, würde mich super super freuen tolle, aufgeschlossene, tolerante Menschen kennenzulernen, gehe super gerne auch mal feiern und shoppen - wenn ihr mehr Fragen habt schreibt mich gerne hier an! :)

An alle anderen, wenn ihr jemanden kennt der jemanden kennt, usw. wäre es unglaublich wenn ihr mich mit diesem Menschen in Verbindung setzen könntet!

Ansonsten wäre es toll wenn ihr das hier einfach nur rebloggt, damit es möglichst viele sehen :)


Imagine someone eating at home, just gorging themselves on sweets and pastries, sitting on the floor with a pair of busted jeans. Their pudgy, doughy, belly is pressed against a thin, skin tight t-shirt. Heavy, ragged gasps rack their body as they try to catch their breath, arms propped up behind them with a huge drooping stomach in front, one that jiggles with every forced breath. They are stuffed. Too full to even move, so full of sweets that they can barely breath.

The front door opens, and the person looks up groggily, almost put into a food coma by their binge. As the light filters into the room, the person sees their significant other enter, carrying bags of food. The first person tries to get up, attempting to apologize or muster an excuse, but their hand slips on some melted ice cream and they crash back to earth, jiggling and spilling out of their clothing, exposing pudgy flesh through newly ripped seams. Their SO sidles up next to them, slowly pushing them back down to the floor all while ignoring the first person’s half hearted attempts to get back up.The SO slyly unscrews a jug of chocolate milk amid the first person’s fruitless protests.

“No, please, I’m too full, I can’t- Mmph!”

The lip of the milk slides into a sputtering mouth, which after a few unsteady swigs slowly wraps around the opening, sucking more and more. Eyes glaze over, and the feedee takes on an expression similar to that of a drugged person, snaking a tongue into the jug and bathing it in the cold milk.


“Thaaat’s right. Just let it flow in chubs. Right into that big jiggly frame. Just suck it all in, growing bigger, and softer, and wider, as your ass slowly spreads across the floor…”

The feedee let out a satisfied sigh as the last of the milk slowly drained. The jug is tenderly removed from their mouth and set on the ground, as a two hands wrap round a pair of fleshy tits, caressing them and squeezing the nipples. Slowly the SO comes in for a kiss on a pudgy bare neck, glistening with sweat. A low, passionate moan echoes through the kitchen, lit at the moment by a solitary refrigerator light.

The SO slides to the ground, all while massaging the feedee’s huge, soft figure. Sinking into warm flesh, the feeder plants one final kiss on the feedee’s drooping lips before leaning onto a flabby shoulder and sighing with content.

Heat||Closed RP


Based on our post but its being redone.

August groaned.

“What was your first clue?” he ground out through clenched teeth, as he stood doubled over in their kitchen.

He’d felt it coming on for awhile, but chose to ignore the signs that it was approaching.

“You can’t help me.”

Kyoto looked at him. “Yes I can. Please let me help you” he said softly.