(well the back of her head)


summary; shawn is forced to choose between you and his girlfriend

a/n; seven pages of angst and drama all in one – my fav ;))


“Where’s Shawn?” Matt and your friends asked you for what must’ve been the tenth time tonight. 

You finished setting the last blanket over the couch as you claimed your favorite pillows for the night ahead of you. 

“Not sure,” You answered. “I’ve tried texting him for the past 15 minutes. The boy never checks his texts,” You laugh it off as you head to the kitchen to bring the two bowls of popcorn into the living room.

Shawn, Geoff, Ian, and Matt had been in town from Shawn’s tour for the last few days, and the five of you finally found a time to hang out again. You had all missed each other and since the tour had just wrapped up, everyone found tonight as the perfect opportunity to catch up. You had met the four boys through Shawn and although you had only known them for a few years, they felt like your brothers. They looked out for you and talked to you almost every day.

Shawn on the other hand, had been your best friend since middle school. The two of you met in English class in seventh grade and quickly bonded over each other’s love for Harry Potter and music. Although neither of you were the most popular in school, you and Shawn always had each other’s back through the years. He had brought smiles on your face during your worst moments, stayed up late with you during nights you couldn’t sleep, and given you advice that has stuck with you throughout the years. In turn, you supported Shawn’s music when the other kids at school didn’t, listened to his first song that he wrote, and cheered with him when he found out that he had just gotten his first major award show nomination. Now here you guys were, one year out of high school, and still partners in crime. You couldn’t of asked for anyone better to fill in the position as your best friend.

Everyone had gathered at Ian and Geoff’s place for a traditional movie night, but your best friend had been a no-show for the past half hour. Everyone including yourself was beginning to become impatient as everyone began making a dent into the stash of snacks before the first movie even played. You didn’t want to begin the night without him, but he had showed no signs of arriving any time soon.

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The Tower - Chapter 13

The Tower: An Avengers Fanfic

Chapter 13

Chapters: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / twelve / thirteen

Word Count: 3140

Warnings: Smut (bi ffm threeway, fingering, slight dom behavior, oral and vaginal sex, unprotected sex)

Synopsis: Elly adjusts to life at the Tower, and gets some self-defense lessons from Steve and Natasha.

Author’s Note: Co-written with @emilyevanston

Chapter 13 - Soldier, Spy

The next couple of weeks were really weird for me.  I felt like I was in this perpetual state of stress anytime I wasn’t at the tower.  Having security tail me everywhere I went felt intrusive and it disrupted everything.  My teaching suffered for it and so did my research.  I really hated it at home.  They lurked outside and I felt like I wasn’t a person anymore.  Just a commodity that wasn’t afforded any sort of privacy.

So I started just spending more time at the Tower.  I went in to teach but brought a lot of my research to work on in Stark labs, though I was still technically working for Columbia.  Bruce started working on it with me.  Not all the time, he had his own projects, but he started becoming fascinated with the fine-tuning of the human genome and how I’d found switches on strings of junk DNA that you seemed to be able to turn on or off.

“Why not just take Tony’s job offer?”  He asked me as I sat layering different DNA analysis over top of each other and isolating common strands of genetic code.  It was definitely much easier to do this work on the Stark computers than it was back at the University.

“He didn’t offer me that job because I’m good.  He offered it because he wants to keep me.  It’s charity.  I worked really hard for my position at Columbia on my own.  With no help from anyone.”  I grumbled.

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Kids In Love

Warnings: language, unprotected sex, blowjob, bad writing
Note: yikes please please please tell me how this is (ps.this is for @sebashtiansatan)

Taking a deep breath, Y/N looks at herself  in the mirror in the room she shared with Bucky. He was coming home from a month long mission, the longest they’ve been away from each other and she had thought that a little ‘celebration’ was in order.

“The team is set to arrive in two minutes,” FRIDAY’s voice rang out through the empty room. The suddenness of the announcement caused Y/N to slightly jump, that’s what she chalked it up to because she didn’t want to admit her nerves were getting the best of her.

“Thank you,” Y/N responds. She twirls around once more and smiles, Bucky was definitely going to enjoy this homecoming.

“Let’s do this,” she mumbles as she sat at her desk, acting as if she was busy. Y/N hears the front door of the apartment open and close, her heart starts to beat faster as she hears the heavy footsteps belonging to Bucky walk towards the room. The silence that follows was deafening as she knew Bucky was standing by the door, leaning against the frame. She could feel him staring holes into her back. Y/N stands up and wipes the smirk off her face and moves around pretending not to notice Bucky.

“So you missed me?” Bucky says suddenly. Y/N gasps as she turned around, it was supposed to be fake but nothing could prepare her for the sight in front of her. Bucky was still wearing his combat uniform, making him look hotter and more intimidating.

“Cause I missed you,” Bucky says as he pushes himself off the frame and walks towards the girl who was now standing by the bed.

“Uh-huh, I missed you too,” Y/N breathes out.

“Got pretty lonely.” Bucky’s lips curled up into a small grin as he notices the effect he has on her.

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Mission Bad Boy - 13

Plot: What if you could win 100,000 Won by giving someone a makeover? But here’s the catch – you have 6 months to turn a nerdy, anti-social male into the school’s biggest heartthrob.

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Angst, Highschool au!

Warnings: verbal abuse, physical abuse, smut warnings - semi-public sex(?)

Notes: Its not over yet, don’t get excited. Gif isn’t mine, credit goes to the owner. Nominate me for the aching hearts award, and yeah~ shout at me once you done. 4.6k Words

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It hadn’t taken much time for you to realise that you had exchanged places with Kim Namjoon. Although you had it much worse. After that incident in the garden, it had gotten worse. Now you couldn’t even find refuge in the library. The demons were everywhere.

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Break: A sequel to Surprise

author’s note: this is the sequel to surprise by @torontogawd what we started and as we saw so many notes of saying you want another part, i was willing to write the second part, hope you like it. also this is very unedited so pardon me x also this took me literally idk how many months i’m so sorry

“Girls, girls, take it little easier and more quiet! You’re waking daddy up,” they both seemed to be restless and very into making some pancakes before Shawn is waking up. The break had started two days ago and it had been really tiring all way back home to Toronto with your loving husband and with two twins. Ava was like little Duracell rabbit, she couldn’t even stay stable for one second but that’s where Shawn’s wife, Y/N, had to find something that both of them had fun to do and make.

“Mommy, Victoria isn’t helping me,” Ava’s whiny voice tinged in Y/N’s head, reminding that she isn’t okay with something. Victoria was tasting the liquid or tough of a pancake and peeked from her eyecorner that nobody can catch her.

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I Know The Feeling

@captain–americanna asked: Could I request a Richie X Fem!Reader where the reader is like 2 years older than the losers and Richie is head over heels for her, but thinks she would never like him back because of the age gap, but she totally does?

Pairing -> Richie x Reader (why so many?😂)

Warnings -> Swearing(this is Richie guys😹)

A/N: I twigged it slightly if thats alright! The Loser’s are also around 15 here cause i has this idea for this request☺️ Henry Bowers and his gang is still in here as well☺️


The Loser’s Club had gotten use to Richie having a major crush on you, Bill’s older sister. It had all started when they were all sleeping over at yours and Bill’s house. You had sleepily walked down the stairs, tired from all the exams you had been studying for, when you spotted them all huddled in the living room. You had walked into the room and coughed, making them jump backwards and stare frighteningly at you. Shaking your head, you had asked them if they all wanted hot chocolates. And this is when Richie was gone.

He didn’t know what it was about you. The way you had felt comfortable around them in just a long baggy shirt or how when you were properly dressed, you wore leather jackets and ripped jeans. Richie liked your personality too; you were confident, you weren’t afraid to swear or speak your mind but you were also caring and funny. There was one problem though.

He was two years younger than you.

Growing older had done Richie good. He was still a lanky boy, but now he reached about 5'10, with only Stan taller than him(“I will fucking grow taller than you so i can bash your head in with a stick” Richie had threatened) He no longer wore his big ass glasses and instead used smaller sized ones. Richie had slightly grown his hair out, so it was now a bundle of black curls. No longer were Hawaiian shirts his thing, Richie wore all black. The only thing stopping him from asking you out was this two year age gap. You were graduating high school this year while Richie still had two years left.


Pushing open the school doors, you walked along the corridors, backpack slung over one shoulder, heading towards your lessons. You didn’t really skip lessons, you didn’t really pay attention in the less important ones. All you wanted to do when your graduated was leave Derry. Anywhere would be good that was away from your parents. It’s not that you didn’t like them, it’s just ever since Georgie’s death, which was about three years ago, your parents stopped caring for you and Bill. You understood that they had to grieve and everything, but so did you and Bill.

“Hey Bill, you alright guys?” You called out to them

“H-Hey Sis, w-we’re fine” Bill smiled

Nodding, you smile at the rest of the Loser’s and head along the corridor, passing Henry Bowers and his gang. You hated them with a passion. Henry always seemed to act like you were ‘his’ but still had the nerve to make fun and pick at your brother and his friends.

“Hey Y/N, you free after school hottie?” Henry calls out in front of everyone

“Go away asshole” You mutter, pushing past everyone

“Aww come on Y/N your little loser brother is big enough now” Henry coos

“Hey Henry, being a Dick won’t make yours any bigger. In fact, it won’t every work because it can’t even qualify for a shrimp!” You shout

Smirking, you walk past the laughing crowd and into your classroom, leaving an annoyed Henry and a shocked Loser’s Club staring at where you were standing.

“Dude…that was fucking hot” Richie mumbles

“R-Richie…sh-hut it” Bill groans




Looking up from you seat in the canteen, you see a panting Stan staring wide eyed at you. Why had Richie gotten into a fight? Dumping the rest of your sandwich onto the tray, you grab your backpack and run out of the canteen. Heading along the path, you jog onto the field, seeing a huge amount of school kids and teachers on there. Throwing your backpack to the floor, you sprint over to the crowd and mingle your way through. Getting to the edge, you see the Loser’s Club gathered around a obviously sitting Richie. Walking over, you stand next to Bill and stare down at Richie, who was scowling at the ground.

“What the hell happened?” You ask

“Don’t ask Y/N. Richie will just get worked up even more” Beverly sighs

Nodding, you grab Richie’s forearm and pull him up, pulling him through the crowd and away from them.

“Where the fuck are we going?” Richie moans

“Can you shut up please? I’m taking you home so you can get bandaged up idiot” You sigh

You would also be able to get some answers.


“What the hell were you thinking Rich?” You ask, placing an ice pack on his eye.

Richie hisses and grabs the counter top, squeezing it till his knuckles turned white. Sighing, you grab a tea towel and wrap the ice pack in it, placing it back onto his eye. From looking at his injures, you could tell Richie had put up a pretty good fight. His eye was bruised and swollen along with his lip, his right cheek was bruised and so were his hands with little cuts dotted over them.

“What do you expect me to do Y/N? Let Henry talk shit about you? You would of punched him as well if you had heard what he had been saying”

“What did he say?”

“He was saying how he would ask you to your dance and be all gentlemanly and shit but then I said you would never go with him. Henry ignored me and then started talking about what he would do with you after the dance and I got mad and shit so I punched him. And then this happened”

Staring at Richie, you smile and place the ice pack onto the counter. Leaning up, you place a kiss on Richie’s cheek. He stares at you as you move back, a blush creeping onto his cheeks. Giggling slightly, you go back over to the fridge and place the ice pack into the bottom cupboard.

“I like you”

Turning round, you stare at Richie as he looks straight back at you, black curls tumbling over his eyes. You walk back over and lean onto the opposite counter, continuing to look at him.

“You l-like me?”

“Yeah. In fact, I’ve liked you a long fucking time but, being a stupid shit, I was just nervous that you’d turn me down because I’m two years younger than you”

Laughing, you reach over and grab his hand, pulling him into a tight hug, laughing into his broad shoulders. Richie stands there but soon warms up, wrapping his arms around your back.

“Let me guess! This is the time where you tell me I’m too young for you and th–”

“I like you as well idiot. There was no need to be scared”

Richie laughs and hugs you tighter, lifting you off your feet slightly.

“Well shit…someone’s excited” you say, laughing

“Well yeah… You would be if the person you were head over heels for liked you back” Richie says

“Yeah I know the feeling”


A/N: May or may not have something to do with my story😉🤷🏼‍♀️

Human resources

this summer I had a small party at my home on lake minnetonka
this was a group of people from the company I run.
i was a nice turn out. I was very happy to see that our HR lady and her husband had come.
She is the cutest girl next door type. 27years old, Mom of 2 (very much a milf) Blonde, killer body, very sweet and very good at her job.
I question myself often why i hired someone so sexy
Her husband and I found each other talking over a couple of beers.
He leaned in “ i have to be very bold and ask you a question and i may be too forward ?”
i was a little puzzled “ok..shoot”
“Tina says the rumor is that you and your wife are swingers”
i smiled and took a drink of my beer “well .. that is a bit forward… and as long as this stays between your wife, you and me”
i chuckle at that .. it sounds a bit far fetched, but am very curious to see his reaction
James was nodding
“yes” a pause “yes we take part in that sort of lifestyle”
“ i must ask… do you and tina also enjoy swinging?”
“well .not yet.. we have just started exploring. for her sweet innocent look her has always been a kinky girl”
he takes a long drink of beer “She has admitted that she has found you attractive”
i smile"I will admit also i do find her awfully sexy" adding 
“My wife and i would be happy to help the 2 of you explore..any questions and help we can provide”
being he host I am in need a mixing and excuse myself
the rest of the day goes by filled with sun, fun, food and drinks. and a few glances from the HR lady 

Monday comes and as i walk down the hall Tina enters the building. smiling as usual.
“good morning Tina”
“good morning Mr C.” smiling
then a bit quieter “can you come see me in my office?”
crap i think to myself .. she and james talked and things are gotten messy
i smile “ of course”
i watch as she hurries down the hall to her office.
i notice she is wearing a skirt. we have a relaxed dress code and normally she wears jeans or leggings
i knock at her door and enter.
Tina steps to me. reaches past and locks the door
she looks down a bit .. her cheeks flushing.
“james sent you a thank you for the party”
relief “oh ok..but why the door?”
she lift her skirt a bit and takes my hand “he sent you a pie”
my hand touches her soaked panties “ a cream pie” she moans 
my cock rock hard at this moment
“well… i would be rude of me not to enjoy it”
i back her to the edge of the desk. kneeling in front of her i can see her panties are a mess.
she pulls them down for me
oh her pussy is lovely. shaved bald and covered in cum.
dripping cum
“this looks delicious” i moan as i start to enjoy the pie brought for me
and did i ever enjoy. her juices and his cum tasted wonderful.
and it wasn’t long until her hands were on the back of my head holding me to her pussy.
her hard clit in my mouth as her hips bucked. My HR lady trying to stifle the sounds of her climax.
both of us regaining our composure as i stood.
“tell james he makes a wonderful pie”
i turn to head out the door “Tina .. please stop by my office at the end of the day.. i really should send a thank you back to James”

So the days i see Tina come to work in a skirt i know she has brought a wonderful fresh pie from james
which i am happy to enjoy and repay at the end of the day by send his wife home with a nice pie for him

TTB -- Recovery

Title: Touch the Butts Hobbit Edition— Recovery

 Summary: You were a simple office worker, until a twist of fate sends you tumbling into Middle Earth and into the Company of Thorin Oakenshield.  You don’t know what to expect, you don’t know if you will survive, but you have this feeling that there is a great love story in the making.  But who will be the one you are destined to be with?  Make your choice and Touch the Butts.  

 Warnings: Language.  Slight Angst.   Fluff.

 Start at the beginning

Originally posted by loriendesse

You took a ragged breath as you stepped into the tent.  Dori had walked with you, guiding you along, holding your hand.  You would apologize later, you felt like you would break his damn fingers.  Especially when you laid eyes on Thorin.  A shiver ran through your body as you looked upon him.  

“Oin?”  Dori called out, getting the old healer’s attention.

“Lass…come in.” But you couldn’t move.  You had to hear, you had know first.  You gave Dori’s hand a squeeze and he asked the question that damn near had you in tears.  

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Mean Queens Ch.20 (Group Fic) - NymphCAMP

Nymph’s A/N: love to you all, apart from everyone who’s said im killing katlaska xoxo

Wankles of Wankledom’s A/N: to anyone who doesnt know IM PURECAMP NYMPH IS JUST A DICK and i hope u enjoy this is fun and i love it

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Something about the Narti death scene struck me as off, but I couldn’t place a finger on what exactly it was. 

Then, it hit me. It’s because it’s framed a fake-out death scene. 

This is the Narti “death” scene…

And this is a scene from Soul Eater where Black Star “dies”, but springs back up…

It’s framed the exact way. The camera focuses on the character’s head and not his body. Even the person looking at Black Star on the ground has the same exact look on her face as Lotor’s generals did.

This way of framing a fake-out death scene crops up in other shonuen animes as well. 

Not only that, in a lot movies, when they pull a fake-out death scene, they usually do something to not show the body like having the character drop from a high height or something. And the same thing happened with Narti was well, since we never see where Lotor struck her at all. 

Sure, one could argue that VLD is a y7 show and they couldn’t show some of that. However, they had violent on screen death scenes in VLD before. So why are they pulling back with Narti? 

While I’m not automatically saying, “Narti’s alive!”, because who knows at this point, I do think there’s something fishy going on here…

So I have a horrible theory

I know everyone is really upset about Narti’s death and it seems like the whole fandom is split in two because of Lotor’s decision to kill Narti and whether or not it’s justified. Well why don’t we get the answer from Narti herself?

A lot of people have been saying Lotor is a vicious killer or that Narti is a traitor who deserved to be killed. Or was she a traitor at all? We see in episode 3 of season 4 where her death takes place, the girls all shout out different things, such as “How did they find us?” and “We must have been tracked!” And then we get the long, processing pause from Lotor. He literally takes a whole 6 seconds to stop, think, then stare at Narti, who obviously returned the gaze:

She acknowledged Lotor’s gaze, she knew what he was thinking. She knew that he had found out. We can tell this by the specific close up to her and the way her head is angled to ‘look’ back at Lotor. And we all know how quick Narti is in battle.

We’ve seen the way she zips past her opponents and dodges their hits with ease. She obviously knew Lotor was staring at her, and that he was furious for not only putting his plans in danger, but the lives of everyone on that ship as well (especially the other generals). And the charge Lotor took at Narti was a clear, easy dodge for her. It was a basic move in which even I theorized before the season came out that if Narti was on the other side of the blade, she would dodge and mind control him. It just seemed so easily set up like that. And yet… She stood there:

Not in a defensive position. So essentially what I’m saying is: did Narti let herself get struck down for the sake of the team? Now I don’t know how probable this is, but it’s another thing to think about. Narti probably spent years with these girls and considered them family, since Lotor had not only accepted her as being a halfbreed, but having a disability as well. 

Now we don’t know if Haggar had actually mind manipulated Narti before she got on the ship with Lotor, but I wouldn’t say it’s not probable, especially with these frames:

What if she knew she was being brainwashed, since her own mind control powers could have interfered with Haggar’s?

Idk, this theory is probably far from true, but it’s another option to look at. 

Mischievous Maintenance (M)

Summary: You have an eventful Monday, thanks to the ever-resourceful head maintenance technician who works in your office.

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 6,913

Warning: MaintenanceTechnician!Jimin, workplace hookup, sexual themes, dirty talk, rough sex, oral sex, profanity

Series: Working Man Bangtan

A/N: Hope you enjoy this quick and dirty oneshot!

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Bruised (Richie/Eddie) 11/12

Summary: It’s 1993 and the summer from many years ago is dead and gone. Many have drifted apart from the Losers club and its at the point where there is no club at all. The atmosphere is cold just like the winter months and the only blushes to be found are the ones that are caused from the piercing spikes of cold that heat skin up. Being a teenage boy is hard; especially for the two boys that now count each other as strangers. In which both boys make a plan, but both disrupt each others.

Warning(s): Sensitive topics ahead, a few characters are ooc, acts of violence

A/N: 1 part left ! aLSO credit to @nonbinaryreddie aka QUEN for helping me out throughout this series with lil bits im stuck on, i love you! sorry for any mistakes i-

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12(Soon) |

Everything was hazed, Richie felt distant as ever; almost as if his own soul was lingering outside of his skin. His skin was pricked by cold sensations, with his heart beat flickering in his ears.

Where was he?

His eyes almost felt as if someone was holding them shut, everything aching all over his body and he felt his blood strike though his veins icily. Something was terribly wrong, not to mention the sense of dread that pierced his core.

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  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *thoughtful* I love-
  • Rosamund: Molly?
  • Sherlock: No, I need-
  • Rosamund: Molly?
  • Sherlock: *frowns* No, I want-
  • Rosamund: *nods* Molly.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *hugs his knees; pouts* Whatever. I miss Molly.
  • Rosamund: *rolls her eyes* It's only for the weekend.
  • Sherlock: *sulking* But why did she have to go with him?
  • Rosamund: *shrugs* They're just friends.
  • Sherlock: *bitter* You should have seen him. Drooling all over her.
  • Rosamund: *sighs* Men *gets up; walks into Sherlock's bedroom*
  • Sherlock: *looks up* What are you doing?
  • -a few minutes later-
  • Rosamund: *skips back in; on the phone* I know you're busy, Aunt Molly, and I'm sorry to interrupt but Uncle Sherlock has something important to tell you *holds out the phone*
  • Sherlock: *eyes wide; shakes his head*
  • Rosamund: *frowns* Or you could put this on speakerphone and I'll do it.
  • Sherlock: *snatches the phone; swallows* Hi, Molly. How's it going?
  • Molly: *exasperated* Actually, Sherlock, I'm in the middle of a lecture. Rosie said it was important so...
  • Sherlock: *coughs* Right. I...um, I miss you.
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: That's the important thing you wanted to tell me?
  • Sherlock: *sweating* Well, yes, that and...I...I love you.
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: *giggles* I love you too.
  • -a chorus of 'awww's can be heard in the background-
  • Molly: *to her class* Oh, be quiet, you lot.

~College!au Pen Pal Jungkook~ PART FOURTEEN:END

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [part 9] [part 10] [part 11] [part 12] [part 13]

Originally posted by jkguks

“Revenge?” You inquired with a smirk as he dragged you out of your room. 

“Come on. We have to make her feel bad, you know?”

“Aren’t we supposed to be the bigger people?” You raised an eyebrow. Stopping in his tracks, he sighed. “Aren’t you mad about what she did?”

“Oh, definitely.”

“Then, for once, just this once, for your…boyfriend, can you agree?” He drawled out the word ‘boyfriend’ as if testing it out and then nodded in satisfaction.

“Boyfriend, huh? I don’t recall you asking to be my boyfriend,” you looked around, aimlessly.

“But Y/N,” Jungkook whined, shaking your hand in his grasp.


“I’ve already told you I love you and I’ve kissed you,” He peered down at you with a raised brow. When you nodded, motioning him to continue, he shook his head as a chuckled released from his lips. “Now, all that there’s left is the question. Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Sure, I love you, too, so it’s very clear that’d be my answer. Now, what were you thinking for revenge?”

“That’s it? A ‘Sure’? You know what, I should’ve expected that,” He laughed.

“Did you expect me to jump into your arms oh so gracefully and give you a kiss?”

“I mean, that’d be nice,” Jungkook shrugged with a cheeky grin. Rolling your eyes, you stood on your tippy-toes and pecked his cheek. He pouted but nonetheless walked along. 

“So, girlfriend, my plan of revenge is messy,” Jungkook smirked, leading you to his dorms.

“You’re not gonna call me that always, right? I like the sound of it but do we want to be that couple?” After a moment of silence you nodded to yourself. “Of course we do. We’ll annoy the shit out of people.”


“So what were you thinking?” You asked again when you reached his room; a room you stayed in plenty of time. You were the one who hogged his bed and constantly fought over room while, Yoongi, poor Yoongi, had to watch from the other side. Unlike you, Jungkook had a roommate. 

Opening the door, you both walked in. At the sound, Yoongi’s head popped up from his laying down position on the bed. “Y/N! I never thought I’d say this, but I missed you here!” Yoongi shouted, grinning ear to ear. You’ve never seen him like this.

“Hyung,” Jungkook sighed. 

“Nope, I missed Y/N. How many times have I told you to apologize to her for ignoring her for so long?” Yoongi stood up and walked over to the both of you. 

“Many,” Jungkook rubbed the back of his neck, awkwardly, casting his eyes downward.

“Oh really? Well, hate to break it to you but it required a Vmin intervention to get him to apologize,” You playfully scowled in Jungkook’s direction. 

“Why, what happened?”

“Remember Y/F/N?”

“That girl I met once when she came over and after she left, I banned her from coming back because she was too damn annoying? Yeah, I remember her,” Yoongi rolled his eyes as if recalling a day he’d much rather forget. 

“She wasn’t my pen pal…Y/N was,” Jungkook still obviously felt guilty for picking a stranger over you.

“Oh? That makes a lot of sense. I liked your pen pal’s sense of humor and I liked Y/N,” Snapping his fingers he shook his head, “Should connected them sooner.”

“Well, now she’s exposed and Kook and I want to get revenge,” You clapped your hands, smiling sweetly.

“And we’re dating! Y/N, can’t forget about the highlight,” Jungkook grinned.

“I sure hope you are. The way Jungkook used to go on and on about you, you already knew he was in love with you.” 

“Oh really?”

“Hyung! Not important right now! Revenge plan, remember?” Jungkook waved his hands around.

“I love a good revenge plan. What were you thinking?”

“Remember the paint war we were supposed to have?”

“The one with the balloons?”

Nodding his head, Jungkook grinned. “That’s a great idea!”

Looking between the two boys who’d be thought being twelve years old with a conversation like this, you were confused. Paint war? Balloons? 

“You think? It isn’t too mean?”

“You’re asking the wrong person…I’d write roast the shit out of them with a diss track. How can I help?”

“Great. More of Jungkook’s friends. Wanna yell at me, too?” You overheard Y/F/N groan when she spotted Yoongi, Namjoon and Jin approaching her. 

Both you and Jungkook were hiding on top of a probably restricted construction structure. It was in front of one of the buildings being repaired from storm damage. Under the structure, was Y/F/N where you had planned her to be. 

“We were just wondering why you lied to Jungkook,” Jin said, innocently, walking closer, but not close enough to be ‘revenge-ed.’

“I have to explain it to you, too? Ugh, honestly if I had known this would be the consequences of being his friend in the first place then I’d–” You nudged Jungkook to hurry up and start. Jungkook sent you a smirk before dropping the blue water balloon so it landed on her head. 

She let out a shriek as you stifled a laugh. The boys in front of her laughed their asses off, and you quickly grabbed the special present Taehyung gave you. Throwing it on the ground next to her, an eruption of purple smoke was released. 

“Smoke bomb. Smart,” Jungkook nodded, handing you a balloon. You both threw the remaining balloons before the smoke dissipated and scurried off the structure. You pretended to be just walking in on the scene, noticing the boys motioning you over. 

“You did this!” Y/F/N pointed an accusing finger at the two of you. Putting both your hands up in surrender you denied, “We just got here, how would we?” You couldn’t contain your laugh as you observed her. She was a rainbow. Her arms were green and orange, while her head and torso was a mixture between blues and pinks. 

“Then maybe it was the other two,” She was fuming. 

“Us?” Taehyung and Jimin genuinely just entered the scene. All the while, other students walked by with snickers and smirks on their faces.

“Wondered why she got that.”

“I don’t care. She deserved it. You know she stole my boyfriend in freshman year?”

“She looks better like that.”

“I’d give a high five to the person who did that.”

Smirking to yourselves, both you and Jungkook returned to your dorm room. “Now, that, was fun,” You yelled, a large grin on your face. Tackling Jungkook in an embrace, you sighed in content. 

“Princess, as long as you’re dating me, it’ll always be fun,” He wiggled his eyebrows, suggestively.

“Says the virgin,” You smirked causing him to gasp. 

“Hey! You’re making fun!”

“No, no, just a small tease,” You leaned up and pecked his lips. Humming in response, Jungkook pulled you onto your bed. Hovering over you and wrapping his arms around you, he gave a cute smile.

“Just letting you know, I’m not letting go. Ever,” He buried his head in the crook of your neck as you laid underneath him.

“Good. Because I don’t want you to.”

The both of you soon fell asleep, your hand playing with his hair, a new thing you did that Jungkook loved. However, like the last time, you managed to move around so you were against his chest and legs tangled together. 

This time, when you woke up, there was no awkwardness. Soft smiles and sweet words were exchanged between you two and man, you wondered what the hell you did to deserve it. 

That day, you were both sent to you Dean’s office where Y/F/N, still some part of her body covered in paint splatters, sat in his chair. You sat in the other two seats next to Y/F/N. 

“I’m sorry Y/F/N, but no one saw it,” your Dean apologized.

“They had a smoke bomb! Believe me they did it!” She pointed another accusing finger at you.

“And why would they do that?” The Dean raised his eyebrow. You and Jungkook exchanged glances. You were both expecting this. If Y/F/N said you waned revenge, she’d have to explain why. And why would be the reason she’d be in trouble. Pretending to be someone else, especially if it was part of an assignment, was a violation and she knew that.

Opening her mouth a few times, she looked down and grumbled to herself. Looking back up sweetly, she apologized, “You know, it probably wasn’t them. I’m sorry for wasting your time.” Then she marched out the door and closed it behind her. 

“I’m sorry I had to have you here. You see, paint was thrown at Y/F/N and she thought you two were the culprits. Do you know why’d she’d think that?”

The both of you shook your heads in disbelief, widening your eyes. “What?” “No way!”

“I thought so. You can leave now,” the Dean motioned to the door. 

“See? Smoke bombs are smart,” you smirked, out of ear range of the Dean’s office.

Intertwining your hands, Jungkook sighed, “What an adventure; First I talked to my pen pal, then you, then back to my pen pal, then you, and then Y/F/N, and then you who was my pen pal all along? Wow, what a story to tell.”

“Yeah, at least we’re both at fault. We both did stupid things.”

“Because we’re both idiots,” Jungkook finished.

“For each other,” you pinched his cheek lovingly, causing him to groan. 

“You’re lucky I love you.”

“As Sarcastic Princess would say, I love me too,” You smiled when he chuckled. “Oh, and I love you, too.”

ITS OVER *wipes tear* I hope this was an okay ending that satisfied you all! Thank you all so much for reading this and leaving such sweet messages and asks. I couldn’t ask for a better bunch of readers.

As for the next pen pal, it’s going to be….*drum rolls* Yoongi’s!!! So all you Yoongi biased (heh me too) be sure to stick around!! Pls, I love making friends.

How did you like it? Any particular parts you loved? Let me know!

I love y’all~

More Than This (Stiles Stilinski soulmate imagine)

Summary: a soulmate AU in which you can talk with your soulmate through a link in your minds. Based off the prompt ‘this is yours’.

Word count: 8.1k 

Warnings: just the odd curse here and there!

A/N: I rewrote this prompt three times and I’ve finally come out with something I like! The soulmate AU isn’t something I’ve tackled in this fandom and it’s always been a favourite of mine so I reckoned it was about time…I hope you enjoy it! :) Pls don’t let it flop.

For @fillthevoid-stilinski ‘s writing challenge!! <3

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Age 16.

“Has it happened yet?”

Glaring at your best friend, you shook your head. “I don’t think it’s something that happens all of a sudden, Amber. Besides, he might not be sixteen yet,” you said, lips twitching as you watched her bounce up and down on your bed. It was the morning of your sixteenth birthday and she’d woken you up at the crack of dawn, demanding to know if it’d happened - if you’d got it.

“You never know,” she pointed out. “They could start speaking any second.”

Nodding hopefully, you layed back on your bed and closed your eyes. “I guess I just need to wait.”

Amber mirrored your actions, laying down beside you. “Tell me the moment you hear something.”

If I hear anything,” you clarified, nodding nevertheless. “Will do.”

For as long as the earth had turned, soulmates had existed. Although there were many connections one shared with their soulmate, there was one fundamental link that could never be turned off - a communication bond. Once sixteen, the tradition was to grow a mental connection with your soulmate in which it was possible to communicate with one another.

Of course, the universe couldn’t make it that easy for you. Your soulmate always had their voice muffled somehow so you never truly knew how they sounded. There were also pieces of information that couldn’t be passed along the link. If you tried to tell them where you lived or where they could find you, they’d hear nothing but blank noise.

To many, the mind link was only a curse. It could be torturous to be so close to your soulmate but have no real way of coming into contact with them, having to rely on fate to bring you together.

To you, however, it was exciting. You were practically bouncing off the walls! Most of the people around you had found their soulmates and never failed to tell you how incredible it’d been to hear their voice for the first time - you were ready to have a similar story. Despite knowing that your soulmate may not yet be sixteen, you were feeling incredibly optimistic that the link would open any minute.

“Y/N,” Amber whined, a few minutes later. “Have you got anything yet?”

Biting your lip, you shook your head. “No, I’ll let you know if I-”

“Hi? Anyone…um, there?”

“-oh my god!” You exclaimed, sitting straight up, eyes wide. “That was a voice! A voice,” you repeated, pointing at your forehead. “Amber, there was a voice in my head.”

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richie realizing he likes you [headcanons]

Originally posted by shewasinthedeadlights

Pairing: Richie Tozier x reader

Also,  this might be related to a future fic :)

  • okay
  • so y’all have been friends for years
  • and little does Richie know
  • you’ve been crushing on him for all those years
  • I mean
  • he’s just so pretty
  • like, prettier than you
  • it’s just not fair
  • also, he’s hilarious
  • and charming
  • and caring
  • anyways, here we are, getting off track
  • so Richie would probably realize that he likes you after you do something badass
  • like stand up to Henry Bowers for him
  • or maybe something during the whole fiasco with Pennywise
  • but he’d stare at you in awe and just swoon
  • like homeboy really swooned
  • and you’re just like: ????
  • and he’s all like: !!!
  • and so of course he goes straight to the Losers
  • and he’s all like “okay but I really like her guys”
  • Bev just goes “yeah, its kind of obvious”
  • and the rest of the Losers mutter in agreement
  • Richie is just like “??? why didn’t you guys tell me I like her?”
  • they all roll their eyes
  • “w-w-we were wa-a-a-aiting for you t-t-to figure it out yourself dumba-a-ass.” bill stutters
  • Richie looks conflicted at this turn of events
  • and then he starts freaking out
  • “I can’t have feelings. Trashmouth Tozier does not get all swoon-y over some fucking girl. That”s it. I’m just not gonna like her.”
  • the Losers all exchange skeptical glances
  • what?! I’m not gonna let some stupid feelings get in the way. Feelings are for pussies. like eds.”
  • “Whatever you say rich.”
  • so Richie decides to not have a crush on you
  • poor boy, you can’t just turn your emotions off
  • everything is going great
  • he’s acting completely normal
  • until you arrive at the quarry
  • then it all goes to shit
  • you greet everyone with a hug
  • (its your thing)
  • and Richie can’t help it but his heart goes: !!!!!
  • and then you smile at him and his heart kind of just: !!!!
  • well there goes his brilliant plan of not liking you
  • he can’t help it
  • your smile is just so gorgeous
  • so Richie does what he does best
  • flirt
  • or at least, he tries
  • in reality, its just a bunch of crude jokes
  • or comebacks
  • like, you’ll be all like “wow im really tired”
  • and Richie will probably reply something really quick like “I know something you can sit on”
  • and the Losers will look at him in disbelief
  • like wtf Richie
  • that’s not how you get the girl
  • but then they notice you laughing and blushing at his comment
  • and they’ll realize
  • and Bev will just point it out
  • oh my god! you like Richie!”
  • what? Bev, no.”
  • the Losers would do anything they could to push you two together
  • they’d sit you down next to each other at the movies
  • they’d tell Richie to walk you home
  • or pick you up
  • the boys would all flirt with you
  • so would Beverly tbh
  • and then Richie would just get so fed up
  • you fuckers know I like her!”
  • well you’re not doing anything about it are you?”
  • and so, one day, you’d be lounging around the quarry
  • just having gotten out of the water
  • and you’re just sitting in the sun, head tossed back as Mike says something, a cocky smirk on his face as he looks at Richie
  • and Richie just get so worked up
  • so he walks over to you
  • and he grabs your hand, pulling you up
  • you stumble into his chest
  • he smoothly (read: clumsily) wraps his arms around you and leans down to place a kiss on your lips
  • he thinks he’s the smoothest thing since I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!
  • he’s really not
  • it’s awkward and tender
  • first kiss awwww go you!
  • and so you pull away and you’re like: !!!
  • and he’s all like: !!!
  • and he admits that he likes you
  • listen (Y/N), I have a huge fucking crush on you”
  • and you kind of just…melt
  • it’s about time. I’ve liked you since we were six and you learned how to use curse words other than ‘stupid’.”
  • this time, it’s Richie that melts
  • and so you’re just staring at each other until Mike claps his hands
  • well, my work here is done”
  • and he walks away and gets high fives from the rest of the Losers
  • hey what the fuck is that all about?”Richie asks
  • Bill steps forwards
  • w-w-well you weren’t g-g-g-gonna say anything, s-s-so we decided t-t-t-to rush the process.”
  • you and Richie look at each other before smiling.
  • well thank fuck.”

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Purr Purr Purr

Blame that trailer.

“Did you hear that?” Sabine glanced at her husband with a frown.

They were just about to head off to bed, when they heard the odd noises from Marinette’s room.

“Maybe she is working on a sewing project again?” Tom suggested while glancing at the roof of the kitchen. She didn’t have school tomorrow, so it wasn’t really a problem if she wanted to stay late.

“No, listen carefully.” Sabine motioned for him to be silent.

The noises from the streets weren’t that audible, but the odd sounds coming from Marinette’s room were. It sounded familiar but still weird.

“Maybe we should check on her.” he suggested and Sabine nodded.

They went up the stairs, trying to not to make too much noise. Once they reached the trap door, the sounds were very clear. Purring. Tom and Sabine exchanged a glance. Marinette wasn’t allowed with pets in the bakery. Did she just find an injured stray and took it in? Knowing Marinette, it was possible. But she should have told them about it. They exchanged a look and Sabine gestured for Tom to open the trapdoor.

They certainly didn’t expect to find their daughter cuddling with Chat Noir.


Marinette giggled against Chat’s lips as she stroked one of his ears. “I still can’t believe you purr.”

Chat, seemed pretty much gone, his face was red and he had an open-mouthed smile. If she had to take a wild guess, she would say he was close to drooling.

“Oh, minou, minou.” she cooed while petting him. “Who is the most adorable kitty ever?”

Chat’s purrs got even louder as he answered. “Meeeee.”

She stopped abruptly, making Chat whine. Then, she laid back on the chaise, opening her arms wide. “Here, Chaton.”

He lunged into her arms and rested his head against her chest purring loudly while Marinette cuddled him. She really loved his cat tendencies. It was way too adorable. Maybe they could even go to sleep now. Hm…


She almost jumped out of her skin and screamed when she noticed her parents looking at her. Even Chat stopped purring and looked up in alarm.

“Maman, papa, I can explain.”

Well, no, she couldn’t really. How do you explain to your parents that you are cuddling with a superhero because his cat tendencies made him adorable beyond possibility and you couldn’t resist?

“Don’t worry honey.” her father said, taking his phone out and snapping a picture. “Chat Noir, you should come to dinner sometimes.”

Sabine nodded along. “Yes, yes. We will leave you two now.” she took Tom’s arm and guided him back down the stairs and followed. Before she closed the trapdoor she smiled at Marinette.

“Don’t forget you have condoms in your nightstand, dear.”


Things You Said - Claire/Jamie one-shot drabbles

In order to get my feet wet in the world of Outlander fanfic, I decided to write some one-shot AU drabbles based on the “things you said” prompts. Feedback is extremely welcome.

Things You Said After You Kissed Me

She isn’t a jealous person.

Truly, it’s a useless emotion and Claire Beauchamp has no time for it. She was never jealous, not when she saw women flirting with her fiancé, nor when he announced he was leaving her for a former student.

So, really, if she was going to be jealous, it would have been then, not when she saw the pair of them walking into the jazz club she forced herself to go to.

While she may not feel jealousy towards the girl (Candy? Trixie?), she does feel a very specific emotion towards Frank.


Why should he get to walk around, happy and in love, while she mopes about like a pathetic spinster?

27 years old is too young to be a spinster. She’s a doctor, damn it, and a desirable woman.

So she does the first thing that pops into her slightly whisky-soaked brain: grab the handsome red headed stranger sitting two seats away and kiss him for all she’s worth. It’s a great plan, if she does say so herself. Sure, there’s a possibility of things going terribly wrong, but there’s no time to consider that outcome.

Thankfully, the stranger is only stunned into stillness for three seconds. She feels one large hand slide into her hair, gripping the curls lightly as he responds to the kiss. His other hand rests respectfully on her shoulder. If she wishes he would move that hand to her back, pull her tightly into his embrace, that’s just the whisky talking.

The sound of a man clearing his throat somewhere to her right causes her to slowly disengage from the gorgeous stranger, their eyes locked. His gaze shines bright with confusion and hunger and the urge to ignore the interruption and get back to the task at hand is strong.

Unfortunately, the interruption speaks and breaks the spell. “Hello Claire.”

His voice, smarmy and haughty, grates on her nerves. How did she ever think he was the one? Why did she think she wanted to marry this man and spend her life with him?

“Hello Frank,” she responds, her tone cool and disinterested. Gesturing vaguely to his female companion, she continues, “and this is?”

“This is Sandy. My…fiancée,” he answers with slight trepidation. Again, Claire feels no jealousy over the situation. She doesn’t wish she still held that title and she doesn’t feel her heart crack in her chest. At most, she feels anger that he’s moved on so fast with this woman, as if their relationship meant nothing.

Lost in thought, Claire nearly misses Frank extending his hand towards her unwitting accomplice. “Frank Randall.”

“Jamie Fraser,” he introduces himself with a lyrical Scottish brogue and a hard gripping handshake – Claire doesn’t miss the slight wince on Frank’s face. “Claire’s husband.”

If she had been taking a drink at that moment, it would have ended up all over Frank and Sandy/Candy/Trixie. As it is, she coughs slightly to cover up her surprise at his impromptu answer.

“Husband?” Frank seems as surprised by this change in marital status as Claire is. His eyes widen as he searches her face for answers.

“Oh aye, going on one month now. Bit of a whirlwind romance, ye ken? We met right at this very club and from the first moment, I knew there could be no other.”

Her fake husband grabs her hand reverently, stroking his thumb over her knuckles in a tender gesture. She can’t help but catch his eye, marveling at the shade of blue and at the mischief hiding there. Finally registering Frank’s silence, she glances over to see a rare lack of composure taking over him.

“Well…I guess congratulations are in order,” he says with no real confidence or sincerity. Claire’s not sure if the shock is plain on her face, but she smiles tightly and nods.

“Thank you, Frank. Congratulations to you both as well.”

The awkward silence stretches on before Jamie stands, reaching several inches taller than Frank. “Ready to head out, mo nighean donn?”

Stunned, Claire barely manages a nod and a polite goodbye to Frank and his new fiancée. She feels Jamie’s fingers squeeze hers reassuringly before they make their way to the exit hand in hand. Claire doesn’t even offer a parting glace at the man she used to love, leaving him in shocked silence with his new future.

“I’m sorry if I got a little carried away back there, lass. I just thought you might like to one up the bastard,” Jamie explains with a self-deprecating shrug and a smirk one they’re out the door.

“You?” she exclaims, eyes wide, “I practically accosted you without so much as a ‘hello, how are you?’ I didn’t give you much of a choice in the little charade.”

“Weel, I’ve no been accosted by such a bonnie lass before. Did you no see me working up the nerve to talk to you all night?”

Claire can feel the blush warming her cheeks in the cool night air. “As a matter of fact, I didn’t. “

Finally taking stock of their surroundings, she notes that they’re a couple blocks away from the bar, hands still clasped together. She ponders letting go for a brief moment before tightening her grip, enjoying the feel of his warm palm against hers.

“Since you so brazenly attacked me at the bar, I think you owe me a favor, lass.”

“Oh really?” she asks with a smile fighting to take over her face. “And what, exactly, did you have in mind?”

Stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, Jamie gestures to the diner a few paces away. “A quick bite to eat?”

She finds herself unable to slow her rapid heartbeat in the face of his bright grin. Not trusting her voice, she nods and allows him to lead her inside the nearly empty establishment.

If Claire fancied herself a competitive person, she would definitely declare herself the winner.

Road Trip!

Originally posted by alicefilar

Prompt: Road trips are meant to be fun, but throw in eight very different and very interesting seventeen year olds that somehow manage to stick together through all this time. You get a whole world of trouble.

Pairing: Loser’s Club x Reader, Richie x Reader, hints of Beverly x Ben and Bill x Stan

Warnings: madness.

You didn’t really have a destination. The eight of you just decided to hop in Bill’s car and drive

It was the long weekend and none of you had good enough parents that would care if you disappeared for a night; except for maybe Eddie’s mom. Who cared a little too much. But, with a lot of convincing, the eight of you had managed to convince her.

So each of you spent the next half hour packing whatever you’d need and planned to meet by Bill’s house. All eight of you, seventeen and growing, climbed into Bill’s car, that wasn’t even his car and rather his dad, and drive to wherever the road took you.

Richie and Stan fought for the front seat, but all it took for Richie was your hand grabbing his and he easily went with you. The both of you set yourselves in one seat, you atop of his lap since there wasn’t quite enough room for everyone to sit. But of course, Richie didn’t really mind even if he complained. Sat beside you was Eddie and behind you was Ben, Beverly and Mike, and then of course in the front was Stan and Bill.

“Let’s get this party on the road!” Richie cheered, pumping his fist high beside your head. You frowned, narrowly missing his clenched fist before grabbing it and looking down at the curly head boy. “Shh, Rich- you’re too loud.”

“Sorry.” Richie grinned, lowering his hand as you smiled at him. Richie tended to become a real softie when it involved you.

You heard the engine sputter and Bill put the car in first gear. Soon enough, he was pulling from the driveway and off onto the road. He had the biggest grin on his face; the first one you’d seen in a while. Of course, school was stressful and life got in the way, but man did it feel good to be surrounded by your friends and forget about everything; even for just a little bit. 

You found Bill peering in through the rearview mirror; “where we hu-headed?”

“I say anywhere.” Beverly grinned, and you peered back at her with a faint smile. “Let the road just take us.”

“How poetic Bev,” Ben grinned; the two laughing. You shook your head, the two should just get together already. 

“Well where are we going?” Eddie asked, and you could hear a tinge of panic in his voice. “We have to make sure it’s clean- oh! And safe. There’s a lot of dangerous thing-”

“We’ll be fine.” Mike sighed, though you caught a faint smile on his lips. You giggled; figure it to be Eddie to be the one already freaking out. “I say we go spend the night somewhere. Ooh! We could go camping?” You offered, sticking your head between where Stan and Bill sat in the front. Stan peered back at you, nodding.

“Did any of bring the nuh-necessary supplies we’d n-need in order to go cam-camping?” Bill questioned.

You frowned, falling back into Richie’s chest. No. You didn’t.

“No.” Stan answered; “we could go hiking somewhere?”

“I brought snacks!”

“Ugh,” you heard, more like felt, Richie groan behind you; his chest rubbling against your back. “I don’t wanna walk! That’s too much exercise.”

“There’s nothing wrong with walking, idiot.” You tease, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Yes, there is.” Richie argued, “I do enough of that already.”

“No you don’t.” Stan piped up, looking back at you and Richie. “You spend your entire day in the arcade.”

“Not true.”



“Yes, uh.”

“Okay, sh-shut up.” Bill griped. 

“Who made you the boss?” Stan grumbled, looking over at his seat partner with faux anger. 

“I did.” Bill grinned, “besides i’m t-the driver, theref-fore that makes me the bo-boss.”

“No it does-”

“Richie- hush.” You griped, setting your hand on his chest. Grumbling something under his breath, Richie reluctantly fell silent.

“Maybe we could play some music?” Mike asked aloud, leaning up to grip the back of your seat. “I think that’s a great idea.” Ben grinned, nodding eagerly.

“What station?”

“Any.” Eddie answered for everyone else; “just as long as I don’t have to hear Richie constant annoying voice.” You bit your lip to keep yourself from laughing, considering said insulted boy was your boyfriend and you just so happened to be sitting on his lap. But, no matter how hard you tried, the minute the rest started to giggle; so did you.

“I don’t have to let you sit on my lap, you know that right?” Richie grumbled, turning to you with a raised eyebrow. Biting the inside of your cheek, your laughter slowed down as the rest continued to giggle. “Okay, okay. I’m sorry.” You relented, leaning down to press a kiss against his chest. 

“Besides.” RIchie piped up, turning to Eddie with a mischievous smirk. “Eds loves me.”

“I do not!” Eddie squeaked; “and don’t call me Eds.”

“You love it, Eddie Spaghetti.”


“Jesus, Richie do you ever not know how to start fights?” Beverly grumbled from behind. Grinning like a little shit, Richie shook his head. “It’s my specialty.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Beverly shrugged.

“Well, anyways… What about music?” You asked.

“Bill?” Stan questioned, peering over at the skinny boy with a light, soft gaze. Smiling lightly at the slightly taller boy, Stan tilted his head in question. Bill answered the boys question by leaning forward and turning on the radio and the placing both his hands on the steering wheel. “You puh-pick.”

Stan smiled, leaning forward to press different buttons.

“Aweh, man. Don’t let Stanley pick the music, knowing him he’ll pick something gir-”

“Beep, beep Richie.”

You shook your head at your boyfriends antics, figures he’d be the loudest one.

Eventually Stan chose a station, and you felt a smile grow on your lips as you recognized the song. Ice Ice Baby started playing and you could instantly feel your head begin bopping to the song; it may be three years old but all of you still loved it. Slowly the seven of you plus Bill, but safely, began bopping and singing to the song.

You all lost sense of time and car, as Bill randomly chose different highway and routes to take.

Laughter filled the car as you just continued to drive.

You were a dysfunctional bunch, but you made it work. Sure, the eight of you ended up just driving back home by the end of it. And sure, you ended up arriving home late at night, but you’d had the time of your life that day. All of you stuck in a small and warm car; dancing to the best of your ability. And yeah, a whole lot of arguments and yelling went down’ but in the end you wouldn’t trade it for anything.

“I say we do that again!”

Do I know what this is?

No. No I don’t. Hope you enjoyed it though!