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All The Time In The World

[One shot - request]

Summary: Olivia is the one in charge of Negan once he’s in jail, but what happens when you’re given the chance to come face to face with the man?

Note: This one shot was requested by the lovely @oceaninwinter


“I really don’t wanna go down there.” Olivia said, shaking her head as she held onto the bucket of hot water.

“Then why do you do it?” You said confused as you looked back at her. You could see just how much she hated her job of having to take care of Negan.

“It’s just the job Rick gave to me, and I thought I could handle it.” She said, walking hesitantly to the basement door of the abandoned building you were currently in.

“Don’t. I’ll go.” You said with a shrug, “It can’t be that hard.”

You hadn’t been with the group long, you weren’t around for this whole “war” that they often talked about, which led to the way they were living their lives now. You always heard about the man they called Negan, but had never met him, but from the things that you had heard - all the stories - he was someone that everyone once feared, and for good reason. If half of what you heard was true, then he was terrifying. It made you nervous to even offer to trade jobs with her, but you saw how much she truly despised it, and figured that it would be easier on you than her. Your job was to stay upstairs and keep an eye out for anything suspicious, and having full permission from Rick to take Negan out if he tried to escape.

“No, (Y/N). I really shouldn’t, I don’t know how Rick would feel about it.” She answered. She was saying no, but you could see in her eyes that she wanted to say yes to it. It wouldn’t take much more pushing of the question to get her to agree.

You crossed you arms, “Rick doesn’t have to know, okay? We won’t tell him.”

“Negan would tell him.” She said matter-of-factly.

“Why would he do that?” You were genuinely confused now.

“That statement alone let’s me know that you don’t need to do this, (Y/N). He can’t be trusted, you don’t know him like the rest of us.” She warned.

You were beginning to grow just a little annoyed. You were offering her a chance to get out of it, and she seemed to come up with every excuse to say no.

You sighed and took a step closer to her, “I’ll ask him not to tell Rick, okay? And even if he tells him, so what? We’ll tell Rick you don’t wanna do this anymore. You can sit up here and keep a lookout while I deal with him.”

She pressed her lips together with a worried expression on her face, thinking it over until finally have you a reluctant nod, “Okay, okay.. I’ll let you do it.”

“Alright.” You said, your face was a blank expression, but inside you were nervous and intrigued all at once, you were finally gonna meet the man everyone has been afraid of.

She handed over the bucket of water to you, “You take this, and let him clean up.” She trailed off as she reached into her pocket to pull out a small leather pouch, “You’ll need this too if he wants to shave.. I’m assuming you know how to use one of these?” She said as she pulled a flap back on the pouch to reveal a straight razor.

You nodded, “It can’t be that hard, I just know I’d have to be extra careful.. I’m shaving him?” You said with a confused expression.

“Yes, you do. We never let him do it himself. You should also make sure that he keeps his distance.” She said, giving you a concerned look.

“You’re talking like he’s psychotic, or something, Olivia.” Your forehead creased.

“I don’t say it lightly, (Y/N). Keep your guard up at all times.. Here, you’ll need this, too, obviously.” She said as she reaching into her pocket, pulling out a small shiny object - it was the key to Negan’s cell.

You nodded again and stuffed the leather pouch into your pocket, taking the key from her, “I will.” You turned the knob of the basement door slowly, the creaking of it disturbing the silence, the draft of cold, damp air hitting you. You gave Olivia one more glance before you turned to walk down the rickety wooden steps as she shut the door behind you tightly. You had to admit you were a bundle of nerves going down there, you were shaking and it wasn’t from the cool air of the drafty basement. When you got to the bottom step, you took a moment to collect yourself, taking in a deep breathe. You could see the makeshift cell that has been welded against the wall. You glanced nervously into the darkened cell, just barely being able to make out a silhouette of the man named Negan.
You jumped suddenly when a voice sounded from the other side of the bars.

“Y'know I started to fuckin’ ask when Olivia had such a dramatic goddamn weight loss.” A deep voice said in a cheeky tone.

You approached the bars cautiously, setting down the bucket, “I’m not Olivia.”

“Yeah, I kinda fuckin’ figured that out on my own.” He said matter-of-factly. You could hear scraping on the concrete floor as his silhouette became bigger, he must have been sitting on the floor. You were finally granted your first glimpse of the man as he approached the bars, feeding his arms through them. You weren’t disappointed with the sight, he was tall, and more handsome than you had expected him to be. He was sporting a full beard, but his hair was short and slicked back against his skull, compared to his beard it must have been cut recently. You looked down at your feet for a moment, not being able to keep contact with his dark, intimidating eyes for very long.

“Where the fuck is my dear, Olivia? Not that I’m complaining, this is a nice fuckin’ change of scenery.” He said slowly, you looked back to see his tongue darting from between his lips. You could feel his eyes on your body, and suddenly you lost your voice.

“You’re not gonna fuckin’ ignore me now, are you?” He spoke sternly, regaining your attention.

You shook your head quickly, “No sir- I mean, Negan. She’s- she’s upstairs. I traded with her.”

He raised an eyebrow, “Sir? That’s fuckin’ sweet of you. What’s your name, darlin’?”

Your mouth relaxed into a thin line, “(Y/N)”

He gave you a dangerous, yet charming smirk, “That is a beautiful name.”

You bit your lip, trying not to let a smile break through, “Thank you.” You fiddled with your fingers absentmindedly as the silence filled the air again.

Negan leaned against the bars, “You seem pretty fuckin’ nervous.”

“Well, you are pretty infamous around here.” You admitted.

Negan chuckled, letting his teeth scrape over his bottom lip, “Yeah? According to fuckin’ who - Rick?”

You nodded slowly, “Him and the others. I’ve heard things.”

“You don’t look too fuckin’ familiar to me. I’m guessing you’re new?” He smirked cockily.

You were still nervous, but there was something about him that made you relax just a bit, and you weren’t sure if that was a good thing, or a bad thing that had a chance of getting you into some deep shit.

“I am. I wasn’t around for the war that everyone talks about. I’ve been here for about 3 months, give or take a few weeks.”

His lips parted as he gave you a coy grin, “I’ve been stuck behind these fuckin’ bars for almost a year now. After hearing the stories, you didn’t even fuckin’ bother to pay a visit to the resident jail bird, darlin’?”

You gave him a weak smile and shrugged, “Well I imagine you wouldn’t want people to come down here to gawk at you like a caged animal, and frankly, I was scared.”

“But I am a fuckin’ animal, sweetheart.” He said confidently, his white teeth peekimg through his lips.

He has a dark look in his eyes, that was almost.. Seductive.. The way his eyes trailed over you as he said it made you realize that he was hinting that he was an animal not just for his crimes, but for a more primal reason. A sudden, familiar heat rose up inside of you, a heat you hadn’t felt In a long time, and one that you so often ached to feel again. It was startling, you bit down on your lip hard, almost certain you had broken the skin. Negan making you feel this way - especially so soon - was wrong, it made you uncomfortable and excited all at once. You did your best to keep your composure as you felt the dampness between your legs increasing. You had to avert your eyes away from him again, his stare was so intense. You were sure he’d see right through you, and if he did, he spared you the embarrassment of letting it be known.

“Sweetheart, are you gonna give me my bucket of water any fuckin’ time soon? I’d like to use it before it gets cold.” He said, parting his hands as he leaned his head against a cell bar.

You closed your eyes, exhaling a shaky breath and dipped your hand into your pocket to pull the key out, “Yes, I’m sorry.” You approached his cell door, glancing at him timidly as you reached out to shove the key into the lock, turning it until there was a click. You pulled the door slowly, your hands gripping so tightly around one of the bars that your knuckles were turning white for fear he was going to dart from behind the bars. You held your breathe as he pulled his arms back through the bars and sauntered over to the door. He towered over you, forcing you to look up to meet his gaze and up close it was even more intimidating and.. Sexy. If he took it upon himself to try to escape there’s no way in hell you could have stopped him. He gave you a sly smirk as he bent down to grab the bucket and take it back into his cell, and it took everything in you to keep you from melting then and there. There was something about that man that was absolutely intoxicating. You weren’t the kind of woman to swoon for a man who gave you just the least bit of attention, but even you couldn’t deny the charm that radiated off of him.

You backed away from the cell, leaving the door ajar. You weren’t sure what you were supposed to do next, you felt your cheeks flush red again as you glanced over to see the white t-shirt he was wearing being pulled from his body. He was toned and had a few stray tattoos here and there, most notably being the cross on his left arm. If the top half looked this good, what else did he have hidden away under his clothes? You brushed the thought away, scolding yourself internally for thinking such a thing.

You could feel your palms getting clammy, “I should give you some privacy.”

He snorted and dipped a rag into the bucket, “Don’t fuckin’ get shy on my account, darlin’. Sweet thing usually fuckin’ sits over there and reads until I’m done.” He said gesturing to a chair in the corner of the room.

“Oh.. Right.” You said bashfully as you turned quickly, heading for the chair before he could take anymore clothes off. You sat down, keeping your eyes at your feet, trying to hold back your temptation to sneak a peek at this man. You tapped your foot lightly on the ground, you could hear the unzipping of his pants now and your eyes scanned along the floor momentarily, but they snapped back to your feet once his voice sounded again.

“How do you fuckin’ like it around here?” He said, sloshing water around in the bucket.

You gave a shrug, assuming that he was looking at you, “It’s nice. It’s sort of boring, but with the way stuff is now, I guess I should be thankful for a boring life.”

You heard him chuckle, “You don’t strike me as a boring girl, darlin’. You look like your prone to getting into some shit.”

You smirked, he wasn’t entirely wrong about that. A few moments passed, the silence fell over the room again, the only sound to be heard was the sound of water. Your temptation was beginning to override you and your curiosity had taken over you, your eyes trailed along the floor again. Fuck it. You eyes quickly darted forward, making contact with his bare body, and the sight was not disappointing either. Your eyes widened at the sight, your legs clenched involuntarily as felt the dampness between to legs beck not noticeable than before. This man was supposed to be so terrible and evil, but here you were lusting after him after you just met.

“It you want a better fuckin’ look at my dick, just say so, sweetheart.” His deep time called, breaking your concentration on his body.

You had a look of guilt on your face as you met his eyes in embarasment. He stood there, smirking as he dropped the rag back into the bucket.

You closed your eye tightly, shaking your head, “I- I’m sorry.” You opened one eye back up slowly.

He bit his lip, “It doesn’t fuckin’ bother me, darlin’. Don’t get much fuckin’ action from women these days, and try as I fuckin’ might, your other half up there won’t give me the time of fuckin’ day.. Is she a goddamn carpet muncher or something?” He said as he pulled his pants back on.

You chewed your lip “No, I don’t think so..”

He sniffed and gave you a shrug as he walked out of his cell, setting the bucket outside, his shirtless chest still glistening from the water running down it, “Could’ve fooled me. Shit, I’ve been trying to get her for months - and nothing - not even a sad eyecontactless handjob.”

Your lips parted slightly as your hand clamped over your face, trying to stifle back laughter.

He sucked his teeth as he walked forward, “Is it that amusing, babydoll?”

You shook your head, “I’m sorry. After all the things I’ve heard.. I never expected you to be funny.”

He shrugged and gave you a smile, “It wasn’t a joke, but what-the-fuck-ever. Do you have the razor, darlin’. I’d like to get this goddamn bush off my face.” He said run in his hand through his beard.

You gave a nod as you stood up, “I do.” You pulled the chair to the middle of the room to let him sit in it. He watched you intently as you pulled the leather pouch from your pants pocket to take the razor out.

“I’m not gonna lie, I don’t really know what I’m doing with this.” You confessed, your eyebrows knitting together.

He intertwined his hands behind his head as he leaned back in the chair “Just try not to slit my fuckin’ throat, darlin’. You’re gonna need to sharpen it first of all.”


He closed his eyes with a smirk, “See this belt looking shit right here?” He said reaching around the back of the chair to pull on what looked like a strip of leather, “You sharpen it with this.”

“Okay, then I definitely don’t know what I’m doing.” You huffed, running a hand over your face.

“Here, give it to me.” He said reaching out for it.

You backed up quickly, pulling the arm that held it behind you. Giving him a hostile look. Did he think you were that stupid?

He gave you a call smile and blinked, “I’m serious. Look, if I wanted to fuckin’ escape, I wouldn’t need a dull fuckin’ straight razor to do it, babydoll.” He said leaning forward, his tone was serious, not the joking-nonchalant one he had been using the majority of the time.

You knew it was probably a terrible idea, and your mind was screaming at you not to do it, but you couldn’t help but believe him, and his natural charm wasn’t any help in keeping you cautious of him for very long. You let out a breathe and took a slow step towards him, reaching out to give it to him. You felt the chills run down your body when his hand made contact with yours, his fingers lingering over your skin longer than they should have before he pulled back, taking the one object he shouldn’t have been allowed do have in his hand. You had to let your mind adjust to the situation, you could only imagine Olivia’s face if she she saw this shit. You took a step back as you carefully watched the razor in his grasp as he stepped to the back of the chair, pulling the leather strap tightly to run the blade of the razor back and forth across it. This was a dangerous situation, and you knew it, but it seemed to excite you further at the same time. You could see the muscles in his bare arm flexing each time he moved. Your teeth found your bottom lip again, giving it a generous tug as you watched him. It was so easy to go into a trance-like state while you watched him, any movement he made being done with fluidity and ease, only making you all the more intrigued by him. You listened to the scraping of the blade against the leather, it was somewhat soothing as it eased the tense air of the room. You were snapped out of your transfixed state when when the scraping stopped. You swallowed, there was a lump im your throat when he turned back towards you, the sharpened razor still in his hand. You exhaled shakily.. Was this it? Was he gonna slit your throat and escape? So many thoughts were running through you as he stepped towards you, your body tensing, preparing for whatever he was going to do next. But you relaxed just as fast as you had been bracing yourself for something terrible.

He folded the razor back into itself, extending his arm to hand it over to you, “Might wanna be extra fuckin’ careful, sugar. It’s sharp as shit, and I’m not in the mood to get my throat slit today.”

You took it from his hand, giving him an obedient nod, surprised that he even gave it back to you at all, “I handn’t planned on it.” You smirked.

He finally sat back down, giving you some peace of mind when he did so. You walked around the the back of the chair to a small table that sat beside the wall. It was obviously Olivia’s setup for when she had the job of shaving him. You grabbed a can of shaving cream that sat on it and a clean rag before walking back over to him. His hands were back behind his head again, and his legs were kicked out as if he didn’t have a care in the world. You had to admit, you sort of admired that about him. He truly didn’t give a shit.

You held the can out to him, “I’m sure this part you can manage yourself, right?” You said teasingly.

He gave you a challenging expression and reached out to take the can from you, “You’ve sorta got a fuckin’ attitude on you, don’t you?”

“No more than you seem to have.” You brushed some hair behind your ear, giving a small smile as he began to cover his beard with shaving cream, “Females with an attitude intimidate you, or something?”

He ran his hand over his beard, his eyes shifting to you, giving you an almost dangerous look, and you decided at that moment maybe you should choose your words more carefully, he was still some who was unpredictable in his actions. His eyes narrowed as they continued to burn into yours as he handed the can back to you.

“No. I’ve always had a fuckin’ thing for the ones with an attitude.. They were always more fun to break.” He said, clearing his throat.

You turned quickly to bring the can back to the table, happy to get away from his gaze for another moment, mainly because you didn’t want him to see you blushing, yet again. It was beginning to get ridiculous. You took in a breath and walked back in from of him, opening up the razor slowly as you stood beside him, your nervousness growing again once you realized you were going to get extra up close and personal with him. You knew it wasn’t that you were were fearful of him harming you, it was for the fact that it would be would no secret to him now that you were weakened by his charming nature.

You stood there for a moment, overlooking his features before you finally reached out, placing your free hand on his head. He complied easily enough, tilting his head to the side as your brought down the razor, being careful not to cut him as you slid it down his cheek, listening to the scraping of it against his skin. He often shifted his eyes, looking at you out the corner of them. Once the first stroke was done, you were a little more confident in what you were doing.

“Shit, that was easy enough, huh?” He said as you wiped the razor on the rag, before bringing it back up to his skin again.

“Yeah, you’re still alive. I’d say I’m not doing too bad.” You smirked.

“Tell me something about your fuckin’ self, darlin’. You got yourself a man.. Or a fuckin’ woman? Can’t imagine something as pretty as you is single.” He said shifted his eyes over to you once, again giving you another sly grin.

You shook your head slowly, trying to keep your concentration as the razor glided across his skin again, “No. I was with someone, but that was a very long time ago.”

Negan hummed softly, giving you that dangerous look again. It had become apparent now that, that look made you susceptible to becoming very hot and bothered. The thought of throwing your leg over him and taking a seat brushed across your mind, you wondered how he would react. You bit the inside of your cheek roughly for letting these intruding thoughts keep popping into your mind. You finally finished with one side of his face, you looked down at his legs that were splayed out, blocking you.

You looked at him timidly, “Could you uh- your legs.”

“Sure fuckin’ thing, sweetheart.” He said clearing his throat as he sat up straight in the chair.

You moved in front of him, noting mentally that you were in the perfect position to straddle him for real now. You closed your eyes briefly. These thoughts didn’t seem like they were ever gonna stop, and you weren’t sure that you really wanted them to. You leaned forward, your hands sliding into his hair again, the sound of the razor over his skin filling the room. You followed his gaze and he made no effort to hide the fact that his eyes were locked onto your cleavage, his teeth brushing over his bottom lip. As if you weren’t hot enough over him already, the sight of lust in his eyes as he stared at your full breasts through the thin shirt you were wearing surely did it for you. You gave a small, mischievous smirk to yourself and leaned down a little further, making it seem like you wanted to be extra precise in shaving him, but in reality, you were teasing him, but of course he knew it. He raised his eyes up to you, meeting yours again. It was a dark, hungered look in his eyes and you could see his jaw flaring as he clenched his teeth tightly. You had to look away from him again, it was more intense than any stare he had given you yet, and you could feel your core clenching around nothing as your arousal began to meet it’s peak. At this point, you weren’t sure who was driving who crazy. The sexual tension in the room was no secret. It was a heavy, aching feeling.

As you got to the last bit of hair, you tried to shave it quickly. As you stood over him, your breast still in his face, you could feel the warmth of his fingertips as they brushed lightly over your legs. You swallowed hard as they rested lightly on the outside of your jeans. He was testing you to see how far you’d let him go, and at this point you were a practically a puddle beneath him, willing to let him do whatever he wanted, but trying - and failing - to keep that a secret. Once you finally finished, you backed up slowly from him, folding the razor back down and walked over to the table to set it down, grabbing another clean rag to hand to him.
He took it and wipe off the remnants of the shaving cream.

“You’re all done.” You said, exhaling, “Is that all you needed?”

He finished wiping his face and tossed the rag back onto the table before looking at you again, “That’s not all I fuckin’ need, darlin’.”

You were both locked in a staring competition now. Neither of you looked away, and you getting up the courage to not shy away from him this time as the sexual tension in the room seemed to boil over. You inhaled deeply, unwavering as you took one step towards him.

“What is it?” You said. You stood firm, but your voice was shaking.

He reached out again, letting a hand wrap around your thigh this time, running to your back, and down to grab your ass. A silent sign escaping your lips. Every nerve in your body seemed like it was on fire, and once Negan sensed that you were just as starved for some contact as he was. He wasted no time in yanking you down to him. You gasped quickly as the sudden jerk of your body as he brought you down to his lips, kissing you hungrily as his tongue darted between your lips. You held onto the back of the chair, finally getting to fulfill your though of straddling him as you threw one leg over him, settling down into his lap. You could feel how hard he was as his cock pressed against your already soaked slit through your jeans. You let out another sigh as his tongue continued to explore your mouth, both his hands now gripping your ass firmly. Your first instinct was to grind into him, and before you knew it, your hips were rolling against his doing your best to make contact with his member trying to relieve some of the ache you felt deep in your core. He seemed to take note of how desperate you were to feel something. He brushed his hands back over your thighs, unbuttoning your pants quickly. You gritted your teeth when a hand found it’s way inside, teasing your wetness with his fingers, your hips involuntarily bucking into his hand, causing a finger to slide inside of you, making you moan. He brought a free hand up to wrap around your neck. You could see the pure lust on his face as he watched you ride his fingers.

“Shit, I missed that goddamn feeling.” He growled seductively, he buried his face into your chest, biting and pulling at your shirt with his teeth, moving up to your neck to suck at the delicate skin. You knew him leaving marks would be a bad idea, but at the moment you didn’t care and you wanted him to mark you everywhere. Your hands fiddled with the button on his pants, finally getting them open as you reached into his jeans to stroke his hard cock. He grunted eagerly as he let the hand on your neck slide down to your breasts, squeezing them through the fabric of your shirt.

“Get this shit off, baby.” He ordered, tugging at your shirt roughly.

You complied immediately, lifting it over your head to throw it to the floor. He brought his hands around you, unhooking your bra with little effort, letting it fall from your body as he stuck his head into your breasts, grasping at them with his free hand, biting and sucking at your nipples as you continued to ride his fingers. By this point, his fingers were coated in your juices, he thumbed at your clit roughly.
You let your hand work up and down the shaft of his cock, moaning softly each time his fingers sunk deeper inside of you with each strike you made, but you wanted him inside of you, you wanted him to fuck you mercilessly while you writhed beneath him. Your free hand tangled in his hair as his face was still buried firmly in your breasts, your hips rocking vigorously on his fingers. He finally lifted his head back up, kissing you roughly, biting your bottom lip.

“You ever fucked in a jail cell before?” He purred seductively in your ear.

He said it as if it was a question, but you both knew it wasn’t. He was telling you what he was going to do to you, and you were more than willing to let him have his way.

“There’s a first time for everything.” You breathed back as he pulled his fingers from you, leaving you aching even more than you were and whimpering for his touch again as he left you with an empty feeling.

You released his cock, wrapping you arms around his neck as his strong arms held you close to him as he stood up, your legs wrapped around his waist as he carried you back to his cell. It was dimly lit inside of it, you didn’t even notice the cot that sat against the wall until he threw you onto it. You pulled yourself up as he stood in for of you, sliding his pants down to his hips, just enough to release his cock. You licked your lips as you watched him, finally getting a good view of just how big he was. Your hands trailed down to the front of your jeans, teasing your sensitive slit through them.

“Get on your knees.” He growled, walking forward to wrap your hair around his fist, you sighed as you propped yourself onto your knees, preparing yourself for what was next. With his fist in your hair he guided you towards him, your mouth opening for him as his cock slipped inside. You could taste the precome that had beaded on the head of his member, dragging your tongue over the tip, lapping it up immediately. He groaned, tilting his head down as his grip tightened on you, you let your lips wrap tightly around his shaft as your head bobbed up and down on him, taking in as much of his cock as you could until you could feel yourself on the verge of gagging, but you wanted to impress him, so you pushed the thought away as you shoved your own head down on his cock even further. response, he let out a moan, bucking his hips into your mouth, you could feel his cock in the back of your throat now, and you were surprised at the amount of control he had. For someone who hadn’t been with an actual woman in a while, you expected him to fuck your throat until it was raw - something you weren’t completely opposed to.

“Jesus Christ, darlin’.” He groaned, forcing his hips against your mouth, causing you to cough, but you didn’t stop sucking him, you let your tongue work up and down his length each time you bobbed your head up and down, doing your best to drive him crazy. You brought your hand up, swirling your tongue around his head, popping it in and out of your mouth lazily, letting your hand pump him, causing more precome to bead out of him. He let out a throaty grunt and pushed you off of him.

You smiled, biting your lip as he looked down at you, his eyes narrowed in a seductive expression as he leaned down, curling his fingers over the top of your jeans, ripping them off of you. You breathed heavily as he did so, not sure how much longer your could hold out. He pushed you back further on the bed as he grasped your legs, raising them to his shoulders as he nestled himself between your legs, kissing and biting hard at your thighs, making you yelp at the feeling, pain mixed with pleasure. You knew it was going to leave bruising tomorrow. He licked your slit through your panties, he was already getting to taste you as your had completely soaked through them, thanks to how turned on he had gotten you before sex was even thought of between the two of you. You laid your head back on the cot, reveling in the feeling of having someone’s tongue on you in such an intimate way again. You had almost forgotten how it felt, and when Negan did it, it felt even better than you had ever remembered it feeling. He brought his finger up to play with your clit through your panties, making you suck in sharp breathes, you were close to begging him. He pulled them to the side, dragging his finger up and down your folds, letting them slide in and out of you, creating a wet sound. Your back arched, his tongue pressed firmly again your clit as he lapped up your juices, his fingers thrusting in and out of you.

“Oh my God.” You moaned as you felt his tongue slide into you. You pulled his hair roughly, strands of it wrapped around your fingers.

“Is that what you fuckin’ like, baby?” He said, biting your wet lips.

“Yes.” You whimpered, you had bent completely to his will and were a mess beneath him, and craving his cock inside of you.

You pulled up on his hair, silently letting him know to come back up to you, “I want you, Negan.”

He leaned forward, kissing and biting his way back up your body, you gripped the sheets, loving the way your skin felt between his teeth. Your legs wrapped around him tightly once his face met yours, yours lips crashing into each other as he grinded against you. You could feel his throbbing cock teasing your aching pussy as he slipped the head in briefly, pulling back out. You whined in protest, bringing your hands back up to dig your nails into his skin, he let out a growl, wrapping his hands around your neck.

“You want this fuckin’ cock, babydoll?” He purred into your ear, nipping at your neck as he drug his teeth across your skin.

“Yes.. Please!” You answered back, letting your legs tighten around him even more.

He gave you a devilish smile as he pushed himself into you, letting all of his length slide into you at once, you lifted your hips up to his, feeling so much pleasure as he filled you up completely. You laid your head back, breathing deeply as he started with a few slow pumps into you, your walls already clenching themselves around his cock.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a pussy this goddamn tight, darlin’.” He growled, bucking his hips against you, forcing himself deeper in, causing to to cry out. Your nails sinking further into his skin. He was going to have a few marks of his own after you were finished. He squeezed your neck, creating a delightful sensation as he started to grind himself in and out of you vigorously, the sound of wet skin smacking against each other accompanied with your moans. You bit down on your lip quickly, remembering Olivia upstairs.

“She’s gonna hear us.” You squeaked as he continued ramming himself into you, grunting into your ear.

“You’re just gonna have to be fuckin’ quiet, baby.” He said seductively, putting his other hand over your mouth to keep you quiet.

He slammed his hips into you violently, making you cry out, your voice soften by the cover of his hand as his cock hit the back of your walls. He kept it up for a while, your legs seeming to wrap around him tighter with each thrust, his cock now completely slick with your wetness as he slide in and out with ease. You were glad that his hand was covering your mouth, your moans became louder and more frequent as he had his way with you. You finally released the grip you had on him, a thought coming to your mind.

“Take me from behind. Fuck me hard.” You begged him, turning your body slightly.

He widened his eyes, smiling and he bit your lip, “Turn the fuck over, sweetheart.”

You gave him a nod, turning yourself over on the cot as you bent yourself down as far as you could, sticking your backside into the air for him. You felt a hard slap on your ass, forcing you to jerk away from him, but also wanting him to keep it up. He placed his hands on your ass, pulling you back against him as he slid into you with ease again, he gave your ass another had slap, making you moan again. You clamped a hand over your mouth, realizing the moan was louder than it should have been. He brought his hand down as he thrust into you, holding your own hand against your mouth.

“Easy, babydoll. You don’t wanna get us fuckin’ caught do you?” He smirked, slamming his hips into you again. The pleasure overtaking you, causing you to collapse into the cot as you shook your head.

You finally lifted your head back up, wanting to take some control of your own as you pushed yourself back into him, causing him to slip out of you. You turned around to face him as he stood there, looking at you confused for a moment. You narrowed your eyes at him.

“I wanna ride you.” You said bluntly, clenching your legs together as you were still feeling aftershocks of pleasure.

“Goddamn, you’re full of surprises, aren’t you, darlin’?” He smirked as he sat down, leaning back into the wall, stroking himself as you crawled to him, throwing your legs at his side as you lowered yourself down onto his cock. You gritted your teeth, making sure to keep your voice down as much as you could. You rocked your hips against his, just like you had done on the chair. You could feel his cock throbbing inside of you, only making you more eager to ride him. His hands cupped around your breasts, giving them a generous squeeze as he brought his mouth down to let his tongue swirl around your nipples. You buried your face in his neck to dull your moans. He smelled amazing and you kissed his neck, sucking the skin as he tugged at your nipple with his teeth. You bucked your hips hard against him. He moved his hands down to your hips to guide your rhythm how he wanted, still managing to maintain control even with you on top. You were starting to come to your peak, you could feel the build up of the orgasm and you already knew that it was going to be intense. You continued to thrust your hips against his, his cock slid in and out of you. You slammed yourself down onto it, causing a loud grunt to escape Negan’s lips as he clenched his jaw, giving you a dangerous stare. He continued to slam you down into his hips, only bringing you closer and closer to the edge until you were spilling over it.

“Shit, I gonna come!” You cried as you felt your walls grip around him even tighter than they had before, you could feel how wet you were making his dick as you climaxed. You buried your head further into his neck as you couldn’t help but scream, luckily it was muffled against his skin.

“That’s it, darlin’, fuckin’ come for me.” He groaned as you continued to ride him throughout your orgasm, desperately wanting him to finish with you. His grunts were becoming louder as he went into an animalistic state, forcing you down as hard as he could onto his cock.

“Motherfucker.” He growled, his fingers gripping around your waist tightly. You breathed heavily as you kept up your pace, but knowing you were already spent.

“Negan.” You moaned back in his ear.

He bucked his hips against yours for a few more times and you knew he was close. He kissed you hard on the mouth, his tongue forcing it’s way in.

He gave one last groan before he pulled you up roughly off of him, “Fuck, darlin’.” He threw you down onto the cot, quickly lifted himself above you as he stroked his cock a few times before you felt the warmth of the spurts as he came on your chest and abdomen, stroking himself dry. You let out a breath as a leaned down to you, both arms outstretched to hold his weight above you as he kissed you roughly once more. You both took a minute to catch your breathe and gather your thoughts. That had really just happened, and you were more satisfied than you had been in a long time. Negan lifted himself up off the cot as he pulled his pants back up. You sat up slowly on the edge of the cot, looking around for something to clean yourself up with, and before you could get up, he was handing you a rag and your clothes.

You scoffed as you took them, “Trying to get rid of me that quick?”

He rolled his eyes, “Fuck no, darlin’. I’d let you fuckin’ stay, but our dear Olivia is probably getting fuckin’ suspicious.”

You sighed as you wiped off your body, “Yeah, you’re probably right.” After you were cleaned up, you put your clothes on quickly as you got up to gather your things. Negan leaned against the bars of the cell, a satisfied grin on his face.

“Please fuckin’ tell me I’m gonna see if if you again, darlin’.” He said, sticking his arms through the bars again.

You looks back at him and smiled as you stuffed the razor back into your pocket and picked up the bucket of now cold water, “I have a feeling that I’ll be trading jobs with Olivia. If she’s not gonna reap the benefits of it, then I will.” You bit your lip as you closed the door to the cell, turning the key to lock it and stuffed the key back down into your pocket quickly, “It’s just a damn shame I have to lock you back up.”

“They couldn’t fuckin’ handle it if I was on the loose, baby.” He said, giving you a wicked smirk.

You blushed, looking at the ground momentarily, before you gave him a flirty look, “You really are an animal, Negan.”

“I’m a man of my fuckin’ word.” He shrugged, giving you an ‘I told you so’ look.

You nodded, “Well, as a man of your word, how about don’t mention to Rick I was down here when you see him? He’d probably put me off the job.”

He inhaled and ran his tongue over his lips, “Usually I’d fuckin’ say no. I get real fuckin’ pleasure from making Rick’s life difficult, but for that amazing pussy you just gave me - that I definitely want again - my lips are sealed, darlin’.”

“Good.” You smiled. You started to walk forward, but his outstretched arm caught you quickly. You looked over at him, “What?”

“You forgetting something?” He smiled as he pulled you to him to kiss you hard one last time through the bars. He pulled back to look down at you, “By the way, I’m fuckin’ keeping these.” He said as he reached down into his pocket, pulling his arm back up to show you your balled up panties in his hand.

You giggled, your face turning red, “They’re all yours, Negan. Keep it as a souvenir.”

“I’m thinking you fuckin’ sneak down here tomorrow, babydoll.”

You looked up at him one more time, a mischievous look on your face, “I had planned on it.”

He gave you an approving nod as you both kissed once more. He reluctantly let you go, and watched you walk back up that rickety staircase until you were completely out of his sight.

This one is written for the LwR / NR universe but it can be read as a stand alone as well. 

Toddler Trouble

“Hey,” Jensen and Jared spoke in unison as they turned to face the left side of the stage and they next fan in line.

“Hey. I am really nervous…” the girl started, making Jared smile and lean forward a bit and the playfulness left him for a few seconds as he tried to calm her.

“It’s okay. I am Jared. This is Jensen,” he winked and smiled, making her giggle and you smile. You listened to Jared talk to the girl for a few seconds bouncing your youngest on your knee in effort to keep her quiet. Finally the girl seemed to get her nerves under control and started addressing her question to Jensen, which made your husband turn around and point at Jared going “HAH” and you roll your eyes lovingly at the pair.

Finally the two overgrown children stopped their antics long enough for the girl to get her question out and you couldn’t help smile again.

“So Jensen, Y/N talked about the kids a bit at her panel with Misha yesterday, but I was wondering what life for you is like as a father of two?”

Jensen smiled and nodded a thank you to the girl before replying, “well AJ kinda skipped running. Y/N insists Becca was the same and I wouldn’t put it past her,” Jensen laughed, “but AJ sure went from crawling to running.” Jensen flashed you a bright smile with a teasing glimmer in his eyes, “Y/N sure has been having trouble keeping up.”

You jaw dropped, but before you could send him a scolding look, Jared came to your defense.

“Are you sure you don’t mean you are having trouble keeping up Jay? I mean you are not getting any younger,” Jared teased, always taking advantage of the fact he was a few years younger than his best friend.

“I am not that old yet,” Jensen laughed, “I was the one that managed to catch Y/N/N’s phone before it flew out the door the other day.” Jensen grinned, making Jared instantly question that story. It was rare anything was brought up at cons the other part of the duo hadn’t heard before so Jared jumped at the chance to hear something new.

“Yeah I have no idea what came over her, but as we were all sitting at the couch watching Tangled the other day. AJ just jumped off, crabbed Y/N’s phone and ran for the door,” Jensen grinned illustrating her speed with a hand gesture. “Y/N hadn’t even gotten off the couch when AJ had the door opened and the phone flew through the air. Good thing she has a quick-on-his-feet-husband,” Jensen teased throwing you a wink and bright smile you couldn’t help but return as he continued. “But she is getting slower these day.”

“Well whose fault is that,” you called through the room, “and I am not slowing… yet!” You grinned as the entire room turned to look at you sitting on the first row a few feet from your husband. It took the audience a few seconds to get the innuendo before they started squealing and Jared stared at you dumbfounded still playing catch up before you decided to take pity on the loveable moose.

“I’m pregnant Jared,” you laughed, and Jared’s face instantly lit up and he was off the stage in mere minutes wrapping you in his arms. AJ took the commotion as a perfect opportunity to make her break for it, but were quickly caught by her dad’s strong loving arms. She was squealing with laughter as the audiences were aww-ing when Jared finally released you. You smiled widely watching AJ in the arms of your husband as he was blowing her cheeks, completely focused on her, forgetting the world around him and you couldn’t help but think how lucky you were. He was an amazing father to your two perfect, beautiful daughters and he was going to be an amazing dad to the child you were caring. You couldn’t have wished or hoped for a better life or husband had you tried.

Gif submitted by both @mysupernaturalfics and @sgarrett49

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Tom Holland Imagine: City of Stars

Summary: You complain to Tom about how people don’t really go dancing anymore and how planetariums are your favorite place in the world. Tom decides to plan a perfect date for your anniversary.

A/N: I saw La La Land last night and it was incredible and while I was watching it I got really angry about how people don’t go like dancing anymore the way the used to its always grinding and twerking now and I hate it and it also reminded me about how much I love planetariums and that’s how this was born okay bye

Warnings: Cussing


“No, you don’t get it, Tom! I know people go dancing still but it’s like ‘oh you’re hot so I’m gonna rub my ass on your crotch and then we’ll go and fuck.’ And its stupid. Completely stupid and I hate it! Why can’t people still go dancing like the did in the '40s or something.”

“Because it’s 2017, that’s why.”

“Fine. Then we’ll build a space ship and fly far away.”

“And how do you plan on doing that?”

“I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just go to the planetarium and pretend that one of those tiny stars is a planet where there’s a girl just like me going dancing with her famous boyfriend who plays Bee-Man and is having the time of her life!”

“Bee-Man? Really?”

“Well I was gonna say Ant-Man but he actually exists so I had to think fast!”

Tom chuckled and pulled me into his chest. One of his hands ran through my hair while the other was being held by my two smaller ones.

“Can you believe it’s almost Valentine’s Day?”

“Yeah… that’d make it, what? 3 years? Cause you’re a cheeseball and made me wait 3 months before you made it official on Valentine’s Day?”

“Hey! I was trying to be romantic!”

“If we had started seeing each other in late January, then yes, it would have been reasonable to wait till Valentine’s Day but we started dating in November, honey. You were lucky you’re cute or else I would’ve been long gone.”

Tom laughed and kissed the top of my head.

“At one point I thought about asking you at 11:59 on February 13th as a joke but then Harrison informed that that would result in me with an ice cream in my face.”

“Yeah, you got that right.”

Tom and I turned our attention back to the TV that was playing Endless Love. We both disliked this movie but it was the one he had taken me to see when he asked me to be his girlfriend so we made an exception to watch it only when it was on TV… until Harrison thought that we actually liked it and bought it for us. Now we watch it on February 4th. Exactly 10 days before our anniversary because 10 is Tom’s lucky number.

I snuggled into his chest and closed me eyes, drifting off into a peaceful sleep.

—Tom’s POV—

“So do you know what you’re gonna do for her on Valentine’s Day?” Zendaya asked over brunch with her, Jacob, Harrison and Laura.

“Yeah, I think I do…”

“Well, spill!”

“Okay, she kinda spilled a lot to me while we were cuddling the other night and I kinda wanna do it all for her but I don’t exactly know how…”

“Well, what did she say?”

“That she misses dancing… like, not clubbing, but actual dancing the way the did in the '40s and '50s. And she also said that she loves planetariums because she likes to look at the stars and imagine what’s going on over there.”

“So, take her to the planetarium and then take her dancing!” Harrison suggested.

“No, this needs to be more magical. I mean it is their 3 year anniversary.” Laura said.

“Yeah… OH! I’ve got it! So, I’m really good friends with the owner of the planetarium in LA! He’s an old family friend! I’ll call him up! He’s usually closed on Valentine’s Day to spend time with his wife and so maybe I can get him to let you and Y/N use it for the night! You can take her dancing IN the stars!” Zendaya yelled.

“Oh my god, that’s perfect! Please call him!”

“Doing it right now!”

—Your POV—

I was humming while dancing around in the kitchen of Tom and I’s apartment. I jumped when I felt a pair of arms slide around my waist and lift me up.

“Good morning, beautiful.” Tom whispered in my ear.

“Good morning to you, too, sleepy head.”

Tom smiled before he leaned down and kissed me.

“Go pack a bag for 1 day and 2 nights. We leave in a few hours.”

“What? What do you mean? Our anniversary is tomorrow we can’t be leaving town! What about our reservations!?”

“Yes we can. I already cancelled them. This is your present. Now run along and get packed.”

“Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise. Pack stuff to sleep in, clothes for warm weather and a nice dress.”


—Time Skip—

“LA, Tom?! You’ve taken me to LA!?”

“Yes… is that okay?”

“More than okay! The cold weather was driving me insane! Now come on, we have to get to our hotel!”

Tom had called an Uber to pick us up from the airport and it drove us to a beautiful hotel.

“Oh, Tom! This is amazing!”

“Thank you, beautiful. Now let’s go inside, order room service and then cuddle for the rest of the night. Tomorrow is a big day!”

Tom and I spent the night shoving our faces with pizza and watching Friends on TV. I eventually fell sleep while laying in his lap. I was briefly brought back into consciousness when I felt arms pick me up and place me onto our bed. I felt Tom slide in next to me and press a kiss to my temple.

“I do hope tomorrow goes as planned.” I hear him whisper before he snuggles his face in the crook of my neck and falls asleep.

—Time Skip—

“Tom, this food is delicious! How did you even get reservations to this place on Valentine’s Day!? And so quickly!?”

“Uh, hello? I’m Spider-Man. Far better and superior to Bee-Man.”

I laughed and felt Tom grab my hand across the table.

“We better hurry up and finish. I still have one surprise left for you.”

I smiled over at Tom as he pointed to his watch that I had given him this morning. He had been wanting it for a while. His parents told me they were getting it for him for Christmas so I didn’t buy it for him but then they accidentally ordered the wrong one. So, I bought him the right one for our anniversary.

Tom paid the bill and grabbed my hand. He drug me out the door and down the street.

“Where are we going!?”

“You’ll see!”

After about 20 minutes of walking, we were met with a cab at the bottom of a giant hill. Tom opened the door for me and I got inside. Tom came in next to me and the cab began to drive. The drive up the hill was beautiful.

When we reached the top, I was met with a beautiful white building.

“Tom, what is this place?”

“You ask too many questions. Just follow me.”

Tom held my hand as he walked up to the door.

“And this is where I blindfold you.”


I was cut off by Tom shushing me and placing a piece of cloth over my eyes and tying it. Tom grabbed my hand and led me inside. He guided me through the building very well but still managed to bump into a few things causing both of us to laugh. Finally, I heard a door open and close.

“You can take it off, now.”

I slid the blindfold off my eyes and gasped at what I saw.

Tom and I were standing in a giant black room, surrounded by stars and tiny planets.

“Welcome to the City of Stars.” Tom whispered in my ear before a soft piano sound started playing. Tom circled around me and held his hand out.

As soon as I took it, he pulled me into his chest and placed my hand on his shoulder before he placed his on my lower back.

Tom began to lead me around the the floor, spinning me, dipping me, and lifting me to the sound of the music.

As we danced, I looked around at all the stars and planets that seemed to be dancing with us. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I hadn’t even noticed that Tom had stopped dancing.

“Which one do you think Bee-Man and his slightly less beautiful version of you live on?”

I smiled at Tom and left his side to walk around the planetarium. I scanned over every star before one in particular stood out.

“That one.” I said, as I pointed to it.

I felt Tom slide his arms around my waist from behind as we looked at the star.

“Well, then that one’s yours.” Tom said as he held a certificate out to me.


“Yup. All we have to do is right down its location, give it a name and sign this document and then it’s yours. So, what do you want to name this shinning star in the Pegasus constellation?”

“The City of Stars.”

Tom smiled and pulled me into a passionate kiss as the piano music came to and end around us.

“I think I want it to stay…”

Imagine telling Chris you love him for the first time.

A/N: Finally had some time to just sit and write, so here’s that request from @createdbytinyaddiction. I hope this meets what you requested, my mind’s kinda in holiday mode.

The sun rose over the Manhattan skyline as you awoke from your sleep. Your eyelids fluttered open and you smiled when you remembered you were still camping out in your living room in the fort that you’d made with your boyfriend, Chris, and his adorable co-star, Mckenna, on Thursday night after their movie ‘Gifted’ premiered at the New York Institute of Technology. You’d promised her the last time you saw her at the Los Angeles premiere that you’d let her have a sleepover at your apartment after the New York premiere. She’d been wanting to see your apartment for a while now, from the moment Chris told her about how you had the most beautiful workspace with the prettiest teal blue typewriter- she’d been begging you to see it. Mckenna showed a great deal of interest in creative writing, so it didn’t surprise anyone that when she met Chris’ writer girlfriend that she’d cling onto you.

You didn’t mind though, you found her incredibly adorable and sweet. You remembered meeting her at lunch after she was casted, you’d fell in-love with her immediately. Chris had brought you along because he’d bring you everywhere with him if he could, and usually he could- you were a freelance writer, you could work from anywhere at any time. But you also knew the real reason he’d brought you along was to see you around kids; he was a family man who wanted a family of his own eventually, so he had to make sure the one he was going to settle with had the same family oriented values that he did. Now he knew you had nieces and nephews like he did, but he’d never really seen you with them as you’d only been dating six months. The two of you were still in the honeymoon phase where it was all about the two of you and no one else mattered. You’d met his parents and he’d met yours, but that was it. You were both yet to meet the rest of each others’ families, though plans had been made for the Fourth of July.

Despite the relationship only being six months old, you were both pretty sure about each other already. Even before the meeting with Mckenna went down, Chris had no doubt about you because he knew you shared the same mindset as he did. You may not have been as big a kid person as he was, but you did believe in doing things for the ones you loved and you loved Chris. If he wanted children, you’d have children. Be it for him, or with him- you’d do it because the love you carried for him was indescribable and unconditional, and it was enough to erase any fears and uncertainties that you had about having kids. Before you met Chris, you didn’t understand what your mom meant when she said “when you meet the one you’re meant to be with, you’ll want kids.” After meeting Chris, her words had never been more clear.

The only thing now that was standing in your way of getting that happily ever after was yourselves. Neither of you were fearless enough to push past the concept of time, you both worried that things were progressing faster than they normally should therefore preventing you from professing your love for each other. He didn’t want to scare you away and you didn’t want to scare him away, which was ridiculous because neither of you had plans to go anywhere. One of you just needed to find the guts to pass that first 'I-love-you’ barrier then things were going to fall right into place and you’d both live happily ever after.

“Morning,” you heard Chris whisper as he rolled onto his side, draping his arm over your stomach. You turned to face him, pressing your hand against his stubbly cheek. “How do you always look so beautiful so early in the morning?” He quizzed with a sleepy smile that made your heart flutter.

“I just watch and learn from you,” you answered then giggled when he chuckled. “How’d you sleep?” You asked, running your fingers through his hair which was so much fluffier when he didn’t have any product in it. He groaned as he stretched and you knew sleeping on something other than a bed was starting to take a toll on the body. “Think it’s about time we tear down the fort and sleep in the bedroom?”

“Probably,” he chuckled, resting his arm on your stomach again. “I do like sleeping in this fort though.” You nodded in agreement as you admired the interior; it was a lot prettier at night as there were fairy lights you could turn on. “Mckenna did a great job decorating it, I don’t think we could’ve pulled it off without the kid.”

“Neither,” you agreed with a nod. “She’s pretty talented, that one.” You smiled when you remembered you were having her over again soon. “I can’t wait to see how well my bake day is going to be with her as my sous-chef, I bet she’ll be more helpful than you.” He scoffed, pretending to be more offended than he actually was. “All you do is distract me, I never get anything done with you in the kitchen.”

“And that’s a bad thing?” He smirked and you laughed, squirming when he tickled your sides. “I’m the best sous-chef and you know it,” he poked your cheek and you rolled your eyes, nodding mockingly. “Say it, Y/N.” He tickled your sides again and you laughed. “Say I’m the best sous-chef, say it.” He urged as he continued to tickle you.

“You’re the best sous-chef!” You managed through your laughter and he stopped, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you closer to him. “You’re the best sous-chef, okay?” You caressed his face in your hand and you rested your forehead against his. “You’re the best sous-chef, the best actor, the best boyfriend. You’re the best everything, Chris,” you told him, smiling as you lost yourself in his kind eyes. “And I love you,” you whispered, completely unaware that that was the first time you’d ever told him that.

“What?” His eyes widened and his lips parted; he may have been waiting to hear those three words for a while now, but it still took him by surprise. “Did you just-” He cut himself off when he saw panic wash over you. “No no no,” he chuckled as he tried to calm you down. “Don’t um- Don’t freak out, Y/N. It’s a good thing, you love me. It’s- it’s fantastic.” You pulled away from him and sat up, burying your face in your hands. “Hey,” he sat up and placed his hand on your back. “Y/N, listen to me. I’m-”

“I’m going to go start breakfast,” you said and quickly scrambled out of the fort and to your feet. Chris followed you, chuckling softly. Your panic rose as you felt his presence right behind you. “Do you want pancakes?” You tried to quicken your pace only to have him stop you by grabbing your wrist in his hand. “You don’t want pancakes?” You mumbled nervously when he spun you around, eyes watching you with an intense gaze.

“Can you shut up for a second?” He asked and you pressed your lips together; he chuckled softly then smiled as he whispered, “I love you too.” Your heart rid itself of all that horror and panic, and sang a thousand melodies. “I love you so much, Y/N. You don’t even know how long I’ve been wanting to tell you how much. If you didn’t say it then, I would’ve said it at breakfast. I just-” he cut himself off, licking his lips. “You’re the love of my life and I’m in-love with you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Are you serious?” He laughed and you bit back your smile. “Yes,” he cupped your face tightly in his hands, “I am absolutely sure that I am one hundred percent in-love with you. I’m thirty-six, sweetheart. I wouldn’t be with you if I wasn’t sure you’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I think I should be the one asking that question seeing as you’re the baby in the relationship,” he chuckled when you scoffed, slapping his chest ever so gently. “So are you sure?”

“I loved you even before you knew my name, Chris Evans,” you responded, wrapping your arms around his neck. He smiled, releasing your face to wrap his arms around your body to pull you as close as he possibly could to him. “So yes, I am very, very sure that I’m in-love with you.”

“Good,” he smiled. “Because I’ve got great plans to marry and spend the rest of my life with you.” You smiled and tipped your head, inching closer to his lips as he inched closer to yours. “I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too,” you smiled then kissed him.

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I managed to escape the tiny people for more than two seconds, so hold on to your butts.

There were quite a few recommendations for a “fake relationship” trope…so I SORT OF took that recommendation. Except, I kinda sorta did something with it that was likely NOT what you you were asking for, so hopefully, you’ll still enjoy. :)

Chapter 1

Barba stared at his phone as he walked off the elevator. He could hardly believe the day was only half over. It felt like he’d been up and running around for hours already.

Maybe if he’d stopped at the second glass of champagne last night, he wouldn’t still be dragging after his third cup of…

His thoughts were interrupted as he turned the corner, crashing into someone on the other side. His coffee cup fell to the ground, bursting open, drops splashing up against the cuff of his perfectly pressed and pristine slacks.

“Great,” he muttered.

“Sorry about that. I…”

Barba was still looking down at the sea of caffeine around him, stepping away before the offending liquid could somehow do further damage.

“Why doesn’t anyone watch where they’re going?”

The woman stepped back, eyes narrowing.

“Alright, then. Allow me to retract my apology.”

Barba was looking up now, just in time to see her hand rise to her hip.

“Excuse me?”

“The apology was a knee jerk reaction. But you’re right. You should have been watching where you were going, so I really don’t need to say I’m sorry. Good luck with your pants.”

Before Barba could respond, her heels clicked past him to the elevator, disappearing behind its doors.

Barba heaved a sigh as he turned for the restrooms, hoping to minimize the damage done.

As he leaned against the bathroom counter, blotting the final splotch, his phone trilled in his coat pocket.

    We have an update on the Lorenz case. Are you far?

Unfortunately, Im still in the building, he thought, before replying.

    Up in a few.

“Thanks, Fin. It’s just been a bit of a week.”

Fin threw an arm around her, giving her shoulder a tight squeeze. Her eyelashes fluttered, the rapid blinking a sure sign she was doing her best not to cry.

“You know I always got you, girl.”

She nodded, quickly wiping away even the start of tears before continuing.

“Oh, and I didn’t even tell you about the idiot I ran into downstairs. I mean, literally ran into. Staring at his phone, nearly doused me with his coffee, then had the nerve to act like it was my fault.”

“Yeah, well, people are idiots. You know that as well as anyone.”

“But in such increasing numbers.”

Fin smiled, happy to see her follow suit, but as the door to Lieutenant Benson’s office opened, Fin noticed the wrinkle forming across her forehead.

“Somethin’ wrong, Rey?”

Barba walked across the squad room, a file in hand, pausing in front of Fin’s desk as he caught her eye.

It was the woman from the lobby.

“Coffee spills,” she started, “as tragic as they seem, don’t qualify you as a Special Victim.”

“Your friend is hilarious, Tutuola.”

Fin looked back and forth between Reina and Barba and shook his head.

“THIS is the dude you ran into downstairs?”

“The very same. Lucky for me, I have somewhere to be.” Reina turned toward Fin and kissed his cheek. “Don’t be late tonight.”

Fin bit back a grin as he watched her walk toward the elevator, raising an eyebrow as he glanced back at Barba.

“I see you met Rey.”

“Not so much met as encountered. Friend of yours, I take it?”

Fin crossed his arms and cocked his head to one side. “Rey’s my girl. Why? You got somethin’ you wanna say about her?”

“She’s charming,” Barba deadpanned, looking at his watch. “And I have an appointment to get to, so as much as I’d love to hear how the universe brought you lovebirds together, I have to run.”

Fin’s face pulled together in momentary confusion, slowly melting into a smile when he realized Barba’s mistake.

“Don’t let me keep you, then, Counselor.”


“There’s a fresh pot of coffee on and your three o’ clock is waiting in your office.”

“Thanks, Carmen. Have they been in there long?”

“No. When you texted you were five minutes out, I went ahead and got her settled.”

It was barely after three, but Barba hated being late. He took a breath before entering the office, apologies at the ready.

“Ms. King, sorry to keep you waiting…”

His words drifted as she stood, turning to meet him.

It was her. The woman from the lobby. Fin’s “girl”.

QUESTION: Here’s your chance to participate. Reina is his 3 o’ clock appointment - is she:

A) An expert witness
B) Opposing Counsel 
C) let @ohbelieveyoume decide

We’ll let @ohbelieveyoume set the clock on your votes. 

Power Rangers: The Saving Grace & The Leading Warrior (Jason Scott)

Prologue + O N E // Saturday Detention

As a child growing up, I didn’t have many friends. I was an outsider.

I don’t really socialize and I choose not to. I never had decided to be in society during elementary, junior high, and now in high school. My life actually began to become a mess when I hit high school. And it’s not in the way that you would think.

My grades didn’t get lower, they stayed the same. A’s and B’s. I still obeyed my parents’ rules. I meant that I was only crumbling inside.

But my story honestly couldn’t matter. Maybe not to anybody.

However, I dance through my pain. Don’t ask me how I morn through it all.

This is just who I am.

My name is Adelina Isabel Monet. And let me tell you, my life changes in a 1, 2, 3 to where I’m in an armor and fighting putties with 6 other strangers I met in Saturday detention.

And like life loves it, time will take something from me into something bigger. A one saving grace we’ll say.

* * *

“What’s going on with you?” My dad said after he parked the car.

“Everything was fine! And now you’re off doing some crap that I never thought you would do.”

I stayed silent.

“Speak!” He ordered. I let out a heavy breath and covered my face with my hands.

“I’m sorry. I’m just- I’m tired that’s all.” I looked to him as his eyebrows scrunched together. “So you being tired helped you make the decision of kicking a student in the face?” He said sternly.

“No I just-” My voice cracked.

“This was supposed to be the best year of your life. You had a scholarship, Adelina. I’ve had dance instructors and administrators come to your shows for that purpose. And you threw it all away in one day. You took all of your hard work and tried to rip it all to pieces. But you’re lucky that you didn’t lose it.” He said, “Yet now you have to spend every single Saturday here with a bunch of weirdos and criminals just so you can graduate! I wanted everything good in the world for you, Adelina. And now I just don’t know what to do since you never communicate and speak up. You never talk to me or your mother about anything. You’re such an outcast and you need some help!” He yelled.

I closed my eyes and pursed my lips, “Well I guess you didn’t know your daughter like you thought you did.” I quietly mumbled as I walked out of the car, and my dad did nothing but drive off. I could feel my tears streaming down and I jay-walked into the building. Clutching my bag, I tried getting myself together while walking through the long hall.

Walking into detention, I descended down the stairs as the loud annoying sound of teens filled my ears.

“Oh look! It’s Adelame!” Yelled a red head in my direction. I felt so many eyes on me and it felt super uncomfortable. I could see some familiar faces.

There was Zack Taylor. He’s rarely here in Angel Grove but I have him in calculus.

Tommy Oliver. This cool and chill dude who’s also dating Kimberly Hart, I’ve only ever talked to him once.

Trini Kwan. People say she’s a freak but I choose to not believe that.

Then there’s Kimberly Hart. Dance and cheer would be in the same gym practicing on their own side. We happen to be pretty mutual but only known with each other’s names. Not personally.

With Billy Cranston, he’s probably a genuine person. Yet I see that he’s brave, reminding the time where he knocked out the red head bully.

And then Jason Scott. Former head quarterback of the football team. He seems to have a lot on his plate that’s been a mess ever since the cow trouble I’ve heard about.

But like so, I don’t know him deeply. I kinda wish I did, not because I may have this attraction towards him, but basically that he just doesn’t know me.

I’m probably just a stranger to him.

Shaking my head, I ignored red head and sat in a desk. I took out my sketchbook from my bag and focused on a drawing of a dancer doing a ring leap that I’m currently working on.

There was a moment of silence for me, until I heard loud thump that caused everyone to turn and me to jump. “Hey there pretty babe.” I glared up at the red head as he leaned on your locker. I sighed and returned back to my drawing, “Please go away.”

“Aw come on babe, a pretty girl like you shouldn’t be afraid.” He winked and leaned close so that I could feel his breath on my face. I made an expression of disgust and backed away. I could easily take him, but people might ask questions about how a small girl like me took out the bully with one big punch or kick. I wasn’t going to get myself in trouble again.

“Just walk away and we’ll forget about everything. This isn’t necessary.” I said focusing on my drawing. “Come on sweet cheeks. You’re in the dance team. Maybe you should give me a secret dance lesson,” He smirked, “How about we get outta here-”

I cut him off and stood up from my seat, “Listen up punk Ed Sheeran. I may be some quiet chick who doesn’t normally stick up for herself, but if you think that trying to mess with an innocent girl is the coolest thing in the world right now, then you should really have a second check on your priorities. So how about you go run off and play with your other emo friends, yeah?” I gritted my teeth and gave him a straight glare with no expression.

All he did was smile and immediately grabbed my waist to pull me closer which emitted a gasp from my lips, “Not so fierce now are ya?” He started. I tried pushing him off me, “Get off of me!”

“What’s wrong baby?” He smirked, gripping my hips. “Don’t touch me!”

“Hey! Get off of her!” A familiar voice shouted and pushed him away. And to my left, it was Jason Scott. Red head quickly got up and looked at Jason annoyed.

“How old are you five?” The whole class began to laugh lightly. “This isn’t any of your business Scott,”

“Yeah? What she does isn’t any of yours.” Jason retorted. I was really shocked at how THE Jason Scott is standing up for me.

“Now, unless you don’t want me to bitch slap you again like last time, I know I’m gonna be here everyday for what seems like the rest of my life and I’m sure that you are too, so let’s make a deal.” Jason walked closer to him, “Don’t sit near me or her,” He looked at me, “And we’ll be okay.” He said facing back at him.

And with that, Jason walked off taking a seat across from mine giving me a small wink as I sat back down. I looked over at Jason and before I didn’t knew, his head turned over at me. We had this full eye competition until I looked away, sinking into my seat a little as I felt my cheeks heating up. I can’t believe he made me blush. I peeked a look at Jason who looked away and smirked. And in just the nick of time, the teacher walked into the room.

* * * GUYSSSSS! Here it is!! The prologue AND the first chapter of my new Jason Scott fanfiction!! So you practically get a bonus. Plus, I changed the book title because I felt like The Saving Grace & The Leading Warrior sounded like it fit the plot and not A Hero’s Inamorato. But I hope you guys enjoyed this! It’s short but I’ll try to make the second chapter longer!! Please like and reblog this! Thanks! -Mia

Imagine giving Chris his birthday presents.

A/N: Part 4 😊 How cute is he in that gif though. You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, and ‘She Said Yes’ - Masterlist; ‘Miss Graduate’: Part 1/Part 2A/2B/2C/Part 3)

You and Dodger woke before Chris did on his birthday. Both of you snuck out of the bed and headed downstairs so you could start on breakfast as well as get his presents in order. You didn’t lie when you said you got him things he’d like and use, like baseball caps, plaid shirts, and socks. You did, but you also got him more than just things. You’d made him something a lot like the notebook; a montage filled with videos and photos of the two of you from the moment you met until now. The entire soundtrack for the montage consisted of Ed Sheeran- ‘Thinking Out Loud’, 'Photograph’, 'Kiss Me’, and 'Perfect’- because his songs always cleverly depicted your relationship with Chris. You smiled every time you listened to Ed Sheeran now, because you still couldn’t believe he was going to be singing at your wedding. Yeah, nothing you’d done or could’ve done for Chris on any of his birthdays was ever going to top what he did for you on your twentieth.

“Something smells good,” you heard Chris’ voice and footsteps as he entered the kitchen. He scratched Dodger’s head as he passed him, walking over to you to hug you from behind as you finished serving up a feast; bacon, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, sausages- the works. “Morning, beautiful.” He kissed your lips when you turned in his arms, humming, “mm mm. Happy birthday to me,” he mumbled against your lips.

“Happy birthday, indeed,” you smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck. “Do you want gifts first, or after breakfast?” You asked and he smirked, which gave you the answer you wanted. “Gifts first it is,” you giggled, removing your arms from his neck and taking his hand so you could pull him over to the couch. “Close your eyes,” you instructed as you dragged him along, beckoning Dodger along too. “Okay, now sit.”

“Are you talking to me, or Dodger?”

“Both.” You giggled and pushed him back by the shoulders, watching slight panic wash over his face as he fell back; relief replaced it when he landed on the couch. You sat down on the coffee table in front of him, right next to the gifts. “Okay…” You’d lined up the gifts up, starting from: a gift you’d bought for Dodger to give to Chris, a gag gift from yourself, to the practical items, to the montage- which was set and ready to go on your iPad. “You can open now.” You said and Chris did as he was told, raising an eyebrow at the bone themed wrapping paper. “Dodger picked it out,” you stifled your laughter when Chris snickered.

“Thanks, bud,” Chris looked over at Dodger and nodded at his oblivious pal. “It’s a fantastic wrapping paper,” he continued praising Dodger, trying not to smile when he heard you giggling. “You made a great choice,” he said with heavy emphasis on the word 'great’. “I wonder what it is,” he started tearing into the wrapping, laughing when he revealed a tube of tennis balls. He shook his head at you with a great big grin on his face, making you laugh. “I see he decided to get something practical too, something we can share.”

“You know Dodger, he’s a very 'sharing-is-caring’ kinda dog.” Chris chuckled and put the tube to the side, holding out his hand for his next gift. “Okay, this one’s from me.” You bit back your smile as you passed him your gag gift. “I think you’re going to love it, it’s definitely going to be something you use everyday.”

“Awesome,” he smiled as he opened the gift, revealing what appeared to be his NASA cap. “Uh…” He turned it to face you and quirked his right brow, “I already have one of these.” You tried not to laugh as you nodded; you’d actually just wrapped his old NASA cap to see if he’d notice. “Well, it is one of my favorite caps so…I guess- thank you?” He chuckled when he took a closer look, “you could’ve found a newer one to buy, this one looks like it’s been worn out.”

“That’s 'cause it’s second hand,” you told him, covering your mouth with your hand to hide your smile. “It actually belongs to a very talented Bostonian actor, I’d consider it a collectible.” It was that moment when Chris realized what you’d done; he burst into laughter- full body laughter, leaning back against the couch and pressing one hand against his stomach as the other covered his mouth. “It was very hard to come by, so I hope you appreciate it.” You laughed along with him, patting his knee with your hand.

“That’s fucking gold,” he choked on his laughter, wiping the tears from the corner of his eyes. “Tell you what, the next time- try and see if you can score me Chris Evans’ favorite sunglasses. I think I could really use it to go with this hat,” he winked and you giggled. “Your brother said you loved rewrapping things around the house to give as gifts when you were a kid, I can imagine how much fun christmases and birthdays were around your house.”

“Oh, they were plenty fun,” you nodded, laughing. “I was so good at giving gifts, everyone always really enjoyed their gifts from me. It’s like they just knew they were going to need it.” Chris buried his face in his hands as he continued to laugh uncontrollably. “I know,” you smiled as he dropped his hands, “I’m adorable.”

“Yes you are,” he grabbed your wrist and gently tugged at you, gesturing you off the table and onto his lap. You did as he orchestrated, taking the actual gifts in your hands to give to him as you sat in his lap; gifts you’d actually bought. “You really don’t need to buy me things, Y/N.” He told you as he unwrapped. “I don’t need things when I’ve got you, you’re everything.”

“Yeah, I know.” You kissed his cheek and he smiled as he pulled out the blue and green plaid shirts you’d bought him. “But you could use some new stuff in your wardrobe,” you said and he hummed in agreement. He unveiled a pair of black Mickey Mouse socks, chuckling, then grinned at the personalized Patriots cap you’d bought him; on the back it had 'Evans’ embroidered in white. “I know I’m not Ilaria, but I’d like to think I’ve got enough style to buy you some clothes.”

“You’re kidding, right?” He put the items aside and tightened his arms around your waist. “You have incredible style. Even Ilaria said so, she said she might just quit when we get married because my wife should be taking over her job of dressing Chris Evans.”

“You’re a sweetheart.” You pressed another kiss to his cheek before you reached forward to grab your iPad. “Here you go,” you passed him the iPad with the montage pulled up and ready to play. “This is your last gift for today. Well-” you whispered into his ear, making him laugh softly through his nose, “excluding the bedroom stuff.”

“Nice to know that Victoria Secret bag you hid in the back of the closet is actually for me,” he winked and you scrunched your nose at him. “Okay, what’s this?” He quizzed, then answered his own question when he saw the title of the montage: 'Our Almost Three Years’. “Are you serious, Y/N? You know Dad said my teeth can’t handle anymore of your sweetness,” he joked and you chuckled, leaning your head against his. “Should I grab a tissue box?”

“I’d say no, but we both know you’re a bit of a cryer.” You teased and he chuckled, nodding. “Don’t worry about tissues, what’s a fiancée for if you can’t use her shoulder to cry on.” He smiled and kissed your cheek before pressing the play button. “I love you, Chris,” you whispered as Ed Sheeran’s voice starting singing 'Thinking Out Loud’ and the first photograph you ever took together slid onto the screen. You and Chris smiled in reminiscent; it was at the airport just as you were both leaving Starbucks for the boarding gate. “Even more so today than the first day we met.”

“Me too, sweetheart.” His arm tightened around you, holding you close to him as you both continued to take a stroll down memory lane. It was nice to relive all your best moments together, to see all the old photos you’d taken throughout your time together as well as rewatch all the old videos you’d filmed of each other. You could really see when the two of you fell in-love, when the friendly smiles turned into longing gazes. Chris was incredibly thankful to see a collation of all those moments, he could’ve watched that video forever. “Me too,” he repeated, sighing with absolute satisfaction.

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Part 5A


A/N: Sorry this is so late but I was watching Paterson and I’m currently recovering from how good it was, I recommend you guys watch it if you can! Anwyas, yay for CB Friday’s! Here’s to a new chapter! Enjoy and thank you for reading, feedback is welcomed :)

Warning: Slightly pervy Ben?

Word Count: 4.6K+

“Alright, seeing as this is like the fourth day you’ve been here and first weekend, I think it’s only fair you hang out with your best friend.” Sitting across from Rey as she stood in front of the counter, she arched an eyebrow. “A.K.A. me.” Swallowing the lightest as you thought about the previous night and how you snuck out of Rey’s room and slept with Ben, Rey only smiled. “Now that my concert is cancelled and wasted all that time rehearsing yesterday…I’m all yours.”

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**starting from where the fluff left off**

Kyungsoo smiles at you and gives you a quick wink a warm pink rising to your cheeks. You guys finish the school day and decide to go back to your house to watch movies again as a little date for your new found relationship. Your mom yells happily seeing the 2 of you walk in hand in hand “Y/N honey. me and your father were betting on this happening and ya know a mother knows best so of course the obvious winner was me.” her eyes gleaming happily as she walked passed you guys. “Well. I’m uhhh… I’m gonna go out me and your father will go see a movie or something and maybe go out to eat go to a bar… well just be gone for most of the night. you know 2 young teenage kids in their prime need their privacy.” You scream at your mom your face on fire. You let go of kyungsoo’s hand to go playfully push your mom when Kyungsoo wraps his hand around your waist and pulls you to his chest “Thank you so much ms.L/N well be good though were going to take things slow.” Your mom rolls her eyes as she walks through the door. You too yourself from his arms and throw yourself on the couch feeling as if you just might die from embarrassment.

Kyungsoo walks over to your movies and puts on Stay Alive a movie neither of you could fully get into watching wholeheartedly. You picked at your fingernails as the movie plays on shaking your leg impatiently, you lay out a deep breath due to your extreme bordem. He looks at you pulling you onto his lap facing him where your practically straddling his thigh. “What’s wrong y/n?” you look at him and do a fake pout “I’M BOREDDDD. I DON’T WANNA WATCH THIS” you pucker your bottom lip out playfully. Kyungsoo gives you a warm smile and opens his mouth to begin to say something when he feels his phone start to vibrate in his pocket he looks down to reach to grab it when A small airey gasp escapes from your lip causing his eyes to flick up towards your face. His phone continues to Viberate in his pocket as he watches you sit there moans pouring from behind your soft lips. You feel something twitch beneath your thigh your cheeks flushing. The vibrating stops. “Y/N? … did you like that?..” he whispers in a gruff voice. You hide your face in his shoulder and nod softly, you feel something twitch beneath your thigh again. He pulls his phone out of his pocket and slides it down the front of your pants pressing it softly against your sensitive nub messing with it causing his phone to vibrate once quickly to see how you’d react. You moan into his neck softly feeling yourself start to soak though the pants praying he doesn’t feel it against his.

You pull your head up to look at him when he gets another call. He watches your face intently as you sing out soft little moans instinctively grinding softly against his thigh once before you stop yourself opting to dig your nails into his shoulder instead. You feel something harden under your thigh before you register what it was. You cry out softly feeling the outline against your leg, wishing that he would just move against you to cause some friction to your needing hot core. His eyes darken as he brings his bottom lip generally between his teeth. He pulls his phone out and tosses it to the side quickly replacing it with the tips of his fingers. He leans into your neck kissing trailing his fingers down your slit to your dripping center and biting softly before looking up at you his eyes searching for any sign that he could continue. You grind forward just enough that he could feel how wet you are. He throws his head back groaning. “Fuck me… Y/n… you’re so wet.. but I told your mom we’d take it so…. fuck why did i say that.” He dips his hand lower one finger easily slipping into you he pumps his finger a few times before he used his free hand to Palm himself. You lick your lips watching as he feels himself while his one finger makes you feel as if your on cloud 9. You pull away and take off your pants and underwear before sitting yourself back on his hand.

He dips 2 fingers in as you begin to ride his strong hand you cry out softly not getting enough to fill you. He gently slips in a third watching as your head falls back exposing your soft throat. He frees his hard member from beneath your thigh and his pants pulling it out to pump himself as he fingers work magic inside you. You make a small whimpering sound seeing his hard member be worked in his strong hand, you feel yourself dripping down his fingers at the sight of what you wanted to fill you exactly how you needed to be filled. His phone starts to vibrate off to the side if you 2. he stops piling himself to answer the phone as he mercilessly fucks you with his fingers.
“Oh? Hey Yixing. What’s up? No thing just hanging out. Nothing really to important. What about you?” He hold on a small conversation as he takes his thumb and rubs small rough circles against your clit. You moan put his name kind loudly as his eyes flicker to you as if telling you be quiet. You sit there angry but unable to show it by the wonderful feeling happening inside your womanhood.

You pull away from him as he looks as you confused. You take a blanket covering his eyes “Oh?Y/N? Yea she’s good I think she’s kinda busy right now though” He says continuing on with your conversation ignoring you. You gentally start pumping him causing his breath to hitch in his throat. He tries pulling the blanket away to watch the show going on before him of you pumping him. You hold the blanket over his eyes as he continues on his his conversation not giving away the truth unfolding at the moment. You climb on top of him straddling him leaning close to his free ear “Do you want me?” He nods his head hopefully. You smile biting his earlobe sliding yourself down onto his hard member. “FUCK-” He exclaims loudly with a loud gasp. “Its not-nothing just stubbed my toe.” You smile and begin to ride him gently quiet moans pouring from his mouth as you lean close to his ear and purr softly “kyungsoo why don’t we take things slow after this. I really need you right now…. please…. fuck me” He throws his phone to the side not even checking if he hung up. He pushes you down onto your back and drills into you making you scream his name. He goes hard pounding into you as you feel a knot start to form in your stomach. He lifts up your leg throwing it over shoulder reaching deep into you. You scream out his name as he hits that special spot. He grunts and pounds continuously at that spot his thrusts to get quick and sloppy as his name is practically sung from your mouth “Y/N. cum for me baby let me feel you drip down my cock.” He thrusts once with a deep passion sending you over the edge. You pour all over his cock panting his name as you ride out your high. He quickly follows behind you pulling out quickly to release all over your shirt.

a small smile plays across his lips “I’m sorry…. about your shirt I mean” You let out a small laugh “It’s ok I like it. I feel like it kinda marks me as yours ina gross way.” He raises a brow “Kinda? how Kinda?” you look down and show him your exposed neck tapping it softly “here.” He quickly understood latching himself onto your neck leaving a soft red mark. “Ok now everyone will know I’m yours.” You smile placing your hand on the tender spot.

•• the next day••
You and Kyungsoo show up to school seeing Yixing as you walk through the doors. He looks at you but quickly adverts his eyes. You look at him puzzled when you notice his face a deep shade of red. “What’s wrong Lay?” He looks at you embarrassed before yelling out “I HEARD YOU TO FUCK COME ON. KYUNGSOO AT LEAST HANG UP NEXT TIME” He walks away his face aflame as you and kyungsoo erupt in laughter. “But at least he heard something that probably made him horny too… I mean your moans and purrs y/N. they are sexy. m” you laugh before walking ahead unable to wait for next time

My current favorite among my works. Enjoy! ;)

Title: Just Friends (#4, School Anthology)

Characters: Jungkook as Jeon Jungkook, Reader

You’re so bored. Your homeroom teacher is here again to lecture (or more like scold) you about how well-behaved your section is—note the sarcasm. What does she expect on the last section of the whole year level, anyway? The students of the last section ain’t on the last section if they aren’t supposed to be last. Last is equivalent to least—least good, least intelligent, least everything.

“Do you all understand?!” Your teacher yelled.

“Yes,” the whole class softly said.

“I cannot hear you,” the teacher angrily replied.

“Yes,” the class loudly repeated.

Your teacher left without a word. Nothing’s new.

“Hey, are you doing anything after class?” Your best friend, Jungkook asked as soon as your homeroom teacher was out of sight.

“Yeah, I have soccer practice,” you replied.

“I can wait for you. I wanna try your new PS4,” he said.

You just grinned and uttered, “You only wait for me when I have something to offer to you. Take note, I ain’t even offering it to you yet.”

“Okay, I’m sorry! Why so pressed?” He jokingly asked. You just hit his left arm with your hand. Damn, that muscled arm kinda turned you on. Oh, scratch it. What are you talking about? You stopped yourself from thinking such things even though it’s hard to forget the things that you watched last night.

You went to the restroom to change. Jungkook offered to help organize your things (especially your clothes) as you are such a cluttered person. He is the antonym of you.

When you went out after changing to check on Jungkook, you didn’t see him outside the restroom so you looked around. You saw him sitting on the bench by the field, staring and slightly caressing your underwear.

“J-Jungkook,” You said, stuttering.

Jungkook almost jumped in shock. He immediately hid your underwear in your bag. “T-the janitor said that all the trainings are cancelled today because they’re cleaning the whole school for the upcoming alumni homecoming tomorrow,” he quickly said.

“O-oh, really?” You said with a pounding heart. “Okay. Let’s just go home and play.”

Your house was just a few blocks away so you guys arrived in just a few minutes minutes. The house was quiet and all the doors were locked—as if there was no one inside. Coming in, you noticed a piece of paper on the dining table. It was from your mom.


Your father and I are leaving for the province today. It was very urgent. We’ll come back tomorrow night. Please take care of yourself. I told the neighbor about this. You can stay with her for the night if you’re too scared to be alone. We love you.


“I can stay here for the night instead if you’re too scared,” Jungkook tried to say it coolly but you noticed that he’s a little trembling. You were out of breath as you looked at him. There is tension and you know it.

“How about your family?” You asked.

“My mom’s on a retreat with our churchmates while my brother asked his girlfriend to come over. I don’t think it would be a nice idea to be with them. If you know what I mean,” he replied.

“O-okay,” You simply said.

He went to your room while you prepared some food for the both of you. Your hand was trembling as you walked towards your room. You encouraged yourself to go inside despite the awkwardness of your thoughts asking you what will happen. There you saw him holding your hot pink dildo. His eyes are widened while examining the object.

“Jungkook! Where did you get that?” You yelled. You put your food at the side table and tried to snatch the dildo from him but he refused to give it to you.

“You left this on the bed. You should be more careful next time, what if I was your mom?” Jungkook asked. He then opened the vibrator of the dildo in front of you. “Hmm… it works perfectly.”

You just stared at him, at the dildo, then back at him. The moment your eyes met, you know it was something else. You swallowed a mouthful amount of saliva that’s been hiding inside your mouth for seconds now. Your mouth feels like watering by just imagining the things that you guys will do.

“Should we try it?” He asked you.

Jungkook slowly walked towards you. Your feet didn’t move an inch. You know in yourself that you want it. You’ve been always wanting to get fucked by a hot guy, and now here he is in front of you.

He held you by your nape and started to kiss you. Your heart is beating faster and faster as his lips are brushing against yours. You started to kiss him back. His other hand goes on your waist. He pulls you closer as he moves himself with you towards the bed. You both fall–you on the bottom.

“Jungkook,” you mumbled. You put his hand on your boobs. He started to massage them as he started to kiss your neck.

Your hands crawled to his pants. You immediately unbuckled his belt and kicked his pants down together with his underwear. You’re shocked to see how big his dick is but you didn’t let him notice. You’re now in doubt if it would fit in your pussy.

“Surprised?” Jungkook laughingly asked. “Don’t worry, I have lubes.”

“Thank goodness,” you replied.

He kneeled down in front of you and pulled your shorts down together with your underwear. His lips formed a smirk. “Beautiful,” he said.

Two of his fingers started to touch your clit as they go in circling motion. You can’t help but moan when he gives pressure to your pussy. He started to dig his fingers in your pussy until everything is inside. He rapidly pulled and pushed it inside you. “Oh, Jungkook, ah,” you moaned repeatedly. Him and you started pulling off your shirts which makes you bare naked.

“No need for lubes,” he said when he finally pulled his fingers out. He wiped your cum on the lips of your pussy.

He gets the dildo beside you and slowly puts it inside your pussy. You just used it yesterday so it doesn’t hurt much. Yet, it feels so damn good. He opened the vibrator of your dildo. You accidentally sat down in so much pleasure. You started to hold Jungkook’s cock while he pulls and pushes the dildo inside you. You started to move your hand up and down. You can hear him moan a little.

“I think I’m about to squirt,” you told him.

Jungkook pulled out the dildo and laid you down. He placed himself on top of you and slowly put his cock inside you. It feels so much different as it feels more real, especially the head. It hurts more now as his dick is a lot more bigger than your dildo.

“J-Jungkook, deeper please,” you pleaded.

He started to move his hips and thrust deeper until he reached his end.

“Mhm, Jungkook, yes. Oh,” you repeatedly said as he digged your pussy harder and harder.

“Can you turn upside down?” He asked. You immediately granted the command of your master.

He started to fuck you doggy style. You can feel every part of his cock moving inside you. “Faster please,” you said. “I think I’m going to cum!”

He did as you said. Every move gives you a tingling feeling in your chest. You started to play with your nipples.

“What a sight,” he said with a smirk.

Jungkook lifted you up and massaged your boobs. He pounds you harder everytime he presses your nipples. You feel like crying in pleasure.

You can hear your skin hitting his because of his rapid movement. You can now feel your cum coming out. You’re now screaming but Jungkook doesn’t mind at all. He continues to pound you hard.

“I’m about to cum, just a little bit more and I’m there,” Jungkook said with a rough, sexy voice. He suddenly pulled out his dick and cummed on your back.

He laid down on your bed for a rest while you sat down in front of him, legs open. You started to play with his dick. He just laughed. “Up for round two?” He asked.

“Definitely,” you replied.

My Girl (Staurt Twombly One Shot)

I sighed heavily as I gripped at the manila folder in hand, the anger boiling deep inside me while Graham, yet again as per usual, made an asshole comment toward Zach, our overweight group member.

“You’re so fat, man,” he muttered, making a face in disgust. “So fat…”

I pressed my lips together as I tried to hold back my own snarky comment, but bit my tongue instead. With that he finally dismissed our team for the day.

As I collected the rest of my things and began heading out, I could feel myself deeply regretting the decision to ever come in for an internship at Google for the summer before my graduating year from Stanford. Well, more like I regretted ever agreeing to team up with Graham.

I rolled my eyes as he eyed me up and down the minute I began making my way toward the exit. From the get go, I knew he hadn’t bothered to pick me for his team based on my merit, but merely because of my looks. He made that extremely clear.

“Will I be seeing you later then, beautiful?” he smirked.

“Nope,” I stated simply, slamming the folder right into his chest and making my way out. He huffed out in slight annoyance, but desire.

“Always playing hard to get,” he said through his accent, not bothering to hide his smirk. “I love it.”

Ignoring the comment, I immediately reached down for my purse in attempt to pull out my phone and distract myself a little further while I continued to walk. I huffed out in annoyance as I continued to dig, but couldn’t find it. An audible gasp and small shriek escaped my lips as I ran into someone.

“Whoa, whoa,” an unfamiliar voice cried out, reaching out for my arms and quickly grounding me. “I’m so sorry about that!”

I quickly turned over to look directly into a wrinkled smile and kind blue eyes. Instantly, I was able to recognize one of the older interns Graham was so set on destroying.

“You’re fine,” I breathed out before finally gripping the familiar lump and pulling out my phone from my purse. “Thank you.” With that I lowered my gaze onto the screen and attempted to maneuver my way past the old man.

“Whoa, whoa, hang on there,” he began, his hands pulling me back by the arms. “You’re (Y/N), right? Part of Graham’s team?”

“Yeah,” I nodded, looking up to him, my brows furrowing slightly.

“I’m Nick,” he smiled, dropping his hold on me and extending a hand for me to take.

“Pleasure,” I responded rather curtly as I looked back down to my phone screen.

“Look at you,” he seemed to chuckle. “You remind me of a certain team member of my own. Nose always stuck to that small four-inch screen. Uh, maybe you’ve met him.” He made a gesture and I barely glanced in time to watch him point over to someone in the distance. My eyes followed. “Stuart. Stuart Twombly.”

The minute my gaze landed on the boy, I felt my throat constrict and my cheeks burn up. Of course I knew who Stuart Twombly was. We both had gone to the same high school, graduated the same year, hung around the same crowd of people. He was the same boy I had been crushing on since my freshman year. However, he never knew I even existed.

It was a huge surprise when I came to find out that he had joined the Google internship program as well. That first day, when we were split up into groups, I had hoped to join him, but Graham beat me before I could even approach the boy.

During the first challenge, I would steal glances toward him every now and then. Watch as him and his team mates would frantically write against the clear board trying to figure out the bug in the code. However, the minute he’d take notice that someone was watching, I’d instantly look away. It wasn’t until the second challenge that I tried to interact with him, but as usual, he was glued to his phone. During the second half of Quidditch, I purposely dropped the quaffle in order for Stuart to get a hold of it and score for his own team, earning them the big win. For a brief moment we exchanged smiles that day, but it never went past that.

“I take that as in you do know him?” Nick gave a laugh, snapping me back into reality.

“I—I might have been acquainted with him,” I stammered, lowering my gaze yet again as my face only grew hotter.

“Whoa, wait a minute,” his expression seemed to twist into that of sneaking suspicion. “Do I detect a little something for our little Stewie?”

“N—No. I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I cleared my throat and held my head high, straightening my composure as if to seem uninterested. “You guys are the enemy, according to Graham. The competition. And besides, Google policy is: say no to love. Even if I was interested—which I’m not—it’s not going to happen.”

“Now, now,” he shook his head and chuckled. “I can see straight through the act. There’s no need to pretend you’re even on that asshole’s side. I’m sure you’re a pretty smart girl. Maybe a current student attending UCLA or something—”

“Stanford,” I corrected.

“Even better,” Nick shrugged. “You know that following Graham will only take you so far. And policy or not… You gotta live a little sometimes. I mean take me for instance; I was told I’m not allowed to go after a certain sexy Australian in management, but yet I took a chance and asked her out to dinner some time.” He paused as he looked down to me, pointing a finger. “Now I saw that glint in your eye. It was just enough to tell me everything I need to know.”

“Which is?” I gulped slightly.

“You care about Stu. You’re interested,” he smirked slightly. “And a little birdy once told me… He seems to be pretty interested in you too. Do with that what you will.” He seemed to shrug before walking off. “It was nice meeting you, (Y/N).”

I squinted my gaze as I watched him walk off toward his group, clapping his hand with Stuart in greeting before getting back to their own work. The boy’s eyes flickered over to me briefly, a small awkward smile creeping upon his lips before tentatively waving toward me with two fingers. Could the bump in have been on purpose?


Later that day, I sighed heavily as I slammed the empty tray over the bar counter, my calves burning and my feet throbbing with regret. Much like every other night I took up a shift at the bar, my body begged me to stop wearing heels. However, that seemed to be nearly impossible with the kind of job I had.

Even though Google provided me with a lot of things, I still had bills to pay, and the internship was just that… An internship. Meaning, I had no money whatsoever. With that being said, I took up a part time job as a waitress slash bartender at a local strip club.

Sure, I could have easily taken up a waitressing job at any other restaurant or bar, but Brass Rail was known for its huge tips. In one shift, I could easily pay for my car and phone bill. And the best part about it all, I didn’t have to take my clothes off for the money either. However, policy did state that my appearance had to be presentable. And by presentable, I mean I had to wear promiscuous outfits, especially if I wanted to make great tips for the night.

“Why don’t you take the rest of the night off?” Patty, the bartender for the night, asked as she wiped the bar counter clean. The woman was a few years older, but she had become a really close friend of mine and she most definitely looked out for me. “You’ve been working hard for the past couple of days. And besides, shouldn’t you be back at home working with your team to create that new app or whatever?”

“No, Graham got it all covered,” I said with a roll of my eyes.

“Either way, I think we’ve got it covered. The night’s still young, maybe you should go out and have some fun!” Patty encouraged as her lips curved into a playful smile. “Maybe find yourself a cute boy or something. You’re always too busy with your internship and here that you never have any time for yourself. Find yourself a cutie.” It took me a minute to realize she was nodding toward the entrance. “Kinda like that one.”

My eyes flew over to the door, quickly landing on the familiar boy that stood at the front of his group, nose buried deep into his phone. Instantly, I felt my eyes go wide as I caught sight of his friend and team mate, Nick. He quickly grinned as he noticed me and began reaching out for Stuart, who didn’t bother to acknowledge him.

“Oh no,” I gasped, quickly spinning around and gripping at the counter behind me.

“What?” Patty asked. “What’s the matter, sugar?”

“I—I know him,” I stammered.

The music continued to blare throughout the club, the bass bouncing, while Patty took a moment to herself and gasping.

“Ahhh! I see where this is going!” she shouted over the sound. “You like the boy, don’t cha?”

“Kinda,” I admitted guiltily as I turned back to her feeling myself wanting to panic. “But he’s never noticed me.”

“Then make him notice you,” Patty smirked. I gasped as she suddenly reached over the counter and toward my already see-through romper, ripping at the buttons in order to reveal more of my black laced bralette and stopping just an inch before my belly button. She ran her hands through my hair, adjusting it before turning me back to face the group. “Now grow some ovaries and go to him!”

I stared at the boy with wide eyes for a moment before sucking in a deep breath and starting my way over to them. You could do this. You got this, (Y/N). “By the way! You’re officially off the clock! So whatever you do from here on out won’t be held against you!” Patty shouted after me.

“Show you to your table?” One of the topless girls asked as she approached the group. Her eyes landed on Stuart, about to make a move before I stopped her in her tracks.

“I’ll take care of this one,” I assured her with a small smile. He hadn’t bothered to tear his gaze away from his phone.

“Great big world out there, my friend,” Nick said, his fingers making their way under the boy’s chin. “Just three inches up, I beg you.”

His eyes slowly lifted, growing slightly as he finally noticed who stood before him. I bit my lower lip as I felt a surge of confidence grow from within me.

“Hey,” I greeted simply.

“Hey,” he said breathlessly.


“(Y/N),” he nodded, seeming dazed. “I know.”

Nick’s lips curved into a huge grin as he pushed him toward me.

“Experience the world, Stewie,” he encouraged. “There’s a whole lot more outside that phone screen.” I looked over to Nick, nodding in appreciating before turning back to the dazed boy that stood before me.

“What—what are you doing here?” Stuart asked.

“I work here,” I responded, taking his hand and leading them to their table.

“You’re not—”

“I’m not a stripper,” I laughed as I turned over my shoulder to look at him. “I’m a waitress slash bartender. I needed something to pay the bills while I’m doing this internship at Google.”

“In that case, you can hook us up right?” Nick asked as he rushed his way forward. I grinned and nodded.

“Shots on me, guys,” I said, coming to a stop and turning over to Stuart. “But only if this one dances with me after.”

He pushed on his glasses and opened his mouth as he turned to his friends, unsure of what to say before Nick and the others nodded in encouragement.

“O—Okay,” Stuart agreed.


Everybody cheered as I made my way over to the table, carrying the large tray containing the fourteen shots of tequila.

“Before we do this, (Y/N), meet Billy, Lyle, Neha, Yo-Yo, and of course you know Stuart,” Nick quickly tried to introduce as he clapped his two hands together. “Now we can all indulge into some good ol’ shots knowing each other’s names! Let’s go!”

“It’s about time this group had a night,” the other man, known as Billy said.

“Let the good times roll!” Nick shouted.

“Bingo!” Billy agreed.

“There’s two for everyone,” I grinned as I placed the tray down and my way over in order to sit next to Stuart.

“Alright, here we go!” Nick cheered, picking up a shot and handing it over to the boy known as Yo-Yo. “Bottoms up, bud!”

“Oh, I—I can’t,” he stammered.

“What? You’re twenty-one right?” Nick asked.

“Yeah, but my mom says alcohol numbs the brain,” Yo-Yo shook his head.

“Look, I’m not saying a shot of tequila’s the first step on the journey to self-respect, but goddamn, maybe it’s a step in the right direction. Maybe?” Nick finished off, handing him the shot as we all took one in our hands. “Your call.”

The boy hesitated for a moment.

“One shot!” Yo-Yo finally said, holding up a finger rather sternly.

“You’re gonna want that other one, dude,” I grinned as I edged myself closer to the table, holding out my shot.

“Anyways, CHEERS!” Billy shouted as we all brought our shot glasses and clanged them together before taking the swig of alcohol.

“To the night you’ll never remember!” Nick cheered.

We all turned to Yo-Yo as he was the last to take his shot. He hesitated for a moment before forcing the liquid down and shutting his eyes tightly. We all waited for a moment as he shot up out of his seat and began screaming.

“YEAH!” He shouted.

“All right!” Everyone cheered.

“One more!” Yo-Yo cried out, reaching out for his other shot glass.

I gripped at Stuart’s hand and intertwined our fingers the minute we finished our last shot and began leading him to a clear opening. Whether it was the new found confidence that began blossoming after Patty or maybe it was the tequila taking over, I felt myself growing comfortable enough to dance.

“Holy shit,” Stuart breathed out as I turned my back to him and wrapped his hands around my waist, moving my hips along with the rhythm. I gave a satisfied smirk as I pressed myself against him, allowing him to move along with me.

We had gotten halfway through the song, grinding against one another before he stopped. Stuart quickly turned me around, keeping his hands over my waist while I wrapped my arms around his neck, enjoying the closeness.

“Can we talk?” He finally asked, gulping slightly.

My smile faded as I looked up to him, letting my hands slide down from his shoulders to his chest.

“Yeah sure,” I nodded. He took up my hand and lead me back to the table, where the rest of the interns had cleared up in order to have their own fun. We both sat down, Stuart instantly dropping his hold on my hand before wiping it against his jeans and looking down.

“Uh. I—I have to confess something,” he stammered.

“What is it?” I asked, my brows furrowing slightly, attempting to scoot closer to him.

He hesitated for a moment, noticing the closing space between us.

“Is it horrible timing to say I’ve liked you since freshman year of high school?” He asked. My smile faded slightly as my eyes widened. “Maybe it’s the tequila talking…”

“N—No. I—I mean, you have?”

He simply nodded.

“I just never thought I’d even get the chance to do this with you,” he admitted, finally finding the courage within himself to turn to me and motioning between the two of us. “I always figured you didn’t know I even existed. I mean, I know I’m not the greatest person ever. I don’t like people and I hide behind snarky comments, so I come off as an asshole, but…” His eyes softened. “I like you. You’ve been the only person I’ve ever really liked.”

I kept my silence as my expression lifted in awe.

“When I saw that you took this internship at Google, you were the only person I wanted to team up with. Especially knowing your background. I mean, you were Valedictorian in high school, so obviously you’re really smart—like, really smart. So, when I saw you walk in through those doors, I thought… maybe this is my second chance, my time to grow some balls and actually talk to you and work with you, but then I saw Graham beat me to it, so I gave up,” he lowered his gaze again as he shrugged. “I grew bitter. Became more of an asshole… I just didn’t want to team up with anybody else.” I pressed my lips together as I felt myself smile.

“I like you too, Stuart,” I finally said, taking up his hand. He looked up to me, surprise lining his features. “If I’m being honest, I’ve liked you since freshman year too. I just didn’t have the courage to talk to you and get to know you better back then.”

His lips curved into a small smirk as looked to me from the corner of his eye, a new sort of confidence about him showing.

“Well, in that case… wanna start over?”

I chuckled and felt my smile turn into a grin.

“I’d like that,” I nodded.

“Drinks?!” I heard a familiar voice shout over the booming music. Quickly turning over, I finally noticed Patty standing around with a tray full of shots, a smirk plastered over her face.

“YEAH!” Yo-Yo cheered as the others came swarming in for their drinks.


After a few more shots and other various drinks, both Stuart and I began to loosen up. Talking and laughing the night away. Just a few feet ahead of us Neha began bouncing up and down, before running up and taking me by the hands and leading me to the dancefloor. I quickly turned back and grabbed a hold of Stuart’s hand, bringing him along.

The beat began to pick up and I moved my body to the rhythm while Neha tried to grind against me. I laughed as Stuart stood back, dancing about rather awkwardly. An idea suddenly sparked as Neha was dragged away by one of the various strippers in order to receive a lap dance. The tequila was definitely taking over this time.

I led Stuart back to the table before tossing him back into the comfortable chairs. His glasses fumbled a bit before he pushed them back with a laugh. I smirked before quickly climbing over him, straddling him and giving into the music. My first official lap dance over the guy I had been crushing on for six years.

My hands ran through his dark hair, his glasses messing up along the process as I drew closer to his face. His own hands made their way down to my hips, moving me along his lap. I smirked as I lowered myself just inches away from his lips.

“Look at what we got cooking here!” Billy laughed as we both continued to move along. “Ready?” I snorted and moved in order to rest my head over Stuart’s shoulder as the giggling took over the minute a flash of light spotted over us and Billy finished taking our picture.

“Exchangeagram moment, bitches!” he cried out, while the two guys high fived.

I threw my head back and laughed as I continued to grind against the boy once Billy left us to our private moment. The tequila was definitely talking for me as I lowered myself once again, my body not bothering to stop. My hands gripped at Stuart’s face as he watched in amazement, slowly lowering them down to his shoulders. I bit the corner of my lip for a moment as I drew closer to him. He stopped, having caught on as one of his hands made their way over to the crook of my neck. Our breaths slowed down as they came out in low shallow huffs. Without further hesitation, we both collided, our lips finally connecting. Whether it was the alcohol or something more, my head swirled and for a moment I could have sworn that sparks flew from all around. The whole place seemed to grow quiet for a moment. It was just the two of us and from deep inside, I felt a surge of emotions begin to pour out into the long awaited kiss. The moment I had been anticipating was finally happening and it completely surpassed any fantasy I had ever had. He was an amazing kisser and the chemistry was beyond what I had ever imagined. The make out session ensued the minute we began to move our lips against one another.

“(Y/N)?!” A familiar voice called out from behind. I quickly pulled away with a gasp, my whole body tensing up. “What the hell are you doing with these losers?!”

“Graham,” I muttered, turning my attention to the boy.

“I’ve been calling you fifty thousand times,” he held out his phone, his brows merging. “Zach said you’d be at work, but I see you’ve been doing far more than just work.”

I quickly climbed off of Stuart and looked down in shame. Even though I hated the guy, I didn’t want to be kicked off the team. It was still a great opportunity to work at Google, even if that meant I had to deal with Graham the entire time. If I was kicked out, there went my chances.

“You’re coming back with me,” he demanded, snatching up my wrist and pulling me with him. “We have work to do!” I tried to yank myself away, but it was useless. Turning back, I noticed the anger flicker over Stuart’s face as I stared back apologetically, stumbling behind Graham. It was bound to happen, being a part of his team, I wasn’t allowed to interact with the competition. Especially Stuart.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Nick held out his hands in the air as he stepped between the exit and Graham. “What seems to be the problem here?”

“It’s not any of your business, old geezers,” he spat out, attempting to maneuver past the two.

“Come on take it easy,” Nick grinned as a few other guys began approaching the scene. Graham’s posse no doubt. “Is this the Jets and the Sharks all of a sudden? Montague and Capulets?” Stuart pushed his way through, finally facing Graham and his grip suddenly tightened around my wrist. He smirked as he pulled my body closer to him, wrapping an arm around my waist. I cringed and tried to push away from him as he lowered his face to mine.

“(Y/N) is part of my team. She’s my girl, isn’t that right, sweetheart?” He drawled out as he tried to kiss my cheek. My brows furrowed and I pushed him back, the anger I felt obvious by now.

“I’m not your girl!” I spat back. This seemed to please him as he gave a laugh.

“She sure loves to play hard to get,” Graham smirked, turning to the others. “Now, if you’ll excuse us. We need to get back on track to beating you guys.” He turned to me, wrapping an arm around my waist. “Come on beautiful.”

I made a face and tried to push away his arm.

“Get off of me—”

“Don’t touch her,” Stuart grumbled, stepping before the two grown men that tried to hold him back, his hands shaking as he balled them into fists. Yo-Yo, Neha, and Lyle soon appeared just behind.

“Oh yeah?” Graham huffed, seeming amused. “What are you going to do about it?”

I gasped as the strobe lights suddenly turned on and the fighting began. Stuart was the first to throw a punch and lock against Graham’s jaw. Indistinct shouts began to echo throughout the place as the others joined in.

“Stop!” I cried out, trying to pull Stuart away from Graham.

“AHHHHH!!!!” Yo-Yo ferociously yelled as he climbed over a table and jumped on someone’s back. I shrieked and stepped back as Graham fell over on his back, Stuart punching furiously.

“STOP!” I shouted again.

“Stay away from MY girl!” Stuart cried out, his hands gripping at Graham’s collar before raising him for a second and slamming him right back down. My eyes widened slightly as I stared in both shock and awe. He had called me his girl.

“My mother hits harder than you!” Yo-Yo shouted, instantly snapping me back into reality.

“YEAH! Down goes Frazier! Whoo!” Neha cheered as she kicked someone’s groin. “What’s up—oh, shit!”

My eyes widened as the security guards all began rushing in, picking up the girl and attempting to escort her out.

“See you again! I’ll kill you!” she shouted as she struggled against them. “Hide your kids! Hide your wife!”

One of the bigger ones finally managed to yank Stuart away from Graham.

“That’s how you party!” Stuart shouted in pride before being escorted out. I pressed my lips together as I fought back my laugh before attempting to follow after.

“(Y/N)! Where the hell do you think you’re going?!” The boy cried out, his body still laid out as he tried to raise himself on his elbows. “Get back here!”

I stopped and turned to him, my expression hardening. Maybe I would regret my decision later, but I had had enough of Graham for one night.

“No,” I responded. “Find yourself another team member. I quit!”

“You can’t quit! You’re mine!”

“No,” I shook my head. “I’m Stuart’s now.”

Just a few steps ahead, the boy stopped and looked to me in awe as I turned to him with a smile. Stuart suddenly grunted as the security guard kneed him and pushed on to get them out. My eyes widened and I quickly rushed over to help.

“We’re too hot to party!” Yo-Yo shouted as a security guard yanked on his collar. “That’s why they got to kick us out! Cause they’re gonna call the fire department! Why don’t you bring it outside the party?!”

“WHOOO!” Lyle cheered on.

“No more fun, c’mon,” Nick sighed as he grabbed a hold of the two boys and led them out.


Stuart and I sat back on one of the picnic tables by the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the few spots made to take in the beauty of it all. The boy groaned slightly as I lightly tried to clean up his wounds. I made a face and chuckled as he lightly pushed my hand away, not being able to stand the pain.

“You really took a beating back there,” I muttered.

“Well, I couldn’t stand around and let that asshole disrespect you like that,” he grumbled, his eyes glued onto the bridge.

“Would you look at that view?” Nick sighed out as he made his way closer to us, clapping a hand on Stuart’s back and causing him to wince in pain. “Buddy, you were an animal out there tonight!”

“Right,” Stuart scoffed, resting his elbows over his knees and looking down.

“No, you were!” Nick shook his head. “I’m sure (Y/N) agrees with me!”

I simply nodded.

“Thanks for standing up for me,” I smiled, keeping my gaze on him. Reaching out for his hand, he turned to me for a moment as we intertwined our fingers and I scoot my way closer to him, resting my head over his shoulder.

“Awe, would you look at that? Looks like you two really hit it off,” Nick grinned. “Glad my plan worked!”

“You set this whole thing up?” Stuart asked, his eyes squinted as he turned to the man in disbelief. He gave a shrug as he stuffed his hands into his jean pockets.

“I had a hunch you two had a little somethin’ somethin’ so I thought why not?” Nick chuckled. “It sure got you to loosen up, Stewie. Plus, I figured it’d give me some brownie points so you’d warm up to me.” Stuart fought back a smile before turning to me as I nuzzled myself closer to him.

“Thanks man,” he said, turning back to Nick.

“What up with it, hot thing,” Lyle continued to sing along, making his way over to us as he texted away. “Hot thing, hot thing…”

“Lyle!” Nick called out. “Looks like you also hit it off tonight. Saffron, right?”

“Yeah, I’m texting her that I love her and I’m sending her this picture I just took of little Lyle when he made pee in the bushes,” he slurred. “Look, he’s winking!”

“No, Lyle. Lyle, Lyle, that’s a horrible idea,” Nick shook his head. “Please don’t do that. You’re drunk off your ass.”

“I appreciate your concern, but I’m flying, baby,” Lyle responded with a high pitched chuckle.

“Okay, Lyle, you’re not flying,” Billy joined in, shaking his head. “What’s seventeen squared?”

“Two eighty-nine. Why?” Lyle asked.

“Give me a harder question that that,” Billy sighed as he turned to us. “You know where I’m driving with this.”

“Try, uh, maybe square root of seventeen,” Stuart suggested.

“Like, four point twenty-three? Maybe?” Lyle answered uncertainly, his expression becoming puzzled for a moment.

“That’s the app,” Nick gasped. “That’s the app we should do right there!”

“What?” Billy asked. My brows furrowed slightly as I sat up straighter, not bothering to drop my hold on Stuart.

“Some quiz questions you gotta answer before you can send a drunk text or a drunk email or phone call. Something to protect you from yourself,” Nick continued.

“Wait, you guys still haven’t come up with an app yet?” I asked.

“No,” Stuart shook his head.

“Well, that’s actually a pretty good idea,” I nodded.

“Can we do that?” Billy asked.

“Hells yeah, we could do that,” Neha scoffed out with a nod.

“Are you shitting me? I could program the shit out of that bitch on the bus ride home,” Yo-Yo slurred as he kept his laid down position.

“I could help with the customization and settings,” I suggested, my eyes landing on the drunk boy. “Considering the condition of the main operator.”

“Wait… You’re going to help us?” Billy asked, his expression twisting into that of confusion. “I thought you were with Graham.”

I grimaced as I looked down and tried to force a smile.

“Actually, I don’t belong to any team now, so there goes my internship,” I shrugged. “Which means you guys aren’t the competition anymore, so I could definitely help.”

Nick and Billy turned to one another while the others looked amongst each other. Their expressions lit up as they finally looked to me.

“(Y/N), how would you like to be one of our fellow Nooglers?” Nick offered. My eyes widened and I felt myself grin.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, can’t leave Stewie’s girlfriend behind now, can we?” Nick chuckled.

“I’m in!” I huffed out in excitement.

“C’mon then!” Billy began standing up.

“Let’s roll!” Nick announced. “Let’s get back to HQ!”

“Hey, wait, wait,” Stuart stopped everyone. “Let’s—let’s stay, like, five minutes, you know?” His eyes flickered over to me. “Just enjoy the view a little more.”

“Yeah, all right,” Nick agreed.

“Okay!” Billy sighed out and sat back.

Stuart hesitated for a moment as he looked directly into my eyes, his face slowly inching closer to mine. Before I knew it, he took up the crook of my neck and our lips gently met for a moment. From all around, I could hear the rest of the group start to cheer, causing us to laugh through the kiss and ultimately break away. I rested my head over Stuart’s shoulder as he pulled me closer, our eyes landing back to the rising sun over the ocean. What a way to end the night.

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Imagine Chris introducing you to your son for the first time.

A/N: Part 5 already? Man, time flies when you’re having fun. Stay tuned for the epilogue. Here are the links to the previous parts: (Memory Lane - Part 1/Part2/Part3/Part 4) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts and Baby Fever - Masterlist). This one is super cute if I say so myself. 💕

You could barely remember the labor experience when you woke from your nap, or anything for that matter. You could remember the pain, of course, that was still there but it had subsided sufficiently since the birth of your son. You could remember your water breaking at home because of the silly argument you had with Chris, and him rushing you to the hospital whilst apologizing the entire drive there. You smiled to yourself when you thought about it; you had the best husband even though he got a little messy sometimes.

“Knock knock,” you heard your mom’s voice and you looked up dazedly. “Hey sweetheart,” she smiled at you and you mirrored it. “How are you feeling?” She asked as she entered your ward; she sat down on an empty chair and took one of your hands in hers.

“Glad I’m not pregnant anymore,” you responded with a soft chuckle and she chuckled in response. “I don’t know how you did it, Mom. That was-” you shook your head in disbelief, “one of the most painful experiences of my entire life.” She squeezed your hand gently, chuckling. “I know I said I’d think about having a girl, but I don’t think I want to do that ever again.”

“You will,” she disagreed with a nod. “Not now, but you will. Believe me, honey. Parenthood is one of the best experiences you’ll ever have. When you see your baby, you’ll understand that the pain is worth everything.” She pressed a soft kiss to the back of your hand and you smiled. “He’s beautiful, by the way.” She told you and your smile grew wider.

“Is Chris with him?”

“Did you really expect him to be anywhere else?” She responded and you chuckled. “Have the two of you decided on a name? I remember both of you saying that you didn’t want to think about it until you saw the baby, but surely there’s been some discussion on possible names.”

You shook your head in response because there hasn’t been. Sure there were names you both liked, but there was never one that either of you had your mind set on. Chris didn’t see the point of naming a child he hadn’t yet met, and to be honest- neither did you. When you wrote, you’d always create a character before you gave that character a name; a name was nothing if it didn’t fit the personality. Despite your need to control things, you quite liked the spontaneity of things which was one of the many reasons Chris fell in-love with you.

“We’ll decide when we decide,” you told her and she nodded. “Where’s Dad?” You asked but before she could answer you, you asked another question. “And did Chris call Lisa and Bob yet? They were meant to drive down for the due date but- well,” you chuckled. “Their son pissed me off so much that their grandson came early.”

Your mom laughed then said, “your dad’s getting some coffee, and Lisa and Bob are on their way as we speak. So are your brothers, and Chris’ siblings, and their families. Everyone’s been informed about the sudden birth, don’t worry. We’ve handled all the details, you just relax.”

“I don’t think relaxing is in her wheelhouse,” you heard Chris’ voice and you immediately smiled. You looked up and felt your heart skip a beat when you realized he was with a nurse and your baby. “We thought you might like to meet your son.” He said as he carefully pushed the baby cot over. “Hate to say it but- he’s the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen.”

“That’s ‘cause you didn’t see your wife when she was a baby,” your mom commented and Chris chuckled. “Okay, we’ll leave you two to get aquatinted with your son.” She beckoned the nurse out with her as she started to make her leave. “Pick a good name, no Jr. situation please.” You and Chris laughed softly at that, not wanting to scare the baby. “We’re better than that.” With that, she closed the door behind her.

“Before I pick him up, first things first.” He leaned over and gently caressed your face, pressing his lips against yours; you smiled and kissed him back. “I am so proud of you, Y/N, and I don’t think I have ever loved you more. You were so strong and beautiful and- I am just-” he cut himself off, glancing at your son, “we’re just the luckiest guys in the world to have you in our lives.”

“You’re just trying to make up for the fact that you basically pushed me into labor,” you giggled and he chuckled. “I can’t even give birth at a time that I want, and you call me controlling and manipulative.” You teased and his smile widened.

“You did say you were sick of being pregnant, and my job as your husband is to make your life easier so- I guess you’re welcome.” He quipped and you giggled, slapping his arm ever so gently. “Alright,” he chuckled. “Are you ready to meet your son? We really need you to because we need to decide on a name. I kinda have one in my head but- I want to see what you think of when you look at him.”

“Okay,” you nodded and Chris helped you sit up before gently lifting your baby boy out of the plastic cot. He sat down on the edge of your bed, just beside you and carefully passed the life you’d just given birth to over to you. You felt tears well in your eyes upon looking at his tiny face, he looked up at you with eyes the same shade as his father’s and smiled for the first time. “He’s beautiful, Chris.”

“Just like you,” Chris kissed the side of your head.

You looked down at your baby, gently swaying him back and forth as you thought about his name. His eyes reminded you of Chris, yes, but they also reminded you of the day Chris took you camping for the first time. It was near the Jackson River, he’d taken you out on the canoe just as the sun was rising over the water which was as beautiful a blue as your son’s eyes. You looked at him and all you could remember was that day, the day Chris took you out of your comfort zone without removing the feeling of warmth and safety while doing so. But that was what Chris did, and was incredibly good at; he challenged you and changed you for the better. Your son was the perfect example because without Chris- you would have never birthed this beautiful and angelic baby boy, and set out to experience the adventure of a lifetime.

“What are you thinking?” Chris asked, wrapping an arm around you.

“Do you remember that day you took me out camping?” You asked, not tearing your eyes away from your son. You felt Chris nod and you continued, “it was my first time out in the woods and I was a little nervous about it.”

“A little?” He chuckled softly. “Sweetheart, you were having anxiety attacks.” You chuckled softly in response. “But I also remember you telling me that I made you feel safe despite how unsafe you felt out there.”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “And you took me out on the canoe just before sunrise and we watched as it rose over the water.” Chris nodded again, smiling as he reminisced. “I fell in-love with you that trip, like- head over heels in-love with you.”

“Really, that trip?” He raised an eyebrow. “But you didn’t say anything, and that was- way before Disney World when I spilled the beans. Were you waiting for me to say it first?” He teased and you chuckled softly.

“Well, I didn’t want to scare you off.”

“Please,” he chuckled. “If you’d told me then, I would have told you the feeling was mutual. Sweetheart, I was in-love with you after our first date. I just tried to play it cool because I didn’t want to scare you off. Honestly- I thought you were going to run after the camping thing, your face when we got to the campsite was pretty priceless.”

“Shut up,” you giggled.

“Why are you bringing that trip up?” Chris quizzed; there was a hint of curiosity and hope in his voice because he too thought about that trip when he looked at his son for the first time. That trip was the one that gave Chris a glimpse of the life he could have with you, where he would constantly challenge you and lift you out of your comfort zone while making you feel as loved and as safe as possible. He fell in-love with you too, that trip, because he saw how hard you tried for him despite how much you clearly hated camping.

“Because when I look at our baby, I think of that trip.” You glanced at Chris and he smiled when you did. “He is here because of you, of what you’re capable of making me do. That trip was the first time I did anything out of my comfort zone for a guy, you are the first guy who made me want to leave my comfort zone.”

“And you are the first girl who has tried so hard for me,” he responded. “You know something, Y/N? You know why we work?” Your facials prompted a continuation. “Because despite our differences, we are one in the same. I thought about that trip when I saw him too,” he told you and you smiled. “Does this mean we’ve decided on a name?”

“Jackson River Evans,” you said with a smile and a nod.

“I love it,” you felt your husband kiss the top of your head. “And I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too,” you turned and kissed him, smiling against his lips. “And we love you, Jack.” You whispered to your son when you broke the kiss, leaning into your husband’s loving arms. “God, he’s so perfect.” You said to Chris and he nodded, smiling. “Jack,” you smiled and cradled the small bundle of joy closer to your chest.

“You know what I just realized?” Chris quizzed then chuckled softly as he said, “both Chris Pratt and I now both have a son named Jack.” The two of you laughed softly at that. “Chris Evans, Jack Evans. Chris Pratt, Jack Pratt. Well-” he chuckled. “I better call Hemsworth to tell him he’s got to have another son and name him Jack, God knows Hollywood needs another Evans-Pratt-Hemsworth trio.”

“You’re such a dork,” you giggled.

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I Can’t Wait To Hear You Scream PT. 4

Summary: You and Negan go on a run together.

Note: The smut hasn’t come in yet, because I want the sexual tension between Negan x Reader to get unbearable.

You didn’t see Negan for the rest of the day after that, but you didn’t need to see him, your sore ass was enough of a reminder of him.
You sat in the cafeteria by yourself that night, along with other sanctuary members. You weren’t very hungry, so you just pushed around some food on your plate.
You wondered what Negan was doing now and also wondered why you couldn’t stop thinking of him. Just as you were about to get up to leave Simon approached you, “The boss wants to see you.” He said quickly and kept walking. You turned in the direction he was going, “What for?” You asked curiously, wondering what the fuck you did wrong now.
“I have no idea,” He didn’t even turn around, “I’m going to the chow line, just get going.”
You rolled your eyes and got up and dumped your tray in the trash and made your way out and went to the same room as the other times. You walked in and Negan was sitting in the chair, feet propped up on the table, cleaning Lucille with a bloody cloth. He kept his eyes fixated on the bat.
“It’s about time, darlin’, I was starting to think I’d have to fucking hunt you down.” He finally looked up and gave you a sly smirk, he sat Lucille in his lap. He gestured to the free chair near the desk, “Go on, darlin’. Have a seat.” He said with a wink.
You winced, because you knew he was poking fun at your current situation.

“I’d rather not.” You answered, looking unamused.

He chuckled and threw his head back, showing straight white teeth, he looked back at you with his dark eyes.
“Yeah, I kinda figured. I fucking tore that ass up. Too bad I can only say it was with this.” He ran a hand seductively along his leather belt, but keep eye contact with you. Seeing his hand running along that region ignited some excitement in you. Damn him.
You let a out a breathe.
“Why did you wanna see me?”

He cleared his throat and got serious, “Since you showed you know how to actually fucking handle yourself, I’m gonna offer you a job.”

“What kind?” You asked in suspicion, eyeing him carefully.

He licked his full lips and smirked, “Doing runs with me.“ He ran a hand through his black hair, "You said you could find shit that no one else could, so let’s put it to the goddamn test, doll.”

You smirked back, “I can do that, it’s just a shame you are giving me the opportunity when I can barely walk.”

He smiled wickely, “Well, who’s fucking fault is that?” You just nodded, not wanting to get another 10 licks from him.. Not at the moment anyway.
“Hell darlin’ maybe I just wanna get you alone for a while. Maybe I like lookin’ at you so goddamn much I wanna take you with me.” A smile was finally starting to break through on your face, there was still tension between you two, but his charisma was too powerful to keep you mad.
“Holy fuck. Is that a fucking smile I see? Shit.” He said in a fake surprised tone, leaning forward, with his lips parted.
“Why not take Amber?” You smirked.
He saw that you were challenging his authority and he fucking liked it.
He pursed his lips into an “o” shape, seeing that you were trying to see how far you could push his buttons, and goddamn if that didn’t make him want you even more.
He threw his hands behind his head. “Shit, the only thing that girl is good for is sucking a cock, I don’t know how she survived before I brought her ass in. Not to mention that you fractured her nose in two fucking places.” He smiled, sounding almost proud of you when he said that.
You smiled and had a sense of satisfaction wash over you.

The next morning you met up with Negan beside the black truck, he was wearing his leather jacket and had Lucille propped on his shoulder proudly. “You ready to get to work?” He asked, opening the passenger side door.
You were even more sore today, but you were powering through it, “Yeah, I’m ready.” He got in on the driver’s side, laying Lucille in between you two - which was way different from the first night when he wouldn’t let her go. You began driving down a long stretch of highway, passing neighborhoods and stores, they all must have been emptied out a while ago since he didn’t bother to look in their direction.
“Do I get a weapon?” You asked bluntly.
He glanced over to you as if you were crazy.
“I’m all the fucking protection you need, baby doll.” He said flexing a leather clad arm.
“So, I don’t get a weapon?”

He rolled his eyes, “Alright, with your fucking broken record already, here-” he dug around in the floorboard and picked up an old rusty crowbar and handed it to you, “take this.”
You grabbed it, but he didn’t let it go, “Look, I still don’t fucking know you that well, so I’m gonna go out on a fucking limb and trust that you’re not gonna try to crack me over the head with that fucker.”
You shook your head, “No, I’m not."He finally loosened his grip on it and let you take it from his gloved hand.

You pulled up to a big store and Negan turned the engine off. "Alright, we’re gonna go in here and look around for any useful shit. Stay aware of your surroundings, I don’t want a fuckin’ replay of last time.” He said cutting his eyes to you referring to when you got caught by a walker your first night.
“Don’t worry, I can handle it.” You answered back getting out of the truck before he could open your door this time. He got out and walked over beside you, eyeing your surroundings.
“What happens if others show up?” You asked, wondering how well he would handle rivals without the Saviors.

“Where’s your fuckin’ faith, darlin’? You really think I fuckin’ need my men around to get the fuckin’ message across that I’m in charge around here? Their shit will still be mine and if they don’t believe me, Lucille will take care of it.” He said sternly, he had basically read your mind as to what you were thinking.
He headed towards the building and you followed close behind, the crowbar swinging in your hand.
He kicked the glass door to the store in and waited, looking around for any movement. Neither of you heard anything and enterned, majority of the store was emptied, but there were still and few items here and there.

You split up and both walked to opposite ends of the building, you could hear Negan throwing items around and could hear the few stray words of “Fuck”, “Goddamn” and “Shit”. You shook your head, he was destructive with everything and his vocabulary consisted of the word fuck. You walked around, looking for any canned goods, but found none on the shelves except for a stack of old beauty magazines. You heard a loud shatter as glass broke followed by Negan shouting,
“Yeah, break that fucking shit, Lucille. Fucking homerun!” you peeked around the corner to see that he was playing baseball with fucking flower vases, he was like a kid in a candy store throwing up vases and quickly shattering them with Lucille’s barbed end. You snorted with laughter, at least he was entertaining himself. You got onto your knees and bent down, looking under the shelves and saw a few stray cans of food. You reached under as far as you could to grab them, you ended up being able to get ahold of two cans of beans and soup.
There was a loud whistle, “Damn baby, you should have fuckin’ called me over here sooner to enjoy this sweet ass view.” Negan called as he walked over towards you. You chuckled, biting your lip at the way he talked to you, but not letting him see it. You stuck the cans into your bag,
“I found a few cans of food.”

“Not bad, I actually wasnt exoectinv you to find a fucking thing. This place is pretty much empty, not much here anymore. Doesn’t matter anyway, gonna be paying a visit to your old pal Rick the-fucking-prick soon.” He was still staring at your ass as you rose slowly off the ground, but picked up one of the magazines on a nearby shelf and glanced at it before he threw it to the side.

“Yeah, I saw you practicing your swings over there. So this was a test or something?” You felt sadness as you remembered the old group. You hadn’t thought about them much since you left, but hoped they were doing fine.

“Lucille isn’t all business. My girl likes to have some fuckin’ fun, too.” He cooed, patting the bat. "And yeah, I didn’t even think about fucking looking under the shelves, but shit, I just felt like fuckin’ bringing you out. The view of your ass was fuckin’ worth it.” He raised his eyebrows in that sexy way that he always does. You shook your head and smiled. This asshole, as ruthless and dangerous as he was, was growing on you, that’s for sure.

It’s me

Word count: 1457

You’re one of Liv’s friends and you meet Kai in that bar but when he tells you about his past, you don’t judge him for it

Everyday after classes, you went to the bar where Liv works and chat with her about your day and all kinds of things. There sometimes were guys hitting on you but you weren’t interested so you turned most of them down. Liv was teasing you about it, but it was the way you liked things to be.
It was an ordinary day at the bar, half empty which allowed you and Liv to have more time to talk. It was always interesting seeing people around, most of them working on their homework.

‘Why do people write their homework in a bar?’ You asked, your gaze focused on the people behind you. Liv laughed and just shrugged her shoulders as she wiped the bar with a wet cloth.

'Weird. Hey are we still up for that party tonight? It’s gonna be sick.’ You said, biting on the pencil you always carried around for some reason.

'Of course. Wouldn’t miss it for the world!’ Liv replied as she went to serve the guy that just arrived. Black jacket, tall, piercing blue eyes, ugh, he was perfect. That was what you thought to yourself when you saw him, but he must’ve been a freshman because you’ve never seen him before. He kept glancing in your direction, his smile making you blush a little bit, unable to hide the redness from your face you looked to the other side and laughed at yourself for being so childish. Liv came back and handed you another drink, telling you it was from the guy that made you blush so much, like you were in primary school when a boy told you your notebook was cute. It was absolutely embarrassing and you tried to avoid his eyes as much as possible, but that didn’t help when he came closer and sat down next to you, his knee touching your leg. You swallowed hard and took a deep breath. You kept staring at him, admiring him, which probably looked creepy so to avoid any further creepiness, you decided to start a conversation with him.

'Um, thanks for the drink.’ You said but he just smiled at you, showing of his beautiful teeth. Yes, even his teeth were beautiful. You were unable to control yourself, but somehow you did. He was just the kinda guy you always fell for and it was starting to get hard not to look at him.

'No problem. I’m Kai’ he finally spoke up as he reached out his hand for you to shake it. You placed your hand in his, his fingers wrapping around your palm so perfectly, his eyes never leaving yours.

'So Kai, what brings you to our fantastic college?’ you asked him and rolled your eyes at your own question.

'Just, visiting my family, actually.’ You thought how sweet that was. He grinned, and brought his stool closer to you, his knee touching your leg again.

'That’s nice. Do you do that a lot?’ You asked.

'Well, not exactly. I haven’t seen my family in 18 years.’ He replied, your brows frowning. What does that even mean? You thought to yourself, trying to figure it out on your own, without intruding, but it was impossible.

'How come?’

'Because I just came back from prison. I was locked there for, as I already said, 18 years.’ He trailed off and took a sip of his drink, his eyes leaving yours as he looked down. How could this be possible? He looked like he was 20 and he was in prison for 18 years. That didn’t make any sense, but it didn’t scare you at all. Some of the stories you heard were a lot worse than this one. Kai was interesting and you definitely wanted to know more about him, even though something was telling you that you might regret it, but you did it anyway. It was very intriguing.

'Um, sorry? Could you, explain that a little bit?’ You asked, a smile appearing on his face.

'Well, you see I was locked there because I did something really bad. My family locked me there for 18 years. As you can see, I managed to escape it. It was torture, you know. Living through the exact same day for 18 years can really mess with your head. That’s why I tried to kill myself a lot of times, but nothing happened. And you see her?’ He pointed towards Liv and locked his eyes with yours. 'She’s my sister. Even though she doesn’t remember me because dad probably took care of that.’ His eyes never left yours, but your heart was now beating faster because of what he said. You were completely lost and didn’t know what to say. It was too soon to judge and you weren’t that kinda person, but this was really messed up.

'So why Liv doesn’t remember you?’ You asked, wanting to know more.

'Because I tried to kill her. And her twin brother, my brother, when they were 4. I killed my other siblings, except my twin sister. We were a messed up family. Family of witches, but I’m not like them.’ He stated, your eyes went wide for a moment when he said he killed his siblings. For some reason, you weren’t scared. It was strange for Kai opening like this to you because you just met him, but he just scratched the surface. There was a lot more to find out about him. You swallowed hard, trying to come up with the next question for him, or even a reply to his story.

'Why… why did you want to kill Liv?’ You asked as he grinned at you and took another sip of his drink.

'Aren’t you afraid of me? I thought you were going to run away from me. I actually expected from you to run away from me when I said I was locked in a prison world.’ He stated, his eyes squinting a little bit.

'I think you’re ignoring my question.’ You said and took a sip of your drink.

'I’ll tell you some other time.’ He replied and winked at you. You rolled your eyes at him and laughed.

'Why not tell me now? It could be fun.’ You winked at him and made him laugh for being so different from any other people. You weren’t judging him because od his past and you haven’t ran away from him.

'You just don’t to give up? Do you?’

'Never. I need an answer, Kai.’

'Fine.’ He trailed off. His hand reached out to your arm, grabbing it lightly as he stood up and walked towards more secluded table in the corner. He lifted his feet up on the chair, getting comfortable.

'See, in gemini coven, twins have to merge and then the one who wins, becomes the leader of the coven, in this situation, Gemini coven. So, getting rid of the twins would open the doors for me to become the leader but instead I got sent to prison world. My family always called me an abomination. That hurt my feelings.’ He smiled and looked down as if he was insecure. It even seemed like he wasn’t comfortable talking about it.

'Now, answer me. Why aren’t you afraid of me?’ Kai asked, his hand finding it’s way to his drink.

'No reason. I just don’t want to judge someone I just met, even if it means they’re a-’

'Irredeemable piece of trash?’

'No, I, wasn’t planning on putting it that way.’

'That’s what my family thought. They never even gave me a chance. I was different and it freaked them out so they isolated me. I was treated like trash and it was hell for me.’

He trailed off and looked at you, his face serious and you could’ve sworn, maybe even a little bit of sadness. At that moment you wanted to hug him. Yeah, maybe it was a stupid idea, but no one deserves to be treated that way.

'Now, enough about me. Let’s hear more about you.’ Kai said and leaned on his elbows on the table, his face closer to you. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes for a second.

'How about tonight? 8pm? I’ll tell you everything you want to know about my boring life.’

'It’s a date.’ He said as you got up and walked out of the bar, leaving Kai at the table. A date. After so long, you got a date, with Kai. The only thing that could’ve popped in your head was how interesting that date could be. Maybe after all this things you found out about Kai, there might’ve been something else that could’ve dragged you in and made you fall for Kai even more.

what goes around, comes around (chanyeol)
word count: 1515 w.
genre: romance, angst, post breakup au
summary: in which one of your grandma’s birthday wishes was to see you with chanyeol, your recent ex-boyfriend. oops?

“Stop pacing around! For god’s sake, just tell the damn boy!” Your best friend pressed her fingers on her temple, rubbing it in a circular motion. With a huff, you settled down right beside her on the couch. You weren’t very flexible in vocalizing your feelings or in your case, inviting your ex to your grandma’s birthday party.

She crossed her legs and propped an elbow on the top side of the couch. “I’m sure he’ll understand. I mean, Chanyeol basically adores your grandma. He wouldn’t mind being there at the party.”

“You did tell your grandma that you and Chanyeol have broken up, didn’t you?” She asked in a confident tone, eyebrows raising as she waited for your response.

“Um, yeah, about that…”

Your best friend groaned in frustration. When her reflex kicks in, she starts grabbing things near to her and fortunately, it was a throw pillow. “It’s been almost three months, girl! How can you not tell your family about the break-up?”

“They love Chanyeol!” You exclaimed, dodging the pillow she threw. “It would break their hearts if they knew about it.”

“Who are you kidding?” She started crawling to your side of the couch before poking your forehead. “You still love Chanyeol and it still breaks your heart because you can’t accept that you two are over.”

Tears were threatening to stream down your face but your best friend was right. You do still love the guy and acceptance wasn’t just running through your mind back then, even right now. Chanyeol gave you so much precious memories to cherish that forgetting them, forgetting him, was the last thing on the list.

“One way or another, you gotta move on. You have to move on.”

Your heart sank at your best friend’s words. She fished out your phone from your body bag. At first, you hesitated on dialing his number, thinking on what you were going to say. Should you ask him how are things going? Should you say hi or hello but hell, you know whatever you were gonna say is gonna sound awkward.

“This is the best chance of closure you have. Don’t screw it up.”

You gulped at her words before pressing the call button. Your hands started perspiring when a deep, baritone voice greeted your ear. It’s the same husky voice that whispered sweet nothings to your ear. It’s the same voice that said, “I love you” more than a thousand sunsets. But it’s also the same voice that muttered a quiet, “I’m sorry” when you decided to walk out the door.

“Hi, Chanyeol.”

You have no idea why you were now in a convenience store, searching for junk food and soda for a road trip to your grandma’s house. With Chanyeol. Yes, that Chanyeol. Your ‘well-loved by your family and friends’, ex-boyfriend extraordinaire, Park Chanyeol.

You had to admit. You haven’t had a decent road trip up until now. You haven’t showed up to one family gathering for the last three months. Every event you attended back then, you had Chanyeol with you. But it seems now would be the last time to have him by your side.

As you were shoving various food down your basket, you spotted your favorite chocolate. Chanyeol used to buy it when you were feeling upset with things. A momentary need to add it to the list of items in your basket was felt but your hand stopped halfway. This trip should be a road to closure, not a trip down to memory lane.

“That would be ten dollars,” the cashier said as a the register noise reverberated around the store.

You were about to hand out the payment when Chanyeol placed another item on the flat surface. His height towered over you as you looked up at him before turning to see what he added.

“I remember you liked this chocolate, and I know it’s kinda wrong or whatever, but I couldn’t not buy it for you.” He pointed out, his lips pursed in a thin line.

“Shit,” you mumbled under your breath.

Chanyeol looked over the passenger’s side to the sight of you clumsily wiping tissue on the soda stain on your white blouse. Out of all the days you had to wear your blouse, why was this the perfect day to spill soda on it? Not to mention, right in front of your ex.

“Still clumsy, I see?” Chanyeol grinned, his line of sight completely focus on the road. “Do you have an extra shirt? I have one at the back.”

Your eyes twinkled in wonder. Your voice faltered a bit but you eventually found your grip. “Who’s is it?”

Chanyeol snapped his head towards your direction. You averted your attention to the view outside so you could avoid his gaze. “It’s my sister’s.”

You replied with a small “oh”. “I actually have an extra but–”

“That’s okay, I won’t look. I’ve seen it all anyway.” Chanyeol teased, earning a few shy giggles from you and a blush creeping its way to your cheeks.

You proceeded on changing your blouse. True to his words, Chanyeol kept his eyes on the road. The one you changed into was an oversized shirt. Needless to say, it was your favorite.

Chanyeol couldn’t help but side-glance at you even just for a quick minute. A small smile plastered on the latter. It was rather charming how Chanyeol’s dimples were placed perfectly on his face. He began, “That’s my shirt.”

You glanced down and it was, indeed, his shirt. Now this would just make the situation worse. It would seem like you were giving him a signal that you weren’t completely over him (you really weren’t), and you wouldn’t want that.

“Do you want it back?” 

You whipped your head to the driver’s side, only to find his eyes crinkled and a soft smile accompanying it. “Nah, it always looked better on you.”

The party was a blast despite being celebrated by an eighty year old. There were so much interactions between your family and Chanyeol that it very much overwhelmed you. You had to tell them someday, but not today. Your grandma might get a heart attack when she finds out the truth and you avoided that effect at all costs.

Loud pitter-pats of raindrops fell heavily on the roof. Your grandma convinced you and Chanyeol to stay the night over at her house as driving back to Seoul was perilous at this time of the night. The heavy rain added enough reason to accept her offer. There was an extra room fit for two guests. Requesting a carpet and another set of thick comforter would draw questions from your grandma.

You and Chanyeol were a couple and it was only natural to sleep in one bed. At least, after three months again.

The two of you had your backs to each other, refusing to lay on your backs instead. It’s been a while since the two of you slept in one bed, under one roof.

You shouldn’t be saying this right now but you called him out. “Chanyeol.”

He responded, “I thought you were asleep.”

“I missed this,” you finally gave into your feelings. Taking a deep breath, you sighed, “I missed you. I missed us.”

You know you shouldn’t get your hopes up but you couldn’t take your mind off his words that he said earlier that day. You weren’t sure if he was leading you on or he was just being the cocky Chanyeol you seldom encountered back in your relationship. 

The best way to get some closure was to let out everything that’s been long kept in your mind and heart. Closure is accepting rejection once the words hidden at the back of your mind passed by your lips.

You slowly rolled your body to the other side. Surprised, you backed away a little as his face was dangerously lurking close to yours. His soft gaze never left your face the moment you turned to him. A few centimeters and his pink lips would have found yours.

“Is there a chance you’d ever come back?” You questioned as your eyes slowly closed. Your heart readied itself to be crashed into a million pieces once again.

His hand emerged from under the blanket, making its way to your cheek. His thumb rubbed invisible shapes. You found yourself leaning more into his palm. 

“Just ask me to stay.”

You felt your heartstrings tug, heightening your senses to the maximum level. Even in the dark, you saw colors swirling around the room. Hearing those words made something burst inside of you that it spread hope all across your thoughts.

Opening your eyes, tears finally escaped from it. “I never stopped loving you, Chanyeol. Will that make you stay?”

“More than you will ever know, babe.”

You never had a sweeter kiss than this.

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Imagine dating Chris.

A/N: This is part 2 to ‘Imagine Chris falling in-love with at first sight’, however this can be read as a one shot. If you want to read part 1 first, it can be found here. Also, I’ll be updating my masterlist soon so keep an eye out for that; link is in my bio.

Chris woke up before you, like he always did. You were pretty sure his acting job ruined his ability to sleep-in but you didn’t mind because it meant you always had breakfast waiting for you in the kitchen. The two of you’d been together for almost a year now, but it felt longer than a year in a very good way. You met Chris fourteen months ago when you won the Christopher Haven’s draw; the prize being the chance to meet Chris Evans and spend the day with him. You could still remember how nervous you were when you met him- you could barely even remember your name, but that didn’t matter because Chris didn’t need your name to know you were the one he wanted to be with. He fell in-love with you at first glance, just like you did when you saw Captain America: The First Avenger for the first time.

Things between the two of you progressed pretty quickly. He spent the day with you because of the contest, but he didn’t need the obligation to want to continue spending time with you. He was so smitten that he invited you to stay for another week- all expenses on him- because he didn’t want to see you go. You agreed without thinking twice because how could you not? This wasn’t just any ordinary man, this was the man you’d been dreaming about being with since you were sixteen. Even if you had just one week with him, you had to jump at the opportunity.

You remembered how sweet Chris was, how much a gentleman he was leaving you with a gentle kiss on the cheek. You remembered freaking out when Hunter asked you how things went. You could even remember the phone call with your mom and how she was surprisingly calm when you told her you were kinda sorta dating Chris Evans. Every day you’d call her with an update, telling her about how perfect Chris was that day and how he was everything you’d imagined he’d be. Every day she’d respond with the same thing, in a calm and collected voice “I’m really happy for you, sweetheart.” That nonchalance faded when you returned home after your extended time in Boston, with Chris, announcing that the two of you were officially dating.

Chris turned onto his side so he could watch you sleep, he enjoyed doing that. Actually- he just enjoyed you. He could spend hours with you and not ever get sick of your company, the two of you didn’t even have to do or say anything; the silence was always comfortable. He shuffled as close as he possibly could to you, gently wrapping an arm around you so you’d subconsciously adjust and snuggle into him. He pressed his nose against your strawberry scented hair and quietly breathed you in, smiling because he could do this forever.

“Are you smelling my hair again?” You asked when you were aroused from your sleep. You heard Chris chuckled softly then felt him press a soft kiss onto the top of your head. You felt a chuckle escape your throat and you pressed your face into his t-shirt. “You are so weird,” you mumbled into his chest.

“As weird as you were when you came to my house for the first time,” he poked your side and you giggled. “Don’t think I didn’t know you were lying about being cold so I’d lend you one of my sweaters. You just wanted to see what I smelt like without actually smelling me, you weirdo.” You smirked smugly and he couldn’t help but smile. “So did my scent live up to your expectation?”

“No,” you lied; of course it did, that man always smelt one hundred percent. “Your sweater smelt like Dodger and mothballs.” You quipped and he laughed. “Actually, no. Dodger smells better than that sweater.”

“Well then- Can I get it back?”

“Hell no,” you giggled and he chuckled. “I like mothballs,” you teased and kissed his jaw. He smiled and dipped his head, pressing his lips against yours. You pushed his face away before he could deepen the kiss and covered your mouth, trying not to giggle. “Let me brush my teeth first,” you mumbled into your hand.

“You do this every morning,” he groaned with an amused smile. “I don’t care about your breath, I just want your lips on mine.” He pulled your hand away and kissed you again before you could argue. “Mm…” He hummed and you smiled, melting into his tender kisses. “God,” he whispered when he broke the kiss, “you are so beautiful in the morning.”

“That’s my line,” you giggled.

He chuckled and gave you a quick peck on the lips before he pulled away and got out of bed. He stretched and glanced over his shoulder at you, smiling. You smiled back, knowing he was going to get breakfast ready. “What do you feel like?” He asked, his hand on the door handle. “Do you want cereal, pop tarts, or proper breakfast?”

“How dare you?” You feigned offense and he chuckled softly because this was a road the two of you’d been down many a time. “Cereal is proper breakfast, as are pop tarts.” He nodded, rolling his eyes. “Don’t roll your eyes at me,” you laughed and threw a pillow at him which he swiftly caught.

“Cereal can be proper breakfast if you eat the proper breakfast cereals, but no-” he chuckled. “You eat Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms and- God knows what other sugary rainbow treats. They have no nutritional value whatsoever, just like your pop tarts.”

“You sound like my mom,” you rolled your eyes.

“Yeah, and that lady knows what she’s talking about.” He tossed the pillow back onto the bed. “I’m going to go make you proper breakfast food, brush up then come join me in the kitchen. Yeah?” He asked and you nodded, sitting up. “Usually I’d tell you to brace yourself before I open the bedroom door but- we’re not in Boston.”

You chuckled, knowing he was talking about Dodger and how he loved barreling in and pouncing onto you while you were still snug and half-asleep. “He’s such a dork,” you chuckled softly to yourself and Chris nodded, smiling. “I can’t wait to see him.”

“Luckily you’re moving in with me next week,” he reminded you and you smiled excitedly. “Y/N-” He began then cut himself off, pressing his lips together. Your eyes narrowed slightly at his odd behavior and he quickly returned to your side, sitting down to explain. “I want you to move in with me, I just- I want you to want it too.”

“If I didn’t want to, don’t you think I would’ve told you already? I am- like you said- very opinionated and stubborn,” you reminded him and he chuckled softly. “I love you and I want to do this,” you assured him. “If I want a future with you- and I do, we have to try this. All this flying back and forth, and doing the long distance thing- it’s tiring. If I can be where you are, why wouldn’t I be?”

“Because you’re giving up a lot to accommodate this?”

“It’s called compromising, it’s important in relationship.” You teased him and he chuckled softly. “I’m not giving up a lot, okay? This apartment is a lease, you have a house. I’m a writer, I can write anywhere.” He was about to remind you what he did for a job when you interrupted him. “You’re an actor, yes but- Boston’s your home base. All your family is there, your friends. I can’t ask you to give that up.”

“And somehow I can?”

“I can always visit,” you told him, smiling. “Chris, I want to do this. Other than my family and friends, I don’t really have an attachment to Los Angeles. But I do have a special place in my heart for Boston considering it’s where we met,” you reminded him and the two of you shared a smile. “Don’t worry, baby.” You cupped his face in your hands and rubbed gentle circles into his cheeks. “Everything is going to be fine,” you assured him. “Do you want to know why?”

“Why?” He managed a small smile despite his concerns.

“Because I have you now,” you told him and smiled which widened his. “And you are all I need. Well- you and my sugary rainbow treats,” you joked and he laughed, lowering his gaze and revealing his long lashes.

“You know I love you, right?”

“Yeah, I know.” You bit back your smug smile. “Pretty sure you said it was love at first sight.”


Request: will you do a band au kylo ren where he’s a super badass lead singer to this junk band and you stumble across them at a bar or something?

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Word Count: 2.9K+

Warning: Slight profanity.

Rubbing your forehead as you felt an awful migraine coming on, you decided to shut the chemistry text book, deciding trying to understand science wasn’t in your favor at the moment–let alone, at anytime. Leaning back in your chair as you let out a disgruntled groan, the door to your dorm instantly slammed open, you not even bothering to see who as you knew it was Rey. “Yes, Rey?”

“We need to get you out of here.” Walking over to you, she spun your chair around for you to face her. “You’ve been locked up in here for the past three days studying for this damn exam, give yourself a break!” She exclaimed, causing you to sigh. “Come on, Poe and Finn wanted to stop by this bar that most of the uni kids go to since apparently they have live music and yadda yadda and you know how Poe is about music,” She swatted a hand, causing you to huff.

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