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Dragon Tail

Pairing: Nalu

Rating: K

Summary: Because a  random stranger dropping inside the room you haven’t left for years does have the tendency to change life as you know it. 

A Nalu!Tangled AU.

Notes: For @ff-darkshininglight : Surprise, Tsuyu! It’s been an honour to be your (very fickle and hardly regular) Secret Santa! You are a wonderfully talented person and one of my favourite people to take out all my pent up shipper and frustrated-fan rants with. I feel so blessed to be able to call you a friend! Happy holidays, and I hope you enjoy this! <3<br>

This had never happened before.

In his entire 22 years of existence, the only significant movement that ever came from the one window in the tall tower that was his home, was when his brother came over.

And that was usually with a loud call of his name.

But now…now he could hear the steady sounds of someone scaling it - softly grunting the whole while.

He was very unsure of how to react. Sure, he could breathe and conjure fire, but the last thing he ever wanted to do was to hurt anybody.

He was pretty certain his appearance alone would do significant harm to the poor soul about to reach his quarters. He knew, since his brother had constantly, constantly warned him of the fear that he would bring.

But when one dainty human hand was visible on the ledge of his one window, he found himself ducking into the shadows, hoping against hope that that wouldn’t be the case.

He so desperately wanted to make a frien -

His thoughts were brought to a halt as the mystery person hauled themselves into the room, panting as they did.

As she did.

A girl?

No, a woman!

He had only vaguely read about those, back when he had a small interest in books.

But no book could do any justice to the form in front of him.

Her long golden hair was pulled back and tied, allowing them to flow but not get into her eyes. She was wearing what looked like men’s clothes - trousers, a shirt, and a belt with rope, keys and a sword - but the way she wore them made him question what kind of clothing suited whom. They fit her frame well, complimenting it but also loose enough for comfortable movement.

She was a vision.

He instinctively took a few more steps back, avoiding the large patch of light coming from the window - which happened to be lending the stranger an almost ethereal glow.

And though it was instinctive, he found himself feeling safe hidden there. Well, relatively speaking, since his heart was still pounding a mile a minute.

He watched with a weird mix of anxiety and wonder as the person dropped from the ledge onto the floor, sitting down and catching her breath, before turning around to peek over the ledge.

Was she looking for something?

Suddenly she froze, and he did too in response, ready to attack if the unfortunate need arose.

He watched as one hand quickly darted to the sword on her hip. “I know you’re there,” she said, low but steady. “Are you one of my father’s men?”

But he was too busy being fascinated with what her voice was doing to him - unsure if he had ever heard anything as lovely before.

“Okay, that was stupid,” she seemed to correct herself under her breath. “Way to barge into someone’s place and then make seem yourself sooo unsuspicious, Lucy.”

He could hear all of it of course, and snorted at the sarcasm, making her jump. The action, in turn, scared him as well, but for totally different reasons.

“Please don’t leave!” he said in reflex.

The plea - for it was a plea - had her brows furrow and a frown form on her pretty face. Squinting into the shadows, she was obviously trying to make him out in the shadows.

“Are you…”

‘A demon? A monster?’ his brain supplied on her behalf.

“Are you okay?”

He found himself mutely blinking back at her and the very simple question. A simple question that nearly plunged him into an existential crisis, with him questioning everything that was currently his life. No, his existence.

He was a monster, sealed away from the world for nearly all his life with only one person - his brother - who wasn’t scared of him.

So, was he okay?

“You..don’t have to be afraid of me,” her lovely voice came, snapping his thoughts back to her. “I don’t mean any harm,” she said, raising her hands so he could see she was being sincere.

He felt the need to respond bubble up in him, and for once, he did as he wanted. “Why are you breathing so hard?”

The woman’s face still seemed worried, though funnily enough, it didn’t look like it was herself she was concerned for when she distractedly replied, “Was running.”

He found himself stepping further into the shadows when she didn’t relent in trying to catch a glimpse of him. “Why?”

“I can’t tell you more until I know who you are,” she said gently, but with firm authority.

“I don’t want to scare you,“ he admitted.He didn’t want her leaving just yet. She didn’t seem like a threat - according to his instincts anyway - and he was far too fascinated to let her go. He barely recognised the other, more dominant emotion she drew from him, something he hadn’t truly felt in years.


“Why would you scare me?” she asked, genuinely puzzled.

He couldn’t respond to that, fearing that she would run if she knew. So he decided to do the easier thing - take a shot in the dark and step out of it.

He saw, his heart clutching in fear and dread as her eyes widened as he slowly slid into the patch of sunlight coming from the window.

“You…” she whispered, one palm reaching to cover her gaping mouth, the other pointing a finger at him.

He stood still, his heart frantic and his thoughts a mess. Everything he had ever been told was coming true. She was scared and she would run away, because he was the monster he was. The demon he was.

“You’re.. you’re a - ”

- he braced himself -

“A dragon, oh my gosh.”

“Wait, what?”

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lincoln anon from earlier: yeah i really doubt it'll happen but once that theory popped into my mind i couldn't stop thinking about it. by the way, did you see the michael and sucre pic that got released? i don't know how i'm gonna handle both michael and sara AND michael and sucre in one episode.

hello!  always happy to see someone in my inbox!

i know how those theories are.  i’ve gotten that dreaded feeling with many shows, and it never ends well.  but i definitely think that prison break will end happily…well, relatively speaking, as long as you’re watching for michael and sara and lincoln and michael.  then it’ll be a good ending.  i can’t imagine they’d do us wrong for a third time.  hopefully.

and yes!  i did see the pics and omg it’s so freakin’ cute!  i love michael and sucre’s friendship so much.  and i was so upset when sucre volunteered to go to yemen to save him, and they wouldn’t let him.  because the wait to get back to that boat he mentioned he worked on has been soooooooo long.  

he loves his papí so much, and really, who could blame him?  i can’t wait to see the full reunion!  sucre is gonna be so happy, and just wrap him up in a hug!  ugh, my heart!

the original cellies back again!

From: theshriekingsisterhood
To: Sam


The Combaticons just chilling out.

Special message from the artist:

Happy holidays Sam!
It is (mandatory) gestalt bonding night and someone made the terrible decision of choosing Monopoly as the featured activity. Blast Off is a sore loser and Vortex keeps getting distracted, but somehow Brawl is doing pretty well for himself, (relatively speaking). Onslaught is trying to convince them to band together and overthrow Swindle but it’ not really working out.


Giant Swing Forever

Recently @Youloute posted a video with the following explanation: “In 1994, SNK sponsored a Japanese female wrestler who had to wear Krauser’s outfit.”

Krauser is best known from his stint in both Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters. So time for some pro wrestling knowledge! Which my brain is overloaded with: the boss character’s name is taken from Karl Krauser, one of the numerous aliases used by Karl Gotch, who is widely recognized as the “God of wrestling”, primarily in Japan.

As for the individual in the SNK sponsored attire, that’s Chigusa Nagayo, who herself is a legit legend in the world of joshi puroresu, aka Japanese women’s wrestling. Her list of accomplishments include being a member of The Crush Gals and being the founder of GAEA; I cannot recommend enough BBC’s documentary on the latter.

Anyway, the following is a great example of joshi puro at its apex, and is most definitely not for the faint of heart…

… The above is also when Japanese pro wrestling as a whole was in the midst of its golden age. Well, the tail end at least. Which saw numerous cross promotions with various game companies. Perhaps the most well known example, relatively speaking, was All Japan Pro Wrestling Featuring Virtua

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So I see a lot of Yandere!Mari AU’s out there (well, relatively speaking) but hear me out here; Yandere!Chat AU

Not convinced? Imagine this scenario; Something happens in an akuma attack where Ladybug is put in a near-death situation which forces Chat to use his Cataclysm on said akuma.

Imagine him embracing her, completely terrified by the fact that he just /killed/ someone.

Imagine that as he comforts her something clicks in his mind that makes him lose any empathy for akuma victims or anyone who could even remotely hurt his lady. (Because anyone who could shake her up this badly clearly doesn’t deserve to live)

Imagine him becoming a extremely possessive and overbearing.

Just imagine.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

NaLu AU: To Whom He Speaks, Part 3

A/N: Part 3 is here finally! :D

Does anyone even remember this story

Sorry I took so long; I’ve been so distracted by other things that I actually forgot about this until a couple people asked me about it. Thank you comewhatanime for the reminder, and thank you, kisuchi, and kagero-assassin for giving me inspiration to finish! I hope you all enjoy part 3!

Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

The farther Lucy followed the boy, the more apprehensive she felt.

She had no idea where they were now. It had felt like they’d been running through this forest for ages, yet she still had no idea where the boy was taking her.

After all, had it been smart on her part to decide following him deep into the woods without any sort of plan of how she was going to get back out? Probably not. Any other person would look at this situation and cry foul, because it was just too much of a coincidence for her to have run into the person she’d been searching for right off the bat. There was even the horrible chance that he wasn’t, in fact, the subject of this legend, and she’d just inadvertently decided to follow a stranger deeper into a place where no one would be able to notice she was missing.

Lucy was well aware of this, but none of that was enough to get her to turn back. She’d already come too far. Even if she did decide to stop right there, she’d just get lost trying to get back to the town because she had no idea how to navigate this wilderness.

There was also the fact that the boy was glancing over his shoulder every so often, as if he was checking to see if she was still behind him. Each time he did, she could see the relief in his eyes.

She couldn’t run off and leave him alone after seeing that. His behavior was also somewhat odd—somewhat antsy, like he was itching to tear off into the woods but forcing himself to keep at a slow enough pace for her to keep up.

Something was definitely bothering him.

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Yay! Pan's back! Did you guys get all the viruses out? Well... Relatively speaking?

Pan nodded, rubbing his face. “The entire thing was soooo overwhelming, the moment we destroyed one it would be replaced with another! all i want to do is go find a bed and go to sleep for the next ten years!”

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kuroo for all please

☾ - sleep headcanon

Kuroo is a deep sleeper and he snores like a dad.  

★ - sad headcanon

Kuroo feels like he isn’t really able to express the true him. Like sure, everyone knows a heavily fabricated version of his personality, but the real him is something nobody seems to know. 

☆ - happy headcanon

Kuroo is a cat magnet. Cats flock to him and nuzzle his pants all the time. 

☠ - angry/violent headcanon

Kuroo growls under his breath and starts snarling when he gets mad. He may get frustrated easily, but when he gets mad he’ll literally not put his fist down until someone is hurt. 

✿ - Sex headcanon

Kuroo likes the possessiveness that follows finishing on his partner’s body. 

■ -  Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon

Kuroo’s bedroom is really grunge aesthetic, with posters on the wall, black curtains and everything. 

♡ - romantic headcanon

Kuroo is the cheesiest partner ever and his go-to gift is a heart-shaped box of chocolates. 

♥ - family headcanon

Kuroo really looks up to his dad and aspires to be like him one day- to be amazing family man and a hard worker at the same time. 

☮ - friendship headcanon

Kuroo is the type of guy to be surrounded by tons of people, but his true friends are usually not among them. If you’re a really good friend of his, he’ll shower you with affection and spend time with you one-on-one. 

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

Much to the annoyance of others, Kuroo impulsively cracks his fingers. 

☯ - likes/dislikes headcanon

Likes: volleyball, sleeping, lazing about, his friends
Dislikes: fake people, liars, and assholes

▼ - childhood headcanon

Kuroo is that one kid that’s super chummy with all the old people in the neighbourhood. He’s been to all their houses and eaten all their food, but also gotten his cheeks pinched by all of them. 

∇ -. old age/aging headcanon

Kuroo becomes that one guy that dozes off in the middle of an anecdote he’s trying to give. 

♒ - cooking/food headcanon

Kuroo makes mean instant noodles.

☼ - appearance headcanon

Kuroo always carries a comb in his pocket so that he can maintain his neat and tidy hair (well, relatively speaking.)

ൠ - random headcanon

Kuroo has never gotten the chicken pox. 

◉ - Any other question of your choosing

unfortunately, you didn’t specify a question, so yeah.

Congrats to the winners of my dinky little art contest! My sincerest apologies for making you all wait this long. I hope it was worth the wait!

And thank you to everyone else as well! Even if, relatively speaking, 4,000 followers is pretty small time, it’s still nothing to sneeze at! I can’t even picture that many people in one area, let alone the idea that there are that many people out there who like my dumb jokes.

Sorry again for this summer hiatus. Hopefully I can get things back up and running soon.

oh god okay here we go

Things had been going well, relatively speaking. The couple had spent a long time on the beach that day, talking through every detail they could think of. From the medical side of things, down to how they were going to tell certain people. They decided they were in this together, and that this child was going to be raised in the best way they could. Toby and Wynter loved each other, more than anything, and they were going to love that child even more. Names had even been tossed around, and the argument of which they wanted more was always being discussed. They had talked about getting a small townhouse not too far, but a place of their own none the less. Wynter still hadn’t told anyone in New York, but she planned on it. People in the house knew. It was weird and awkward, but exciting at the same time. The more they thought about it, the more real it got, and the more excited they were. Granted, they still had no idea how to be parents, and take care of an actual life. But they were willing to try. 

It had been about two and a half months into the pregnancy. Wynter had a tiny tiny little bump. If you didn’t know she was pregnant already, you probably couldn’t tell. But they had gone to the doctors and gotten ultrasounds and all whatever you’re supposed to do. But it was about 7 am and Wynter woke up with awful cramps. Worse than she had ever remembered having before. They lasted a good while, coming and going, but she didn’t want to wake up a sleeping Toby right next to her. Eventually though, she couldn’t stand it, and decided to go get some advil. But when she lifted up the covers, it was just red all over the bed. Putting her hand over her mouth, Wynter knew immediately what had just happened. She slowly put the covers back down. And then it hit her. She started to cry, and she started to freak out. 

“Toby.” She whispered, shaking him. “Toby I need you to wake up right now.”