(well relatively speaking)

So I see a lot of Yandere!Mari AU’s out there (well, relatively speaking) but hear me out here; Yandere!Chat AU

Not convinced? Imagine this scenario; Something happens in an akuma attack where Ladybug is put in a near-death situation which forces Chat to use his Cataclysm on said akuma.

Imagine him embracing her, completely terrified by the fact that he just /killed/ someone.

Imagine that as he comforts her something clicks in his mind that makes him lose any empathy for akuma victims or anyone who could even remotely hurt his lady. (Because anyone who could shake her up this badly clearly doesn’t deserve to live)

Imagine him becoming a extremely possessive and overbearing.

Just imagine.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Who Are You? || Perri & Bernard

It was a quiet night in London. Well, relatively speaking of course. There were still plenty people out and about in the center of the city, but around the outskirts it was silent save for the occasional car that drove by. The streets were dark and most all the homes were as well. It was the perfect night to trail someone. 

It had started off in Hogsmeade, with Perri listening in on a conversation between two men at the Hog’s Head. The man sitting with his back to her mentioned the name ‘Roscoe’, immediately grabbing her attention, and after a bit more eavesdropping it was evident he was talking about Klein. Unfortunately she’d caught onto the conversation a bit too late and came to a close about have minutes after she started paying attention to it. Fortunately she had managed to learn that the man who first mentioned Klein was on his way back to London for the night, so it wasn’t hard to follow him. At first she worried she’d have to make her move still in Hogsmeade since she couldn’t really follow him if he apparated, but for whatever reason he chose to use the floo powder network instead. All she had to do was hear where he said he was going, and the chase was on.

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oh god okay here we go

Things had been going well, relatively speaking. The couple had spent a long time on the beach that day, talking through every detail they could think of. From the medical side of things, down to how they were going to tell certain people. They decided they were in this together, and that this child was going to be raised in the best way they could. Toby and Wynter loved each other, more than anything, and they were going to love that child even more. Names had even been tossed around, and the argument of which they wanted more was always being discussed. They had talked about getting a small townhouse not too far, but a place of their own none the less. Wynter still hadn’t told anyone in New York, but she planned on it. People in the house knew. It was weird and awkward, but exciting at the same time. The more they thought about it, the more real it got, and the more excited they were. Granted, they still had no idea how to be parents, and take care of an actual life. But they were willing to try. 

It had been about two and a half months into the pregnancy. Wynter had a tiny tiny little bump. If you didn’t know she was pregnant already, you probably couldn’t tell. But they had gone to the doctors and gotten ultrasounds and all whatever you’re supposed to do. But it was about 7 am and Wynter woke up with awful cramps. Worse than she had ever remembered having before. They lasted a good while, coming and going, but she didn’t want to wake up a sleeping Toby right next to her. Eventually though, she couldn’t stand it, and decided to go get some advil. But when she lifted up the covers, it was just red all over the bed. Putting her hand over her mouth, Wynter knew immediately what had just happened. She slowly put the covers back down. And then it hit her. She started to cry, and she started to freak out. 

“Toby.” She whispered, shaking him. “Toby I need you to wake up right now.”