(well i'm going to hell)

Baby can’t you see I’m yupping
A bot like you should wear a warning
It’s dangerous, I’m fallin’

There’s no escape, I can’t wait
I need a hit, tumblr give me it
Your shit edits, I’m loving it

Too rad, can’t come down
Losing my head scrolling up and down
Do you feel me now

With a taste of your shades I’m on a ride
You’re Radtron, I’m slipping in trash
With a taste of your glasses paradise
I’m addicted to you
don’t you know that you’re radtron
And I love what you do
Don’t you know that you’re Radtron

It’s getting late to give you up
I took a sip of your devil cup
Slowly it’s taking over me

Too rad can’t come down
It’s on my dash and it’s all around
Can you feel me now


Don’t you know that you’re radtron
Taste of your shades and flower crown

Chorus x2

The blade of marmora
I think you’ll like it now
Maybe I’m furry now
D'you think i’m furry now

Pickles x thace is rad
I think you’ll ship it now
I think I’m furry now
Oh no I’m furry now


My heart is crying out
I may never see
But still I have to go  

Noisycell - Last Theater 

This was heavy inspired by the song Last Theater of Noisycell. Pshhhh, watch Death Parade kids! 

I’m so sorry Prompto. I ruined a perfectly pure chocobo child. I’ll crawl back into my pit of darkness now. [madness laughter]

This design for MT!Prompto is created by @chocobaes. Do give them tons and tons of kudos too guy! ^^


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Check Please fandom gothic

-There are so many sideblogs.
-Just, so many.
-Everyone is anonymous. Are we mutuals? Did you like my post? Did I like your post? I don’t know.
- Besides that, all the URLs look the same.
- You can only tell people apart by icon
- But they change that seasonally.
- Every other person is named Emma.
- You know someone named Emma.
- Your name wasn’t Emma when you joined this fandom but it might be now.
- All of the Emma’s are so talented?!?! Like, so so talented.
- There are OCs. There are so many OCs.
- You have a favorite OC.
- It isn’t your own.
- There’s sort of a fight club. You don’t talk about the overtime blog. The overtime blog doesn’t exist, not even in fic.
- but they know. They Know.
- Everyone keeps welcoming you to Gay Hockey Hell.
- Why is it hell? Surely it’s a good place?
- “be good to each other” the older elements of the fandom say
- they’ve seen things. They went through actual hell to find this oasis.
- The Pittsburgh Penguins are here. Have they always been here? Have you always known who Kris Letang is?
- Sidney Crosby’s yellow crocs haunt pages of our blogs, along with Jack Zimmermann’s yellow sneakers.
- You have at least one rarepair that you will defend to the death. Defend as though your honor depends on it.
- Fry guy is probably involved.

So that’s my entry for the @tokyoghoulbook contest

I don’t know if combining sketchy art and line art was a good idea haha

oh and also this is my favourite part of this

  • Me: "Let's rewatch glee!
  • Alex: "We can do that."
  • Me: "Yay!" *puts in season 2*
  • Alex: "Wh-what are you doing?"
  • Me: "Rewatching glee."
  • Alex: "But that's..."
  • Me: "Yup."
  • Alex: "Episode 6?"
  • Me: *death glare* "Is that going to be a problem?"
  • Alex: O.O "Nope, never. Whatever you want, love dove. Just please don't hurt me."

I should play Off again with HEADPHONE~! Since I want to do some crossover arts I think I should be more familiar with everything in the game. Like, I might miss some important details in the first run. Maybe I’ll find something new in the second run. heh

My computer was actually back but it’s going to be sent to the repairer again because the problem is still appearing…danm it.

Before my computer is gone, have a sketch that might appear in the crossover comic. lol  


Sooooooo…. I guess the horse really likes the smell of new comics and is a total nerd.  xD  (I know this is pathfinding shit, but it totally looks like she’s all up on the comics!)

I think she wants Steve Texas dead.  :/

And uhhhh…..

She REALLY liked this speaker.  And I don’t have thought bubbles on, and ordinarily I would think this was kind of a fluke, but uh……

She started legit grooving to whatever the fuck they were piping in?

Fuck that she’s clipping through the door, alright?