(well i'm going to hell)

W E L C O M E  T O  T H E  M A D N E S S

Yurio, you’re such a little punk. ilu.

Baby can’t you see I’m yupping
A bot like you should wear a warning
It’s dangerous, I’m fallin’

There’s no escape, I can’t wait
I need a hit, tumblr give me it
Your shit edits, I’m loving it

Too rad, can’t come down
Losing my head scrolling up and down
Do you feel me now

With a taste of your shades I’m on a ride
You’re Radtron, I’m slipping in trash
With a taste of your glasses paradise
I’m addicted to you
don’t you know that you’re radtron
And I love what you do
Don’t you know that you’re Radtron

It’s getting late to give you up
I took a sip of your devil cup
Slowly it’s taking over me

Too rad can’t come down
It’s on my dash and it’s all around
Can you feel me now


Don’t you know that you’re radtron
Taste of your shades and flower crown

Chorus x2

The blade of marmora
I think you’ll like it now
Maybe I’m furry now
D'you think i’m furry now

Pickles x thace is rad
I think you’ll ship it now
I think I’m furry now
Oh no I’m furry now


Yaku Morisuke → Snake Trainer, ‘cause he knows best. /?

Basically: my guilty ship.
(God forgive me)
I suppose I ufficially start shipping a rare pair. Never happened before. WEIRD.

So I’ve Started Played DnD Again...

Thanks to a friend inviting me to their DnD group, I get to Skype-roleplay a chaotic good half-elf sorcerer with a slight drinking problem and a propensity to hit on everyone. Here’s a few things that have happened so far:

Me, hungover and meeting the Tiefling monk in my party: “Well that has to be the second horniest guy I’ve seen this week.”
Him: “…okay that’s a reaction I haven’t gotten before.”

Me, out of character: “Now this vampire lord, would you describe him as attractive? On a scale of like, ‘Interview with a Vampire’ hot?”
DM: “Hmm….Not Brad Pitt hot but around Tom Cruise hot.”
Me, In-Character: “Oh crap, he’s hot.” 

Me, drinking from a flask: “Fuck you I am refined as fuck.”

Me: “I say, ‘Allow me, Sir’ and cast Mending on the guard’s broken helmet.
DM: “The guard can lift his visor easily now and says, ‘Wow, thanks! That sure is handy. You could give my wife a run for her money!’”
Me: “Hun, you have no idea.”
Party: *groans*

Me: “I cast levitate on the dire wolf.” *rolls*
DM: “The dire wolf, having failed his saving throw, wiggles his paws impotently in the air as he floats up to the ceiling, unable to attack anyone.”
Me: “Hang there for bit, pup, I’ll get back to you.”
Party: *groans*

DM: “The vampire lord chuckles haughtily and glides backwards, vanishing into the darkness.”
Me: “I cast middle finger at the darkness.”

Tiefling monk, regaining conscious: “What did I miss?”
Me, pointing to the ceiling: “We have a pet wolf now.”

Me, sitting in front of a burning house full of screaming vampires, drinking from a flask: “You guys said we were going to a winery.”


My heart is crying out
I may never see
But still I have to go  

Noisycell - Last Theater 

This was heavy inspired by the song Last Theater of Noisycell. Pshhhh, watch Death Parade kids! 

I’m so sorry Prompto. I ruined a perfectly pure chocobo child. I’ll crawl back into my pit of darkness now. [madness laughter]

This design for MT!Prompto is created by @chocobaes. Do give them tons and tons of kudos too guy! ^^


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  • Parental guardian: I don't care what you read, as long as it isn't fifty shades of gray
  • Me: well then you don't have to worry, I have no interest in reading that
  • Me: *goes back to reading gay fanfiction*
  • Fanfiction: *evolves into smut*
  • Me: welp, shit.
  • Me: well I'm going to hell anyway for being in this fandom so...
  • Me [whispering]: I have no regrets
  • Me: "Let's rewatch glee!
  • Alex: "We can do that."
  • Me: "Yay!" *puts in season 2*
  • Alex: "Wh-what are you doing?"
  • Me: "Rewatching glee."
  • Alex: "But that's..."
  • Me: "Yup."
  • Alex: "Episode 6?"
  • Me: *death glare* "Is that going to be a problem?"
  • Alex: O.O "Nope, never. Whatever you want, love dove. Just please don't hurt me."
Top 10 future ballon d’or winner
  1. Antoine Griezmann
  2. Antoine Griezmann
  3. Antoine Griezmann
  4. Antoine Griezmann
  5. Antoine Griezmann
  6. Antoine Griezmann
  7. Antoine Griezmann
  8. Antoine Griezmann
  9. Antoine Griezmann
  10. Antoine Griezmann