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I was playing Quick Play on Illios and after one game this player asks me to join a group with him (I play on Xbox One) and I ignored it at first because I don’t normally group up with people I don’t know; I mainly solo queue because I don’t have anyone to play with and I’m super shy and I’m afraid I’m gonna hear someone say “this Mercy sucks” or yell something else at me. So after he sent me a group request for the third or fourth time I caved and went “what the hell.” I told him that I don’t have a mic and asked if that was okay and he said yes. We ended up having this nice conversation while we waited for a game. He had a mic and I could hear him since we were in a group and he must’ve been a 14/15 year old kid. He was a very nice young fellow and I tried keeping him alive but it was hard since he picked Tracer and dashed back and forth a lot. It’s rare to get nice messages from people, or any messages at all, telling you how good of a job you’re doing and that they appreciate healers. I don’t think we won, but it was interesting playing in a group with someone.

There are people out there who appreciate us healers, they’re just a rare type of person to come across. :)

A few thoughts:

1. Like it or not, Maggie’s role in S2 was to be Alex’s girlfriend. It’s a shame we won’t have the chance to see more of her as an independent character, but we are not necessarily going to see less of her, because that’s a narrative role she can easily cover as a recurring character.

2. Look at the screen time and storylines Lena and James had in S2. Being a regular or a recurring on this show doesn’t necessarily mean something at all.

3. Floriana is not coming back to give closure to her character, she is coming back for multiple episodes, period. Maggie is still part of this show and it’s very unlikely they’re gonna break up Sanvers (if not for angsty purpose).

4. We are probably gonna have a new Alex’s storyline. I can state enough how much I loved her discovery journey during this season, but I’m always excited to find out more about her!

5. You hate Floriana Lima? You are gonna see less of her on your screen. You love Flo? She is gonna have bigger projects. It’s a win win.

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*gasp* "Mon Cher, Alexander left his journal unprotected! Do you know what this means?" "Yeah, totally!" *In sync* "we won't read it because we respect his personal boundaries and we love and care for Alexander and we don't want to violate his privacy!"


eternally my favorite customer service story

Background: For about eight months in 2013 I worked at a Regal Cinema in the vicinity of Washington DC. Portion and cup sizes at US movie theatres are 1. widely varied and 2. fucking insane. On this particular day I was working the concessions stand. 

 Nice UK dude: I’d like a soda, please.

Me: What size, sir?

NUKD: Medium coke please.

Me: -brings out a medium cup- 

NUKD: Good GOD you call that a medium?! How?!

Me: Because we won the war, sir. Do you want ice? 

NUKD: …yes. 

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Oh I have another one, any theories as to how Cas will come back? Do you favour the "it's AU!Cas who died" theory? I may ask more when I randomly think of them :P also you're awesome!

Honestly, I have no idea, and I’m always wrong when I try to guess, lol. But I’m sure we won’t have to wait long. XOXO

Second Bumpdate + Where I’ve Been!

How far along?  17 weeks + 4 days
Sleep? Fuckin’ h o r r i b l e
Maternity clothes?  Yes + lots of leggings and pajamas
Food cravings/aversions?  Craving sweets 24/7 nowadays.  Realized I can’t stand the smell of mac & cheese anymore and cried for an hour straight 😭
Symptoms?  Sore boobs, sore back, horrible mood swings; the usual.
Stretchmarks?  We won’t talk about it.
Doctor’s appointment?  Wednesday.
Movement?  Finally!  I worried so much but finally feeling flutters!
Belly button?  Normal, surprisingly.
Gender?  It’s a mystery.  Haven’t decided on revealing yet.
Due date?  Still early November.  Maybe sooner considering the circumstances.
Best moment this week?  Well… we found out we’re having twins!  Also, Mateo took me out to one of my favorite restaurants and I had the best Alfredo ever.  And I ordered the cribs finally 🤷🏾‍♀️😂

Now, for where I’ve been.

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We have only got Saturday clips related to Yousef so I'm thinking we won't get a clip today. But also maybe since she's not talking to anyone on text? We've had an update almost everyday this season.

yeah i think we’ll be getting an update today, we always get an update almost every day. im so thirsty for some good content after the incredibly underwhelming friday clip of yesterday, i would literally be happy with a simple text or instagram update