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I know there’s this discourse™ going on after chapter 136 but where’s the “I’m deeply enjoying the deeply layered conflict and that there’s no "right” or “wrong” sides because the situation is delicate and complicated and there’s a lot at risk so its all a grey area and all parties have a point, but at the same time I’m utterly terrified of the outcome of all of this" corner?? I want to hide there

Otis, Dachshund (9 y/o), Reade & Greenwich St., New York, NY • “He’s ridiculous. He’ll hide a tennis ball in our other house and then we won’t be there for four months. When we come back, he’ll start barking at a shelf in the middle of the night. It’s the only thing he keeps perfect track of.”

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I some how feel like I'm going to be completely disappointed when this video comes out and it'll be something that we didn't even think off and it won't be what we wanted and then what do we do?

i won’t be disappointed because it’s just fun for everyone to be excited about something. his rebrand is def coming which is cool and i just like the positivity around this future video as usually dan videos just give me major anxiety. i just like how dan was so genuinely blushy about it… so good


“The only thing we are allowed to believe is that we won’t regret the choice we made.” -Levi

I wanted a journal for my transition journey that would be inspirational and personal and thus this was made.

I feel that Levi is a great character for ftm trans guys, like myself, especially the short guys that are always stressing that their height will make them ‘un-passable’ or unattractive. Then there’s this guy that is small af but also strong, respected, idolized and lusted after. Aside from that I see myself in his personality, his damage and his colourful vocabulary so he became a favorite of mine that I look to for strength when I’m feeling shitty about passing/being alright.


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lmao clxa were so whack together, man. clarke: 'you may be the chancellor but i'm in charge' lxa: *kicks ppl off towers for disagreeing with her* *fights death matches to keep her position* clxa: oh man one day we won't owe anything more to those pesky ppl and we can be together :))))

them: omg we were FORCED to lead

abby and the ashes of the guy she kicked off the tower:

Hey writers of the Fosters, can we have an episode where like people just chill and be happy and nothing bad happens for the whole hour? I promise you won’t lose watchers, like in fact you may actually gain some cuz we won’t all be dead from stress 😰

EXO Reaction when their S/O is an Olympic athlete

Have a wonderful Tuesday! Ara~

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*Always sends you videos of him supporting you before the matches* “You can do this! I believe in you. Go get that gold medal! fighting!”


*He really admires you because he can barely move his legs and you jump and spin and do gymnastics* “If you were me.. I would understand why you would feel nervous… but you aren’t and you are good and you’ll win!”


*Fanboy number one* “Omg!!! Look at that gold medal! My honey got it!! I can’t believe this!!!”


*Ready to become your trainer XD* “You’ll win! I promise!”


“No baby.. we won’t have hamburgers today.. we need to eat healthy so we can encourage mom in her diet! Her competition is soon!”


“I made you some tea.. I know you always get so nervous in the finals so… I thought of making you a special tea for you to sleep better. You need to rest well”


*Always trains with you so you can practice more and be well prepared* “I think you are ready now! That gold is yours!!”


*This is his face every time he sees the other competitors* “They are no match for you… you have nothing to worry about”


*He’s the one who gets nervous. The one who can’t sleep the night before* “I know it’ll be alright… but I can’t stop feeling like this… but maybe is better I fee like this and not my love”


*Takes you out one day before so he can distract you and you don’t think of the competition and get nervous* “Look at this! We won!”


*Always gives you a good luck kiss and hug before the competition* “You’ll win, I know. You got this!”


*Trying to help you train* “Come on… just a little bit more… you can do it!”

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Oh, baby, I think we both know
This is the love that we won’t get right
Still if you said that you wanted
I know I’ll always have one more try (x)

Jalec WeekDay 2: Shadow world AU 

[In which Jace and Alec were lovers (a.k.a Jace reciprocated Alec’s feelings), but having to keep it a secret, since it’s forbidden for parabatai, brings a lot of pressure on their relationship causing them to break up. However, no matter all the things keeping them apart, they always gravitate towards each other.]

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Do you think Shiro would try to make things right between himself and Lance if he realized what he was doing?

of course he would! Shiro is a very compassionate person and i feel that if he knew how Lance felt about himself and the way everyone treated him, he would want to fix things as soon as possible

though we probably won’t see it happen, especially now that Shiro is MIA. it’s too bad, Lance looked up to Shiro as a role model…

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Enough about the new people we won't know anything about for a little while longer. What about your folks that have left? Care to talk about how you feel what Austin and Patrick are doing with Waypoint? I'm sure you can't look into everything they're doing over there, but I imagine there's some pride or whatever with the work they're doing now? Answer this in 4 years and add Drew or whatever.

I think Austin’s assembled a great team and they’re carving out their own chunk of video game coverage in a way that’s all their own. I’d probably be bummed if they just went and launched another Kotaku or Polygon or something.

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grandmadala can you tell me the story of how you met grandpa

( you see this face ? this is the face of a woman trying DESPERATELY to think of a way to change the subject. ) ❝ well, you see, darling, ❞ she starts, before pausing and casting her eyes to the sky. if you’re listening, just know i blame you for this, ani. ❝ i was the queen of my planet, and a group called the trade federation wanted to take advan––– ❞ she pauses; old wounds run deep. ❝ anyway, my dear, the point is your grandmother landed herself on a planet she was very deeply unfamiliar with, and your grandfather helped her and a jedi master navigate the planet and get back off of it. we would have been stuck there ages if it weren’t for his help. ❞ she makes it sound so simple. ❝ and then he helped me take back my planet…we were just…children, then. stars, we were both so young. i forget, sometimes, how young we were….i didn’t see him after that for another ten years, after the two of us had already managed to grow up. we fell in love, because we were young and stupid, ❞ her tone is endlessly fond and nostalgic, ❝ and because that’s what young and stupid people do. they fall in love with men who hate sand and have terrible political opinions and ask you whether or not you’re an angel. ❞ there’s a soft little pain in her chest, a tiny little ache. ❝ and then we had your uncle and your mother, and, well, you know how the rest of the story goes. ❞

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I played with the worst team ever, there was a dva who was trying to be a flanker and none of my team would get on the payload at all?? I pushed the ENTIRE payload and we /barely/ won. I basically had to fight the entire enemy team while staying on the point and I died so many times but I got 4 golds. The dva kept spamming for healing and calling me shit and his friend switched to healer and tried to outheal me (didnt work) and after we won they wouldn't vote for me but the enemy team did

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My biggest concern is that Jemma just won't be part of the alternate universe. I know she isnt really dead, but if that version of her is that means we won't see her there. Do I make any sense? I just don't see how they can show her grave and then all of a sudden she shows up there.

I understand why you’re worried.

Personally, I think there are several options with Jemma being in the Framework:

  • Jemma can’t actually enter it—dying actually lets you disconnect so she’s not in it. (This is your fear, but I also think it’s the least likely scenario.)
  • Jemma disrupts the status quo by replacing dead!Jemma in the Framework, and fights her way out of that grave like the BAMF she is
  • (Additionally, some people are speculating she faked her death in the Framework and there’s a live Framework!Jemma, but I’m not so sure. In this scenario though, I suspect Jemma would “replace” her.)
  • Jemma is added into the Framework without a corresponding avatar, so she’s like a rogue agent running around in there. (This is the one I suspect will happen.)

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Hey!! In the last chapter Seidou told Kaneki that they would bring Amon home with them, but if we think about it, won't amon + akira have some "problems" with Touka? there was a scene when touka killed that investigator thinking that he killed hina's mom, but then mado came and hurt her, at that part her mask lifts up a little, and it seems that amon saw the lower part of her face. What if he recognizes her? It will make things very complicated to her (everyone, actually) --

Hey Anon! Well, personally at this point I think a confrontation between Akira, Touka and also maybe Hina is unavoidable and necessary when it comes to character developments. 

I don’t think it really has to do with Amon though, since after everything that happened with Kaneki in TG + him living as a OEG for the last 4 years or so, he probably realized that Mado Kureo’s death was… bound to happen (because that’s the way the world is) and it’s not really even about Hina’s character…

…since she’s able to forgive people who wronged her (even if she also has a right to move on from this old case if that didn’t already happen), but it’s something that is definitely important for both Akira’s and Touka’s character developments.

I don’t think you have to fear about anything bad happening or about Kaneki suffering from a fight between Touka and Akira though, if just because…

  • After saving Seidou and “betraying” everything that she and her parents ever fought for as investigators, Akira might think she has no right to even think about avenging her parents anymore.
  • generally speaking, Akira’s view towards ghouls probably evolved ever since the first time we met her:
    • she was partnered with Kaneki for basically 4 years
    • Amon and Seidou whom she loved are OEGs as well
    • she shielded Seidou because she couldn’t afford to let him die, not even after witnessing him killing Houji
    • when she wakes up, she’ll probably realized that a ghoul (Banjou) basically spent a whole month not allowing her to die
    • so I really doubt that she’ll still feel any real hatred towards any ghouls

However, Kureo was her dad and she loved him a lot so I’m not saying she’ll forgive Touka on the spot but to say that they will end up fighting violently over the matter? Nah.

Killing Kureo wasn’t something Touka could really forget either as we all saw in TG (+ it went as far as Ayato covering for her and pretending to be the one who killed Kureo), so she and Akira might never become friends but, after everything they both went through, I doubt there will be any real resentment between them, just like there probably won’t be any in Hina’s heart or Amon’s. 

Besides, as you said Kaneki is an important person to all of them, just like they’re all important to him, so I doubt the point is to create a rift between Kaneki’s close people. On the contrary actually. 

I hope it helps Anon! Have a nice day :)

btw not only we won and broke the penalty curse. Today also:

- Antoine became Atleti’s UCL top scorer overtaking the legend Luis Aragonés.
- Koke played his UCL match #40, becoming the first Atleti player reaching that number. (He recently turned 25)
- 299 official matches with Simeone in the bench. #300 against Barça this weekend.

Please don’t stop voting!!! The percentage dropped a little, but we just need to keep ahead of the other couple! Actually, we should try to keep a fairly large distance in percentage right now, that way we won’t have to worry about it later on! It’s gonna be stressful on Thursday, especially the last 3 hours or so, which is why we need to make sure we’re voting our asses off right now while we still have a chance to remain significantly ahead! 


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Not a confession. That post about playing as an elf in DA4 really wasn't favoritism or elf elitist... it was just a confessor saying they'd play as this race because they felt the story would have more weight. They didn't bad mouth the other races at all. Please don't put it under a read more. It was the confessor's opinion, it wasn't negative, and it wasn't an opinion they were forcing on others. I really don't understand why people reacted so badly?

We talked as mods about this.  We won’t be doing read-mores across the board for confessions related to preference of playing a certain race.  It’ll all depend on the tone of the confession.  We tag each last name as well as race, so if people do not want to see it, perhaps use tags such as “dalish” “lavellan”, “cadash”, “qunari”, etc. 

Thank you!