Sometimes the Voltron gang post-return-to-earth will just go to ihop at midnight. it’s just a thing they do. they like to chill at ihop at midnight. 

  • Sometimes Pidge and Keith will sit together and talk about various conspiracy theories and show off their neat alien themed clothes. 
  • Lance and Hunk will nonstopchatter about everything and nothing, but they’ll do it quietly, bc it’s ihop, at midnight, and it’s literally the only time Lance will make a conscientious effort to be quiet
  • Shiro will read, he will bring a book and he will read
    • Sometimes Keith will also want to read this book and he will sit next to him and read
    • Sometimes, tho rare, they all want to read this book and they all crowd around him and he patient waits for the wave of affirmations that it’s okay for him to turn the page before he does
    • Lance sometimes mumbles sentences out loud when he reads bc they don’t always make sense when he reads them so he has to say them out loud to really register the tone/structure of the sentence 
    • Lance and Hunk both snort v hard when they read a funny sentence
    • Reading percy jackson and the olympians was a trip
      • When Rachel Elizabeth Dare throws her hairbrush at Kronos Lance laughed so hard he cried and had to stand outside until he composed himself and No One has let him forget it
      • (Sometimes Keith will still roll over in their shared bed, lean really close, and whisper “blue plastic hairbrush” and lance will either groan or he will start laughing again no inbetween)
  • Sometimes they all just sit in silence and enjoy food and each others company
    • During quiet no talky times Pidge is usually on their phone or their laptop
    • Lance is on his phone or spacing out while listening to music
    • Hunk fidgets he’s a fidgeter but not because he’s uncomfy but just bc fidget man sometimes you just Gotta
    • Shiro reads or writes or texts w friends who might be awake like allura or matt
    • keith spaces out. period. he can sit there and do nothing and be perfectly content
      • Sometimes Lance will reach over and start bothering him just bc he can, like, poking his shoulder, poking his thigh, messing with his hair, tugging on his jacket sleeve
        • The results are 50/50 either Keith will just smile and let him do it while he zones out or he will turn around and it will become War
  • Pidge once accidentally pulled out the headphone cord to her laptop and music started BLARING and they all JUMPED LIKE LIL BITCHES and just launched for the cord at the same time while Pidge just slammed her laptop shut and wiLLED THE NOISE AWAY LIKE WHE EE ZE
    • (the waitresses/waiters all laughed at them they love the voltron group so much Best Customers)
  • Sometimes jerks will come into the ihop late at night and harass the waitstaff and Shiro absolutely kicks them out every time bc No
    • (My friend worked late shift at an ihop once and this creepy guy came in and started hitting on her really uncomfortably and this big army man came over and put his hand real gentle on the table, smiled at this guy and was like “do we have a problem here or are you going to leave this girl alone and let her do her job” and the guy just Left, that’s 100% shiro)
  • they all go there to hang out just bc! it’s quiet and they’re together and its this weird safety bubble thing and it always makes them happy and keeps them from stressing out


I got this funny Klance comic thing in my head so I just went out and drew it.

Basically Keith Mr. Emo man brought his bike in to get fixed at Galra Garages and the mechanic (Lance) is taking forever and he only ever sees this guy’s legs. After a couple weeks of literally NO ONE giving him any info on his bike Keith goes in their and sees Lance and he kind of just dies.

Also I’m just envisioning Lance on these like booty shorts.

Voltron Stimming Headcanons
  • Pidge is very audio-centric and stims with music and white noise
    • Her favorites are this “listen to the rain” website she found and the entire “space” album by Sleeping At Last
    • Sometimes she cries when listening to her favorite tracks from that album, not? For any particular reason but just because sometimes she gets so stressed out and that music calms her down without fail and sometimes it’s a little overwhelming to just come down from that level of stress 
    • She has a really nice ever-growing chill-out playlist full of nothing but acoustic songs and acapella music (mostly hozier and bastille and pentatonix, because she likes barn on the farm and the mahogany sessions and live in paris, and pentatonix is just bomb)
    • She also really likes touching her laptop. When she first opens it in the morning she’ll lay her hands on the case until the cold fades under her natural body heat
    • She likes touching most technology, though she hates textured trackpads passionately
    • And she likes running her palm across the top of the case when it’s closed bc it’s smooth and cool and the texture feels really nice
    • She likes watching rain fall on things, and likes standing in the rain it just feels really nice
      • Sometimes when it rains she gets to the highest place she can and listens to it hitting the roof
      • Lance also does this, and sometimes they’ll sit in silence together, or he’ll walk outside with her and they’ll just walk in the rain for awhile, not talking, just enjoying the rain
  • Lance’s stims vary really widely and they’re all household objects that he’s collected over the years
      • In no particular order there is an art eraser he got from Hunk when they were in middle school, it’s perfectly oval and smooth and he’s rubbed it so much that all the words have faded off of it. He sometimes chews on the middle of it
      • He really likes this one video game series and always buys the collectors editions of their games, and one of them came with a small round metal mirror made to look like a pocket watch and he likes holding it and rubbing it with his thumb bc it always somehow feels cold
      • Once his cousin was overseas visiting a friend in Japan and he went to a convention for the game Lance liked and bought him a fan with one of his favorite characters on it, and it came with this small blue stick that lights up??? Lance fell in love with it and he often has it in his pocket. He turns the light on and sticks the end in his mouth when he’s doing over things. Sometimes he lowkey chews on the end of it but he really doesn’t want to break it so he doesn’t do it often
      • He has bracelet that is smooth metal and has flat blue stones in it and it’s so??? Smooth and cool and he likes the texture so he’ll wear it and sometimes grab it and act like he’s grabbing his wrist so no one notices
      • He had a christmas ornament once that was metal and round and looked kind of like a cage? He used to squeeze it but it got all dented and it made him upset. Hunk fixed it though and now Lance just spins it around and watches it spin
      • Really he likes smooth round objects
    • Lance stims because of his anxiety so he really doesn’t like to do it in public or at least like, not noticeably? Because he doesn’t like to look notably affected by anything in public. Which is why most of his stims are everyday objects so he can be really lowkey with them
    • if he loses them and needs to calm down he panics a little and will spend hours looking for them and working himself up
      • Keith always helps him look and usually finds them a lot faster than he does because Lance gets really panicky
    • Lance isn’t anxious about any one thing? Sometimes he just gets really overwhelmed by a little of everything, but he keeps himself under control with his stimming bc it’s very relaxing

That’s all I have for right now, I’ll work on more for the others later! @platonicsheith

12 Days of Christmas Gifts - VHC - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Words: 6,294
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Sawamura Daichi/Sugawara Koushi
Additional Tags: HYPER AGGRESSIVE FLUFF, Business Daichi, teacher Suga, Aged-Up Character(s), Living Together, Drinking, Kissing, Christmas Fluff
Daichi wants to make this year the most unforgettable Christmas in Sugawara’s life. 

Here is is. My Haikyuu!! Christmas gift exchange gift for @mamacrowsugawara this year. Enjoy the DaiSuga for you, and anyone who reads it!

More little updates…

So in addition to pole classes I signed up for a contortion class. I’m so inflexible it’s sad like I can’t even touch my toes but it said all levels so I said why not!? The first class was yesterday and it was sooo fun! It’s just stretching but the challenge was fun. I actually realized my back is way more flexible than I thought and my toes can touch my head 😁 Today it feels like I got run over by a steam roller though 😂 I’m actually sore from stretching it’s exciting.

Also yesterday I placed my second order of Boost VHC and it shipped today and will be at my house today!!! And that’s FREE shipping! Guys if you’re thinking about trying it I highly suggest GraceHealthCare.net because it’s the cheapest on the Internet and the shipping is fast and free.