(Mild Spoilers) “Episode five of Star Trek: Discovery was a ground breaker. Not only did it explore the first openly gay relationship in Trek TV history, it also featured the franchise’s first f-bombs.” Read the full article on Variety.

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Yeah, when my daughter was in college she took me with all of her girlfriends, and it was a fantastic show. [Swift’s] audience experiences her songwriting very, very personally, and I think she’s speaking to a large part of them very personally. As far as craft, [her songs are] really, really well-built and well-made; they’re very, very sturdy, and the records are too. I admire the modern record-making craft and modern songwriting. It’s not necessarily something I’m driving around listening to in my car 24-7 — I’m too old, I tend to listen to older music
—  Bruce Springsteen about Taylor Swift as a songwriter - Variety (October 4th 2017)