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How about a drabble of bree bringing a gift from the future for Jamie and Claire

There was a small wooden box in the bottom of the pack Brianna had brought with her through the stones. It had remained carefully locked all through the ordeal of finding Roger.

After Jem and Mandy had been sent to bed, Brianna pulled it out and unlocked the box, handing it to her mother to open.

“It’s all that I would let Joe give me,” she said watching as Claire pulled out four bottles of penicillin tablets, a small case with three hypodermic syringes, vials of sterile water, quinine tablets, and a variety of other medicaments to supplement her stores.

Variety: 2016 Highest paid actresses:

The 10 highest-paid actresses of 2016:

1. Jennifer Lawrence – $46 million

2. Melissa McCarthy – $33 million

3. Scarlett Johansson – $25 million

4. Jennifer Aniston – $21 million

5. Fan Bingbing – $17 million

6. Charlize Theron – $16.5 million

7. Amy Adams – $13.5 million

8. Julia Roberts – $12 million

9. Mila Kunis – $11 million

10. Deepika Padukone – $10 million

Teacher Lunches

I’m ready to start back to school, and back to making conscious food choices. However, I usually get stuck in a routine of two lunches:

Lunch #1: yogurt, two pieces of fruit, granola bar

Lunch #2: lean pocket, some veggies, a piece of fruit.

I want more variety and perhaps better nutrition. I’m not the biggest fan of salads.

What suggestions do you all have for me?


Regrowing Store-Bought PURPLE Tomatillos!

I don’t remember which store, but somehow I got a hold of some purple tomatillos in 2015. I have not found any purple tomatillos this year at all (in fact, there seems to be a run on tomatillos in general), so boy was I delighted to have my saved seeds germinate this spring! They got a little leggy at one point so I was concerned, two plants were strong enough to pull through. And yes…I do have an unhealthy love of purple colored foods.

The plant itself is very similar to the more common green variety, however, it does have a touch of pinkish and purplish hues on the stems.

Now that it’s late summer, I’m getting ready to harvest these beauties!


P.S. Ya’ll noticed the photo-bombing bumblebee who’s busy pollinating?

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Someone lynch me for this, but I hate Goku's japanese voice. He doesn't sound like a cool warrior dude.

That’s because they kept his child voice actor. 

The Japanese picked their voices rather weird. They didn’t bother changing Goku’s voice actor from kid to adult, so Goku just sounds like he did in dragon ball as a kid. There was no voice puberty for him lol 

Masako Nozawa also plays literally all of Goku’s relatives (yes, even Bardock) 

So I feel you on that one, Sean Schemmel can really pull off Goku. The english dub keeps more variety in Goku’s family voices instead of using the same actor for every one. 

Masako is a very sweet woman though, maybe that’s why they kept her in the Japanese version! 

No Man’s Sky

Before writing a review for this game, I made sure to spend a significant amount of time in it so I could get a chance to see everything No Man’s Sky has to offer before deciding whether to recommend it or not. Therefore, I’m writing this review after 2 weeks and 40 hours of gameplay, so it’s not just a first impression.

Here is what I love about No Man’s Sky:

* The exploration.
While many of the assets are recolored and reused, I went 40 hours before I found my first desert planet, and saw cacti for the first time. I still find new things on every planet I visit, and I have yet to get bored with this feature of the game. I have still yet to find a planet with a significant amount of water. The planet I crash-landed on at the beginning of the game was a snowy planet, but it took me 8 jumps to find another snowy planet. There is enough variety to make the reused assets a non-issue.

* The upgrade system.
With 40 hours in, I have yet to upgrade my exo-suit, multi-tool, or ship to maximum capacity. The upgrades come slow when you’re primarily exploring, and I feel like that gives enough incentive to continue playing. The first time I bought a new ship, I was elated, and finding drop pods still makes me happy.

* The animals
While there are animals that look incongruous and inexplicable, there are many others that look alien enough to be neat, but not silly. Completing the catalogue of animals on a planet is very satisfying, even if you have to shoot flying animals sometimes because the analysis visor doesn’t always work on fast-moving animals. My favorite things to do with the animals on the planet are: find the smallest animal possible, find the biggest animal possible, and feed animals their preferred mineral so they get happy and help me out.

* The monoliths, languages, Interacting with aliens
The snippets of lore found at monoliths are tantalizing and keep me wanting to find more. Each word I learn (I’m up to over 100 now) makes conversing with aliens easier, and makes it so the rewards for interacting with them are better. I find it particularly disappointing when I go to a planet and find there are no aliens to interact with, as that’s one of the more intriguing parts of the game for me. 40 hours in and I have yet to learn a single Atlas word, despite following the path. It’s just another indication of how much more is out there.

* The music
Often when I’m playing a video game, I turn off the music and listen to a podcast or something in the background, because it’s difficult for me to focus my attention on one thing at a time. In the entire 40+ hours I’ve put into No Man’s Sky, I haven’t done this once. The music itself is procedurally generated, which means it doesn’t get boring. It’s also completely suited to the low-key exploration.

I find No Man’s Sky to be a very soothing, engaging game that doesn’t ask too much of me, yet still provides me with a host of interesting things to do. I was not aware of any of the hype before buying the game, and bought it with the understanding that it was strictly single player, therefore I am not disappointed by the lack of multi-player, regardless of what a developer may have said.

Whether or not I would actually recommend No Man’s Sky to someone depends greatly on what they were looking for in a game. There’s very little action—although there are times when you get roped into major space battles—and if you are looking for a fast paced, challenging game, you’re not going to find it here. I would recommend waiting until the game drops in price, unless there is a major content patch, because I feel like No Man’s Sky, as it is right now, is a niche game. Much like Farming or Truck driving simulators, No Man’s Sky provides a soothing experience that will likely not stress anyone out. It’s slow-paced and calm, with lots of beautiful scenery, and music that never gets old no matter how long you play. So with those caveats, I do recommend it. I’ve enjoyed it too much not to.