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Can we just not forget how much touching G initiates with D?! Lint picking? Thumb kissing during the Kimmel interview? Recall the magazine photographer that said that she knows how to "handle" him? Remember how G took a million pics of them together on a bed and had it on her camera roll on national TV? Remember what Mark Mann said about them? And every other person who has witnessed them together? These are two people who are comfortable with EACH OTHER.

You said it all, and you said it well.

And because examples are fun: Variety the interview and photos, and Jason Madara, the photographer, and his comments, including “Duchovny practically melted into her arms”.

And, if anyone is interested, originally when Jason’s quote started circulating, someone omitted a portion of it and so all you had was that Gillian was great with David.  No more.  Thankfully, someone dug up the same quote and a few minutes later, the full quote, with a source and link, was circulating.  In those few minutes, however, the amount of insults and angry chastisement that were thrown at the Gillovny side of the fandom was ridiculous and almost borderline hysterical.  It still exists on the reblogs but it was a while ago and it doesn’t really matter who or what anymore.  It was just worth noting that even then, there were plenty of people offended by the idea that someone would say Gillian “knew how to handle (David)”.  Because that suggests familiarity, and something more than just colleagues, since even colleagues often don’t have that comfort or personal knowledge.

Noman Reedus on Daryl and Carol’s Reunion on ‘The Walking Dead’
Read no further if you haven’t seen Sunday’s episode of “The Walking Dead.” Spoilers below: In addition to Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the Alexandrians scaring up another ally…
By Oriana Schwindt

“I don’t even know if that hug was in the script. Our first rehearsal of that scene, everyone was crying. Everyone on set was waiting for that to happen. We were waiting for it to happen as much as everyone on the show was. Everyone was like, ‘F—, finally.’ “

huge spider in the kitchen. steve and i both tried to jump into eachothers arms to escape, collided in mid air, and both got knocked out. spider vanished. we have to burn the tower down