After the Sun Interview Things Actually Make Sense (sorta)

When the news broke that Zayn was permanently leaving the band because of “stress” and because he wanted to “live a normal life” something didn’t sit right with me. While I could understand why he would be stressed, it just didn’t add up with his actions or past responses to claims that he couldn’t handle fame as well as the others. I didn’t believe it.

I certainly didn’t believe he left because of cheating rumors or because he and the boys had a fall out. I was certain that something more happened behind the scenes but i didn’t know what. Now it makes sense.

Everytime a new One Direction album has been released I wondered if zayn actually liked the music they were releasing, but then i assumed he must have been cool with it. I was wrong.

I now understand how frustrating it must have been for zayn.

When they didn’t perform They Don’t Know About Us on tour

When their albums became more and more rock influenced

When the songs that Zayn was writing were not being chosen for the album

I don’t think zayn’s opinion mattered very much when it came to choosing the “1D sound” would be. We all know that zayn’s voice shines brightest on those tracks that reflect a more rnb sound and we all know that that is zayn’s preferred style of music.  

It is even making sense to me why zayn was working with Naughty Boy so much. At the time I assumed he would try to pull a Beyonce and release new music while still in the band, and maybe for a short while he did too, but I think after many talks with management he realized that wouldn’t be possible.

I still don’t think that zayn wanted to leave the band permanently (I think he wanted time to do both and was refused and the given an ultimatum) but it is now very clear that zayn DIDN’T feel like he was expressing himself. it wasn’t real.

So maybe simon was right. Maybe strength isn’t defined by numbers. Maybe zayn will do better on his own. Maybe the four remaining white boys will be able to better accomplish their 80s rock sound without feeling that they have to throw zayn a bone.

I still think the way it happened (in the middle of a tour) is shady (maybe they wanted zayn to leave at an inopportune time so they could claim stress instead of unhappiness due to lack of representation?), but i feel more relaxed. I think zayn is in a good place, i think the rest of the boys are in a good place, and the future looks bright. 

I still hope zayn takes time to rest up and relax so that when he does go into the studio he can create something that truly expresses where he is in life. hopefully by then the wounds will be healed, but regardless i’ll be ready to listen to anything zayn has to offer.

I’m not 100% sold on the interview (just cuz i don’t trust any media source when it comes to 1d) and maybe there is still more to the story, but i really do think the main reason he left is the music and the way he wants to express himself.

Un: BIRTHDAY SONG ~Ai wo Utau Shinigami~ Trial Edition
(Un:BIRTHDAY SONG~愛を唄う死神~ 体験版)

Release dates (Windows)
Japanese: March 19th, 2015
English: March 27th, 2015

"Kanno Hotori was a normal girl leading a normal life. One day, out of the blue, two unfamiliar guys appear before her. The strangely-dressed guys informed her:

'You only have one month left to live.'

Calling themselves ‘Reapers’, they had come to inform Hotori that the end of her life was drawing near. Having to obey the fate that came upon her, she had to give the Reapers her soul. However, just before she did so, Hotori had a wish she wanted granted dearly.

That wish was to tell her one-sided crush that she loves him.

How will Hotori live out her last days?
And what are the actions the Reapers will take?

This is a sad love story spun by the elite Reapers.”

An English patch for the trial version of Un: BIRTHDAY SONG has been released by estearisa! You can find out more here.

You’ll also need to change your system locale language to play this game. To do so, simply go to the Control Panel, then Clock, Language and Region (or Region and Language). Click the Administrative tab, then Change system locale to Japanese (Japan). This can easily be changed back to English once you’re done playing by following the same directions and selecting English instead of Japanese.