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Hello ? i've been feeling little bit down lately .. cause i was told my Original Attack on Titan Character was told to be a Mary-Sue because of her hair color .... that is modern bright red ... i mean i don't saw anyone in the anime having a red hair i don't if its possible to have red hair in that world.. can't talk about that with my parents they won't understand :(

Ugh, hair color does not make a Mary sue! The term Mary sue has turned into “I hate your female OC just because” anyway. So try not to worry about it too much! How about you show me your OC? I’d love to see her! I mean, sure having bright red hair would be a bit hard in the snk setting, but if you want it like that, why the fuck not? Some people want their characters to fit in more and others prefer them to stick out!

get to know me~

i was tagged by the very lovely and sweet @hongbombs for this tag! thank you jen
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rules: answer the questions and tag 9 (i tagged a few new people so lemme know if you don’t want me to ffr) people you want to get to know better.

relationship status: single for 18 years bishhhhhhhh
favorite color: grey!!
lipstick or chapstick: probably chapstick bc if i go like a day w/o it then my lips are like the damn sahara desert
last movie you watched: the new pirates of the caribbean… it would have been better w more orlando bloom (but anything would be better w more orlando bloom lbr)
top 3 characters: imma copy jen w the anime theme nd say kazuma from noragami, oikawa from haikyuu!! nd babo from sankarea bye
top 3 ships: MARKHYUCK, JEJUN AND SOONWOO FFFFFF I WANT TO ADD MORE THEY WILL BE IN THE TAGS BELOW IDGAF (jejun (alternatively noren) is jeno nd renjun btw it’s less common i think but high key best!)
books you are currently reading:
rnnnn i’m reading heir of fire! and abt a thousand others oops
top 5 musicals: high school musical, high school musical 2, high school musical 3: senior year, high school musical 4 (bitch it’s gonna happen i know it), and high school musical 5 whenever they make that too

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I was tagged by the lovely @awinterbornrose - thank you!

1.- What tradition you like from another culture/religion? - Oh so many. I love Dia de los Muertos. There is a lot that I really like from the Jewish religion - it’s so beautiful and rich in their traditions. I like the architecture of old Gothic Catholic churches, I also like some christian/Catholic music, I like the pantheistic ways of Greek, Egyptian, Norse, etc. gods. I like a lot of Celtic culture. So much from Native American cultures, This is one of the reasons why I couldn’t be part of any organized religion anymore - so much from so many is just so beautiful to me and I’d rather appreciate some from all than try to adhere to and so rigidly follow just one.  (I’m not knocking organized religion for others, I think it can be very helpful to some - it’s just not for me anymore). And with other cultures that aren’t necessarily religious traditions I just love learning about them too. I’m fascinated by other people and their lives/traditions etc.

2.- What’s your favorite season and why? Fall and Spring.  I love the in-between of these seasons.  Not too hot, not too cold (you know baby bear lol), I love the transition of them, the dying of the old and growth of the new.  Please note I only love this in nature - not in my own personal life - I hate the transition times and in-between times in my personal life lol, but in nature they’re quite beautiful.

3.- What’s the song that cheers you up without fail. A lot but lately it’s been Justin Timberlake’s new one Can’t Fight the Feeling.  But just about any upbeat son cheers up me almost without fail.

4.- Least favorite color? dull, washed out colors.  I like bright, true, clear, colors.  I’m not a fan of beige (as an accent it’s fine but too much is just ugh and blah).

5.- Top 3 favorite foods? Salad, rice, and I have no idea what else.  I’m really not a “foodie” person (I hate that term lol).  I eat to live, I’ve never been especially enamored of food.

6.- If you could talk for an hour with anyone, who would it be? My brother - provided he would let his guard down and be real with me, and not interrupt me.

7.- Least favorite vacation you have taken and why? Cairo, Egypt.  Okay it technically wasn’t a vacation, but I’m counting it.  Hubby went there for work, I was able to go with him and it was just a very odd, sad, scary, trip.  There was a lot of turmoil in the city. I was away from him during the days and with the girlfriend of the other man from hubby’s work and our driver (an old secret service agent) who did not speak or understand a word of English and neither myself or the other lady spoke any Arabic.  Then we met up with an English speaking tour guide to go see the Pyramids and Sphinx (that was awesome). The poverty, social and political unrest, the beggars, the children, the dilapidated, crumbling buildings, etc. it was all just too much.  At night when we’d go out to dinner, my existence or presence was never acknowledged.  The only reason I was even allowed to order for myself was because we were American, but the servers hardly even looked at me, I wasn’t spoken to by any of the other men who hubby and co-worker were doing business with - it’s like I wasn’t even at the table.  The other man from work was Arabic and his girlfriend (who was French) wasn’t even allowed to order for herself without getting the man’s approval from the servers.  We were there for 4 days and it was 3 days too long IMO.  I’m very grateful that I had the opportunity to go, but it was very sad and depressing and eye opening (like all travel is quite honestly - good or bad I always learn something).  It’s just not a place I ever want to visit again.  And I mean no disrespect to the people at all - it’s just a very different way of life than I am used to.  Traffic was horrific, drivers rarely slowed down for pedestrians - especially females - unless they were older women that was the difference.  Pedestrians would play a game like roulette with the cars and take their lives in their hands trying to dodge between cars just to get across the street.  The hotel was lovely (the Intercontinental), the shop keepers were so nice and I wanted to give them all of my money.  They were just so grateful for shoppers since tourism was so down when we were there. I really feel for them though, and I did like seeing the few cultural things that I saw (like I said I love learning about other cultures and such). I can see how this was at one time a gorgeous city and I keep those images stronger in my head, I hope that one day they can get back to a more peaceful existence.

8.- You just won a million dollars, what do you do? Probably nothing different.  Put it in the bank until I figure out how I want to invest it I guess.

9.- What’s the book that you wanted to toss against the wall? Just one?  This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper, The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, currently The Godfather by Mario Puzo (although I am still reading it but man is it so fucking sexist).

10- What artist/celeb you cannot stand? Kanye West, Justin Beiber, Jay Z, I don’t like Beyonce’s music but I like her, Idina Menzel, Seth McFarlane, Bill Maher, Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coulter,  John Oliver, Donald Trump. i’m sure there are others but these are just off the top of my head.

11.- Ever been caught doing something you shouldn’t? Other than sneaking food from the kitchen when I was little?  I can’t think of anything.

I tag anyone who wants to do this and I’m going to keep Ely’s questions so you can do the same ones. I’m terrible at thinking of questions and these were good!