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Jace smiling/laughing because of Maia in 2x13 + Maia smiling because of Jace:

OP’s calling me out for something stupid that i used to believe in but i now understand was disrespectful, incorrect and way out of line. i just assumed i was right because i am non-binary and i never experienced any injustices in my life.

i think the post is still being passed around so if y’all could reblog this and let people know that i’ve changed my views that would be appreciated it.

also they have me blocked so i couldn’t message them but if you wanna correct them here’s the original post.

Real talk, my boy Jake is the strongest Homestuck character (Aside from Lord English and God Tiered Calliope) with his power fully realized, and he single-handedly took out The Felt (Minus Clover), he lived alone on an island full of monsters and a violent stalker robot, and y’all still wanna pretend like he’s some shota yaoi boy who needs the other Alphas to fight all his battles for him because he’s uwu soft.