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[ENG SUB] NCT LIFE in Chiang Mai EP. 1

anonymous asked:

hey sarah! can you rec some of your favorite/active blogs?

yeah sure lovely!!

@louisinyogapants @livelylou @daisylouie @worththewhiletweet @goldheartlouis @peachylouies @princesslouis @bdsmlouis @voguelourry @yslrainbowflag @haztomlins @itjustkindofhappened @tomlinsun @holosingle @hughaz @notchopsuey @etheruol @rogueandeskimo @april7th @mitampromoseason @miniature-lou @1bus @cuteurl @queerlies @acetheticlouis @cliffordnlouis @thepenguintattoo @nailpolishlouis @allthelovelouie @roseysoftlouis @mitamdemo @littlelouies @louehangel @dimplesanddaggers @dimpledgucci @sincerelyharry @oliveyu @louislyrics @sweetpeachlarry @styles2017 @cmonbemybaby @just-end-it @velourslouis

so like.. i follow so many blogs jhshjsjhs so there’s def more but these my favorites that i see the most on my dash! and i lov the rest of my mutuals w all my heart !!! :))