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Hello!! Fallout 3 companions reacting to Lone blushing and giggling like crazy when the companions hug them?

I had to bend the ask around a little bit to fit the characters so I hope that’s alright.

Butch: Butch could’ve sworn that he saw someone shoot Lone, so when he found out they were fine, he was overcome with emotion and drew them into a tight embrace. It was when Lone uttered, “uhh,” Butch realized what he was doing. He quickly let go of them. Lone asked if he was okay, Butch just crossed his arms and tried to think of a response. “Yeah you uh, you just looked like you needed a hug.” Lone could see him cringe at his own excuse. They started laughed at him, he looked over at them, he looked angry but he was still blushing. Lone was still laughing, “QUIT IT.” He just kept making it worse.

Clover: Nothing special was happening, the two were just walking from one place to another when Clover decided it was time for a surprise hug. She pounced on them from behind and waited for a reaction. They didn’t say anything so Clover let go and leaned forward so she could see their face. She hadn’t expected to see them with such a red face, “um, are you alright?” Lone seemed to snap out of it and just laughed, “I was just surprised was all!” Clover squinted at them, which made Lone even more nervous. She just shrugged and walked on ahead of them.

Charon: Charon saw something headed straight for Lone, it didn’t matter what it was he just knew he had to get them out of the way. He wrapped his arms around them and quickly moved them. He didn’t let go of them until he knew nothing else was going to come at them. Once he decided that the coast was clear, he let go of them. “Forgive me, I didn’t want you to be hit by that-“ he looked at Lone to find that they had a nervous smile on their face accompanied by red cheeks. “It’s fine, thank you.” Lone started walking again, Charon could see them laughing quietly to themselves. More than anything he was just confused.

Dogmeat: Alright, he’s a dog lol

Jericho: Lone said they would go on a quick supply run, Jericho offered to go with, but they insisted that he rest. Just as he was starting to nod off into dream land, Lone opened the door. “How’d it go?” Instead of giving him a reply, Lone just tossed a bottle of liquor at him. “Oooo what’s this?” he looked at the label and realized just how hard this stuff was to come by. Jericho looked up at Lone with a surprised but excited look. “It’s just to thank you for helping me out, no big deal.” He got up and gave them a tight hug, tight enough for him to lift them off the ground by just a couple inches. Just as Jericho was about to crack that baby open, he looked over to Lone and offered to pour them a glass. Lone had just the slightest red to their cheeks, and a meek smile on their face. Jericho didn’t pay much attention to it though, “WELL?!” Lone just laughed and said they’d give it a try.

Fawkes: Okay I’m so sorry but I just really can’t imagine anyone getting all doki doki over Fawkes….

Sarah: On the day that Lone decided to pay a visit to the Citadel, Sarah was having a stressful time trying to make decisions. Lone poked their head in the room and asked if they could be of any help to her. Sarah explained the situation to them, and just like that Lone gave her an answer. “You’re so smart I could almost hug you!” She said almost, but she did it anyway. Lone was definitely caught off guard, but Sarah was so excited about Lone’s idea that she didn’t even notice.

Star Paladin Cross: It’d been a long time since Cross and Lone had seen each other, Cross was so happy to see them that she just had to give them a quick hug. “It’s so good to see you!” As she pulled away from them, she noted that they were blushing just a bit, but she didn’t think it appropriate to call attention to it.

Let the date pay

Jikook, 2.8k, crack & fluff

Jungkook’s friend might have said to let the date pay, but that doesn’t mean he should go without his wallet. Because if your date doesn’t have theirs either…then you’re both out of luck. 

A/N: Happy birthday to @c-cygnus !! MEARIIE I’M NEVER GONNA FORGET YOU SAID TO LET THE DATE PAY LMAO but here ya go! hope ya like~ 

Jeon Jungkook was about to commit the biggest crime of his life.

And the worst part was that it could’ve easily been prevented.

To say that he’d been distracted by his gorgeous date, Jimin, was an understatement. With one flirty message on Facebook, he’d walked out of the house without bringing his keys. With a flirty Snapchat showing off just how stunning this Jimin guy (who claims he really isn’t an editorial model) was, Jungkook had just about forgotten his own name.

So it shouldn’t really be a surprise that he’d left his wallet at home.

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i've been through your threesom/moresome tags and i was wondering if anyone knows of any fics where the dramione is pre-established and they merely have a threesome with someone else. as in just a one off and not actually a love triangle or Hermione getting with both guys. dramione centred please. and not dramionaise either - that one's been done to death i think. thanks! xD

Well, I maintain a list of threesome/moresome fics I’ve read and liked with Dramione in them. Not sure how many in it are too lovey-love for you, but you can go through them and see what tickles your fancy. Warning: some are really dark!fic material:

- A Gentleman’s Education by Musyc - Rated: Explicit - Draco/Hermione/Lucius -  A Malfoy has obligations, and he must fulfill them. Draco has put off his long enough; Lucius steps in to ensure his son’s education in this matter is properly handled. (WARNING: NON-CON)

- A Scrap Of Honour by smurff - Rated: Explicit - Hermione/Draco/Harry - Sequel to “Raging Sensation” -  After Hermione’s mortifying mistake in Potions, Draco goes on the offensive. Consequences can be harsh. Or they can be exciting. What happens to Hermione as a result of her actions?

- A Wild Night At The Office by scarletladyy - Rated: NC-17 - Draco/Hermione/Pansy -  Hermione’s tied to her desk, waiting for her Slytherin lovers, when she hears a set of footsteps. If it isn’t Pansy or Draco, she’ll never live it down, and possibly get fired. If it is, she’s in for the wildest night of her life.

At the Edge of the Crossroads and Leaning by traintracks - Rated: M - Harry/Hermione/Draco -  When Harry sees something he shouldn’t in the Pensieve, it changes his relationship with Hermione (and Draco Malfoy’s life) forever. (I wrote a rec page for it here that you can read)

- Classical Mechanics by nottonyharrison - Rated: Explicit - Hermione/Scorpius/Draco -  Hermione Granger: Unspeakable. Intellectual. Adultress. She’s got herself in a real pickle, and the deeper she falls into the moral void, the more difficult it’s going to be to salvage what’s left of her relationships. Scorpione with a side of Dramione angst. Part of the Modal Realism in Practise series. (This is part of a series of fics featuring A/U Scorpius with Dramione in various ways)

- Devotion by acidpop25 - Rated: Teen and Up - Hermione/Draco/Theo -  When Hermione returns to Hogwarts after the war, tentative new friendships conflict with old– and may even become something more.

- Enduring One’s Fortune by smurff - Rated: Explicit - Hermione/Draco/Harry - Sequel to “A Scrap of Honour” -  The day after “A Scrap of Honour”. What happens after a fabulous encounter with a best friend and his worst enemy? And how can Hermione make it happen again?

- Fist Meets Face (The Ron Weasley Mixup) by thelastgoodname - Rated: Not Rated (Explicit) - Ron/Hermione/Draco -  Five perfect moments in Ron Weasley’s life.

- In The Hands Of Monsters by literaryspell - Rated: M - Draco/Hermione/Blaise - Hermione finds herself at the mercy of two Slytherins intent on causing damage. She suffers in the hands of monsters. Warning: This story contains rape. This is a dark fic. Hermione/Draco/Blaise

- Just This Once by Musyc - Rated: Explicit -  Draco/Hermione/Harry - Harry showed up at Hermione’s door after another lousy date just to chat. Instead, he got a surprise offer. More surprising was Draco’s permission to let his wife go through with it.

- Let Them Eat Cake by sksdwrld - Rated: Explicit - Hermione/Harry/Draco -  Hermione has been dating Harry for years, and seeing Draco recently, behind his back. On her birthday, she is worried that her two lovers will cross paths. She didn’t realize she could have her cake and eat it too!

- Mending by acidpop25 - Rated: Mature - Draco/Hermione/Theo -  Hermione enters into a relationship with Theo and Draco, and tries to repair her friendships along the way.

- Months & Days by - Rated: Explicit - Draco/Hermione/Cormac -  Hermione hated Quidditch Rotation, and the two men she had to treat just made it worse.

- Not Such A Bad Idea by uniquepov - Rated: Mature - Draco/Hermione/Harry - *This was a drabble containing the phrase “I dare you…” and featuring this trio.

- Options by Celandine - Rated: Explicit - Draco/Hermione/Harry -  When Draco asks what Hermione would like to try to make their sex life better, her answer may not be quite what he expected.

 - Promise by y3llowdaisi3s - Rated: Explicit - Hermione/Blaise/Theo (Draco watching, Dramione ending) -  Hermione can’t help being the last hoorah for two Death Eaters before she’s given as a reward to their friend. (WARNING: NON-CON)

- Raging Sensation by smurff - Rated: Explicit - Hermione/Draco/Harry -  Hermione gets bored during a long Potions class and, high on hormones, lets her imagination and fingers run wild. Is she as discreet as she thinks?

- Senses by Inell - Rated: Mature - Hermione/Draco/Ron -  When one sense is lost, the others are heightened.

- Some Cosmic Being Is Laughing At Us Right Now by equalsMCsquared - Rated: Teen and Up - Hermione/Draco/Harry -  Isn’t it always interesting when everyone thinks they’re the one in control?

- Some Things Change by literaryspell - Rated: Explicit - Draco/Hermione/Lucius -  Draco Malfoy wants Hermione. Lucius Malfoy wants her, too. What will happen when she doesn’t want to decide and her magic chooses for her?

- Teach Me by Freya_Ishtar - Rated: Mature - Hermione/Scorpius/Draco -  Widowed Hermione takes a post at a newly opened wizarding school, expecting eighteen-year-old Scorpius Malfoy will be her most troublesome student. What she doesn’t expect is to feel a spark when she meets Draco for the first time since Hogwart’s, or that both Malfoys would complicate her life-and her heart-quite so much. A dark, erotic tale of romantic drama.

- The Agreement by cazmalfoy - Rated: NC-17 -  Blaise/Hermione/Draco/Harry - They had an agreement between them, and she was completely at their mercy to do as they pleased when they pleased.

- The Gauntlet by BirdofFire/tha_phoenix - Rated: NC-17 - Draco/Hermione/Viktor -  When Hermione is in an accident & suffers from memory loss, she forgets all about her relationship with the infamous Draco Malfoy and Viktor Krum. It also doesn’t help that she broke it off with the latter and can barely stand the former. So, when it is made clear that her best chance at recovery is to move in with the two men, the situation goes from bad to worse to Hell in a quilted hand-basket.

- The Invitation by Hot_elf - Rated: Explicit - Draco/Hermione/Harry -  When Harry runs into Draco Malfoy in the showers after a friendly Quidditch game, he’s surprised to receive a very cordial invitation for dinner at Malfoy Manor. And there are more surprises in store… Set ten years after the war, and yes, I’m completely ignoring the epilogue.

- The Only Constant by literaryspell - Rated: Explicit - Draco/Hermione/Lucius -  Sequel to Some Things Change. A year after the triad marries, they find life together is not exactly simple. Things are still changing–but is it for the better? Draco’s feelings for his father are intensifying, and what Lucius wants is complicated, too. How will they make it together without falling apart?

- Three Is A Magic Number by Celandine - Rated: Explicit - Hermione/Harry/Draco -  Hermione never expected to become a domme, and she certainly never expected it to lead her down this path in life.

- To Be A Weasley by phoenix_fancies - Rated: NC-17 - Charlie/Hermione/Draco -  Hermione doesn’t always know the scope of magic, but Charlie is here to make sure she (and Malfoy) are taken care of.

“Two” Much by SoftObsidian74 - Rated: Explicit - Hermione/Draco/Lucius -  Hermione finds herself in a relationship with two Malfoy men. Can she handle it?

- Tug of War by Greenschist - Rated: M - Draco/Hermione/Fred -  Hermione wonders, why can’t they just get along?

- Uncoffined by lady_of_clunn - Rated: M - Draco/Hermione/Blaise - When all is lost, we are willing to do whatever it takes to survive. (*Even though this is primarily a Dramione fic, I included this because it has a threesome scene with Draco/Hermione/Blaise) 

- Under the Stands by Gamma_Orionis - Rated: Mature - Draco/Hermione/Luna -  In which it is most important that Draco, Luna and Hermione keep quiet. 

- We Have a Visitor by dramioneaisesmut - Rated: Explicit - Blaise/Hermione + Hermione/Draco/Lucius - Blaise wants to play and so do his visitors. Hopefully his toy Hermione doesn’t mind. (WARNING: NON-CON)

That should give you some fun reading for a while, I think.


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You should totally (IF YOU WANT TO) write a drabble about Reyna going to confront Aphrodite all like, "I've figured it out, I don't need your goddamned romantic love" and Aphrodite being all, "I knew you'd figure it out eventually" and basically a better Aphrodite than Riordan ever wrote her that is all about being aromantic even if she's the goddess of love?? (xoxo i love u)

(inspired by / follow-up to my headcanon post which is still getting notes and I cannot tell you how pleased I am) (this was written really quickly, I hope you like it!) (also it got really long. honestly how does one drabble?) (p.s. I love you too <3) 

Camp Jupiter’s shrine to Venus is very modest, and if Reyna didn’t have to pass it on her way to her favorite spot in the gardens, she would probably never look at it at all. Today, however, she enters it through an arch of purple bougainvillea and walks straight up to the pomegranate-scented candles on the altar. She fixes her eyes determinedly on the rosewood dove figurine sitting in a pool of flickering candlelight. 

“You were wrong about me.” Her voice is strong, defiant almost, bouncing off the marble walls of the tiny temple. “I did find love. I really did. Just not the way anyone said I would. You were wrong.”

Reyna doesn’t expect a reply—Venus isn’t exactly known for her frequent visits or even general responsiveness. She’s already turning to go, glad to have delivered her message even if nobody heard it, when the dove carving suddenly begins to emit a soft golden glow. It brightens and brightens until Reyna’s hands fly up to shield her eyes; when she dares to look again, the figurine is gone.

In its place, sitting comfortably on the edge of the altar, is a girl. She looks about seventeen, with skin a shade darker than Reyna’s, mahogany hair tumbling past bared shoulders, and eyes to match the bougainvillea. She’s clad in a SPQR T-shirt that comes down to mid-thigh, paired with a golden sash to accentuate her waist. As her eyes meet Reyna’s, her ruby lips curve into a stunning smile.

“How are you, Praetor? It’s been a while since our last talk. Charleston, wasn’t it? How many mortal years ago?”

“Three,” Reyna says. She doesn’t like to remember, but oh boy, there’s no way she could forget. Her body has turned to stone, stiffly upright as if she’s halfway to a military salute. Even in this unusually youthful form, Venus radiates a kind of grace and confidence Reyna can’t understand—she’s perfectly at ease with her own sensuality, with her natural charm and allure. Even the flowers covering the shrine turn their petal heads towards the goddess.

“Three years,” Venus muses, tapping a delicate finger against her chin. “And now you’re telling me I was wrong about something I said that day. What was it again?”

She doesn’t wait for Reyna to supply the answer. Instead, she closes those brilliant purple eyes and recites in a sing-song voice, “You will not find love where you wish or where you hope. No demigod will heal your heart.”

“So you were wrong,” Reyna says again, dredging up courage. She has to remind herself twice that she is a war hero, and a Praetor of the Legion, and it’s silly to be scared of the goddess of love, of all things! 

She is, though. She still is. No matter how confident she feels about her own sexuality, her romantic orientation, her identity, she would rather face another Titan than have a heart-to-heart with Venus. It has taken her years to convince herself she’s fine—she isn’t broken, she isn’t half a person, it’s the world that’s wrong about this and not her. She can handle criticism and ignorance. She’s found balance. 

The only one who can still disrupt that balance is the goddess of love. One word from Venus, and Reyna’s self-acceptance would shatter. 

“I don’t want to rain on your parade,” the goddess says, smiling as before, “but I don’t think I really was wrong.”

Reyna’s throat constricts. Suddenly it’s impossible to breathe. 

“After all, I did say it three years ago, when you were still holding onto the ludicrous idea that romantic love is a necessary, even mandatory part of human life.” Venus cocks her head and adds, as if in an afterthought, “Not to mention the only type of love I know anything about.”

The pressure on Reyna’s chest lessens, but doesn’t disappear entirely. She stares at the goddess, unable to speak, feeling like a spring coiled so tight the lightest touch might set it off. 

“I could always see into your heart, Reyna,” Venus says, softly now. “It is my nature to know love, all manifestations of it. You were raised, as are most people, to believe that to find romantic love is to live a fulfilled life—and you were wishing for it, hoping for it, and at times convincing yourself you already found it.”

Reyna’s mind flashes to Jason, to Percy, even briefly to Annabeth, and her cheeks flush with intense embarrassment. She’s ashamed of herself, of how she projected expectations onto her closest friends. She’s ashamed because she really should’ve known better.

“You could not have known,” Venus says, as if she’s just heard Reyna’s thoughts. “You were never told differently. Ah, some things are lost in translation, I’m afraid.” She laughs. “I’ve never been all about the romance, but that’s been mostly overlooked by history. Nothing more interesting than the woman who loves and lusts, after all.”

Her words are almost bitter, but Reyna barely hears her. The tension drains from her muscles, her lungs expand freely, and she sucks in the deepest, most refreshing breath of air she’s ever had. She isn’t broken.

“I don’t need romantic love.”

“And you never needed me to tell you that.” Venus smiles. “But I thought you’d like to hear it from me all the same.”

She slips off the altar and spreads her arms. In this form, the top of her head barely reaches Reyna’s shoulders, but her embrace is tight and warm and so very, very comforting. 

After that, whenever Reyna climbs up Temple Hill to lounge about in the gardens, she always remembers to leave some small offering at the rosewood dove. 

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omg I wasnt around when they were hiding Suga's blonde hair by spraying it black?? this is the first I've heard of this?? Is there photos or something of it or did they talk about it? Ahh sorry for bothering you but I need to see this lol

OMG ANON LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THIS I LOVE THIS I SWEAR. Hehe~ No it’s just that, bighit hiding that suga turned blond is one of the greatest thing bcoz they can just leave it as it is but they hid it bcoz ARMYs are spoiled. haha! Alright! I don’t know what era you came into but this moment was at the end of the I NEED U promotions, and Bangtan was going to celebrate their 2nd Anniversary from debut. 

So the scenario was this. Bangtan was already done with I NEED U promos, we were waiting for DOPE promotions and had totally no idea what we were in for and we were also waiting for the 2nd anniversary celebrations. Anyways, for about a few days BTS didn’t appear in any broadcast or tweeted anything and we were like, FINALLY YOU GUYS REST YES PLES. 

JUNE 12: after not seeing them for about… 3?4? days, they had this recording for a chinese tv show and Suga had black hair. Also notice how Namjoon is also hiding his hair? Yes. So from strawberry syub to black hair!!!

This is a super long read I’m so sorry ;_;

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7 minutes (9/?)

“we’ve been nothing but friends for our whole lives but then we played seven minutes in heaven on a dare and now i think i might actually be in love with you”

Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch. 3, Ch 4, Ch 5, (extra), Ch 6, Ch 7, Ch 8FF

A/N: Won’t say much about this chapter except…you’re welcome. Reminder, this one’s rated M folks. (this is a long one, almost 5000 words) Thanks as always for the reblogs and feedback!

“Well, this is an unexpected turn of events, Swan.”

Her news is leaving him equally concerned and proud, as he knows that journeying back into her past will be difficult but also a necessary step for her to begin to heal old wounds. He’s touched that she would want him by her side for this, but then again, he’s been her partner in most things since the day they met so he can’t say that he’s all that surprised at the invitation.

Emma moves to sit up and he slides his hand from her hair, groaning internally at the feel of her palm high on his thigh as she readjusts to face him on the couch. Memories of what her hands are capable of has him squirming a bit in his seat and he forces himself to redirect his wayward thoughts back to the present and the conversation at hand. She’s looking at him intently from her new position sitting cross legged beside him and he turns his legs towards her to give her his full attention.

“I know, Emma Swan running towards her problems instead of away, hard to believe, right?”

He reaches for her at that, finding her hand in her lap so he can twine their fingers together and give her palm a gentle squeeze.

“You seem to be getting better at facing things, love, in case you haven’t noticed.”

Her head dips slightly and he can see her cheeks begin to blush, but her hand squeezes his back and he feels himself falling even more in love with her (if that’s even possible). Before he has the chance, she leans in and presses a soft kiss to his lips, just a light brush of skin against skin, and then she’s pulling back from his mouth and settling back on her cushion.

“I’ve noticed.”

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It’s not even two months since my last follow forever, but I decided that because I reached another milestone last month and it’s about a year since I decided that I wanted to be apart of the kpop fandom. That I should make another one now. It’s also almost a year since I made this blog [August 10th 2013] as well.

I’d like to thank you all for making my first year as a kpop fan on tumblr so nice. Yes I joined some fandoms that probably have the most drama, but all in all it has been so great and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

I’m aware that I post an great amount of text posts, and some even gets a decent amount of notes and I’d like to thank everyone for reblogging them. It might be just regular text posts to you, but you have no idea how much it means to me when people tell me they find me funny. I have terrible humor which contains a lot of sarcasm and puns, so I really appreciate it.

Also I’d like to just thank the people that bear with me always having Baekhyun spam, I do that every night before I go to bed. I can’t help it okay? Anyways, I’m not only reblogging EXO anymore, my blog is more multifandom than before and I like it hehe ^^

Okay on to the blogs;

Bold - mutuals. Hover over your url, it might be a message there. Don’t be sad if there isn’t, I still love you!

I consider everyone I talk to here on tumblr as friends and I hope it’s likewise, regardless if you’re following back or not. ^^

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