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Send in Valentine's Day Headcanons!!

So since tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day and I’m single af what better way to spend it than by obsessing over otps?? even tho that’s what we do every day 

I was thinking that for Valentine’s Day (and I totally want to interact with u guys more like pls i dont bite I swear) you could all send in various headcanons about all of our favorite yoi otps (Valentine’s Day related or not) and freak out over them together !!! 

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Didnt u mention u dont even ship sk/sl before? Unless u ship sp/sh, then u arent sh@ladin. This whole time I thought u shipped sk tho bc we're usually the ones that need to vent so much bc we get so much flak. And that anti tho...ah, they really are something.

I don’t actively ship a single Sh/iro ship but apparently saying that shippers don’t deserve to be suicide-baited for what they ship is enough to make me a dirty Shaladin in their eyes

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don't get why ChanBaek is so famous. I'm relatively new to K-pop and i guess soon gonna become a complete EXO-L. I feel Kaisoo is so much more real. I mean, even Chanyeol seems to be around Kyungsoo more than Baekhyun. And Baekhyun looks like this social butterfly who can be shipped with anyone- mostly, Yixing, Jongdae, Minseok, Sehun, well you get my point. So can you please explain to me why ChanBaek is so popular?

First of all, this is based on my own opinion so Im not forcing anyone to believe or anything and dont want to offend any ships. BUt thats what make chanbaek is REAL here. When Im talking about chanbaek, for me it isnt just a simple ship or just bromance thingy. Im shipping kaisoo too but I dont ship them the way I ship Chanbaek. 

You mentioned that Chanyeol seemed to be around Kyungsoo much often than BAekhyun? Okay lets see when it happen? On the stage? For me, the things that happen on the stage and with camera is on is what we called fanservice. But, u see, Chanbaek they got less and more less of that but more off cam moments and so many of it. *to talk about the off cam moment, its gonna be long so Ill suggest to see my other posts or other blog like @lets-talk-baekyeol  @chanbaekah @eternal-chanbaek @awkwardmickey @ms1611 * And also you can see, how Chanyeol gotta to mention Baekhyun out of nowhere in most of interviews and also how he being to be mr.-know-it-all *remember the moment when he knew about Baek’s hidden angel wings on his back- other members seem just to know about it and with sehun’s smirks at that time-more mysterious how Chanyeol get to know about it winkwink* when it comes to Baekhyun compared to the other members proved that their rs is really something. 

While talking about Baek’s bubbly personality and all.. you gotta see its so obvious that he treats Chanyeol differently with other members. You can see Baek always got no problem to have skinships with other members- just list who but he turned to a high-school-girl-in-love-be-like when it comes to Chanyeol. Remember the legendary hug during ExordiuminManila? And u can see, Chanyeol is the only member that Baekhyun wished for his birthday in his ig and even that lip’s post- *OMG IM SCREAMINGGG*. And talking about his obsession with Chanyeol’s hoodie damn they got obviously big different in size but yess he still wore Chanyeol’s instead of other members? Why tho? You got the point here? The fact that they got so many matching items too make me got so many feelssss *usually I dont find couple items as subject to prove a ship but their matching items are so detailed to the brand and sometimes items that really came out with pair of it…*

There are so many other reasons but just point out the one that you asked. I hope this my not-too-long post able to enlighten you more about Chanbaek. And also just a piece of my mind about Chanbaek, to ship Chanbaek u need to be more analytical than seeing what is so obvious and also yeahhh FAITH. Btw, welcome to this fandom dear :)

@nikowldrabbles asked: About the ship ask thing…  Blackstar? :D 

thank you so much!!! hehheh 

OTP: Black Star x Tsubaki;
been shipping them since day 1, and i absolutely love how patient tsu-chan is? and in the manga, their relationship has really deepened and it’s just really pure 

BrOTP: Black Star x Maka
hell yah (i could ship them too bc of @l0chn3ss)
their chemistry is just really good? sometimes they bicker quite a lot but even tho sometimes star doesn’t show it, he obvs really cares for maka (whether that be familial or romantic it’s up to u)

OT3: i dont particularly have an ot3 for him though? i could ship him with maka and soul but that would be like somakid lol

NOTP: Black Star x Angela
of course i would never ship– this is totally familial love i gotta say

Send me a character and I’ll tell you

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u: has a sh//ith icon; has sh//ith in ur description; regularly reblogs sh//ith / anon: um wtf u ship sh//ith????????? i didn't realise ??¿??? ur so gross¿?? i loved u but i lost all my respect for u bc i didn't kno u ship sh//it's even tho it says it everywhere on ur blog ://// fuck u amy u nasty shaladildo

oh shit call me out why dont u. 

i cant believe…im a nasty.. shaladildo

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r u still doing ships? if so, im blonde, pale af, nonbinary? (she/her) and 5'4"ish. i write as a hobby and music is my everything even tho i dont play an instrument. im an introvert, ace, love tv and cats, im v lazy and love comfy clothes. a foodie, and while im lazy, i love going to the gym? i love storm clouds, winter, rain, indie/classic rock, and the dark. i can be irresponsible/reckless bc im desperate to alleviate boredom, but im also v lowkey 90% of the time? also, im a sucker for puns C:

I’d put you with




Zach Dempsey

He loves your interests and loves going to the gym to work out with you. He always spots you whenever necessary and you help him with his basketball drills. When you’re not at the gym you spend a lot of time outside and get him into some cool music he’s never heard of before. He might be a little dumb but he’s the sweet kind of dumb.

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Relationship status: single

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick

Last song i listened to: Sin Wagon by Cookies n beans

Top 3 tv shows: Gosh I dont watch a lot of stuffff so steven universe, mob psycho 100 and trollhunters. not in that order tho lolol

Top 3 ships: I cannot really pick three top ships lol sorry!

Books I’m currently reading: trollhunters by Guillermo del toro its really good even if you’re not into the netflix show!

srry i dont feel like tagging anyone specific rn!! do it if you want to or if you want be to get to know you better i guess!

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I can't believe croach likes glee that sounds like a memevada thing but it's canon

i have so many questions about that tho like

does this mean that glee ends up having like 500 seasons or is croach just into ancient earth entertainment?

how did he discover it in the first place?

does he ship klaine?

does croach have a glee blog?

does he make sparks watch it with him? he totally does doesn’t he

if u ship blorgk bc u r a poc and u want to see more interracial rep on tv & u understand what it’s like to be a minority so u dont make homophobic remarks about clexa/lexa, cool, i am honestly rooting for u bc u deserve a couple that represents u the way u want to be represented

if u ship blorgk bc “omg they’d be so hot togehter xD male nd female leads together 5ever i love heteronormativity” meanwhile shitting on f/f couples every chance u get calling them toxic or wahteverthefuck because ur not so secretly lesbophobic but u hide behind the fact that bellamy is a moc (even tho ur white nd its not ur place) to call queer clexas racists for shipping clexa over blork, i literally hate u so much and i want u know ur a piece of shit

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Can u do a sambucky one? I didnt even know it was a ship so im at a loss here, maybe they dont even realise they like each other like that till someone (tony maybe) is like 'u fight so much thank god u arent a couple' so they date to spite him

I AM SUCH SAMBUCKY TRASH LET ME TELL YOU oh gosh I’m super excited to write this. There is such a lack of quality SamBucky fic lemme tell you.

I don’t think this is gonna feature Tony, tho, sorry, bc I’m leaning for MCU canon and obviously tensions are high there. Also, I’ve been pondering your prompt, and it’s lovely, but I may twist it a little? Bc that’s where my Divine Sambucky Inspiration is taking me. 

UPDATE: This got reeeeeaally angsty because I LiVe fOR anGsT but don’t worry; as always, it will have a happy ending.

update #2: that got soooooooooo much longer than i thought it would. sorry for the delay. YAY!


“Barnes, I swear on my dead grandmother, if you toss my damn running shoes on the floor one more time-”

“OH, I’m sorry, Wilson, I forgot, your precious sneakers need to be on their little perch by the door. Want me to polish them for you while I’m at it?”

Sam huffed, storming through the foyer into the kitchen. “No, Barnes, I just want you to stop leaving your clutter all over this damn apartment!”

Bucky gaped at him. “My clutter? They’re your shoes!”

“And they weren’t clutter until you left them there!” Sam grabbed a mug and the coffeepot.

Bucky grabbed his own mug and gestured. “C’mon, Birdman, that’s your second cup, I aint had any coffee yet.”

Sam looked him straight in the eyes and poured the rest of the contents of the pot into his mug, letting it overflow onto the floor.

Wilson, what the actual fuck-”

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