170317 haruhana_tvg: 【VOL.40 #BTOB 未公開写真】集合カットの中から未公開写真をアップします!また4/1(土)からはZepp Tour「BTOB TIME JAPAN」を開催!どんなステージを見せてくれるのか、今から楽しみですね^^公演の詳細はbtobofficial.jp
“‪【VOL.40 #BTOB unpublished photo】 We will up some unpublished photos from the shoot! Also, from 4/1 their Zepp Tour 「BTOB TIME JAPAN」 will begin! Looking forward to what kind of stage they will put on^^ For tour info, visit btobofficial.jp‬”

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I call that SDCC15 leather jacket photo the DannySandy pic because they look like they are in Grease! The main thing I remember about that shoot is the pic of them standing in front of the blue background and Sam is gazing down at Cait. One of the editors of TVG and also a journalist tweeted out that day with that photo and the comment "Look at how he looks at her". That was a big old AHA moment to me. These professionals saw something too. Same day D. Holbrook tweeted he was happy for them.

Maybe that’s why they look so clenched in the ass region even when fans aren’t around. They know everybody with a pair of eyes and some deductive reasoning skills can see it. 😂

170317 haruhana_tvg: 【VOL.40 #BTOB 裏話】誌上サイン会再現の撮影時、ミンヒョクにいつものような雰囲気でお願いしますと頼むと、「いつも通りで?でも僕、手をつなぐんだけど今日はMelodyがいないから…」と甘〜いコメントが❤︎
“‪【VOL.40 #BTOB behind story】‬ When shooting for the signing part, we asked Minhyuk to do it as he usually does for signs, to which he responded with a swee~t comment, 「As usual? But I usually hold hands, but today Melody isn’t here…」❤︎”

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Is this really the end of Gallavich though? We’ve thought that before, but Fisher says that as long as Mickey isn’t dead there’s always a chance for these two to find their way back to each other.

TVG:The last time you were on the show, the fate of Ian and Mickey was kind of open ended. Was there always a plan for you to come back?

Fisher: As far as I’ve ever known – the character is not dead, so it’s fairly open ended. The prison story and even with this, it’s the same basic thing. There’s always the possibility. So, who knows.

TVG: Well, that leads into the big question. Is this really the end for Mickey and Ian?

Fisher: Again, I really don’t know. It’s definitely not something that has to be a permanent end. He broke out of prison, so he can definitely find his way into [the country]. He can 007 his way into wherever he feels like. I don’t know what the future holds.

So I wasn’t wrong in saying the ending was kind of open ended.Thank you ya my little Canadian cupcake

PS: Noel being in more things in 2017. The man deserves.

Hey Say BEST – Ideal summer date (TVG June 2016)

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Arioka: If all of us go on a summer date, isn’t that fun?
Takaki: That will be like a matchmaking session already
Yabu: Seems fun, lets do it! 5 x 5 people so lets go in a camping car.
Hikaru: It will include a toilet, bed and kitchen so we can go somewhere far
Takaki: Sounds nice, so where shall we go?
Hikaru: Alaska
Takaki: Go by plane! (laugh)
Inoo: Then, Nagoya!
Hikaru: Ah, there’s a castle in Aichi which was modeled from Spirited Away. There is a red bridge too.
Arioka: That sounds nice, lets go there.
Inoo: Along the way, lets cook for everyone.
Arioka: What shall we make?
Inoo: Fried rice
Arioka: Yakisoba
Yabu: Okonomiyaki!
Hikaru: Takoyaki!
Takaki: Monja!
Yabu: A full course of flour (laugh)
Hikaru: The plan up till now just shows how unpopular we are
Arioka: Everyone can look at stars together at night
Hikaru: At an outdoor hot spring
Inoo: A mixed gender hot spring? Then, I will sing and play the guitar
Arioka: That’s impossible. That scene just seems too weird (laugh)
Hikaru: Then I will match him, and play the xylophone
Arioka: Wear your clothes and do that
Yabu: I will match the music, and start writing haiku poems.
Inoo: Takaki?
Takaki: Sorry, I cant do anything
Inoo: Then you shall do a fire dance.
Arioka: That sounds fun right? After the bath, we can stroll around in yukatas
Inoo: But Takaki does the fire dance so he will be naked
Hikaru: You all forgot about Spirited Away
Yabu: Lets play Spirited Away hide and seek
Arioka: That sounds nice, we can hold our breaths and cross that bridge
Yabu: Then when we see pigs, we will ask “which one is Takaki?”
Hikaru: Bingo~! Takaki is not in there!
Takaki: Sorry I don’t even understand you guys (laugh)
Hikaru: With so much fun, the next day we wont want to go home
Inoo: It will be so fun we don’t want to think of returning
Hikaru: Then lets watch the videos which we took in the car on the way back. Everyone can laugh and cry while spending time like that.
Inoo: In the end, I will take out my guitar again and end the date with a memorable song.
Arioka: Then what about the confession?
Hikaru: I will confess the moment Takaki does his fire dance. While watching his fire dance, I will tell the girl “I like you”
Takaki: Ahaha. If you succeed, I will double my fire for you
Inoo: When I am playing the guitar
Arioka: I will probably say it out before everyone gathers around
Yabu: That’s cunning, it means that a couple has already been formed at the beginning.
Arioka: Hehe I wont lose


170321 ♡ @haruhana_tvg【次号予告⑦haru*hana41号は3/22発売】日本1stミニアルバム「Gorilla」で本格的に日本活動をスタートする #PENTAGON は前回大好評だった「サイコロトーク」第2弾を実施!好きなテーマでメンバーをランク付けする「何でもTOP“10tastic”」企画も!