(trying to find a decent coloring for be)


hey, i’m opening up emergency commissions!

here’s what’s going on:

my parent’s food stamps got cut really bad? the place keeps telling my mom that she didn’t turn in the correct information at the beginning of the year. she tried to fix it and turn in every thing, but they keep refusing her. it could be months before we get a decent number of stamps again. (we are getting 60-100 which is only about $120-$200 worth of food. there are eleven of us in the house) it is only like 19th as i type this, and we are pretty much already living off left overs and that’s that we try to find deals and buy reduced food.

if you could commission me, that’d be great! i’d be able to help my parents buy food for us while i am still applying for jobs.

about the commissions:

they are $30, unless you wanna give me more (lol). full color, up to two characters. there’s not a lot of things i won’t draw, so just shoot me a dm if you’re interested! i will only be taking so many at a time, though. spots are limited, so i don’t get overwhelmed, but i will reopen them as i finish the batch i’m on, etc. 

thank you & reblogs are appreciated.

Welp, I’ve been putting off posting this long enough. Last Saturday, on the 11th, I finally got the tools to try out something I’d been wanting to try for a while: wood carving. So, after I got home, I wanted to watch a tutorial on how to carve. However, fate had other things in mind. I decided to just wing it before even finding a video and decided to try carving Sugar Sans for my first try. Imagine my surprise when he came out decently!
So, after I got done carving, I took some acrylic paint and started coloring him in on the 12th through 13th. I absolutely loved how it turned out! So, I’ll be doing wood carving again! Actually, right now I’m working on my second creation. That will be a bit more difficult, but when I finish it, I’ll upload it for everyone to see! I won’t say what it is, but I can promise you all that it will be from another Undertale AU.
Anyways, the sweetheart named Sugar belongs to the even sweeter @sugartalesans! If you haven’t already, I hope that you check out her blog and follow her! She’s so awesome!

Draco finding Harry’s first Weasley sweater and teasing him about it forever.


“What’s this Potter?” Draco brandishes the sweater he found in Harry’s while trying to find something halfway decent for Harry to wear to their dinner date.

Harry tries to snatch it away, his cheeks turning a little pink, and Draco only held it away, smirking.

“Wanted to be a Slytherin that badly, did you?”

“Oh shove off, Malfoy!” Harry tried to snatch the sweater again, “Molly made that for me in first year, I can’t control what color she decided to make me. She probably just thought they matched my eyes!”

Draco got up really close to Harry’s face, looking at his eyes and throwing Harry off guard, “Oh yea, it would look good with your eyes. Which only proves my point,” he swooped in and kissed Harry, “Should have been in Slytherin!”

He took the opportunity of surprising Harry to swoop out of the room to hide the sweater Merlin knows where so he could pull it out for Harry tormenting later on.

Harry blinked and then grinned, shaking his head and then running out after Draco to try and get his sweater back.

Maguuma Danger Zone.

Bought a PS dry brush set and decided to try out the kind of loading screen concept art you would commonly find in Guild Wars 2

My last post had a bad composition. I couldn’t figure a way to make a decent background for the Revenants. The background didn’t match well with the idea, but it had a promising aesthetic. 

I decided to split the background from the characters and develop 2 separate pieces.

Here is the initial sketch and color. I paint in greyscale one layer above a flat color - In this case red. Making both layers blend well was a trial and error process.

I loved how the reds interacted with the vegetation. Double Layers set to Overlay can work wonders.

next I needed to add scale. The size of these leaves aren’t well represented when there is nothing else to compare. I wanted to reinforce this idea of a marked danger zone within the jungle, a seperation between the explorable regions and the Heart of Maguuma.

A human was cool, but I wanted something with a bit more impact. Also, Charrs are way cooler.

I painted on top of a screen shot of my character. The character was too well defined compared to the composition’s painterly atmosphere. I added some extra dry brush strokes, and applied some post production treatments (Curves, filters do pull down some of the red, exposure),

Final composition