1969 Dodge Dart Swinger 340
Fast Facts
Engine: an iron 340 block with 4.00-inch stroke Eagle forged steel crank, I-beam rods, and a set of Ross 9.8:1 forged pistons. 246 degrees of duration at 0.050 and 0.509-inch lift cam. ported X-heads with stock valve sizes. Edelbrock Performer intake and an 800-cfm Holley carburetor along with a set of TTi headers and a matching 21⁄2-inch dual exhaust system using DynoMax mufflers. The owner says it makes 487 hp at 6,000 and 504 lb-ft of torque at 4,500 rpm.
Transmission: A-833 four-speed using a Hurst shifter and a McLeod clutch and pressure plate inside a Lakewood scattershield.
Rearend: 83⁄4-inch rearends with a Sure Grip clutch-type limited slip, and a set of 3.91:1 gears.
Suspension: 6-cylinder torsion bars and drag shocks, while in the rear, the stock, asymmetrical Mopar leaf springs are now assisted by a set of CalTracs bars and 50/50 rear shocks. As for brakes, the Dart still runs its stock 10-inch drum brakes.
Wheels/Tires: 15x6-inch Cragars in the front and steel wheels in the back mounting a pair of 27x10.5x15-inch Hoosiers.
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Imagine a young Recovery Girl, Grand Torino and Nana just fussing over a young fresh Toshinori though.

Imagine Recovery Girl nagging Torino and Nana to take it easy on him as he struggled with One for All like Deku, and didnt like having to see him at least 3 times a week in her office.

Imagine Recovery Girl coming over to Torino’s to check on Toshinori’s healing limbs only to be angry at him and Torino in a great mock battle.

Imagine Recovery Girl advising Nana to keep better watch on Toshinori’s growth and to warn about his arms and such, as she did for All Might to Deku.

Imagine them all just smiling and just being proud of themselves as they watch Toshinori grow to become All Might, the Symbol of Peace he always wanted to be.
Imagine them all smiling with Toshinori right there with them all(Nana resting in peace of course) as they watch Deku now grown and now being the new Symbol of Peace.

wing-spiker  asked:

All Might is revered to as the greatest hero of all time but do you think there was ever a time he didn't make it in time to save someone? Or had someone die in his arms?

I want you to know this hurt to write (I cried), but I powered through it and got it done. Geez I’m sorry it took so long man, I kept having to stop and compose myself while I was writing it.

To See That Smile One Last Time

“Torino?” Nana turned her head towards her long time friend.

Gran Torino knelt next to Toshinori. “Yes?” he asked, wiping his cheek. The mask he was wearing didn’t do much to hide his sorrow.

“Take care of him will you?” Toshinori was hunched over sobbing.

“I will.” Gran Torino promised as tears stained his cheeks once more.

Toshinori,“ Nana whispered, squeezing his hand weakly,“I want you to do something for me.”

Toshinori looked up at her. Although bruised and bloody, she was smiling for him. To save his spirit. “Yeah?”

Nana looked at him softly. “Smile for me.”

It was a simple request, but given the circumstances Toshinori wasn’t sure he’d be able to smile again. He felt Gran Torino’s hand on his shoulder giving it a light squeeze. His vision was blurring again and he let out a sob. His shoulders shook. No this couldn’t be the end. This had to be a nightmare right? But it hurt too much to be one.

Toshinori wiped his eyes and sniffled, mustering up all the remaining strength he had. He placed his index fingers on the corners of his mouth and pushed up. This was the only way he could smile for now. “I’m sorry sensei.” he apologized through clenched teeth. “This is all I can manage.”

“You have a beautiful smile, Toshinori.” she said, blinking slowly. Toshinori’s eyes pooled with tears again. “Live Toshinori, promise me you’ll become that pillar you’ve talked about being. You can do it. I” her hand slipped from his. “believe in you…”

You know, Deku and Inko just basically got adopted into Toshinoris interesting little family

Uncles Naomasa, Enji, Present Mic, and Aizawa

Grampa Torino, Grandmas Nana and Recovery Girl

Awkward Cousin Shigaraki….
Scary great gramps All for One…..

Just think of the family reunions

1974 Ford Maverick
Fast facts
Engine: 650hp 427ci Dart Aluminum Windsor with BPM heads, Ford Power Solutions custom cam, Hampton intake, Weiand 8-71 blower
Trans: Lenco 5-speed
Rearend: 9-inch with 4.11 gears
Suspension: Stock front, ladder bar with coilover rear
Brakes: Stock discs front, Wilwood discs rear
Wheels & Tires: 15.3.5 & 15×12 Weld Pro Star with frontrunners & 31×15 Mickey Thompson
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Okay, so after reading this super cool fanfiction called New Management by @blacknovelist55 I kind of went overboard with my school family headcannons on the teachers on my comment and I though “You know what, I shall share them with everyone!!!”

- Uncle Present Mic is the cool family member that basically lets everyone do what they want and has fun with them (especially with karaoke nights). He also lets the students (like Kacchan) play with his hair and they are surprised to see him without his usual hairdo (the fanart with his hair straight and loose made me need this).
- Auntie Midnight actually being amazing at romance and helping the student out with their romantic feelings, and if everyone is feeling a little a bit flirty, she will support them all the way, and might be giving them protection.
- Uncle Aizawa having to basically control the previously two because, “Mic, it is 2 a.m. they have class soon, stop singing and get them to their rooms. Midnight if a student becomes pregnant you are dead.” and everyone tries to get him to calm down (HERE COMES KOUDA WITH HIS SECRET TRICK, CATS!).
- GRANDMA RECOVERY GIRL getting everyone nice treats, healing the students, telling stories of her older days, but also being support stubborn despite her age because she wants to do chores but the students and the teachers want to relieve her of her duties (All Might, I can handle carrying these plates, Iida I don’t need an explanation on my health I’m a nurse, Kirishima don’t built those ramps I can walk the stairs fine).
- GRANDPA TORINO visits because he is worried about All Might and starts being the angry old dude who wants peace but is actually super glad that these kids are having fun and gives stories of his prime years as a super hero and advice on fighting.
- Although he is not a teacher, Naomasa would seem okay at first, just glad to see his old friend happy… Then he brings the embarrassing stories to Izuku after Inko shows All Might the baby pictures. All Might tries to stop him but Nao is like “Oh, I’m not letting Midoriya go down the embarrassing route alone, you’re going with him.” with a big smile on his face. Everyone them loves Naomasa for the amazing stories and begs for more.