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How do I get my art around?? Cause like the most I've ever gotten on a drawing is 16 notes and I just kinda wanna get out there more, but how?

honestly from my experience it was the tags that helped me out the most!! 

make sure to use the first five tags on pretty general things like say for example if its hs art then tag it as ‘homestuck’ if its a specific character then put that in the next tag and tbh if its a troll do one of the full name and then just the first name 

if its voltron art then tag it as ‘vld’ ‘voltron legendary defender’ or ‘voltron’ and then whatever character you drew from it, yknow?

do you get what i mean? like put the tags with a broader(??) range first and then do the little tags next. other than that, all i can really say is that opening up requests helps too and patience is really important!!