20170514_NikonFM2_Roll22 (31) by Josh Larsen
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Terres Del Paine, Chile 2015 Nikon FM2 Nikon 28mm 2.8/f Tmax 400 Lap Processed - Panda Seattle Epson V600


endoplasmatic reticulum by Rahada
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Chris on Kodak T-Max400

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Headcanons for the boys and bae for if they found out the MC was in the hospital? You're headcanons are cute as feck omg ^^^

Author’s note: This was also in my inbox for a long time ://


  • wHAT
  • W H A T
  • my child has never ran faster or cried harder in his life
  • once he gets there he is OUT OF BREATH
  • “I came as fast as I could. What happened?”
  • he holds your hand while you tell him you hit you hit your head and fell walking UPSTAIRS


  • flowers
  • you don’t know how he got some
  • in time between when you called you and the five minutes it took him to get here
  • but he somehow found a bouquet of your favorite flowers
  • he would kiss your broken fingers 
  • and he tried his best not to laugh when you tell him how you slammed them in the car  door


  • she would be so worried
  • she would also give you ALL of the love and kisses 
  • you would look over and see her taking notes on what the doctor was saying
  • she just wants to fix you as fast as possible


  • you felt bad bc you knew he was in China for a meeting
  • but you called him anyways
  • “Jumin. I’m in the hospital, but I’m fine.”
  • you swear you could hear him shoo Jaehee out of the room
  • “Stay there. I love you.”
  • but it’s not like you go go anywhere else 
  • When he walked into the room just just ??
  • how did he get here ??
  • but then the nurse walked in & “Sir, you can’t park you helicopter on the emergency landing pad.”
  • “Well, this was an emergency, so I did what I saw fit.”


  • you passed out before you could call him
  • so when you woke up and saw him asleep on the chair next to your bed you were so confused
  • “Seven?”
  • “Huh? Oh, no, I wasn’t sleeping. I was… doing something else. But, you’re up!! How do you feel?”
  • you saw his bloodshot eyes and frowned
  • “Have you been crying?”
  • “NO!! I mean, I was just really worried.”

So, I unexpectedly went to a convetion to which I thought I wasn´t going to go, and a dear friend of mine, once she heard the news, she told me to be her MC as she was going to cosplay as Jumin. I was going to tell her no as I´m way to insecure about this kind of stuff, but I couldn´t. She´s very dear to me and I just couldn´t dissapoint her.

So after having her see all my clothes all day by pictures, she order me to go with a dress and to arrange some knee socks- luck that I already had them ^^”
My anxiety started to get out of control. I never use dresses infront of friends and knowing that in the convetion many of my friends were going to be there frightened me alot as they were going to see me in a dress.

I was all day anxious about people somehow  laugh about my figure or from wearing a dress and think how ugly I looked on it, but in a way I thank my dear friend to order me to use it as everyone who was around me were kind and made me see that perhaps it´s fine for me to use a dress, shorts or skirts around my friends, tho this is still a long fight with my inner demons…

Still, I think this actually opened my eyes :´)

Note: I do not posses any similar clothes to MC´s so this was a tough thing to do ^^”

PS: Isn´tmy friend soooo hot as Jumin? She killed me many times, really <3

By the way if you´re interested about her cosplays, She has a cosplay page on facebook called Rucky Art and Cosplay! <3

My Favorite P101 Contestants S2


AN INTENSE EPISODE, not all of my faves are safe T^T

my bias list has changed after ep 6

1. Park Jihoon 💗💗💗💗  

Currently in 3rd place - MA GOD HE ISN’T NUMBER 1 ANYMORE (ʘᗩʘ’)

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2. Ahn Hyungseob  moved up real quick

Currently in 20th place - TT^TT

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3. Kim Jonghyun


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4.  Im Youngmin

Currently in 12th place - YAAAS RISE YOUNGMIN RISEEE

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5.  Justin ( ɵ̥̥ ˑ̫ ɵ̥̥)

Currently in 48th place  T^T UNDER THE CUTLINE SAVE HIM T^T

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Currently in 57th place - T^T UNDER THE CUTLINE SAVE HIM T^T

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7. Kim Samuel 

Currently in 17th place  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  MY SOMI T^T

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8.  Lai Guan Lin

Currently in 5th place

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9. Ong Seongwoo

Currently in 6th place

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10.  Kang Daniel

Currently in 2nd place

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11. Yeo Hwanung

Currently in 54th place - save him too T^T

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sehun in 2016 ♡

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I was wondering! Do you use multiply for your linework, or do you prefer to colour them directly?

Oh lord. uhhh HHhhh. i sorta do neither and both?? <: T

My process for lineart is simple in practice, but yucky to say out loud. lemme see if i can do it. 

Keep in mind that this is among my final steps for a drawing. I do the same process for shaded or flats, and it takes like less than a minute, so don’t be afraid of the wall of text to come.

So u got ur sketchy. good. Set that sketchy to overlay.

Fill in your colors underneath. You can shade here too. This way you’ll be able to see where the lineart colors will end up being.

Set your lineart layer back to normal, then copy & paste your fill layer in a group with it. (shown grouped already -w-b)

Color deepen/saturate that linefill layer. mmboy that’s some nice colors.

Take down the luminescence. Lookin’ p close to mine now.

Finishing touches of messing with the saturation more, and adding a solid dark color all around the edges, and with the eyes to make them pop (typically a dark blue for me). 

and there u go. it done.

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Hmmm...How about an MC who is a really famous singer (bonus points if the genre is metal C: ) and their partner goes to see one of the shows? Have a great day! ^^

Oooh, so many people keep asking me similar ones! Am I that good at these?? Lololol. Anyways, thanks for asking, lovely anon~ If this is to short, I apologize profusely.


  • he knew about your band when you guys first started dating
  • but this was the first time he was given free tickets by you
  • you guys have to go at different times but he was even given a backstage pass for after it so it was all okay
  • when he gets there he’s in the pit and he stands there
  • feels horribly out of place because others are all in black and leather
  • you forgot to mention you were in a metal band
  • he freaks when he sees you go on the stage all dressed in leather with an electric guitar
  • when you start playing he’s sCREAMING MENTALLY
  • he starts getting into it and after the concert he goes backstage and hUGS YOU
  • he’s all like
  • wants to go to every concert you do now


  • he freaks out when he was invited
  • and a backstage pass? babe you’re so cool omg
  • he attends in his leather jacket because he had a feeling
  • stands in the pit and he assumed correctly when he sees
  • everyone dressed up like ready to jam
  • when you arrive on the stage he’s bouncing all excited
  • he cheers with everyone and tells a few people that you’re dating him
  • they don’t believe him until you pull him up, sing a lyric, and kiss him
  • everyone s c r e a m s
  • he goes back down and smirks
  • after the concert he goes backstage and hugs you tight congratulating you
  • he kisses you and the band members whistle or someone backstage
  • asks to go on more concerts or even tour
  • just kidding he demands it


  • oh…thanks…mc
  • honestly she didn’t seem all that excited but
  • she wanted to go cheer you on
  • when she goes she doesn’t go in the pit she hangs out a bit farther
  • but she watches you come on and she gets really happy that you look happy
  • she listens to you sing and just grins
  • she’s so proud of you
  • after the concert she comes to you and hugs you and gives you a small kiss
  • she tells you how proud she is and will always support you
  • baehee is gr8
  • i love her so much


  • “you want me to go where?”
  • “out?”
  • “to a METAL band?”
  • he wants to refuse but he also doesn’t want to hurt your feelings
  • he goes but he refuses to go out to the crowd
  • he stays in the back and just listens to you
  • he’s so proud he’s grinning softly
  • when you get done he meets you at the exit of the stage and hugs you tight
  • he kisses your head and tells you that he’s so glad your dream came true
  • mista trust fund kid just needs love he’s pure smol outside
  • but sin daddy inside
  • he goes to every concert, if he’s free
  • he wants to support you 100%
  • loves you so much he accepts whatever you do


  • this guy did he research
  • so he knew about your band but he didn’t know it to the extent
  • so when he was invited, he kind of laughed at it
  • “aww, my precious mc sings with her friends in a garage”
  • until he realizes it’s authentic and it’s to somewhere like madison square garden
  • he freaks and gets all excited
  • but he can’t attend due to work and MC understood
  • they both were a bit sad
  • but he hacks into it
  • and puts “I LOVE YOU MC!” on the screens
  • gets really embarrassed but when you get home you hold him tight and laugh
  • “you idiot, you’re adorable”
  • “yeah yeah, you know me”
  • he was forever going to watch all your concerts because it’s so cool


  • okay so metal isn’t this guys cup of tea
  • he prefers some good ol’ jazz or something
  • but when you asked him to go, he accepts
  • he really likes your voice
  • almost gets worried you’re going to lose your voice
  • he doesn’t wanna hang with all the crowded people and get lost, so they allow him in the back
  • he listens to you from the break room or smth
  • he’s 100% proud
  • and 100% in love
  • when the song end and he hears you enter he stands and holds you
  • tells you that he loves you and he’s so proud of you
  • almost fucking cries
  • he’s so glad his girlfriend has followed her dreams and is proud
  • m u c h s a d n e s s
  • you kiss him and tell him it isn’t over yet
  • oh yeah you sing like 5 songs


  • holy s h i t
  • my girlfriend is in a band?
  • a METAL band?
  • he loses it on the inside
  • but on the outside he’s like “eh. whatever”
  • but when he’s invited to come watch or hang backstage and watch you
  • he’s in 100%
  • he even dresses back in his old edgy outfit
  • when he gets there he’s trying not to smile and be all “cool”
  • but when he hears you sing and jam out he can’t help it
  • when you get a break and such he grabs you by the side and just kisses your head
  • wishes you good luck and tells you he loves you really quietly
  • blushy baby
  • he’s really happy you’re doing something you like tho
  • loves u a bunch
  • how do emotions function he doesn’t know

Anyways, that was fun!!~ Thank you for asking this, lovely anon. I hope this was what you wanted?? You have a wonderful day too!