This sweet Star Wars short film titled Tie Fighter gives you the Empire’s POV in the battle against the Rebel Alliance. via YouTube.

yumeien asked:

Could it be Hinata and Sasuke / 9, please? (If you don't mind, not something romantic)

Yesssssss, I love writing their friendship so much, I am ON this. (And, as such, it actually got a little bit long.) (And now I kinda want to do a reverse scenario with this too with them as kids oh man.)

9. “You know, it’s okay to cry.”

The soft smile on her face failed to reach her eyes as she adjusted the colorful bouquet at her husband’s bedside, highlighted by the moonlight pouring in from the hospital window. She rubbed her swelling stomach—“six months today,” Sakura had said at her checkup earlier. “Konoha’s healthiest and most energetic baby boy”—as she absently played with tanned fingers. Three days ago, they had brought him home from a mission looking worse than she’d seen him in years. He had yet to wake up. She didn’t ask what happened, nor was she told. All she wanted was to see that crystalline shade of cerulean once more. She had appointed herself his guardian, as if she hadn’t been already, resolving to be by his side until he woke, only leaving when the nurses forced her. She had to be there when their friends would visit, to be the comforting and uplifting presence; it was hard for everyone to see the village hero in such a state, after all. She couldn’t allow herself to break, even if the bed back home was now far too large, the room far too cold.

She felt a presence at the doorway, one that was well-known to her by now. Pulling her hand back slowly from his, she stood.

“Come in, Sasuke-kun.”

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