so remember that one scene from brooklyn 99

this definitely took place during “take a letter, miss crusoe”. it’s canon now sorry folks


borderlineoff-rp  asked:

Who the heck is that thick innocent boi in your newest comic panel with spine? I must know ;w; I have never seen them before ggjghj

hes the newest member of steam powered giraffe, zero! he just had his debut concert this weekend! hatchworth left the band around the new year, so they had to get a new member for their trio of robots, and zero was the answer! you can read his lore here if youre interested. i dont know much about him, since ive only seen two videos of him in character but im love him <3

anonymous asked:

Can you write scenarios about the Sadamune brothers each asking out the saniwa and going on a first date?

I’ve never been on a date so bear with how lame these are.

• “Care to spend an evening with me, master?.”
• He seems really suave, strolls over a flower in his hand and asks you out fearlessly.
• For a date you go on a picnic, he arranged for the food himself claiming he cooked it just for you though it’s clear he didn’t. He’s just trying to impress you the whole time. You stay together till the sun sets.
• He waits till the second date to ask you to tie him up.

• “Would you consider going out with me -Monoyoshi Sadamune.”
• Takes him a while to work up the courage to ask so he just leaves a note.
• He asks for permission to take you to the modern world because he thinks you’d enjoy it more. He happens to come across a keychain from a collection you were missing, you get given free ice cream because a vendor’s freezer broke and he didn’t want it to go to waste. Everything just goes right as you show him around town.
• As you return to the Citadel he asks you to have another date with him, he’s able to ask with words this time.

• “Aruji-sama! Go out with me!”
• Literally yells at you from across the Citadel.
• He takes Mitsutada’s advice to be flashy a little too far. He’s clearly been dressed up by Kasen and had his nails done by Kashuu. It makes you laugh and he’s haply you’re smiling. He presents you with food he cooked under the guidance of Mitsutada.
• He spent some more time showing off to you but mostly was just talking with you and keeping you entertained and laughing.