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…Café Musain may become a Starbucks where Enjolras and Grantaire discover they are gay; Marius may find himself torn between a loyal wife and a passion for Eponine; or Enjolras may pursue a romance with the undead Eponine - a formerly popular ‘ship’ that received its own 'smush name’, 'Enjonine’. Since then, there’s been a wave of 'alternative universe’ rewritings that have nominally resurrected revolutionaries discussing not the political issues of the nineteenth century but questions of greater relevance to the writers themselves. Chief among them at the moment is the representation of 'marginalized groups’, so the 'Friends of the ABC’ now figure on sites like An Archive of Our Own as a rainbow of different racial, sexual and gender identities.

David Bellos, The Novel of the Century: The Extraordinary Adventure of Les Misérables

So Laura @athenaeyes and I went to this author’s talk tonight in London on his book about the publication of Les Mis - which was super interesting! - and I haven’t bought the book yet… but I did snap a quick picture of a page and certain shoutout in it to all of us lurking in the Les Mis fandom, and thought you guys might like to see! Lo and behold, Bellos knows about the coffeeshop aus and everything! He clearly did his research ;) 


#SaveCarmilla. I need some more of those adorable creampuffs in my life. Carmilla AU fic. Laura likes college, until a girl with an arrogant smile and equally arrogant opinions turns up in her lit seminar.

SFW, SFF, 2,398 words.

Laura likes college.

She’s always loved reading, always loved discussions, always loved learning. College is really a haven for her, after the dry, endless repetition of high school. Not only that, but for once she is free to live alone, away from the overprotective wrath of her well meaning father. Her roommate Betty likes to party more than her but she’s bought earplugs and learnt to sleep deeply so that the endless string of male suitors the peppy blonde brings home isn’t so much of a disturbance. It was scary at first and there were moments in her first week when she thought she might pack it all in and run back to the familiar embrace of her home and family, moments when she’d hidden beneath her comforter, buried her head in her pillow and wished to be anywhere, anywhere, anywhere but here.

Turns out that a routine was all she really needed. A sense of normality, like she knew what was going to happen one day to the next. In time she grew into a routine, which is how she came to wake up slightly late every morning, grab a bowl of cereal, throw on her coat and scarf before hurrying from the dorm room.

Today is a little different, however. She wakes up before her alarm, which is strange. The daylight, normally muted and grey as the sun strains to break through the endless blanket of clouds covering the university, is today bright and streams in through the window. Betty is nowhere to be found, which is not completely unusual, so she takes the extra few minutes to take a shower and listen to the radio as she chews on her cereal.

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See the thing that Derek Hale knows about himself beyond a shadow of a doubt is that he attracts crazy. 9 out of 10 if he’s attracted to someone, they are batshit.

His first girlfriend Paige wasn’t bad, perfectly normal which is probably why they both got bored after six months and decided they were better off as friends.

Kate, his 2nd girlfriend made him regret letting Paige go and then some. Hot older blonde with a wicked smile and even more wicked talents in bed. They’d been hot, almost as hot as the fire she tried to start at his family home when he’d asked for a break from their relationship after she got more and more possessive. Luckily the fire which she started in their basement hadn’t spread far before the fire department had arrived. Standing outside his home with his family as they watched the town sheriff drag a screaming Kate is a memory he’ll carry with him forever. Her screaming that he was hers or nothing at all still echoes in his head sometimes.

Jennifer or Julia or whatever her high priestess name was, god, just thinking of her makes him shudder. The beautiful brunette with a wide smile, a school teacher! How the hell was he supposed to know that she fancied herself a dark witch and that she was sure that he was the key ingredient to her staying young and beautiful forever?  Waking up to being tied to four posts in his underwear in the forest…

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Crossing the Line

I should definitely not be writing Hollstein fanfiction.  I should definitely be working on my own writing projects.  But Carmilla has a season 2 and the muse works in mysterious ways, so…

Title: Crossing the LIne

Rated: PG-13

Summary: Laura’s never thought about Carmilla feeding off of her before.  Not ever.  Not really.  Not quite in the way of, you’re dating a vampire and they feed off of human blood.  Not until LaF brings it up one day and, suddenly, Laura can’t seem to let it go.

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The Trades We Choose: If I Have You

/8 to

The Trades We Choose. Personal Assistant AU.
Pairing: Hollstein
Rating: Explicit (for language and eventual sexual content)
Word Count: 7430
Summary: In November, Carmilla Karnstein turns 25. In November, she becomes the new chairman of Karnstein Industries. In November, Laura will part ways with her.
After November, she’d never see Carmilla Karnstein again.

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Thank you to both holystein and clonesbians-unite​ for being my editors as usual. I hope my typos throughout this have kept you entertained.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

You hadn’t thought much into how your cycles would effect this arrangement you and Laura had, and now you were kind of paying for it. Somehow, your cycles have synced up. So instead of touching her how you want to, you have Laura just sit on your desk and just kiss her. She’d locked the door behind her when you came in and kissed you once.

“You still on your period?” You ask, pressing a hard kiss against her pulse point and she nods against you.

“You?” You sigh against her skin and pull away from her. Not today, then.

“Unfortunately.” She presses her lips together and then she kisses you again. The feeling of her lips was becoming oh-so-familiar beneath your own and you pull away with a sigh. Laura looks into your eyes for a moment before she opens her mouth.

“Why don’t you wear your glasses?” You should have expected an irrelevant question.

“They’re a nuisance,” you tell her honestly. She runs a finger along the bridge of your nose. A part of you wants to move her hand away from your face, but after the past two week you’ve found that Laura is weirdly interested in touching your face. When you’re not busy fucking each other until neither of you can remember your names, she’s always tracing the contours of your face like she’s trying to imprint the image of your face in her mind forever.

In that moment you realize she might be, and the thought makes your stomach turn.

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Ficlet Friday

Temptation in the Workplace (Part 1)

This seems to have morphed into one helluva long ficlet!

Part 2 next week! :)

(I cannot thank msjarvis enough for her help in this week’s creation)


Laura rose from her desk and slid her phone into her pocket. A defeated sigh and ten steps later found her at the coffee station juicing up with a few other women from her team. They were abuzz with some kinda gossip or other, the likes of which she’d learned to tune out long ago.

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Summery: After forcing Carmilla to go to classes this semester, Laura is surprised to find her taking notes down in German. And just a little heartbroken when she finds out why.

Rating: K

Pairing: Hollstein

Note: This is a headcanon I actually do a lot in the various fandoms I write for. This is something I have to deal with in life. 

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Laura dropped a fifth book into her green arm basket. She unfolded her list and looked at the next one: HIST 1275. Required readings: Voices of the Past by Catalina Nilson and Empirical History Through Modern Eyes by Josef Kahn. She groaned. The history section was hidden across the bookstore with a mob of tangled students forming a human wall between her and her last two books.

“Do you need anything from over here?” Laura turned to Carmilla.

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Different anon but I also want more blind Laura au. You could do like Carmilla takes Laura to one of those places in the aquarium where it's like a tidal pool that you can touch stuff like starfish and sea cucumbers and stuff like that and Laura's like "ew carm this is gross!"

Carmilla was determined to do things that Laura could enjoy fully. There were only so many concerts and move theatres with headsets they could do before their routine got kind of boring.

With their six month anniversary coming up, it was time for Carmilla to get a little more creative.

“Alright Laura, close your eyes.”


“That was a joke, Cupcake. But, seriously, come on.”

“Where are we?” Laura asked when they walked through the doors of the building.

“The aquarium.”

“No offense, but what can I do in the aquarium?”

“I found something we could do. Come on.”

Laura followed Carmilla, eyebrows knitted together. Carmilla stopped.

“Here. The ‘touch tank’.”

“Touch tank?”

“Yeah. They have anemones and starfish in it. Stuff like that. I thought it might be kind of, I don’t know…interesting.”

“Oh. Well, I guess it could be kind of cool.”

Laura reached out until her fingers skimmed the top of the glass; then she walked forward and her hand crept in. Once it went into the water, she groped the top of the tank until she hit a starfish.

“What the…?” 

“What do you think?”

Laura’s nose scrunched up. “I think it’s gross and–what the Hell? What is this spiny thing?”

“A sea urchin.” Carmilla frowned. Laura caught her tone.

“Carmilla, what’s wrong?”

“You don’t like it.”

“I mean, it’s not one of your best ideas, but–”

“I tried to do something a little different. Excuse me for trying to be original.”

Carmilla, seriously, you’re acting like I’m mad at you or something. I’m not. So the aquarium is a bust. Big deal.”

Carmilla’s shoulders slumped; Laura reached out and put a hand on her shoulder.

“…We keep doing the same stuff all the time. I was afraid you were getting, you know, bored.”

Laura started laughing. “Oh my God, you little insecure adorable human being. How could I ever get bored of you? Beautiful, incredible you? I mean, for our two month anniversary you got a band together and serenaded me. How could you think you’re predictable?”

Carmilla smiled. “Thanks, babe. I love you.”

“I love you too. And, hey, if you want to try something different…I guess we can try this.” Laura took her hand out of the tank and flicked water in Carmilla’s direction.

“Hey! You lack the ability to aim, you’re going to regret that!” Carmilla put her hand in the tank and splashed water on Laura. They emptied half the tank of water before they were ‘escorted’ out, laughing the entire time.