(though i get why)

  • Me:I don't really have the patience for dating sims.
  • Me two hours and 6+ save slots after that:WOO MIRACULOUS ADRIEN ENDING oh shoot it's 2am

honestl y like im so physically averse to conflict……… i dont want to be…. i try my hardest to stick my neck out where its needed like. why though. i get so so anxious and faint-feeling and i tRY SO HARD But it s like. ah ma n………………… wh y 



i can only hope you feel the same way too

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You're such an inspiration. Your OCs are so popular and you don't even try to pander to fandoms... I wish I was like you.

omigosh anon I don’t think it’s pandering to draw fanart, more so just people drawing what they enjoy. Lots of fanartists draw with such passion for their fandom AND I AM ALWAYS SO INSPIRED, IM LIKE I WANT TO LOVE A CHARACTER AS MUCH AS THEY DO!! I don’t draw fanart as much lately mostly because I prefer drawing my OCs to fandom things and tbh I’d draw my OCs even if no one liked them. I think I just haven’t rly found a series that’s made me RLY WANT TO DRAW since SNK? I used to draw SO MUCH SNK…this blog was supposed to be my fanart sideblog AND IM PRETTY SURE 50% of my followers here are from my SNK fandom days IM SORRY I JUST FELL OUT OF IT im pretty sure if I actually got into something else again though I’d start drawing more fanart than my OCs HAHA

I do think I’m rly lucky that people enjoy my OCs though!! It’s kinda hard to say why people might like a certain thing, but I do believe that if you love something very much and are willing to share your passion for it, people will gradually become interested in it too. I KNOW IT’S EASY FOR ME TO SAY, but honestly I started with very few notes on my OCs too, and I just kinda drew Fay a lot to the point where ppl are like why do u only draw this blue haired dude??? CAN U DRAW ANYTHING ELSE KEL??? omg I still remember it well I haven’t really changed LMFAO BUT ANYWAY draw what you want to draw anon!! DRAW WHAT YOU LOVE and I rly hope people will be able enjoy your OCs too!

tbh my favourite scene in any zelda game is in twilight princess during hyrule castle, when the resistance shows up and aids link.
it was such a nice scene because it made me feel less alone in the situation, i had kinda hoped they would somehow aid him during one of the battles with ganon though

bring back the resistance, nintendo, pls

old people

so I was a volunteer photographer for the united way meetup in my town, where people broke off into groups and went around to places they were needed, and I had to follow every group to take pics of them

One group was a bunch of old people cleaning a preschool in a church, and I was taking pictures of them working

A lady came up and asked for my camera, and I was like, “sure”. She told me to look like I was working on something, so I picked up some kind of a watering can toy and looked like I was using it. I helped her take the pic, it actually kinda came out well.

She said “nobody ever takes pictures of the photographer, and I never understood why”. I said “truth be told, I don’t think a lot of us like ourselves enough to want our pictures taken”.

But I dunno, I just thought it was cute, and a contrast to how young minds judge themselves more harshly than old, experienced ones. Funny how young people get so upset about growing older and looking worse, but in reality, the older you get the more comfortable and at peace you are with age

“The first sound to ring out was neither gunshot nor battle cry, but rich, silvery laughter. It drifted up, masculine, somehow merry and mocking, bubbling and scornful at once. I squinted down through the lights, to see Thomas, posed like some bizarre post-chrysalis incarnation of Errol Flynn, one foot up on the stairs, hand braced, his other hand on the hilt of the crystalline hilt of his sword. His head thrown back, every lean line of muscle on him displayed with the casual disregard of skilled effort. The butterfly wings caught the light at the edges of the spots and threw them back in dazzling colors.

‘I’ve always heard,’ Thomas drawled, his voice loud enough to be heard by all, artfully projected, ‘that the Red Court gave its guests a warm welcome. I hadn’t thought I’d get such a picturesque demonstration, though.’ He turned toward the dais and bowed. ‘Lady Bianca, I’ll be sure to tell my father all about this dizzying display of hospitality.’

I felt my smile harden, and I peered past the spotlights on the dais. ‘Bianca, dear, there you are. This was a costume party, was it not? A masquerade? And we were all supposed to come dressed as something we weren’t? If I misread the invitation, I apologize.’”

-Jim Butcher, Grave Peril


people be loving hoseok and his sister’s sibling relationship, but is now spreading rumors to hate her because she’s dating jimin? guise, stop. just fucking stop. all these dating stories are annoying. go spread this:


Autism: a phrase that really irritates me.


Please don’t say “You are not like my child!” to an autistic person that is trying to give you advice. It’s dismissive, invalidating and shows you don’t know how to listen to autistic people at all.

Unless you’re autistic yourself, you don’t understand what it’s like to BE autistic. A little five year old kid has only been driving their body for five years. I’ve been driving mine for 36 years(as of July 2016). A little five year old kid may be frightened by their sensory issues (I’m talking about “I’m going to die!” frightened)while I, an adult, now understand that something feels bad, but it’s not going to kill me. I still get that instinctive fear response, though I now understand why it happens and I’m only at risk of running off during a meltdown.

Experts guess, autistic people know. Experts can tell you what sensory issues are, but I can tell you what they feel like and suggest ways to alleviate the issue– especially if the stimulus is triggering meltdowns.

Now I’m not going to pretend I always have a solution for everything. All I can do is suggest. I’m not saying someone is a bad parent or that I know their child better than they do. The only thing about your child that I have a better sense of than you do is what it’s like to be autistic.

Sometimes the advice I’ve given to parents made a huge difference by changing one small thing. Often, that one small thing is something a neurotypical person wouldn’t think about.

I really am like your child– whether they’re verbal or nonverbal. The only difference is I have a bit more experience driving my body than they do, I understand why things hurt or feel really bad to me, and I can control some of my impulses a bit better than I could as a child.

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Just read that ABO thing you posted, so can Marinette make a pack or no deal? Is it because of age or causes of her miraculous???

marinette’s an alpha, and can therefore make/put together a pack, because it is her legal right

ladybug is an alpha, but she’s also a superhero, aka an identity marinette dons sometimes, and is not physically capable of being a good pack leader because sometimes she doesn’t exist, and a pack leader has too many responsibilities (both in a legal sense and in a social sense) to afford to not exist sometimes

ok here’s what i don’t get though is why anyone would do a premeditated crime without gloves on. there should be no reason for fingerprints to ever happen. “but what if i don’t have a pair and can’t afford any” bud you’re already a crimester this isn’t a hard puzzle!!!!

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I don't get why it's news though since she's denied having a boyfriend every time after Harry stunts. Especially after the first stunt she denied it in an episode of her show so it's not new.

It’s not news. E! News denied it all way back after yachtgate happened. The reference was completely unnecessary but just another way to use that whole thing for promo. It’s just all transparent and boring. Now end babygate.