(this would go better with the ship one but we already used it)

i wish people would stop comparing rowan and chaol just to prove the justification of a ship … what us chaol fans are complaining about isn’t the fact that our ship is “doomed” but it is how it ended that is quite sad, sarah had more than one way to give them closure and end it on a better note, like she did with dorian and celaena, but she chose an option that made people who already disliked chaol hate him more .. and the complete disregard of everything that previously happened between chaol and aelin is very disappointing.

Everyone said that this book justifies aelin’s choice, but all I saw was how she went from writing everything in her will and leaving it to chaol, how chaol went from willing to leave everything just to go with her, to this “we cant stand each other and everything between us never existed and we should pretend like we didn’t once mean the whole world to each other” .. that’s the worst unrealistic breakup i’ve ever read.

Proposing an alternate name for the Stevidot ship

Note to haters: I ship the ship platonicly–as in, close friendship, not romance. It’s physically impossible for a platonic ship to be pedophilia. What a concept!

So. When Pewey got hate, they started using the “Lovebird Shipping” tag. I don’t know if Pearlidot has ever gotten hate, but I often see it tagged as “Spearmint Shipping”. I’ve seen names like this done with a few other ships as well, but those are the big ones in this fandom.

The Stevidot tag is 99% hate. I propose that we come up with a new alternate name for the ship to lessen it. I was thinking “Watermelon Shipping” because of the pink/green stuff and the fact that many people think their fusion would be a Watermelon Tourmaline, but apparently that name’s already taken in another fandom. We can still go with it though.

Stevidot shippers, what do you think? Do you have better name suggestions?