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I started and finished like 95% of this back in winter of 2014. and then I kept putting it off for whatever reason, and so this winter I told myself “okay maybe I should finish that one n picture from before and still have it be topical” BUT OOPS NOW IT’S JUNE. but you know what we had a blizzard here a few weeks ago so IT WORKS (EVEN THOUGH IT’S 80 DEGREES RIGHT NOW BUT, JUST, WHATEVER I’M TIRED OF LOOKING AT THIS SO TAKE IT)

anyway I wanna play b/w again.

Alright, all the headcanon questions I’ve received so far have been drawn and scheduled to post on the proper days (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)!  At least, I think I got all of them.  My inbox is a mess though, so I hope I didn’t miss any by accident.

The queue will keep running for a few weeks, but I need to take a break from doing headcanon doodles for a while (they’re fun, but time-consuming).  I want to spend more time checking things off my to-do list (like those art questions from ages ago oops) and also I’ve got some more detailed Four Swords WIPs I want to work on, some comic ideas, creature design stuff…. the list goes on.

Here’s a preview of one of the Four Swords WIPs, for the curious:

(It’s fall-themed :3 )

Even though I’m not doing headcanon doodles at the moment, I’m always happy to chat about headcanons/AUs/anything really at my personal blog!  I also highly recommend the blogs fourswordsheadcanons and imaginefourswords!

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How would the Sakamaki brothers react to their s/o telling them they were pregnant?


Shu: “Huh? Pregnant … …?” (”Yes Shu”) “…. ….” (”S-Shu? Are you not satisfied?”) “Is it a girl or a boy?” (”A-Ah! We aren’t sure yet …)” “Great, little rascals running around. It’s fine, let’s be good parents okay S/o?” (”Yeah!”)

Reiji: “Pregnant. Boy or Girl?” (”We aren’t clear on that”) “… … I will have to make some adaptions to the mansion if that’s the case, so troublesome” (”S-Sorry Reiji … ?”) “Needn’t apologise, you better take things cautiously and eat correctly, let me know if your needs aren’t satisfied” (”R-Reiji, the child isn’t fully developed quite yet I can still–”) “I will have nothing of it! Do as I say, this child will receive all of our attention, understood?” (”U-Uh, yes …”)

Laito: “A baby? Bitch-chan I could’ve sworn we wore a condom every time …. …. don’t tell me that one time in the–” (”L-Laito! Please refrain from being so explicit, the baby might hear …”) “Well Bitch-chan, is it a boy or a girl?” (”Not sure yet … …”) “Well regardless, we will be good parents!” (”I’m happy to see you are so eager Laito”)

Kanato: “P-Pregnant … … … ?” (”U-Uh Kanato, why are you tearing up … …”) “I-It’s just … … you won’t p-pay so much attention to … me” (”We will be having a child Kanato! It’s no time to be thinking of one’s self”) “I … … is it a girl or a boy?” (”E-Eh? I’m not sure yet …”) “Well, what I hope for will change nothing then. Let’s do our best S/o-san” (”E-E-EH?! Y-You’re eager … ?”) “Of course I am, please refrain from misunderstanding me S/o-san” (”I-I apologise”)

Ayato: “Preggers? Huh, ya’ sure Chichinashi?” (”Don’t talk about this as though it is a joke Ayato …”) “Ah, sorry but, really? When did we …” (”A few weeks ago”) “Huh … … O-OH! That was … … oops” (”Please don’t be so discouraged …”) “I-I’m not … … is it a girl or a boy?” (”O-Oh, I’m not sure … …”) “Heh, boy or girl, I want them to be great at basketball, just like me!” (”Y-Yeah, I’m glad you’re eager Ayato”)

Subaru: “H-H-Huh?! P-Pregnant?” (”S-Subaru! You nearly fell off your chair … … is this news that bad for you?”) “W-What? Not at all! I’m just … … when did we … T-Tch! Never mind about that, boy or girl?” (”Oh! It’s not clear to us yet”) “Hm, ya’ know I love you right S/o?” (”Y-Yeah … …?”) “J-Just … … I want us to raise this kid right, without any mistakes!” (”O-Oh, of course, Subaru”) “Heh, I wonder if he will get my hair … (”That would be very cute!”) “O-Oi! Quiet down or the whole house will hear ya’ … … (”S-Sorry, it was a funny thought … …”)

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