(this was a hard one because storm has so many great panels)

tenaciousarcadeexpert  asked:

Hey, I noticed that a lot of people are hating on reed richards/mr.fantastic because he spends too much time on his work or something like that. Is that true and if not, do you know why he gets so much hate? I'm just curious.

First off, let’s cut through to the heart of the matter here: this allegation has nothing to do with how much time Reed does or doesn’t spend in his lab. What Reed haters are implying with this argument is that Reed loves science more than he loves his own family, which I think is just absurd. Saying that Reed Richards doesn’t care about his family is about as ridiculous as saying that Steve Rogers doesn’t care about America, that Wonder Woman doesn’t care about women, that Magneto doesn’t care about mutant rights, or that Superman doesn’t care about truth and justice. Reed’s boundless, unconditional love for his family is and always has been his defining feature. It’s what drives and motivates him more than anything, and his love for science is very much secondary to it. I’ve read more FF comics than I haven’t at this point, and let me tell you that there is simply no point in the FF’s 50+ year history where Reed hasn’t loved his family more than anything, where it hasn’t been at the heart of who he is and everything he does. Honestly, the haters don’t have a leg to stand on.

In Fantastic Four v3 #10, Reed explicitly tells Sue that she and Franklin matter much more to him than science:

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Underneath the Underneath

Summary: There was this girl in his class who keeps getting higher scores than him. [five-shot]
Featuring: mini!Sasuke and Sakura in their academy days! Did I mention Itachi? :)

“Congratulations, Sakura-chan!” Iruka cheerfully announces to the whole class. “You earned your sixth perfect score.” Sasuke watches as his teacher walks over to the desk right beside him, and hands his seatmate a test paper with a blaringly large red A on it, with a matching purple star.

The class breaks into a polite applause.

Sasuke frowns. He is second highest again, for more times than he could count. He only has one perfect score, but this girl. He looks to his left, wanting to peer at her test paper again. But she notices and quickly turns it over, hiding it from his disgruntled eyes.

So Sasuke stares down at his test score, demanding the number to change. 93, he thinks. You did well Sasuke, I’m proud of you! He could hear his mother say, just as she had said in his last exam, and the one before that, and the one before that…

He hears his teacher dismiss the class, but he couldn’t care less. Maybe if his nii-san helped him study, he would have a purple star too.

He looks to his right, and sees the frail girl sling a bag over her shoulder. Her bangs covered her forehead, so long that it touched her eyes, and her expression… The young Uchiha doesn’t know what to make of it, but it wasn’t the face of someone who just got their sixth perfect score.

He scowls.

“How do you do it?” Sasuke demanded, a little harshly, though he had not intended to.

He heard the girl give a small squeak, trembling slightly, her eyes widened.

“I–I’m…” she looks at her feet, refusing to meet his eyes.”I’m sorry!” Abruptly, she flees the suffocating room.

“H-Hey!” Sasuke blurts out in surprise, and he watches her retreating form. What’s up with her? He sighs in his seat. His gaze travels back to the upper right corner of the paper he still holds in his hand, his grip forming mild creases at the edges. The sight mocks him.

Sasuke lets out a snort, and shoves his pathetic test paper inside his bag. Many of his classmates are still in the room, chatting with one another. He hears someone call out his name. Too displeased at the unfortunate turn of events of today’s grading, he pretends not to notice and storms off.

Outside the academy, he spots a familiar figure leaning against a tree, arms crossed over his chest, exuding an air of silent power.

Sasuke brightens in an instant, momentarily forgetting the test paper tucked in his bag.

“Nii-san!” He runs up to his older brother, and tackles him into a hug. “I didn’t know you were picking me up today!”

Itachi catches him. “Hello, Sasuke.” He ruffles his younger brother’s hair, his lips tilting to an almost smile.

A flood of aspiring shinobi and kunoichi pour out the academy doors, greeting patient mothers, fathers, and siblings who have come to take them home. At the corner of the lot, near the road, a tiny girl with pink locks scattered across almost half of her face observes the scene before her, paying particular attention to the group of students laughing, immersed in an enthusiastic conversation underneath a tree. Then she takes a step home, disappearing from the academy, as invisible as a ghost.

Sasuke asks Itachi stories about his latest mission as they stroll towards the family compound. Things were going well until the older Uchiha touches on a forbidden topic, “How was school today?”

Sasuke freezes mid-step and grumbles, “I got 93 on my test.”

Itachi ponders on his brother’s reaction, lifting a curious brow. “That’s higher than your last one, is it not?”

“Not high enough!” The younger Uchiha looks away bitterly. They arrive at the gates of the Uchiha compound. A relative acknowledges them with a nod, to which Itachi responds. Sasuke disregards him completely, and continues plodding, earning questioning glances from their relatives. They all spare him a biting look, wordlessly reprimanding him for his brother’s rudeness.

“Sasuke,” Itachi calls out to gain his attention, following him. As much as he likes seeing his dear little brother pout, it would do him no good to remain impolite just because he was dissatisfied about something in his life. He can’t let his precious otouto grow up this way.

He offers, “You’re getting good scores. You even had a perfect test once, remember?”

“It doesn’t matter!” Sasuke spats at him. “There’s this girl in my class, and she has six!”

Oh? Itachi briefly reminisces his time in the academy. That’s impressive. Even he doesn’t remember getting so many perfect scores in such a short time. It had only been a couple of months since his younger brother started attending the academy after all.

“I wanna be the smartest!” Finally, his little brother looks at him. His large, pleading, doe eyes stops the prodigy in his tracks. “Won’t you help me study?”

Itachi stoops down to meet him. For a moment, Sasuke thought he succeeded, but two fingers press against his forehead in a flash. He winces, and the next thing he sees is his brother’s impassive face which aggravates him further.

“Come now, Sasuke. Everybody has their own things they’re very good at–”

He cuts him off. “Not you! You’re great at everything!”

“Getting a 93 doesn’t mean you’re bad at tests.”

“But I want to be the best at anything. Like you!” Itachi can’t help but chuckle at his brother’s hero-worship of him.

So he tells him, sincerely. “You have a natural talent, Sasuke.”

He’s beaming, and Itachi thinks he likes seeing his brother like this the most, even more than his sulky pouts. “You really think so?”

Itachi adds, “But this girl obviously has potential too.”

Sasuke huffs, and speeds up his pace, intending to leave his no-good, unhelpful brother behind.

Itachi catches up to him right in front of their house. Sasuke slides the door open, goes inside and shuts it in his face. Itachi almost laughs.

He comes in and finds his brother in the living room, sitting on the tatami mat by the table, a hand resting upon his cheek. Itachi takes a seat across him.

“You will encounter geniuses.” He states as a matter-of-factly. “You want to know your nii-san’s secret?”

Sasuke perks up, and eyes his older brother, anticipating his next words.

“I worked harder, and I beat them.” Itachi watches his brother blink once, twice, his back straight and his hand curled on the table. He lets his words to sink into the young boy before he continues,

“Effort will never betray you, Sasuke.”

His little brother’s eyes widens in the realization of an imparted wisdom.

Sasuke exclaims, loud enough to gain the attention of their mother who peers at them from the kitchen. “I won’t fail you, nii-san! I will work hard and beat her! You’ll see in my next exam!”

“Now what’s this, Itachi-kun?” Mikoto watches her youngest child enthusiastically prop books on their living room table.

“Nothing, ka-san.” her eldest chuckles. “Sasuke has found healthy competition.”

Note: So this will be my take on SasuSaku in their academy days. I have the next scenes written out but I decided to end it here.

This chapter is a setting up of the things to come. As you may have guessed, this story will be an exploration of SasuSaku dynamics before things took a dark turn for the Uchihas. We never got to see this on panel so yeah, I’m excited!

Quote note: “Effort will never betray you.” I read it somewhere in this site. So credit goes to whoever said it. :)

'I WANT TO HAVE A BABY WITH A GIRL MATE' Radio One’s Nick Grimshaw talks being broody, hating dating and embracing his thirties

Grimmy is one of the UK’s most eligible gay bachelors and the definition of great company, but the radio host reveals finding love isn’t as easy as it seems [x]

BY NATALIE EDWARDS 23rd October 2016, 12:15 am

NICK Grimshaw looks smitten as he cradles a small and sleepy bundle of joy in his arms.

“It’s like he’s my baby,” Nick proudly grins as he strokes his four-month-old pug-mix pup.

The Radio 1 Breakfast Show presenter, AKA Grimmy, is definitely getting a taste of fatherhood behind the scenes of his shoot today – he’s constantly chasing after the aptly named Stinky Blob – a rescue pup from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home – who’s leaving puddles of wee everywhere, and apologising for his, erm, wind issues.

It’s good practice for parenthood, which is handy, as Nick, 32, admits he’s definitely feeling broody.

“I love kids and all my friends are starting to have kids. I also have nieces and nephews. I think I would like to have a little gayby [a baby with same-sex parents],” he smiles.

“Or I would like to have a baby with one of my girl friends. I haven’t discussed it with them yet, but I would quite like it.

“I looked after one of my friend’s kids last week and it was full-on. It was a lot looking after two dogs, a kid and trying to do some work.”

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Fic: Love Above The Clouds

Giftee: @thescholarlystrumpet

Santa: worryinglyinnocent

Prompt: steampunk rumbelle smut

Title: Love Above The Clouds

Word Count: 8915

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Captain Gold of the Dark Castle air clipper is trying (and failing) to tell himself that his feelings towards his lovely chief engineer, Officer French, are a figment of his imagination. Little does he know that Officer French is having similar thoughts herself…

Note from Santa: Hello Strumpet! I hope you enjoy your gift! It’s been absolutely fabulous chatting with you, darling! I just want to say that I LOVED THIS PROMPT SO MUCH and I had such a great time writing the fic, so thank you for giving me this opportunity!


Love Above The Clouds

The Dark Castle, finest and fastest air clipper in the Merchant Flying Navy, rocked precariously from side to side as a particularly violent gust of wind buffeted the balloon above it. Although her captain had flown in many storms and weathered worse conditions than this, he was beginning to think that there was in fact something seriously wrong with the ship. It should not have been rolling in quite such a dramatic fashion. Captain Gold looked over at the bank of instruments on the wall beside him at the helm, their gleaming brass dials inset in rich walnut wood showing him the conditions outside. The wind speed was not so terrible that their stabilisers shouldn’t have been able to compensate for the movement. He thanked God that they weren’t carrying any passengers and that all his crew were experienced fliers used to the unpredictability of the open sky. He had no desire for anyone to fall ill as a result of the Dark Castle’s apparent failings.

“Captain,” the voice of the ship’s navigator began, somewhat nervously. “I really think something might be wrong with the mechanics, if you know what I mean.”

Gold looked down from the helm at Officer Milliner, standing beside the large globe that tracked their progress around the world on their long delivery missions, holding onto its frame with white knuckles to try and prevent the heavy marble sphere from toppling over. The fine needle that showed their current location was jumping about all over the place, and although Gold would admit to relying on Jefferson to tell him precisely where he was at any given moment in time, he knew for a fact that they were not currently flying in elaborate figure-eights over the deserts of Africa.

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So I have decided to make a long ass rant about Bleach ending, the ships and also in defense of Kubo.

Please be warned that I will be talking about the main ships. I will try to be as neutral as possible because this post is dedicated to the mangaka and the story. If any anti/hater is reading this, let me tell you now I will not impose on you to stop hating Kubo, but rather have you consider for a moment to appreciate Kubo and the story he made. I would like you all to know that if you have anything against this post, spreading more hate, I’m telling you now you’re going to get blocked or ignored, so I suggest you go and do the same or just move on. You may not agree with me, that’s all right, but please don’t ask me to take down the post, because it is properly tagged as such. 

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Sam finds him in the church.

It’s two blocks from the bunker, the longest run Sam’s ever had to make. Harried and frantic and scared, no sign of Lucifer in their room, in the astronomy tower, in the library or the control room or anywhere, any of his little hideaways. Places he goes when he feels overwhelmed by himself, his skin too much, too enclosing and claustrophobic. Places that remind him of Sam, in various ways.

Sam follows the GPS tracking device he’d placed in Lucifer’s phone—hadn’t wanted to do it, but Lucifer’s been evasive about his whereabouts for months now, and Sam knows better than to think he can safely allow Lucifer out of his sight—and finds him at St. Ignatius Cathedral, his heart in his throat, stomach nearly bottoming out as he pushes open the great wooden doors. Steps into the cool interior.

Lucifer is sitting three rows from the back entrance. Perched on the edge of the pew, his shoulders too stiff in Sam’s flannel shirt for Sam to assume he’s comfortable. Hands twisted in his lap, raw wounds bleeding sluggishly. For all that he’s managed to hold himself together in this vessel there are some things he just can’t prevent. Some things that are never going to heal.

He’s staring at the altar, at the cross above it. There is no service being held now, it’s still three hours from the Midnight Mass and only a few people have trickled in. Single patrons, mostly, or young couples, their heads bent in devout prayer. Eyes closed as they whisper words to a God Sam only half-dares to hope is still listening.

But Lucifer is here. He’s here and not bleeding out from slashed wrists in the bathtub, or broken and dead in the bottom of the Solomon, and Sam supposes that’s evidence enough of God’s miracles at work.

He dips his fingers into the marble font at the front of the church, makes an uneasy Sign of the Cross—half-remembered motions from a brief stint of attempted Catholicism freshman year at Stanford—and heads up the aisle. Until he’s reached the pew where Lucifer sits, and there’s a pause. A crackle of electricity and static in the air, a hesitance about Sam’s hovering hand over Lucifer’s shoulder, about the set of his spine, half an inch away from the pew.

Softly, nearly inaudible, Lucifer says, “You’ll want to sit here, I suppose.”

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Review: The Uncanny X-Men (Issues 144-175)

Time for another review. At this point I’ve read 175 issues of the X-Men (minus the reprint gap between issues 66 and 94), plus a ton of crossovers and side stories. I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half and reading since a few months before that.

This is basically how I feel when I’m cutting through issues for this readathon. Beer in one hand. Ascot. Shirt unbuttoned down to my navel. Yep.

Shortly after I started reading the X-Men from the beginning, I began looking for a way to more closely simulate the way I read comics as a kid. Back then I was only able to buy one or two comics a month. When a new issue of the X-Men hit the gas station shelf it was a big deal for me. I would read each new issue half a dozen times, really consuming the story and the art in a meticulous way, reflecting on it for weeks before the next issue came out. Nowadays reading comics from a collected edition is a completely different experience. Every issue is presented in a convenient fashion and it’s easy to blow through dozens of issues at a time. I found myself doing this when I started reading the X-Men and I realized I wasn’t absorbing the material the way I wanted. I wasn’t creating memories of the events or getting any lasting impressions of the artwork. The solution to this was the creation of this blog. Writing about comics as I read them forces me to slow down. I have to thumb back through an issue after I finish it and take a closer look at the artwork and the writing to see what’s going on. It still isn’t quite the experience of reading comics as a kid, but I feel like I’ve found a happy medium.

Another thing I liked to do as a kid… put jaw breakers in my glasses so it looked like I had googly eyes. Yeesh what a nerd.

So anyway, on with the review. This reading covers issues 144-175 of the Uncanny X-Men, as well as X-Men annuals 5-7, Avengers annual 10, the Uncanny X-Men and New Teen Titans crossover, the God Loves, Man Kills graphic novel, and the original Wolverine mini-series. The story picks up immediately after the end of the Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Past. The X-Men battle Doctor Doom and Arcade, Magneto actually manages to kill a whole bunch of people, the Brood arrive on earth and we get an extended cosmic storyline featuring the Shi’ar and the Starjammers, Calisto and the Morlocks are introduced as the neutral mutant antagonists beneath New York City, Wolverine tries to get married, Mastermind re-emerges and attempts to get revenge on the X-Men for turning him into a vegetable at the end of the Phoenix Saga, and Cyclops meets and marries Madelyne Pryor, the woman who bears an unnerving resemblance to Jean Gre.

Literally, he meets her in the last panel of issue 168 and they get married in issue 176. That’s less than a year of dating!! Yeah I’m sure that’s going to end well. <cough> DESPERATE <cough>

What’s great about these comics is that Chris Claremont wrote every single issue, including the crossovers and side stories. Which is exactly how I want to read a comic book series. When one writer has overall direction of everything and is good at it, they can rule over the continuity with an iron fist. They can meticulously plan everything out, decide where each character is and where they are going, and how everyone’s story will intersect. There is a level of care in the continuity of the comic books of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s that doesn’t exist anymore. At this point in the X-Men, it hasn’t yet degenerated into what it is today, which is a mess of marketing and cash grabbing that puts any character in 6 stories at once to maximize exposure and sales.

All this holds true for this reading. It blew my mind that when Wolverine went on the sabbatical that would lead him to the events of his mini-series, he actually left the team and the main series for 4 issues. When these comics were being published, that was 4 months readers had to go without seeing one of the most popular characters! Sure they got to see him in his own standalone story, but nowadays editors would be too worried about losing readers from the main series to do something like this, which is why a character like Wolverine exists in so many different comic books at the same time (which still seems to hold true now even though he’s dead).

Seriously. He’s supposed to be dead, but I see at least two Wolverines in this picture. This is some cheap ass bullshit to get everyone to buy the comics where he dies and then still get the character in the new comics. You know, I really hate how Bendis fucked everything up with time travel! There aren’t enough versions of these characters running around?? You need to bring even more versions of them in from different time periods??? Yeah I know that he didn’t do Old Man Logan or Extraordinary X-Men, but he screwed up the main series two years ago when he had Hank bring the original X-Men forward in time. Hank would never do that!!! What about the repercussions on that other timeline from which you are removing the original X-Men!?? Who’s going to fight Magneto or X’Nox alien invasion?? Basically you are dooming an entire reality by removing the X-Men from it. Nice one Hank you dumb fucker.

Overall I have to say my interest level while reading these stories ranged way more than I thought it would. Coming off of the Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Past, which are the two most famous X-Men stories, I expected the series to mellow out as Claremont built toward the heavy crossovers of the late 80s that come after this. But I found my emotions ranging from being complete boredom to being the most fascinated I have ever been with the series. It was an unexpected roller-coaster ride through a bunch of content that I had no previous exposure to.

For example, there were times, mostly early on during this run, where I was having a hard time staying awake, which is just about the most damning criticism you can give a comic book. Like when Storm and Kitty go out for a night on the town with Spider Woman and Dazzler in issue 148, or during the beginning of the Brood saga. But the battle with Magneto in issue 150 might be my favorite issue yet, and Mastermind’s return late in the run was completely unexpected and exciting. These later issues were helped in no small part by the gorgeous artwork of Paul Smith. It’s a shame that his time on the series was so short because the issues he drew are absolutely beautiful. His clean artwork is so easy on the eyes, and the design and direction of his panels add so much to the narrative.

I’m tellin ya. I mentioned this before, but absolutely no one on this earth can draw a stern pointing like Paul Smith. Look at those shoulders. Look at that dimple on his chin. Look at the extension he gets with his index finger. It all projects such power and confidence. If anyone ever pointed at me like this I would probably shit my pants. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more examples of Paul Smith’s finger pointing artwork in this small gallery I put together.

Here we see Cyclops shooting off what might be a quick swing-around point, or possibly a quick draw point from the side of his body. The hitch in his wrist causes a hyper-extension from his forearm which exudes feelings of frustration and anger, possibly resulting from sexual repression.

In the very next panel of the same scene we see that Scott is actually pointing so hard that his hand rolls into a fully extended, upside down, half-moon curved, flexure point. With any luck he’ll keep going with this and his god damn arm will fall off.

Here Wolverine finally gets to fire back with a Canadian, Hold My Fur-lined Hoodie in the Same Hand point. A good way to accentuate the masculinity of a point is to just leave your whole god damn shirt unbuttoned. The more coarse brown hair you can flash around, the rougher the whole thing is going to feel.

And then of course there’s this classic piece. Kitty’s snow coated, spin-around, shoot it through the front door, Professor X is a jerk point. Look how her hair is blooming around her face, unsettled and tousled. Look how the angle of her brow and sneering lips are just oozing contempt. Look at how her pink jeans… well just look at her pink jeans.

Another appealing aspect of this set of comics is how gender diverse the writing becomes. I know there has been a great debate over the feminist qualities of Claremont’s writing, and whether it actually is feminist or if it dips into misogyny and sexualization, but god damn. Almost every major character introduced or significantly built upon is female.

Storm, Dazzler, Kitty, Rogue, Madelyne Pryor, Carol Danvers, Lilandra, Illyana. Even the villains are highly gender diversified with Deathbird fighting her sister for the Shi’ar throne, the White Queen returning, Callisto getting introduce, and the Dark Phoenix threatening to re-emerge in both the New Teen Titans crossover and the Mastermind storyline.

This last panel here is just the best :)

The women are the stars of these comics. The male characters are limited to Cyclops, Professor X, Wolverine, Colossus, and Nightcrawler, all of whom were introduced previously and almost all of whom receive no significant character development. Wolverine is the exception to this, but even when the story centers on him it gets spun off into a completely different comic book series as if to not take away from what’s going on with the rest of the team. I guess you could also say Charles gets quite a bit of attention, but even this is in the context of his relationship with Lilandra, with her story and responsibilities being the main source of conflict of his character.

Oh gag me with those pit stains. They’re yellow! If Lilandra can put up with this then Charles needs to lock that shit up. He could do a lot worse than empress of the whole god damn universe.

There is so much girl power in these comic books, and it made this reading a lot more unique and interesting. In particular, Kitty Pryde sorta becomes the main character of the X-Men. This is her coming of age story as she quickly forms into an adult well before her years and takes down the X-Men’s biggest villains using her intelligence and extremely passive mutant power. She becomes an invincible fighter that no one can touch, literally, and it’s depicted in a very believable way. All of this is unprecedented, not only because Kitty is female, but because she’s only THIRTEEN years old. To take a series like the X-Men, which was pretty much a male centric frat party up until this point, and to refocus it on a tiny, goofy, thirteen year old girl, had to be considered a risk at the time. But it works, and it adds another layer of depth to the series. It’s because of reasons like this that the X-Men have endeared for so long. There are so many diverse elements of the series, and there is so much to explore and expound upon. The foundation of the series set in these early issues is so strong that it takes decades of shitty storytelling to damage it.

Yes that was a crack at much of the writing in the X-Men between 1992 and 2016.

On top of Kitty’s development we get to see Storm go through massive changes as she struggles with her inner demons and grows a Mohawk. And Rogue, who is one of my favorite characters, finally arrives and delves into depression and angst of never being able to make a real human connection with anyone, while pretty much flying around and kicking the shit out of everyone’s god damn ass.

Seriously how much fun is god damned Rogue. I would be her boyfriend in a half a heartbeat. I don’t even care that I couldn’t touch her. We could fly around punching people and telling jokes all day. And then later I’d wear a god damned body condom or something. I don’t even care.

Despite the low points it’s safe to assume I really enjoyed the issues presented here. I might have even enjoyed these comics more than I did the last set, and those issues included the best of the Claremont / Byrne collaboration. We are right on the cusp of when the X-Men blows up from an editorial standpoint and begins to get difficult to read with the massive amount of crossovers and exposure it receives, but these issues are still very tightly coupled and well directed. Despite almost putting me to sleep at certain points and being overly wordy, I really enjoyed them.

Hey, and as a final note, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my blog, and especially those who add facts and details to my posts or drop me a line to clear up whatever confusion I’m having with the story at a particular moment. I really appreciate that. Especially considering how frequently I am confused about things. I know these comics aren’t exactly Tolstoy… but god damn it you should try to watch a movie with me sometime. I have no idea what is going on and I’m constantly asking questions. I swear there’s something wrong with my brain. Anyway, thanks everyone. I won’t name any names because I’m sure to forget the most important people, but if you have ever taken the time to comment, know that I see it and appreciate your thoughts.

Elizabeth Henstridge Sydney 2015 Q&A Part 2

Here’s the transcribed second half of the Q&A. Any mistakes are my own, the recording wasn’t great quality, if something was unintelligible I generally just left it out. Again if you want the original audio feel free to message me.

Q: [describes their school where now heaps of girls are involved in the science classes since the show came out] What is your reaction to that?

I think that’s brilliant. I think that for girls to be encouraged to get into science is just awesome. I did science [in school] and thought about going into medicine… but acting was just to important for me to give up. I think it’s, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be 50/50 boys/girls in any science class and science is a very empowering medium… it makes me happy that we are encouraging girls to do that.

Q: If Jemma had a chance to have a relationship with any of the Avengers or anyone in the Marvel cinematic universe who would you like it to be?

<thinks hard> It’s tricky because I feel like she’d probably like them all. She’d probably pick Bruce Banner. I think yeah. Because they’ve got that chemistry right, that connection. I think him. But then… <big smile> any of them.

Q: As an aspiring actor, I was wondering how you got the job for Marvel and how have you found adapting to being part of the MCU?

How I got the job is I auditioned. I did three different rounds. I met Joss in the second round. It was the worst audition of my life … and then somehow I got recalled. And then I got the call. I think as an actor to be working is fairly astonishing. Season 1 was just it was like being hit by a tidal wave, there was just so much, and it was just crazy that we were getting to do this for a living. But now we’ve kind of settled into it. It’s the best job in the world we just laugh all day and play all day. So you should keep going, and be an actor.

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