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Sleeping Beauty (Part 2) - Luke Hemmings

I got a ton of requests for this. So back by popular demand. I give you Part 2! - Kaeley




Previously on ‘Sleeping Beauty’…

“I love you so much, you know that right?”

“Actually… I don’t.” You pulled your hand away from his and laced your fingers together in your lap. He raised his eyebrows, clearly confused by your actions and your answer. “Quick question… Who are you?”

“You-You don’t know who I am?” His mouth was slightly open in disbelief. Just when he thought he had you back, you were still so far away.

“Should I?” Luke looked down to the floor, covering his hands over his face. He sucked in a shaky breath before looking back up, but away from you. You noticed his bright blue eyes had slightly become glossy as he refused to meet his gaze.

“Can you excuse me for a minute?” Before you could answer he was already up and out  into the hallway.

Luke leaned back against the wall, and sunk to the floor. He pulled his knees into his chest as he stared at the wall ahead of him. He squeezed his eyes shut, hoping to hold in his tears, but failed as one began to trickle down his cheek. He hastily tried to wipe it away before anyone would see, but another fell… and another.

“Are you okay, mate?” Luke, looked over to the hand on his shoulder. Ashton had sat down next to him, in an attempt to comfort him.

“You knew. You tried to warn me, but I didn’t listen.”


“This can’t be happening, Ash? First the car accident, then the coma, now this? We may sing about amnesia but that doesn’t mean I really wanted it to happen.” He let out a strained laugh and rubbed his eyes again.

“Her doctor said that her amnesia may not be permanent. She could still remember.”

“What if she doesn’t? She’s my wife, your friend, Emma’s mom! We need her to remember… I need her to remember.”

"Just give her some time.”

“You’re back.” Luke walked back into the room, settling into seat in the same chair he had been in for the past few days. The happiness from when he originally walked in ha faded. His eyes were red, and slightly puffy. Has he been crying? You thought.

“You really don’t know who I am?”

“You are familiar… I recognize you from somewhere.” You did recognize that familiar blonde quiff, plus the other boys that you had seen walking by the doorway. What were their names? Ashton? Caleb? No, Calum. Not Caleb.

“You do?” His eyes lit up, hoping that you could remember.

“Yeah, yeah. Oh, I got it! You’re Luke Hemmings from 5 Seconds of Summer! My best friend. (Y/BF/N), loves you guys!”

“Oh, yeah… That’s me.”

“So, I know who you are, but how do you know me? You’re a celebrity, why would you be in my hospital room?”

“We’re…. friends…”

“I’m friends with a rockstar?”

You stood in line with (Y/BF/N) behind hundreds of other girls wearing flannels, converse, 5 seconds of Summer T-shirts, and signs confessing their love for the boy (Y/BF/N) had told you was the drummer. Occasionally, a girl would claim to get a glimpse of one of the the four boys and start screaming at the top of her lungs, which spread like wildfire down the line and began to sting your ears. If it was up to you, you would be at home curled up on the couch with the tv remote in your hand, or scrolling through your tumblr. Instead, (Y/BF/N) had made you join her. Normally you would try to wiggle your way out of going to this concert, but she didn’t have anyone else to go with her, and you owed her.

Earlier that week, you had forgotten to set your alarm and overslept first block. It wouldn’t have been a big deal except the two of you had a group presentation that morning, and you had slept right through it. You knew she hated presentations, and doing it alone would only make her nervousness worse. When you met up at lunch, she gave you the silent treatment for the first fifteen minutes. You apologized like crazy, and ultimately said you’d do anything to pay her back. She had almost given up until you said that, and knew you couldn’t say no.

”(Y/BF/N), we’ve been here four hours already, and the show doesn’t start for a few more. Do we have to wait in this ridiculous line?“

"Yes we do! They may come out! If we leave, we may miss them!”

“Well I’m about to thirst to death, so I’m going to get something to drink. Do you want anything?” She gave you her usual order as you stepped out of line and walked down the block, heading for the closest restaurant in sight. You settled on a small cafe at the end of the block.

The place was empty, minus a table of four boys in the corner. Each of them had a mug in their hands, and a few pages that you believed to be song sheets scattered across the table. The four boys seemed oddly familiar to you, but you couldn’t put your finger on it. Taking your eye off the boys, you drew your attention to the cashier and ordered your drinks. She finished quickly and handed you the drinks, wishing you a good evening. As you turned around to leave, you didn’t realize one of the boys was behind you as you crashed into his chest, spilling your drink all over his shirt.

“Oh, shit. I’m so sorry!” You cursed, looking up at his blue eyes. “Let me help you.” Quickly, you grabbed some napkins and began rubbing at his white shirt, hoping to clean it up, but it wasn’t really working. About half a minute into cleaning you noticed he stilled. Sensing the awkward situation, you pulled back, covering your hands to hide your embarrassment. “I’m sorry. This is probably extremely awkward.”

“It’s fine. Really. I probably shouldn’t have walked right up behind you.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck. You smiled and looked back up at him. “I’m Luke.”


As the barista remade your drinks, Luke invited you to join him and the other boys at their table. In your head, hanging out with these boys seemed much better than standing in line for two more hours and listening to girls scream at ear piercing levels. So you accepted his offer and sat with them. Carrying a conversation with them was easy. All four of them had you laughing and wanting to know more about them. You loved listening to them, and talking about music. Even though they didn’t dare to mention their own musical status. What was supposed to be a few minutes turned into you sitting for a few minutes lasted longer than either of you had expected. The five of you were drawn back in when Michael’s phone rang.

“Looks like we have to go.” He said after hanging up the call.

“What time is it?” You asked.

“Six thirty.” Luke answered, and tucked his phone back down into his pocket.

“Shit, the concert starts in half and hour. (Y/BF/N) is going to kill me.”

“Which concert?”

“Some concert my friend dragged me to. She’s a huge fan. You guys know 5 Seconds of Summer?”

“Yeah. They’re really good.” Michael said, smirking and nudging Calum. “We’re going to the show too.”

“Oh cool. Do you have good seats?”

“Best in the house.”

“How long ago was that concert?”

“Ten years ago this November.”

“Ten years?” You questioned frantically. You remembered (Y/BF/N) as clear as day. She’d gone on and on again about all the bands she loved, including 5 Seconds of Summer. But ten years… that couldn’t be right. How could you just forget ten years of your life? I didn’t make sense…

Back to Luke. According to you, Luke was a complete stranger; just some famous person that was surprisingly at your bedside. From what he just told you, he’s known you a decade. If he was sitting at your beside now, you had to have had more than just one meeting with him and the rest of the boys than at that small cafe near the venue. You needed to know more.

“We’ve been friends for ten years?”

“You could say that.” He said, looking down at his hands and fooling with the ring on his finger. You watched him, realizing that was more than just a ring. It was a wedding band.

“How long have you been married?”

“Almost seven years.”

“That’s a long time. Do you have any children?” He nodded, pulling his phone from his pocket and scrolling to a picture of him and Emma. You took your time to scan the photo. She looked just like him. Her hair, her eyes. The two of them were smiling widely, and she stood on stage with a microphone, with Luke sitting beside her playing his guitar. You suspected a photographer had taken the photo. It looked too professional to be taken from a fan’s phone. “She’s beautiful, Luke.”

“Just like her mom.” He whispered.

“Do I know her?” He hesitated before answering, truthfully.

“Not any more.”

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