(this song is so beautiful.... i love it!)

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i just wanted to say i'm super duper excited for your anastasia! your features fit her so perfectly and that dress is so beautiful - i actually watched anastasia for the first time after seeing you were gonna cosplay from it, and i love it!! it's such a lovely film with wonderful songs!!! REALLY looking forward to the cosplay!

Ahh, thank you so much for the support! It’s a dream costume and the film has meant so much to me throughout my life, so I’m excited to get started on her once I get a bit farther with Ashe! :D

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I put on a random playlist on Spotify yesterday and 'Georgia' by Vance Joy started playing. The melody made me think of your story in an instant... It's sweet and melancholic and there is some delicacy and sadness to it. Later I checked the words (not a native english speaker here) and I don't really know if it should be from Yuuri's POV or Victor's, because the words don't match in 100% but still... It makes me think about your fic and it's beautiful, so please check it? :)

It’s a lovely song! And I can definitely see aspects of both Viktor and Yuuri in it 

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1. Your favorite song EVER and why? Tale as Old as Time probably from Beauty and the Beast. It was just one of those songs that I could listen to and fall in love with instantly.

2. Your favorite Little Mix member and why? I know of Little Mix just recently because of my dear friend/bae @justkeeponsimming but I don’t know any of the artists within the band so I must say all since that is the best I can do.

3. A tv show, a book and/or a movie you’d highly recommend?

T.V. - Stranger Things. I love this show to death. The amazing cast, the story, the way they captured the time period. It is all well done and I can’t wait to see how they expand upon everything in the second season.

Book: Pride and Prejudice is my favorite novel of all time. I read it back when I was in elementary school and have continued to go back to it throughout the years. For something a little more light reading though I also enjoyed Beastly. It is a re imaging of Beauty and the Beast with a twist. It is an easy read but is done in a fascinating style.

Movie: The 10th Kingdom. This was also a novel which I would also recommend but the movie was so well done. It is quite long though as it was broadcasted on T.V. in segments.

4. Your best quality? I’ve been told my skin but truly I don’t think I have one. I’m well rounded I think so nothing truly stands out as the best.

5. Your best childhood memory? This is hard for me to come up with since a lot of my childhood memories have been tainted by the divorce of my parents and other trauma. One though is always of my grandfather who mostly raised me after I was born. He would pick me up from school after my parents divorced and each day I would get into the car and he would go through his pocket change and give me a dollar or two. On special occasions if I did well on a report card he would pay me 20 dollars or more depending on my grades. Any memory with him is the best I think.

6. Something you’d like to achieve but haven’t yet? I’d like to become a famous author but my own self doubt keeps me from achieving much in the avenue.

7. Who’s your favorite person in the whole world? My grandfather, my husband, @justkeeponsimming and @disneysfrozenguy, and a lot of people on tumblr but the two above here I’ve grown very close with.

8. What annoys you the most? My family. Besides my grandpa, my family can be very obnoxious. They don’t understand my life style and I get judged a lot for how I decide to live my life.

9. Your favorite animal? Dogs and cats!

10. What do you love and hate the most about tumblr (in general)?

Love: I love how supportive the community can be. There are a lot of nice people here who have the same feelings towards subjects and can form groups to express their own ideas and thoughts.

Hate: How sometimes there is a lot of hate over someone elses opinion. It’s an opinion and should stay an opinion. Some people make it seem like it is fact and others take that opinion too personally. Opinions are like assholes everybody has one.

I tag: @elvisstitch, @justkeeponsimming, @dizzmantheoutsider, @jokerxtreme36, @zachsbees, @arkhaeology @sandy-sims, @cat-nerd-sims, @laylasims

so hard tagging ten people lol

A Smile From The Streets; Chapter 33

Just want to say that I have been more blessed than ever with you guys’ patience. I have finals coming up and have to work my ass off for it, but with your support I know I’ll make it. I’m soon giving away something special so stay tuned for that! I am also happy to announce that I am writing again - never stopped. I hope you enjoy this chapter. Make a cup of tea, put on some music and breathe. Enjoy. I love you.

Song with this chapter:

Pyramid Song - Radiohead


John’s P.O.V

“Jane, you are looking so beautiful today” I commented as I saw her walking down the stairs. She nervously giggled and spun around so I could examine her new dress. It had a colorful flowery pattern on it which would drive your attention to it easily. It really brought the green in her eyes to daylight and it was magical. 

“You like it?” She then asked while walking towards me. I nodded and stood up, placing my hands on her shoulder. I could feel her bones sticking to my hands and I was afraid that a single movement of me could break them.

“You look wonderful” I breathed out in which she looked down, not wanting me to see that her cheeks turned red. I saw it anyhow.

I then kissed her cheek and slowly lowered my kisses, but she soon stopped me. I glanced up at her and she was biting her lip, so I thought she might have been enjoying it. I continued to lower my kisses and slowly sneaked my hand under her dress, until she suddenly stopped me and pulled me up. I looked at her and she crossed her arms.

“I thought we had agreed on something” she then said and looked at me with a stern expression on her face. “I don’t want it until we are married”

“I know” I replied and let go of her, in which she laughed sarcastically.

“Is that such a big deal? I had to put up with you when you were still an addict! I had to make the biggest sacrifices in the world!” she spat in which I turned to face her. This kind of behavior actually shocked me, mostly because I was afraid that things would escalate. 

“Why are you being like this? I told you it’s fine” I said calmly in which she walked to the kitchen. I followed her and saw her grabbing some milk from the fridge.

“I am being honest. If you stayed with that Angie girl, you would have never gotten out of your addiction. You’d probably be dead right now!” 

“Stop it!” I then shouted, roughly grabbing her arm and digging my nails into her skin very deeply, all the while when I felt something snapping inside of me. 

“You don’t talk about her like that. Ever”

I saw tears forming in her eyes and I then let go of her. I saw I made a mark on it and couldn’t help but feel guilty anyways.

“John..” she then said, barely making any sound. It was hard for me to return to the real world because I felt so struck. 

“Are you still in love with her?” 

I then looked at her and by that look, she knew enough, I wasn’t potentially trying to tell her anything- I barely knew the answer it myself, but somewhere deep down in me.. it was screaming. It was trying to grab anyone’s attention.

I finally managed to escape from my overwhelming thoughts, so I looked around the room and noticed that Jane was gone.

Jane was gone.

Angie’s P.O.V

I tried my best not to sound or look suspicious to anyone. Nobody must know what happened between John and I. It was the last time we’d ever do such thing. I was flooded with guilt that I had created and felt like I couldn’t rely on myself anymore. I knew Jane was making him happier than I was. I knew she was keeping him on the right track, and that’s honestly all that matters. I am so troubled and it would just be unfair if I would distract him from his being. He was trying his best to make the most out of his life and I knew that I would only grant him problems. Even though I missed him, every second of the day. 

There was something that was strangling me. Something was putting such a pressure on my chest that I have a hard time breathing normally and keeping a consistent rhythm. Even though I had Anthony, somebody who I hold very close to my heart and will never forget for his good deeds, I was still feeling abandoned and unloved. I think that’s what happens when a person doesn’t even love themselves. You become so worked up in your problems that you aren’t willing to take a break and just breathe. It is time to start looking for my soul instead of letting it be found by others.  

I was having nightmares again. I would wake up screaming and sweaty, only to be comforted by Anthony again. He would softly run his fingers through my hair and slowly push me closer to him, his arms wrapped around my fragile looking body. I would take a deep trembling breath and press my forehead against his chest, trying to copy the beat of his heart.

We were walking on the beach while the waves were crashing beside us. It was  a beautiful sight. The light of the moon fell perfectly on the waves, causing them to glister and shimmer. My eyes couldn’t leave the beautiful view. 

“It’s beautiful, hm?” Anthony wondered and I nodded. He suddenly stopped walking which caused me to stop too. I turned around and saw Anthony smiling shyly at me. 

“Angie,” he began and grabbed my hands. He examined my face and slowly placed his hand on my cheek. I could see that he was struggling. He had that kind of spark in his eyes,  but I didn’t know if it was sadness or something else. He was going to say something but he then stopped, and it went on for a couple minutes like that. He was lost for words, I could tell, but I was just worried that he might have found out about John and me. My breathing quickened because of the thought and my  hands started to shake. Anthony noticed and he looked worried,

“Are you okay?” he asked and I nodded,

“Ye-yes, don’t worry. What were you going to say?” I asked and Anthony looked me deeply in the eyes.

“Angie what’s bothering you? I can just tell it from the look of your face” Anthony continued and I sighed, managing to swallow the big lump in my throat.

“It is nothing, I just.. I love you” the last three words made Anthony’s face lit up. He smiled and nodded.

“Angie, we’ve known each other since we were little. And how cliche this all may sound, I have loved you since I first laid my eyes on you. I couldn’t wish for anyone better than you. We both had our times of up and down, but those times only made us stronger. It only made us grow to each other more. It’s so surreal that we both have our life on track again. I want you to be mines forever. Just think about it. We have our own place. Imagine if we have little Angie’s and Anthony’s running around the house..”

The way he said that made me giggle and Anthony even chuckled himself.

“Angie,” Anthony then slowly let go of my hands and sat on one knee. I widened my eyes as soon as realization hit me. He revealed a little satin box and opened it, revealing a beautiful diamond ring. The light of the moon fell perfectly on it, making it shine even brighter.

“Will you marry me?”

I covered my mouth with my hands as I stared in disbelief. I couldn’t bring out a word. I thought of everything that we had gone through together. The love, the hate, the joy, the pain, the sex..

Anthony looked at me with pleading eyes. I loved him too. But making this big of a commitment.. I just didn’t know if I was ready. I looked at the sea and prayed it would take me away. I began panicking, looking around me for any possible places I could run to or just get away. My mind was going crazy and I felt sick.

Anthony told me to take a breath and I really tried my best to calm down, but I was just so struck. I opened my eyes and saw John standing behind Anthony. His big brown eyes staring at me with such a plead. It was like he needed my help. He then slowly faded away and I shook my head, knowing it was just an imagination. I accepted the fact that John and I will  never be a thing..

“Yes” I suddenly whispered, barely audible, in which Anthony stood up and hugged me tightly. I placed a lot of kisses on his cheek, causing him to smile. He then shoved the ring around my finger and I looked at him.

“I love you” Anthony said and I didn’t realize I was crying until he slowly wept away my tears.

“I love you too” I replied, and then we kissed.


updating soon again (: let me know what you think!

This is a snippet of a music called  “Life is Beautiful” by Sixx AM that I loved so much! I put a playist with sad/sentimental songs. I was feeling inspired too cuz I had  the flu and sometimes it makes me cry (cuz it itches my nose ;-;)

I’ll post some more drawings of Keven and Mabel. I hope you like it! =)

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If you're talking about Aaron's deep, rumbling voice that he uses to great effect on Robert, then it's only fair to mention how Robert saves up his softest gentlest voice for Aaron. To everyone else he's a smart arse, with a booming pisstaking voice to match - but to Aaron his voice is like a thousand love songs. And Aaron never feels as safe as when Robert is reassuring him like that.

anon i wasn’t even slightly prepared for this message and i cannot respond to it bc im busy crawling around on the floor SCREAMING


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i had a crush on this girl with long beautiful hair who studies music and sings like and angel. you should see the way she gets into a song, its like just singing makes her happier than I've ever been about anything in my life. now I'm friends with her though which is better than a crush and her hugs are so warm and she makes me feel so loved

she sounds like an angel who descended to earth :,) and the way u describe her makes me feel so many things!!!! u seem so happy!!! and im glad that u are!!!! aaaaahhh!!! :,)

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"Did you know you're on fire? Did you know that you're beautiful? Did you know you got me fucked up? Did you know that you're gorgeous?" To Yura and Elena (sorry I love this song and I thought of this blog when listening to it today XD)

I know I am Beka tells me every day.

Aaaaaahhh thank you!!! I’m so touched aaahh

i got tagged by @scoficld n i highkey love doing these things

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relationship status: single
favourite colour: blue
lipstick or chapstick: lipstick i luv lipstick so much i have this purple lipstick thats rly dark and it makes me look Good
last song i listened to: hard times by paramore lol i’ve had it on repeat since it came out
last movie i watched: beauty and the beast!! the live action one
top favourite tv shows: the flash, legends of tomorrow, supernatural, riverdale, voltron: legendary defender
top three characters: leonard snart, cisco ramon, ray palmer 
top three ships: coldatom, flashvibe, coldflash
books i’m currently reading/rereading: dude i literally haven’t picked up a book since like 10th grade i’m a mess

i tag anyone who wants to do this dude go for it

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A - age: 21
B - biggest fear: not talking about that on the Internet
C - current time:15:51
D - drink you last had: milk
E - every day starts with: checking with what happened in the world, thinking of my beautiful you-will-never-know-her-name
F - favorite song: i love too many songs
G - ghosts, are they real?: definitely
I - in love with: someone. and life.
J - jealous of: i don’t have specific names in mind
K - killed someone: no. this question is so awkward
L - last time you cried: this morning
M - middle name: Françoise 
N - number of siblings: 3
O - one wish: teleportation is real
P - person you last called/texted: @ninonisanoctopus
Q - question you’re always asked: “shut up”. not a question. it’s from my brain.
R - reason to smile: i have a name coming in mind. you won’t kno-ow.
S - song last sang: hm… I am Moana, probably?
T - time you woke up: too late, but for my defense, i’m sick
V - vacation destination: i… don’t know? if I could choose… somewhere in France. you won’t know where either.
W - worst habit: myself :)
X - x rays you’ve had: not sure i ever had any
Y - your favorite foods: i love that it is plural. too many.
Z - zodiac sign: pisces

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