(this isn't mine btw)

I had a mighty need to color this panel.


roadhog week day 4: maskless headcanon

well….it’s the last day of mermay and since i saw zero (0) merhogs this whole month i thought i’d take matters into my own hands. oh yeah and also he has a face (full view for best quality since tumblr hates me)

some long rambling about my hcs below the cut:

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Lapis: “I almost drowned a lot of people”

Most of the fandom: “k”

Aquamarine: -has a teardrop gem on her cheek, stone cold elite gem, threatened to have a human killed-

Most of the fandom: “omg what if aquamarine killed someone!!!!!!”

if you’re thinking about screenshotting a gifset originally on tumblr to post to twitter please just do one of two things: give credit or reconsider. even in the most simplest of sets, gifmakers put in time and effort in order to create content that they think their followers would enjoy. time and effort that could very well be directed elsewhere. the least that most gifmakers ask is recognition for that time and effort, and having their content be circulating around other websites with zero credit whatsoever is heartbreaking.