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Okay but can we please talk about how completely touch starved Lukas must be?

Like, his mom died when he was young and his dad obviously isn’t the affectionate type. He has Rose, but I’m sure that her touch isn’t very comforting to him, and I highly doubt any of his school friends are any better. 

I mean, no wonder Lukas is so gentle and touchy-feely with Philip, the boy has most-likely been completely starved of all tenderness and affection for years. And that is extremely fucking heartbreaking..

if you’re thinking about screenshotting a gifset originally on tumblr to post to twitter please just do one of two things: give credit or reconsider. even in the most simplest of sets, gifmakers put in time and effort in order to create content that they think their followers would enjoy. time and effort that could very well be directed elsewhere. the least that most gifmakers ask is recognition for that time and effort, and having their content be circulating around other websites with zero credit whatsoever is heartbreaking.

Hnnnggghh here, have this.

I was stuck inside a chalet for a day with no internet and nothing to do so I drew this dude here.

How did I draw him so accurately with no photos for reference due to a lack of internet access, you may ask?

Well, the answer is simple:  I had various photos of him stockpiled on my phone that I could use for reference. I have a very good memory.

So when Mr Moony passed his defense all he did to announce it on facebook was post a picture of him from a couple years ago in his Tenth Doctor cosplay. I love having the sort of family and friends who need no explanation for this. 

your baccano! boyfriend based on your zodiac sign
  • aries: dallas genoard
  • taurus: firo prochainezo
  • gemini: graham spector
  • cancer: jacuzzi splott
  • leo: ladd russo
  • virgo: czeslaw meyer
  • libra: elmer c. albatross
  • scorpio: huey laforet
  • saggitarius: claire stanfield
  • capricorn: maiza avaro
  • aquarius: isaac dian
  • pisces: luck gandor
UKISS' Engrish
UKISS' Engrish

on ameba studio’s English game c:

Kiseop- You are bary bold
Kiseop- I never lay…l-lie
Soohyun- Third time lucky
Hoon- I love this job from bottom of my hatteu (x2)
Kiseop- I love you more than words can say
Soohyun- I love this job prom button of my heart