(this is why i wanted to know about the spelling)

Bring this person back in my life Spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 2 pins 
  • One Red candle 

Post the two pins though the center of your candle at midnight, Think about the person you miss and why you want them back in your life. maybe there is some unspoken words that need to be said, questions that need to be answered.

As you light the candle say this persons full name out loud. Then say: 
“Know I move to you,as you move to me,
 As I think of you, think of me too.
 Come to me in dearest friendship
 (Or if you are casting this on a ex lover "come to me in love.”)

 Then say their name three times, and extinguish the candle. 

ella enchanted sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to fit your muse!

  • “if you’re going to be ungrateful, i could always turn her into a squirrel instead.”
  • “i always knew something was wrong with me.”
  • “you must never tell anyone else. i don’t want anyone using it against you.”
  • “what’s inside you is stronger than any spell.”
  • “so? he’s dreamy!”
  • “just admit you’re stupid and don’t know what you’re talking about.”
  • “hey, _____! are you a fast runner?”
  • “i don’t need your chivalry, thanks.”
  • “why don’t you do what your people usually do? take my land and destroy my livelihood.”
  • “you’re the first maiden i’ve met who hasn’t swooned at the sight of me.”
  • “i’ve never been comfortable with the whole…adoring fan club thing.”
  • “well, i’ll try to be more considerate next time i’m saving you.”
  • “next time? what makes you think we’ll see each other again?”
  • “you’ve been acting kind of odd lately, even for you.”
  • “you are forbidden to ever see her again.”
  • “anyway, this book…is my boyfriend.”
  • “i think it’s fair to warn you i’m practiced in the ancient art…of origami.”
  • “lacking courage as well as height?”
  • “you’ll have the power to make a difference in the world and you don’t even care.”
  • “now i know what name to put on the restraining order.”
  • “i’m going to ask her to marry me.”
  • “evil plans, remember?”
  • “you will take this dagger, plunge it through his heart and kill him.”
  • “we can’t be together.”
  • “you are one freaky chick.”
  • “a pretty girl like you should be at the ball!”
  • “please tell me you never want to see me again.”
  • “______, will you marry me?”
  • “what’s important is what’s in our hearts.”
  • “you will no longer be obedient!”
  • “now open this door before i sue you for everything you own!”
  • “i’m fine but ______ might not be.”
  • “i can’t believe i’m saving you after you tried to kill me!”
  • “stay away from her!”
  • “_______’s trying to kill me?”
  • “you saved my life.”
  • “you can’t go wrong if you follow your heart and end with a song.”
  • “don’t go breaking my heart.”
Tea Time #2

This is one of the newest additions to my collection, and I absolutely love it. 

Type: Tea bags, which is quick and easy for a witch on the go like me. 

Price: I got this at Walmart, but you can find it at Kroger, and various websites. It runs about 4-6 dollars per box, with 20 tea bags, making it about .25 cents per cup, depending on how strong you like your tea. 

Witchy Things: I initially picked this up because I’ve started drinking more coffee recently, but I know how it feels to completely overload on caffeine. This blend is 100% herbal and tastes exactly like coffee. It’s awesome. 

So why add this to your stash? Well, we all have those days where we need an energy boost, but don’t want to stay up half the night. This is perfect for a spell during a late-night study session. 

Coffee is also great for removing internal blockages and repelling negative thoughts. Consider using this as an internal protection charm before sleep to ward off stress and nightmares.  

Have a favorite tea blend you use in your practice? Let me know, and I’ll try it and add it to the series!

Many blessings-Kate

Cursed- Chapter 5: Witches Brew

Read the fic here on Ao3

“Alright girl you have got to let me come over for dinner tonight!!!” Alya complained.

“I don’t know Alya why don’t I just come over to your place, it’s a lot closer,” Marientte tried.

“Nuh uh! You have told me nothing about you and your ‘closet’ boyfriend, I want more details and I want to ask the both of you! So dinner tonight?” Alya smiled mischievously.

“Alya it really isn’t that big of a deal,” Marinette said nervously.

“Are you kidding? You’re boyfriend is like the most sought after guy in the entire country, it is so a big deal! “ Alya practically shouted.

“Alya! Shush!” Marinette tried to quiet her friend down. Much of the class was looking over at them now and of course Chloe had chosen just the right moment to walk through the door.

“Marinette, a boyfriend? Puh-Lease! As if anyone would willingly date that walking disaster!” Chloe snickered.

“If you only knew who she was dating! Trust me Chloe you couldn’t do better,” Alya baited.

“As if! Marinette could never pull a guy, let alone one I would be jealous of. I bet she’s making the whole thing up,” Chloe sniffed.

“Shut up Chloe you’re just jealous because you can’t find anyone willing to date you,” Alya shot back.

“Not true! Everyone adores me!” Chloe defended.

“Sure they do Medusa,” Alya snorted. Before Chloe could respond their potions professor walked through the door ending all conversation.

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M!A Thistle has to tell the truth for 10 asks: ask 10


“How did I know this would happen…. I fuckin knew it….and now you’ve all got me under some magic truth spell or somethin so you could get an answer outta me. That’s the only reason why you wanted me to be truthful. Well. Here it is. Cause I know I don’t have any other choice. I…ᴵ ˡᶦᵏᵉ ʰᶦᵐ ᵒᵏᵃʸ- You happy you little shits!? There! I said it! But it doesn’t even matter, who cares. We’re done talking about this. It’s over.”

Classicaloid theory: End of the world?

Some say the world will end in fire

And some say ice

But for this theory, come along

I believe in Classicaloid

The world will end in song

Greetings! New episode tomorrow so before it’s here, let’s talk more theories! And for me that means we’re gonna talk about Bach’s main plan

Which could spell disaster for the whole world

Spoilers for episode 18 and anything prior!

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Authors note: I’m sorry this took so long. I have been doing so much stuff for school and it was actually nice to get away from that and do something I love. I will be editing my prompts list maybe this week and there will be another one shot coming out this week. So I will try to link the prompts list but it wasn’t working last time so please tell me if it doesn’t work on mobile. And I will tag those who want to see the posts first. I’m sorry for any spelling errors tumblr says one thing and google docs says another. Requests are also open at the moment.

Requested by @my-unique-mind

Fred Weasley x reader

word count:1193




“I can’t believe this is how you want to spend your birthday,” Y/n sighed as she followed her friends into the cozy bar.

“Hey, I don’t know why you disagree. I mean, think about it, you or I could maybe meet our true love,” Y/b/f/n singed as the group waltzed up to the bar.

“Yeah, Y/b/f/n is right and it’s also a time to relax and let loose,” Y/f/n stated as she hopped onto the barstool in front of her.

“Whatever, just order some drinks,” Y/n waved her hand as she sat next to her friends.

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anonymous asked:

That update was so amazing! I like the characterization, and I'm excited for the next chapter. I was just wondering how you go about writing things like this? You mentioned that you had other unfinished parts of this as well. And I wanted to know how you go about tying them together?

With this fic in particular, I started it with the intention of it only being a smutty one-shot. The sex scene was what popped into my head first, so I started writing that. When I got stuck, I went back and started filling in the blanks - how they met, why are they having sex (the obvious reason aside), what about Percy’s personality is different, why is Annabeth in New Rome in the first place, etc. 

The original concept I developed was this: Annabeth’s had a dry spell/been on several dates who aren’t giving her what she needs. Piper and friends drag her to a New Rome hook-up club specifically aimed at demigods. She sees Percy, decides she wants to ride that. Everyone tells her Percy’s an out of her league Roman bad boy and extremely picky about who he takes home. She’s determined to bang him and, what do you know, Percy wants to bang her, too. Sex happens. End fic. 

As I was writing the opening for that version, I had an idea. A small, insignificant character detail that would be mentioned in passing: what if Annabeth had seen Percy before, on the training fields? Then that idea became, well, what if she fought him and didn’t know who he was and it turns out he’s this veeeeery important guy… and thus, a monster was born. 

A lot of what I currently have written is stuff from the first couple of versions that I’m going to try and re-use in the current story, but may get cut because it won’t fit with what I’m writing now. Some of it is scenes that I popped into my head and I had to write immediately because they were more fun than the connecting, background stuff… aka the entirety of part two.

Thanks for the question!



I mean, first of all, why Toffee HAS such book when not even Star has something like that? That book it’s about the wand and it’s WAAAY more organized than her glossary.

Second, why did he need the book? He could just do whatever he wants with the wand and with the glossary, but he STUDY the wand…

Then, in the season finale, Toffee ask Star to destroy the wand. He could do ANYTHING with the wand, but he decides it’s best to destroy.

He even KNOWS that Star’s mother had given her the spell and it was the very first she learned! He confirms it’s the spell when she thinks out loud “The Whispering Spell”… HOW THE HELL HE EVEN KNOWS THAT?!

And there’s more. He has a plan for the broken wand. We could dismiss and think it was his mistake trying to get rid of the one thing that make Star easily defeat monsters, but a second before he says “gentleman, it’s been a pleasure”. He broke their agreement which means he accomplished his goal.

Everyone could think he had made a mistake when the wand exploded right after, but then we have this scene…


He KNEW the wand would explode, he knew it could destroy him, he KNEW EVERYTHING!

And then the Wand upgrades and there’s a missing piece.

And let’s pay a little more attention on these facts: look at the Queen face when she mention everything Star did…

Then Star gives her the wand…

As soon as she sees the wand, this is her face!

The calm, serious and indifferent Queen is freaking WORRIED.

Star knows she was supposed to be mad, but when her mother hugs her, she says “I’m always mad. I’m just glad you’re safe”. Which means that she knows  it wasn’t supposed to happen and that Star was in serious danger to came to the point of the wand became shattered.

As soon as Star leaves She says “I don’t know if we are doing the right thing, River” and the King tried to calm her down. They talk to Glossarick, and when he sees the wand he became also worried.


THE WAND DIDN’T CHANGED! It was supposed to be changed to fit whoever holds it, but it didn’t change back to what it was when her mother takes it!

Glossarick says then “I hope you find the pieces soon”, and the piece show up to somewhere…




THIS WAS TOFFEE PLAN! He wants the wand shattered, he’s probably looking for the missing piece, he has some kind of plan for it!

This went too deep and I’m freaking out for the next season!!!!

critrole relationship week day 3: Gilmore and Allura

Working away on something in Whitestone. Do you ever think about how crazy powerful that protection spell that they just thought up is because I am thoroughly impressed by them on a daily basis.

i hate using siri to reply to messages. it listens to what i say and, if it hears me accurately, converts my thoughts into flat, expressionless, standardised prose with imperfect punctuation and no room for spelling variation. i do not want this. i don’t type short messages in lowercase, for example, because i’m lazy or don’t know how to capitalise — i type short messages in lowercase because it’s the best way to render how i imagine my thoughts would come across. i like lending writing with accurate spelling and grammar a casual veneer by decapitating the caps. plus, well, i just think it looks better. i’ve typed in lowercase ever since i first got internet access and started talking about radiohead on audiogalaxy boards fifteen years ago. it’s why i’ve turned autocorrect off on every phone i’ve ever owned.
[…] we write based on our background and experiences. to strip this capability out, even from ephemeral or seemingly unimportant forms of communication, is to neuter the essence of language.
I literally just stopped caring about spelling and grammar on the internet.

Wanna know why?

Not everyone on here is a native English speaker.

Not everyone on here is an adult with a full grasp on the fuckery that is the English language.

Not everybody is neurotypical and can easily think of or spell every word that comes to their head.

Some people need to spell phonetically because English doesn’t even follow it’s own rules.

Not everybody is on a computer or wants to deal with auto-correct.

Who’s spelling are we going with American or British or other?

Not everybody cares.

And that’s okay.

Stop giving a Fuck about correct spelling and grammar and you suddenly become less pretentious and asshole-ish.

I want to spell out my thoughts on quantum mechanics and consciousness, but I would have to spell out where I come from, and why cognitive science/cognitive architectures/subsumption architectures are a good idea.

I don’t have any strong intuitions about consciousness. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know how to measure it. That’s why I talk about cognition most of the time. I believe in cognition.

anonymous asked:

Hey. Do girls for average looking guys? I have had a bad spell for the last five years! My friends tell me I am a good guy but every girl I have asked out don't want to go out with me. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Even online dating, I have message about 10 girls in the last 2 months and not even one has bothered to reply. This post makes me look like a loser but I don't why I am ignored?

Mmk babe, there are one of two things that are wrong.
One is, is that you’re not hot and you’re going for 10/10 girls. Unless you’re super unfortunate looking, this can be fixed by a good haircut, a good outfit, and good poses in your tinder photos. I’ve helped so many guy friends get dates by taking good photos for them. Ask a girl friend for help. Other option- lower your standards as far as looks go a little.
The second, and more likely case, is that you’re being boring. I respond to everyone that messages me on tinder, Facebook, Okcupid, whatever- no matter what they look like- as long as they aren’t boring. No matter how hot the guy is, if he messages me something like “hey”, I never respond. Ever.
Start off by asking her a question about herself.
Also make sure you have something written in your bio. Include something that makes you interesting. Example: “Name. Age. Occupation/School major. Hobbies. Interesting fact (such as, "traveled to 15 countries”, “in a band”, “artist”, “my friends tell me I’m funny”). Like legit anything that can start a conversation.
I also wouldn’t worry about girls not approaching you in public- most people don’t get approached. If you’re approaching and getting rejected, just make sure you’re not being creepy, rude, or chatting up girls who are obviously busy (walking fast, headphone in, etc).
Try a new direction and you should be fine.

It seems I’ve been tagged by @noxpotion to do this, so why not.

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 20 blogs you want to get to know better.

Nickname: Eems, Amu, Amalia, probably more, but I cant remember them

Star sign: Aquarius

Height: 162 cm (thats about 5′2)

Time right now: 4:21 PM

Last thing you googled: A recipe for zucchini carrot cake cupcakes (and then how to spell recipe just now while writing this)

Favourite music artist: Currently I thing it’s Imagine Dragons, but it changes a lot

Song stuck in my head: Demons, by Imagine Dragons

Last movie I watched: Mr. Holmes

Last TV show I watched: Last week Tonight

What I’m wearing right now: Jeans, tank top and a flannel

When I created this blog: a little over a year ago. 

Do I do asks regularly: I don’t really get any asks, so I cant say

Why did I choose my URL: Because I had a red cat, and my usernames have almost always had something to do with cats

Gender: female

Hogwarts house: Slytherin, or Gryffindor. I flipflop a lot and it really depends on the day and my mood.

Pokémon team: team Death (apparently, I haven’t played all the Pokémon games, so I cant say that for sure)

Favourite color: Blue, but then sometimes Red

Favourite characters: …  …  … *deep breath* Percy Jackson, Magnus Chase, Cecil Palmer, Will Ranger, Draco Malfoy, Spiderman, Captain America I could go on but I’m lazy.

Dream job: not sure, something along the lines of preforming or writing I think.

Number of blankets: I sleep with one, but I have a quilt that I love to death as well. 

Followers: 126, but I tend to block the porn bots, so it probably would be a lot more if I didn’t do that

And now to doom whomever I can think of

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I don’t really know anyone else I dare tag(that isn’t already tagged, *cough* @james-parker6 *cough*) 

it’s fanfic rec days, and as a fic writer, I feel obligated to rec some things.  I haven’t read non-Gravity Falls fics since high school, so these are all GF fics.  I don’t want anyone to know what I was reading in high school (I’ll give you a hint though - one of my faves was an American Dragon: Jake Long and Harry Potter crossover).  

I’m too lazy to explain everything about why I enjoy these fics, so here’s a blanket statement for all my recs and why I enjoy them: well-written, good characterization and character interactions, engaging storylines, good technical writing skills (I have issues reading things with poor grammar and spelling sometimes), the kind of thing that you want to reread (sort of like how no matter how many times I watch NWHS, I get nervous over whether things will work out).  but anyways, enough with the rambling, onto the the recs. 

Things that have been bolded have trigger warnings for the content; the fics’ full list of trigger warnings (which, for some, can get pretty long) are available in the fic descriptions if you follow the links. 

  • “The Wind in Visions” by the_mystery_twins - everybody recs this one and normally I wouldn’t (just bc everybody DOES), but it’s amazing and has such wholesome shipping and dealing with mental illnesses and I just.  Really like it.
  • “A Thousand Natural Shocks” by @dubsdeedubs - this was another fic that got me back into reading fics.  I stumbled across it on Tumblr mobile somehow one night and read almost the entire thing in one go.  It’s from the Neverhuman AU where Stan isn’t human, and things happen and just- read it.  It’s good.
  • “Unfinished Business” and “Fear of the Dark” by thesnadger - I got into a real Stangst kick a while back, and I remember telling Holly “oh my gosh you need to read this fic where Stan tries to commit suicide” and they were like “I would prefer Not To”.  “Unfinished Business” is the ghost!Stan AU (which is what it says on the tin), and “Fear of the Dark” is the aforementioned suicide attempt fic.  But these are A-grade, perfect Stangst fics and I cannot get enough of them. 
  • “Shots” by LogicalBookThief - another good Stangst thing.  I clearly enjoy reading fics where Stan is physically harmed (which is definitely not something my readers should be concerned about…), especially if it results in brother bonding and hugging it out and whatnot.  But anyways, this is a fic based off the idea that Stan gets injured during the escape from government custody in NWHS
  • “Finding ‘X’ (Or ‘Y’ Or ‘Z’)” by @astriiformes - another one that I stumbled across a while back.  Fiddleford is Ford’s RA, and being Ford, Ford gets hurt and Fiddleford has to help him out.  Some good Fiddleford/Ford interactions
  • These blurbs, also by @astriiformes (figured I’d include these while I’m at it) - boy HOWDY am I a sucker for the de-aging trope, and this particular de-aging scenario (the Stans get turned 10) is really well done.  One of my comfort ficlets and easily one of my favorites. 
  • “Ford, Meet Ford” by @haberdashing - holy shit the title is a freakin pun.  Gotta love that.  It’s a Gravity Falls and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy crossover.  A match made in heaven, tbh.
  • The One Sword AU by @icefeels - this is one I’ve been reading bits and pieces of on my phone.  It’s an OC-centric fic involving Ford’s years in the portal and whatnot.  Despite what you may think, I’ve still got a pretty bad case of OC aversion (fandom can do that to a person), which is why I’ve been reading it on the sly.  But I’m really digging the OC protag.  Not to mention that even though it has crossovers with things that I am very much not familiar with, I can still follow the plot well, which requires a certain level of skill.   Some good stuff.

now, I’m sure the moment I post this, I’ll think of other fics that I love and can’t live without.  but a post for them will go up tomorrow.  

I encourage everyone to read these.  some good shit.  they’ve all got the Speecher Seal of Approval.

Burning for You

Penny’s last hope laid in Baz’ hands. As she met him behind the school, she was so desperate, she would’ve given anything. She was willing to do a lot of things to get him on his side. Little did she know that she didn’t need to do anything at all.

“You know I wouldn’t come to you if it wasn’t very important.”

“I know.”

“And if I hadn’t tried anything else.”


“And if I wouldn’t offer you anything you want.”

“Okay. But what is it you want?”
“It’s about Simon.”

Baz’ heart stopped a beat.
“What is it? What’s happened?” he hissed hastily.

“Some stupid goblin put a spell on Simon.”
“What? Why? What kind of spell?”
Baz’ voice was calm but internally he was screaming in panic.

“I don’t know what to do any more. It’s- it’s horrible, Baz, I look at him sleeping like that and can’t help but think that he looks dead. I don’t want him to die. Please, Baz, you must understand.”
“I… I…”
For a moment, Baz kept searching for voice. He couldn’t quite comprehend what he heard. He couldn’t even understand the pain he felt – an unfortunate compassion for Simon. He clenched his fist in anger. It was an anger he was constantly trying to suppress since it meant that he was in way too deep for Simon.

“How does that spell work?”
He needed to concentrate.

“It’s a ridiculous love spell – one that only gets resolved by true love’s kiss. Which is rubbish – I don’t believe there is such a thing.”
Baz’ heart beat faster for a second – did she know? How? Why? But then he calmed himself – he didn’t want to assume anything.

“Then why do you think I can help? Just get Wellbelove over to kiss him and that’s it – problem solved.”

“It’s not that easy.”
“What do you mean.”

“Well… She tried. But it didn’t work.”

“She doesn’t truly love him?”

“Seems so.”

“This spell… It doesn’t require mutual love, does it? It’s enough if the person who’s awake is deeply in love, isn’t it?”
“I think… Anyway, I thought maybe I could reverse the spell. So that it works in the other direction. You truly hate him, so that will work. I know, you want him dead… But I’ll do anything you want, as long as you help me.”

“You want to reverse the spell so that the person kissing him must hate him? You… You want me to kiss him?”

Baz was getting nervous and his heart was racing faster and faster.

“Please, Baz. You can do me a favour for once in my life. Don’t do it for Simon, even. Do it for, I don’t know, Agatha… You seemed to have a thing for her.”

Baz looked at her, all insecure. It was time to come clear and reveal his secret. He thought he’d never have to do it… Face the reality of his feelings. He didn’t think he’d ever say the peculiar words.

“I don’t hate him.”

He didn’t believe he was about to say it. After all these years, it felt unreal that everything turned out to be for nothing. But he’d done anything for Simon. He’d save his life, no matter at what cost. This seemed easy in comparison to what could’ve possibly happened.

Penny looked at him in shock, her last hope crumbling. And then Baz took a deep breath to get over his fears and he spoke the truth he was scared of for so long.

“You won’t need to reverse it. I love him.”
“Are you kidding me? Please, Baz, I’d hoped more from you. But fine. If you don’t want to help, so be it. I’ll… I’ll find another way.”
“I’m… I’m not kidding.”
Baz’ voice was weak and he didn’t dare to look at her any more.

“Are you serious?”
He didn’t answer. Penny looked at him for what felt like an eternity. He felt humiliated and was ashamed for his feelings but he didn’t want her to see that. Maybe it was finally a good thing that he didn’t hate Simon – who knew whether this reverse spell would have even worked. Probably Penny was just taking whatever possibility there was, no matter how small the chances. Maybe his stupid crush was finally good for something.

“Okay,” Penny finally agreed. “I guess it’s better to try, even if you’re lying.”

Baz swallowed quietly. He didn’t even care that she despised him. All he cared about was saving Simon. Consequences didn’t matter to him. Revealing his secret to Simon too, that was a whole different matter. But he was going to do it. Everything. Everything for Simon Snow.

It was dark in the nurse room. Simon was breathing slowly. Baz had watched him like this many times but this time was different. He looked so peaceful and quiet. In his sleep, Simon was turning or curled up. He always looked alive. But this unconscious state frightened Baz. Simon neither moved nor made a noise, which he normally did even when he was asleep. For another minute, Baz allowed himself to watch Simon and he was glad he’d asked Penny to wait outside. She’d only agreed because Baz had explained it all to her. It had been good to get it off his soul – all the secrets, all the pain. Everything was about to change. After this kiss, Simon would never look at him the same way again. Maybe they wouldn’t have to fight any more. Which didn’t mean that Simon wouldn’t hate him. Everything would be awkward and uncomfortable between them. But Baz didn’t want to think about the future.

He took in the moment. The light was dim but Baz was used to that. He carefully stroked through his hair and caressed his fore head.

“Simon,” he whispered. It was a rare occasion, so he was allowed to say his name.

Baz looked at his lips. The moment had come and still he hesitated. No. It had to be done.

He took in another breath and braced himself. Then, he pressed his lips tenderly against Simon’s. He knew it had to work. He knew he could wake Simon up – the one thing he could do for sure.

A thousand butterflies rose up in his stomach even though he knew this wasn’t real. He couldn’t help it. This was the happiest he had felt in years. Not only because of the kiss, but because he could be useful to Simon for once in his life. Maybe make up for the times he tried to kill him. Maybe this was a sign of peace.

After he drew away, Simon gasped for air and looked into Baz’ face with horror.

“D-did you just kiss me?”
It worked. Baz was so relieved, he could’ve cried. But he didn’t want to listen to this. He didn’t want to think or talk. He knew that he’d be confronted about this sooner or later. But he’d rather take later. So he stood up and left. Penny looked at him in wonder, but he just passed and ran from it.

When he came to their dorm room, Simon was waiting for him.

“What was that about?” Simon said.

Baz closed his eyes in pain. He didn’t want to hear the accusations, the disbelief, the hatred in Simon’s voice. He didn’t want to live any more. Simon knew. That was the worst that could happen apart from Simon’s death. So he went into his bed and just laid there, not moving. He couldn’t carry on like this.

“Why did you kiss me?”
There was no point in lying.

“'Cause I’m in love with you,” Baz mumbled, very very tired. He just wanted to fall asleep. Maybe someone would put a silly love spell on him. Just that nobody would wake him. He could just sleep forever.


Simon was looking for words. Disgusting, Baz thought. Wrong. Peculiar. Sad.

“- flattering.”

Really? He’s flattered?

Baz turned away. He didn’t want to face Simon.

“I- Baz…”

He heard Simon coming closer.

No! Go away.

He felt Simon getting into bed beside him. He held his breath.

“You saved me.”

His word’s were a whisper and Baz turned around. His face was so close to Simon’s, he found it hard to look away.

Baz felt like drowning. He was doomed and in agony. Being in love with Simon, it was like dying every second of the day. How long could he keep going like that? It just hurt so much. How much longer would he endure Simon’s presence without fading away? How much longer could he long for those lips without losing his mind?

Help me. Please.

“You saved me,” Simon repeated. “And now I’m saving you.”

And then he kissed him passionately. A thousand butterflies became millions. Baz was dragged out of the water and into the sun.

Simon held him close and hugged him tight. It was almost too much for Baz.

So close, that not too long he would burst in flames and burn for Simon Snow. But he didn’t even mind it. He didn’t fear death. No matter how strong the pain, dying in Simon’s arms was a thing he believed he could enjoy.

the slytherin common room pt. 2

(you guys seem to like this so pt. 2)

*snape doesn’t even care anymore he knows what is going on he just gave up and let’s us do what we want.

*everyone talking about how harry always makes them get a new datda teacher.

*not wanting to question yourself about why the couch is wet.

*we no longer have assigned beds its just wherever you fall asleep. at this point there is always a couple on your bed.

*we broke the spell that keeps the guys out of the girls dorms.but Snape could still care less.

*i really think snape should get an elf to clean our bathroom, there’s throw up everywhere….

*there is always someone really drunk and it is amazing

*everyone who falls asleep in the common room gets hexed and they grow a mustache.

*malfoy tends to sneak his fathers alcohol to the parties.

*there’s a group of first years playing truth or dare while the fourth years and up play spin the bottle.