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i really don’t understand what it’s like to not be a multishipper lmao why do some of yall have to take this so seriously… anyway I lobe my mutuals

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Do you nave any headcanons about ochako and bakugou?

I’m not gonna lie, I have only just gotten into this ship and I’m only following the anime at this point, so forgive me if these don’t feel quite right. I will do my best.

And again, these headcanons are under the assumption that they are both adults at the time.

SEND ME A SHIP and I’ll tell you:

  • Who said “I love you” first: Honestly, I see Bakugou saying it first. He’ll hold it in for as long as he can, but then explodes (literally) and shouts “I LOVE YOU” completely out of nowhere and then storms off angry before she can even respond. Ochako is just staring after him, her mind slowly catching up with what just happened… When it does, her whole face burns with a blush and it takes a while before she chases after him, tackles him from behind, and very happily tells him that she loves him, too. He is really happy on the inside, but looks like a total grump about it on the outside. He does grumble something about her being cute, just loud enough for her to hear and give him a kiss on the cheek as a reward… which somehow pisses him off again (I think he wanted a kiss on the lips) and he storms off ranting incoherently, with Ochako still hanging onto his back, giggling at her boyfriend’s temper.
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: Ochako has one of the two of them together first. She’s smiling. He’s snarling. It’s actually really cute, and when Bakugou sees that picture as her background, he starts yelling about it because she should have told him that she did that so he could do it, too… Then changes his picture to another one of the two them together. He then uses that picture to brag about her when the opportunity arises.
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Ochako leaves them every time Bakugou is in the shower. They always fluster him and he brushes his teeth with even more determination because he needs to kiss her the moment he sees her and he will not kiss her with a mouth full of germs.
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Ochako buys a lot of gifts, but I don’t think they would be that cheesy, at least not to Bakugou because the chain necklace she got him with a grenade pendant is really cool, as is the grenade keychain. In return, he got her a cheesy little keychain/ cell phone charm that was just this pink fluff ball character that reminded him of her because it looked squishy and bouncy and cute and the shade of pink matched the pink on her cheeks. He couldn’t give it to her in person, though. He left it on her desk and avoided her until he saw her showing off the keychain to her friends. 
  • Who initiated the first kiss: Ochako is the first to kiss him on the cheek, but Bakugou is very quick to respond by smashing his lips to hers for a real kiss.
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Ochako kisses Bakugou awake. She doesn’t really want to wake him, he’s just so peaceful and cute and she has to kiss him. He doesn’t fully wake up, either. Just enough to glare at her, then tosses his arm around her, smothers her against him, and commands her to go back to sleep. As soon as she settles again, he kisses her forehead hard and grumbles something about being happy like that.
  • Who starts tickle fights: Ochako started one once… It was a mistake. Bakugou will not lose in any sort of fight. Even a tickle fight. He will tickle her to death if he has to, but he will be the victor. He eventually realized that tickle fights are a form of flirting and began to start them on his own, taking care to hold back his competitiveness. He will admit only to himself that Ochako’s squeak is adorable every time he pokes her just right.
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: Ochako asks. Bakugou is flustered by it every time and can’t even find the words to say it’s okay, just yells and makes room for her to join. As their relationship progresses, he begins to barge his way into the shower with her, or carries her to the shower when he goes to take one. He actually really enjoys taking showers with her.
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Ochako will surprise Bakugou the most, but there have been days where he shows up at her work with some excuse that he was in the neighborhood and tells her to take a break to eat with him.
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Both were so nervous that the majority of their first date was spent in really uncomfortable silence. Bakugou tried to tame his hair so it would be nice, but it kept exploding because he was holding in so much nervous energy. His legs were bouncing under the table the entire time they were eating dinner. He snapped his order at the waiter as if he was angry with them. He just could not stop moving and his determination to say something ended up with him shouting as soon as he had to say anything, but never could manage to say something to Ochako. Meanwhile, she couldn’t look at him without blushing, so she just didn’t look at him, and tried very hard to will away the fluttering in her stomach that was making her nauseous. She couldn’t even eat her dinner. She felt sick after the first bite because she was so nervous.
    This went on for five dates, until finally their friends suggested they have a fun date at an amusement park. It worked. Ochako had too much fun to be nervous, and Bakugou put his nervous energy to good use by winning her a ton of stuffed animals, more than she could possibly carry.
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: Bakugou will literally blow up his house to kill a spider if he isn’t careful. So, Ochako handles them.
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Bakugou doesn’t need to be drunk to do this, just… himself. But Ochako will definitely do this when she’s drunk and poor Bakugou cannot handle the embarrassment. He throws a fit to drown out her voice so their friends can’t hear her, swallows her in a hug to muffle her, and then shouts some excuse about taking her home, then sprints out of there with his giggling, drunk girlfriend trapped in his arms. By the time they’re a safe distance away, he mutters that he loves her, too, and spends the rest of the night with his girlfriend cheering happily, singing about how much they love each other, and he just… can’t even be remotely angry about it, because she’s pretty damn cute when she’s like this.

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Hi! Just would like your opinion but do you think fandom is really divided about winning and awards? I see ppl be very nasty and I know it's comeback season so everyone is stressed but I always hear how welcoming mature and nice babyz are but I don't know if I'm following the wrong blogs and twitters but I just don't see it. You're actually one of the few I enjoy cuz you're so positive and neutral! Anyways sorry to bother you about my opinion! Congrats to bap bongsan award win!!

Hi anon! 

Thank you for being so nice ^^ And yes, YAY FOR BAP! They really deserved it. 

As to your question - I think the safest answer is that a fandom, any fandom, is made up of people. And people are different. They’ll have varying opinions, personalities and ways of dealing with situations, good and bad - I mean that’s life right? ^^

My own personal method of having a happy fandom experience is pretty simple - a little causal drama, a mature call-out post, a little puffed-up aggression, is fine - these things are part of the human psyche - but if a blog is constantly picking fights or putting out negative vibes, I’ll avoid them. And consistent nastiness? That I don’t tolerate.That gets a block (bless the block ^^)

But the block is rare - I swear ( Jongup is my little bear, hehe… I’m so sorry.)

Anyhoo, I prefer my tumblr experience to be B.A.P-only - almost all the blogs I follow are 95-100% about B.A.P and so my dash is always filled with A+ content from people who are all those things you described - welcoming, mature, nice, but also funny, sweet, meme-y, loud, quiet, fun, gentle, kind and they really love the boys - all the things I value. Yes, we can sometimes have disagreements and get a little vociferous - but everyone, for the most part, stays respectful. This is something I can safely promise from the tumblr BABY community.

So come join us! If you enjoy social justice, collective meltdowns and looooong posts about how beautiful Jung Daehyun’s hands are (and they are pretty great) then you’ll love us - it’s a very accepting, supportive community ^^

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Hello! Someone I follow reblogged a question about Shiro you answered a few days ago. You mention that your "least favorite thing on this website is the idea that coddling is preferable to healing", if you don't mind could you explain what you mean? I think I see where you're coming from but at the same time I'm struggling a bit with how to interpret "coddling" in this context (if that makes sense? sorry, english is not my first language)

i don’t want any discourse about this so i’m just gonna slide it under the cut.

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i need new blogs to follow since my dash is dead so please like this if you post:

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also if mutuals can please reblog this and help me find new blogs to follow i’d appreciate and love you forever

i feel like i need to make a disclaimer. 

the following posts are based heavily on my experiences with therapy and dealing with situational depression / persistent depression disorder. they rely heavily on what i went through and my situation. this does not mean that this is the only way things can occur or transpire. there are many ways that this can be different for someone else. 

if it offends or triggers you in anyway, i will be tagging anything about kohl’s therapy sessions and any talks of her SD/PDD with @ if you would like to black list it.

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I want my blog to get bigger because I want to know more people and have more connection with followers. I don't get any questions or asks or anything...

Lots of followers doesn’t equal friends or lots of messages. I had a big goth blog ask me once how I got so many responses on my personal posts because even though they had dozens of thousands of followers their personal posts went unnoticed and never matched up with their non-personal posts in the amount of notes. Their followers just weren’t that interested in those posts and only sent them asks about practical things (”where to buy X?”). And when you do have a big blog and get messages, they are often not what you want. Of course there are so many nice ones and good questions, but my chat is full of porn people send me for no reason, which is why I have started to rarely check those messages.

The best way to connect with people is to go out there yourself: finding like-minded people and sending them messages, posting relevant posts on tags like #goth, #gothgoth and #gothic, asking people for tips, complimenting their art or looks… Basically engaging with people instead of waiting for them to engage with you. Sometimes that leads to the blog becoming big over time, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s impossible to say who it will happen to or how long it will take. A person with 10,000 followers might talk to a few of them, but a person with 100 followers might regularly talk to half of them. Quality, not quantity is important if you want to really get to know people. You don’t need lots of followers to have an active experience on Tumblr, you just got to find that group of people who will make the same effort as you do (:

Lotor and Haggar. Mother-son relationship or what?

One of the strongest scenes from the whole third season happens in the fifth episode. We finally get to see how Haggar and Lotor interact.

Haggar orders a general to follow Lotor and monitor his activities. This first part of the scene seriously shook my previous idea about Haggar being Lotor’s mother. Here, she speaks about him with displeasure and dusgust and she doesn’t trust him one bit.

I fear Lotor’s focus wavers since his return. I knew there was a risk in bringing him back after such a long absence and I worry about the path he leads us down. I need you to keep an eye on him. Follow his battle-cruiser and report any suspicious behaviour to me.

I seriously feared for Lotor’s life during the rest of the episode, until I saw the continuation.

The screenshot is pretty bad, but when Haggar hears Lotor’s step, she looks worried, if not scared! This is highly unusual of her, considering both how few emotions she usually shows and her assertive demenour.

Further, she speaks to Lotor in a pronoucedly calm, persuasive voice, as if speaking with a child:

I know many ideas flow through your head, like you father’s. But the empire need your leadership in these troubling times.

To which Lotor reacts with an outburst of aggression:

I am a leader! Just not my father.

Mentioning Zarkon was such a wrong step here. It seems like Haggar wanted to flatter Lotor by comparing him to the emperor, but the only thing she did was anger him. She really doesn’t know how to manipulate him. Either she never bothered to study what he want and likes, or he changed a lot during his exile and lot methods don’t work any more.

And yet this persuading, almost lulling voice of hers was so familiar… The last time she spoke like that was when she attempted to make Zarkon let her finish her quintessence experiment and not send the ships out for Voltron immediately, like Prorok suggested:

And she succeeded! Zarkon decided for her opinion almost immediately.

Still, what worked with Zarkon doesn’t work with his son(anymore?). Lotor and his generals have this open kind of communication, he doesn’t need the witches whisper in his ear. Haggar is unsure of how she should handle Lotor. He scares her, like any unpredictable yet powerful political player would. Her attempt to control him fails (RIP general Roth). By the end of the episode, she is almost out of options, she feels that she starts losing to Lotor. I wonder if this scene was the one that made her try to wake Zarkon up forcefully by looking into his mind.

I wonder what season 4 will bring us.

See also: my masterpost for theories and meta.

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Hey this isn't trans related but my friend got upset at me for taking care of myself while they were hurting because something huge had come up on my part and I'm confused. They agreed that what I was doing is selfish and I'm unsure of how to handle this

Hey, sometimes you just have to prioritise yourself unfortunately. I can understand why they would be upset, but perhaps you can just explain that you do care about them, but that something popped up for you too. self care is so important. 

Any followers have any advice?

- Alex


First, I want to thank you all for supporting me and for following me, I appreaciate every single one of you, your advices and all the nice things you all say to me when I need. 

So, since I have 500 lovely people around now, I’ve been thinking about making something special. Some friends suggested that I should sing, another to play the flute (?) but I can’t play any instruments. 

Well, what do you think? (no NSFW stuff, I have my boundaries) ~ Send me suggestions in anon (or not, whatever you prefer) and I’ll pick the best one.

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Hey Bri, sorry for the random question, but I've been following you forever and I feel as tho I can relate to you. I'm just about your age (turned 30 last winter) and am a young professional too, Albiet a different field, tho I have yet to find my niche, so to speak. Perpetually single while my friends seem to move on and up and I just feel... stuck. Any advice for a kindred spirit?

I feel the world of sympathy for you, anon — it’s so hard feeling stuck. :\ What I’ve been doing is just taking baby steps and trying to make positive changes, however small, and taking any forward movement as progress. 

For instance, I’ve gained a bunch of weight due to stress and injury, so I’ve started working with a personal trainer once a week. Have been struggling with a lot of dark thoughts, so I’m back in weekly therapy and doing a lot of mental health homework. And I’m unhappy with my current location and job situation, so I’m looking into jobs out of state in the hopes that maybe a change of scenery will help me get unstuck. 

Basically lots of little things to hopefully add up to some kind of momentum. And I’m also trying very hard to break out of that whole comparison thing — I know it’s so hard, seeing people your age with happy marriages and kids and houses and promising careers and not having any of that, but that doesn’t mean our stories are over, or that they have no value, or that they can’t change in a positive direction, whatever form that might take. 

I very much subscribe to the idea of small changes in aggregate. I know that if I try to look at my life as a whole, I inevitably end up despairing and ending up in a very, very dark place. So I try not to do that; instead, I look at the things I might be able to change and look at small steps I can take to start that process. It’s not easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight, but hopefully it’ll all work out.

And above all else… be patient with yourself, anon. This stuff is hard. Please know that I’m here for you, whether on anon or off. We can do this. ♥

I’m really sorry my Tumblr has been so…well, abandoned recently. I don’t have any excuse except that I have simply been so, so, so tired. And my creative muse is sleeping along with me. 

I honestly don’t know why. Might be the drastic change in the weather, might be my nutrition, might be the stress of this transition period before uni starts again…I really don’t know. Hopefully, I’ll feel better soon and will be able to create again and actually follow what’s going on here. I feel like I’ve missed a lot of wonderful stuff my mutuals post, but I just don’t have the energy to catch up atm. Sorry guys, you are all wonderful and you know I love you <3

Also, hi to my new followers! Much love <3

hey guys so I don’t know if any of you followed my ahk but I’ve been accused of stealing a headcanon from the other ahk blog that I didn’t know about much less their headcanon. I will admit that the headcanons are freakily similar like I have absolutely no idea how that happened. But I refused to take the headcanon down because i did come up with it with my friends and so if you see a callout post going around (which the person said they were going to do) please do not believe it. I did absolutely nothing wrong and they refuse to believe me no matter how many screenshots I sent them, and was willing to offer & explain and apologize. Apparently my explanation and screenshots weren’t enough to convince them & their friends.

alwaysinfandomhell said: 13. Unpopular opinion about Tsuna? Or any other KHR character you feel like?

You know, I’m not sure what the popular opinions are.

I guess my biggest opinion is that TYL Tsuna is bullshit and a Bad End. I sincerely hope that the following arcs changed the timeline so we don’t get that TYL.

Aside from that, I’m gonna say that I don’t think Tsuna is really Vongola boss material. He’s still very young, so it’s not totally conclusive, people do change, but I can’t see him enjoying (or being anything except miserable) being in charge of an organization of that size. A small group? Maybe. But the massive giant Vongola is implied to be? Vongola being destroyed or foisted off on someone else is my preferred future.

Introduction/coming out to my followers

Alright, since I’ve been here for a while and because most of you guys don’t really know me, I think it’s time for an introduction/coming out post. You can call me Rei/Guzma/Alex, I’ll respond to either one, honestly. I’m in my 20′s, stretching into 21 next May towards the end of the month. On here, I’m really good friends with @theofficialhonerva , and they’re the greatest, I promise. I’m transgender, female to male, as well as I am bisexual. I feel more comfortable about coming out on here through my introduction because as I browse through Tumblr, I’ve noticed that it’s the most accepting site, unlike Facebook. It makes me want to cry with how much acceptance is here on Tumblr. Honestly, I prefer being here than any other site. I hope I can get to know my followers and form something like a family here. Don’t be afraid to chat with me, I’m actually really friendly !!

gay-emo-and-genderqueer  asked:

hey hey! i'm considering coming out at school to my peers, but I'm not out to my parents and don't plan on being so for a while. I was wondering if you guys or any followers knew of something that could show me the confidentiality policy for my school system? i feel like I remember seeing a "know your rights" search thing, but I could be wrong. i can't seem to find our policy anywhere online, either. thanks!

Hey, you should be able to approach a school counselor or similar and ask about their confidentiality agreement. Speaking to a trusted teacher may also be an option, as they can ask the right people for you :)

Make sure that if they agree to everything, you’re sure that things won’t collide with home and cause trouble. I really hope they keep it all in check for you, as you need adequate space and time to work up to speaking to people at home. Good luck!

- Alex

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You reblog a lot of art from someone that ships maxvid with max as a kid. Idk how to feel about that

First, I’d like to make it explicitly clear: this blog does not condone child/adult ships in any way, shape, or form. The owner of this blog does not wish to interact with anyone who supports or creates work that condones or portrays child/adult romantic relationships. 

I checked the artists of my last few reblogs, and I think I know who you’re talking about. 

For now, as a general rule of thumb, I do not have any personal issues with reblogging non-pedophillic art– even if from questionable sources. This may change depending on the population that follows me. If an overwhelming amount of people ask (off anon, and I will not publish the asks that request this of me) I will remove the art from my blog. 

I will make sure to tag their art with their url so that people can properly blacklist/block for now. 

Lastly, I would like to add that I completely understand if people have much more explicit opinions on this matter. That is absolutely fine and okay. I can understand not wanting a moderate view of the situation. 

Please be respectful– and I am not here to debate. Any person trying to start an argument will be kindly ignored. Thank you!

Maybe the reason I don’t like Tumblr very much is that I have zero interest in hearing about someone else’s health problems, and eating disorders are strongly correlated with chronic illnesses, but I also have zero interest in hearing about eating disorders, in any context. I still follow several people who have eating disorders, but I’ve unfollowed anyone that I was following just to feel “less alone” in my own eating disorder.

Also, the Tumblr DiScOuRsE is too much.