(this is heavily inspired my the conjuring everybody go watch it)

three times blaine doesn’t have sex with kurt, and the one time he does

or the one in which mpreg!kurt and blaine are just friends and shouldn’t be. 

it’s loosely inspired by ross and rachel circa season 8. 

this one’s a birthday present for the lovely mika! I hope you like it, doll. 
thanks to lena, for essentially being my beta and my cheerleader. 

warnings: bp!mpreg!kurt 

rating: nc-17 

word count: ~3500


Everybody said month three. So, when month three came and left, Kurt thought (or rather, desperately hoped) his time wouldn’t come. He and Blaine were only friends after all. Living together, but friends. Having a baby together, but friends.

Unfortunately, it starts the second week of his fourth month, and Kurt is most definitely not ready.

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