(this is a very convenient set.)

Let’s all appreciate how INTELLIGENTLY  ‘What’s the use of feeling blue’ is crafted as a sequence

- derived from the Diamond lifemotif & therefore recontextualizes it; Especially clever as it was worked into the creepy ending theme leading up to this. 

It adds a bit of a dark funerary quality to the previous moments it showed up in. 

- It is worth noting that the diamond theme was deliberately designed to be alian and non-musical, so they esentially set a challenge for themselves

- And the song actually stays very faithful to the creepy jingly ambient sounds, though they somehow craft them into a melody and lets YD’s va do the rest as she conveniently has a very strong dramatic voice. 

- subverts the expectation of a villain song while still fulfilling all of it’s functions both musically and narratively - low notes, contralto, minions singing backup, swingy sort of melody, expositioning the antagonists and setting both the physical and ideological/thematic confrontation… (They represent, or are the leaders of a society where everyone - even the local God-empresses! - has to shut out your feelings to ‘function’, which is the logical opposite/antithesis/anathema to Steven) but at the same time it’s not a bragadocious declaration but a look beneath the queenly masks/ into their private lives, though they’re not quite ‘out shopping’ as this does inform why/how they act in their day jobs as evil overlords. As usual SU distinguishes itself by clever use & tweaking of the tools

- electro meets jazz, which is in itself creative, though if you wanted you could probably read further things into that. The Diamonds are basically electro outside, Jazz inside. It’s also a further pun (eve heard of ‘blue notes’?)

- Conveys both character, style/aesthetic and other information with astounding density basically. 

 - As cool as the music is lets not forget the roles the visuals play -  Their surroundings are quite ‘emphatic’ in the ways all that pink light drowns out their color palettes like a domineering shadow, how Yellow Diamond keeps moving around the bubbles for emphasis, and last bt not least the use of body language to establish both their individual characters and their relationship. BD is relatively static & phlegmatic and waterlike in her motions, sort of recoiling away from both YD and her responsibilities at the beginning, and hugging that pillar for comfort. YD, by contrast, does plenty 

Both have a distinct aristocratic tinge in words and gestures though BD goes more in the ethereal/mystically direction while Yellow is a lot more abrupt and stiff there (including when she’s briefly overwhelmed and ends up as the comfortee)

This scene would flat out not work if not for the very unambiguous comforting/ sister-like body language at work there, how the bond is conferred through both word choice (’we still love her’) and physical touch/ gestures.

Particular mention to that one shot where we see them holding hands with both their gemstones shown in the background (and their similar placement highlighted), more or less at the exact point when we realize that they’re both equally affected despite their somewhat different reactions. 

- Speaking of the environment though: Éven if they’re having this very private, very un-pharaonic moment, they don’t allow us to foget that they’re villains - most of those Rose Quartzes were probably innocent, the “silly quirk” they’re discussing involves keeping sentient/intelligent beings as pets, and we keep seeing how much Ruby and Saphire are still terrified of BD; Also, Greg’s and Steven’s escape attempts lampshades their titanic sizes. Not to mention that they go right back to cold bitch mode/’command voice’ when the door opens and their underlings show up. They also showing off their fancy singing slaves. 

The ‘props’ are as creepy as if they were sitting in a cavern lined with human skulls and bones, but in a clever sci-fi way that makes it even more insidious.

- Though it is also worth noting that it’s greg and steven - almost complete outsiders! - who get to see this scene, rather than their former subjects such as Peridot, Garnet or Pearl. If they did see they’d hardly be compassionate with their former overlords, (not could they in any way be expected to be) but thing are different for Steven who’s probably able to have a wider perspective on this and recognize that they’re still people, even if they are evil overlords. 


Making dried orange peel!
These can be used for baths, hot teas or ciders, potpourri, or witchcraft! The process is extremely simple, and makes the entire house smell nice and fresh (which is also a good way to cleanse and banish negative energies in the home, as I’ve noticed). You can also do this with lemons, it’s the same process and the same usage!

The process:
-Get a large amount of healthy oranges with unblemished skin. Be sure to wash the oranges and scrub them lightly, because they are often coated with lots of germs and pesticides, which you REALLY don’t want on your dried product!

-Peel them however you wish, I find it easier to peel the entire orange in a giant coil shape, and then cut that coil to whatever sized pieces that I want my end result to be. Keep in mind that bigger pieces will be easier to strain out of whatever you use these in, so shaving them extremely tiny isn’t very convenient.

-Set your oven to it’s lowest setting, preferably around 200°. Place an aluminum foil sheet over a cookie tray, and generously arrange your peels on the foil. You don’t have to wait until the oven is completely heated, just stick them in there.

-The key is to expose them to low heat for a long period of time, which I’ve estimated to be about an hour and a half. Turning up the heat higher in an attempt to make the process faster will result in a few scorched pieces instead of lightly browned and crisped. You’ll know they’re ready when you can pinch one in the middle and it won’t give at all. Don’t be afraid to stir them around a bit so they all can get even amounts of heat exposure.

-While you’re waiting for them to finish, you can cut open the peeled oranges, and either juice them or slice them for eating!

Voila, now you know what to do with those orange rinds that people often throw away! 😊

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do you know any good pride and prejudice fanfiction where elizabeth and darcy have to get married before they love each other? (i have already read 'happenstance', 'a most convenient mishap' and 'when duty calls') i love your blog very much by the way! x

I sense someone’s in the mood for some angst! And I’m more than happy to help you with that!

Claims of Duty: A chance meeting in Ramsgate changes everything for Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.

Being Mrs Darcy: Being Mrs Darcy is a Regency, forced marriage scenario and is rated for mature audiences only and the angst-o-meter is set to high. Remember what Darcy is like in canon pre-Hunsford? I took him at his words to Elizabeth in Chapter 58: “I have been a selfish being all my life (…). [My parents] allowed, encouraged, almost taught me to be selfish and overbearing; to care for none beyond my own family circle; to think meanly of all the rest of the world; to wish at least to think meanly of their sense and worth compared with my own.” How, then, would he feel if he had a wife thrust upon him – a woman he did not know and whose circumstances in life were very much beneath his own? How will Elizabeth react to being forced to marry a man she doesn’t know and who very clearly does not think highly of her or her family?

A Christmas Tale: Forced into marriage because of a compromising situation at the Netherfield Ball, Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy must learn to live together in order to enjoy their first Christmas together.

A Covenant of Marriage: This is a historically accurate Forced Marriage Scenario (FMS), implying all the consequences of forced marriage for a woman of the time period.

Great Misfortunes: What if Elizabeth had never had the chance to refuse Darcy’s proposal? His proposal is interrupted and Darcy takes her acceptance for granted.

Their Share of Vexations: A chance encounter between two strangers - and the interference of a man with little scruples - leads to a marriage that neither Elizabeth Bennet or Fitzwilliam Darcy would have anticipated. But an even greater risk may face those dear to them, causing them to bond in the face of adversity.

Blame It on the Tea: The evening after Colonel Fitzwilliam inadvertently informs Elizabeth Bennet about his cousin’s part in separating Bingley from Jane, Elizabeth takes a drought for her headache and wakes up the next morning unable to recall what happened the night before.

BTS reaction to when their S/O's gets scared watching a scary movie with them

Request said: Bts reaction to their s/o and them watching a horror movie. All cute n stuff ?? Thanks :)


Jin: Since, you guys haven’t really spend time together, Jin decided to make a movie night. He went to closest convenience store and bought popcorn and your favorite candies/chocolates. You decided to make the popcorn, while Jin choose the movie. As you came back with snacks, the movie was already chosen and set. You sat down on the couch and Jin sat next to you. “Jin, what’s this movie about?” you asked very curious. “Sh… You’ll see” exclaimed Jin. Since he put a finger on your lips signalling that you should not say another word, you keep quiet. The movie started and you knew by the suspense at the beginning that it was going to be one of the scary ones. The drama of the movie was good until one part you screamed your head off and quickly hid your face into Jin’s chest. He would pet your hair and make you face him to kiss your cheek. 

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Suga: As you got out of the shower, already dressed into pj’s you didn’t see your boyfriend in bed no more. Until he came into the room “Let’s watch this movie” he said while he pointed the movie case, since you didn’t exactly see the cover of the movie case you went along with it. You got downstairs and the movie was already playing. You and Suga decided to cuddle while watching the movie. Until one part of the movie, scared the heck out of you and it resulted on you quickly falling into your face on the floor; which made Suga laugh and you getting angry at him. He eventually got to you and kissed your lips to make you feel alright. 

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J-Hope: “Jagiya come downstairs” said Hoseok. “Ok” you screamed back. You got down the stairs, and there he was waiting for you. He was smiling at you and then he said “Come follow me” you followed him into the living room. To find the table already settled with popcorn, candies of every kind and your favorite chocolates. You smiled at him and kissed his cheek in order for him to feel that you appreciated what he planned for you two for that night. He motioned you to sit down at the sofa and he grabbed the remote control and quickly played the movie. As the movie started you asked “So, whats this movie about?” “I don’t know…one of the guys told me to watch it with you” he responded. “Oh..” was all you said, After some minutes of the movie, out of nowhere a demon came into the screen looking very scary and scared the heck out of you two.  Resulting on both of you screaming and jumping into each others arms for the rest of the movie.

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Rap Monster: Since Namjoon just returned from his tour, all  he wanted to do was to spend some time with you. He decided to have a movie date at the movie theater and watch one of the scariest movies featuring , but you didn’t knew about it because he kind of knew that you hated these types of movies but he did it in order  to be closer with you and recover all of the time that he had missed. You guys got seated and waited for a few minutes and the movie started to play. But as soon as it started you got scared, in which resulted the popcorn being thrown away into the floor and your head into Namjoon’s chest and him hugging you and saying “I am here, don’t worry. I’ll protect you”  and then he started to pet your hair and stealing some pecks on your lips. 

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Jimin: “Hey, Y/N” said your boyfriend. “Yes, Jimin” you said while facing him. “Let’s go somewhere?” asked Jimin. “Yeah, sure why not?” you said. “Then let’s go…” he said while grabbing your hand. “Where are we going, Jimin” you said struggling to get out of his grip. “To the movies” he said. “Oh..” you said while finally giving in. You guys quickly arrived. Since he wanted to keep the movie as a surprise, he went and order everything for you. All you had to do was to carry your snacks that he bought for you into the movie room. You guys sat down and the trailers quickly played in the screen. After a few of those, the movie finally started. You started to get happy but suddenly as the movie built the story, you could not help but feel impatient and asked yourself why you were feeling like this,  Until, suddenly a very scary scene played and you got so scared that you started to scream and shut your eyes, but you keep screaming. Since you could not hear what Jimin was trying to say , he grabbed your wrist and quickly headed you out of the movie room. Right there he hugged and kissed your lips in order to make you feel better. 

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Taehyung (V): *ring* *ring* your phone rang. You saw the ID caller and it was your cute loving boyfriend. “Hello V!” you said sounding happy“Hi, Jagiya!he said. “Listen, the guys and I were wondering if you like to come to our place to watch a movie” he added“Yeah sure, I would love too!. At what time?” you asked. “Come at 7pm” he responded. “Ok, see you” you said while made a kissing sound and he did the same thing too and he hung up. 7 a’ clock came by and you were already pushing the door bell. “Hello, who is this?” said a voice, which you recognized as Suga. “You know who its!” you said. “Are you Y/N??, because you are not allowed in here” said Suga teasing you.  “YES!! It is me…Just let me in” you pleaded. “No can do!” Suga said. “Suga!!” you screamed and then you saw the door open and it was Suga and you playfully hit his arm and he screamed in pain “Its not so good to see you” said Suga while still touching his arm. You just rolled your eyes and then Namjoon saw you and he screamed “V, Y/N is here!!” and then your loving boyfriend came running to you like a loving puppy does to his owner. “I missed you” he said while hugging you. “I missed you too” you replied. “AHG….Guys get a room” said Suga. “Shut up” said V. “Guys the movie is starring!” screamed Jin. You guys ran to the living room sitting on the floor because there was no more space on the couch.  After a couple of minutes passed and you were so lost in your thoughts that you had no idea what happen until something unexpected happen in the movie which scared you to death and you started to scream. V being confused about your sudden reaction, but then he understood that you got scared and  he asked if you were ok and then he would just hold your hand to make sure you were actually ok. 

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JungKook: “Y/N how about we watch this movie” he said while pointing to the TV in which it showed a movie trailer. The trailer looked like an ordinary movie so you went along with it. JungKook took you to the nearest Movie Theater. You offer to pay for the tickets but he insisted that he had every thing under control. He took you to the snack stand and told to order anything that you wanted. You did and both of you happily walked into the movie room. You guys sat down and he quickly puts his arm over you and he made you face him. “If you get scared, just look at me and hold my hand” he said. “What do you mean if I get scared?” you asked confused. “Um.. This is a scary movie, Jagiya” he responded. “Really…” you said. “But the movie trailer looked like a normal movie” you added, sounding a bit disappointing. “If you want we could go and ask for a ticket change” he started to get up. “No, it’s fine. How bad could it be” you said convincing him that it was fine. He just nodded and as soon as that happen the movie started to play. At the beginning you thought that JungKook was just teasing you until one part of the movie that completely scared you and you did what JungKook told you to do if you got scared, and for doing so, he quickly kissed your cheek. 

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MEETING JOE - a Joe Sugg imagine

Flying by yourself was not something you really wanted to do. Your friend had wanted to stay in Los Angeles for a few more days, whilst you were ready to meet your friend in London. You had never been to London before and you were very excited. Despite the nerves you felt to fly alone, they could not waver your excitement.

As you came to the end of the boarding bridge, you handed your boarding pass to the flight attendant, who conveniently gave you directions to your seat. You had a window seat, which you were happy about. A window seat let you see the clouds and the sun as it rose and set. There was always comforting about the sky to you, it was as though no matter where you were or went, there was something familiar to home.

You settled yourself into your seat, pulling out your headphones from your bag and placing them beside your phone on your lap. As you began to slide your bag beneath the seat in front of you, somebody sat down in the aisle seat beside you.

You looked up and said with a smile, “Hi.”

“Hello,” he replied cheerily, his blue eyes shining.

You continued to push your bag into a spot that left you enough room for your legs to be comfortable. You couldn’t help but admire the features of the boy sitting beside you; his messily swept up hair, shining blue eyes and lean muscular build. He stood up to put his bag in the overhead locker, after also taking out his headphones.

“I’m Joe,” he said, still quite cheerful.

You introduced yourself and just in time, as a flight attendant came by telling you both to do up your seatbelts and turn your devices off. The two of you sat in silence as the flight attendants went through the safety precautions and having only heard the same one a few days ago, you tuned out, only paying attention to where your nearest emergent exit was. When they were done, the attendants sat in their respective seats as the plane prepared to take off.

“You look nervous,” Joe said. “You’re obviously not from America though, so this can’t be your first time flying.”

You nodded and laughed, “I wonder how you could tell I’m not American. But you’re right, I’m nervous because it’s the first time I’ve flown on my own.”

“Don’t worry,” he smiled, “This is only my third or so flight on my own. It’s definitely not as bad as you think.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right, thanks.”

“Plus, you’re not alone, you have me!” he smiled with a small wink.

You laughed before asking him if you could continue this conversation once you were both in the air away from the turbulence of take off. He agreed before closing his eyes as the plane shook off the ground. You closed your eyes as well, excited for the rest of the flight and your trip ahead.

Before you knew it you were halfway through the flight and you had gotten to know Joe really well. You were both trying really hard to not have any jetlag once you landed, so while majority of the other fliers slept, you tried your best to keep each other up. You found out that he had a YouTube channel and that he lived alone after just moving out from a shared apartment with his best friend. He told you that he had a group of good friends in London, whom he met only within the last year. He hadn’t lived in London until a few years ago. You also told Joe a lot about yourself; where you came from and what you did in LA. You told him about how you would be staying with your friend in London and that your other friend would be catching up with you guys in a few days.

“London is actually one of my favourite places in the whole world, next to LA and Australia,” Joe told you. “I’m not just saying that because I live there either.”

“I am really excited!”

“We should definitely meet up again while you’re there,” he said.

You blushed slightly and agreed. Though you had only known Joe for a few hours, it was surprising how well you had gotten to know him and how comfortable he made you feel. You pulled up the address of your friend’s flat in London, deciding to ask Joe if he knew where it was.

“I am not joking when I say this but that is my apartment building! What is her apartment number?”

You told him, making him laugh.

“I live next door!”

It turned out that Joe knew your friend, having bumped into her in their shared stairwell many times. She also often went out with them at night. You couldn’t believe the chances that you would be sitting next to your friend’s new neighbour on the plane.

As you watched a movie on the small screen in front of you, Joe edited one of his upcoming videos on his laptop. Every now and then you’d look at each other to make sure the other was still awake or to show something funny in what you were each watching.

The next thing you knew, you were being gently shaken awake by Joe. Blushing, you sat up, having been resting your head on his shoulder. You stretched your arms up and looked around, slightly dazed.

“We’re about to land,” Joe said softly, “I didn’t want to wake you up, you looked so peaceful.”

You apologised for leaning on him, still feeling pink in the cheeks. He laughed, saying it was fine, if not comfortable.

“Do you, by any chance, feel like catching the same Uber back to the apartments?”

You looked at him, shocked. You had enjoyed talking and spending time with him but you hadn’t realised he had as well.

“Yes,” you breathed, “I would really like that.”

Part of the MEETING series.

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You said DOFP will probably never be binded as a book. But may I entrust binding a book to a printing company for my personal enjoy? (of course not for sell) Because I want to read it over and over and it's more convenient for me to have printed version to translate.

If it’s for personal use and not for sale, then that’s fine! Although I’m also not certain what printing companies out there will do a long book with a spine for very limited run prints…all the places I encountered had a set minimum of copies to produce. So, good luck!

so i’ve been reading a lot of fics where Carlos has homophobic parents so I present an alternative

Carlos with one of those overly enthusiastic parents who spend a lot of energy reaffirming that they love Carlos no matter what, smothering him in it

he comes back home from camp one day to find one of the walls painted rainbow, his mom was trying to set him up with a straight cashier from the convenience store, his dad brought him a ton of those gay sex pamphlets and suggested they read it together much to Carlos’s mortification 

just teenage!Carlos trying to convince his parents that he’s trying to focus on school right now and has no time for dating. 

they are overjoyed when they hear about Cecil, Carlos is very nervous

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Logic, I get where you're coming from about reading books non-digitally, and I usually read books physically, but I don't think reading them digitally is particularly bad? I don't mind reading (*cough* fanfiction *cough*) online, and sometimes it is very convenient. Sorry, I just feel that books are books are books, and they are all awesome.

I get what you mean anon books are book and it great that your reading it doesn’t matter what or how. You also got to remember with comics books they don’t just show the whole page they should the individual panel and sometimes depending were your reading it the whole page afterwards. It is hard when there is big page set ups or when the panels are drawn spiral or other non uniform way and it messes everything up. So those I don’t understand how people can read them online

How to transfer your data on your microSD Card to your computer WITHOUT taking out the microSD Card!

Hi everyone! Since that post about the thing got a bustling 15 LIKES holyshit so famous. I decided it was best to make this tutorial!

I just randomly discovered this today and it’s very useful. :) I don’t know if theres any way to use this to add things into your system or whatever hacking business, but I think this will be convenient for us who are simply tired as hell of using Facebook/Twitter to upload pictures from our microSD card. -_- 


1. Go to your system settings.

2. Go to Data Management

(look at my dumb hand also I have no clue why the light by the cam appears to be on because it’s wasn’t… spooky)

3. Then, go to MicroSD Management (If you have parental controls you will have to know your pin number upon tapping this.)

4. From here, you’ll be inquired to give a username and password and name (for the network name I presume?). I had a little trouble finding the network area that it inquires you about, so I will be providing screenshots. 

5. So if you want to know where the Network thing it mentions, you can find it here (lil red box, also look at all my personal stuff):

6. When I got to this I had to change my network settings, so if you get to it you’re possibly gonna have a prompt thingy… I forgot what it said now, sorry. xD Anyways, if you clicked the right stuff or have already done this before, the name you chose should show up under computer

7. Then click the name you chose, it should bring you to the root folders of your microsd card (DCIM & Nintendo 3DS) 

If it appears empty (as it has a couple times for me) just keep clicking the microsd part there in the search bar, eventually the folders appear. :)

I hope I helped you guys. Happy uploading! <3


Angels huddled in front of convenience store, the bright, white glow being the closest thing looking like home in the streets after dark.

The very first ‘visual concept’ I’m doing in an attempt to decide which project to do for my diploma 

since this one is much more setting than really story I thought I would illustrate the many situations I have until a story starts coming  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[quick edit with lineless vers. too because I think it looks cool k bye]

Things in fiction (mostly fantasy/scifi) that really grind my gears
  • ******characters not being set back or affected long term by injuries or things to do with their body (e.g an extremely skinny character that is continuously displayed as having a poor diet would be more prone to illness, tiredness, and overall weakness, and when push comes to shove there should be a very real danger that the character could fail because of their body. Yet for some reason, this is often conveniently forgotten and the character succeeds without any struggle pertaining to their disadvantage/flaws)
  • An obvious one, but that one single female character that is only there for sex appeal and to get with the main male character. If she is “strong” then it’s in a sexy way and while she may not ‘bend’ for any other man, she’ll bend for male protag and let him take charge. 
  • On that note, a dearth of dominant women that stay in a dominant position in all things, including relationships.
  • Also: only having one female main character with many male characters.
  • the stereotypical women as healers/support, male characters as tanks/dps. I want more male healers and more female tanks god diddly damn it.
  • A lack of male characters that don’t actually like fighting and are there for support, yet don’t fall into the ‘nerdy sidekick to a strong male lead’ realm. 
  • A lack of male characters that openly show emotion, and if they cry then it’s more than just the stoic-faced-single-tear-rolling-down cheek shit.
  • The overabundance of stoic male characters, yet the dearth of stoic female characters that aren’t an ‘ice queen bitch.’
  • A lack of nurturing male characters. Give me a father character that has a relationship with his children and that cares for his children in a way that is typically associated with mothers. 
  • A lack of characters that push or challenge gender lines/boundaries. Transgender, but also androgynous, non-binary, etc. Also: cis-gendered characters that display a reversal of gender roles, and do typically feminine things, or typically masculine things. Without a huge deal being made out of any of this. You know, normalised. 
  • A lack of love-triangles that end in threesome relationships.
  • Making things (e.g homosexuality) taboo in the fiction but without displaying any cultural belief structure that would lead the fictional society to think of something as taboo. This was a thing that annoyed me in the Witcher, was when you encounter a guy whose lover was killed because they were in a gay relationship. Why would he have been killed? They don’t have Christianity or another Abrahamic religion which is pretty much the reason why displays of homosexuality were taboo in Europe. But because the Witcher world is based on Medieval Europe, there’s all these importations of culture that wouldn’t make sense if it wasn’t in a real-world historically European context. This is your chance to explore and create whole new societies with different norms and beliefs and structures. They don’t have to be a perfect society, they don’t have to be a stereotypically “evil” society, and they don’t need to have the same taboos as your culture or the historical culture of your current society. You don’t need to just copy-paste the majority of things from the real-world. 
  • Something that I sort of feel is a stereotype is that if a female/male character is masculine/feminine in some aspects, she/he will be typically masculine/feminine in other aspects. I.e if a woman does actually happen to be a giant muscly lady, more often that not, she’s gay and goes after very feminine women. It feels like it follows the lines of ‘the stereotypical idealised male character goes after stereotypical idealised female character’, only both characters are now the same gender and the relationship is homosexual. Yet, they still seem to operate within a heteronormative framework. Which is fine to have, but the problem I have with it is that it just comes up over and over and over. There’s not much exploration of other dynamics. 
  • A lack of super duper really gay, feminine women. 
  • Displaying a relationship that is real gay but then playing it off as “oh they’re just like brothers/sisters…”
  • A lack of deep familial (that is OBVIOUSLY familial) relationships between between non-related characters. Hell, even related characters. We need more families going around together. 
  • A lack of deep and meaningful friendships between male and female characters that don’t fall into sexual relationships, nor do they quite fall into familial relationships either. 
  • Scifi especially - Aliens that are pretty much human. Especially the females. No more blue sexy ladies. Please.
  • ‘humans are destroying/destroyed everything look how terrible we are’
  • Fiction in which every character is an utter piece of shit and does terrible things and only serves themselves and has zero redeeming qualities. Or at least the antagonist(s) is all of this. Give me characters that do things that make me have to remind myself that they’re shits. 

This became more of a wishlist to be honest. 

Even if there is a higher power, I still don’t see any reason to worship it! Why would a higher power that created everything in the universe communicate through Bronze Age men, to tell tiny pockets of the world, at different time periods, that they must worship him and follow a set of rules that very conveniently relate to a specific time and place! The concept of the religious God was so clearly made up to fill gaps and desires that people could not find another way to fill.

External image
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The Oddities of Jeon Jungkook

this is really lame and cliche but i really hope you like it anyways, thank u so much for requesting <3
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   Living with Jungkook came with a very peculiar set of problems. The first, and admittedly biggest, problem was that he was quite possibly the most perfect human you had encountered and you were definitely falling head over heels for him. The second largest problem was that he wasn’t much of a talker. The two of you had moved in together out of convenience. You were both going to the same school, had similar schedules and both needed someone to split rent with. He was a friend of a friend that you had spent a few weekends with, and looking back on it buying an apartment with someone who was practically a stranger wasn’t your best decision. But so far he hadn’t attempted to murder you in your sleep, so you’d say it was going pretty well. Minus the fact that he was still ridiculously shy around you after six months of living together.

    Despite being quiet and awkward he was still amazing to live with, his quirks and odd habits intensely endearing. The nights you managed to make him laugh were treasured ones, his rare late night conversations pulled you further into the depths of his personality. It seemed like everyday you learned something new about him. Tonight was another one of his quiet nights, sparing only a few details about his day during your shared dinner and heading off to bed early. You were left lying awake in your own room, wishing you could figure out how to get him to fully open up, rain softly tapping against your window, wrapping yourself up in your thin blankets to watch the droplets of water roll down the smudged glass. Rain had always been your favorite weather. And tonight it would bring along a lot more than it usually did.

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So many things happened at San Diego Comic Con today! There were interviews, pictures, emoji videos, a panel, a trailer release, and a yacht party. If you think you missed anything, don’t worry because we’ve collected all of today’s highlights and we’re presenting them right here in a very convenient masterpost for your enjoyment.

  • Peter, Jenna, and Michelle sat down for an interview with Digital Spy where they discussed spaceships, vikings, and who’s more popular: Jenna or K-9
  • And then the Panel happened! We liveblogged the whole thing and you can relive it all right here
  • Also, we released the first Series 9 trailer which you can see by clicking this link or just watching right here

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First off, lemme preface this by saying that I drew this around Christmas/New Years so anything revealed for the stories plot since then I obviously couldn’t include in this picture. Why am I just now uploading it? Because our scanner conveniently decided to break around then and we just recently got a new one. What lovely timing, right?

ANYWAY! @loverofpiggies is one of my favorite artists I follow, so I thought I would add to her mountain of fanart with…well…my version of what a lot of people have already drawn for her. What can I say, I’m not very original. X3 But that aside, in honor of the Crayon Queen I thought I would dust of my own set of crayons and actually do some traditional art. Gotta say, it was weird not being able to simply undo a stroke I didn’t like or resize certain aspects that seemed out-of-scale after drawing digitally for so long. (That being said I DID take the liberty to rearrange a few things when I digitally edited in the black background. I wasn’t quite satisfied with how I originally laid down parts of the image X3)

I gotta say though, Aftertale is a GREAT story and I love it. It’s how I found our lovely CQ, but I quickly found that I quite enjoy everything I’ve seen from her. I love your creative mind and it’s a joy to see what all you come up with! Even IF that includes breaking our hearts and sending us for a ride on the feels train. XD And not only are you a very creative person, you’ve also shown to be a very very kind and funny one too. I love seeing you interact with everyone! It truly is a joy. ^^ I just hope you’re finding the time you need to have a bit of you time away from the internet. You really do overwork yourself sometimes, hun, and I hope are taking the time you need to rest. We all love you and want you to not be overworked and stressed. :)

Well, I think I’ve rambled on long enough now. XD Hope you like my addition to the fanart pile, CQ, and good luck in your future endevours! Ya nerd~ ;D