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Twilight-Style Covers If Edward Were The Protagonist

A red glass rose for Twilight (Midnight Sun), as a symbol of love- a red rose- but in an unnatural state.  Or a delicate rose for Bella, made colder and harder by Edward’s association.  Something lovely that he believes he’s ruining, essentially- though of course, beauty is subjective.

A mirror for New Moon, first because the main arc begins with him withdrawing to look at himself and what he believes he’s doing to Bella, then because he’s left alone with nothing but himself and his pain for the majority of the story.

A knotted rope for Eclipse, because, in contrast to Bella’s cover where she has Jacob as the one thread she just can’t cut, Edward is eventually willing to accept the idea of their lives being strongly tied to his.

And a rocking chair for Breaking Dawn, first for the more obvious reason: that Edward has a domestic life he never dreamed of (I believe there’s a quote somewhere of Stephenie calling him a “family man at heart,” or something along those lines).  Second, as a callback to the scene in Midnight Sun, when Edward was sitting in the old rocking chair in Bella’s room and he realized how much he loved her- because at the end of Breaking Dawn, Bella is finally able to show him that she really does love him just as much.

Hey guys, I need your help.

First off, this has nothing to do with me needing money or shelter like a lot of posts asking for help usually entail. It’s for my friend.

She’s been rping for quite a number of years now (especially compared to my measly 4), and she has many rp accounts here on tumblr. But a lot of them get very little attention, despite having hundreds of followers.

She reblogs ask memes, she gets nothing.

She makes open threads, she gets nothing.

And many threads she does make die off relatively quickly.

It’s really taking a toll on her emotionally, especially as of late. So send her asks & reply to threads, or literally do anything. I don’t know if her followers are just too shy to do any of that, or they just don’t care. But I need you to care. I won’t go into details, but rping is literally one of the only things she can do for fun to occupy her time.

Following an rp blog, and expecting the same content from them through somebody else’s interaction with them doesn’t work. You might think “Oh, someone better will just ask/reply to the muse.” But it doesn’t happen. Because literally everybody thinks this, and then the memes/threads just sit there gathering dust. And then the mun feels like they’re not worth anybody’s time.

So please. I want you to interact with my friend. She’s funny, nice, and a great rper.

Who has literally hundreds of followers, but only gets the same 3 or 4 people interacting with her blogs (myself included). I can’t do everything she wants to do in terms of rping by myself, which I’ve tried to do. It doesn’t work out.

Some of her blogs are:

@trollsofthezodiac (Homestuck Fantrolls)

@blondchiroptera (Motorcity AU Chuck)

@featheredsorrow (Motorcity AU Chuck/Mike)

You don’t have to be exceptional.

This thread got me thinking about a thing.

For the last two years (plus some months that seem to be heading toward 3 years) there has been a dude taking care of all the mundane tasks Ancient Guardian and I do not do for ourselves. Driving, shopping, laundry, talking to people like motel clerks, cooking, many other tasks too numerous to list (many of which I am not even aware of). Nothing exceptional - just your average ‘personal assistant’ tasks plus a little bit extra cause of me being nuts.

He’s put his life on hold (as he calls it) to just do stuff for us we can’t do for ourselves reliably. He’s not a great engineer, scientist, biologist … but his contribution matters as much to us more than if he were. 

A hero is a person that does stuff to make other people’s lives better. Even if they don’t use super powers to do it.


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“In a solarpunk setting, technology such as cellphones, would be made…”

Can we please stop referring to all styles as _____punk or _____wave, especially when they have nothing to do with being punk or wave.

The “Punk” part of the name has actually been hugely important to informing what “solarpunk” means.

Here’s a post that @permapunk​ wrote about identifying as “punk” in high school, what that meant to them, and how naming themselves as part of that community changed the way they had access to discourse about radical politics.

Here’s one of my oldest posts about solarpunk, followed by a thread talking about the way solarpunk relates to punk values.

Here’s a post I wrote about why solarpunk doesn’t conform to the precise visual aesthetics of conventional punk, and why it probably shouldn’t – for reasons specifically informed by punk ideology.

And here’s the thread (referenced in the fashion one) in which I angrily detail how anti-punk it is to gatekeep about calling things punk on the basis of their superficial aesthetics.

here’s a thing about timeskips, before i get to finishing up my chem review for today

they can work, first of all. nothing in writing, i think, is never works if you know what you’re doing. and in the case of particular narratives, for examples, ones stretching across millenia, or with lots of day-to-day activities that can be summed up easily in a paragraph or so. but they shouldn’t be skipping over crucial moments, or after one that has many ‘threads’ still hanging off them, especially for the former case if you’re going to be referring to them later on. 

with, for example, person of interest’s season finales, we are often immediately placed right back where we left off, right back into tension. the flashbacks poi uses are often… they aren’t supplementary exactly, but they shed a greater light upon current events. for example, carter being a negotiator when she was in military service, we knew enough of carter from the basic chronological progression that she was, y’know, a rounded character, but it offered even more, without interrupting the flow of the present. that’s the ideal use of flashback i think.

when it’s not the ideal it can toss a lot of hiccups into narrative, stalling it rather than helping to push it along.

Hi fellow white people, just a little PSA here.

Over the next weeks and months, you might see posts from persons of color that posit that white people fucked them over in this election.

Whatever you do, DO NOT hijack that post to engage in “Not All White People!!” discourse.

It is not about you. It is about a system that has continually abused persons of color. It is about a frustration that has been boiling since before anyone alive was ever born. It is railing about white privilege. White people ABSOLUTELY fucked this election. They overwhelmingly voted for Trump. They overwhelmingly voted 3rd party because they had nothing to lose and worried more about principles.

It is not an attack specifically on you, White Clinton Voter, it is a criticism on the collective of white people. Hijacking a thread because of hurt feelings and white fragility will not reassure persons of color that you’re “one of the good ones.” You do not get medals for being decent. You do not need to defend yourself as an individual against attacks on a collective.

So please. White person to white person: don’t fucking do it. If you want to help people right now, support them. Comfort them. Fight for them. That means a lot more right now than empty words that you’re not like those racist white people. Actions, friends. They are so much louder.

Scion Issues

This post refers heavily to this thread.

Mentions: @kerrwynn, @generalcero, @crimson-wings, @roewyn

When Vel had left Kerrwynn’s hotel room, she’d heard everything he had to say.

Though her considerable pride kept head from listening to the words she heard. He could have been offering to make her the princess of Erudition but the words would have just bounced off her eardrums and back onto the floor.

It wasn’t really Kerrywynn’s fault. The monkette had a rather large chip on her shoulder that made Kerrwynn’s opening gambit set her mind into such a frusterated whirlwind that her sense of reason escaped her.

Other thoughts plagued her. Cero had returned and was now more present. And while in his considerable absence she’d asserted control over Crimson Wings - he was always technically - the one in charge. Recent events had reassured her that his increasing presence would not force her from the position she informally occupied; but in the back of her mind, she felt insecure. It wasn’t helped by the likes of Emma - who showed no respect for Vel’s authority or Judessa - who never had acknowledged it to begin with.

When Kerrwynn had spoken the words ‘your position has been narrowed’ - all those insecurities had swelled to the foreground of her mind. Her concerns no longer were in room 431. She needed to be strengthening her position.

When the knife was pulled from the door she simply left. She said not a word. She had heard what he said regarding the offer; but her ears were deaf to it now. Even though, he had essentially clarified that she would more or less have exactly what she’d requested.

Except the whores.

A very, very small part of her may have urged her to try and walk out simply in order to try and strong arm her way into obtaining permission for such vices.

But her primary motivation in leaving was - simply because her mind was already elsewhere. Worried about ensuring that the position she’d enjoyed was not slipping from her grip. Not after what she’d done. She’d established Crimson Wing’s clinic in Surumar. She’d managed to secure a reliable supplier via the Eclipse Syndicate. She’d acquired the Seprent’s Kiss and established a connection to Sunspire Port. The General would always be the official leader of the organization, but what mattered to her - was who people saw as the one making the decisions. She had no issue with his return; his connections were what made the organization reputable. But - would people still see her as the one in charge?

That question troubled her. And buzzed in her mind like a swarm of hornets. And Kerrwynn had unintentionally stepped on that beehive.

So she left his room. And said not a word in response.

Her mind had drifted from Kerrwynn and room 431 until – Demytra and Ilyea had shown up at the port one night prior.

She had not seen Demytra in a while. And without thinking too much about the words she’d heard but failed to listen to, she explained what Kerrwynn had said to her. Of course - she didn’t tell her the whole of it.

She focused on what had pissed her off. Not the explanation. Two reasons. The first - was she was still genuinely a bit pissed off. The second - more important but less obvious reason; was she wanted to push. She wanted to see if Demytra would act unilaterally in spite of Kerrywynn.

It had been less about Kerrwynn, and far more about Demytra.

Vel, was still feeling insecure. It would have meant something to her had Demytra been willing to grant Vel what Kerrwynn more of less already had.

Vel truly had convinced herself that Demy was fond of her. And yet the Magistrix would not break from procedure for the monkette.

This had bothered her back when this agreement was first made on the Row. Demytra had remained entirely silent as Vel negotiated with Kerrwynn. And in fact had insisted that Vel deal with him rather than with her as a matter of procedure.

It bothered her no less now. Demy’s first reaction to Vel’s comments were to defer to Kerrywnn’s judgement in things, and explain to her that he had apologized about something to someone and swallowed his pride or something – honestly her lecture was sort of lost on Vel. Save for that it seemed to miss the mark.

She assured Vel that Kerrwynn would make a more earnest approach. But - she had wanted confirmation. Not about Kerrwynn. But about Demytra.

Friendship was a concept Vel struggled with. Especially as a Magistrix was concerned. The idea she may be friends with one, was hard for her to believe.

Yet she truly had convinced herself of it.

She had hoped to see something in Demy’s reaction to suggest she would have spoken up for her, not because Kerrwynn had pissed the monkette off (which he had), but out of friendship.

No such confirmation was found.

Kurel eventually scooped the woman up and they argued. Vel had no idea about what. Nor did she care.

If Demy did not consider her a friend, what good was having a device to contact her? And why would she wish to stay in Erudition?

She had left Kerrwynn’s room and given him without saying a word about his clarified offer.

But if he were to speak to her now, despite Vel being in a more reasonable state of mind - she couldn’t be sure what she’d even say.

Was there a point?

If she’d been incorrect about Demy being fond of her … why would she want access to Erudition or her ear?

So she would continue to avoid giving an answer. She needed to know more. As there was still a sliver of hope that her assumptions were not incorrect, and that she was not incorrectly considering Demy a friend.

Though if she were - she already began considering new roads that not calling the woman a friend may open up for her.

Either way - Vel was flexible… one way or another - she’d make the situation work.

“If we opened people up, we’d find landscapes. If we opened me up, we’d find beaches…Memory is like sand in my hand. I keep some and some is going. The beaches are the thread, and it’s true that I’ve been on beaches all my life. I know that if I need the ideal place, it’s the perfect one for me. This has nothing to do with swimming or surfing or sailing. It’s the pleasure of watching the beach, which means watching the sky and the sea, and if you go at a different time, it can be different light and weather, it can be white or it can be flat. I love it when it’s almost flat. It’s so pure that it’s like the beginning of the world. And it allows me, as a metaphor, to believe that I was always on the beach in my mind.”

– Agnes Varda

Still from The Beaches of Agnes (2008, dir. Agnes Varda)

Semi-Hiatus Notice

I guess this has been coming on a while now… If you’ve known me since the beginning you’d know that usually I’m super fast with replies, and I can crack them out in a night and have them post then or the next day. However, with the way things have been going on recently.. I just don’t see that changing until school gets out.

Between homework, scholarships, and chores at home all of my energy gets drained and I have nothing left for replies. April looks like it’s going to be really busy for me, and March has been hectic too, so I doubt anything will change until May.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to completely disappear under the radar, or that I don’t love and enjoy the threads I have now, this is just me officially noticing the lack of activity I’ve been having >.< I’ll keep on doing replies as I can, as I have been doing, so thank you everyone for supporting me.

I’m hoping to be fully back and ready to tackle things in May~ ;3

I’ve got kids that enjoy stealing. I’ve got kids that don’t think about stealing one way or the other, and I’ve got kids that justtolerate stealing because they know they’ve got nothing else to do. But nobody–and I mean nobody–has ever been hungry for it like this boy. If he had a bloody gash across his throat and a physiker was trying to sew it up, Lamora would steal the needle and thread and die laughing. He…steals too much.
—  Gentlemen bastards book 1. Scott Lynch

Ps this has nothing to do with any current threads-

i got an ask that I have answered privately and also have gotten some weird commentary on my main blog about raph always wanting rough sex and im kinda :/

hes arguably the most sensitive of all the turtles and while rough might be fun or needed here and there thats not him 24/7

anonymous asked:

Comic book riders Not taking Dick's experiences with sexual assault seriously has absolutely nothing to do with the objectification of woman characters. They don't give two shits female characters being objectified. It's not 'you tired of female characters being objectified? Here's Dick facing sexual assault/harassment'. Toxic masculinity is why it's not takin seriously.

that was like, the point of that last ask though? the two issues are separate, but related on the thread of sexual assault. (women may get sexually assaulted partly because of objectification) – but putting male characters through sexual assault has little to do with women being objectified outside of the common thread of sexual assault, yes. 

but yes, toxic masculinity is why men being sexually assaulted in comics is never taken seriously. dick, bruce, jason, tim, kon… and those are just characters i’m familiar with. chances are, there are others that i don’t even know about. almost any big name comic book hero has probably at least been kissed without their consent because of that stupid trope of “just surprise-kiss them!” or “use a kiss as a distraction!” (often accompanied by a grope or something similarly gross) – and its just so … awful. 

society teaches boys that they’re “lucky” if an older woman preys on them, teaches them that statuatory rape is a good thing. society teaches boys that they’re always supposed to want it, that “no” shouldn’t ever be applied to sex–whether that means to make sexual abusers, or sexual assault victims. society teaches boys that they are always supposed to be primed and ready to have sex, no matter what. society teaches boys that they cant be rape victims because sex is always a happy circumstance. society teaches boys that if they claim to be rape victims, they’re lying, unmasculine, weak, and pathetic. 

its just … so gross. 

lurkinghistoric  asked:

Fic ask meme! You do a tremendous amount of worldbuilding in your fics. How do you start? Do you spot a trailing thread in canon and follow it, or does it often start with your own (eg geological) knowledge?

The only thing I like better than a fandom that has lots of worldbuilding is…a fandom that needs some more worldbuilding. Mad Max is deliciously maddening that way. We get glimpses of the canon worldbuilding here and there, but nothing more than that. I’m not the only fan to go “Fine. Fine! I’ll just build my own Wasteland!

So, yep, I’m following up on trailing threads in canon. Plus nerd questions. What do people in Gastown eat? What does a nuclear explosion do to radio networks? What would chrome be, if it really existed? How do? Why? Sometimes I get inspired by things that are stuck in my memory. Other times, researching/Googling/Wikipedia leads to more, or “so that’s where George Miller was coming from” – such as comparing the Citadel’s water drop with an aquifer test system.

Of course there’s the stuff I look at and don’t use, or that gets cut. In fic I try to keep it relevant to the plot.  Thanks for a great ask!

// alright, friends ! i’m down to my last draft over here, i think. i’ll be working on it but in the meantime if anyone would like to plot a thread, i’d love to get some new ones going… especially if you’re an ffx character ! just hop into my ask or messenger if you’re interested !

I’ve got kids that enjoy stealing. I’ve got kids that don’t think about stealing one way or the other, and I’ve got kids that just tolerate stealing because they know they’ve got nothing else to do. But nobody–and I mean nobody–has ever been hungry for it like this boy. If he had a bloody gash across his throat and a physiker was trying to sew it up, Lamora would steal the needle and thread and die laughing. He…steals too much.
—  Scott Lynch - The Lies of Locke Lamora

The amount of calories it takes to keep a person alive, at the same weight, per day is their weight, multiplied by eleven (on average, not taking height or age into account), but keep in mind this is for the average human that has a body fat percentage of under 50% lol

Let us say that Clare is two hundred and four pounds, which is just about how much I have her set as. That would mean, doing absolutely nothing at all, Clare would need approximately 2244 calories per day.

Though, since I like enormous fats, lets take the Nico in that thread biggeststarofmuse and I have going! Nico is about 1004 pounds, and since she’s not old, her metabolism is somewhat fast, which means she would need about 11044 calories per day doing nothing, and seeing how that’s about five times heavier than Clare, it makes sense that she would need five times as many calories.

So, that would mean, just to not starve, Nico would need some of the following just to at the exact same level: 56 donuts, 40 cheese pizzas, OR 74 sodas (all individually)

That isn’t taking into account anything other than literally just sitting there, and it’s assuming the heart and lungs have to work at the same pace and relative strength, doing nothing at all, but, I still thought it would be fun!


Now Available Via Myrcury’s Toybox on Etsy!!

My beautiful little one of a kind sweetheart, Miss Sunday, is finally finished and ready to find her new home! I’m so incredibly proud of this custom doll and happy to show her off to you all! I hope you like her too!

Sunday used to be a Skull Shores Draculaura. I repainted her face and rooted her new hair, which is called candle wicking thread (has nothing to do with candles, just a really soft thread) - I hand made her t-shirt, socks/ankle warmers, and skirt, and hand painted the art on her t-shirt. The little pink coat is from an Ever After High Ashlynn doll. I hand painted her shoes (from an EAH Cerise doll) and her stockings are made by TheDaughterWhoSews on Etsy. I made her little hair bows myself, and her hair is otherwise decorated with beads and accessories from Monster High fashion packs to serve as barrettes! Her jewelry is both hand made by me and items from other MH dolls. I hand made her stand as well, from repurposed wood, scrapbook paper, some cute ribbon, and a fimo rainbow!

Sunday is inspired by the wild and adorable street fashions of young girls in Japan, known as Decora or Fairy Kei fashion. I’ve never seen these amazing outfits in person but find them infinitely inspiring from online photos. 

Please note me or visit the Etsy link above if you’re interested in giving Sunday a new home!

{{I’m seriously considering dropping all of my long threads. I take a look at them almost every day and stare at them for twenty minutes and get absolutely no muse for them anymore. I have the motivation to write. It’s very much there. But longer threads…not so much. 

I think right now, any and all longer threads I have, I will be dropping. It has absolutely nothing to do with ANY of my lovely rp partners. You are all fantastic and I love each of you very much. It’s just me not having the motivation I need to continue them at this point in time, and I’m not going to make anyone wait any longer for me to reply to them. 

I’m sorry if I’m disappointing anyone here with this, but this is what I feel needs to be done for my own sanity. 

As far as threads go, I still have shorter threads we can all continue on. And I’m always open for plotting out longer threads (or shorter, if that’s what you want).}} 

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@judolette liked [+] for a starter with both Ether Dragons.

   “So, um …” Mia stands beside her friend, hands wringing together. She doesn’t know what to do. Ever since Nergüi reappeared he has done nothing but follow her around and try to teach her something she doesn’t want to learn. Sure it would be useful to know more about her element but the warlord’s knowledge is a twisted perversion of the Ether. If only she could find another past life to help but Dragons of Ether tend to be few and far between.

   “Kimiko,” she finally says, voice laced with exhaustion and concern. “How have you dealt with this whole past lives thing? Met any that are particularly irritating so far?”

   “Oh look,” Comes the rumble from around the corner. Nergüi strides around and into view, grinning at the two woman. He strides over to them, arms crossing as he looms. “It’s the Xiaolin ladies. Which of you will entertain me today?”

   A groan and Mia pleads. “Please, just leave me alone.”