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When 1D comes back, do you think they're going to come back and first tour MITAM or will they create a new album and then tour for both?

There’s an embarrassment of riches, really! If they don’t tour MITAM, fans will never forgive them.

I want them to sing WMYB, I want them to cover solo songs, I want them to have a three-hour-long concert that’s streamed live around the world. I’d pay to watch, if I can’t be there in person.

I want them to be sappy and smooth and awkward and funny and sexy, all the things they already are, but together.

I want them to sing a medley of Hey Angel - Clouds - Change Your Ticket - Where Do Broken Hearts Go.

I want the first live performance of “Something Great.”

I want Niall to perform “Act My Age” and then “On My Own.”

I want everything, every single song on MITAM, and “What a Feeling” and “Walking in the Wind” twice.

Then at 1 AM, I want the whole stadium alight with flickering lights from phones as they sing “AM.”

|Record Store Rebels|


The store was empty, same as it was most Monday afternoons, as Andy flipped through the albums in the shelves lining the walls. He was looking for some good music to listen to during his boring shift at the store. He saw a record cover he recognized, and grinned, picking it up.
“Hey Zoe! How do you feel about listening to the Misfits today?” He asked, showing the album to the girl who was his only coworker most days.