(they should also let girls buy boys clothes and boys buy girls clothes)

Archaic Gadgetry (Peter Parker)

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Cursing

Rating: PG i guess

Summary: The reader and their coworkers are wondering why he does that since they also sell DVDs. There is a betting pool open on what kind of weirdo Peter is. The reader finally approaches him and asks him why he does that.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This is from my list of upcoming fics. If you want, you can let me know which one I should do next or request anything you’d like. This was requested by an anon. It’s in the readers point of view. 

Masterlist Request a Prompt

“He’s back again.” My coworker, Tasha said from beside me as we both watched our regular, Peter, beeline to the video section of the store.

I crossed my arms as I watched him run his fingers against the spine of ever video tape we had available. “He didn’t even notice the ‘recently received’ section I created just for him.”

“Are you sure he’s a normal guy? You’re the only one with a bet on that.” Tasha said with her head cocked to the side as she observed Peter with an odd expression on her face.

Peter stood on one of the stools, running a hand through his hair while he read the back of a copy of Empire Strikes Back. He had already bought a copy not long before.

“I’m kinda rethinking that.” I said with a laugh while I folded up clothes that were returned. “Hey, Petey!” 

The boy’s head shot up at the sound of his name. “It’s Peter, Y/n. Peter is my name.” 

“I know.” I grinned and put my hands on my hips. “You do realize we have DVDs, right?”

He nodded as he put the video back and stepped down from the stool. “Hey, do you guys have any new VHS tapes?”

I pointed to the small rack I set up earlier that morning, allowing him to follow where my gaze and blush.

“Oh. Thank you.” He stammered, ducked his head shyly and walked over to the rack.

“That boy has got to be the weirdest of them all. My guess is he’s a druggie.” My coworker, Tony said from beside me as he approached me and Tasha with a box of clothes.

“Nah, he’s gotta be some sort crazy memorabilia geek.” Tasha countered.

“My guess is that he’s just a hipster. I mean, he has bought a tape everyday, a record player and records a few weeks ago, that junk of a computer, and have you seen what he wears everyday? He’s gotta be a hipster.” I added.

“You’re only saying that cause you think he’s cute.” Tony teased.

“I do not!”

“Says the girl who knows everything he’s ever bought!” Tasha exclaimed, laughing. 

I could feel my face get hot as the pair were laughing hysterically. “You guys suck…”

“I dare you to talk to him.” Tony smiled deviously. 

“I second that.”

“No! Guys, don’t make me!”

“You have to. It’s a dare.” Tony argued. 

I rolled my eyes and huffed, my arms crossed. “Fine. But if something happens, tell my mom that you two are to blame.”

I took in a deep breath as the two giggled and whispered among themselves as I walked around the counter. I walked slowly towards Peter, who held three VHS tapes in his hand while he sifted through the other tapes with his other hand.

“Hey, Peter?” I asked, causing the boy to look up at me. “Why do you buy tapes when we sell DVDs?”

“Well, they cost more than the DVDs and the charity you guys help needs money and I’m a bit of a gadget freak. Especially older stuff. I have a tape player at home that I fixed up and I like using it.” He explained “Does that answer your question?”

I looked back at my friends, who had obviously listened to the conversation the whole time since they both were pulling out their wallets to give me the money I won. I turned and gazed back at Peter with a smile.

“Yeah, it does. I just have one more question. Why do you come in everyday? You could easily come every other day or just the weekends.”

Peter rubbed the back of his neck and chuckled awkwardly. “I don’t think you want me to answer that.”

“Oh, but we do!” Tony replied from behind the counter.

“Tony!” I sighed, turning to look at him with a pained expression.

“What? I wanna know! Go on, kid, tell us.”

Peter sighed. “I kinda really like you cause I see you all the time and you’re really nice to me and saying it out loud makes me sound so pathetic.” He said quickly, too quick for me to comprehend it.

Tony and Tasha started to laugh loudly as I felt their eyes on me.

“He likes you, girl!” Tasha exclaimed. “No wonder he only knows your name!”

“I-I don’t know what to say.” I said with a shocked expression on my face as I could feel my heart pound and my cheeks heat up.

“You don’t have to day anything.” Peter smiled sadly before walking past me, putting his tapes back. 

I quickly turned on my heel to see him starting to head to the door. “Peter, wait.” I said. 

He stopped in his tracks and looked back at me. “What?”

“Look, I kinda like you too. I mean, I made that little rack of new tapes for you and I know what you’ve bought from us these past few months that you’ve been coming. Forget that last part, that sounds creepy.” I rambled as I walked towards him. “What I’m trying to say is that I’ve liked you for a while and I don’t really know you. I mean, we’ve always had nice talks about movies and stuff. So, maybe we could watch those movies you were gonna buy together? Become friends?”

Peter’s frown slowly turned into a smile with every word I said until he had a full on grin spread across his face. “Sure, I’d like that.” 

“You go, Glenn Coco!” Tony cheered as Tasha and him began to clap.

“Shut the hell up, Tony! Jesus Christ!” I laughed as I lead Peter back to the video section of the store, glad he wasn’t the weirdo everyone thought he was. 

yo-ma-lei  asked:

What would dating kouen include

I lovvvveeeee Kouen so much he’s so cool!! xx

Dating Kouen would include …

Helping him to loosen up ; Kouen is knowledgeable in mostly every aspect of the world except for romance. He struggles with it, mainly because he has never felt so attached to someone in such a way beside his s/o, so it will take him a while to get use to being with them.

  • It will have to be his s/o initiating romantic gestures at first since he really has no idea how to treat a lover properly, besides, he likes to learn the ways of his s/o’s interests in romantic acts just as much as he likes to learn from reading from a text book. It interests him thoroughly, and he’ll be sure to put that knowledge to good use in the future.

Small gestures rather then big surprises ; He may not be romantic, but Kouen knows that the quickest way to someones heart isn’t always by spending an incredible amount of money on them and showering them in everything they could ever want (although it may help).

  • Kouen prefers to just show his s/o that he cares. Weather that be sending a small bouquet of flowers to them, trying to cook for them on a date or even just holding their hand when they walk. Kouen wouldn’t settle down with anyone who would expect him to go out of his way to buy them things, unless it was purely political.

Being taught to up hold image ; Kouen is the son of an emperor, he needs to look and seem the part, as would his s/o. That’s not to say he would want them to change, but his ideal relationship would be one that is seen as the ideal relationship for someone of his power.

  • He would want both himself and his s/o to be well respected so they wouldn’t have to put up with people criticizing the love they have for one another. Rather they could spend time together enjoying the moment, knowing they were accepted by society.

Studying together ; The red headed male adores knowledge with a passion. He wants to learn all he can and wants to share that knowledge with the one he loves most. Since Kouen is always busy studying or fighting he likes his s/o to join him on such affairs. He can usually be found in the chair of his study, his s/o in his lap as he reads to them and they write notes.

  • It’s an uncomfortable position, but one he is willing to maintain if it means he can spend more time with his s/o. Other times when studying, it will be in the library where a few other nobles are. Kouen will allow - and this is only ever done on rare occasions - to play a game. Since he has no real care for nobles in his country being more powerful, he will play a game of “Who can make the mot noise without being told off first” 9/10. He wins.

Wearing the most desirable of clothes ; As previously mentioned, Kouen dosent go out of his way to buy pointless gifts for his s/o. But boy oh boy. Kogyoku and Kouha sure do like getting involved in his relationships. Kouen will provide his s/o with at least a few of the latest clothes so they can up hold their image in the public eye.

  • But once this knowledge is known by his two younger siblings, they will go all out to make sure Kouens s/o is well dressed and ogled upon as they walk. Kouha is especially notorious for this. Since he wants to not only become friends with the s/o but to also impress his brother, he makes sure Kouens s/o is well looked after.

Being protected by the whole Kou family ; Everybody respects and loves Kouen and so, everyone from the Kou family will love and respect his decision to be with his s/o /// have feelings for his s/o. Hakuei Ren and Kogyoku will become two very close girl best friends. They will always take out Kouens s/o shopping and do each others hair and have sleep overs to!

  • These girls will however act somewhat professional being Princesses of a respected country, but will ultimately let their guard down to Kouens s/o, expecting them to do the same. Koumei and Kouha will be like the s/o’s boy best friends. Koumei will usually just be there to lend an ear if anything is troubling the s/o but as per usual, Kouha goes all out. Weather its to be friend the s/o or to gain his brothers approval, one will never know. Hakuryuu is in all honesty, the only sane one.

Being engulfed at night time ; Kouen is a busy man which has already been stressed quite a few times, so sleep for him is a big deal. He’ll feel bad, not spending as much time with his s/o then he’d like to. So at night, he crawls into bed and bear hugs them.

  • Whispering soft words into their ear and placing a few butterfly kisses on their neck before ultimately passing out. Again, its one of his small gestures. But to an s/o, it would mean a lot considering he completely let his guard down and passed out, a tiny smile on his usual stoic face.

Helping Kouen relax and train ; He’ll always go to his s/o to help with such things similar to studying. For training, he’ll get his s/o to sit on his back whilst he does some push ups. It’s mostly to show off, but he enjoys it deeply. Just feeling his s/o so close to him makes him happy.

  • As well as this, he likes it when his s/o is beneath him and he gets to kiss their lips every time he goes down with a push up. It’s like a reward to him. Helping Kouen to relax is even more exiting. The best bit about it is being able to massage his muscles, allowing his s/o to see his ripped body. As well as this…he will allow his s/o to stroke his goat beard.Thats right, his s/o should be honored.
Simon D x You - Oneshot

„Can I help you?“ You asked the stranger who was wandering around the store like a lost puppy. He was dressed in black from head to toe, except for his snapback, which was red. You liked his street style and you couldn’t deny that he also was quite attractive. However, you didn’t approach him because you had ulterior motives in your mind. You were simply doing your job and that was helping customers to find the things they were looking for. 

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Boarding House Part. 3

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[Part 1][Part2][Part 3]

A/N: Here you go, chapter 3! Thank you for liking it so much! The hearts notification almost made my phone blow up! :O

Genre: Mild smut, mature, sexual language

Word count : 1678

Summary: Kang Mari is a girl with a vivid imagination. Struck with perversion, she is one of the most popular smut fanfic writer on the internet, while being the only girl in a boarding house. Seven boys live with her and it was no doubt she gets her inspiration from those hormone-raging boys.

I woke up to the sound from something dropping on the ground. I squinted my eyes and yawned. What a shame that I woke up. It felt so comfortable to sleep in my bed. It was warm, soft and it had my favorite color blue-… Wait… Purple?

I stared down at the blankets and was shocked to find out it had the color purple.  How in the world could my blankets change colors overnight? Also, I don’t recall putting two pillows on my bed, and… Condom packages?

I jolted up and touched the bed. It had a smell to it. A too familiar scent.

W-w-wait… WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT… Where am I?!

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Appa and Eomma [NCT U Taeil Oneshot]

REQUESTED: Hey there! Can I get a taeil scenario where you guys are the same age and become close friends so you start hanging out more and the younger rookies call you mom and dad behind your back and you guys find out

Taeil’s P.O.V.

“Do you guys want anything? I’m going to the convenient store,” I said to the boys as I wore my coat and took an umbrella at the door.

“Ramen! Chicken! Cake! Rice! Bulgogi! Kimchi! Chips! Fries!”

“Yah! I’ll just buy whatever I want to buy for you guys,” I said and opened the door.

Before I could walk out, my eyes made contact with a beautiful girl who seemed to be my age and had the most gorgeous eyes - but she was soaking wet.

“H-h-hello, I’m so s-sorry for standing here, but is it okay if I stay here until t-t-the rain has stopped? My brother seemed to have forgotten to pick me up and I’m still new to this area. I don’t know which way my home is and m-my p-phone is dead,” the girl explained herself while shivering.

“Oh, sure. Come in, you must be cold,” I said and allowed her in.

“T-thank you,” she said and entered.

When she entered, I could see all the boys looking at her.

“H-hello, my name’s Y/F/N. Please t-take c-care of me,” she said.

The room was immediately silent.

“Wait, here,” I said to Y/N. “I’ll go get you a towel and maybe something to change?”

“Y-yeah, that’ll be g-g-great,” Y/N replied with a smile.

I went to my room and began searching for some clothes. I looked inside my wardrobe and found some outfit that I thought could fit her, but it might be weird to let her borrow my clothes, besides, she doesn’t even know my name.

I then looked around my room and found a paper bag that contained some clothes that the us, boys, bought for one of the girl rookies birthdays. I think Y/N will be able to wear that.

I immediately walked to the bag, choose some clothes that would be suitable for her , a new towel from the washing room and walked out of the room as quick as I can - but not in a running way.

When I got out, I could see Y/N being surrounded by the boys. The boys seemed to be asking her lots of questions and I could see Y/N having a little bit of trouble trying to give them all equal attention.

“Guys, you’re making her uncomfortable,” I said interrupting them and had a slightly angry face on.

As the boys grew quiet, I walked towards Y/N. Some of the boys went to the rooms and some of the boys sat a little bit further from Y/N.

“Here,” I said and passed her the clothes and towel. “Don’t worry, these clothes are still new and no, these clothes was for one of our friends. We don’t have a new towel but it just came out fresh from the laundry.”

“T-thank you so much,” Y/N thanked me with a bow. “Umm, where should I change?”

“You can change in the bathroom over there,” I said and pointed the direction. “Feel free to shower if you want.”

“Thank you,” Y/N said and walked off to the bathroom.

When she went into the bathroom, all the boys continued doing their own stuff.

“Hyung, where’s our snacks?” Yuta asked.

“Yeah, you said you’ll buy ramen,” Ten said.

“Ummm, Doyoung and Jaehyun, go and buy the snacks,” I instructed them.

“W-what!?” Doyoung and Jaehyun asked as they paused the video game.

“Y/N might be hungry,” I said. “Buy for it for her sake - but buy like double the amount.”

“Okay, let’s go hyung!” Jaehyun said and dragged Doyoung out the door.

“Don’t forget your coat,” I said.

“Yes, our coat,” Jaehyun said entering the door again and grabbed his coat with Doyoung and walked out of the door.

“Yes!” I heard Jeno cheered happily. “Our turn to play.”

“Let’s play Halo!” Donghyuck said.

“No, let’s play WWE,” Jaemin said.

“Minecraft!” Jisung shouted.

This is going to be a very very long night.


“Thank you so much taking care of me. I’m sorry for being such a burden. I hope to see you all again soon,” Y/N said with a smile and bowed to everyone.

“Bye Y/N!” The boys all shouted.

I walked with Y/N to the door. “Do you need a coat or anything?”

“Nah, it’s okay,” Y/N said. “I’ve already been a huge burden for you. Besides, my brother’s car won’t be that cold anyway.”

“Okay, I-I’ll see you soon then,” I said. “If you need anything, you have our numbers on that piece of paper.”

“Yeah,” Y/N replied with a giggle. “T-thank you. Goodbye!”

“Goodbye,” I said as Y/N entered her brother’s car.

I closed the door and returned to the boys’ world.

“Taeil hyung likes Y/N noona,” Jisung teased.

“Our Taeil hyung’s becoming a man!” Mark said.

“Excuse you, I’ve been man way longer than you have been one,” I said to Mark. “And no, I do not like Y/N in any romantically way what-so-ever,” I said to Jisung.

“Oh, come on Taeil,” Johnny said as he had his arms around my shoulder. “We all can feel the chemistry between the two of you.”

“The way you talked to her,” Hansol said.

“The way you looked at her,” Winwin said.

“The way you cared for her,” Kun said.

“Alright, alright, I get it,” I said feeling a little bit irritated. “But I don’t like her, okay? I was just trying to be nice.”


Since the day I met Y/N, we have become closer by day. From meeting up at cafes to simply texting each other.

“Thanks for the cake Taeil, I’ll make sure that I’ll buy you a cake next time,” Y/N said.

“What, no. It’s usually the boys that have to buy the girls stuff,” I said not wanting her to buy me a cake.

“That’s just plain nonsense,” Y/N said with a giggle. “Whichever girl believes that is all right, they’re wrong. Yes, it seems very gentleman-ish for a boy to do that, but, it shouldn’t always be like that. At least the girl should be a decent woman and return the favour.”

The boys keep on teasing me with Y/N, but I kind of like it - to be honest. I really do have certain feelings being developed for Y/N.

“How was your date?” Hansol asked as I entered the living room.

“What date?” I asked.

“Your date with Y/N of course!” Yuta reminded him.

“It’s not a date, it was just a quick hang out,” I said and rolled my eyes.

“When’s your wedding?” Johnny asked.

“31 February,” I said sarcastically and walked into my room.

“I want to be your best man!” Doyoung shouted loudly.

“I want to be one too!” Jaehyun and Ten shouted in sync.

“Oh my god, you guys need to stop,” I said to them. “31 February doesn’t even exist.”

“Well, then. You’re gonna get married to her tomorrow,” Taeyong teased me and collapsed on the couch with the other boys.

“You guys are insane,” I said and closed the door.

She just someone I’ve never met before, the kind of girl that you don’t see often. Her thinking is different, her happiness and confidence, her bravery to try something new…it amazes me and I guess that’s what made me fell in love with her.

She’s also close with the other boys - especially the younger ones. They seem to enjoy her company and always invite her over to play video games with them. Recently, Jaehyun and Taeyong invited Y/N for dinner; Doyoung, Yuta, and Ten invited Y/N to watch movies together; Kun and WinWin brought Y/N for some delicious Chinese restaurant nearby, and Hansol and Johnny went to the mall together to do some shopping.

So, I’m not the only one that’s hanging out with Y/N.


“After you,” I said to Y/N as I let her walked towards the door of the house while I helped her carry some stuff for the boys.

“You’re being such a gentleman today,” Y/N said with a little giggle and I felt my ears burning a little.

“Just being polite,” I said.

As Y/N walked ahead, she immediately told me to keep quiet through hand gestures. I wasn’t sure what she was doing, but she quietly listened to the boys conversation that can be heard from the outside.

“What time are Taeil appa and Y/N eomma going to come here?” I heard Jisung asked.

Appa!? Eomma!? What!?

“Taeil appa said that he’ll be home late, so probably not anytime soon,” Jeno said.

“We should keep it down a little, though,” Jaemin said. “We don’t want to get in trouble with Taeil appa, only Y/N eomma would be okay, though. Because she’s the best!”

Y/N giggled a little whens he heard that and I felt my heart beating faster.

“Do you think they’re going to have more kids? I mean, they can’t be having only 5,” Donghyuck asked.

What!? Alright, that’s it. Nope.

I immediately opened the door and the younger boys all jumped in surprised.

“Taeil appa!” Jisung shouted in shock and immediately covering his mouth - trying to process the fact that he just said that in front of me.

“You didn’t hear anything right…?” Donghyuck asked a little bit scared.

“Oh, we heard everything,” Y/N and I said in sync and gave each other little smirks.

I guess we both wanted to give them a little piece of our mind.


Another request completed! Thank you so much for requesting! I hope that you all enjoy reading this and I hope this will satisfy your the request. I’m sorry I’m not VERY active. I’m just trying hard to think of some good story lines and stuff. I’ll try to post another story tomorrow, but if I can’t, it’ll be on Tuesday.

I’ll also like to remind everyone that my request box is currently closed. I’m still receiving some requests but, I won’t be doing those request so quickly - so please don’t send in any request YET. Feel free to request when it is opened again <3 Thank you for reading.

Daddy Harry Chapter 24

The next morning, you wake up to the room and your bed covered with tons of your favorite flowers. You sit up and look around and see Emery and Harry setting up a table with food out on the balcony and Emery is giggling and bouncing up and down. She looks over and sees you and screeches. “Mummy!” she says. Harry looks behind to you and smiles before picking up Emery and walking inside with her. “WAPPY BIFRDAY MUMMY!” She screeches. Harry laughs and walks over. “Happy Birthday Baby.” He says leaning down to kiss you. You smile. “Thank you both and wow, a little over bored with the flowers.” you giggle. “What? A dozen for every year you’ve been born.” He smirks. You laugh and shake your head at him. “We haf befast.” Emery smiles. “Daddy orda it!” You smile.“Then let’s go eat. I’m hungry.” You giggle. You all head out and start eating. “Okay, so we have a few interviews today, but then we’re all going to go eat around 6 and then after that, all the babies will be taken care of and having their own little sleepover and then we’re going to out and have a night together.” He smiles. “Also, El and Sophia are taking you and Emery shopping today and you two can get whatever you like.” He smiles. “Yay!” Emery giggles.You laugh and kiss her head. She smiles and starts dancing around as she eats. “Well, I have to go get ready, but just call the girls up whenever you two are ready to go.” He smiles and leans over to kiss you. You smile. “I love you.” You say. He smiles widely.“I love you too.” He says. “Hey! Me wuv!” Emery whines. You both laugh and look over at her. “Of course we love you too.” you both say and kiss her cheeks at the same time. She giggles and claps. 

Later that day, you two meet up with both Eleanor and Sophia and go out shopping. Emery giggles and looks around at everything and starts pointing at different things. You laugh and start picking her size in them and take her to try them on. She giggles.“ I wike dem!” She says after trying everything on. “We get dem all?” she asks. You laugh. “Baby this is the first store of the day, you don’t want to buy everything here and not see the other stores do you?” You ask. “Daddy say buy anyfing we wan! I wan dem all!” she says stomping her feet. “Don’t you dare stomp those feet young lady.” You say to her. She looks at you and starts stomping them repeatedly. “Fine. I guess you won’t be getting anything here or the other stores.” You say firmly. She looks at you and her lip starts to quiver. You sigh. “Emery Rose. Do not cry and start acting like a good girl and you might be getting some of these.” You say.“But if you don’t, then you don’t get any. You have until I’m finished looking at my clothes here to change your attitude to you understand?” You ask. She sniffles and nods. “Okay, let’s go look at Mummy’s clothes.” you say. She nods and takes your hands and you look at yours. “Should I get a dress for tonight?” You ask them. “I mean we’re going out to dinner and then out, out tonight.” You say looking around. “Do you want a dress for tonight?” Sophia asks. “Sort of yeah.” You laugh. “I don’t know. I just see you two all the time so dressed up and I’m lucky enough to have clothes that match on with this little one running around, so I like having opportunities to really go all out.” You blush. “Well, the it’s settled, we are finding you an amazing hot outfit that you are going to rock tonight.” Sophia smirks. “We should get something presentable for dinner with friends and your daughter, but yet something that can be dead sexy for a night out with your boyfriend.” Sophia says. “I have an idea.” She smirks and walks over to grab something off the rack. “Okay this little black number, its very respectful in the front not too low and not to high,  and then in the back, there’s nothing.” She smirks. “Backless, which means you could wear a cute blazer for the dinner, and then when you walk into the club take it off and surprise him.” She says. “What do you think?” She asks. “How do you wear a bra with that?” You ask. “They have built in cup things.” She says. “Now try it on.” she smirks. You take it and try it on and notice that it fits you perfectly. It’s not too short, but it’s shorter than most things you wear and it fits tight, but you can still breath. You step out of the room and they smirk. “That’s the one! Now lets go get a blazer.” She smirks.

Later that day, you, Emery and the girls, were meeting the boys and a some of the crew at the restaurant. You’re wearing the dress and the blazer, some red heels and you put your hair to the side and did your makeup. You were holding Emery’s hand who was dressed in cute little dress with her sparkly shoes and her curly held back back a headband. You both walked in and saw the boys were already there. “Daddy!” Emery giggles and runs over to him. He smiles and picks her up. “Hey, love, I’ve missed you all day. Did you have fun shopping?” He asks. She giggles and nods. He smiles and kisses her head before looking at you. He smiles and walks over to kiss you. “You look amazing, baby.” He smiles. You smirk. “Why thank you.” You say before sitting next to him. He smiles and you all eat a nice dinner before Harry pays for everyone. They then bring you out a huge cake and Emery’s eyes widen and she bounces in her seat. Everyone sings happy birthday causing you to blush and then you all eat the cake. Soon, the kids are taken back to the hotel and the girlfriends and the boys are headed out. As soon as you get into the club and over to the private booth, the girls want to take you down to dance. You smirk and take off your blazer and hand it to Harry. “Watch this for me?” You say before turning around and walking with them and Harry watches you with his mouth dropped as he sees the very open and low back of your dress as you walk down into the crowd of people. 

Should I have a jealous Harry in the next update??

Girl meets World meets Demolition

While Girl meets Demolition may seem like a completely random and filler episode that MJ and Co had to film in order to fulfill Disney’s wishes (and to give Debbie Reynolds a role in one of the episodes), I would ague that rather than being a filler episode, the writers tipped their hand and let us get a sneak peak of what was to come. This is especially important as Demolition takes place in between season 1 and season 2 and before all of the craziness that occurred in season 2. (GM Yearbook, GM Creativity, GM STEM, GM T1,2,&3, GM NY, and basically the whole rest of the season.) 

A quick reminder of what happened: in Demolition we see Riley and Maya being bored and looking for “easy money” to use to do something. After their first idea gets shot down - Riley wanted to have a Bar Mitzvah - they decide to sell all of their clothes leading them to Demolition and their first run in with Aubrey. She buys their clothes for a very cheap price and then cons Riley into buying a dress (that she bought for $10) for $300. When Cory and Topanga find out, they each try to rectify the problem, but are each out maneuvered by Aubrey. Finally it is Riley, with the help of Evelyn Rand, who manages to not only get their money and clothes back, but also helps Aubrey see that she is more than just a person who cons “saucer-eyed girls”. 

Okay, are you ready? (Heads up, this is a LONG post because there are a lot of layers to pull back. For just the analysis on how they tipped their hand, skip to the end.) Let’s start with Riley and Maya first as it is the transition of the color that Riley and Maya’s clothes go through in the episode that is the most interesting. 

Initially Riley starts out in a blue Paris shirt, changes into the dress from Demolition, returns to wearing her blue Paris shirt when she returns the dress and she and Evelyn are able to convince Audrey to change, and then in the final scene she is wearing a red-brown shirt over an orange-yellow one. 

Maya, on the other hand, starts out in a yellow shirt and stays in the same shirt until the very end of the episode where it changes to a blue shirt with light being run through a prism creating a rainbow.

Diving a little deeper into the colors that are seen, if we take a closer look at Riley’s Paris shirt, we can see that it’s a very similar shade of blue to the one that Lucas wore the first time we saw him in the pilot episode. (Where she supposedly fell in love with him.)

Staying with Riley, the next outfit she wears/buys is this dress and pair of shoes. Remember how Aubrey sells the dress to Riley by associating it with dreams and unrealistic things? It is important to note that the dress has an overlay of blue tulle and that the shoes are sparkly and blue as well.  

She returns back to the blue Paris shirt when she helps to make everything right again, and one would think she’d stay in the same shirt as the rest of the episode takes place during the same day as evidenced by Topanga and Aubrey being in the same exact outfits, 

but instead she changes and ends up in a color that looks oddly familiar with a yellow shirt underneath. 

Moving on to Maya, she starts out in yellow, which is definitely the color that we have all learned to associate with her (her jellybeans were yellow, the color she wears in both the season 1 introduction and season 2 was yellow, and she often wears yellow in episodes) with a picture on her t-shirt, which, at first thought, reminded me of Girl Meets Boy in which we learn that Maya can draw. (Her drawing was also on a yellow legal pad and was in “black and white” just like that on her shirt.)

She only changes her outfit only once at the end of the episode, but when she does, she ends up in blue.

Alright, time to put the pieces together. 

If we start with RIley, we see her buying into Aubrey’s lies while wearing a blue Paris shirt. Not only have Riley and Lucas been associated with associated with Paris - “Bonjour, Riley. Peut être vous et moi serons à Paris ensemble.” (This also bothers me because if they were friends, which they are at that point, it should be “tu” and not “vous” as vous is formal, but anyway…) - but Aubrey is wearing blue and purple when she sells the “dream dress” to Riley, which are Lucas and Riley’s colors respectively.  

We have also noted that the dress she sells has an overlay of blue tulle. What is interesting about tulle is that it is not woven or very thick at all, but rather typically made of a plastic material, very porous and if you aren’t careful with it, it can easily be ripped. (Do you also notice how you can see right through it?) 

Riley then changes into this dress, back to the blue Paris shirt, and finally into the burnt sienna and yellow one when things are made right again. As was noted in this post, the combination of orange and purple create a color called burnt sienna which just so happens to be the color of Pluto. When everything is right once more, she ends up in the color of Pluto.  

Maya, on the other hand, starts in a yellow shirt that has a black and white photo on it. If Riley’s shirt is a call back to Paris and perception, Maya’s is a call back to Girl meets Boy, the lesson of “not until we put down our phones, switch off our computers, and look into each other’s eyes will we be able to touch each other’s hearts,” and reality (she drew what she saw). Which pairs of friends - I’m going to call them that… - have we seen having meaningful conversations with each other? Well, you’ve got the many Riley and Farkle conversations, and then you’ve got the Campfire scene from Lucas and Maya, and then you have Riley and Lucas’s conversation in the library where they told each other stories. Do you spot the difference? So, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise when Maya ends up in blue at the end of the episode just as Riley ends up in burnt sienna. 

The parallels don’t stop there, however, remember how this is the episode where we receive the astronaut riding a horse metaphor? Well, not only do the girls need each other to keep themselves grounded - Riley is the astronaut and Maya the horse - as well as a partner who can keep them grounded (romance wise), but Cory and Topanga need each other to keep themselves grounded as well. 

In this episode we see Cory dressed in blue, who believes he can convince Aubrey to allow the girls to return the dress, and ends up being convinced he is looks like Justin Timberlake. Aubrey sells Cory a “dream” - he is the astronaut. 

Topanga, on the other hand, is dressed in orange, and believes she can use the law to force Aubrey to accept the return and ends up having the law being turned on her. Is anyone thinking of “everything can be explained though science” except when it can’t be? (aka. Feeling’s can’t be explained by science.) Topanga is the horse. 

While Lucas and Farkle do not even appear in this episode (and no mention is made of them either), their respective colors do appear. Cory, like Lucas (and Riley), is dressed in blue, while Topanga, like Farkle, is dressed in orange. (She is in orange, the lighting just wasn’t great in that screenshot.) 

Much like Cory and Riley, Lucas is a dreamer and much like Topanga, Farkle is a realist. Every horse needs an astronaut and every astronaut needs a horse. You can’t have 2 horses or 2 astronauts because it just won’t work. (For more on that see @mayaahrt’s post. Her analysis in it is brilliant.) 

Moving on to the final main player in the conflict of the episode, Evelyn Rand, we once again see purple coming into play. However this time it’s not paired with blue but rather a a wine berry red. It is Riley and Evelyn who rectify the situation, and when they do, Evelyn is in RIley’s signature color - purple.

So how is it arguable that the writers tipped their hand towards us in regards to this episode? 

Well, first let’s just remember that Lucas has always been associated with blue,

and in the episode both girls wear blue. However, whereas Riley spends the entire episode wearing shades of blue until the very end of the episode where she ends up in yellow and burnt sienna, and Maya starts the episode wearing yellow and ends up in blue. 

Sometimes you have to try something in order to figure out if it’s everything you thought that it would be, and that’s not a bad thing. That’s how you grow and discover new things. That’s how you figure out what you like and what you don’t like. It’s part of growing up and discovering the world. Riley still gets to wear her “dream” dress for a little bit, but decides to take it off and return it. She sheds her “chump façade” and with the help of Evelyn (dressed in purple) makes things right again. She takes off the blue and puts on yellow and burnt sienna. Riley and Maya’s friendship will always be the most important thing in the entire show, it’s the keystone that the whole thing is built on, and while Riley is wearing burnt sienna at the end, under that she’s wearing yellow. Just as many people have said (such as @theowldetective, @westwingwolf, @bmwwritinggmw, and @bmgmw) Riley and Lucas need to try and date because if they don’t, there will always be that huge “what if” question hanging around their relationship. They need to try and figure out if it’s everything they thought it would be just as Riley tries on the blue “dream” dress, decides that it’s not everything she thought it would be, and then returns it.

In the past few episodes of season 3 we’ve seen Riley trying to make Maya become once more the girl she was when we first met her in season 1 and we know that there is a huge romantic Riley and Lucas arc coming up. Riley’s going make the mistake of selling all her clothes (aka. push Maya back into “her box”) and then is going to buy the blue “dream” dress and try it on. (Remember, Aubrey was dressed in blue and purple when she conned Riley.) Then eventually Riley’s going to lift her head and realize that maybe their relationship isn’t everything that she thought it was going to be and that they are not Cory and Topanga because no one but Cory and Topanga are Cory and Topanga. She’s going to grow and drop the “chump façade” once and for all and in a way fix everything that went wrong. Then she’s going to find her very own horse to keep her tethered to Earth and not float off ending with her being dressed in both burnt sienna and yellow and Maya being dressed in blue. If we look at this one episode we can see it paralleling the overall story of season 2 and season 3, and I’m willing to bet season 4 as well. 

Final notes/Parallels/observations:

It is interesting to note that the walls of Demolition are colored blue, orange, purple from left to right, just like the first bay window we were introduced to. It is also important to note that when the paint was peeled off, the real walls were revealed to be the color of burnt sienna, the same color Riley ends the episode in. (For more analysis on this, see this post) It is also important to note that this is one of the few episodes in which Riley sheds her “chump façade” and explicitly asks Maya if it’s okay. 

Many of us are just waiting for Riley to “wift her head,” and in this episode we see her lift it for just a little bit in order to help fix the situation the girls find themselves in. Interestingly, she asks Maya if that was okay in the same way older Riley tells Maya “that all she has to do is lift her head.” 

Riley will lift her head one day, she just has to try on that blue dress first.