(they didn't really that's not a spoiler)

  • David: hey Emma, Hook, you're late
  • Emma: yeah we were, uh...
  • Snow: ... making pancakes!
  • David: oooooh really
  • David: did you use nutmeg Emma?
  • David: remember I told you...?
  • Emma: oh, uhm, sure
  • David: yay! Didn't I tell you that's the secret? Did you like them Hook?
  • Hook:
  • Hook: ah, yes
  • Hook: very much so
  • Hook: most enjoyable *pancakes* I've ever had
  • David: aha! I knew it! That's awesome! I'm so glad you liked them! And I helped!
  • Emma:
  • Hook:
  • Snow: don't either of you dare ruin this for him


Minecraft 249 - Mo'Chievements: FUPA
  • Gavin: Jeremy? Can you give me some luck?
  • Jeremy: Sure! Here's your luck, pal
  • Jeremy: *kissy noise*
  • Gavin: Oh. I really didn't expect that! That's like the first pretend gay thing you've ever done to me
  • Jeremy: That's true. Probably in my life
  • Geoff: What happened?
  • Gavin: He kissed me! Now we're gonna be written about on tumblr!
  • Ryan: Do you think you're not now?
  • Gavin: Me and Jeremy?
  • Jeremy: I can guarantee we fucked on tumblr
  • Gavin: And I bet I'm receiving too
  • Ryan: I can guarantee that that's gone both ways!
  • Michael: He can guarantee because he's written one
  • Geoff: I can definitely see you, Gavin, taking it from Jeremy. I bet Jeremy would be hard and fast

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As if the goodbye wasn't painful enough, they didn't get to share one last kiss. :(/ I really thought we were going to get one during that scene. I wanted one, that's for sure. He looks at her like THAT, memorizing her face, says I love you as he turns around to walk away. That's when I died.

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WHAT IF, and this is a reach but at this point who cares, what if yousef is like sana's brother or cousin, and he was/is dating mikael, and when he came out sana didn't really accept it bc of religion and stuff, but after isak's story and meeting even, she realised she was wrong & tries to reconnect w/ yousef? and that's her 'shame' for s4, being wrong (bc that's what we know she hates)



that’s how you show you really believe in your side of the debate. smash it into your own face.

I was just imagining my Warden as a companion in Inquisiton.
  • First meeting: Ha! You don't get a mabari! I got a mabari.
  • Later banter: I didn't get a griffon though. I really want a griffon
  • After getting first horse: Wait. You get a horse? We had to walk everywhere. What the actual fuck.

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As the main expert on Euron psychology, I have to ask you: How did he get to be so f*cked up? We know that Ironborn culture has that effect on children, that's how we got Balon and Victarion, but his eldritch craziness? Was it really all bloodraven? Bran went through something similar and he didn't go evil. What exactly did Euron see that was so different from what Bran saw? Any specific thoughts?

(TWOW spoilers)

An important thing to note here is there ain’t one Ironborn culture; Balon followed a specific revanchist strain very different than the culture of, say, his father Quellon. Victarion followed him to it, and Damphair clings to it like a raft, knowing that if he lets go, he’s left alone in the dark with Euron. (The parallel to Theon and Ramsay is really, really strong in “The Forsaken.”) 

And at this point, I’m pretty comfortable saying that the Old Way means nothing, at all, to Euron Greyjoy. I used to call it his first language in pain, but hell, considering how young he had to be to kill Harlon…I don’t really have a contextual explanation for that. It’s who he is.

“What do you want?”

“The world.” Firelight glimmered in Euron’s eye.

As for how he got in touch with the metaphysical infrastructure necessary to actually pull off the whole attain-godhood “tall and twisted thing with one black eye and ten long arms, sailing on a sea of blood” thing, yeah, that’s on Bloodraven. He’s the one that perceived Euron as strong with the Force, and taught him just enough for it to be unspeakably catastrophic when he went Vader. I know I harp on this quote a lot…

“When I was a boy, I dreamt that I could fly,” he announced. “When I woke, I couldn’t…or so the maester said. But what if he lied?”

…but it’s for a reason, because it’s the Rosetta Stone for Euron. The idea that Euron’s dream of flight inspired in him not Bran’s fear of the apocalypse (and the charge of defending against it), but a thirst for power and knowledge and catharsis-in-pain that cannot be slaked, is the core concept of Euron’s character. It’s where it all began, the moment he learned he could fly, and the blue’s been calling him ever since. (I don’t think it stops calling until he’s welcomed the Others, and attempted to join them.) I doubt he saw anything different from Bran in terms of the land of always winter. Euron just cried out in wonder instead of fear. 

After stripping the dragon of everything useful and washing the blood from her skin, Keyleth spends the night in Vax’s room.

They’re both safe and they’re both alive and they’re both finally the right sizes, so she crawls into bed next to him like it’s something she does all the time. Like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Because right now, after everything, it is.

They wrap their arms around each other, and she strokes his hair while his fingers trail up and down her spine. Every touch is a tiny comfort that whispers, “I’m glad you’re not dead. I’m glad you survived. I’m glad I survived with you.”

For once, Vax doesn’t dream of the Raven Queen. He doesn’t dream of anything. He sleeps peacefully in her arms, without fear or worry. He hears her heartbeat in the silent darkness, and everything else seems to disappear. She’s all he needs to anchor him right now. The world will still be burning down around them tomorrow, so for tonight he can hold her and think of nothing but the smell of her hair and the touch of her skin.

Keyleth forgets to be scared, forgets to be unsure. Even after the adrenaline’s worn off and she’s had time to think about what it would have meant to lose him, she’s still so certain. Not of where they’re going or what it all means in the long run. But of them right here and now. She feels safe for the first time in days, and she will revel in it - wholly and selfishly - until the sun rises and they have to return to being self-sacrificing heroes.

She’ll make sure to kiss him tomorrow, when she has the time and energy to do it properly. But for tonight, they’ll press lazy kisses to every inch of exposed skin and fall sleep in each other’s arms - alive, safe, and content for the first time in what feels like eons.

Honestly, if you were silent when The Walking Dead was killing Black men off like it was Highlander because there could be only one but now you’re suddenly enraged by the death of one white lesbian, then I really don’t wanna hear it.

  • Snow: Charming! Did you kill those tenants who didn't pay their rent?
  • Charming: Of course my love
  • Snow: Really?
  • Charming: weeeell
  • Charming: ok not exactly
  • Snow: ugh what DID you do
  • Charming: I called them pathetic peasants!
  • Charming: that's right, those were my exact words
  • Charming: and then I stole some socks off their washing line
  • Charming: AND NOT IN PAIRS
  • Charming: they are going to have tons of mismatched socks now
  • Charming: MUAHAHAHA
  • Snow:
  • Snow: I don't even know what I expected tbh
  • Steven Universe fans: I really disagreed with this episode's message I think what should have happened is they should have sat down with Steven and calmly told him that he's going to have to kill people because that's just how war is! It's just more realistic. I can't believe the writers of this children's show, meant for children, didn't write a plot about a literal child being okay with murdering other sentient beings