(they are so adorable i love them)


Words aren’t enough to describe how spectacular this weekend was. One of the best experiences I had in my 22 years of existence.
A huge thank you to the Shadowhunters cast, who were the most genuine and adorable people, and really made their fans happy. Going back to normal life is hard today and I still don’t realize fully that it happened. So thankful for the opportunity. I’ll always remember this. ❤️❤️❤️

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7:40pm and i'm thinking about how hoseok's smile is literally brighter than sunshine omf he makes me so weak and happy and soft and asdfkgl

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which one because im in love with two


Hi Tay! I’m new to posting things on tumblr (normally I just stalk ur account in a non creepy way I swear) so this is really new to me?? I he no idea what I’m doing but HEY i made an olliness aesthetic! I love ur kids with all my heart and have been watching them grow and develop and I can’t wait for their story!! so ya! hope you like it? Love you and ur art very much xx

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You know those gourmet popcorn places? Henry absolutely adores them, and the road trip frequently includes a tin of rainbow popcorn in the car.

omg!! popcorn is an excellent roadtrip food!!

blue, laying down in the back of the pig, repeatedly kicking henry’s seat: “pass the gay popcorn, cheng.”
henry, while shoving a handful of gay popcorn into his mouth: “come and get it, babe.”

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Yay! I've seen everyone's lovely smiles again! This is beautiful! So.... Everyone gets a poptart of their favorite flavour! *gives them poptarts* ((Also... Screw Character limits! ILY Mun! Your gr8 and amazin' and beautiful and you deserve the best and just sjhdkavdkwhan- your art is so cute and you honestly do stay in character! (Despite making them all adorable and amazing AF)))

((thank you so much, dear!!))

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Can I just say???? that today's episode was amazing?!?!? It was so fun and relaxed! ALSO as soon as Rhett said "I still need you to use them[Link's fingers] for something" and everything that happened after was hilarious and adorable. I'm so happy every time they find an excuse to use that song

Agreed! I loved this episode. It hit exactly the right spots of goofy humor and comedic timing.

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Cute couple stuff or smth

Ok like, the last two aren’t couples, but I drew Colden and Magenta cause they’re the most couple like couple I know of and I drew @mx-autumn and @hopeforbrains cause ya know…they’re like the most couple like platonic relationship I’ve seen so far (and it’s adorable) and I wanted to draw Mx.Bluvira and @nonchalant-raptor cause Mx.Bluvira is my main persona and Raptor has been a really good friend so.. ye (also I really fucking love dinosaurs so I couldn’t really resist not drawing a fucking dinosaur) 


super reaction to: their girlfriend being shorter than them (around 20cm difference)

request: Hii. Can I request Super junior reactions to their gf who is like 20cm shorter than them? Thank you❤️❤️❤️
author’s request: this was super cute to do, i hope you enjoy it and have a good day!

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yesung: always loves to stoop and kiss your forehead or let you rest your head in the crook of his neck. he finds the height difference to be so adorable and its one of his favorite things about the relationship.

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leeteuk: your height makes you seem like such a smol bean to him and lots of times when you have a cold front when you’re mad, he can’t take you seriously. he just finds you so cute and he doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to see you as anything other than that.

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shindong: often teases you by mounting your favorite food or candy up a shelf so you’ll have to reach for it. but honestly, he just does it so he can lift you up and feel you in his arms as you grope for the jar of gummi bears.

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donghae: doesn’t ever mention the difference in height between the two of you, but he absolutely loves it. he’ll often have eunhyuk take pictures of him holding you and look back on them with a fond smile.

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kyuhyun: always likes to ruffle your hair and boast himself up higher than usual to make you mad. in interviews, he’ll often drop about how cute he thinks short girls are, just so you’ll never forget how adorable he thinks you are.

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heechul: 99% of the time he calls you his “little dwarf”. he likes to drape his arm over your shoulders and hold you close, resting his chin on your forehead. it’s when he feels most content, honestly.

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eunhyuk: “you’re so cute!” he often muses about how adorable he finds the height difference to be between the two of you to the members, or anyone who has ears actually, unless you don’t want him to.

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siwon: the height difference just makes him melt. he loves when you hug after a long, miserable period of being away from each other and he feels your head rest against his chest.

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kangin: often facetiously teases you about your height. he earnestly can’t help it though, your reactions are just so funny. however, most of the time he admits that he loves feeling your small figure against him when he wakes up in the morning.

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sungmin: loves to hold you and just pamper you honestly. you’re his little smol bean and he can’t resist showering you with affection all the time.

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ryeowook: he’s fairly short as well, compared to his group members, so having someone shorter than him is not only a pleasant surprise, but a pleasant experience as well: he loves having someone to snuggle into him for once.

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Alright but the animation you did of Chat singing the theme song? Blew my mind. I can't stop watching it. It's haunting in the best way, and just so damn fluid I could cry. (But what cover is that? I NEED IT)

oh, thank you! (⌒▽⌒)♡ But it’s not a cover, it’s the french opening song of the show! Many people asked me which song was that, and I was surprised because I watch the show in French so I always heard the music.

So here it is for everyone who hasn’t heard the full song yet!

This is the only video that I found with the English translation. It’s mostly ok. But what I love the most, apart from Chat’s voice, is the lyrics. They are so dramatic, I adore them so much.

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Tag you're it! A mutual with every member of bts excluding yourself and why! Have fun!

hssjfsm ok ill try like this is gonna be so hard bc i love all my mutuals 🤧💕

jin - uhh mayté @iwouldliterallydie4jin la verdad her love for jin is the most beautiful love ive ever seen.. im always giggling at her tags and her tag for him as my gordito 💘 like thats some real love and ik they both would make each other so happy wow i hope yall invite me to the wedding 💑💞✨

yoongi - nico @yoongisito please they love yoongi so so so so much its jdjssmks!!!! the cutest thing like to their url to the way they speak about him and i adore when she speaks in spanish about him and calls him all these cute adorable petnames like i think yoongi would really adore them and would also appreciate all the love they have for him i love nico!! 💌

hoseok - jelly @hobsangel is probably the only other hobi stan i adore so much and i trust that she would treat him right and shes so funny too so ik he’ll love her so much and she’ll make him laugh that beautiful captivating laugh of his that can make anyones heart grow in sizes and overflow with so much love. anyways jelly is an angel and so is hoseok and together they can make the most magical powerful couple i love love 💗!!!!!!!!

namjoon - the one person whom i think of whenever i see namjoon is jackie @lovebydean like shes so in love with him and i know they’ll adore each other and treat each other right like he’ll take her out on romantic dates and even travel the world together taking candid pics of one another.. the most corny stuff but i love them my fave couple in the 🌎!!!

jimin - nat @parkejimins 💋 they belong together thats all!! sdhskj she loves jimin so much like the way she speaks about him u can just feel all the unconditional love its so cute and she calls him by the most endearing petnames like mi amor, mi corazón and jimin would LOVE that he would love nat so much los amo a los dos 🗣🗣🤧✨

taehyung - i gotta say that soph @hobintae might love hobi as well but dam her love for tae is out of this world.. have u read her tags on tae posts??? bc ummm dam her love for him is so wild on another level like her saying that she would bottle up his sweat for later use of moisturizer and lubricants i was like… thats Love . yall both would have a good time together the best love out there fr 🏹💘💘

jungkook - julia @thicknaruto is my fave jk stan her love for him is so cute im constantly laughing at her tags bc one minute she can be like ‘i love my baby’ to ‘idk i guess i love him’ and i choke i just love love lov luv looovovve her love for him and he would love her so much pls hsjsmsj 😩💛

Today I met a guy who likes Grell. Actually he doesn’t just «like» Grell, he extremely loves and adores that character from the bottom of his heart. He has about hundreds of arts and cosplays with Grell and we spent almost 2 hours speaking about that reaper. He read so much fanfictions about Grell and even wrote some of them. And he ships Grelliam as I do. I know, it would sound pretty strange, but I didn’t believe that there are guys who love Grell as much as girls do. I saw a lot of guys who were speaking about Grell something like «I hate this gay/trans/crossdresser so much. Grell is so annoying and this reaper disgusts me». And because of that I thought that only girls love that character, because girls have always been much more tolerant, than guys. So… I’m a bit confused now. Do the same guys who also love that reaper exist? Or is Grell just for girls only? Maybe it’s because I’m from Russia and russian men usually hate LGBT community, but I’m not sure actually…  

Anyway, I strongly respect those people, who don’t actually care about Grell’s gender/sexuality and just love that character because of Grell’s sense of humour and optimistic behaviour. Grell’s appearance in the anime/manga always makes me happy and I just can’t help, but smile because of that reaper.

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How do i buy your hairstyles? And who are some good people that make black stuff for cc?

Okay first thing… My CC is free…. Just one ad.fly link with no pop ups

And… uhm @shespeakssimlish (Like forrealllll I have all her hairs), @onyxsims (she be making them adorable twist styles for kiddos), @blewis50 (Recolours on deck), @luvelynsweet , @ebonixsims (swear she be slaying everything), @glorianasims4 (I have all her afros like I love them) , @estrojans (she got them skins and hair cuts…)

That’s all I can think of so far………

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Do you think J and Harley would have matching tattoos? If so, what would they be? Also, what kind of toys do you think J gets for his baby girl? Does he play with her all the time? I picture him like the coolest dad ever, I'm obsessed with him being a daddy. So you must know how much I ADORE your blog. Lots of love for you. 💚♥️💚♥️

Thank you so much!!!! I definitely think Joker and Harley would get matching tattoos. I think they kinda already do like he has his jester on his chest and she has the one of her back. They aren’t the same but they are related. But I really do see them getting ones to match maybe a symbol for arkham because it’s so apart of them or something to symbolize the chemical vats or just the joker in general. As far as toys I think he’d try and get her whatever her interests are but always incorporate a piece of himself. Like I see him getting her his own action figure, cause in gotham people definitely would sell batman and joker toys ya know haha. He’d get her the batman one and paint it green and purple then gift her his own just to see her playing and creating scenarios with them.

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I love your art I mean I ADORE it! I've been following you on tumblr for about 2 years nearly and I get so happy when I see you've posted, I was wondering if you would ever draw a daisuga if you ship them of course or asanoya too, I think it would be cute and hot and just amazing like your other pieces of work! keep on being the amazing talented human you are 🌸

Thank you so much!! It means so much to me that you’ve stuck with me for that long. <3 I would love to draw both of those pairings more eventually! Unfortunately kagehina hell is a very real place for me, lmao. I have one old daisuga and one old asanoya, but you’ve probably already seen those if you’ve been following me for a long time. XD

But for now, alas, I will just continue to drown in kagehina lskdfjaldjflkej

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okay so michael and jake friendship. i just want like rich or someone to call them pins and patches cause that would be adorable (and if people ship them, idk this fandom ships eveyone with everyone, but that could be their ship name tbh)

FJSDKFAN YES……me and connor hc that jake buys pins for michael and michael gets patches for jake and fnsjafks IM GONNA MAKE A POST I SWEAR i just love their friendship so much

this is your local amy saying that as much as i am here for the boyf riends, let’s not forget how whipped jeremy is for christine   –   his canon love interest. he thinks she’s tiny & smart & passionate & adorable & literally goes into one of those lame 80′s movie trances when she so much as passes him in the hallway. he gets so hype to see her, he has to hype himself up to see her. part of the reason why he wanted the squip was to be with her.

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Saw you re-opened matchups and check it out! I'm a little taller than average with long brown hair and pale skin, I'm an ENFP Taurus. I adore winter and chilling by the fireplace, summer is a big no-no for me. I love all kinds of music, especially the kind with deeper meaning. I need a guy who doesn't make romance a big deal, and just lets it happen naturally - but don't get me wrong, PDA is fine. I love my high heels, so they better appreciate them too lol.

Hey! I hope your blog is going well! I loved your recent post with Elizabeth the 3rd was so cute. Anyways! I ship you with Jumin Han

  • It’s fair to say, Jumin has never been in an actual relationship before. He has been on false dates with clients to sign off on a business contract but other than that, he is at a loss.
  • So Jumin would want to take it slow with you. He wouldn’t dare to pass your comfort zone or force himself onto you. You call the shots.
  • His penthouse could put Antarctica to shame. It’s freezing because he doesn’t like the heat either. During the summer he likes to stay indoors with you and eat frozen desserts.
  • Winter times with Jumin is very romantic. He loves to drink wine and be cuddled under a blanket with you and Elizabeth the 3rd while watching the flames wave about in his fireplace. The soothing music in the background and the comforting silence makes him just melt.
  • Your taste in music intrigues him. It just adds to your intelligence when you explain what you think a song could mean. Jumin never really thinks little things like that through and just hearing your perspective on lyrics is just eye opening.
  • The minute he sees your collection, you will be praying for more closet space. Jumin loves getting heels. They could go from crazy designs or just something classy.
  • He loves seeing you in heels. You just strut in such confidence in them and he is smitten.