(they are so adorable i love them)

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Hey Cassie! I absolutely adore your books! I have two small questions. First, is Clave the real enemy of the Shadowhunters themselves? Second, will there be any developments on Kit and Ty in Lord of Shadows? Alec and Magnus' relationship really helped me come terms with my sexuality... thank you so much for that :)

Love your icon! Kit and Ty are significant and important characters in LoS. I promise you’ll see a lot of them both! I think they have a really interesting dynamic and oh nooo the no spoilers monster is dragging me awaaaayyyyyyyy…..

“He is my corner ❤️”

THIS GAME. AGH. I have so much love for Night in the Woods!! I was watching @therealjacksepticeye play and fell in love instantly. The interaction between Mae and her parents in the last episode made me really emotional and miss mine (I ended up calling them afterwards haha). Gregg and Angus are absolutely precious. I adore them, so I had to doodle something real quick

Y'all the bts concert was amazing. The boys seemed to really enjoy performing for us and interacting with us. The reactions the fans gave them were so encouraging and you could see at the end of the concert that some of them were starting to tear up. Especially Rap Monster, Jimin, and Yoongi. J-hope was being extra the entire time (and he kept speaking English to us). Jimin’s high notes were on point and his English was super adorable. Jin’s voice was so beautiful to listen to live and Awake was bomb. Rap Monster killed Reflection and he really seemed to be super happy to see us American ARMYs. V threw water at the crowd (I think J-Hope did too) and it wet my friend. He also killed Stigma. I cried when Yoongi did First Love. You could tell he was pouring his heart into the lyrics. Jungkook almost made me cry with Begin but the dance break was dope. He also got an American flag at the end of the concert and was running around with it on stage. The encore stage was perfect. The entire show was perfect. They were so happy to be here with us American ARMYs, and we gave them all the love they deserved. This concert was absolutely wholesome and 100% lit and I hope they enjoy the other four they have left in America.

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So I'm not really good with this stuff but before any of the boys get attention, I love your blog so much and I just wanted you to know. Now to the boys, I adore Laito and everything about him (also considering he's always my first choice) but oh my, can I just say Carla, I want to brush his hair but I won't be allowed. I love the rest of them though, Karl included, and I'd be happy to help Reiji and Ruki out if they need a hand... I'll also fix Wall-chan, poor, poor Wall-chan.

[MTK: Oh, thank you~ ^w^♥]

Laito: Nfufufu, such a bold Bitch-chan confessing your love for me~

Carla: You said it right, I won’t allow you.

Karlehinz: Oh, dear, thank you, this makes me glad. Usually I’m always hated.

Carla: I wonder why

Reiji: That’d be very kind of you.

Ruki: I agree; Livestock should always be this helpful.

Wall-chan: Thank you!

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What are your opinions on Colifer?

BROTP. like, i aDORE their friendship and think they play off each other so well not only as actors on the show but also during interviews and panels and the like. i love how jen is always so eloquent with her answers and colin is like “YES WHAT SHE SAID” :’))

but i don’t ship them romantically and get really uncomfortable when people try to insinuate that there’s something more than friendship going on there. and definitely Not Ok with anyone trying to question colin’s love for helen just because they want colifer to be a thing. it’s just basic respect, i think, to let them keep their private lives private. :)

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Could you please write a version of s/o getting severly injured with Cor saving them and some adorable aftercare? I would love to read how Cor would react ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

Your wish is my command, dearest Anon! <3 Sorry this took so long to get out to ya! I hope the huge dosage of sensitive!Cor makes up for the wait! (Seriously, I headcanon that Cor is a complete softie inside who has this hidden little boy locked up inside his mind who’s just insanely scared of losing people he loves- especially when he knows he has the capability to save them from a terrible fate!)

It’s been two years since the endless darkness consumed the lands of Eos. You and Cor were out on a search and rescue mission, and for the most part, everything went well. You both managed to reach the rescue site two days before your estimated arrival date, you found all of the reported refugees, and most of their injuries were able to be treated with a single Hi-Elixir each. Amongst all the good fortune you and Cor had experienced, your battle-hardened boyfriend couldn’t help but feel that something was amiss.

“Watch your back, y/n. This mission is going too well,” Cor says to you. You throw him an incredulous look and brush him off immediately.

“You’re such a pessimist. But I find that strangely cute, so you lucked out there big guy,” you quip playfully, smacking his shoulder before making your way towards a group of young men and women standing idly by one of the large tents you and Cor had set up at the haven you’d escorted the group to. “You guys all good?” you ask, ensuring that there was a smile on your face when you approached them. They all turned to you and flashed grins of their own at you.

“Yeah, all good here. We were just talking about that Red Giant we saw wandering close by a few hours ago,” one of the girls spoke up, her voice laced with worry. You shook your head, trying your best to dissuade her fears.

“Don’t worry about that- Cor and I can go and check it out right now!”

A thirty minutes later, you were kicking yourself for not keeping any Hi-Elixirs for yourself or Cor. It turned out that there were three Red Giants moving in a group, destroying everything in their wake- including smaller daemons. You cast a worried glance at Cor, who was busy landing precise blows on the Red Giants’ weak spots with his katana. Biting your lip out of nerves, you hauled what you dubbed a triad-elemental spell flask at the Giant standing furthest away from Cor and covered your ears with your hands as the powerful fire, ice and lightning spells exploded with power.

The shrieks that the Red Giant let out started off extremely loud before they turned into low keens before it fell to the ground with a resounding thud. Your knees buckled and you went sprawling onto the earth below you at the Red Giant’s impact on the ground.

You were moving to get up, but then Cor had felled his Red Giant almost immediately after you’d defeated yours, and the strong shudders on the ground from the heavy weight falling onto it had you sprawling straight back to the ground. You groaned and let out a few curses before attempting to get back up again, only to find that you were being crushed by an impossibly red and extremely flaming fist.

All you could do was mentally curse before the third Red Giant squeezed the life out of you while Cor desperately hacked and slashed at the Giant’s legs and arms.

“Damn it!” Cor yelled as he fought, though his voice was becoming faint as pain took over all your senses. You whimpered and slumped in the Giant’s tight grip. Your ribs were burning, and it was getting hard to breathe. Suddenly, you were in limbo, flying through the air in a straight downward motion before impacting harshly with the ground.

The next thing you knew, you were prying your eyes open and trying to lift your hand to remove the oxygen mask that had been placed over your mouth and nose while you were out. You felt incredibly weak and sore, and you whimpered pathetically out of helplessness.

“Y/n…” the first voice you heard since waking was the last voice you’d heard during that terrible battle. Cor Leonis. Your boyfriend. You try to tilt your head in the direction of his voice, and you’re successful, but damn did it take a lot of effort.

“Hey, you’re hurt…” you frowned at the sight of the small, stitched up gash on Cor’s forearm. Cor glared down at you and moved his hand to softly bop you on the nose. You scrunched your nose in response to his ‘attack’ before slowly lifting your hand and gesturing at your white-clad body. “Nice look for me, huh?”

“I thought you were dead.” Cor said, ignoring your attempt at lightening the situation. “When I finally killed that Red Giant and saw your body… I thought you were dead.”

You didn’t know why, but you found yourself tearing up at Cor’s words. He’d never been so candid about his inner thoughts before- especially when they had to do with anything that happened on the battle field. His face was as stoic as ever but… you could hear the residue of his panic in his voice. It broke your heart a little, and then pieced it back together when you realised that he cared about you A LOT.

“Cor…” you whimpered. You hated sounding so weak, especially in front of Cor Leonis, the marshal who valued strength and mental fortitude. But he didn’t say anything to rebuke your behaviour. He just grasped your hand in his and squeezed your soft palm in his calloused hand.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t keep you safe.” Cor growled, averting his gaze, but squeezing your palm tighter. You squeezed back- and with what little strength you had, you lifted his hand to your cheek and nuzzled his hand softly. At the feeling of your soft skin on the back of his hand, he turned his clouded steel blue eyes to your face. You smiled and lifted your other hand to remove the oxygen mask from your face. Your muscles protested at the movement, but you didn’t care. You just wanted to make your obviously distraught partner feel better… you wanted to let him know you were okay despite the brutalised state of your body- because he was there with you.

You brought his hand to your lips and you peppered soft kisses onto his hand, maintaining eye contact with your marshal as you did so. Cor breathed out hard through his nose, his nostrils flaring slightly, before he quickly closed the distance between you and himself. He pulled his hand away from your lips and replaced it with his own insistent lips. You applied pressure to the kiss and you felt a wetness that wasn’t your own trail down your cheek.

Opening your eyes, you found Cor’s were shut tight as he kissed you, his silent tears of both relief and guilt streaming down his face. Your heart swelled at his rare display of emotion, and you brought him closer to you as he retracted his kiss, guiding his head towards your chest and pressing his ear right above your heart.

“I’m okay, Cor. I promise.”

“You promise?” you held back tears of your own as Cor’s unsure tone reminded you of a small child. The immortal was truly shaken, and it was heart breaking.

You pressed a kiss to the top of your love’s head and smiled into his short, coarse dark brown hair.

“I promise.”

You feel Cor’s shoulders shudder before you hear his low rumble of a voice against your chest.

“Good. I don’t think I could live in this darkness without you.”

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after your fics, I ship Adrian with Kara because he would totally lure her with food and could you possibly write about them meeting, and ya know falling for eachother? #Kadrian or #Kade. Oh and Adrian wanted to know all about nbAlex and maggie sex, and I would love to know too :D maybe a nbAlex Maggie first time???

Oh my lord. This is some serious headcanonning happening, and I am so fucking happy.

Would others want me to explore Adrian/Kara? I don’t think she’s his type, ultimately, but I could totally see him getting a little crush on her and them having an adorable flirtation (he’s also a lil young for her so like). And yaaaasssss for them having a ship name, whether it’s a crush or a brotp or something else!!

And a nb!Alex/Maggie first time is forthcoming, so stay tuned!!! :) <3 <3 <3

highlights of this episode (because i’m trying to be positive ok)

  • naruto wanted iruka… to act as his dad… his DAD
  • also iruka was so cute in this ep
  • naruto was actually IN this one so that’s, you know, a big plus too
  • bee seems to think there’s a 50% chance of either naruto or hinata saying “nah, never mind” 
  • gaara and kankuro’s outfits are VERY VERY CUTE i love them
  • tenten’s outfit is ALSO very cute
  • gai and lee are amazing as always
  • kiba looks like he’s a yakuza
  • mirai is adorable
  • shino interacts with kids exactly as i’d expect him to
  • temari is dressed like a power lesbian
  • we remembered neji existed so that’s nice i guess
  • hinata is so pretty

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I adore how Robert seems to genuinely enjoy Liv's company now. She's so like Aaron, grouchy, but witty and hilarious when she wants to be. I love how they've clearly just been hanging out in the Mill. (I refuse to think about what a nincompoop Robert has been to his family with Rebecca in that very same house). And Liv seems to rely on Robert for reassurance. I love how she takes his opinions in and respects them. Trusts him (welp). I just hope Chas whisks her away before the shit hits the fan!

im sobbing they’re such a faMILY


It’s Complicated (Jason Blossom Imagine Jason x Reader- Part 1)

Request: I swear You are the best writer ever. I loved your Jason Blossom imagine, do you think you could write more? It was absolutely beautiful, maybe one where Jason and the reader were the longest lasting couple and this new girl tries to break them up, so they get into a fight but Cheryl fixes them. Thank you so much, I loved your imagine so so much ❤️❤️

Words Count: 1990 (shiiiiiiiiit)

Warnings: None

A/N: Whoever wrote this request, you are adorable and your compliment made me happy, thank you thank you thank you!!!! <3

Your eyes flutter open to a sunbeam dancing across your face. You groan and turn your ahead away from the light. You feel your body slowly sink back into sleep but your phone dings a happy tune, alerting you of a new message. You roll your body and fumble for your phone on your bedside table. Squinting from the brightness coming off your phone, you open the message. You smile at your phone when you realise it’s from your boyfriend, Jason Blossom. You sit up and read the message.
JJ: Time to wake up, I’ll pick you up today!” You click your phone off and slowly rise from your bed.

You had showered, gotten dress and were currently eating breakfast with your parents. You heard the front door open and saw Jason walk in.  “Good morning Mr and Mrs (Y/L/N), how has your morning been so far?” Jason asks politely. You parents smile at Jason
“Very well Jason and yours?” Your Dad asks.
“As good as a Monday morning can be Sir.” Jason say, he walks up to you and kisses your cheek.
“You ready to go?” He asks, slinging your bag around his shoulder. You nod, kissing your parents on the cheek before heading out the front door with Jason. He chucks your bag in the back seat. “Why hello there beautiful, how are you today?” Cheryl asks from the front seat. You laugh and hug her hello.
“I’m fine, how are you Cheryl?” You ask, pulling away from the red-haired girl. She grimaces and you nod your head, understanding that it was something she didn’t want to talk about. You reach over to open your door but Jason’s hand gets there first, opening it for you. You smile up at him and he smiles back down at you. “Hi you.” He says, cupping your jaw and planting a quick kiss on your lips.
“Hi, how was football practice?” You ask, climbing into the backseat of his red car.
“It was okay, think I might have bent something that is not supposed to bend.” He says, making his way to the front seat. He starts up the car and pulls out into the street. Concern fills your body, showing on your face. Jason notices your face and reaches back to hold your hand.
“Babe, it’s fine. It was kidding.” He says. You raise your eyebrows at him and he laughs. “Mostly.” He corrects. Cheryl looks at her twin and then back to you.
“You two are so cute, I still can’t believe you guys have been dating since you were 13.” She states before turning her attention back to Jason. They talk about homework and what they were doing after school. You close your eyes and lean your head back on the head rest behind you. You feel your body drift off into a light sleep.

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so i have spent most of this week rereading reverse from start to finish, because i was getting kinda fuzzy on earlier chapters, and can i just say: i really, really love all of the minor details and backstory pieces you put in your writing i.e. the folklore on the foxes, and bits about kushina's life before canon. just. they really make the story feel more complete and engaging and i adore them. i adore your writing in general. thank you for all of the work you put into your stories


I really enjoy worldbuilding, even in the context of an AU’s ‘world’, if that makes sense. Little details are always my favorite thing to pick out when I’m reading, so that you like them here makes me really happy. Thank you! ^-^

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I'm really loving your sibling au, everyone is so cute and adorable. But kind of confusing when all 3 of them have "max" associated in their name, but I'll get there xD Alsoooooo.... Max is dating Victoria and Maximus is dating Mary... so correct me if I'm wrong. Does that mean Maxine is gonna be a single pringle or is she gonna go out with Liz?

yeeeah it’s a bit confusing at first lmao

Maxine is single yep. Dating Liz? It’s a possibility? But not something I can see happening?? Since Maxine is in Uni and Liz is in the Marines and all. Interaction would be low. We’ll see.

I really liked the idea of Marshfield.

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I really loved the new animation! it was really beautiful, I loved all the little details. I'm happy that everyone is basically themselves, and they seem to be getting along really well! I've watched the video so many times, I don't think I can watch it enough XD

Same here, Maya! I cried with tears of joy when I heard Murdoc, 2D, and Russel speak. I missed hearing their voices. And their new look is so cool! Murdoc looks a bit younger, 2D is still adorable, Russel is still a precious guy, and Noodle is so beautiful. They all look like a happy family! It’s been a long time since we’ve seen them together like this. I love it! <3

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OMG babe that Jongin on the swing repost!! It is literally life!! I am so emotional after reading it because I can relate to it as I have done that before with my bf. He's a military man so he goes to training fields often. That picture caught my attention too because it is SO adorable and I hope he was doing just that at that moment. I wonder how they answer the phone with one another! Ahhh! I love them so much!! I hope you're having a great day sweetie!! <3 #jagi

Oh yes ;_; I could just imagine Nini sitting like that and talking on the phone with Soo, asking the other what they had done that day, if they’re doing okay, if they’re tired, how much they miss each other, and make sure the other is eating well and encouraging one another to work hard! 

It must be difficult to be away from someone you love? I really hope you’ll be able to meet your loved one soon~ (I wish the same for kaisoo :’) I hope nini comes home soon too)

And thank you cutie! I hope you’re having a lovely day <3 Take care ^o^ 

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Some hc about Prompto's reaction to his s/o loving his freckles and wanting to kiss each of them :3 plz I need something about sunshine boy and his adorable freckles xD (I know I'm not the only one that loves his freckles)

(I love his freckles too)

>At first he’d be a little flustered bc that’s impossible, there’s too many!

>Persistence is key, and at some point he would just give up trying to argue and let you do whatever you want

>He would be a blushing little mess, but the sheepish smile that appears on his face is worth the struggle

>You know it’s another feature of his he never really liked so you compliment them and memorize each one to the best of your ability, even choosing out a favorite to make him laugh

>He earns to love the ones on his nose the best because the little pecks on the tip of his nose make his heart flutter

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This is prolly slightly creepy and oddly specific but I adore the way you draw hands and I think your comics (and art in whole) are brilliant and they help me get throught the hell that is the tube. So thank you for sharing them with us, you lovely fellow nonbinarian!

haha thank you! the hands in these comics are wildly inconsistent if you look right back to the beginning but I’m glad you like them :’D