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this is a totally different anon, asking about the storm's similar taste in men.

The Scientist

  • Too smart for his own good
  • Good with kids, family oriented
  • Bonus points for being a lanky brunet

Also: the universe where Johnny is the Storm sibling married to Reed, backing up my headcanon that he has a thing for smart guys. (Fantastic Four #563)

The Bad Boy

  • Tall, dark, and handsome (Well, Namor’s tall, anyway.)
  • Powerful, occasionally villainous
  • May have tried to kill Reed once 

The Ben

  • The blue-eyed idol of millions
  • Aunt Petunia’s favorite nephew
  • Who hasn’t thought about scaling Mount Rushmore

(The long history of BenJohnny subtext/Sue’s married to Ben in the Ultimate Universe.)

some ritshou things because im gay

ritsus powers always make him feel the way he did when he obtained them. his chest always aches and he feels that slightly nauseous way after using them because they’re rooted in guilt and corruption. shou felt the same way for such a long time since he was the awakened child, so obviously his powers are rooted in suffering and pain. shou is the one that teaches him he feels like that because hes only using some of his emotion to fuel his powers and shows ritsu how to use happiness/joy/comfort/courage as fuel for his powers instead of guilt and anger

ritsu gets bogged down by thoughts a lot. he literally just thinks the same things over and over again like a black vortex of awful mind thoughts, and it never stops because he never expresses his thoughts to anyone. he usually hates being alone because he’ll just end up lying in his bed paralyzed overthinking everything. i dont know how this relates to ritshou

ritsu uhhh gets jealous. leave me alone im a sucker for that jealousy stuff and it might not be healthy but this kid is a 13 year old with depression hes gonna get jealous when shou has friends that arent him. he ABSOLUTELY does not act like it though. shou is like “haha sorry ritsu i was hanging out with mezato i forgot to swing by last night! did you miss me?” and ritsu will fucking deadpan “i forgot you were supposed to come over”

ritsu knows he has a crush on shou. he just kind of accepts it as a fact of life instead of repressing it like everything else. he’d still never admit it out loud to anyone or ACT on his feelings or anything. its just something he lets lie dormant under the surface. while he’s around shou, he uses this to his advantage by staring at shou a little too long or having their hands accidentally brush, but he still has complete plausible deniability

hes horribly self conscious and narcissistic at the same time. he knows shou has a crush on him, he just k n o w s. shou talks about having a crush on someone and honestly who would it be other than ritsu?? ritsu is the only kid his age that shou hangs out with. he KNOWS that shou likes him, 100% no doubt. and yet he doesnt make the first move because what if he doesn’t and he ruins his entire friendship with shou

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If Johnny and Peter could cosplay anyone, who would they cosplay as? (excluding any other Marvel characters)

Oh man, I really want to write like, the New York Comic Con AU, but there’s no way I won’t get Weird and Bitter about Cosplay Stuff so I can’t, but I do have some thoughts on the subject:

  • Johnny’s a popular cosplayer mostly for being a friendly, good-looking guy who stays on top of popular costumes and flashes a lot of skin. He doesn’t make 90% of what he wears, but he’s good at lights, etc. His passion costumes are mostly from obscure cult canons and they don’t get a tenth of the attention his cosplay of the moment stuff does.
  • Peter’s that guy who builds very complicated costumes out of cardboard. They look shockingly good, considering, y’know, cardboard. He also hand sews things he shouldn’t hand sew. This is solely because he does this IN CANON. SERGE YOUR COSTUME, MAN. He’s very judgy for a man who builds costumes from 30 year old canons out of stuff he found in the basement. Despite his preference for cheap materials, with a good budget he’s a pretty proficient prop builder, but he doesn’t have the temperament for commissions. 
  • Nobody knows how he’s friends with popular cosplayers Mary Jane and Felicia.
  • Johnny and Peter have a several years long feud. It’s like cosplay Pride and Prejudice.
  • It’s resolved when they makeout dramatically at NYCC. A very heavily photographed event.
  • “COUPLE COSPLAY,” says Johnny enthusiastically while they’re comparing con schedules.
  • “No,” says Peter. “Nuh-uh. Never gonna happen.”
  • It happens.
  • It’s mirrorverse Kirk (Johnny) and Spock (Peter). There’s a lot of glitter involved. Peter’s fake beard keeps coming off. It’s a very successful set of costumes, but possibly only because they can’t keep their hands off each other.
  • They’re very embarrassing to cosplay with.

my favorite fact about Shadow the Hedgehog is that he’s 50 years old and everyone kinda forgets it.  I want Sonic or someone to call him old timer or make grandpa jokes like “Sorry to keep you up past your 5pm bedtime,” or “Hey can you get me the senior citizen discount the next time we go out?”  Seriously wasted opportunity. 

that, and he’s one of the few characters who drives cars and bikes and such.  is he the only one with a license?  When did he get his license if he has one?  Does Rouge not drive because she makes Shadow cart her around everywhere like he’s her own personal driver?  It’s all a mystery.


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