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lance stop flirting with the cute galra prince its unprofessional

reasons to stay alive:
  • all the beautiful things waiting for me, when im no longer in agony and i already love me. the things that are meant to compensate the years of my suffering. the calm after the storm. the very feeling of having the chance to say, “i finally did it. im here. im glad im here.”
  • movies to be produced, technology and computers to be created, artworks to be made, and the mere existence of the future. will it be as technologic as i imagined it to be? i want to know. i want to see it myself
  • the delight and simple joy of seeing the sunrise; will it be as orange as yesterday? or will it be a little more pink? painting, taking snaps, and enjoying the scenery without having to worry about anything. the beauty of nature. i want to feel it every day.
  • the coming of the seasons. the smell of lavenders and sunflowers on spring. the ombré colors of the streets on autumn. the warmth of the summer sunshine. the coolness of snow on my winter skin. the concept of having to experience the cycle every year. the clothes i must wear on such. every little thing about everyday.
  • the pets i love. i wouldn’t want them to wake up and wonder where i am one day. i know what it’s like to be so alone in this place full of strangers. and i know it will break their hearts. the plants i keep. i dont want them to wilt and die bc nobody would water them miraculously as much as i do. i dont want them to lose themselves the way i lost me.
  • the books i haven’t read. the museums i haven’t been to. the songs i haven’t heard. the people i haven’t met. the simplest things that i haven’t done. i want to feel what it’s like to meet new things once again. i want to feel what it’s like to feel appreciated and to appreciate something one last time.
  • and the redemption. i want to be me again. i want to remember what it’s like to be me a few years ago. i want to wake up without groaning because i didn’t lose it last night. i just want to be new, to be reborn, to be beautiful one more time. and that will only happen if im alive. and that simple string of hope is what keeps me going. and i believe that simple string of hope will keep me breathing for the longest time. :)

ok so here’s a concept:

  • richie not being able to keep his comments to himself in class
  • richie’s teachers getting sick to death of his hand shooting up constantly
  • richie getting detention all the time for talking out of turn
  • richie getting this shit beat out of him at home when he gets detention
  • richie having detention so many times that he gets suspended
  • richie strolling up to school after the three day suspension w his arm in a sling bc his dad twisted his arm so far back that richie’s shoulder popped out of socket
  • kids in class rolling their eyes and stifling their laughs when richie asks a question that seems genuine and sensible to him but makes no sense to anyone else
  • richie’s adhd isolating him from his peers
  • teachers labeling richie as trouble without bothering to try to decipher what his issues actually are
  • richie not allowing his disorder to affect his grades
  • richie getting yelled out for not paying attention and then aceing every damn test
  • “i understand it the first time, that’s why i get distracted when you have to keep explaining it to everyone else”
  • the boy w the stutter and the dead brother showing up in detention one day bc he refused to give a speech
  • the kid w a fannypack and inhaler being there the next day too bc he straight up yelled at the nurse when she refused to take his temperature for the third time that day
  • a girl whose hair looks like autumn leaves and the orphan farmer boy who hardly talks casually striding in without even bothering to put out the cigarettes that landed them there in the first place
  • a huffy kid stomping in, arms crossed, drops into a desk and grumbles under his breath
  • “it’s not my fault the teacher was fucking wrong. again.”
  • and, finally, a chubby boy coming in, looking sad, offering gum and explaining he wasn’t trying to skip class, he was just hiding from the school bully
  • the rudest teacher in school supervising detention that day
  • “well would ya look at this little club”
  • everyone glancing at each other and grinning
  • the entirety of the losers club making every teacher’s life a living fucking hell from that moment on
  • but also helping each other w their issues
  • everyone leaving their bedroom windows unlocked for richie or bev to crawl into when their houses are unbearable
  • eddie sitting next to richie in class so richie has someone to pass notes to when he has a comment he can’t contain
  • richie carrying a thermometer, bandaids and an inhaler in his backpack for eddie
  • mike listening to bill’s speeches over and over until bill is comfortable enough that his stutter is practically nonexistent
  • stan grabbing mike’s cigarette out of his hand and pretending it’s his own when a teacher sees them bc if mike gets another detention this week, he’s getting suspended
  • stan scribbling down everytime he wants to argue w a teacher in a notebook to show to bill and bill nodding along while stan rants about all these fucking idiots
  • bev shoving and punching anyone who makes fun of ben for anything ever
  • ben buying twizzlers and jolly ranchers when bev quits smoking and throwing one at her anytime she starts craving a cigarette
  • this is so long but wow
  • friends loving friends man
Author and Editor AU

So I’ve been working on this idea for a fic, while ignoring the harder fics that I should be writing. 

Shiro owns Black Lion Publishing and it was a small publishing company until they happened across a science fiction novel, “The Legend of Voltron,” which became a best seller. The author goes by the name Diego Blue, but that’s not his real name and he prefers to keep it that way. 

Keith, meanwhile, has recently been fired from his mechanic job for being too confrontational with the owner, so Shiro took him in as an editor because, you know, what are brothers for (”You have a college degree, Keith. Why were you working there in the first place?” “I liked it, Shiro, until Rolo started stealing my shit.”). Keith, however, loves the book “The Legend of Voltron” and has been pestering Shiro since before he was even hired as an editor to get him in touch with “Mr. Blue,” but Shiro refuses. Diego Blue wants to remain anonymous and it’s none of Keith’s business who he is. 

But Keith keeps pestering him anyway. 

Lance Garcia McClain, meanwhile, had to move out of his apartment because of a black mold problem (“I like this apartment, Pidge!” “It’s a piece of shit, Lance, and we all know you can afford something better anyway.”), so he moves into a complex downtown where he meets his asshole neighbor, Keith Song, who is equal amounts of annoying as he is attractive and irresistible. And seeing as he doesn’t have to work, Lance has plenty of time to sit around in his new apartment and think of all the best ways to get Keith’s attention. Oh, and write the second book in his series that wasn’t supposed to be a series in the first place? He hadn’t even intended to write the first book? Or publish it? So that was a thing. 

Keith, meanwhile–despite finding his new neighbor extremely annoying and constantly having to yell at him about hacking into his wifi–happens to be using Shiro’s computer when he finds the email address for one Mr. Diego Blue. Without telling Shiro, he snags the email and starts messaging Mr. Blue. At first it’s all formal, but Keith finds Mr. Blue extremely easy to talk to and soon they’re emailing all the time. Keith develops quite the crush and his interest, as well as admiration, only intensifies when the manuscript for book 2 finally arrives. 

Thus we find ourselves in a Klance lovesquare with fun things like email messaging, apartment pranks, and inappropriate flirting when Lance finally figures out that his editor’s colleague, who’s been emailing him, is none other than the very Keith Song that lives across the hall. 

Will include Keith with his hair in a ponytail and Lance with glasses and curly hair despite his attempts to straighten it and pretend not to be the nerd he actually is. 

I’m kinda writing the first chapter, but… I don’t know how into it I want to get. I have other fics I should work on, tbh. I mean, does anyone even want to read something like this?

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there’s so much i didn’t realise was happening in this scene until now:

beverly is literally gripping bill’s shirt so hard trying to hug him as close as she can, richie and ben holding onto bill as well, stan wrapping his arm around ben and resting his head on richie’s, mike rubbing eddie’s shoulder and stroking richie’s hair, eddie literally starting to fucking cry at the sight of bill sobbing? these kids adore each other man, they’re family