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Everyone told Rein that he shouldn’t wear that stupid ass shirt when he was going out to pick up the new “transfer” agent from the airport. In his defense, he said that it was his “lucky” shirt and that he wanted to give a welcoming appearance for them.

Cerys’ first impression of Rein was that she thought he was some eccentric uber driver who talked about food a lot.

Crack Theory: The Raven Man

NOTE: This is just something fun that I came up with because I like making up theories! Story-wise I think it would be plausible and yet still not be too catastrophic. Some things may not be entirely accurate, and for that, forgive me, let me have my fun damn it!

Welcome to an episode of “Misty’s Crack Theories” where my imagination gets too colorful and hopeful that I wind up disappointing myself in the future. 

This will be the biggest disappointment I will bring onto myself.

Before I get started…

The next person that says “The Raven Man is Urza” I’m going to slap with a damn marlin because I WILL FIGHT YOU HE HAS LONG HAIR NOT SHORT.

Although to relate him with the Storm Crows would be an awesome idea and an interesting twist.


Crack Theory: The Raven Man is Yawgmoth

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An open letter for Skam

Dear Skam, Even if you were a simple TV show, you affected us in a special way and you taught us so much in so little time. Never in our lives a show had so much impact on us and while that could be for many different conceptual reasons, i prefer to say that you were the realest teenage tv show ever created. We could see ourselves in your characters, we breathed as they breathed, we cried as they cried, we loved as they loved and we lived as they lived. Not only did you perfectly picture what being an European teenager in 2015-2016-2017 is like, but you also managed to show what being a human in the 21st century is like. You gave a voice to those who couldn’t speak or be heard. You made everyone feel what it’s like to grow up in a country where we don’t feel wanted because of what we look like, what we believe in or who we fall in love with. You also made us understand that even if we don’t feel wanted, somebody out there loves us, no matter what. You found a way to show us what friendship really is. That conflict happens, but life goes on. That friendships don’t last forever, but that there’s nothing wrong with moving on. That we’re not meant to be loved by everyone and we have the right to not hang out with the “cool kids”, because even the loosers are cool kids, because we are cool kids. And oh Skam, how you made us believe in love. Because love spreads as much as fear does, but if we all learn to love each other, maybe love will win. We now know it will, because of you Skam. You showed us how fear and hate could destroy one and how to fight fear and hate. Because love trumps hate. We must spread love to everyone around us, no matter their religion, their skin color, their sexual orientation and sexual identity, no matter where they come from or where they’re going. Lastly… You said that “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”. You told us : “You know you don’t have to face everything in the world on your own?”. You taught us something really important by saying “Your opinion meant more than my own and that’s not how it should be.”. You taught us so much more. So many lessons that we’ll grow up with and never forget. And I hope that your message will be carried until the world is fine. You’ve done your job, now ours is to never let you die. Never let Skam die. You lasted almost 2 years but we will make sure that love fights all until the end of time. Because we don’t want all your work to go to waste Skam. That would be a shame. Takk for alt Skam.

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