You could’ve said sorry,
and I’ll forgive you—
again and again.

I could’ve listened.

And everything
still could’ve been
the same.

—  ma.c.a // Wishful Thinking
The skin that you are in is beautiful. You don’t have to be lighter. You don’t have to be darker. You don’t have to lose your scars. You don’t need to hide your stretch marks. You don’t need to wear make up unless you like it. There is no addendum or asterisk to that statement. The skin you are in is beautiful. Period. End of.
—  Nikita Gill, The Skin You Are In
Take my hand, and cleanse my tainted heart with the ocean you hold in your eyes. Come and grace this old, ugly skin with your soft kisses. I am in terrible need of your love.
—  Lukas W. // Love me
I’m a perfectionist and yet, nothing in me is perfect. I still think the best solution to problems is crying, I still avoid confrontation and I still write my feelings instead of talking about them but I’m getting better and if I can do it, so can you.
—  giulswrites
Failed Attempt

I tried to forget about you
As the summer passed
And autumn arrived
While the air grew cooler
And your touch became
A distant mountain
That refused to move
With the slow pace
I walked
When times got hard—

I tried to lock away my feelings
And failed miserably
When the sun became too bright
And your memory
Painted all my dreams
The shade of dusk

I tried to escape
Thoughts of you
With a heavy heart
And an empty shadow
Of who I used to be
Only to remember
I wasn’t really living
Until I found you;
My days had a feeling
Of completeness
When your hands held mine
And your love
Always kept me burning
For something more
Than what I believed
I deserved—

When I spend nights
Under clouds of loss
I pull tree branches
Close to my chest
Just to feel something;
I’ve locked a piece of my heart
Inside of yours
And it’s impossible to forget
That the beating in my chest
Matches the beating in yours
No matter the distance between us

So forgive me as I try to forget you
Even though it’s done in vain,
And foolishly
I’ll keep pretending
To spend my days
Looking for your replacement
When knowing it does not exist.