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Fandometrics In Depth: Feminism Edition

Tumblr has always been a place where feminists could connect and speak freely. And as Tumblr has grown, so have the allied communities and the size of the conversation. From 2013 to 2015, year-over-year growth in the number of original posts tagged #feminism increased at an average rate of 4.22%.

That changed in 2016. As Tumblr discussed the US presidential election and its impact on women’s rights, access to healthcare and the importance of consent, the rate of original posts tagged #feminism grew 20%, five times the growth of the previous three years. Looking at the entire ecosystem of Tumblr tags, original posts and reblogs about #feminism accounted for triple the amount of conversation it did in 2015.

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2016 also saw a change in Tumblr’s understanding of what feminism means.

The term intersectionality describes the overlapping systems of oppression at play in society—it’s the idea that gender inequality, racism, class status, and other injustices are inseparable from one another and can’t be studied in isolation.

Between 2014 and 2016 there was a modest increase in engagement around #intersectionality. Original posts increased 13%, while searches increased 44%. But then came the Women’s March. On January 20th, 2017, engagements around #intersectionality spiked 5191% from just two days before. Since then, the whole tone of the #feminism conversation on Tumblr has changed.

In 2017 so far, people are talking about intersectional systems of oppression 21% more than they have in the last four years combined.

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How does that change in tone manifest itself? Here’s a sampling of posts that have gone viral since the March:

Continuing the conversation

If you’re interested in joining the feminist conversation on Tumblr, there are tons of places to start. In addition to the #feminism and #intersectionality tags, you can head to tags like #wage gap and #pro choice to learn more about specific issues. There are also dozens of Tumblrs that dive deep into the conversation:

  • Feminist Frequency (@femfreq), a place to talk about feminism in gaming
  • Celebrating Amazing Women (@celebratingamazingwomen), which highlights women who have changed history on their birthdays
  • Whovian Feminism (@whovianfeminism), which looks at inequality through a fannish lens
  • Empower. Volunteer. Unite. (@ucf-now), the official Tumblr of the University of Central Florida’s National Organization for Women chapter, and
  • Action (@action), our hub to help connect you to the resources you need to become an agent of change.
50 ideas for a Grimoire

I collected these ideas (and others) from different sources. What you see here is what I think would be interesting to put in my Grimoire (because apparently people need to be told these things).

1 ) decorations ; a personalized cover (with a picture of the moon, a pentagram, your patronus or something else, or maybe just a nice flowery design or leather cover), using a glitter pen and stickers, pressing flowers between the pages, drawing, taping photos and other visual ideas.

2 ) protection sigil on the reverse of the cover (so people won’t read it without your authorization)

3 ) your craft name and your reason for choosing it

4 ) how you define your path, can include coven rules, the tradition(s) you follow and/or a personal set of magickal rules

5 ) wheel of the year / rituals you observe as the year passes

6 ) dedication to one or several deities you worship (or alternatively, what your relationship with deities is like, whether it’s a specific deity or deities in general)

7 ) on that note, myths and information regarding gods, godesses and deities that could be useful for you

8 ) moon phases, their correspondences and what they’re good and bad for

9 ) elements and their correspondences (including the minor arcana of tarot)

10 ) recipes. not just kitchen witchcraft recipes, but also potions, beauty and cleaning products, natural remedies, powders, salts for a bath, oils, etc.

11 ) herbs/plants/flowers and their correspondences

12 ) runes and their meaning

13 ) crystals and crystal grids

14 ) spells, of course

15 ) divination (tarot spreads and cheatsheet, pendulum, scrying, astrology, etc.)

16 ) a pendulum board

17 ) dream diary

18 ) ancestors ; where they are from, specific people you wish to honour, family tree, pictures, location of graves, etc.

19 ) familiars

20 ) tools in your practice

21 ) list of charges, wards, sigils, spells, wards and enchanted items you have currently active

22 ) sigils and how to make them

23 ) spirit work

24 ) color correspondences

25 ) chakras

26 ) myths, myhtological creatures and legends

27 ) folk tales from your zone

28 ) family traditions

29 ) your views on the afterlife

30 ) binding/banishing and your experience with it

31 ) a portrait of your shadow self (let’s get jungian)

32 ) fictional and/or real witches you admire

33 ) past lives, if you know of any

34 ) how to contact you from the afterlife after you’re dead

35 ) psychic abilities

36 ) pop culture magick

37 ) photos of nature

38 ) your own alphabet or secret code

39 ) a letter to yourself in the future and/or the past

40 ) altars and altar planning

41 ) magickal moments of your life

42 ) smells of witchcraft you love

43 ) descriptions of places from astral travel or meditations

44 ) reasons you started to be a witch, magickal goals

45 ) letter to a deity, an ancestor, etc.

46 ) what your followers would leave you as offerings if you were a deity

47 ) draw or collage your own tarot card(s) ; you can make them more diverse than the original!

48 ) creae a magickal creature that would be your familiar

49 ) spiritual diary (how a spell did or didn’t work, or a tarot reading, for example)

50 ) a shiny page to scry with

101 Pen Pal Challenge

101 things to send you pen pal

1. Origami

2. Photo’s of you pets (or garden)

3. A Souvenir from your town/city (Post card, etc.)

4. Homemade bookmark

5. Collage of your favorite things

6. A recipe

7. A photo of the food you made with your friends recipe

8. Homemade pinwheel

9. A small gift from a cheap variety store or op-shop

10. A local tourist pamphlet

11. A poem

12. A button, a piece of ribbon, and some colored paper

13: Homemade card (using the above items from your friends)

14: Photo’s of your local area

15: A challenge or dare

16: Proof or results of challenge or dare

17. A blank coloring in page

18: Your finished coloring in page that your friend sent you

19: A playlist (saved on a disc, usb, tape, etc.)

20: A list of things you like about the other person

21: A “get well soon” kit for the times your friend gets sick

22: A piece of clothing or jewellery

23: A voice recording (saved on disc, usb, etc.)

24: A keyring

25: Your favorite quotes

26: Stickers

27: A newspaper cutting

28: A homemade friendship bracelet

29: A paper chatterbox

30: A list with a book, a movie, and a tv series for your friend to try

31: A paint hand print

32: A perfume sample

32: A selfie

33: A DIY craft pack

34: A questionnaire

35: Questionnaire results

36: A picture or art print of something you friend likes

37: A temporary tattoo

38: A photo of you with the temporary tattoo your friend sent

39: Some facts and pictures of your favorite animal

40: A coin or token (or coin rubbing)

41:  List of 3 foods you want your friend to try

42: Critique of the food you tried

43: A paper plane

44: An “open when you feel down” pack for your friend

45: Something weird you found (or bought)

46: A homemade crossword puzzle

47: Your bucket list

48: An acrostic name poem using your friend’s name

49: A souvenir from your country (Postcard, etc.)

50: A prank

51: A grocery shopping receipt

52: A small poster

53: A knitting or sewing pattern

54: Something you knitted/sewed

55: A playing card or game token

56: A comic

57: A piece of candy (or candy wrapping if unable to send food)

58: A fictional story

59: 21 Questions for you friend to answer

60: The answers to your friends 21 questions

61: A coded message or cipher

62: A photo of the sunset or sunrise you took

63: Homemade koinobori

64: Your local tv guide

66: A homemade finger puppet

67: A bunch of jokes and riddles

67: Something miniature

68: A flier for a local festival or event

69: A short home video (Saved on disk, usb, etc)

70: A picture of your oc or favorite character (drawn yourself or printed out)

71: Something yellow

72: A small flag from your state/country

73: A holiday item or cultural item (decoration, symbol, etc.)

74: An invitation to an online event (movie stream, online chat, etc)

75: A leaf rubbing

76: 5 photos of your favorite local places, animals or things

77: A novelty pen, pencil or eraser

78: 3 items or pictures that remind you of your friend

79: A cookie cutter

80: A photo of cookies you made using the cookie cutter your friend sent

81: A list of 10 things you love most, and 10 things you hate most

82: A good luck charm

83: A local story, myth or legend

84: A list of words in your local language, or a list of local slang words

85: A used move ticket or transport ticket

86: Either your countries national anthem, a local song, or a cultural song

87: Junk mail (brochure, advertisement, grocery pamphlet)

88: A list (with photos) of animals you often find in your home (insects, etc)

89: A collector’s card

90: A selfie of just after you woke up in the morning

91: A wish, promise, or prayer for your friend

92: Lyrics of a song you wrote, or of a song you like

93: A secret message written on the inside of your envelope

94: A small homemade kite

95: A recipe for a natural remedy

96: An article from a local magazine

97: A card signed by all your local family and friends greeting your friend

98: A photo of someone special (family, pets, friends)

99: A fitness challenge

100: A recording of outside sounds (Save on disc, usb, etc.)

101: A thankyou

Ask Me one! (One Direction Themed)

1. Favorite boy?
2. What is your ranking of the boys (including Zayn)?
3. When did you get into the fandom?
4. How did you first hear about one direction?
5. What was the first music video you ever saw?
6. Favorite music video?
7. Least favorite music video?
8. Favorite interview?
9. Favorite ship within the band?
10. Ever seen them live? When/Where?
11. If you could go back and see one show front row, which tour would you go to?
12. Favorite era (UAN, TMH, etc.)?
13. Ranking of the albums (favorite–>least favorite)?
14. Least favorite song on each album?
15. Most favorite song on each album?
16. Lottie or Gemma?
17. Danielle or Sophia?
18. Feelings on Perrie?
19. Feelings on Eleanor?
20. Feelings on Sophia?
21. Long or short hair Harry?
22. Buzzcut or curly hair Liam?
23. Cinnamon swirl or fringe Louis?
24. Blonde streak or shaved head Zayn?
25. Blonde or brunette Niall?
26.  Favorite 1d mom?
27. One song they should add to the setlist?
28. One song they should take off the setlist?
29. Favorite x-factor performance?
30. Favorite tour?
31. Where were you/what were you doing when you heard Zayn was leaving?
32. Favorite tweet?
33. Favorite rumor?
34. Song that you thought deserved to be a single?
35. Did you ever hear Just Can’t Let Her Go?
36. Did you see the 1d  movie in theaters?
37. Haylor: yay or nay?
38. Larry: yay or nay?
39. Lou Teasdale: yay or nay?
40. Simon Cowell: yay or nay?
41. Favorite lyric change
42. Harry getting his shirt ripped open or Liam getting his shirt ripped open?
43. Would you rather get a selfie with your favorite boy and have it be really bad or meet all of them but have no photos or evidence of it?
44. Would you rather watch Louis/Harry alone together or Niall/Harry alone together?
45. Would you rather have a tell-all book released about the x-factor days or about Zayn leaving?
46. Favorite inside joke within the fandom?
47. If you could choose any three people to go with to a 1d concert, who would they be?
48. Favorite moment from this tour?
49. Favorite fandom moment?
50. Favorite moment of pride for the boys?

Mystic Messenger ask meme

So I came up with these questions and I know it’s super long but I thought it’d be nice to know the fandom better! So feel free to ask each other and answer them!

1. Favorite character

2. Favorite route

3. Favorite theme

4. Favorite chat background

5. Favorite “Cheritz” voice

6. Favorite voice

7. Favorite chat emoji

8. Favorite kiss

9. Favorite confession of love

10. Favorite RFA party outfits

11. Favorite party guest

12. Favorite chat

13. Favorite call

14. Favorite CG

15. Favorite good end

16. Favorite after ending

17. Favorite bad end

18. Worst bad end

19. Favorite headcanon

20. Favorite ship (platonic/romantic)

21. Favorite character interaction with each other

22. Best plot

23. Best character development

24. Best antagonist

25. Worst antagonist

26. Best character design

27. Character who left the biggest impression on you

28. Character you’d want to be BFFs with

29. Character you romantically ship yourself with

30. Most relatable character

31. Most tragic character

32. Funniest character

33. First route

34. First impression of the game

35. First impression for each character

36. First character you fell for

37. Korean OP vs English OP

38. Current number of hourglasses

39. How did you find out about this game? What made you decide to download it?

40. When did you start playing it?

41. Have you completed all the routes and unlocked the secret endings?

42. Free to play or paid to play? If so, what did you spend on?

43. Were you ever obsessed with this game at one point?

44. How dedicated are you to this game? Do you set alarms and try to get 100% for each day etc?

45. Do you play the game blindly or follow walkthroughs?

46. Did you play the game properly? From casual route to deep route in recommended order?

47. Moments that made you laugh out loud?

48. Ever cried or shed a tear while playing?

49. How many photos/screenshots of MM are in your photo gallery?

50. How has this game affected you overall? Do you regret playing it?

100 Photography Tips - Eric Kim

I read this multiple times a week.

1. Just because someone has an expensive camera doesn’t mean that they’re a good photographer.
2. Always shoot in RAW. Always.
3. Prime lenses help you learn to be a better photographer.
4. Photo editing is an art in itself
5. The rule of thirds works 99% of the time.
6. Macro photography isn’t for everybody.
7. UV filters work just as well as lens caps.
8. Go outside and shoot photos rather than spending hours a day on photography forums.
9. Capture the beauty in the mundane and you have a winning photograph.
10. Film isn’t better than digital.
11. Digital isn’t better than film.
12. There is no “magic” camera or lens.
13. Better lenses don’t give you better photos.
14. Spend less time looking at other people’s work and more time shooting your own.
15. Don’t take your DSLR to parties.
16. Being a photographer is sexy.
17. Making your photos b/w doesn’t automatically make them “artsy”
18. People will always discredit your work if you tell them you “photoshop” your images. Rather, tell them that you process them in the “digital darkroom”.
19. You don’t need to take a photo of everything.
20. Have at least 2 backups of all your images. Like they say in war, two is one, one is none.
21. Ditch the neck strap and get a handstrap.
22. Get closer when taking your photos, they often turn out better.
23. Be a part of a scene while taking a photo; not a voyeur.
24. Taking a photo crouched often make your photos look more interesting.
25. Worry less about technical aspects and focus more on compositional aspects of photography.
26. Tape up any logos on your camera with black gaffers tape- it brings a lot less attention to you.
27. Always underexpose by 2/3rds of a stop when shooting in broad daylight.
28. The more photos you take, the better you get.
29. Don’t be afraid to take several photos of the same scene at different exposures, angles, or apertures.
30. Only show your best photos.
31. A point-and-shoot is still a camera.
32. Join an online photography forum.
33. Critique the works of others.
34. Think before you shoot.
35. A good photo shouldn’t require explanation (although background information often adds to an image). *
36. Alcohol and photography do not mix well.
37. Draw inspiration from other photographers but never worship them.
38. Grain is beautiful.
39. Ditch the photo backpack and get a messenger bag. It makes getting your lenses and camera a whole lot easier.
40. Simplicity is key.
41. The definition of photography is: “painting with light.” Use light in your favor.
42. Find your style of photography and stick with it.
43. Having a second monitor is the best thing ever for photo processing.
44. Silver EFEX pro is the best b/w converter.
45. Carry your camera with you everywhere. Everywhere.
46. Never let photography get in the way of enjoying life.
47. Don’t pamper your camera. Use and abuse it.
48. Take straight photos.
49. Shoot with confidence.
50. Photography and juxtaposition are best friends.
51. Print out your photos big. They will make you happy.
52. Give your photos to friends.
53. Give them to strangers.
54. Don’t forget to frame them.
55. Costco prints are cheap and look great.
56. Go out and take photos with (a) friend(s).
57. Join a photo club or start one for yourself.
58. Photos make great presents.
59. Taking photos of strangers is thrilling.
60. Candid>Posed.
61. Natural light is the best light.
62. 35mm (on full frame) is the best “walk-around” focal length.
63. Don’t be afraid to bump up your ISO when necessary.
64. You don’t need to always bring a tripod with you everywhere you go (hell, I don’t even own one).
65. It is always better to underexpose than overexpose.
66. Shooting photos of homeless people in an attempt to be “artsy” is exploitation.
67. You will find the best photo opportunities in the least likely situations.
68. Photos are always more interesting with the human element included.
69. You can’t “photoshop” bad images into good ones.
70. Nowadays everybody is a photographer.
71. You don’t need to fly to Paris to get good photos; the best photo opportunities are in your backyard.
72. People with DSLRS who shoot portraits with their grip pointed downwards look like morons.
73. Cameras as tools, not toys.
74. In terms of composition, photography and painting aren’t much different.
75. Photography isn’t a hobby- it’s a lifestyle.
76. Make photos, not excuses.
77. Be original in your photography. Don’t try to copy the style of others.
78. The best photographs tell stories that begs the viewer for more.
79. Any cameras but black ones draw too much attention.
80. The more gear you carry around with you the less you will enjoy photography.
81. Good self-portraits are harder to take than they seem.
82. Laughter always draws out peoples’ true character in a photograph.
83. Don’t look suspicious when taking photos- blend in with the environment.
84. Landscape photography can become dull after a while.
85. Have fun while taking photos.
86. Never delete any of your photos.
87. Be respectful when taking photos of people or places.
88. When taking candid photos of people in the street, it is easier to use a wide-angle than a telephoto lens.
89. Travel and photography are the perfect pair.
90. Learn how to read a histogram.
91. A noisy photo is better than a blurry one.
92. Don’t be afraid to take photos in the rain.
93. Learn how to enjoy the moment, rather than relentlessly trying to capture the perfect picture of it.
94. Never take photos on an empty stomach.
95. You will discover a lot about yourself through your photography.
96. Never hoard your photographic insight- share it with the world.
97. Never stop taking photos
98. Photography is more than simply taking photos, it is a philosophy of life
99. Capture the decisive moment
100. Write your own list.


You didn’t recognize him when you met each other for the first time.
He was a warm smile between grimaces in the cold light of the bar you’ve never been before. It was supposed to be a nice evening with your friend, a few cocktails and maybe some pool later. But she was too distracted from herself, from other guys to notice your loneliness.
You’re the outsider like before, never learn from the mistake that you’re sometimes nothing more than the appendage. The one who gets the call from her friend next day where you went and how much fun she had yesterday.
Without you.

He saw more in you.
A nice talk went quickly and slow at the same time in a flirt, in something what promised more. Brown eyes didn’t leave your face, not caring about the other people around as he asked you to accompany him to his hotel.
A new feeling spread in your stomach, leaving in a exciting tingle in your veins as you agreed and went with him. You never did that before, but you also never did get that kind of attention.

His kisses tasted like a summer day.
You know the ones where the rain stops pouring right before the sun shines again and you can’t get enough of it.
You were the rain, he the sun and he couldn’t stop drinking and burning you.
He took what he wanted and played your body like a musician. Nothing more counted than what he did with his hands, his tongue and which melodies of lust he coaxed next from you.
The whole night you were laying with each other, talking, laughing and loving each other. It was a perfect ending and promised to become more than a simple sex as he saved his number in your phone.

Nervousness was an understatement when you dialed his number for the first time.
Your cheeks flushed from the compliments, your ears red from a never ending talk about everything and nothing. His voice sent waves of pleasant anticipation through your veins, making your heart jump.
“I want to see you again.”
The pleasant anticipation when he suggested a small café not far away from your home. Followed by disillusionment when you noticed the big sunglasses and the cap like he’s ashamed to meet you in public. The feeling faded when he kissed you and was completely forgotten when he asked for another date and another and another…

He was a liar.
It was a coincidence when you turned on the TV and stopped at a show about demons and two brothers hunting them. You heard about it and thought you’d give it a chance as you leaned back on the couch. Your phone always close in case he’d write or call.
It felt like a punch in the stomach and getting high at the same time as he appeared on your screen, younger and broader. He told you that he’s working on a farm and you laughed about it, because he didn’t seem the type for it.
And you were right.
With your eyes still on screen you took the phone and started to google him.
The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan wins..
Jeffrey Dean Morgan on his ‘bromance’ with Norman Reedus..
Jeffrey Dean Morgan pays tribute to fan favorite Denny 11 years..
Your fingers felt ice cold when you scrolled through the photos, unshed tears pooling in your eyes as you saw Jeffrey kissing other women. A vibration brought you back to reality.

‘Can’t wait to see you tonight. Xxx’

‘Me too. Hope you’ll bring Lucille.’

It took him 44 minutes and 51 seconds to realize that something was wrong and to appear in front of your door.
His voice was nothing more than a rough whisper as he said your name and whipped the tears from your cheeks. A broken shadow laid over his face as he pressed his forehead against yours.
“I can explain.”
And he did. The more he spoke, the more you understood and soon you found yourself cuddled to his chest on the couch. In the end his explanation was pretty simple, he wanted to get seen by you as a normal man and not the dude who’s standing in front of a camera.
“No more lies.”
“No more lies.” He said and kissed you softly.

He kept the promise.
From this moment you became unstoppable as a couple. Holding hands and kissing in public, him introducing you to his friends and spending your holidays on different places on earth together.
Couple stuff.
But like nearly everything it had his shade sides to be with a celebrity.
The problem weren’t the photographers or his fans who didn’t hesitate to approached to him. No, you kind of liked it, because you saw how much he enjoyed to interact with his fans.
The problem were social media.
While he hadn’t the time to read all the comments on his tweets and Instagram, you found yourself more and more on this sites.
You knew you should ignore it, but it affected you and left a bitter taste in your mouth.

Your friends called you a mystery when it comes to your feeling.
Different like Jeffrey who could read in you like a book. He knew which one of your laughters is forced and which smile didn’t reach your eyes.
“Talk to me.” He pleaded the evening before he goes back to the TWD set.
“About what?”
A sigh in disbelief as lips caught his in a deep kiss and you shoved him backwards until he fell on the couch. He was pissed as you straddled his lap and didn’t let him speak, using your womanhood against him. He let you do and soon found himself buried in the bubble of lust which you created.
With tears you looked down at the sleeping Jeff, his chest moved up and down in a steady rhythm like his heartbeat.
Maybe the others were right and he deserved better. Maybe you shouldn’t had listen to them and stayed in his warm embrace.

Now you’re standing in the door frame, in one hand a bag full of your clothes and in the other a note.

One day it’ll stop hurting.’

Now you’re the liar.

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Ask Meme (Little Mix Addition)

1. Favorite girl?
2. What is your ranking of the girls?
3. When did you get into the fandom?
4. How did you first hear about little mix?
5. What was the first music video you ever saw?
6. Favorite music video?
7. Least favorite music video?
8. Favorite interview?
9. Favorite ship within the band?
10. Ever seen them live? When/Where?
11. If you could go back and see one show front row, which tour would you go to?
12. Favorite era (DNA, Salute, etc.)?
13. Ranking of the albums (favorite–>least favorite)?
14. Least favorite song on each album?
15. Most favorite song on each album?
16. Zayn or Alex?
17. Feelings on Jake?
18. Feelings on Jed?
19. Feelings on Jordan?
20. Long or short hair Perrie?
21. Straight or curly hair Leigh-Anne?
22. Silver or carmel hair Jade?
23. Wavy or curly hair Jesy?
24.  Favorite little mix collab?
25. One song they should add to the setlist?
26. One song they should take off the setlist?
27. Favorite x-factor performance?
28. Favorite tour?
29. Favorite tweet?
30. Favorite rumor?
31. Song that you thought deserved to be a single?
32. Lerrie: yay or nay?
33. Jerrie: yay or nay?
34. Pesy: yay or nay?
35. Simon Cowell: yay or nay?
36. Would you rather get a selfie with your favorite girl and have it be really bad or meet all of them but have no photos or evidence of it?
37. Would you rather watch Perrie/Jesy alone together or Leigh-Anne/Jade alone together?
38. Would you rather have a tell-all book released about the x-factor days or about the Jakesy break-up?  
39. Favorite inside joke within the fandom?
40. If you could choose any three people to go with to a little mix concert, who would they be?
41. Favorite moment from this tour?
42. Favorite fandom moment?
43. Favorite moment of pride for the girls? 
44: Salute dance breakdown or Hair dance breakdown? 
45: Favorite acapella? 
46: Favorite little mix significant other?
47: Favorite lyric? 
48: Would you rather have the girls do a small north america tour with meet and greets or sell out an entire stadium tour? 
49: What’s your notp? 
50: What song would you show to someone to pull them into the fandom? 

sEnD mE sOmE aSkS
  • 1. full name
  • 2. zodiac sign
  • 3. three fears
  • 4. three things i love
  • 5. my best friend
  • 6. last song i listened to
  • 7. four turn ons
  • 8. four turn offs
  • 9. what color underwear i'm wearing rn
  • 10. how many tattoos/piercings i have
  • 11. the reason why i joined tumblr
  • 12. how i feel rn
  • 13. something i rlly want
  • 14. my current relationship status
  • 15. meaning behind my url
  • 16. my favorite movies
  • 17. my favorite songs
  • 18. my favorite bands
  • 19. three things that upset me
  • 20. three things that make me happy
  • 21. what i find attractive in other people
  • 22. someone i miss
  • 23. someone i love
  • 24. my relationship with my parents
  • 25. my favorite holiday
  • 26. my closest tumblr friend
  • 27. someone from tumblr that i'd date
  • 28. a confession
  • 29. three things that annoy me easily
  • 30. my fave animals
  • 31. my pets
  • 32. one thing i've lied abt
  • 33. something that's currently worrying me
  • 34. an embarrassing moment
  • 35. where i work
  • 36. something that is constantly on my mind
  • 37. three habits i have
  • 38. my future goals
  • 39. something i fantasize abt
  • 40. my favorite stores
  • 41. favorite food
  • 42. what i did yesterday
  • 43. something i'm talented at
  • 44. my idea of a perfect date
  • 45. my celebrity crushes
  • 46. a photo of myself
  • 47. my favorite blogs
  • 48. number of kids i want
  • 49. do i smoke/drink
  • 50. any question you want
Here Are the Samples Used on Jay Z's '4:44'

Jay Z’s thirteenth solo album 4:44 is finally here and it’s undeniably refreshing to hear the legendary Brooklyn rapper wax poetic over soulful, crisp production from No I.D.

A look through the liner notes reveals No I.D. did some powerful crate digging, with samples from the likes of the Fugees, Nina Simone, Donny Hathaway, and Stevie Wonder. And how he flipped them over the course of 10 tracks? Truly a work of art.

Below are the songs that were used to craft 4:44

“Kill Jay Z”

Contains sample from the Alan Parsons Project’s “Don’t Let It Show”

“The Story of "O.J.”

Contains elements and excerpts from Nina Simone’s “Four Women”

Contains excerpts from Kool & the Gang’s “Kool’s Back Again”


Contains elements and excerpts from Stevie Wonder’s “Love’s in Need of Love Today”

“Caught Their Eyes”

Contains sample from Nina Simone’s “Baltimore”


Contains sample from Hannah Williams and the Affirmations' "Late Nights and Heart Breaks"

“Family Feud”

Embodies portions of the Clark Sisters’ “Ha Ya”


Contains elements from Sister Nancy’s “Bam Bam”

Contains elements from Jacob Miller’s “Tenement Yard”


Contains sample from the Fugees’ “Fu-Gee-La”

“Marcy Me”

Contains elements from Quarteto 1111’s “odo O Mundo E Ninguém”


Contains samples and excerpts from Donny Hathaway’s “Someday We’ll All Be Free”

Embodies portions of Raekwon's "Glaciers of Ice" featuring Ghostface Killah and Masta Killa

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This photo, dated April 9, 1942, shows the USS California being  navigated into the drydock to be repaired after being refloated. The notation “Isn’t She Beautiful?” was most probably made by Captain Homer N. Wallin of the Salvage Division.

Much of the initial salvage effort at Pearl Harbor was overseen by Wallin, who was present during the attack. He was appointed to command of the Salvage Division at the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard. 

Wallin worked in consultation with others including Captain Edward L. “Ned” Cochrane of the Navy’s Bureau of Ships. Wallin sent routine reports on the operations that included the status of the current work with any significant findings. The reports from Wallin and many others were organized into files for each ship. 

Of the ships that sunk, the USS California (BB-44) was the first to be refloated. It had settled into the mud below it, up to its superstructure and initial photos reflected this. (Other ships that had not sunk, but were only damaged already had repairs underway).

Image: 1105681_Box_56_Folder_9-4


I think we get a better time frame from this episode. Basically Greg met Rose when Sour Cream was conceived. We can say Sour Cream is about 8 maybe less maybe more in this photo, so we can find out Greg and Rose were together about 8ish years more or less and Greg was quite young when he met Rose, so he can’t be that old when he had Steven.
The wiki says Greg was 22 when he played in front of Rose, so about 8 years later he has Steven, which would make him about 30? And by the time Steven is 14 that would make Greg about 44?


S12 Countdown: 44 days - N° 15 in the series - “Which crop to pick” - N°12 Jibcon 2016
Photo credit for the lovely original pics goes to: Elsie

If Naruto characters had Tumblr: Part 2

Part 2 of 2! What if various Naruto characters had Tumblr blogs? What would their usernames be, and what would they blog about; if at all? Part 1.

1. Naruto: Username - NineTailsOfRamen

Naruto would predominately blog about ramen. He would make sure to set up a queue to post or reblog a new photo every couple of hours with uplifting captions underneath them. He would also rave constantly about how everyone should eat at Ichiraku. 

Post 15: Man this is making me suuuper hungry

Post 27: Ate this bad boy today!! Extra Chashu and naruto!! (that’s also my name heheh)

Post 56: Guys guys you NEED to eat at Ichiraku okay he is like the GOD OF RAMEN

2. Sakura: Username - PinkHairDontCare

Sakura would post motivational things such as body workouts, words of advice and things to lift peoples spirits. She would also (unknowingly) reblog Konan’s photos of flowers from time to time. 

Post 34: Here’s my daily routine for workouts in the morning! Try and add a few extra push ups or sits ups if you can manage it!

Post 44: DON’T GIVE UP. You can DO IT. There is nothing in your way of achieving your goals except for you! I know you can do it!

Post 78: Super beautiful Sakura tree; much like myself! ;))

3. Sasuke: Username - saszuke

Sasuke would literally just post about his thoughts and feelings throughout the day. He would never reblog anything but rather upload his own photos of things like the sunrise or the sky during a thunderstorm. He has a feeling that all the lovely anon messages he’s getting are from Itachi but he can’t be sure. 

Post 6: Actually ate breakfast today. That’s a new one. I haven’t been committed to eating breakfast in a long time. Had eggs; they were alright.

Post 21: Here’s a photo I took last night; managed to capture some lightning during the storm. I feel it reflects my personality pretty well.

Post 50: To the anon who keeps sending me nice things; who are you??? Are you Itachi?? It’s kinda creeping me out tbh

4. Shikamaru: Username - StitchedDream

Shikamaru would be on Tumblr quite a bit when he’s bored. He would reblog pictures of the sky and super comfortable looking bedrooms or beds. He keeps promising his followers he’ll upload a selfie of himself but he’s too lazy to do it.

Post 40: These clouds are me. Not even joking

Post 67: I kinda just laid down today and didn’t get up for like 4 hours. I didn’t even sleep.

Post 89: I want ALL of these beds. Just one big room filled with beds. That’s the dream. 

5. Chouji: Username - FoodIsAlwaysMyMood

Chouji would of course blog about food. He mostly uploads his own photos of various places he goes and the food he eats there. He’s gained a huge following and always takes suggestions on what to try. 

Post 345: Tried the new BBQ chicken at my local BBQ place today! It was AMAZING. The texture was PERFECT. Here’s a photo!

Post 400: Someone suggested I give a miso based ramen a try; so I did! It was SO GOOD THANK YOU FOR SUGGESTING IT.

Post 567: Here’s a photoset of every meal I had this week! It looks like quite a lot now that I see it but everything was INCREDIBLY TASTY! Let me know which one is your fav!

6. Suigetsu: Username - ThinkingBoutH2Hoe

Suigetsu shit posts. A lot. And he doesn’t even care. His blog has no theme whatsoever; sometime he posts porn and sometimes he posts photos of birds. He follows Kisame and reblogs a lot of his posts about sharks too.


Post 444: Kisame Senpai this shark looks SO COOL YOU ARE THE COOLEST


7. Rock Lee: Username - TheMostYouthful

Rock Lee obviously would post anything and everything to do with training and fitness. From reblogging fitness videos to uploading his own routine, he’s followed by heaps of people who look up to him. They get a bit weirded out when he posts a lot of close up photos of Gai, though.




8. Gaara: Username - RedCactusPanda

Gaara doesn’t like telling anyone he has a Tumblr. He prefers to stay anonymous but LOVES posting about cacti and succulents. He always asks bigger blogs questions about how to look after his own and posts photo of his own secret cacti garden. 

Post 32: This little succulent has grown so much since I got him! I’ve named him after one of my friends; but not saying who!

Post 55: Someone suggested I would probably enjoy having some marimo’s so I got some! Here they are only two days after I got them and they are pretty cool looking :))

Post 70: Here’s my collection after 4 months. It’s grown a big bigger than I originally wanted but I love them all anyway!

9. Kiba: Username - 99PercentDog

Kiba posts dogs. And a lot of them. That’s all he posts as well; constantly reblogging photos or uploading his own of Akamaru (which get pretty popular).

Post 100: Look at this husky!!!! Beautiful!!!!

Post 150: THIS IS AKAMARU! Isn’t he the most handsome dog you have EVER seen?? This is a video of him asking for food haha look at those adorable eyes that I can never say no to goddamit


10. Haku: Username - It’sAlwaysWinter

Haku is always posting his best selfies. He reblogs a lot of posts relating to snow and winter as well, but it’s mostly selfies. A lot of people think he’s a girl. He likes shutting down perverted men who message him. 

Post 106: Me today~ :)) I really like my hair in this pic

Post 142: Thanks to the kind anon who told me my eyes were beautiful, but not as beautiful as my face on the floor :))) you’re the man

Post 600: Oh yeah, by the way. I’m a guy. A dude. A male. Surprise!

#119 You're in a keek
#118 Walking out
| part 2 (coming soon)
#117 Detention buddies

#116 Drowning

#115 Silent treatment

#114 School surprise

#113 Hears the boys talk about

#112 Your type of relationship

#111 Accent reactions

#110 Kissing

#109 Caught with band members sister

#108 You're a youtuber

#107 Break up
|make up
#106 He protects you

#105 Fights

#104 Reactions

#103 Illness
#102 Revenge pranks
#101 He left when pregnant but comes back four years later
#100 Negative

#99 He wants kids but you don't

#98 Coming home from the army

#97 The hardest part-Nina Nesbitt
#96 Amnesia-5 seconds of summer
#95 His reaction to you walking down the aisle.
#94 Abusive ex
#93 You walk out
#92 You find the ring
#91 Wedding tweets
#90 Twitcam moments
#89 Swimming
#88 Pranks by him
#87 Couple moments
#86 You disappear (Part 2)
#86 You disappear
#85 Your kid gets hurt
#84 His reaction to finding out you tried to kill yourself.
#83 If it means a lot
#82 Sports games
#81 Celebrity crush
#79 His favourite gif of you
#78 Sport relief

#77 Stressful day

#76 He surprises you by coming home early (cake)

#75 How he tells you he likes you

#74 He reaction to you being irish

#73 He thinks you're leaving him

#72 He likes you but you getting married

#71 How you kiss

#70 Major commitment issues

#69 Falling asleep in the car

#68 Confessions of love when drunk

#67 His feelings when he realizes he is love with you

#66 Someone hurts you whilst pregnant (cake)

#65 How you find out he cheats on you

#64 You were a bet (part 2)

#64 You were a bet

#63 Somebody mistakes you two for relatives

#62 His reaction to you saying no to his proposal

#61 Pregnancy flaws

#60 How he reacts to you being 'violated.'

#59 He gets jealous at his own show
#58 Fights

#57 Long distance

#56 Problems with the baby

#55 Where do babies come from?

#54 Lost (part 2)

#54 Lost
#53 Cute moment caught by his parents

#52 You're famous actress/singer

#51 Sexting

#50 You get scared so he comes and helps

#49 Say something- A great big world
#48 'I love you'

#47 Boys react to your boobs

#46 Moment with your children

#45 Mayday parade 'miserable at best.'

#44 Eating disorder reactions

#43 Accidently turning them on in public
#42 Jealousy

#41 Pierce the veil stay away from my friends.

#40 OTP goes canon

#39 Kiss cam lands on you and another member

#38 I'm a celebrity
#37 Gymnastics
#36 Favorite photo
#35 Favorite place to do it
#34 He thinks you're cheating on him
#33 He isn't happy to see you (part 2)
#33 He isn't happy to see you
#31 I'm pregnant (part 2)  Ashton & Michael 
#31 I'm pregnant (part 2) Calum & Luke
#32 What he does when you're upset
#31 I'm pregnant
#30 Distracts you from studying
#28 Home form tour
#27 Note he leaves you
#26 Nightmares
#25 Shorter
#24 New pet
#25 Showers
#24 Sneaking around
#23 His favorite picture of you two
#22 Favorite youtuber
#21 Piercings
#21 Self-harm
#20 Boys don't like you
#19 Hears others talk about you
#18 shirt he leaves behind
#17 Accidents (part 2)
#17 Accidents
#16 Other boy protects you
#15 Teasing under the table
#14 You catch him
#13 Turn-ons
#12 Teasing under the table
#11 Cheeky outfits
#10 Nice outfits
#9 Couple tattoos
#8 Someone hurts you
#7 Dad doesn't like him
#6 He hurts you physically (part 2)
#6 He hurts you physically
#5 He takes care of you when you're drunk
#3 Break-up/make-up (part 2)
# He is worried about you
#3 Break-up/make-up
#2 Surprise him on tour
#1 5th member of the band

Amtrak - 12th Street by d.w.davidson
Via Flickr:
Amtrak Train No. 15, the Texas Chief, is shown backing into Union Station prior to it 3:00 PM departure. FM H12-44 No. 637 is handling the back-up from the AT&SF 22nd Street coach Yard. No. 637 would be traded to GE and scrapped in 1974. The road power is a quartet of F7s in A-B-B-B configuration, led by F7A No. 315, one of 14 F-units in the yellow bonnet paint scheme. The former PRR Western Freight House is in the background of this photo taken from the Roosevelt Rd. bridge on May 20, 1973.