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The Northerner’s Daughter(s)

As a figure who is absent in real time, Lyanna is ever present through the story despite the sparse mentions of her, much like Ned although he dies in AGOT/season 1 but still is a figure, who is remembered and impacts people’s actions. Initially, she’s associated with Ned and Arya, possibly because of him seeing his sister in his daughter but we find there are indirect associations with Jon as well, as she is revealed to be his biological mother. However, less talked about is Sansa in relation to her on a book and show meta level.

Recently, @abi117 and I were discussing a tonne of things about ASOIAF, and somehow we stumbled on the topic of why the show has implied more association between Lyanna and Sansa(the crypt scene in S5 and the similar hairstyles in the flashback in S6 and in S7), when the books clearly stated that Arya was like Lyanna looks-wise and also in that she was a wild child/had the wolf’s blood, who wanted to fight like Visenya and was good at riding horses. Through a series of discussions we realized that while Lyanna resembled Arya in certain ways, so did she share similarities with Sansa in other, less obvious ways - in terms of characteristics and even journey-wise (especially in the books) to the point where it is scary why we didn’t think of it before. As the story does establish Arya and Sansa as two very different sisters who are meant to be complementary to each other (keeping Ned’s line from AGOT/season 1 in mind), they both are parts of Lyanna split up. 

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these two adorable dorks ( ˊᵕˋ )♡.°⑅

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what's ace's favorite cereal

as a kid,   his taste in cereal was pretty basic.   he likes just about anything with sugar;   and since he was growing,   he would eat just about anything his parents brought home so long as it was edible.   it typically ranged from frosted flakes to lucky charms to apple jacks,   although apple jacks were probably his favorite as a kid.   he also liked cinnamon toast crunch,   but that was his brother’s favorite,   and he was considerate when it came to eating anything his family members particularly loved,   so he’d only eat it occassionally,   leaving most of it to his brother.

as he got older,   he left behind most of the sugary cereal,   because he ended up joining the track team around fifth grade,   ultimately deciding that it would be best for his body if he started to eat healthier.   he didn’t eat any of the seriously healthy stuff,   because he didn’t hate himself back then,   but he did switch from cereals made almost entirely out of sugar to things like cheerios and honey bunches of oats,   although the latter ended up being his favorite,   particularly the apple and cinnamon bunches one.   when he entered high school and joined the football team (out of the desire to make his friend feel better about trying out),   he ended up eating less of that,   too,   changing to life cereal,   which is gross.

now that his family is dead and he has nothing worth living for,   even his taste in cereal is generally depressing.   he doesn’t care how sugary his cereal is anymore,   since he works out to the point that it doesn’t matter what he eats because he burns all of it off in his desperate attempt to appear anything but weak,   but he doesn’t eat cereal for the taste,   either.   his alcoholism is pretty bad,   so he has booze with his cereal,   too.     disgusting,   i know.    he doesn’t substitute alcohol for milk,   exactly,   because he’s not entirely soulless,   but he did find a few recipes on the internet that he’s stuck with,   no matter how gross they are.   there’s a few mixtures of alcohol and cereal that he eats,   but his favorite is baileys,   chocolate milk,   and coco puffs.    he uses an entire bottle of baileys,   because there’s nothing like starting your day off with an entire bottle of booze,   destroying your liver the way you destroyed your home.

couple of Autism fact because it seems to be needed right now:

1: people who experience autism are unique

2: not all people who experience autism are the same

3. Autism has a wide range going from those who are listed as “odd” to those that have server impacted behaviors .

4: if a person with Autism finds what you are saying to be insulting and they take the time to mention it… pay attention

5: People who experience autism are capable of love and friendship.

6: those that experience what is called “sever” autism can make their voices heard, you just have to listen.

7: never underestimate the dedicated parents of someone who experiences autism. We WILL defend our loved ones.

8: if you have questions about Autism… ASK don;t assume. 

9: People who experience autism are NOT broken and don’t need to be fixed. It is our job as compassionate humans to learn their language and help them navigate our world.

10: once again: people with autism are unique , are not the same and if someone who experiences autism takes the time to say “hey that’s not right” PAY ATTENTION!.

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"This has minimal Karen so I'm pleased" the punisher show already looks to be a misogynistic completely male dominated and driven male angst fest but celebrate that one of the few female characters that wasn't fridged for man pain is barely in it I guess ... :/

karen is literally one of the most annoying characters ever regardless of her being a woman and she also gives high-key white feminist vibes, don’t forget a black man was fridged so she could take over his job and even get his car lmao

tag urself im dorah explormont 

Lars of the Stars

Extreme Antagonist Acting Do’s and Don'ts in Film Examples

Bill Skarsgård- “It”

- Prepared thoroughly for the role, reading the novel, as well as putting an entirely new spin on the iconic character, receiving much praise, while having respect for the original. ( He’s 27)

- Was well aware when and when not to be in a dark place in order to portray Pennywise’s demented and demonic self. (As staying in those places mentally can prove to be detrimental to actor’s mental health.)

-Was extremely kind and helpful to his cast and crew, especially the children whom he worked with, making sure they were OK between takes, and treating them with the same respect he would treat any adult actor.

Jared Leto- “Suicide Squad”

-Sent cast members live rats, a pig carcass, anal beads, and used condoms as “gifts” from the Joker. This can be sourced by interviews with the cast on Youtube, (such as ‘Suicide Squad’: Will Smith talks about the crew relationship with Jared Leto’ ) where Will Smith talks about how Leto sent him a dead pig.

-Method acted as the Joker, creating an uneasy and distasteful environment to those he worked with. (Method acting is not supposed to do that.)

-His overall performance as the iconic character that many talented actors had played before ended up lacking variety despite it all.

I have never met these two in person, nor can I vouch for their character, but it says a lot about an actor in a working environment who is able to do their job well, as well as treat those they’re working with with respect and kindness.

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hi Ally,,, as some one who's trying to get the hang of drawing expressions and faces in general I was wondering if you had any tips as to how to make it more natural?? like I find myself drawing the same expression every time on different characters and I feel like it's hard to change it up with out making it look strange :/

this is a very psychological barrier that i also face!! sometimes we’re in the mindset that oooo gotta draw our characters glamourous/pretty that dramatic expressions that stretch the face feels like it’s ruin that, so you have to start with an open mind and be ready to stretch that mouth a little longer, raise those brows a little higher, etc.

having a mirror beside you to reference from your own expression is very helpful as well! here’s my tag for expression tutorials and refs


what if i did some uhhh actual fanart for some people i really admire and appreciate @doodledrawsthings @the-vampire-inside-me @squigglydigglydoo

i’m really bad with keeping up with other aus and just generally other content and stuff coz i just have blinders on 24/7 and then i just rush to catch up once i remember to look, but then i do! (and i’m quiet about it coz i’m embarrassed it took me so long to see). & truly you guys really inspire me and have been wicked nice to me and you’re just really rad

I thought “serizawa’s crocs” was just a fandom thing until I saw them in the actual webcomic in a VERY serious context and I promptly lost my mind

NCT fire drill (insp.)