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This is my art for Team Fortune for this year’s Cap-IM RBB!

My writer is the amazing Woad - thank you @tinctoriawoad (it won’t tag you oh no!) for picking my art and being so awesome!  

Woad’s avengers assemble ‘verse fic Fishy Business is fantastic, and I love it! I got inspired by it to do more than the original art, as you see above!

:D Go read it, guys, you won’t regret it! :D

 Fishy Business

Warnings: G-Rated Body Horror/Transformation

Summary: A perfectly nice beach vacation is interrupted when an AIM science experiment leaves Tony with gills. Which might be cool under certain circumstance, except for the other side-effect: Tony’s unable to breath air anymore. The team learns that Atlantis may be able to help, so together they go in search for a cure.

Anon wanted hipster!stevetony. so uh, here have this.

reposting this because i closed down the prev. blog where this was originally posted. and i actually really liked this one. any new follows would be great. thank you! :>

he came in (through the bedroom window), chapter one; a stevetony fanfic

So I mentioned writing this a long while back to wordsplat, and then it got buried under a bunch of other things, but then I found it buried in my WIPs, got really excited about it again and here we have a first chapter!! It was originally supposed to be a oneshot but… anywho.

Word count: 4.6k

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark

Rating: T (Mature for mild sexual content in later chapters)

Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - College/No powers, Fluff, Getting Together, Alcohol Use


It was an accident when Tony got drunk, climbed in through a stranger’s dorm room window and went to sleep in his roommate’s bed. That being said, Tony wasn’t so sure that it was an accident that the stranger happened to be Steve. If it was an accident, it was a pretty good one.

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