(the only reason i am here lbr)


So, i have stuck with me this flower shop au, in which viktor is rich but has an empty life. then, one day he spotted this really cute and small flower shop, and inside the shop, an even cuter japanese employee arranging the flowers and falls hard for him. so he goes everyday to the flower shop, pretending that he’s buying flowers to someone else, when in reality all he wants is to talk to yuuri.

(one day, when he comes home after he bought another bouquet, he realizes that he is slowly turning his place into a glass-house)  

Am I the only one that I like both characters individually (Aaron and Robert) for different reasons obviously (one is sympathetic the other entertaining and both complex) but hate the idea of a reunion? I resent Robert for wrecking Aaron’s dreams, using his fears and insecurities against him, betraying him like that after everything. Its so unfair for Aaron to go back with a person that have hurt him repeatedly and keep doing it lbr. But Aaron’s misery is a turn on for most here. FREE Aaron